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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by Kilo Khaos

Support Thresh, Support Legend [In-Depth Guide to The Chain Warden]

Support Thresh, Support Legend [In-Depth Guide to The Chain Warden]

Updated on October 31, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kilo Khaos Build Guide By Kilo Khaos 3213 117 9,310,008 Views 107 Comments
3213 117 9,310,008 Views 107 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kilo Khaos Thresh Build Guide By Kilo Khaos Updated on October 31, 2020
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Runes: Resolve + Inspiration

Font of Life
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Kill Pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Q max with a point in E

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


I'm Kilo Khaos, a Thresh, Pyke, and Rakan main on the NA Server. Thresh was the first champion I ever got to Mastery 7, and carried me to Diamond. After taking a break from the solo queue grind to manage my university's competitive League of Legends team, I've come back, streaming the painful climb back to Diamond on my Twitch Channel. I made this guide so that every other Thresh main has a great source of information about everyone's favorite Chain Warden.
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Why Thresh?

Thresh is personally, and to a lot of people, one of the best support picks in League. He's also one of the most picked, and has seen his fair share of games, ranging from Bronze placements to the World Championship. A crowd-control reliant support which is able to not only make picks and find engages for his team, but also provide peel from hostile engages and disengage or escapes with his lantern make him a viable pick, with one of the highest skill ceilings of all the supports in League.
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Pros and Cons


+ Good engage and peel
+ Effective Crowd Control
+ Great ganker/roamer
+ Playmaking potential
+ Great escapability for others
+ Scaling Armor/AP passively

Thresh is a strong support who thrives off of locking down and displacing the enemy team. His ability to engage and secure kills, while being able to peel and disengage just as effectively is matched by few.

- Skillshot reliant
- Long cooldowns
- Hard to master
- Telegraphed CC
- Hard to play when behind
- Needs ADC with lane presence

Thresh does have his own share of downsides however. He is easily one of the hardest supports in the game, is easily punishable due to his lengthy cooldowns, and is susceptible to poke, as well as having a decent amount of counters.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a summoner spell which should be brought virtually every game as Thresh. While applying kill pressure and allowing you to reduce healing (most importantly reducing the effectiveness of the Heal Spell), it can also allow for stronger roaming capability and more success when you all-in. Temporarily reducing the healing potential of supports such as Sona, Nami, and Soraka or a carry's life steal is also beneficial during fights. It's recommended to bring ignite for most games, as it enables you to be much more aggressive, which will bring you the most success.
Exhaust is still a viable summoner spell, but you will be rarely taking it on Thresh. It's ability to slow the enemy is helpful for both escapes and chases, but your CC does that job well enough. Besides this slow, the damage reduction is very helpful, especially against lane bullies early. However, you should not plan on the enemy being fed, and should focus on shutting down their early pressure without the use of Exhaust. The only situations I see myself bringing this in is if the enemy team has multiple assassins and massive dive potential in order to protect my carry.
Flash is a spell which nearly every champ in the games carries, and Thresh is no exception. Thresh can benefit from it more than other champs however, as he can use his Flash in a multitude of creative ways. It can be used to close the gap, allowing for a surprise hook or flay. It can be also used with Death Sentence to try and predict mobility spells. If you and an ally both have to Flash a wall, use your own and throw a lantern to an ally, allowing them to save theirs. The possibilities with Thresh and Flash are endless.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

R > Q > E > W

Damnation (Passive): The scaling that this ability provides is a great part of Thresh's kit. It provides AP to improve the damage of your abilities, and give you armor to further mitigate the damage you'll be tanking. In order to scale however, you'll be needing to collect souls constantly. When you assist your jungler with a drake, ensure you pick up the two souls it provides. If you cannot grab souls because an enemy is close to them, you can throw your Dark Passage on the souls to collect them from afar. Don't do this too often however, as you need your lantern to peel for your carry or deny enemy ganks.

Death Sentence (Q): This is the most important part of Thresh's kit. This is your gap closer, your escape tool, and how you both engage and disengage. One important thing to know when using your Death Sentence is that it has a .5 second delay before being cast. For this reason, you need to account for this delay and the hook's travel time when using this ability. It's usually good idea to hold this ability if you can Flay first, in order to bait out a Flash or other mobility spell and then hook the target. It can also be used to interrupt enemies channeling abilities. If a target is alongside a very thin wall, they can be pulled through. It also temporarily displaces enemies, so an allied Yasuo can use Last Breath in conjunction with your Death Sentence. Don't forget, like Varus and Xerath, you don't need to be facing the direction in which you're going to cast your hook. Turn your back and cast your hook to catch the enemy by surprise. Also, if you cast Flay immediately after Death Sentence, it will slightly speed it up (almost reaching the cast time of Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab).

