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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warlemming

Veigar - AP Carry of Evil

Warlemming Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Hey guys, I'm Warlemming, and this is my first guide for MOBAFire. I felt like writing a guide for Veigar, my favourite hero in LoL, since I don't believe the builds on the site maximise Veigar's completely destructive power to his fullest.

Veigar is an AP Carry of the most brutal kind. He's one of very few heroes whos ability grows endlessly, and of those heroes, his ability growth is by far the greatest. He takes time to reach his potential (usually 25 minutes to become terrifying) but can instantly turn the tide's of any battle with his Stun Combo, usually utterly destroying 1 or 2 heroes and greatly harming the rest.

He also boasts one of the best CC's in the game, his Event Horizon is a large AOE Stun trap, which is essentially a more effective version of Jarvan's Ultimate.

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Change Log

5/3/11: Have changed Masteries. Removed all points from Expanded Mind and Greed and placed them in Meditation and Utility Mastery (See Masteries for Explanation).

3/22/11: Have reworked the Heroes section. Contains all heroes now. (Half Complete, there is a lot of heroes)

3/21/11: Added Facechecking to Playing Veigar section. (Thx Jhoijhoi for pointing it out)

3/18/11: Added Leblanc to Heroes section.

3/17/11: Added Abyssal Scepter to list of Optional Items

3/16/11: Took all 3 points out of Perseverance and put them into Good Hands.

This change was made because Perseverance is Useless. 4% bonus regen, with all the mana items that Veigar has at the end game, adds up to 2MP/5. This is not nearly as valuable as 10% less time on Death (and you will die from time to time, when the entire enemy team decides to focus your Godlyness down). 10% Death Time down is 6 seconds at final level, which can get you back to your team faster to help.

While on the topic of Masteries, the 0.6AP/Level is also useless, but there is no better alternative. At level 18, that bonus will give you an extra 12 AP. Woo. Even with Deathcap, that's only 16AP. If it wasn't for the fact there is no better choice, I would not take it.

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3/14/11: Veigar: Has a funky new dance, and a new Skin.
I've gotta say, this is one of the best patches ever. Not only is Veigar's new dance great, the Leprachaun skin is Awesome, and cheap! (Only 520) Now you can destroy your enemies with RAINBOWS OF DOOM.

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Pros / Cons

+Extremely Powerful AP abilities, lots of AoE damage potential
+Fantastic CC, makes for a great escape
+Scales endlessly with Time, eventually will outpower any hero
+Above average natural HP for a caster, harder to knock him out quickly

-Squishy like any caster
-Weak early game, requires care of the player, and attention at all times
-Fairly long cooldown for CC move
-Doesn't have much mana to harass early game, particularily in Duo Lane

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells:
Teleport: This ability allows you to return to base whenever you need to buy items and instantly rejoin the fight. This can also allow you to make quick escapes when you don't have time to Recall. As long as you can avoid being stunned for 4 seconds, that potential gank can be faltered, which is easy to achieve if you put your stun wall between yourself and your aggressors.

Flash: This ability is fantastic, both offensively and defensively. It is an extremely good way early on to pull off the Veigar combo, by flashing up your target before they can walk away. It is of course also great for escaping enemy heroes. There are few things more satisfying than ninja dodging Ashe's Ultimate with flash.

Optional Summoner Spells:
Ghost: Being able to run faster, either towards or away from a fight, is a very useful thing, but I feel like the same could be achieved with flash for greater effect.
Clarity: It returns a large amount of mana, which can be helpful during the early game or if you're Duo laning with a mana intensive hero that lacks the regen. I would not recommend this if you are going mid, teleport will do this for you, and is more useful for being able to shop and heal at the same time.
Exhaust: This can be useful when escaping a dangerous hero, or for destroying one. But I feel that Veigar does not need the extra slow. An escape ability like Ghost or Flash would be more effective.

Bad Summoner Spells:
Clairvoyance: This spell isn't bad, but it is no good on Veigar. Let your support take it, its more appropriate.
Cleanse: This spell is another one that would be great on some heroes, but Veigar isn't one of them. You don't want to be close enough to be stunned to death in the first place, and Veigar is more likely to escape trouble with Flash/Ghost than with Cleanse.
Fortify: This spell should be left to your tanks/support.
Heal: The HP it returns isn't worth wasting one of your summoner spells.
Ignite: Your burst is already very powerful, the addition of Ignite will not do much to change it. The 50%HP reduction means nothing if your target is destroyed instantly.
Rally: Why would you get this?
Revive: In a theoretical sense, this could save your team after a late game Ace, since Veigar can halt a team by himself with care. But, you shouldn't be dying in the first place, so it isn't worth it. Get an ability that will save you in the first place.
Smite: Unless you suddenly feel like Jungling Veigar, don't get this.

