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Thresh Build Guide by Kilo Khaos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kilo Khaos

Thresh, Support Legend [In-Depth Guide to The Chain Warden]

Kilo Khaos Last updated on June 14, 2018
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Thresh (Tank Support)

Thresh Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Chrysalis
LoL Rune: Unflinching

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Approach Velocity
Approach Velocity
LoL Rune: Biscuit Delivery
Biscuit Delivery

+30-270 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Support Role
Ranked #24 in
Support Role
Win 49%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Thresh You read this guide. He (most likely) has not.
Ivern Just hook him, his only escape is hiding in a bush. He can root you however, so be wary. Flay away Daisy to avoid being knocked up.
Kindred Avoid sustained trades where she can utilize her Mounting Dread (E) efficiently. Her Dance of Arrows (Q) has a low CD so she can dodge hooks, but they're easy to predict. Don't be afraid to trade since she does little damage early game.
Nunu An unusual support, but he pops up occasionally. Hook him to disrupt his ult, and try to get trades off when he goes in with his snowballs. If you let him poke unpunished, you'll put yourself at a disadvantage in lane.
Jayce Jayce isn't a common pick for ADC, but some people will try to utilize his play style to bully the bot lane. Make sure to always be on the move to dodge his Q + E (Ranged) combo. If you do engage, try to peel for your ADC as much as possible, as he'll likely switch to Mercury Hammer and all-in if he has the chance.
Camille The odds of seeing her as a support are extremely slim. However, you counter her main 2 abilities. Flay her away when she hookshots (E), and use both your Death Sentence and Flay to knock her out of her ult. She will do damage if she's allowed to close the gap though, so be cautious.
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I'm Kilo Khaos, a Thresh main on the NA Server. While I love Thresh, I've noticed a lot of lower ELO players have trouble utilizing him effectively, whether it be landing Death Sentence, misusing your Dark Passage, or Flaying the wrong direction. I decided the best course of action was to make a guide to cater specifically to the new or inexperienced Thresh players. This is my first guide, so if you have any advice, corrections, opinions, or things I should fix and/or clarify, comment below.

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Why Thresh?

Thresh is personally, and to a lot of people, one of the best support picks in League. He's also one of the most picked, and has seen his fair share of games, ranging from Bronze placements to the World Championship. A CC heavy tank that is able to peel for his squishier teammates is always a strong pick, and his ability to engage and disengage are further amplified by his kit.

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Pros and Cons


+ Easy engage/disengage
+ Extremely good CC
+ Scaling Armor/AP passively
+ Good chase potential
+ Lots of displacement
+ Few counters

Thresh is a strong support who thrives off of locking down and displacing the enemy team. His ability to chase and secure kills, while being able to peel and disengage just as effectively is matched by few.

- Delayed hooks
- Requires lots of communication
- Doesn't do too much damage alone
- Long cooldowns (Specifically Dark Passage and The Box)
- Hard to master
- One of the most banned support champions

Thresh does have his own share of downsides however. The .5 second delay on his Death Sentence can make landing it difficult, and miscommunication can make your job a lot harder. While he does some damage, he is not strong enough alone to take on someone with high damage output.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a summoner spell commonly brought on Thresh, as it shuts down champions with excessive healing potential, such as Sona, Nami, and Soraka. While applying kill pressure and allowing you to reduce healing (including diminishing the effects of the Heal Spell), it can also allow for stronger roaming capability and more success when you all-in. It's recommended to bring ignite for most games, as playing aggressively will give you more success in lane.
Exhaust is the spell most supports take, but isn't seen often on Thresh. It's ability to slow the enemy is helpful for both escapes and chases, but your CC does that job well enough. The only situations I see myself bringing this in is if the enemy team has 2+ assassins ( Zed, Kha'Zix, etc.) in order to protect my carry. However, after the nerf it received, it has become even less viable. (Note: If you do bring Exhaust, be aware of the slow The Box has, as to not overlap slows.)
Flash is a spell which nearly every champ in the games carries, and Thresh is no exception. Thresh can benefit from it more than other champs however, as he can use his Flash and throw a lantern to an ally, allowing them to save their spell. When combined with certain escape hook routes (detailed later on) he can make quick getaways.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

R > Q > E > W

Damnation (Passive): The scaling that this ability provides is a great part of Thresh's kit. It provides AP to improve the damage of your abilities, and give you armor to further mitigate the damage you'll be tanking. In order to scale however, you'll be needing to collect souls constantly. If you assist your jungler with a drake, ensure you pick up the two souls it provides. If you cannot grab souls because an enemy is close to them, you can throw your Dark Passage on the souls to collect them from afar. Don't do this too often however, as you need your lantern to peel for your carry.