Dark Passage (W): This is one of the best escape methods in all of League. Not only does it have the best peel capability, but it can also be used offensively to pull an ally towards you when going for a trade or all-in. It can also be used to establish vision for a short time instead of facechecking, and can also collect souls without you having to put yourself at risk. An important thing to note here is that an ally can Teleport to your Dark Passage as it counts as terrain while active. Use this to your advantage by allowing your top laner to gank with a Teleport to your lantern. In addition to this, movement spells, including Katarina's Shunpo, Jax's Leap Strike, and Lee Sin's Safeguard can also target your lantern, making escapes even easier. Also, since it counts as terrain, it can be used (though it will rarely work) in specific situations to block routes the enemy is headed towards (the most notable being the small gap between their tower and the wall).

Flay (E): One of the most important part of your kit, Flay is both a good tool for poking and for CC. It can also be used defensively, as you can Flay incoming enemies away ( Leona's Zenith Blade, Alistar's Headbutt, Lee Sin's Resonating Strike). Also, it can be used to stop enemy jumps (such as Kha'Zix's Leap or Tristana's Rocket Jump). It will disrupt enemies channeling abilities as well. If an enemy is extremely close to a wall, a Flay may be able to bring them over the wall. Keep in mind it also temporarily knocks up enemies, so an allied Yasuo can use Last Breath in conjunction with your Flay. It can also be cast after your Death Sentence to make it cast faster.

The Box (R): One of highest slows available in the game, Thresh's ult can keep an enemy locked within his walls for up to 5 seconds, unless they want to take the damage and slow penalty, Flash, or use an ability to escape. You can use your Death Sentence and Flay in conjunction with this ability to force an enemy into the wall, meaning you can easily lock down an enemy champion for long enough that your carry can pick up the kill.
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Runes Reforged

Primary Tree: Resolve

Resolve will be your best option. While runes and masteries have changed, your priority of being a tank with pick and peel potential has not. While you can have multiple options of how you wish to spec these tank stats, there are some clear cut lines of where to use certain runes, and how some are useless on Thresh. I'll be comparing the differences between the keystones and runes and how they'll be impacting your game. The explanation for secondary trees follow the same key below.

Not Viable
Most Viable Choice


Grasp of the Undying is an undoubtedly strong rune. Permanent health, as well as max health based healing/damage give it a strong case for being used. However, while serving the purpose of being tanky, you will not be concerned with damage output. Furthermore, since Thresh is ranged, you won't be able to utilize the mastery to its full potential. Also, he doesn't fare well in extended trades where he can't utilize his Flay passive.
Aftershock has good synergy with Thresh's combo. It provides you with defenses after landing a Death Sentence, so that after reactivating it to dive in you have increased defenses. After landing it will do adaptive damage as well, making it easier for your team to kill the people you're engaging upon. Utilize it's defense boost in lane for good trades, and make sure to play aggressively to make the most of it.
Guardian is a good keystone for protecting your team, providing a shield and speed boost upon taking damage. While this isn't necessarily bad, the only spell you can cast on your ally is Dark Passage. While this is not the only way to proc this keystone, it still ends up being a lot less reliable than Aftershock. It can still be considered into lanes or games with a lot of kill pressure however.
Demolish is great for tower damage, and despite having your ADC with you for most of the lane, this rune alone will provide immense bonus sieging power. Furthermore, it helps with post-lane sieging once you've got some health for it to scale with. If you're looking to drop towers early, and get some extra gold from tower plates, this is a great choice.
Font of Life is a decent choice for this slot. Thresh has multiple ways of impairing the movement of enemies, allowing this rune to be utilized often. It provides a bit of health on trades in lane as well, easing the pressure of some of the poke heavier matchups. The sustain can be helpful into those lanes, as well as later fights where you CC multiple targets.
Shield Bash's bonus resistances and empowered auto is not really worth the choice of rune considering how infrequently you can use it. It also applies if you purchase Locket of the Iron Solari, which is nice, but is also a large cooldown which you also cannot frequently use. There isn't a situation where Demolish's siege power or Font of Life's sustain doesn't outshine this rune.

Conditioning this rune provides a marginal amount of bonus resistances at 10 minutes. While it is nice, and a decent choice if you are the only tank, it is not a reliable choice in the majority of games. The bonuses are delayed, and the scaling isn't stellar either.
Second Wind is basically Doran's Shield's passive in a rune, provide a slight health regen buff after taking champion damage. While this tends to be outshined by Bone Plating in many matchups, if you're against heavy poke it can help minimize the overall damage you are sustaining in lane.
Bone Plating provides good protection against retaliation in trades, which is especially good during early lane. After being proc'd, the damage reduction allows you make better trades, meaning you come out healthier and keep your kill pressure in lane.

