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Urgot Build Guide by bigfatcow

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bigfatcow

Urgot - The Lane Bully (Season 4)

bigfatcow Last updated on January 1, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Which Build?

For those of you lazy people who are just interested to see the build and the summoner spells, at least read this section first!

Build 1 --> More Damage (Mostly for bot lane)
Build 2 --> More Survivabilty (Mostly for top lane)

Build 1 is a very situational build for solo top and should only be taken if your team has either a tank or multiple offtanks. If your team is very squishy, DO NOT use build 1 at top lane. Alternatively, build 1 also works very well at bot lane as the AD carry of the team. Build 1 is also much harder to play than build 2, so exercise great caution when playing.

Build 2 is a much more versatile build but the damage output is obviously much lower. Build 2 can be used if the team is too squishy, but Urgot should never fill the role of the main tank. At most, he can be an offtank, but do not count of him to be the only tank of the team, as build 2 merely makes him an offtank. If you are new, I would definitely recommend going for this build, as it is quite forgiving and you can make some slight mistakes without dying instantly, while still being able to do decent damage late game.

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About Me

Hi, I am from the Garena South-East Asian(SEA) server, and this is my first build that I have ever written, and I seek your constructive feedback on how I can improve it. I'm from Singapore (its in South-East Asia and not China... in case you people don't know). My ranked ELO is currently at Plat IV. I'm not in any European or American server, so those "bigfatcow"s there ARE NOT ME! I'm NOT unranked unlike those Europeans and Americans who have the same IGN as me. MOBAFire can't verify ranks on the SEA server...... ):
elophant and lolking both can't check the ELO of those in the SEA server, but LoLQuickfind can:

This build is for lower ELO play as lets face this, high ELO players (>1.6k) should definitely not need to look at guides. They should have their own style of play that they like and that has brought them to such a high ELO. So if you are planning on following Doublelift's play style if you are a low ELO player, good luck, you're probably going to fail so hard. That being said, it is advisable to be level 30 before using this guide as Urgot is NOT an easy champion to learn.

The whole point about making guides is to help those who are not as experience or not as good, and probably (I guess) more than 90% of people who read Mobafire guides are below 1.5k MMR, and they need a guide that is suitable for their level of play, and not some guides that are too difficult for them.

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Urgot is one of the most underplayed and underestimated champions, although he is one of the deadliest anti-carry and lane bully. Please try out my build a few times first before voting, and please leave comments on what can be improved on or what you liked about this guide so that I can make this guide better. Also, please do not downvote this guide just because your first game using this guide didn't turn out so well... Urgot is one of the hardest champions to play well and it is natural not to do so well with him until you get a feel of this unique champion. First things first, Urgot is not a AD ranged carry like Ashe or Caitlyn, nor a true tank such as Rammus or Shen.

The range on his auto attacks is a mere 425 range. Popular AD ranged carries such as Caitlyn, Ashe or Vayne have 650, 600 and 550 range respectively, much higher than Urgot's pathetic 425 range. Having such a small distance between yourself and their melee champs would most likely result in death pretty quickly, your death, not theirs. Building attack speed items that would be vital on a ranged carry would waste his deadly Noxian Corrosive Charge + Acid Hunter combo. I'll elaborate more on this combo later. The same goes for building as a true tank, early mid game is where Urgot truly shines, but if you're going for a full tank build, you're wasting so much of his potential damage output. Urgot can be built slightly tanky such as Gragas or Morgana, but never as a real tank.

Another important thing to note, is that Urgot can fit into any lane. Although I used to think that Urgot could only take a solo lane, I realised how scary Urgot at bot lane could be too. If you want to take bot lane, use either build 1 or build 2, as build 3 lacks the needed punch to carry the team.

There are two builds that are dependent on your team composition as well as that of the enemy. Sometimes when your team lacks a tank or is not tanky enough, instead of not picking Urgot, just go for build 2, which is a much tankier build. However the defensive items after Warmog are highly dependent on their team composition. If their team is heavy on AD, get more armor (duh) and vice versa. However, if your team is tanky enough, go on and use build 1.

The Urgot Champion Spotlight is a good video to learn about Urgot gameplay and positioning, but I disagree with some of the items in the Champion Spotlight. For example, Noxian Corrosive Charge now scales with bonus AD so there is no point getting a Doran's Ring at all.

Also, Urgot has seen some creative use by the Singapore Sentinels in their shield comp, who used it to take one match off the Taipei Assassins (the old TPA, back when they were still godlike). However, do not try to emulate them unless you have a premade 5 team who know what they are doing.

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Pros / Cons

- One of the best, if not the best laner in the game
- Early game damage output is madness
- Can deal tons of damage from crazy distances while remaining far out of harm's way
- Zoning out the enemy laner is easy peasy
- One of the best chasers in the game (Explained later in this guide)
- Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser is a real pain (Correct use explained later on)
- Makes enemy laners beg for mercy
- Great brush checker with Noxian Corrosive Charge
- Effective even without items during early/mid game
- Freaking ugly (yes that's good :D)

- Squishy early game
- Armor stacking can negate a good amount of his damage
- No real escape mechanism
- Mana problems before Tear of the Goddess
- Not as good late game unless extremely fed
- Requires solo lane
- Ignorant people don't know much about Urgot and think that hes useless or bad etc.
- Hard to use well
- Poorly used ult can result in both you and your teammates dying
- Auto attack mechanism isn't the best so farming may be harder

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Urgot has 3 main problems, namely enemy armor, defenses, and cooldowns.

Armor Pen:

Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration and Greater Mark of Armor Penetration provide all the armor penetration we need early game. Solo top champions have a lot of armor, so I cannot stress enough how essential these runes are. Late game, armor penetration will be provided by his Last Whisper.


Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration gives us the much needed mana regen early game, when mana is still Urgot's greatest problem. Mid/late game, Manamune should provide all the mana we'll ever need.
However, Greater Seal of Armor is currently much better on any champion on any role in the game, and Urgot is no exception. This is as the Armor seals give him much needed survivability in lane and teamfights.