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The build I have is one designed for maximum damage. Those who look at the runes selected will probably immediately scream about the lack of AP bonus runes.

People who get AP bonus runes, on Veigar, are wasting their space (see below)

Marks of Insight: These were an obvious choice, the extra magic pierce is useful throughout the game, giving a little bit extra to their overall burst damage to all targets.

Greater Seal of ReplenishmentSeals of Replenishment: Now this is where I expect the first eyebrows to lift, taking MP5 Base over MP5/Level. This was a decision I came to when I realised Veigar does not, ever, have mana problems during the end game. His Equilibrium passive provides such a substantial bonus, I rarely ever need to return for mana after getting my Tear of the Goddess (which is very close to the start of the game). What this means, is that I want maximum mana bonus early on, to get as many Q's out as I can during the Early Game. MP5/Level will not provide this.

Glyphs of Focus/Quintessence of Focus: This is where I expect people to cry out in anger. 'Warlemming, are you MAD? NO AP BONUS AT ALL?'

NO, No AP, it is WORTHLESS ON VEIGAR. That extra 25 base ap or whatever, will allow you to last hit better, sure, until you get level 2 of your Baleful Strike. After that, its USELESS. Your AP by the 10 minute mark should be around the 60 mark without items at least. 10% CD allows you to use more Baleful Strike's earlier on, and is still very useful throughout the game.

Originally I had Quints of Insight, but I found that having an extra 5 magic pierce did not compare to 5% CD reduction.

One must not forget, that while AP is nice for a bit more damage on Veigar, this build allows you to also use more stun walls throughout the game. At level 1 of the ability, you have a 2.4 second reduction in the time between walls, a very significant reduction, considering you won't level this ability up till the final levels.

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As a Caster should always do (of course there can be exceptions) I went with a 9/0/21 build. The 9 in offensive is standard, getting the CD reduction and the 15% magic pierce.

I had learn't somewhere along my playing that Expanded Mind only affects a heroes Natural Mana, not the bonus from items. This is the difference between a good mastery and a waste of points. I have moved the 4 points from Expanded Mind, and the one point from Greed (1gper10 is the equivalent of a pair of boots per HOUR), into Meditation, and Utility Mastery.

While you aren't going to be actively chasing after the Blue Buff, if you do get it off one of your victims, may as well hold on to it for longer.

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For my favourite destroyer of worlds, I start him off with a Meki Pendant, giving the 7MP/5 you will need for the early game, and 1 of each pot. You shouldn't need more than 1 red pot at the start; if you're getting harassed (and don't be surprised if you are, Veigar is an easy target at the start) you are probably too close to your enemies and need to back off.

You will want to farm up until at least 955g. This is the earliest I recommend going back unless you're really getting beat up, in which case at least make it to 605g. I usually aim to have 1705g before my first return. Why?

605g will net you the Tear, 350g more for Boots (Tear always first), then another 750g for Sorc Shoes.

After that, save up and buy your Soulstealer. This item, for those that don't know, is a Snowballing item. If it gets farmed up (and on a competent Veigar, it will), you will be plowing through your enemies like a Hot Knife through YOUR VICTIMS.

Now, at this point, you have 2 choices, you either can save up to 1600g and grab a Large Rod to get an 80ap boost immediately (and I would recommend it, it's worth the return for the AP boost), or you can save up 3600g and get your Rabadon's Deathcap. The point you get your Deathcap is the point where Veigar goes from Champion Crusher to World Destroyer. I usually break 400ap the moment I acquire it (even 500ap some games).

Having gotten your most important item, its time for things to be mixed up:
Are your enemies focusing the Tiny Master of Evil too much for his liking? Get a Banshee's Veil as soon as possible.
If not, finish your Archangel's Staff. The mana boost it provides will keep you supplied for the rest of the game, and the nice AP boost will add to your destructiveness.

Assuming you have finished your Staff (which is inevitable), its time to decide what to buy based on your opponents. You have 2 slots, and 3 items to choose from (that I recommend, although you could do anything if you wanted)

Item 1: Banshee's Veil. This item is a Carry's best friend, protecting you from 1 potential CC, providing MR and a bit of HP and Mana. It is an all round great item for just about any hero.