Overgrowth is a good choice for tankiness, as it allows him to get flat health and max health scaling after a CS threshold. This rewards you for protecting carries farming, but be sure to not let it discourage you from your other responsibilities of roaming and vision control.
Revitalize’s bonus effects to your shields and healing are helpful, but with how infrequent they are used the rune is no longer as optimal. It boosts Locket of the Iron Solari and Guardian, should you choose to take it. Only an option if you plan on bringing the aforementioned runes.
Unflinching provides tenacity/slow resist, and more the lower your health. While tenacity is useful, its full value isn't achieved unless you are very low, where engaging will not be beneficial. Still a good pick into CC heavy lanes to minimize risk of getting caught out or peeled off.

Secondary Tree: Inspiration

Inspiration is a tree I prefer because of its vast utility. Sorcery, Precision, and Domination all provide useful things, but would force you into taking less than stellar runes (for example, the Zombie Ward rune would be a great support rune, but it would force you into taking damage/takedown runes, which aren't as helpful.). If you do wish to go Domination, take Zombie Ward and Ingenious Hunter/ Relentless Hunter, if you go Sorcery, take Nullifying Orb/ Manaflow Band and Waterwalking, and if you go Precision, take Legend: Tenacity and Presence of Mind.

Hextech Flashtraption would be well utilized in performing ganks or engages after using flash, as well as escaping engages if you have the time to channel the blink. However, the rune is extremely situational. It's better to pick a more reliable rune, unless you feel that the way you play normally or in a certain matchup would warrant you to bring it.
Magical Footwear has decisive pros and cons into what its uses will be. It limits your roaming capabilities early with lack of mobility, but does save you gold in the long run. Due to this limitation on what is most certainly one of your strongest abilities, you're much better off forking up the 300 gold.
Perfect Timing isn't as viable rune as it used to be because you'll never be building Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel, and Gargoyle Stoneplate isn't always built first. It's main use as a support are resetting tower aggro when diving, or dodging key enemy abilities. It does improve playmaking ability and overall safety, and is a good choice if you build Stoneplate.

Future's Market is an interesting rune, allowing you to potentially stretch an advantage or stay relevant after falling behind through entering debt to buy items. Due to Thresh not having any items he desperately needs to get early, this rune can be passed on.
Minion Dematerializer is only useful if you are using Steel Shoulderguards as you can instantly pop cannon minions, thus securing the cannon and effectively denying your opponent any opportunities to zone you off a wave. Especially effective against poke supports and bully ADCs for the above reason.
Biscuit Delivery is a good rune to bring for lane sustain, allowing you to restore health/mana during the lane without having to back. A good option into almost every lane matchup, as the extra sustain and increase to your mana cap is never a bad thing.

Cosmic Insight is a very viable choice, as extra CDR for Thresh is always useful. There's realistically no situation in which you have reduced CDR on your abilities, summoners, and items, is a bad pick, and it also provides you with the ability to reach 45% CDR.
Approach Velocity is not reliable, as even if you are on top of CC'd targets, you will rarely notice the 15% MS bonus. Unless almost every enemy is extremely mobile, or your carries are extremely immobile, there are very few situations in which you can really use this rune.
Time Warp Tonic only increase potion duration, and gives a slight MS bonus when under the effects of one. This adds a small amount of health gained per charge to Health Potions and the biscuits from Biscuit Delivery. Not worth passing up on Cosmic Insight or other choices.

Tertiary: Stat Bonuses

Due to Thresh's innate lack of armor, you should always take at least one armor bonus, usually in the defense tree, unless the enemy bot relies heavily on magic damage, such as a mage carry. Your flex rune will almost always be adaptive force, unless you're going against a poke mage support and opt for one armor and one MR rune. As for the final offensive rune, it's between adaptive force and CDR. Most of the time you will take the extra adaptive force for the bonus damage on empowered flay auto attacks. You you'll have lot of CDR relatively quick in your build, and supplementing it is unnecessary as you'll likely overcap on CDR.
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Core Items

You'll be taking these items in most of your games. Their reliability, ease of use, and stats provided are all good enough to warrant them being bought in a majority of your games.

This item is good for Thresh's kit. The slow helps you to remain sticky when chasing enemies, and the stats it provides are all beneficial to Thresh. It's especially good with a Runaan's Hurricane using ADC, as they can hit more people with empowered autos, but it works with most ADCs just fine.

While the heal/shield bonus doesn't benefit you too greatly, the CDR, mana regen., and other stats are still enormously helpful. The active is still extremely useful during teamfights, as well as a general utility active. It can help sustain a risky baron attempt, keep a siege on a tower going, etc.
Locket of the Iron Solari should be built in almost every game, as there's really no situation in which an immense shield for your entire team and tank stats can be passed up. Due to health scaling being somewhat relevant it's better later, and should be built after Zeke's Convergence or Redemption.