Nope, it isn't a problem that should be solved with runes. With Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Frozen Heart and Sorcery, CDR should be standing at 39%, 1% short of the 40% cap. Well, if you want, you could get one Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction to get it to 39.9% at level 18. Thus, the glyphs are freed up, allowing us to take Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for the added MR, which is great against casters, making Urgot more durable.

Other possible runes:

Greater Quintessence of Health gives us 78 extra HP at Level 1. Can be used if you're new to Urgot to provide more durability. However, I do not recommend getting Greater Seal of Health as Urgot needs all the mana regen he can get early game, since he gets mana starved quite often.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage give quite a lot of extra flat AD at the start and this makes his Acid Hunter hit even harder early game. This will allow you to dominate early game more. However, mid game, when people are building armor and you have not gotten your Last Whisper, armor penetration is will be more useful.

Guide Top



OMG why no Fury or Frenzy?! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Urgot is not a AD ranged carry. His main damage comes from his Acid Hunter but they cannot crit., neither do they have anything to do with attack speed. Thus, these 2 masteries, although good for traditional AD carries, do not work so great on Urgot.

The masteries taken are pretty self explanatory. Sorcery for the much needed CDR, Brute Force , Martial Mastery , Warlord , Executioner and Havoc for extra damage, as well as Devastating Strikes for more armor penetration for even more damage! Dangerous Game is really situational and I take it mostly to unlock Havoc , but its better than the other masteries in the Offense Tree that I have not taken.
Double-Edged Sword is high-risk, high-reward, but Urgot needs as much damage as possible in order to start snowballing, and with Urgot's amazing range and kiting, it would be hard for most enemy champions to catch him.
Apparently Expose Weakness also increases your damage dealt to that enemy, and with the low CD of Acid Hunter, you will be doing increased damage most of the time in a trade.
Weaving auto-attacks and spells is very important on Urgot if the opponent gets near enough, thus Spell Weaving will greatly help to increase his damage.

I also get some points in the defensive tree to prevent getting bursted down instantly, as Urgot is extremely squishy early game, one wrong step and poof, YOU HAVE BEEN SLAIN.

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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells:

30% movement speed reduction, 30% physical and magic damage reduction and a 50% attack speed debuff? This spell is just so deadly! Put in on your prey to prevent him from running, or put in on their AD ranged carry in a team fight to shut down his damage. Also extremely useful in keeping you safe from that Tryndamere or Master Yi in your face. Although Highlander prevents Master Yi from the slow, the damage reduction is still extremely important in allowing us to take him on. Coupled with your passive, the damage reduction is insane! In lane, exhaust can keep a diving Jax off you or prevent running enemies from running away and allowing you to rain more hell on them. The uses of this spell are just too great to ignore. This allows Urgot to win any 1v1 at top, assuming that the opponent does not have Ignite or Exhaust too.

Somewhat the opposite of Exhaust. This time, Urgot gets a speed boost that is extremely useful in chasing or in getting out of sticky situations. Take this spell if your team already has some Exhaust.

OMG where in the World did that guy disappear to?! Nothing much I need to explain here. Flash is pretty much one of the best escape/chasing mechanism that is suitable on any champion. Even with the nerf of its range, it still remains a viable choice. Also, it works extremely well with his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser.

Good summoner spells:

Great for getting back to lane quickly or defending against backdoors. However, most of the time you'll be the one forcing the enemy laner to back often so you wouldn't need this to ensure your lane advantage.

Great for new Urgot players who are not familiar with him. Works great as an emergency button and works well in tandem with Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser. Just bait the enemy laner with your low HP, then press Heal and swap them to your turret. Nomnomnom, free kill. However, this spell scales off late game and has a long cooldown time, so other spells should be taken for the more experienced players.

This skill is a great life-saver! Build 1 is quite squishy, and getting caught in CC would almost certainly spell death, but using this spell at the correct moments could prevent that from happening. However, always do not panic when using this spell, but wait for the correct time to use it. For example, if the enemy team has a stun and a slow available, DO NOT cleanse the slow until the stun has already been blown, as a stun is normally much deadlier than a slow.

I can forsee a lot of people asking why I did not get ignite. If you need the extra damage, or are facing irritating health regen champions such as Dr. Mundo or Swain, this spell should do the trick. Most lanes always get Ignite, but it is not that good on Urgot. This is because you should be finishing running enemies with the ridiculous 1000 range Acid Hunter and not the rather short ranged Ignite. Therefore exhaust is much better as the slow from it will allow you to put down much more damage as compared to if you took ignite. It also will not be able to save your sorry life against champs with high damage and gap closers, unlike exhaust.

Common mistakes:

Urgot does not need any extra ability power or attack speed. Simply put, this spell is useless on Urgot.

Great in early game when you can spam your Acid Hunter almost non-stop. However, it is totally useless mid/late game, and becomes a waste of a spell slot.

The bad:

Basically all other summoner spells not listed above should be avoided at all costs. Period. If you're planning on getting something funny such as Promote or Smite, please go back to playing AI games. Yes, you can always Promote that siege minion, push your lane forward, and leave your sorry *** totally open for ganks. Great job! What an intelligent move! Smite is actually possible on Urgot because he can jungle (almost every champion can jungle thanks to the new jungle), but this is not optimal and I do not encourage jungling unless its just for fun.

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Urgot's Skills

Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter is Urgot's passive.

(Innate): Urgot's autoattacks and Acid Hunter reduce all damage that his target deals by 15% for 2.5 seconds.

This passive makes Urgot a more effective anti-carry, but this does not justify spreading out Acid Hunter onto many different targets in a team fight. Your job is to aim their most dangerous or squishiest carry until the carry dies or something unexpected occurs (such as your own carry getting melted). More details on this in the Skill Sequence section.