Death Sentence (Q): This is the most important part of Thresh's kit. This is your gap closer, your escape tool, and how you both engage and disengage. One important thing to know when using your Death Sentence is that it has a .5 second delay before being cast. For this reason, aim ahead of where your target is, or where you think they're going to move to. It can also be used to interrupt enemies channeling Teleport. In extremely rare cases, when Thresh tugs on his target, if they are alongside a thin wall, they can be pulled through. It also temporarily displaces enemies, so an allied Yasuo can use Last Breath in conjunction with your Death Sentence. Don't forget, like Varus and Xerath, you don't need to be facing the direction in which you're going to cast your hook. Turn your back and cast your hook to catch the enemy by surprise. Also, if you cast Flay immediately after Death Sentence, it will slightly speed it up (almost reaching the speed of Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab).

Dark Passage (W): This is one of the best escape methods in all of League. Not only does it have the best peel capability, but it can also be used offensively to pull an ally towards you when going for a trade or all-in. It can also be used to establish vision for a short time instead of facechecking, and can also collect souls without you having to put yourself at risk. An important thing to note here is that an ally can Teleport to your Dark Passage as it counts as terrain while active. Use this to your advantage by allowing your top laner to gank with a Teleport to your lantern. In addition to this, movement spells, including Katarina's Shunpo, Jax's Leap Strike, and Lee Sin's Safeguard can also target your lantern, making escapes even easier. Also, since it counts as terrain, it can be used in specific situations to block routes the enemy is headed towards (which would work especially well with a friendly Trundle or Anivia).

Flay (E): One of the most important part of your kit, Flay is both a good tool for poking and for CC. It can also be used defensively, as you can Flay incoming enemies away (such as when Leona uses her Zenith Blade). Also, it can be used to stop enemy jumps (such as Kha'Zix's Leap or Tristana's Rocket Jump). It will disrupt enemies channeling Teleport as well. If an enemy is extremely close to a wall, a Flay may be able to bring them over the wall. Keep in mind it also temporarily knocks up enemies, so an allied Yasuo can use Last Breath in conjunction with your Flay. It can also be cast after your Death Sentence to make it cast faster.

The Box (R): One of the most slowing abilities in the game, Thresh's ult can keep an enemy locked within his walls for up to 5 seconds, unless he wants to take the damage and slow penalty. When used correctly in combination with your Death Sentence and Flay, you can lock down an enemy champion for long enough that your carry can pick up an easy kill. Be cautious when using The Box however, as it has an extremely long CD.

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Runes Reforged

Primary Tree: Resolve

Resolve will be your best option. While runes and masteries have changed, your priority of being a tank has not. While you can have multiple options of how you wish to spec these tank stats, there are some clear cut lines of where to use certain runes, and how some are useless on Thresh. I'll be comparing the differences between the keystones and runes and how they'll be impacting your game. The explanation for secondary trees follow the same key below.

Not Viable
Best Choice


Grasp of the Undying is an undoubtedly strong rune. Permanent health, as well as max health based healing/damage give it a strong case for being used. However, while serving the purpose of being tanky, you will not be concerned with damage output. Furthermore, since Thresh is ranged, you won't be able to utilize the mastery to its full potential. Also, he doesn't fare well in extended trades where he can't utilize his Flay passive.
Aftershock has good synergy with Thresh's combo. It provides you with defenses after landing a Death Sentence, so that after reactivating it to dive in you have increased defenses. After landing it will do adaptive damage as well, making it easier for your team to kill the people you're engaging upon. Utilize it's defense boost in lane for good trades, and only take it if you're choosing to play aggressively.
Guardian is a good keystone for protecting your team, providing a shield and speed boost upon taking damage. While this is good, the only spell you can cast on your ally is Dark Passage. While this is not the only way to proc this keystone, it is still more useful on spell-casting tanks which can use it more often ( Taric). However, it is recommended into hard or bursty matchups for extra protection.
Demolish is great for tower damage, but since you'll have your ADC with you for most of the game, and that alone will provide sieging power. If you're looking to drop a tower early to try and end a game quick, it may be useful. However, this slot is much better used for a more defensive rune.
Font of Life is a decent choice for this slot. Thresh has multiple ways of impairing the movement of enemies, allowing this rune to be utilized often. It provides a little bit of health on trades in lane as well. It's a very good combo with Twitch or other ADCs who can utilize Runaan's Hurricane and hit multiple marked targets.
Bone Plating is a great addition to the Resolve tree, providing good protection against follow-up poke, which is especially good during early lane. After being proc'd, the reduction to damage you take in early trades allows you to come out on top, and have a lot of kill pressure in lane. Good against combos ( Brand), not as effective against laners who will hit you once and back off ( Ezreal).