Supplementary Items

These items will be picked up relatively late in your build, if it all. They're still useful in most games however, and may be bought before some core items if the circumstances dictate it.

Knight's Vow is an interesting choice, as it's benefits are reduced because of Thresh being technically ranged. Despite this, it is still a great choice for the armor, health, and CDR, which are all essential stats, as well as being able to heal you and keep you CCing and peeling longer, but also reduce the damage one of your carries is taking.

This is a more situational item and should only be picked up when the enemy team's composition relies heavily on CC. If they have champions like Nautilus, Leona, etc., then picking up Mikael's Blessing is a good choice. Realistically you can peel most of these threats, but if they have dive or CC that you cannot inhibit, this is a reasonable choice.
Turbo Chemtank is plentiful with useful stats, and its active is excellent at forcing engages. Using the speed boost to catch up and engage with a Death Sentence or Flay followed by the item' AoE slow is a good way to catch out and immobile or Flashless targets.

Other Tank Items

These items are much more rare, and are usually prioritized if you're the only tank/frontline the team has. They allow you to be much more durable while not expending too much of your support utility.

This pairs well with Thresh's playstyle. The damage reduction doesn't impact you heavily as your main purpose is crowd control, and the active allows you to be very tanky during a teamfight. It's recommended to build this alongside core support items, especially in games where you don't necessarily have the best frontline.

Not a bad counter for carries who build lifesteal early ( Draven) or for lanes that will be healing in combat ( Soraka, Sona, etc.). Most enemies will not pick up Last Whisper items until later, so you will also be decently tanky mid-game, unless you're against a Vayne or ADC who also does magic damage.

An abundance of armor, bonus mana, and CDR are all useful stats. Coupled with the attack speed reduction aura, this isn't a bad item to pick up vs. comps that will be diving a lot, or that are reliant on attack speed champs, especially if they coincide. It will reduce the potency of champs like Jax, Tryndamere, and Yasuo greatly.





Boots of Mobility - Fastest roaming
Mobility Boots are what I tend to pick many games. The mobility will allow you to roam faster, meaning less time your ADC spends more vulnerable. It also increases the likelihood you can pull off a gank or invade before you're noticed, and overall increases your map presence.

Boots of Swiftness - MS, Roaming, Slow Resist
A strong contender after Mobility Boots received a price increase, this provides a good amount of movespeed, as well as not losing the bonus when you engage in combat. While this does not suit the speedy roams as well, it allows you to be stickier and fights and especially excels vs champs which rely on slows.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - CDR + Summs CDR
A good way to round out your CDR, Ionian Boots of Lucidity not only will help you reach your CDR cap, but also provide CDR for your summoner spells, meaning more aggressive ignite plays, and more opportunities for Flash and hook/flay picks.

Mercury's Treads - MR + Tenacity
Mercury's Treads tend to be a rare pick for me. It's good vs comps which are very CC/pick reliant ( Nautilus or other CC-layer heavy teams) or very reliant on AP damage.
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Build Paths

The problems with "build paths" in general is the volatility of a game's pace. While there are some items you build every game, and some that you would build against certain compositions, such as armor or a Knight's Vow against heavy AD, and an MR focus or a Mikael's Blessing against hard AP, you can't give a solid formula for every game. The matter of skill variance, who wins or loses lane, and who has more objectives, more kills, and powerspikes or points of weakness are all essential factors to take into account while considering what to build.

Usual Path:
Start: Steel Shoulderguards and 2 Health Potion.
1st Back / Early Game: Get Boots if you don't have Magical Footwear, and Mobility Boots ASAP. Pick up a Oracle Lens once you've obtained your passive on your Steel Shoulderguards. Purchase Control Wards, and try to use your Spoils of War passive as much as possible to get more wards from your support item upgrades.

Rush: Kindlegem/ Glacial Shroud/ Forbidden Idol for CDR, Mobility Boots, Oracle Lens (once you have warding passive unlocked)

Finish: Zeke's Convergence, Locket of the Iron Solari, Knight's Vow, Redemption, other core components
You ideally want an abundance of early CDR, then finishin your utility items in order based on what you're trying to prioritize (peeling, engaging, teamfighting, etc.)

If behind, focus more on peeling and defensive items to ensure you don't fall further behind. Reduce pick potential with well placed Control Wards, and grab a Kindlegem or Glacial Shroud/ Aegis of the Legion early to increase your durability. Make sure to pick up Locket of the Iron Solari to shield teammates, or Knight's Vow to keep priority targets in the fight.