Acid Hunter is Urgot's Q skill.

(Active): Urgot fires a missile in a line towards the cursor, dealing physical damage and applying his passive, although it does not apply other on-hit effects, to the first enemy it hits. Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over target afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge. It will lock onto invisible units afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge including mushrooms, but it will not reveal targets hit.

This is Urgot's bread and butter skill. Use it well,and I assure you that kills will now be extremely easy. It has an initial range of 1000, but it increases drastically against targets afflicted by his Noxian Corrosive Charge. Oh, did I mention that it can still lock on and hit the target through fog of war? SICK!
This skill may do physical damage but it works with spellvamp and not lifesteal!
Note: Maxed first for maximum damage.

Terror Capacitor is Urgot's W skill.

(Active): Urgot charges up his capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs damage for 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's autoattacks and Acid Hunter missiles will slow targets.

While Urgot does not stack AP, this skill is nowhere near useless. A 320 health shield is decent and can be used like Shen's Feint. However, the best part about this skill, is its slow. This shield is vital when kiting with Urgot. More details will be explained in the Skill Sequence section. Even at low levels, the shield provides enough slowing power to prevent escapes. With full CDR and max levels, it will be off CD again very soon after the shield fades off, effectively giving you some sort of perma-slow. Going anywhere? I don't think so. *trollface.jpg*
Note: Maxed together with Noxian Corrosive Charge for greater slow and better cooldowns.

Noxian Corrosive Charge is Urgot's E skill.

(Active): Urgot launches a corrosive charge at a target location, afflicting all targets hit. Enemies afflicted by the charge have reduced armor and will take physical damage over 5 seconds.

Since this skill was changed to scale with bonus AD, it now does decent damage, although still not a lot. Instead, what we really want from this skill is its armor reduction and its lock-on functionality, allowing us to hit harder and from a greater distance. I take this skill at Level 1 as it is easier to hit than non-homing Acid Hunter and it allows me to see how the enemy laner reacts to it so as to improve my chances of landing it once I have my Acid Hunter learnt. However, note that on build 3 I take Acid Hunter first, this is to assist in farming. This is THE most important spell on Urgot that you need to learn extremely well. WTH, but almost all the damage comes from Acid Hunter! Yes, I know, but without learning how to land his corrosive charge, aiming that Acid Hunter becomes nearly impossible and Urgot becomes fairly useless until corrosive charge goes back off CD.
Note: Maxed together with Terror Capacitor for its damage and armor reduction.

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser is Urgot's ultimate.

(Active): Urgot targets an enemy champion and channels for 1 second, suppressing the target for the duration. After the channel, Urgot and the target will swap positions and the target will be slowed by 40% for 3 seconds. Urgot will gain bonus armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds starting since the beginning of the channel time.

The deadly swap! There is a lot of things I need to say about it so check out my section on how to use it properly.
Note: Taken whenever possible for greater range and more resistances after swapping.

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Skill Sequence

Basic skill combo for harassment:

No, you are not supposed to be using your autoattacks for harassment unless the enemy laner is in your face and you are sure that you can kill him without the need to kite him. One common and really horrible mistake I see many Urgot players make is trying to use his autoattacks for the main source of damage. Let me make this clear, this combo has so much more range and damage then stupid autoattacks. This combo should be your one and only source of harassment and should be always used in laning phase if your mana allows for it. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of doing this.

Once you land your Noxian Corrosive Charge, it gives us approx. enough time to land 3 Acid Hunter in laning phase. Why don't I include my Terror Capacitor too? It wastes precious mana if the enemy stays in range, but even if the enemy in about to flee out of the huge range, you shouldn't be chasing him all the way unless you are 95% confident of the kill. Doing so will leave you vulnerable to ganks.

However, any smart enemy would know that an Urgot who just missed his Noxian Corrosive Charge is a super vulnerable Urgot as creeps would block his Acid Hunter. Therefore, if you miss your Noxian Corrosive Charge, back up a bit so that you're out of the enemy laner's range, until your Noxian Corrosive Charge goes back off CD.

Going in for the kill:

The constant slows and amazing damage should prevent anyone from getting away. If he gets too far away you can just swap him back and continue to pepper him with Acid Hunter until his death. Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser beefs you up, allowing you to tower-dive ONLY IN THE EVENT THAT HE HAS REALLY LITTLE HP LEFT AND DOESN'T HAVE A STUN OFF CD. Basically its either you kill him damn fast, or you die. I don't encourage tower diving at early levels with this skill, unless you're super experienced with Urgot. Also, watch out for the enemy laner's abilities. Heal or ultimates such as Fury of the Sands, Dominus, Wish and Sadism can screw you up real bad in tower dives.


Wild Renekton appeared!
Foe Renekton used Cull the Meek!
Its super effective!!!
Urgot's HP fell drastically!

What will Urgot do? Hey there, wait a moment!

Generally, equally fed battles between a ranged champ and a melee champ in melee range would result in the melee champ winning by a big margin, since he has to be tougher than the ranged champ as the ranged champ can farm in the safety of his ranged attacks. Therefore, fighting Renekton now would be suicide, even for an early game god like Urgot. Please rmb that even though Urgot is a god early/mid game and tanky late game, he is squishy as hell early game.

Winning the above mentioned situation is easy indeed. Just pop your shield, run, and keep firing acid hunters behind you. Eventually, that melee champ would realise that hes not going anywhere closer to you but his HP is dropping rapidly, and may try to run. This is when you turn around, throw a Noxian Corrosive Charge to his face, pepper him down with your Acid Hunter and say "In your face *****!". This can also be used to run away when on low HP, HOWEVER, if the battle is still against your favour after kiting, pls just run away and recall instead of turning around and suiciding. Against many enemies, just RUN RUN RUN! Your shield would only slow one enemy but would slow down your escape as Urgot stops moving when he casts his Acid Hunter, so simply running would do more good.