Item 2: Zhonya's Hourglass. This item will provide you a nice chunk of extra AP and a block of armor on the side. But the passive is what decides whether we get this or not. Is there a Champion such as Karthus or Vladimir on their side (or even Finales FunkelnLux, if you're fast enough)? Pop this when their ult is going, and it could save you. It probably will at least once during the game.

Item 3: Lich Bane. This item is for those who are stomping their opponents EXTRA hard, and will provide a nice boost in movement, a bit more AP and mana. And the Passive.

That passive is phenomenal for games where heroes stack MR to counter you (and these games will happen, once they realise how great a threat the Tiny Caster of the Apocalypse is). Turning your monstrous AP into AD (I usually have 1100+ AP by the end of the game), their MR stacking is suddenly for naught as they get blown apart by Veigar's autoattack of doom (It's always satisfying for the final projectile to kill someone to be Veigar's auto). It also allows you to do monstrous damage to turrets. Even if you can only get 1 hit on a turret, it's likely to take off over 500 damage in one shot.

Now, for alternatives based on the situation. Not every game is going to be perfect, as much as one would hope, so you will need to build to counter your opponents.

Merc Treads: These boots provide 25MR, but of course, we want these for the passive 35% reduction on Crowd Control effects. If you find yourself being targetted by stuns, silences and the like, sacrificing the 20magic pierce from your Sorc Shoes is worth it.

Morello's Evil Tome: This is an alternate to Mejai's in games where you find yourself unable to get those stacks up. The Tome itself is a very nice item regardless, boasting 20% CD and 75ap. Mejai's is still the main pick, since you can gain up to 180ap and 15% CD from a fully charged Soulstealer.

Rod of Ages: This item is an acceptable item for providing a lot of extra health and mana, and a nice boost in AP. A fully charged rod gives 80ap base, and another 22ap from the 3% on your AA Staff. This can be one of your 2 last items.

Void Staff: This item is great when your opponents are going out of their way to stack MR against you, and against good opponents who realise how dangerous you are becoming, this will probably happen. The 40% magic pierce, on top of the 15% magic pierce mastery, means that a large amount of your damage is restored, allowing you to continue destroying your opponents.

Abyssal Scepter: This item provides a bit more power, a bit more magic pierce, and a good deal of MR. It's a nice item to build when your enemies have lots of non-burst AP abilities, like a spamming Vlad, or someone using Madreds, and allows you and your allies to hit harder.

Items I don't recommend, but aren't necessarily bad:
Kage's Lucky PickKage's Pick: It gives 25AP, and 5 gold every 10 seconds. This item is good on Caster's that aren't getting much feed, like Support Heroes (Janna, Karma), while giving AP. But Veigar should never be running into Gold issues, being able to clear wave after wave in single bursts (even early on, each Q by 3rd level should be garenteed to kill).

Rylai's: It gives a chunk of AP, a chunk of Health, and a slow on your abilities. This is all well and good for most casters. But Veigar doesn't really need it. If you wanted survivability, go Rod of Ages, it provides more. If you wanted it for the Passive, you aren't nuking hard enough. Veigar has so much burst damage champions rarily survive the initial wave, therefore, chasing isn't an issue.

On a hero like Vladimir, sure, because you will constantly stream your spells at your target. But if you're nuking like Veigar, not worth it.

DFG: A little bit of AP, and some mana regen. But obviously you want it for the active ability. This item isn't bad on Veigar, since your enormous AP will raise the damage of the DFG to substantial amounts. But, I feel like the Lich Bane is a better alternative, since you can use that after each spell, and not in 1 initial burst. The DFG also requires being cast first, and then requires CD time. This isn't practical once you begin team fights, where lich bane can be useful throughout.

Final Build:
Maximum Damage:

Maximum Survivability:

Preferred Build:

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Important Note about Items (So you's wont miss it)

Not every game will be ideal. Far from it, if anything. While there will be games where your opponent lets you free farm till you are insanely powerful, in other games, your opponents will recognize the danger of a freefarming Veigar and will shut you down.

You will need to build to deal with this.

Take for example a game where I was up against a particularily nasty Zilean player:

This is a big investment in Magic Resistance, undoubtably. The 3000g that I spent defensively could have went towards my Deathcap. But this is a sacrifice that was needed to keep my farming up. 75MR almost halved the damage that Zilean could do to me, and the banshee's absorbed one of his bombs from time to time. I ended up having over 200ap with these items, just because I was able to absorb all future harassment.

Itemizing against AD harassment is even easier early on. Pick up a Chain Vest early on, for another 45 Armour, and turn it into a Zhonya's Hourglass later, and you will have barely interfered with your farming.