Conditioning is a balanced defensive rune, which is what you'll want to take against a team with a balance of AD and AP. This tends to be a solid option, but makes you weaker in laning instead. It's proves better to bring Chrysalis vs. harder lane matchups.
Second Wind is basically Doran's Shield's passive in a rune, giving health regen. after being attacked, scaling with how much health you're missing. While this tends to not be too effective, it can help you in lanes where you will be poked down occasionally. Make sure to utilize its 10s timer, and form somewhat of a rhythm in lane of when to poke.
Chrysalis is proving to be a good rune for laning, and providing decent benefits outside of lane as well. Providing extra health during lane is exceptionally useful for staying topped off in lane, and getting a little extra damage once you have access to your core items is also nice.

Overgrowth is a good choice for tankiness, as it allows him to get max health scaling while his ADC is CSing. This forces you to follow your carry around and sap XP, as well as waste time waiting to stack. You also won't be getting too much health in most builds, making this very situational.
You may not be a enchanter/healing support, but Revitalize’s bonus effects to your shields and healing are important. This is especially good if used in conjunction with Knight's Vow. The bonuses to your shields are decent, and until the passive from Timeworn Face of the Mountain returns, the bonus to your Locket of the Iron Solari and Dark Passage keep it viable for now.
Unflinching provides tenacity/slow resist, and more if you have extra summs on CD. While tenacity is useful, it is only activated upon using one of these. Good to bring against passive lanes where it will help secure kills, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity mean your summs are off CD faster, making it a good combo.

Secondary Tree: Inspiration

Inspiration is a tree I prefer because of its vast utility. Sorcery, Precision, and Domination all provide useful things, but would force you into taking less than stellar runes (for example, the Zombie Ward rune would be a great support rune, but it would force you into taking damage/takedown runes, which don't fit your role.). If you do wish to go Domination, take Zombie Ward and Ingenious Hunter/ Relentless Hunter, and if you go Sorcery, take Manaflow Band and Celerity.

Hextech Flashtraption would be well utilized in performing ganks or engages after using flash, as well as escaping engages if you have the time to channel the blink. However, while useful, the rune seems to be extremely situational. It's better to pick a more reliable rune, unless you feel that the way you play normally or in a certain matchup would warrant you to bring it.
Magical Footwear has decisive pros and cons into what its uses will be. It limits your roaming capabilities early with lack of mobility, but does save you gold in the long run. Past 10 minutes however, you will be slightly faster, but you do have to wait. If you did want to take this mastery however, try to make early picks in lane with Ignite/ Death Sentence so you can get your boots and roam faster.
Perfect Timing is not a viable rune because you'll never be building Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel, and Gargoyle Stoneplate isn't utilized as often. It's only useful capabilities as a support are resetting tower aggro when diving, or dodging key enemy abilities. However, passing up on alternative choices isn't the best idea, as this one time usage doesn't outweigh the benefits of other options.

Future's Market is an interesting rune, allowing you to potentially stretch an advantage or stay relevant after falling behind through entering debt to buy items. This is somewhat useful in a difficult matchup where you may fall behind, but it is unlikely to make a significant difference.
Minion Dematerializer won't help you since you won't be farming. More minion damage is inconsequential, you don't need it, and it's a waste of much more helpful runes. However, it might be useful to take to allow you to shut down Banner of Command empowered minions.
Biscuit Delivery is a good rune to bring for lane sustain, allowing you to restore health/mana during the lane without having to back. While it's unlikely that you won't back in the first 12 minutes, it will keep you topped off in lane in the event of a gank or fight which might have normally killed you. It works well with Time Warp Tonic, as it will increase the duration of this and other potions.