Good way to swap in enemies without them expecting due to your flash. However, if the target enemy is not that far away or trying to escape, then the flash is not needed, just swap him straight.

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Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser

This ulti of yours can be a huge P.I.T.A. for the enemy carry, yourself and even your team if used wrongly.
Important note: Using Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser would swap places with the target enemy, so you would end up where he used to be b4 the swap and vice versa. This does not in any way reduce the distance between you and him. Videos/pictures on this will be added later.

Killing that bugger:

In laning phase, once the enemy laner gets to close to your tower, you can just swap him in tower range for a free kill. However, when doing so, please be careful that none of the enemy minions are in tower range. If there are still enemy minions in tower range, the enemy laner can easily escape unscathed by not attacking you but just walking straight out, since the tower would still target his minions over him. Also, when using your ult, look of for how well you are faring. If hes much more fed than you and you are left with 100 HP while he has 1000, please DO NOT swap that guy in. Chances are that he will not die to the tower, BUT after the swap, you would be where he was b4 the swap, that is outside the protection of the tower, meaning that the enemy laner could just walk out and slap your face into oblivion without the tower being able to do anything to help. Free kill for him!

Stopping escapes:

Since I said that Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser does not in anyways reduce the distance between me and the enemy, why would I use it in lane? The answer is simple, to prevent him from ever reaching his tower and to get a defense boost to take him on. Swapping him would mean that you effectively cut off his escape route. Even if he tries to run by the river, the slow from the ult and the slow from your shield would be more than enough to bring him down.

If some smart guy tries to towerdive you, you could also swap him for the 1 second suppress, and the added defense and the slow, which makes it hard for him to escape. I've gotten quite a few double kills from failed ganks this way.

In team fights, it can be used to swap that fed enemy carry right into your team for a free snack. However, this means that you are left right in the middle of their team. This is why you need to build tanky so as to be able to get your fat body out of there and back to your own team. Ideal targets to swap would be squishies and their carries.

Targets NOT to swap:

1) Disruptive Tanks such as Amumu, Galio or Alistar. If you do that, thanks for helping their team initiate on your team by disabling most of your teammates. Trust me, you would be more useful if you just ran straight to their summoning platform.

2) Garen. Spin to win Judgment is gonna wreck your whole team up. Enuf said.

3) Fed Tryndamere, Jax or Master Yi. If these guys are fed, theres no way you want them in the middle of your team. They can easily take down your own carries like butter.

4) Super thick champions such as Warmog's Armor+ Atma's Impaler champions. He'll probably be thick enough to walk right back out. Won't pose much of a threat to your whole team but the swap would be wasted.

5) Slippery champions such as Shaco or Vladimir. Deceive or Sanguine Pool would just get them back out. (Can swap in special situations, for example with Oracle's Elixir or when the escape spell is on CD) This is the same situation as above, it won't pose much of a threat to your whole team but the swap would be wasted.

Saving teammates:

See that Tryndamere hacking away at your poor Ashe who is unable to escape? No problem! Swap that idiot away from your precious carry then proceed on to kill him.


Katarina just used her Death Lotus? or Nunu just used his Absolute Zero? There's nothing to fear! Just hit your ult! The suppression will interrupt all channels. Caution: your ult can be interrupted the same way too.

1 on 1:

If you find yourself in a close 1 v 1 situation where both have committed to it and escape is near impossible, Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser can turn the tides in your favour. Just swap that douche and laugh as he tries in vain to get past your extra 130 Armor and MR.


This skill is also great for escaping. If you're surrounded by enemies in some sort of a gank, just swap the enemy nearest to your escape route and RUN! This has saved my *** countless times.
Also, if you are being chased by one single enemy you can't win, you could also swap him for the slow then proceed to run away. This doesn't work on Master Yi or Olaf though. Both will still get swapped but will not be slowed.

When not to use:

To be added once I get the videos/screenshots that I need. This section would be so much clearer and easier to explain with visual aids.

Final words:

This is one of the best ults in the game, but it is easy to screw your own team up with this spell. Learn it and use it well and NO-ONE escapes from this ugly killing machine! This ult still has many uses but once you are familiar with it they will come naturally.

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Possible Starting Items

: Boots are always good because of the extra mobility. Take this item only if you're confident that mana will not be a problem.

: Urgot has absolutely no sustain, so this helps a lot as most solo top champions are AD, and 5 Health Potions are just fantastic.
Note: This is also a great way to counter Urgot at top, for obvious reasons.

or : This gives Urgot an added early game oomph. Last hitting will be easier, and Acid Hunter will hit harder. Furthermore, Long Sword can be later upgraded into The Brutalizer or Manamune, while Dorans is always good. This start just became safer as both items saw a decrease in prices, which would allow for the purchase of more pots, making laning safer.

: Coupled with health potions, that is a lot of sustain right there. This item is good for newer players, but lets face it, your role as Urgot at top lane is to bully the opponent laner out of lane, and to possibly net some kills, NOT to sustain in lane because Urgot scales badly into late game.

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Core build:

: Perfect item for Urgot. Urgot needs the mana and the extra damage dearly, and the 1000 extra mana cap is extremely easy to reach on a spammer like Urgot. It is also a relatively cheap item with a good item build-up.

: After the season 3 item changes, this item suddenly became one of Urgot's core items. It gives everything Urgot needs and it seems as if this item was build for Urgot. The armor debuff is no longer an on-hit effect. Instead, as long as you do your opponent physical damage, you apply the debuff. Thats right, your Acid Hunter does not apply on-hit effects but it applies this new debuff as it does physical damsge. But, guess whats the best part, your Noxian Corrosive Charge does physical damage OVER TIME, and this means that one landed charge will give all 4 stacks of the debuff! OH YEAH!
I only get this after Manamune though, as I already have a lot of armor penetration and most opponents would not have enough armor before your Manamune so the Black Cleaver would not be needed YET.