If your opponent is causing a bit of everything in harassment (like Teemo with his autoattacks and his Toxic Shot, build a Rod of Ages to bulk you up in general, while giving you a nice bonus in AP (60-80), and a pool of Mana that will provide a further 21AP with your completed Archangel's Staff. (Yes, that's right, Archangel's Staff actually gives MORE AP than Zhonya's Hourglass once your AA is done. It's a great item overall)

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Abilities and Skill Sequence

Veigar is defined by his incredible Baleful Strike passive, that gains 1ap for every kill made with that ability, and 1-5AP from every champion kill he makes with ANY ability. Every 10 champions you kill (assuming you have level 5 Baleful) is another 50AP permanently. This is then increased 30% by your Deathcap. In the end, it adds up to a monstrous amount of AP

That is why I suggest maxing your Q as soon as possible. Getting it every chance you can means that early kills will be worth even more to you, which you should start getting around level 7.

Event Horizon is an incredible Stun. At first level, the stun lasts 1.5 seconds, and the barrier lasts 3 seconds. This gives you some options. You can either place the wall around them, which gives them either the option to run into the wall, getting them stunned, or they stay inside the ring, which lets them attack, but trapped for 3 seconds. If you're lucky, they will stay put for most of the time, then hit the wall, for maximum time trapped.

Or, you can place the wall so the ring is passing over the champion. This means you can instantly stun the champion rather than rely on them to hit it by themselves.

This ability is fantastic, which is why you get it as your second ability. But, you will not need to upgrade this till the end. The stun time grows 0.25 seconds each level, and the CD is reduced by 2 seconds each, but this doesn't matter as much as increasing your damage output as much as possible, which requires the use of...

Dark Matter. This ability is your main nuke. It has a 1:1 AP ratio, and does AOE damage. This results in an insanely powerful strike from SPACE which will frequently take off more than half the HP of any champions caught in the blast.

Players usually wisen up to avoid the black mark on the ground when they have been hit at least once, so try to use this after the target has been stunned by your wall. The stun lasts 1.5 seconds, and Dark Matter takes 1.4 seconds to impact, so you're garenteed to hit as long as they don't have Merc Treads.

Primordial Burst is an insanely powerful single target spell. It does a large amount of base damage, and 1.2:1AP bonus, +0.8:1AP of your target. This means that all casters that stack AP will be having a VERY bad day (this includes other Veigar players). This move will generally do over 1500 damage to a noncaster champion by the end, and over 2k to casters. As part of your combo, it basically will utterly destroy its victim. Get this ability whenever you can.

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Playing Veigar

There are a few things that a good Veigar player will do that others won't. It can mean saving your life, or ending theirs (sometimes both). I will add things as I remember them.

Q Spam:
This is something that always bothers me about Veigar players. They reach a certain amount of power, and then totally stop using their Q to farm. DON'T DO THAT!

You should be using your Q ALL THE TIME! See a wave of creeps coming that you could kill in 1 Dark Matter? Q one first! Wandering through the jungle to gank someone or help an ally? Q the Jungle Creeps!

FaceChecking and You:
For reasons I don't understand, Veigar players will run straight into brush without a care in the world. If you are like me and want to hang on to your face, use Dark Matter on brush you're gonna walk through. It takes a little bit of mana, but spending some mana to not die is worth it.

Veigar Jungling:
This isn't real jungling but is a great way to earn lots of extra cash. Once you have level 4/5 of your Dark Matter, every time you're in mid lane, Dark Matter the wraiths on both sides (if possible). Each group is another 70g for you, and a bit of experience, and takes seconds to do.

Veigar Kiting:
This is more to do with escaping a chasing hero. While running, place a Dark Matter over yourself (unless they are very close). The intent is to have it either hit them as they chase, or force them to go around it, slowing them down. The more time it takes for them to reach you, the more time you have to get another Event Horizon.

It's always great to run into brush while being chased, after having gotten Event Horizon back. Suddenly your opponent will find the tables turned.

Veigar Walling:
This comes down to appropriate use of Event Horizon to totally seal passages from opponents (even if its briefly). Like Anivia's wall, you can place it between some small pathways to totally force your opponents to stop or be stunned. What's better than Anivia's wall, is that while Anivia's requires proper alignment, this wall can be placed no matter what direction Veigar is facing.