Cosmic Insight is a very viable choice, as extra CDR for Thresh is always useful. If you're in a lane where you'll need your abilities off CD much faster, or won't be able to fully utilize Approach Velocity without putting yourself at risk, then this is a good choice to opt for.
Approach Velocity is a Thresh's best friend, as you gain increased movement towards movement-impaired allies (meaning you can arrive with a Dark Passage faster, as well as towards enemies you have impaired (allowing for faster follow ups to your Death Sentence and Flay).
Time Warp Tonic simply increases the duration of potions, and gives a slight MS bonus when under the effects of one. This adds a small amount of health gained per charge to Health Potions (+30), Refillable Potion (+25), and the biscuits from Biscuit Delivery (+3%). Good with Biscuit Delivery vs. hard lanes, but that's about it.

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Ancient Coin vs. Relic Shield

Eye of Ascension is much better than Eye of the Aspect, as the nerf to prevent ADCs from abusing it has also created issues for Thresh's ranged autos, and now the passive gold gain has been reduced as well. While you are no longer able to sustain as efficiently as you could with Relic Shield, mana and CDR make a good alternative. Also, gold income to snowball or catch up without worrying about missing last hits allows you to focus your empowered Flay autos onto enemy laners. Utilize these stats to consistently zone the enemy away from CS with the risk of your abilities being off cooldown sooner.

Eye of the Aspect is a good blend of tankiness and CDR, once fully completed, but with the on-proc healing being reduced for ranged users, it has resulted in being much less useful in lane. While this is an issue, the usage of Revitalize will make the healing slightly better, making it still a viable pick. Once completed, it will have better stats than Ancient Coin, so it's an investment. Make sure to utilize the Spoil of War passive often to make sure your Warding passive comes online earlier, allow you better vision control, as well as to make up for the now reduced passive gold gain.

Core Items

Righteous Glory provides health, mana, CDR, and armor. All of these essential stats alone make it an attractive item. Furthermore, its active is ridiculously good if it is properly worked into your combo. Using the speed boost to catch up and engage with a Death Sentence followed up by Righteous Glory's slow and a Flay is an excellent way to start a fight. Keep in mind this speed boost is a percentage, and will be diminished if you go in-combat with your Boots of Mobility, and only works when running towards enemies, not away.
Locket of the Iron Solari is an item many supports build and further adds to your ability to protect your allies. This should be built every game, as there's really no situation in which an immense shield for your entire team and tank stats can be passed up. It's health scaling is also useful, since you should have anywhere from 3000-4500 health towards the end of the game (Items like Warmog's Armor are especially good for this). This means you'll be getting a shield for your entire team for ridiculous amounts throughout the game, and can turn a teamfight in your favor.

While the health and health regen. stats are continually decreasing, as well as it being updated to have increased bonus based on healing/shielding amplifiers, it is continually wiggling it's way out of Thresh's build. While still being a strong choice, and overall benefitting you, it is still less viable than it was in earlier patches.

This is a more situational item and should only be picked up when the enemy team's composition relies heavily on CC. If they have champions like Nautilus, Leona, Malphite, Blitzcrank, etc., then picking up Mikael's Crucible is a good choice. With the recent shift to quick, decisive battles however, this item has become much more useful in keep allies able to deal damage.

Knight's Vow is an interesting choice, as it's benefits are reduced because of Thresh being ranged. However, it is still a great choice for the armor, health, and CDR, which are all essential stats. The movement speed and armor bonuses are also helpful for teamfights. You can offset the reduction of it's passive with Revitalize, which will improve the self-healing mechanic.

This item is alright for Thresh's kit. The slow helps you to remain sticky when chasing enemies, and the stats it provides are all beneficial to Thresh. It's especially good if you're going to dive into the enemy team and ult, as your frost storm will affect more people. This could make a great combo with someone like Zac or Orianna who can get the team all together and keep them there.

I put this item in Utility because of its active, which can push a lane on its own, or strengthen a lane enough to allow you to split push. Zz'Rot Portal is such a rare buy, as you will not be split-pushing alone. If you're attempting to make a play across the map, you could have a teammate splitting be assisted by your portal, but it's situational.


Spirit Visage is a great MR item, with every stat it provides greatly assisting Thresh. It gives a strong amount of health and magic resist., as well as providing CDR alongside health regen. bonuses. This is a good item to buy if the MR from Locket of the Iron Solari isn't cutting it. It's also good with Knight's Vow to increase self healing, and has synergy with Revitalize.