If ahead, focus more on your ability to secure kills and roam with Mobility Boots and invest in CDR to give you more hook uptime, force engages, and enable your team to more easily secure objectives. Stock up on Control Wards and look to make aggressive plays around objectives and towers to keep the team's momentum up. Getting a Zeke's Convergence for more damage or a Shurelya's Battlesong to force fights will help extend your lead.
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Warding is one of your essential jobs as a support. Vision control can win or lose you a game, and is severely neglected in lower ranks. For this reason, I'm showing you where to ward both during laning phase, as well as in the late game.
Control Wards
During Laning
When Drake/Rift/Baron
When Roaming
When the Enemy is near Your Base
When You're Near the Enemy Base


You should try to leave Control Wards where they can provide the most beneficial information to your team. Simply dropping one in tri-bush may not always cut it. You should look to place yours in the pixel brush (to protect your mid-laner and deny river vision), enemy tri-bush/river bush (ensure you are not getting ganked and give you time to respond to a counter-gank), around/near drake pit (deny/supply junglers with necessary vision to contest these objectives) or even deploy it as a deep ward in the enemy jungle (to track enemy jungle and aid in predicting their movements). In certain circumstances, such as the enemy jungler having faster clears or counter-jungling often ( Kha'Zix, Rengar, Kindred, etc.), try and ward your own jungle or friendly buffs instead, to allow your team the oppurtunity to collapse and set behind enemy invaders. As for your own lane, you should only ward the bushes if the enemy is abusing them or sitting there often (poke champs), or has engage/all-in potential( Blitzcrank, Leona, etc.)


The goal in late game with vision is preventing bad engages or getting crunched in teamfights, as well as ensuring security when taking objectives. When taking drake, Rift Herald, or Baron, place a Control Ward in the pit to deny the enemy vision, as well as behind the wall or on the other side of the river to be aware of incoming enemies seeking to contest the objective. When roaming earlier in the game, place them where the enemy is most likely to roam themselves, or try and counter-jungle. Getting deep wards is crucial to preventing the jungler from efficiently ganking, as well as giving your team knowledge on whether or not they can push and roam themselves without fear of a retaliatory gank. When you're near the enemy base (and vice-versa) having vision over the walls of the base and in the nearby jungle is crucial, as it will allow you to know if they're rotating to try and take a different tower or inhibitor, or deny the enemy the same knowledge of your team's movements.
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Synergy with your Carry

Jhin's susceptibility to being dove is easily covered when you're in the lane. Thresh's peel, alongside his Dark Passage makes up for Jhin's lack of mobility. Also, his Deadly Flourish can snare an enemy after you use your Death Sentence on them. (Be careful to not Flay the enemy out of the way of Jhin's Deadly Flourish.)
Caitlyn is a good pair with Thresh due to her Yordle Snap Trap. While it is usually unlikely for an enemy to walk into one, Thresh can use his Death Sentence or Flay to drag an enemy into her trap. Also, he can use his hook to prevent an enemy from bodyblocking her Ace in the Hole.
Ezreal's ability to engage with his Arcane Shift can be used well in combination with your Dark Passage. He can deal his damage, and use your lantern as a getaway. His main problem is keeping enemies locked down since he has no soft or hard CC, but Thresh can keep his target in place long enough for Ezreal to kill him, or land an execute with his Trueshot Barrage.
Twitch is another carry who can engage hard, then use Thresh's Dark Passage as a getaway. He can use his Ambush to get behind them, while you can either peel or all-in with him. If the engage goes well, you can use Death Sentence or Flay to secure a kill or burn some spells, and if it goes badly, he can escape with your Dark Passage.
Kalista's Fate's Call can allow you to get behind the enemy or right on top of them, making for an easy to land Death Sentence and Flay. Along with allowing you to easily close the gap on mobile laners or escape a countergank or bad engage, your CC makes it much easier for her to kite the opponent.
Another carry with a good amount of CC, Ashe's slow from her Volley makes landing your Death Sentence much easier. Also, her Enchanted Crystal Arrow will give you the time to hook whoever she hits, almost ensuring a kill. (You can also do in this reverse order, where you land your Death Sentence and then she uses her Enchanted Crystal Arrow.)
Another champion that can chain CC, Jinx is also a good pair with Thresh. Her Zap! makes landing your Death Sentence easier, and you can then Flay them into Jinx's Flame Chompers!. This is a deadly combination, which can get you an early kill or burned spell if you both all-in at level 2.
Draven is another good matchup because of how well their combo works together. Normally the enemy would be safe from your Death Sentence behind a minion wave, but if Draven uses his Stand Aside to shove away minions as you use your Death Sentence, it'll catch many people off guard.
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Combos, Tricks, and Things to Know

Escape Hooks

While Thresh's hooks are mainly used for engaging, something most people don't really value is their usefulness in escaping. The video below shows some escape routes through the jungle you can use by using your Death Sentence on a monster, then reactivating it to jump through the wall to them. This is basically "Jungle Surfing", and knowing these routes can help you survive if you get caught out alone in the Fog of War.