This is more for heroes like Pantheon and Twisted Fate who like to try and be douchebags by teleporting right to you. It's very simple, you place the edge of your wall ontop of where they are teleporting, and they find themselves instantly stunned. On top of that, use your Dark Matter, resulting in the hero arriving and losing a large portion of their health, and unable to move. Its great when a hero tries to gank you like this, only to be dead on arrival.

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Veigar's Combo of Doom

At some point in your LoL playing, you've probably run into this. Veigar's Combo of Doom is the highest burst damage combo in the game, with almost 0 chance of escape.

Q-E-W-R-Q (You can drop the first Q if you want to start the combo with the wall, it just adds more overall damage).

Basically, during the time the target has been stunned with your E, you use your E on them, and immediately cast your R followed by your Q

Generally, this leaves a smoldering corpse where there was once a hero. This combo is first achieveable at level 7, although it won't be instantly fatal at that point, you will need to harass your target to half health first.

On a fully geared Veigar, who has been farming his Baleful Strike up all game whenever he could, you will have 1100ish AP.

Baleful Strike: 260damage + (60%AP = 660) = 920 damage
Dark Matter: 320damage + (100%AP = 1100) = 1420 damage
Primordial Burst: 500damage +(120%AP = 1320) = 1820 damage minimum (depending on target AP)

Final Damage = 4160-5080 (depending on if you started with a Q or not).

This is enough damage so that even if your opponents non-tanks have a rough 2500hp (higher than most carry's) and 100MR AFTER reductions, they will still be destroyed instantly.

Also, you always want to finish your target with your Baleful Strike. Every extra point of AP you can get makes you more ridiculous.

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Laning Opponents and What to Expect (Incomplete)

This is a list of all heroes and how difficult things can get against them. There are 5 ratings, Easy, Average, Challenging, Nightmare, and Special Case. This list is not accurate after the early-mid game, where heroes abilities to interact as a team become more significant. Eg, Amumu is an easy laning opponent early on, but is a serious threat during team fights.

Easy Opponents:
Amumu: Amumu is a hero covered in stun moves, but only becomes threatening once the team battles begin. Early game, he will lack the ability to harass a farming Veigar down, as long as you can avoid his Bandage Toss. Stay behind creeps and he can't do anything.

Ashe: Ashe hasn't got a lot of dangerous abilities early on, but the very first thing she may attempt can cost you most of your health. Specifically, if she manages to hit you with her free Crit, and her volley, and then shoots you while you're running away, you will find yourself very close to death. Just stay behind creeps at all times (this doesn't mean towards the tower, but in a position that has a minion between you and her), and the volley's won't bother you.

Galio: Galio is a tanky melee hero, whos only problematic ability is his Ultimate. He has more magic resist than other heroes, but this merely delays the inevitable.

Garen: Garen is an all melee hero. As long as you don't let him get close, he will simply be a distraction. If he starts charging towards you, drop your stun and walk back to your tower.

Jarvan: Jarvan has the potential to be a more dangerous threat, with his Ultimate as a trap, but since we should have Flash, this potential issue is eliminated. He has a bit of harassment power, but as long as you move away when he drops his flag, he should not be a problem.

Master Yi: As a melee hero, his only harassment ability early on is Alpha Strike. While this may cause you some harm, it also results in significant damage to your creeps, making it easier for you to hug your tower during the early game.

Olaf: Olaf is another melee hero, who has 2 harassment abilities, which consists of throwing his axe at you for minor damage and slowing, and a melee range True Damage strike that hurts himself.

Sivir: Sivir is a lane pusher, which works in your favour, since you want to be at your tower as much as possible. As long as you avoid her Boomerang Blade, she will pose little threat. Note: Emphasis on avoiding that blade, if it manages to hit you both times, you could take serious damage.

Sona: Sona, being primarily a healer, is little worry to you during the early game. Her ability to be a problem is purely based on her laning opponent, since she provides aura's and healing. Just farm up and ignore her.

Teemo: Teemo is a very annoying opponent for all heroes, but he is most threatening to autoattack heroes, where his Blinding Dart can completely disable them. Being a caster, this isn't an issue. Remember that when he is stationary he becomes invisible, so if you see him on you lane, and he disappears, don't assume hes gone.

Trundle: Trundle's most bothering move is his Pillar which can block your path. As long as you don't move off the lane he will not be able to prevent you backing up to safety.

Tryndamere: Tryndamere isn't a very threatening hero at all with his melee range and small escape ability. The only problem he can cause is the use of Undying Rage, making him unkillable for 5 seconds. If he uses this, stun him and walk away until it ends.