Warmog's Armor is one of my favorite items when playing a tank for the immense health boost, but also for it's passive which can save you a recall if you stay out of combat and heal. Besides giving you ridiculous health, it also provides CDR, and is a great item to boost the shield capabilities of your Locket of the Iron Solari. Don't buid it against enemies whose comp consists of many health-based damage forms, or you'll be causing yourself more damage.

This is an extremely important buy against mages who spam consecutive spells ( Karthus, Ryze, Cassiopeia, etc.), and is a more defense based version of Spirit Visage. In comparison to Spirit Visage, it gives slightly less health but offers greater defense against people who will sling the same spell over and over. It also defends well against DoT ( Teemo, Liandry's Torment), AoE DoT ( Crowstorm), or multiple hit abilties ( Threaded Volley).

This pairs extremely well with Thresh's playstyle. The damage reduction doesn't affect you as the majority of your usefulness comes from crowd control, and its active allows you to be extremely tanky when initiating fights. It's recommended to build this after your core support items, as it's main usability comes in late game teamfights where its passive and active can be effectively utilized. Also, by this time, you should have a good amount of health to be multiplied by its effects.

This has now been updated, taking away your spell shield but allowing you to give nearby allies 10% more magic damage. This is especially good with champs such as Rumble or Katarina who will be in the middle of the fray, and doing damage to multiple targets at once. With 7.13, it now builds from Catalyst of Aeons, meaning you get the mana restoration upon taking damage (and vice-versa). You won't be using enough abilities to make much use of this passive (even if you were to adopt a 40% CDR build), but it is still helpful.

Good for reflecting damage, and especially good considering it (and it's counterpart Bramble Vest now inflicts grievous wounds on your attacker. This is extremely good for carries who build lifesteal early ( Draven, for example) and for lanes that have a lot of healing sustain ( Sona, Nami, etc.). Make sure you have health to ensure you have a good amount of effective health, as fighting can be dangerous when facing against an enemy with Last Whisper and it's upgrades, or other lethality/armor pen. items. This also goes for enemies who do true damage ( Vayne's Silver Bolts for example).

This item will allow you to last longer in lane or during late game roaming with its mana bonus, and make you more durable and useful in fights with its armor, CDR, and ability to make enemies near you have lower attack speed (especially useful against enemys with high attack speed, such as Jax, Jinx, etc.).

This is an item you should rush first against teams with heavy reliance on crits (champions besides the carry, such as Tryndamere or Yasuo). Also pick this up if the enemy carry rushes critical chance before damage items (this is unusual, but some champs such as Twitch or Jinx may try to increase it first).

This is a more situational item that's good to take if you're the only tank on the team. It's most useful if you're pitched right into the center of the enemy team, so if that's the way you play, pair up Sunfire Cape with Righteous Glory so you can land an efficient combo, as well as for maximum survivability while diving the enemy team.



Boots of Mobility - Provides Movement
Boots of Mobility are what I tend to pick most games. The mobility not only allows you to roam more easily, but increases your ability to chase down enemies and peel for your carry or other squishy allies.

Ninja Tabi - Armor
Not a bad choice in the right situation, Ninja Tabi should be brought against team comps that have 2-3 champions relying on autoattacks, or champions with abilities classified as autoattacks (such as Ezreal).

Mercury's Treads - Magic Resistance
Mercury's Treads tend to be a rare pick for me. I'll get it for the tenacity when pitted against CC heavy comps (displacement like Nautilus or stuns like Syndra) or when the enemy team is highly AP reliant.

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Build Paths and their Volatility

The problems with "build paths" in general is the volatility of a game's pace. While there are some items you build every game, and some that you would build against certain compositions ( Randuin's Omen against crit. chance, Spirit Visage/ Adaptive Helm against hard AP, etc.), you can't give a solid formula for every game. The matter of skill, who wins or loses lane, and who has more objectives/kills are all essential factors to take into account while building.

Usual Path:
Start: Relic Shield/ Ancient Coin and Refillable Potion/3 Health Potion.
1st Back / Early Game: Rush Boots of Speed if you don't have Magical Footwear. Pick up a Oracle Lens once you've obtained your passive on your Relic Shield/ Ancient Coin. Purchase Control Wards, and upgrade to Targon's Brace or Nomad's Medallion as soon as possible.
Rush: Aegis of the Legion/ Glacial Shroud, Boots of Mobility, Eye of the Aspect/ Eye of Ascension, Oracle Lens (at level 9)
Finish: Locket of the Iron Solari, components for and then Righteous Glory
Pick utility/tank items based on comp: Adaptive Helm, Mikael's Crucible, Randuin's Omen, etc.