Lantern Plays

Something I alluded to earlier, reactivating Death Sentence to jump to an enemy while simultaneously using your Dark Passage will allow you to both jump on them, making for powerful all-ins early on and easy kills if they're caught out late game. In the video below, I do a play-by-play of the situation in which I perform once of these Lantern plays.

Thresh's Capabilities

This is just a small montage of some of the things you can pull off as Thresh.

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Conclusion & Special Thanks

Hopefully you learned something new while reading this and can improve your game as Thresh. If you see an error or have a question, let me know and I'll fix it or respond.

Since is this my first guide, I'd like to thank jhoijhoi and his Guide to Making a Guide for helping me format this and see what a guide should look like. I'd also like to thank my friend CadBush for helping me pull off some lantern plays to show in this guide.

Thank you for reading, and good luck as Thresh. :^)
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V. 1.0.0 (3/7/17) - Vanilla guide.
V. 1.1.0 (3/8/17) - Updated guide for Patch 7.5. Updated the Summoner Spells section for the Exhaust nerf, and the Masteries section for the removal of Bond of Stone and addition of Stoneborn Pact .
V. 1.2.0 (3/15/17) - Added Draven to the Synergy With Your Carry section. Added the Warding section.
V. 1.2.1 (3/16/17) - Fixed an error in coding and the map in Warding section. Added additional information to Death Sentence, Dark Passage, and Flay in the Skill Sequence section.
V. 1.3.0 (4/6/17) - Added Galio to the Matchups section. Small updates to the Items section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.4.0 (4/19/17) - Added Rakan and Xayah to the matchup section. Updated the matchup section in accordance with changes in Patch 7.8. Updated parts of the Items section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.5.0 (5/3/17) - Updated for Patch 7.9. Added new champs ( Maokai, Shen, Camille, Gragas, and Zac) to the champ matchup section. Updated the builds and Items section for the addition of Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm, as well as other changes. Removed Guardian Angel and Dead Man's Plate from the Items section.
V. 1.5.1 (5/9/17) - Minor fixes in the Matchup, Items, Build Paths, and Synergy sections. Additional information added to the Masteries section.
V. 1.5.2 (5/17/17) - Minor adjustment to the matchups and Items in accordance with Patch 7.10. Additional details and continuity fixes in the Matchups and Skills section.
V. 1.5.3 (6/1/17) - Updated for Patch 7.11. Adjustments to the matchup section. Updated the Items section for the changes to Abyssal Mask.
V. 1.6.0 (6/17/17) - Updated for Patch 7.12. Additional information added to the Skill Sequence section. Updated information for Zeke's Convergence, and the changes to Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption. Updated picture for the Warding section. Added Taliyah to the matchup section.
V. 1.6.1 (6/28/17) - Updated for Patch 7.13. Minor changes to Abyssal Mask in the Items section. Fixed an issue with one of the pictures in the Warding section.
V. 1.6.2 (7/11/17) - Updated for Patch 7.14. Updated match-ups for buffs/nerfs. Added Bramble Vest to the description of Thornmail in the Items section.
V. 1.7.0 (8/4/17) - Updated for Patch 7.15. Adjustments to the match-ups for buffs/nerfs. Overhaul to the example builds for use with Eye of the Equinox, Knight's Vow, etc., as well as fixes to the notes sections throughout. Fixed an issue in the Changelog section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.7.1 (8/10/17) - Updated for Patch 7.16. Updated matchups for buffs/nerfs. Minor fixes to the Items section.
V. 1.7.2 (8/27/17) - Updated matchups for buffs/nerfs.
V. 1.7.3 (9/1/17) - Minor fixes throughout. Changes made to the Items section for the sake of clarity.
V. 1.7.4 (9/20/17) - Minor update to matchups for 7.18.
V. 1.7.5 (9/26/17) - Minor update to matchups for 7.19. Adjusted certain descriptions in the Items section.
V. 1.7.6 (9/29/17) - Minor coding fix. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.7.7 (10/11/17) - Larger scale adjustments for the 7.20 Patch. Added an Example Build with an Ancient Coin start instead of Relic Shield.
V. 2.0.0 (11/8/17) - Updated for Runes Reforged and Pre-Season of Season 8. Removed the Runes and Masteries sections. Added the Runes Reforged section. Added Eye of the Equinox, Eye of the Oasis, and Turbo Chemtank to the Items section. Updated multiple descriptions in the Items section. Minor updates throughout.
V. 2.1.0 (11/17/17) Moved the Changelog to the bottom of the page for the sanity of the reader. Updated the matchups with Patch 7.22. Adjusted difficulties/descriptions in accordance with the new runes and balances.