: You'll need all the CD you can get. And this item sure helps alot even in late game.

: Armor, more mana for Manamune, CDR, and 20% attack speed reduction aura. Really good item that also provides us everything we need. The aura also fits nicely into his anti-carry role. This item adds survivability, utility and more damage, making it one of the best items for Urgot.

Nice items:

: MR, more HP, and an extremely useful passive. Sadly, this item no longer gives MP, but it is still a good item to get. The passive helps to protect against getting interrupted while channeling your ult. It's a very useful item indeed.

: Much more damage! Ok, we don't really need the lifesteal though, since Acid Hunter applies spellvamp. I know that I just said Last Whisper was a much better item, but the armor penetration on the Last Whisper is a UNIQUE Passive, or I would have gotten 5 of it. 100 extra damage sure helps a lot but dying can be irritating. Then why do I get my The Bloodthirster before my Last Whisper. This is because the Last Whisper does more damage after around 70 armor, but you should get your The Bloodthirster up before any carry gets anywhere near to 70 armor.

: Warmog? OMG Noobgot! Many people just seem to associate Warmog's Armor with a noob Urgot. Nope, this isn't the case at all. Let me explain. Targets that appear the squishiest get targeted down first. There isn't a better deterrent than many many bars of health, but it isn't just for cosmetic uses. Once Urgot uses his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, he'll be right in the middle of the enemy team. If he isn't tanky enough to survive their team, you just made the battle a 4v4. That's not really helpful. Also, any smart squishy carry will stand at the back of their team in a teamfight, getting Acid Hunter into range may require Urgot to take quite a far bit of damage from the enemies in front. You ain't gonna do any damage when you are dead. 0 HP = 0 damage. Simple as that. Get this item if you want to be even more tanky, although I feel that this item is a bit overkill. Stacking is really not an issue on Urgot since the stacks don't disappear on death. If you can't get kills, please tell me you can either get assists or creep kills, if you still can't do that, then Annie Bot awaits you in Coop AI. The Ahri patch nerfed this item, but it is still much more cost effective then the Frozen Mallet since we cannot use Frozen Mallet's passive.

: Good for protecting your The Bloodthirster stacks and also gives quite good armor and MR. It also serves as a good deterrent as you would just revive again after dying.

: Gives the well sought after stat, Tenacity. This item is great on any champion and it gives even more MR. Take this boots if you can hit the CDR cap without Ionian Boots of Lucidity or would just want to play safe. Late game when your damage starts to fall off, it may be a good idea to get this boots instead.

: Provides good armor and CDR, awesome extra mana, and a very useful passive. Its passive is similar to that of Sheen whereby the next auto-attack after using an ability will make the auto-attack do bonus damage according to your base AD. Iceborn Gauntlet also has an AOE slow on that Sheen effect, which can do wonders in chasing or kiting. However, you will be quite limited by your puny auto-attack range, so even though your Acid Hunter wreck faces in the enemy carry back line, your auto-attack wont be able to reach them to slow them, and the AOE slow has too small an AOE to hit them if you hit the front line with it. Of course, that's assuming that the opponent hard carry is not a complete ******. Therefore, this is a great, but rather situational item. Also, the recent patch took away some AP (which we dont really need) and replaced it with more durability, which is even better for Urgot.

: Gives a decent amount of HP and CDR, and quite a huge chunk of armor, as well as an amazing active ability. This item is great especially since the bonus armor from your Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser increases the duration of the debuff, and this also makes it easier to get out alive. This item should replace Warmog's Armor because I feel that Frozen Heart is a must. Therefore, only get this item when their team is heavy in physical damage, or you may find yourself wrecked by magic damage.

: A very pricey item, but it gives Urgot even more early/mid game domination power. I was not a big fan of this item until the professional players started buying Tri Force on Urgot too.

: Used to be so vital for Urgot, but not anymore. After the changes to Black Cleaver and the nerf to Last Whisper, it still remains a good item, but Black Cleaver is just better.

Questionable items:

: The SotO, or "Sword of the OMGIMWINNINGNEEDTOSNOWBALL" according to my friends. A mind-blowing 110 AD at full stacks for just 1369 gold. However, I personally dislike snowball items as I find them far too unreliable even on a beast such as Urgot. Most of the time keeping enough stacks to make this item worthwhile is difficult and may force horrible decisions just so as to safeguard the stacks. Also the extra 15% movement speed bonus is kinda fail compared to the other full stack bonuses on other snowball items such as Mejai's Soulstealer or Leviathan. Get this item only if you are confident of steam-rolling the enemy team time and time again without dying.

: This item is immensely popular among most AD carries. However, as with Sheen, what makes it so good normally is its passive, which procs on auto attacks. It also provides some attack speed which we do not need either. Overall, alot of stats will be wasted if you buy this item, but there may be times where you may be forced to buy this item, which is why it isn't in the "No, just no" section. If the game drags on for long enough and the opponents are stacking HP, then it might be feasible to get this item, although you need to be really careful with your positioning since you have to auto attack more.

: With Warmog's Armor, Urgot will be near 4k HP. At that kind of HP, this item (used to) give a whopping 80 extra AD, now because of the nerf, it only gives 1.5% of HP as AD, which means an extra 60 AD. The armor is nice but the crit chance is useless. This is quite a good item but all the items in this build are simply much more important. Also this item requires getting Warmog's Armor to be viable.

: More health, some AD, and a good passive. However, the passive is totally wasted on Urgot. Acid Hunter does not apply any on-hit effects except his passive and the slow from his shield. If Urgot were to chase anyone, he would be using his Acid Hunter and the slow from his Terror Capacitor, thus making this passive useless. Also, 20 AD is really nothing, but this item is more expensive than Warmog's Armor but yet gives much much much lesser HP. Overall, this item is really not worth it.

: I used to get this item as it provided more AD, some AP for my shield, and it is the only item with spellvamp that gives AD. This item used to allow me to solo baron as the spellvamp kept my HP up. However, after the nerf, this item is nowhere near as good as it was before and should be avoided.