If behind, focus more on Targon's Brace/ Nomad's Medallion to increase your gold income/lane sustain and reduce pick potential with extra wards, and grab a Ruby Crystal or Cloth Armor/ Null-Magic Mantle to increase your durability. Make sure to pick up Locket of the Iron Solari to shield teammates, or Knight's Vow to keep priority targets in the fight.

If ahead, focus more on your ability to secure kills and roam with Boots of Mobility) and get an early Righteous Glory to force engages, and enable your to more easily secure objectives. Stock up on Control Wards and look to make aggressive plays around objectives and towers to keep the teams momentum up.

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Warding is one of your essential jobs as a support. Vision control can win or lose you a game, and is severely neglected in lower ranks. For this reason, I'm showing you where to ward both during laning phase, as well as in the late game.
Control Wards
During Laning
When Draking
When Roaming
When the Enemy is near Your Base
When You're Near the Enemy Base


You should try to leave a Control Ward in the tri-bush if you are the Blue Team (bottom-left side), and if you're on the Red Team leave one in the river. If your carry already has a Control Ward placed, put one in the Drake pit or the bush in the center of the river. Leave wards from your Warding Totem in drake pit against champs like Warwick, Master Yi, and Nunu, to foil their attempts at securing drake early. You should only ward the bushes if the enemy is abusing them or sitting there often, or has the threat of all-in champs ( Blitzcrank, Leona, etc.) being able to jump to you. If the enemy jungler is seen somewhere near top, or other wards spot them somewhere away from your lane, hold off on the wards until a short period after they've disappeared. This ensures you have wards whenever necessary.


The goal in late game with vision is to prevent bad engages or getting crunched in a teamfight, as well as ensure security when taking objectives. When draking, place them behind and around the pit to avoid steals or the enemy team contesting. When roaming earlier in the game, place them where the enemy is most likely to roam or try and counter jungle. If the enemy jungler has faster clears or counter jungles often ( Kha'Zix, Rengar, etc.), try and ward the jungle more often. When you're near the enemy base (and vice-versa) having vision over the walls of the base and in the nearby jungle is the most important thing (this will help you avoid people who can engage over walls like Jax or Lee Sin). This will let you know if they're rotating to try and take a different tower or inhibitor.

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Synergy with your Carry

Jhin is a slowing moving carry who does massive damage. Thresh goes well with him because his Dark Passage makes up for Jhin's lack of mobility. Also, his Deadly Flourish can snare an enemy after you use your Death Sentence on them. (Be careful to not Flay the enemy out of the way of Jhin's Deadly Flourish.)
Caitlyn is a good pair with Thresh due to her Yordle Snap Trap. While it is usually unlikely for an enemy to walk into one, Thresh can use his Death Sentence or Flay to drag an enemy into her trap. Also, he can use his hook to prevent an enemy from bodyblocking her Ace in the Hole.
Ezreal's ability to engage with his Arcane Shift can be used well in combination with your Dark Passage. He can deal his damage, and use your lantern as a getaway. His main problem is keeping enemies locked down since he has no soft or hard CC, but Thresh can keep his target in place long enough for Ezreal to kill him, or land an execute with his Trueshot Barrage.
Twitch is another carry who can engage hard, then use Thresh's Dark Passage as a getaway. He can use his Ambush to get behind them, while you can either peel or all-in with him. If the engage goes well, you can use Death Sentence or Flay to secure a kill or burn some spells, and if it goes badly, he can escape with your Dark Passage.
Kalista is one of my favorite people to lane with. Her Fate's Call can allow you to get behind the enemy or right on top of them, making for an easy to land Death Sentence and Flay. Along with allowing you to easily close the gap or escape, your CC makes it much easier for her to kite the opponent.
Another carry with a good amount of CC, Ashe's slow from her Volley makes landing your Death Sentence much easier. Also, her Enchanted Crystal Arrow will give you the time to hook whoever she hits, almost ensuring a kill. (You can also do in this reverse order, where you land your Death Sentence and then she uses her Enchanted Crystal Arrow.)
Another champion that can chain CC, Jinx is also a good pair with Thresh. Her Zap! makes landing your Death Sentence easier, and you can then Flay them into Jinx's Flame Chompers!. This is a deadly combination, which can get you an early kill or burned spell if you both all-in at level 2.
Draven is another good matchup because of how well their combo works together. Normally the enemy would be safe from your Death Sentence behind a minion wave, but if Draven uses his Stand Aside to shove away minions as you use your Death Sentence, it'll catch many people off guard.