Average Opponents:
Akali: Akali is a high damage hero, who also can jump in rapid succession towards you. She also can place Twilight Shroud, which she is invisible in as long as she is not attacking. Be aware this ability does not make her safe from AoE abilities, and she is still revealed by Vision Wards and Oracles.

Alistar: Alistar is a bulky hero who also has a heal, but the primary concern is his ability to chain CC's, with his Pulverize/Headbutt combo. This can result in you being smacked straight into an ambush with little retaliation. While this is a very dangerous combo, it relies on you being too far away from safety, which is only a concern if you have been pushing your lane too hard.

Blitzcrank: Like Alistar, his danger relies on chaining his CC. If he manages to grab you and drag you to him, he will follow up with a stun and his ultimate. As long as you keep something or someone between you and him, he will not be able to pull this off. Also, pay attention to the direction he is facing when he prepares to grab, because he cannot change it during.

Caitlyn: She has more range than any other champion at the start (Tristana has the most by the end), and has a good harassment move. If she manages to harass you down early on, she will try to finish you off with Ace in the Hole, which requires another ally to intercept. Dodge her Peacemaker and she will be fine.

Evelynn: Evelynn is a Stealth champion, which poses a great inconvenience to you. If she manages to strike you while invisible, you will be stunned. In a game where she is on the enemy team, regardless of whos lane she is on, buy a Vision Ward to greatly reduce her killing power.

Fiddlesticks: Fiddlesticks is a very hard hero to kill early on, since his Drain returns to him a VERY large amount of hp (300 at first level over 5 seconds). However, both his Fear and Drain moves are short range, so as long as you step back when he approaches you, he will not bother you. Note: Fiddlesticks is hard to farm, since he lacks good creep killing power. This means that you will have the edge over him from mid onwards. Also Note: If you see him stand upright, run!

Gragas: The threat Gragas poses really comes down to the players skill, because he can spam decent damage barrels at you with good range. If he is not very good, he will have very minimal damage; if he is good, he will be able to hit you outside your farm range.

Heimerdinger: Whenever you're up against Heim, make sure you break his turrets as soon as he places them. They take a decent amount of his mana to place, especially early on, and constantly destroying them will waste his mana up very quicky. If he manages to get both down, you will find yourself being pushed back constantly. His missiles target the closest 3 targets, with good range, so if you run out of creeps on your side, you will end up harassed.

Jax: Jax is a dodge hero, relying on dodges to activate his 1 second stun. While he may be a melee hero, he has a long range gap closer, which means he can hit for a good amount of damage with little time to stop him. This is okay as long as you can retaliate, but if you see his Dodge ring (blue ring around him) appear, stay back, or you will take some serious damage.

Karma: Karma isn't a particularily great hero in any field, but she can provide for every field. She has a shield, a Heal, a Slow, a Haste, and some damage. This means she can provide help for her allies however necessary. While not threatening by herself (If she is solo mid against you, she would be Easy), she does provide some inconveniences against you.

Karthus: Karthus, master Spam Bot. He will endlessly try to hit you with his , which doesn't do much damage (double if you're the only one hit), but the damage racks up over time if you're not careful. You will probably spend the beginning of the game dancing this attack.

Maokai: This champion is extremely good at harassing with his Sapling Toss. It has a very large range, and decent damage, so with every chance he gets, he will strike you for some damage. If not careful, you can be zoned out. But, as this is his only threatening ability, if you can avoid these, you will be fine.

Miss Fortune: She has a good harassment ability, and a damaging slow. Be aware when fighting against her that you place yourself on an angle from your creeps and her, since if you are directly behind your creeps, she will hit you with Double Up. Also, if you need to escape her, hit her once first, to remove her Strut.

Nasus: Nasus has natural Lifesteal, and a 100% lifestealing Siphon StrikeSiphon Strike. This makes killing him much harder than desired, and if he isn't put in check, his Siphon Strike will get more powerful with every kill he makes with it (like Baleful is to your AP in general). If he manages to use Wither on you, you will need to stun him to avoid being hit with Siphon Strike.

Pantheon: Pantheon is a bulky hero, but lacks significant harassment ability. He relies on his Aegis Protection to reduce early game damage, but this only blocks Physical damage, allowing you to harm him as needed. If he manages to stun you and follows up with Heartseeker Strike, do not run directly away from him, or you will take the full damage of his ability. Instead, run to the side first, then back towards your tower. Stun him if needed.

Shaco: Shaco is an invis hero, which makes killing him a lot more difficult. However, unlike other invis heroes, his does not last very long, BUT, it also teleports him to a desired location. This means that he can escape your Event Horizon if he isn't instantly stunned. Be careful of entering your brush, some Shaco players like to place heaps of to inflict insane damage early on.