V. 2.1.1 (11/28/17) Updated the Build Paths section for outdated descriptions. Fixed outdated info in the Items section.
V. 2.1.2 (11/29/17) Fixed an issue with outdated information in the cheatsheet. Added Turbo Chemtank to the cheatsheet section.
V. 2.1.3 (12/6/17) Updated matchups for 7.24. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.1.4 (1/3/18) Updated matchups for 7.24b. Updated display build, build notes, and minor fixes to the Items section.
V. 2.1.5 (1/22/18) Updated matchups for 8.1.
V. 2.2.0 (1/24/18) Updated matchups for 8.2. Fixed issues throughout. Removed Sightstone, Timeworn Face of the Mountain, and all other reworked support items. Fixed major issues in the Items and Warding sections, as well as the cheat sheet and other places to reflect these changes. Changed Ancient Coin to default support item. Edited the changelog to show the Timeworn status of removed items. Added short explanation of what Domination/Sorcery runes to take in the Runes Reforged section.
V. 2.3.0 (2/11/18) Reverted changes, making Relic Shield go-to item again. Updated matchups for 8.3. Edited runes, changing Overgrowth to Revitalize, and Biscuit Delivery to Magical Footwear. Added conditional notes to the Runes section. Minor change to skill sequence. Updated descriptions in the Runes Reforged, Items, Build Paths, and Warding sections. Updated Splash Arts to different kinds in the Synergy with your Carry section. Changed the spots of Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery in the cheatsheet. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.1 (3/5/18) Updated matchups for 8.4. Updated item description for Banner of Command/ Minion Dematerializer to reflect recent usefulness. Changed Runes to reflect changes (Swapped Font of Life to Bone Plating). Added description to the Runes Reforged section for the new Bone Plating and Time Warp Tonic runes. Removed Celestial Body.
V. 2.3.2 (3/22/18) Added Kai'Sa to the matchup section. Adjusted matchups for 8.6. Updated Relic Shield vs. Ancient Coin info. Removed Iron Skin and Mirror Shell, and added Chrysalis to the Runes section. Changed Revitalize to Unflinching, Conditioning to Chrysalis, and Magical Footwear to Biscuit Delivery in the cheat sheet. Adjusted info in the Items and Summoner Spells sections. Minor fixes throughout. Clarity fixes in changelog.
V. 2.3.3 (4/4/18) Yet again, changed Ancient Coin to the go-to item. Updated example builds in accordance with these and other item changes. Updated Runes and the matchup section for Patch 8.7 changes. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.4 (4/18/18) Changed matchups for Patch 8.7. Removed Sweeping Lens from the Build Paths section and from the cheat sheet.
V. 2.3.5 (5/9/18) Updated matchups for 8.9. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.6 (5/16/18) Added Sion to the matchup section. Changed matchups for the 8.10 changes.
V. 2.3.7 (6/1/18) Added Pyke to the matchup section. Adjusted matchups for the 8.11 patch. Adjusted the Items for 8.11.
V. 2.3.8 (6/14/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.12. Removed Banner of Command from the Items section.
V. 2.3.9 (7/5/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.13.
V. 2.3.10 (7/28/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.14.
V. 2.3.11 (8/15/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.15 and 8.16.
V. 2.3.12 (9/5/18) Minor adjustments throughout. Changes to the cheat sheet and example build. Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.17.
V. 2.3.13 (9/18/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.18.
V. 2.3.14 (9/26/18) Adjusted Build Paths section. Updated cheat sheet. Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.19.
V. 2.3.15 (10/10/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.20.
V. 2.3.16 (10/24/18) Minor adjustments. Adjustments to example builds.
V. 2.3.17 (10/26/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.21.
V. 2.3.18 (11/7/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.22.
V. 3.0.0 (11/20/18) Added summoner spell set name, item groups, skill order set name, and filled out new synergy section to fit new MOBAFire layout. Removed Chrysalis, added Shield Bash, and shifted Bone Plating in the Runes section. Added adjustable stat runes to the Runes section. Adjusted matchups for 8.23. Minor changes throughout.
V. 3.0.1 (12/5/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.24.
V. 3.0.2 (12/6/18) Fixed outdated information in the Runes section.
V. 3.0.3 (1/9/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.1.
V. 3.0.4 (1/24/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.2.
V. 3.0.5 (2/6/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.3. Added missing changelog update from 9.2 patch.
V. 3.0.6 (2/22/19) Adjusted multiple matchups for 9.4. Added Neeko to the matchup section.
V. 3.0.7 (3/16/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.5. Edited multiple descriptions in the matchups section.