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Combos, Tricks, and Things to Know

Escape Hooks

While Thresh's hooks are mainly used for engaging, something most people don't really value is their usefulness in escaping. The video below shows some escape routes through the jungle you can use by using your Death Sentence on a monster, then reactivating it to jump through the wall to them. This is basically "Jungle Surfing", and knowing these routes can help you survive if you get caught out alone in the Fog of War.

Lantern Plays

Something I alluded to earlier, reactivating Death Sentence to jump to an enemy while simultaneously using your Dark Passage will allow you to both jump on them, making for powerful all-ins early on and easy kills if they're caught out late game. In the video below, I do a play-by-play of the situation in which I perform once of these Lantern plays.

Thresh's Capabilities

This is just a small montage of some of the things you can pull off as Thresh.

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Conclusion & Special Thanks

Hopefully you learned something new while reading this and can improve your game as Thresh. If you see an error or have a question, let me know and I'll fix it or respond.

Since is this my first guide, I'd like to thank jhoijhoi and his Guide to Making a Guide for helping me format this and see what a guide should look like. I'd also like to thank my friend CadBush for helping me pull off some lantern plays to show in this guide.

Thank you for reading, and good luck as Thresh. :^)

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V. 1.0.0 (3/7/17) - Vanilla guide.
V. 1.1.0 (3/8/17) - Updated guide for Patch 7.5. Updated the Summoner Spells section for the Exhaust nerf, and the Masteries section for the removal of Bond of Stone and addition of Stoneborn Pact .
V. 1.2.0 (3/15/17) - Added Draven to the Synergy With Your Carry section. Added the Warding section.
V. 1.2.1 (3/16/17) - Fixed an error in coding and the map in Warding section. Added additional information to Death Sentence, Dark Passage, and Flay in the Skill Sequence section.
V. 1.3.0 (4/6/17) - Added Galio to the Matchups section. Small updates to the Items section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.4.0 (4/19/17) - Added Rakan and Xayah to the matchup section. Updated the matchup section in accordance with changes in Patch 7.8. Updated parts of the Items section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.5.0 (5/3/17) - Updated for Patch 7.9. Added new champs ( Maokai, Shen, Camille, Gragas, and Zac) to the champ matchup section. Updated the builds and Items section for the addition of Gargoyle Stoneplate and Adaptive Helm, as well as other changes. Removed Guardian Angel and Dead Man's Plate from the Items section.
V. 1.5.1 (5/9/17) - Minor fixes in the Matchup, Items, Build Paths, and Synergy sections. Additional information added to the Masteries section.
V. 1.5.2 (5/17/17) - Minor adjustment to the matchups and Items in accordance with Patch 7.10. Additional details and continuity fixes in the Matchups and Skills section.
V. 1.5.3 (6/1/17) - Updated for Patch 7.11. Adjustments to the matchup section. Updated the Items section for the changes to Abyssal Mask.
V. 1.6.0 (6/17/17) - Updated for Patch 7.12. Additional information added to the Skill Sequence section. Updated information for Zeke's Convergence, and the changes to Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption. Updated picture for the Warding section. Added Taliyah to the matchup section.
V. 1.6.1 (6/28/17) - Updated for Patch 7.13. Minor changes to Abyssal Mask in the Items section. Fixed an issue with one of the pictures in the Warding section.
V. 1.6.2 (7/11/17) - Updated for Patch 7.14. Updated match-ups for buffs/nerfs. Added Bramble Vest to the description of Thornmail in the Items section.
V. 1.7.0 (8/4/17) - Updated for Patch 7.15. Adjustments to the match-ups for buffs/nerfs. Overhaul to the example builds for use with Eye of the Equinox, Knight's Vow, etc., as well as fixes to the notes sections throughout. Fixed an issue in the Changelog section. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.7.1 (8/10/17) - Updated for Patch 7.16. Updated matchups for buffs/nerfs. Minor fixes to the Items section.