Singed: Singed is a tanky hero, but his main threatening ability comes from his Fling, which throws you behind him. This coupled with his high movement speed means he can run up to you, and throw you to your doom. As long as you back away as soon as he comes running, he doesn't pose a threat.

Soraka: Like Sona, is primarily a healer, but what separates the two is that Soraka has a targeted Silence, which disables everything, including Flash. If paired with a good ally, can become a serious problem.

Tristana: Tristana isn't very ranged early on, meaning she can't poke you with her autoattack easily. Her main advantage however, is her long range escape ability, able to launch her very far away. She can use this both defensively to escape, or offensively, by launching behind you and striking her with Buster Shot, propelling you away from your tower. As long as you move back as she does this (to the side if not possible, to change the direction you're launched), you will be fine.

Twisted Fate: Twisted Fate can throw a damaging card that either returns him mana, slows targets in an Aoe, or stuns the target. It is the use of this stun that can be a problem for you, since it has decent range too. If he pulls a Yellow Card out, get moving, since it's likely a gank. Also, watch out for Destiny, which reveals your location, and allows him to teleport anywhere on the map.

Twitch: A Stealth Champion with a ranged attack, he can set up some dangerous ganks if you're not careful. However, if you are tower hugging like you should, this shouldn't be a problem. In any case, just get a Vision Ward like you would any invis champion. Interesting Note: His Ult, which makes his attacks do line damage, can actually miss their target, if the target is moving perpendicular to his shooting, and if the target is fast enough.

Udyr: His Turtle stance gives him Health and Mana every attack, and a shield on activation. This gives him a lot of staying power in the early game, requiring a lot more focus to bring him down. He also has a chasing ability that doubles as a stun. However, he is a melee hero, so as usual, keep your distance, and you will be fine.

Warwick: Warwick is a melee hero, but has a very large amount of lifesteal, with his passive giving a base amount every hit, and his Q giving 100% of the damage it causes in health. His ult is what you need to watch out for though. If you think he is going to Ult you, drop your wall on yourself. There is a chance Warwick will end up stunned on the wall when he jumps you, wasting it.

Challenging Opponents:
Anivia: This hero can be really painful once she hits level 6, and her passive is likely to infuriate an unprepared player. Firstly, remember that she can pulse her ult on you, which won't do much damage, but the follow up icicle will. Stand far enough away or harass her enough to make her back up so she can't hit you with her ult. Secondly, make sure after you sucessful 'kill' her with your combo, that you break the damn egg left behind. It doesn't take many Q's, but you will lose that Kill if you don't remember.

Corki: Has a ranged attack, a decent escape, and a long range poking ability. If you aren't paying attention, his Missile Barrage can harass you down in no time. If he leaps at you, you will probably be in for some pain.

Cassiopeia: After her recent buffs, have moved her to orange difficulty. If you decide against getting boots at the start, you can find yourself in a world of pain against her. Her harass quickly starts dealing significant damage, and once she reaches 6, you could find yourself in a world of pain if she lands her combo.

Ezreal: A high damage physical hero, with lots of poking abilities, and an escape. You will need to pay attention to his Mystic Shot, since he will harass you with it all the time. If you get weakened too much, he will try to finish you off with Trueshot Barrage. Be ready to avoid this.

Irelia: A melee high dps hero, with a lot of health and burst damage, and one of very few heroes with True Damage. Harassing her down can be difficult, and this is more problematic with Equilibrium Strike which stuns a target if they have more health than her. Her Ionian Fervor reduces Crowd Control affects on her depending on how many enemies are nearby, meaning that with 1, you're stun will last 1.35 seconds, less than the time Dark Matter takes to land, and with 2, it lasts 1.12, meaning your stun is very ineffective.

Katarina: Another melee hero, that has a lot of harassment abilities of her own. Her Bouncing Blades can strike you from considerable distance away, and her Shunpo means she can escape as long as there is a target, friend or foe. If she hits level 6, and you find yourself without your stun, she can Shunpo in, and finish you off with Death Lotus.

Kennen: Kennen has a lot of early damage, able to harass you from great distance with Thundering Shuriken and punish you further with Electrical Surge. If he manages to hit you with 3 Mark of the Storm abilities, you will be stunned, and she can harass you further. If you can avoid his Shuriken's however, you should be fine.