: A few people asked me about this item. However, I feel that this item only looks good on paper, but in real gameplay, it is only good on champions such as Tryndamere and Olaf, who have other benefits that they get at low HP such as Berserker Rage. The extra MR on this item is useful, but the shield is so thin that its pretty useless. Also, even at 1 HP, The Bloodthirster still gives more AD (at full stacks) and is much cheaper.

No, just no:

: While the 80 AD is cool, the crit chance and the extra crit damage which makes this item a beast on an AD ranged carry is useless on you. Acid Hunter cannot crit! If you want more damage you would be better off getting The Bloodthirster, as it is a much cheaper item, and gives more AD.

: Nope, Urgot so does not need the extra attack speed or crit. chance. His main source of damage comes from his spells. The movement speed is cool, but getting this item just for that is plain stupid.

: While the 20 AD, 10 movement speed, 10% CDR and Tenacity are good, we do not even need the attack speed. Tenacity is always good, but paying so much just for a little bit of AD, MS and CDR is just not worth it. There are better items.

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When Should You Pick Urgot?

Ranked games do not revolve around one single person. Therefore, even if you are exceptionally good at one particular champion, you should always pick the champion which would be best suited for the team, one who can cover your team's weaknesses, or can further improve on your team's strong points.

Sadly, Urgot is quite out of place in this new meta. He is no AD ranged autoattacker, nor a AP carry, no a support, nor a jungler, nor a tanky champion with sustain that scales well into late game. There are no clear cut rules when to pick Urgot or when to avoid him, but i'll write some rough guidelines for each role.

Solo top:

The solo top is usually a tanky champion that has high sustain, scales well into late game, and benefits a lot from farming creeps. The top lane is usually far from the action as it is far from main objectives such as Dragon. However, Urgot is no tank, neither does he have any sustain, or good scaling into late game. Therefore, Urgot should only be taken as a solo top if the following conditions are met.

1) Your team is tanky enough (perhaps you have Jarvan IV in jungle and Gragas at mid) and they require more damage instead of thickness.
2) Mid is taken by an AP carry
3) Their team is relatively squishy

Solo mid:

Solo mid is usually taken by an AP carry, but this lane is so easy for Urgot although hes not AP. Usual AP carries are thin and die very easily to his Acid Hunter, allowing Urgot to really own this lane hard. However, Urgot should only be chosen to take solo mid if ANY of the following conditions are met:

1) The AP carry has a lot of sustain (e.g. Morgana or Gragas) and decided to take top instead.
2} The jungler is a very strong AP carry (e.g. Fiddlesticks).
3) The AP carry went to bot lane.
General guideline: Your team already has enough AP power, but the AP champion did not take mid.

Bot lane:

Urgot at bot lane is more of a tool to shut down the opponent hard carry. This is because he does so well early game, but is nothing compared to real carries such as Vayne late game. If you want to take Urgot bot, the same rule applies, be as aggressive as possible without dying, and try to make full use of your early game advantage as it will not last very long.

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Ranked Play


As mentioned in my Introduction section, Urgot is a physical caster, so he relies on getting a level advantage to do even more damage. He is also an extremely strong solo laner. I would play him at mid lane as the enemy mid laner is usually squishy and lacks armor. This means that Urgot will be a total pain to them and will be able to shut them down easily. However, in ranked games, the current meta is such that the AP carry takes solo mid. Urgot doesn't really fit into the solo top role, so he has no choice but to take either mid lane or top lane. I usually take Urgot solo top, so armor penetration would be more important to me, as the enemy solo top should have quite a fair bit of armor.

Either ways, Urgot is not about farm farm farm creeps non-stop. A fed Urgot wouldn't have farmed on creeps but instead farmed on champion kills. The solo lane for Urgot is not a lane where the laner from both team farms happily. It is a lane where Urgot is constantly harassing and trying to kill the enemy laner whenever possible. Also, once you have forced the enemy laner to recall and have the clear lane advantage, don't just continue farming creeps. Look out for gank opportunities and gank the other lanes. Your Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser and the slow from Terror Capacitor makes escaping from your gank almost impossible. However, although Urgot shines early/mid game, his dominance does not start at level 1, but from around level 3-5 onwards, where the kills will start to be far too easy to get. Thus, do not get overconfident before level 3-5.


No, you are not god, you cannot take aggro from the whole enemy team and expect to live for long. In early/mid game, you will be the main source of damage. However, you would still be extremely squishy, so stay at the back and use your amazing range to hunt their team down. Since it is still early game, everyone on their team would fall easily to your barrage of Acid Hunter. Due to the messiness of a large teamfight, your Noxian Corrosive Charge aim must be impeccable to ensure that you can lock on to your desired target even in that mess. If you spot any of their carries out of position, or trying to run, just swap that guy back in.

Late game, your role transitions to an anti-carry role. In this role, your main goal would be to aim down their most squishiest carries one by one. Your Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter can also be useful in tagging AP carries just before they start their deadly combos. Noxian Corrosive Charge aiming becomes even more important as carries all huddle at the back behind the wall of their tanky allies. As usual, if you spot any of their carries out of position, or trying to run, just swap that guy back in.

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Opposing Laners

I have laned against quite a few champions solo top and solo mid, especially Renekton and Garen at solo top.

Solo top:

: Gawd this guy sure is irritating. Garen is naturally tanky like most other solo top champions, but his passive, Perseverance, is what drives me up the wall. After watching my Acid Hunter tickle him and barely move his HP bar, he then proceeds to run into the brush. Moments later, he emerges with full HP again. This sure makes me scream in frustration. Of course, his passive can be stopped by continuously damaging him. However, once he gets into the safety of the brush, poking by randomly spamming spells is going to blow a hole in your mana pool. And, NO, please don't ever think of facechecking brushes when Garen is not visible. His Judgment will melt your sorry face far too quickly.