V. 1.7.2 (8/27/17) - Updated matchups for buffs/nerfs.
V. 1.7.3 (9/1/17) - Minor fixes throughout. Changes made to the Items section for the sake of clarity.
V. 1.7.4 (9/20/17) - Minor update to matchups for 7.18.
V. 1.7.5 (9/26/17) - Minor update to matchups for 7.19. Adjusted certain descriptions in the Items section.
V. 1.7.6 (9/29/17) - Minor coding fix. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 1.7.7 (10/11/17) - Larger scale adjustments for the 7.20 Patch. Added an Example Build with an Ancient Coin start instead of Relic Shield.
V. 2.0.0 (11/8/17) - Updated for Runes Reforged and Pre-Season of Season 8. Removed the Runes and Masteries sections. Added the Runes Reforged section. Added Eye of the Equinox, Eye of the Oasis, and Righteous Glory to the Items section. Updated multiple descriptions in the Items section. Minor updates throughout.
V. 2.1.0 (11/17/17) Moved the Changelog to the bottom of the page for the sanity of the reader. Updated the matchups with Patch 7.22. Adjusted difficulties/descriptions in accordance with the new runes and balances.
V. 2.1.1 (11/28/17) Updated the Build Paths and their Volatility section for outdated descriptions. Fixed outdated info in the Items section.
V. 2.1.2 (11/29/17) Fixed an issue with outdated information in the cheatsheet. Added Righteous Glory to the cheatsheet section.
V. 2.1.3 (12/6/17) Updated matchups for 7.24. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.1.4 (1/3/18) Updated matchups for 7.24b. Updated display build, build notes, and minor fixes to the Items section.
V. 2.1.5 (1/22/18) Updated matchups for 8.1.
V. 2.2.0 (1/24/18) Updated matchups for 8.2. Fixed issues throughout. Removed Sightstone, Timeworn Face of the Mountain, and all other reworked support items. Fixed major issues in the Items and Warding sections, as well as the cheat sheet and other places to reflect these changes. Changed Ancient Coin to default support item. Edited the changelog to show the Timeworn status of removed items. Added short explanation of what Domination/Sorcery runes to take in the Runes Reforged section.
V. 2.3.0 (2/11/18) Reverted changes, making Relic Shield go-to item again. Updated matchups for 8.3. Edited runes, changing Overgrowth to Revitalize, and Biscuit Delivery to Magical Footwear. Added conditional notes to the Runes section. Minor change to skill sequence. Updated descriptions in the Runes Reforged, Items, Build Path, and Warding sections. Updated Splash Arts to different kinds in the Synergy with your Carry section. Changed the spots of Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery in the cheatsheet. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.1 (3/5/18) Updated matchups for 8.4. Updated item description for Banner of Command/ Minion Dematerializer to reflect recent usefulness. Changed Runes to reflect changes (Swapped Font of Life to Bone Plating). Added description to the Runes Reforged section for the new Bone Plating and Time Warp Tonic runes. Removed Celestial Body.
V. 2.3.2 (3/22/18) Added Kai'Sa to the matchup section. Adjusted matchups for 8.6. Updated Relic Shield vs. Ancient Coin info. Removed Iron Skin and Mirror Shell, and added Chrysalis to the Runes section. Changed Revitalize to Unflinching, Conditioning to Chrysalis, and Magical Footwear to Biscuit Delivery in the cheat sheet. Adjusted info in the Items and Summoner Spells sections. Minor fixes throughout. Clarity fixes in changelog.
V. 2.3.3 (4/4/18) Yet again, changed Ancient Coin to the go-to item. Updated example builds in accordance with these and other item changes. Updated Runes and the matchup section for Patch 8.7 changes. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.4 (4/18/18) Changed matchups for Patch 8.7. Removed Sweeping Lens from the Build Paths section and from the cheat sheet.
V. 2.3.5 (5/9/18) Updated matchups for 8.9. Minor fixes throughout.
V. 2.3.6 (5/16/18) Added Sion to the matchup section. Changed matchups for the 8.10 changes.
V. 2.3.7 (6/1/18) Added Pyke to the matchup section. Adjusted matchups for the 8.11 patch. Adjusted the Items for 8.11.
V. 2.3.8 (6/14/18) Adjusted matchups for Patch 8.12. Removed Banner of Command from the Items section.