Kog'maw: Kog'maw is a very long range hero, able to safely harass you from behind his creeps with Bio-Arcane Barrage, and can zone you out if you are not careful. The harassment get's worse with his Ultimate Living Artillery which has a huge range, and reveals you for several seconds if it sucessful hits. Even if you manage to kill him, beware his passive, which turns him into a running bomb, which explodes for a large amount of True damage.

Lux: She has her own nasty combo that she will try to use on you while against her. Specifically, she will use a skillshot snare, and if that works, follow up with her AoE and her ultimate. It's important to remember that the snare allows you to use items, so if she manages to hit you, pop your Zhonya's Hourglass that you should buy when against her, and her ult suddenly won't blast a hole through you.

Malzahar: Malzahar has a lot of pushing power early on, with his Malefic Visions that will jump to you if not careful. His voidlings chase whoever has Malefic Visions on them, making it easier for it to continue jumping from person to person. His Call of the Void has a lot of range, and silences targets it hits, and if he manages to use Null Zone and Nether Grasp on you in succession, you will probably die.

Morgana: Has a huge amount of staying and pushing power, with her passive 15% spellvamp. She also has Black Shield which allows her to walk straight through your stun wall if it is on her, and absorbing a good amount of spell damage before breaking. While she doesn't pose much of a threat in harassment herself (her Dark Binding is very slow and easy to avoid) she will be very hard to take down without a ganking.

Nidalee: Her Javelin Toss is a nightmare. If she manages to hit you with one from a good range, it will deal enormous damage to you. Don't be surprised if you slip up once and find half your health gone in a single hit. This alone is enough of a threat to make her dangerous. On top of that, she has Primal Surge, which heals a target, and Aspect Of The Cougar which gives her a second set of abilities, including Pounce, which can jump over your stun wall.

Renekton: While it comes down to the ability of a renekton player, a good one can be nightmarish to fight. If he leaps into your creeps, he can leap again, often closing the gap between you and him, following up with a stun and some big damage. Build some early armour to help against him.

Veigar: Remember, this is Veigar we're talking about. If he gets you with his stun wall before you get him, you may find yourself very dead very quickly. Also, beware your Ult, as they will do lots of damage to each other (At the end of the game, very fed veigar's can end up killing each other in one hit by their ults at the same time). Try to ninja it with a Zhonya's Hourglass, and play to the best of your abilities.

Zilean: This hero can be a very nasty harasser if he knows what hes up against. A good Zilean will wait for you to farm your Q, and immediately charge you to place a time bomb on you. Once he gets level 2, and can place 2 bombs one after another, this can get REALLY dangerous, and you can find yourself being harmed very badly very quickly. At level 6, his Ultimate allows him to towerdive freely, so be wary.

Nightmarish Opponents:
Kassadin: Oh dear god, Kassadin. This hero will be a nightmare for you if you do not deal with him immediately. Rush a Banshee's Veil after your Deathcap (even before), or you will spend most of your game Silenced and DEAD (especially if he gets fed). Fortunately, if you manage to absorb his silence, you can instagib him. But do not rely on him missing his silence, his flash/silence/aoe combo is very powerful, and he WILL flash away afterwards before your allies can hit him.

Leblanc: This hero is extremely dangerous to you. At level 6, they gain the most powerful early game burst damage (You will replace them later), with their Sigil of SilenceSigil of Silence/Mimic Combo. This combo does 600 damage and silences you. If you're laning against her, hell, if anyone is, ask for a gank as soon as possible, to keep her from causing too much early game pain.

Also be aware, that if you manage to gain the upperhand fighting her, that when she gets below 40%hp, her passive automatically splits her. Always use your Ult after this, her passive takes 1 minute to recharge.

Vladimir: If you're laning mid against Vladimir, you will contend with some harass. He will try to hit you with his Q when he can, which is easy to do if you don't convince him to stop with some retaliation. If you intend to get an early kill against your mid opponent with the Veigar Combo, do this before he hits level 9. Otherwise, it won't be possible. Also, be extremely careful when attempting this. His Sanguine Pool removes projectiles currently chasing him, including your Ult. If he has not used Sanguine Pool, don't use your Ult, you will only waste it.

Suggestion when Fighting Vlad: This is a great time to get a DFG, as it does large %HP damage, and Vlad is a high hp Caster.

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Veigar isn't one of the easiest heroes to play. Don't expect upon using him to be able to destroy your opponents and the world. Being able to play him like the Master of Evil he is takes time and practise. Soon enough you will be able to destroy whole teams as they flee in terror.

Just because I found it amusing, just picture a hero like Tryndamere or Sion running in fear for their lives from someone as tiny as Veigar