While it is possible to push him out of exp. range often, he is really hard to kill unless he's a total ******. Also, never let him reach you with his Decisive Strike, as Judgment will surely follow while you watch helplessly in silence as your HP flies. Always kite him with your shield if he tries running at you with Decisive Strike.

: This guy is definitely dangerous, but not as irritating as Garen. His sustain comes from his Cull the Meek. However, using your harassment combo, you can easily push him out of melee range of creeps, meaning that he cannot use his sustain and there would be no point running forward to use Cull the Meek as the damage he would take from you is far more than he can heal.

Important things to know about him is that his Slice and Dice provides some decent mobility. Never be in the range of his Slice and Dice, especially when he has more than 50 Fury. He can then stun you with Ruthless Predator and punish you severely with his other skills. Trust me, that will hurt, badly.

Also, be extremely wary of his Dominus. Always factor this in before making any risky decisions. Activating Dominus gives him a sudden health boost and a damaging aura, allowing him to suddenly turn the tides in his favour. As I mentioned earlier in my guide, this will screw you up real bad in a towerdive.

: The brother of Renekton may not be able to deal so much damage early game, but is still equally dangerous. Nasus is thick and his sustain comes from passive, Soul Eater. Whenever he uses his Siphoning Strike he gets a small HP burst heal. However, you are able to really bully Nasus badly in lane because he lacks mobility and can be kited easily. Whatever you do, make sure that you do not allow him to farm up his Siphoning Strike. A fed Nasus can 1v5 an entire team as his tanky items make him a tank while his stacks on his Siphoning Strike do a ridiculous amount of damage.

Be wary of ganks from the jungle. His Wither makes it all so easy to gank you with that ridiculous slow. Basically if you are overextended it would mean sure death as Urgot does not have a real escape mechanism.

Also, just like against his brother Renekton, be extremely wary of his Fury of the Sands. Always factor this in before making any risky decisions. Activating Fury of the Sands gives him a sudden health boost a draining aura, and bonus damage, allowing him to suddenly turn the tides in his favour. As I mentioned earlier in my guide, this will screw you up real bad in a towerdive.

: Amazing 1v1 champion. NEVER be in the range of his Empower Leap Strike, especially when he has gotten all the skills needed in his combo. 1v1, this guy will pwn Urgot flat. Also, Jax is a snowball champion, feed him early on and any good Jax player would be able to rape your team later on. Make sure you shut this guy down early game to prevent him from snowballing. Keep your distance from this guy, your range is far superior to his so there should be no problems as long as you are paying attention. He lacks any real sustain so slowly wear him down in the safety of your range.

: Abusable early on, when he has absolutely no counter to your epic range. However, since Singed is so thick, it may be hard killing him off. Once Singed gets his movement speed and his Mega Adhesive, things start to change. Now we must really be wary about this guy. Getting flung and eating his smoke means that you would take an extreme amount of damage. Hell, I would even Flash if I really cannot run away in time if he tries chasing me. If he suddenly runs forward towards you, showing signs of aggression, just run back, this could be a good indication that their jungler is waiting for the fling to gank you, especially if you do not have a ward up. Knowing how to kite when facing Singed is extremely extremely important to make sure that you won't end up eating his gas.

Also, no matter how tempting it seems, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER chase Singed. His Poison Trail will kill you before you know it, and his added survivability and speed from his Insanity Potion means that you wouldn't be able to kill him even if you chased him.

: Shen is not much of a threat. His sustain is really good, but he does not have anything against you. His Vorpal Blade has pathetic range compared to you, and his Shadow Dash will never reach you if you keep your distance. He may be thick and all, but just continually harass him down with Acid Hunter and it should be fine.

: It is almost impossible to win a decent Cho'Gath in lane as Urgot, and he scales much better than you. Just ask for a lane swap. Oh, you landed you Noxian Corrosive Charge on me, let me just walk up to your face, Feral Scream, and silence you for 3 seconds, so you cannot even shoot your Acid Hunter while I can pound your face with auto-attacks. Also, the Rupture has an annoyingly short delay while the silence is instant =.=", not to mention that they scale so great with AP. His sustain from his passive is ridiculous, Carnivore mitigates whatever harass you dish out. And his Feast, I do not think I need to say much about how broken this skill is. True damage....

Solo mid:

: Solo mid champions usually are much squishier and so this makes it easier for Urgot. Just hit her with your harass and force her out of exp range. However, beware, her range is quite decent and her combos are deadly. If she has her Pyromania charged up, as can be seen from the swirl around her, back out of her range immediately! If possible, back off such that even if she uses Flash, she would still not be in range to stun you.

: A thicker AP carry with his Crimson Pact. Also, Transfusion coupled with Hextech Revolver provides some very nice sustain. Nothing much to add here, just be careful when at low HP, his Ignite + Hemoplague can kill you easily at low HP. Also, if you want to Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser him into tower range, make sure that his Sanguine Pool is still on CD, or he can just use it to go straight back out of tower range.

: Super annoying AP carry with respectable range. Her burst is ridiculous and if you are ever caught by her combo be prepared to die instantly or be forced to recall immediately if you're lucky. All her skills are skillshots, so learn to dodge them and all will be fine. Normally, a successful Light Binding will be the start of her whole devastating combo, so avoid it at all costs! Do be careful though, hiding behind a minion may not save you from Light Binding as it can also bind one other person behind the target it hit. Just pepper her slowly with Acid Hunter, making sure always to be behind multiple friendly creeps so as to prevent her from landing a successful Light Binding.

: Same as against Cho'Gath at top lane. You will most probably be unable to win this lane. Ask for a lane swap.

More solo mid match-ups to be done later.

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Bottom Lane

Urgot's role at bottom lane is not to be the AD ranged autoattacker, because he would really suck at that. However, he is still viable at bot lane as a physical caster. In other words, you can build him just as how you would build him in a solo lane. However, this is not really a recommended way of playing Urgot, it is just an alternative so I will only go through this section briefly.