V. 3.0.8 (3/27/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.6.
V. 3.0.9 (4/4/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.7.
V. 3.0.10 (4/26/19) Adjusted matchups for 9.8.
V. 3.1.0 (5/1/19) Fixed an issue where Shield Bash was listed for rune 1 in the cheat sheet and not Demolish, as well both stat runes 2 and 3 not listing a single armor rune. Major changes to the Runes Reforged section. Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.9.
V. 3.1.1 (5/14/19) Added Yuumi to matchups section. Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.10.
V. 3.1.2 (6/2/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.11.
V. 3.1.3 (6/14/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.12.
V. 3.1.4 (6/26/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.13.
V. 3.1.5 (7/18/19) Larger adjustments to matchups for Patch 9.14.
V. 3.2.0 (8/12/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.15. Cleaned out accumulated champions in the match-up section whose temporary time in the bot lane meta has passed, or are picked too infrequently to warrant a match-up discussion. This includes: Camille, Corki, Galio, Gragas, Graves, Ivern, Jayce, Kindred, Malphite, Malzahar, Maokai, Poppy, Quinn, Shen, Sion, Taliyah, Urgot, Veigar, Zac, and Ziggs. Updated certain match-up section explanations. Updated broken URL link to images in the Warding section, as well as major overhaul to the information in that section.
V. 3.2.1 (8/16/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.16.
V. 3.2.2 (8/28/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.17. More info added to specific matchups in the Threats section.
V. 3.2.3 (9/12/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.18. Added info to Miss Fortune's matchup for support MF.
V. 3.2.4 (9/25/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.19. Added Swain to the matchups section.
V. 3.2.5 (10/9/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.20.
V. 3.2.6 (10/25/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.21.
V. 3.2.7 (11/8/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.22.
V. 4.0.0 (11/27/19) Updated matchups for pre-season 10. Major updates to the newly named Build Paths section. Major updates to the Items section as well. Removed Ancient Coin vs. Relic Shield section from Items chapter. Replaced all iterations of Relic Shield with Steel Shoulderguards. Changed Ninja Tabi to Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Removed random tanks items, including: Randuin's Omen, Sunfire Aegis, Abyssal Mask, Adaptive Helm, Spirit Visage, and Warmog's Armor. Edited handful of descriptions. Changed layout of core items. Added subsections between item classes. Thinned down description throughout for readability and clarity, and extended descriptions for certain areas. Changed Cheat Sheet to include new priority items and item changes. Changed guide splash art and the splash in Pros and Cons section to Pulsefire Thresh Prestige Edition. Added Senna to the matchups section. Changed Unflinching to Overgrowth and Perfect Timing to Cosmic Insight in the Runes cheat sheet. Updates, minor fixes, and clarity checks to entirety of guide.
V. 4.0.1 (12/11/19) Adjusted matchups for Patch 9.24.
V. 4.0.2 (12/12/19) Slight text changes in descriptions.
V. 4.0.3 (12/25/19) Added Aphelios to the matchup section. Changed matchups for Patch 9.24b.
V. 4.0.4 (1/10/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.1.
V. 4.0.5 (1/25/20) Fixed typo in changelog. Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.2.
V. 4.0.6 (2/8/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.3.
V. 4.0.7 (2/24/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.4.
V. 4.0.8 (3/23/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.5 and Patch 10.6.
V. 4.0.9 (4/4/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.7.
V. 4.0.10 (4/26/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.8. Typo fixes. Added Sett to matchup section for support.
V. 4.0.11 (5/1/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.9.
V. 4.0.12 (5/21/20) Adjusted matchups for Patch 10.10.
V. 4.0.13 (7/4/20) Updates for Patches 10.11, 10.12, and 10.13.
V. 4.0.14 (7/22/20) Updates for Patches 10.14 and 10.15.
V. 4.0.15 (7/23/20) Minor visual changes.
V. 4.0.16 (8/11/20) Updates for Patches 10.16.
V. 4.0.17 (8/25/20) Updates for Patches 10.17.
V. 4.1.0 (9/21/20) Updates for Patches 10.18 and 10.19. Updated skin background for guide. Updated item cheat sheet for itemization changes. Updated the rune cheat sheet. Updates to the Runes, Items, Build Paths section, as well as the build options notes. Typo fixes throughout.
V. 4.1.1 (10/13/20) Update for Patch 10.20.
V. 4.1.2 (10/18/20) Update for Patch 10.21. Added Samira to the matchup section.
V. 4.1.3 (10/31/20) Update for Patch 10.22.

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