What is Urgot's objective in bottom lane? It is to completely shut down their AD ranged carry, and to be fed enough to own early/mid game.

Why is this feasible? Urgot can easily harass and zone the enemy AD ranged carry out of creeps and exp range, leading to a horribly underfed enemy AD carry. If you ever get a Urgot + Zilean bot lane combo, God bless their bot lane. The two of them are so suited for each other. The harass from Acid Hunter + Time Bomb Rewind Time Bomb is simply phenomenal, Heightened Learning allows Urgot to level faster so that his physical spells do more damage. Time Warp is such an amazing utility spell that allows escapes, easy chasing up for the kill and extra slowing power to secure a kill. Also, once Zilean reaches level 6, Urgot can now play so much more aggressive in lane with the backup of Chronoshift. This wonderful combination, as mentioned by Golleitrian, is so good that Urgot deserves a section on bot lane just because of this.

However, there is no way that you would always get a Zilean, unless you are duo queuing with a Zilean player. Therefore, which other supports work well with Urgot? They would definitely be those with some sort of a stun or slow (silence from Infuse doesn't count) so as to allow easy hits with Noxian Corrosive Charge. A healing spell is a bonus but not really needed. However, although Soraka does not have a slow or stun, she is still a good support for Urgot because Infuse solves his mana problems, allowing him to harrass and spam his Acid Hunter all the time.

Best choices:

Zilean - As mentioned above.
Taric - Cheap stun from Dazzle, Imbue, Shatter and Radiance are really nice bonuses.
Alistar - Disables from Pulverize + Headbutt, Triumphant Roar is a bonus.

What are the dangers/disadvantages of doing so? Firstly, if you did your job well, their AD carry will not be fed even at late game. While this means that you do not have to rush to finish the game, your team must not drag or allow their team to drag so that their AD ranged carry can recover. Games with Urgot at bot lane should end by 45 mins, or you're really in trouble.

If you are going bot lane, you need as much damage as you can get, therefore, only go for build 1 if you plan on going bot, as build 1 provides much more damage.

Note: This section was added thanks to suggestions from Golleitrian. Thanks Golleitrian! His posts can be read below. I do consider feedback very seriously and will implement it if I think that the feedback is suitable, so just leave your thoughts on how I can improve this guide and I will surely consider them carefully.

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Late Game

Ideally the game should not drag to late game, so this section will be kept short.

So you've been melting faces easily for a long time, but then as the game drags on (>45 mins) you suddenly find that your Acid Hunter even with the help of Last Whisper starts to do ridiculously low damage to high armor champions, and even Graves becomes hard to kill. This is when you have 2 options, stay on this build and be a tanky initiator who is still somewhat able to hunt down squishies, OR build as a normal AD autoattacker. The second option is viable because of the gold advantage you should have from steamrolling everyone early/mid game.

If you were to go the second option, it should mostly be common sense. I think that anyone who knows how to adapt to late game should not need me to insult their intelligence by stating everything they need to do here. Any decent player playing ranked should have a basic idea about the items needed by an AD ranged autoattacker.

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Urgot is one of hardest champions to counter in lane, and I hope this guide helps you realise how good this underplayed nightmare actually is.

Thanks for reading, and please don't forget to leave your constructive feedback about my guide!

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Patch History

- Added a second taunt

- Removed "Recommended" tag
- Heat Seeking Missiles can no longer hit invisible minions or objects like wards
- Corrosive Charge no longer will lock onto invisible minions or objects like wards

- Fixed a bug that was causing Urgot's auto-attack to have a slight delay when clicking a unit for the first time
- Range increased to 425 from 400
- Attack damage reduced to 51.6 from 54.1
- Attack damage per level increased to 3.6 from 3.1
- Acid Hunter
Base damage reduced to 15/45/75/105/135 from 30/60/90/120/150
Attack damage ratio increased to 0.85 from 0.7
- Terror Capacitor base shield changed to 80/140/200/260/320 from 80/120/160/200/240
- Noxian Corrosive Charge
Now deals physical damage instead of magic damage
Damage changed to 75/130/185/240/295 (+0.6 bonus attack damage) from 100/155/210/265/320
Now reduces 12/14/16/18/20% of the target's armor instead of 10/15/20/25/30 flat armor
- Updated recommended items

- Fixed a bug with Acid Hunter that was causing missile lock to shoot further then intended

- Base health reduced to 526 from 546
- Acid Hunter base damage reduced to 10/40/70/100/130 from 15/45/75/105/135
- Fixed a bug where Terror Capacitor's slow was stacking
- Fixed a bug where Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter was reducing true damage

- Fixed a bug with Terror Capacitor where when attacking a champion, it was slowing for less than the tooltip stated
- Fixed a bug with Terror Capacitor where when using Acid Hunter with Terror Capacitor, it was slowing based upon Acid Hunter's rank rather than Terror Capacitor (but for the correct 20/25/30/35/40%)

- Noxian Corrosive Charge will now update as the target gains or loses armor

- Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser bonus armor and magic resist reduced to 60/90/120 from 80/105/130
- Terror Capacitor shield strength reduced to 80/130/180/230/280 from 80/140/200/260/320

- Acid Hunter
Damage adjusted to 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.2 bonus Attack Damage) from 10/40/70/100/130 (+0.85 total Attack Damage)
Lock-on missile cast range reduced to 1200 from 1500
Fixed: Rank 1 range is no longer higher than the other ran
- Noxian Corrosive Charge
Cooldown increased to 15/14/13/12/11 seconds from 11 at all ranks
Cast range reduced to 900 from 950
- Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
Cast range reduced to 550/700/850 from 700/775/850

- Acid Hunter
Damage adjusted back to 10/40/70/100/130 (+0.85 total Attack Damage) from 50/80/110/140/170 (+1.2 bonus Attack Damage)