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Vladimir Build Guide by Rysia

Vladimir - Sanguine Pool In-Depth

Vladimir - Sanguine Pool In-Depth

Updated on August 14, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rysia Build Guide By Rysia 6,947 Views 4 Comments
6,947 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rysia Vladimir Build Guide By Rysia Updated on August 14, 2011
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So, Yeah Welcome to my second build on mobafire =D I've chosen to write up a build about vladimir since i recently brought him and i am doing quite well with this new build after a lot of errors with the other one that we're not as good, and again with some proof of my scores from games that i have played recently:

I play vladimir quite tanky but also to be able to deal alot of damage and also sustain quite alot of damage. His passive also helps alot here due to it giving him health for every ounce of ap he has.
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Pros / Cons

    Awesome damage output
    A spell that heals him every 3 seconds
    Great Escape move and also makes him untargetable
    Crazy amount of Hp thanks to his passive

    Sometimes get focused first in every teamfight
    Very reliant on his Transfusion
    Early game is quite squishy
    His Transfusion has long cool down early game
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Since Early Game, You Transfusion has a long cool down, You probably only want to use it for farming minions so you can buy those items that are quite costy. You won't Start to dominate early game until about level 7-9 when you transfusion is at its lowest cool down. To help further increase its cool down, you should consider getting the blue buff, only if the support has a blue already and no body needs it, then you should take it, also get the elixir of brilliance.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Greater Seal of Health
Greater Glyph of Ability Power
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

I take the Greater Mark of Insight for the early game armour penetration so i won't have to worry about dealing too little damage to any enemy that has quite alot of armour at the beginning of the game, champions like Rammus and Shen etc.

I take the Greater Seal of Fortitude to give me more of a hp boots than anyone else in the beginning of the match and also that some of it will convert into ap which will come in handy.

I take Greater Glyph and Quintessence of Potency to give that extra boost of ap along with the Amplifying Tome which gives me a alot of ap in the beginning so that my Transfusion does alot of damage to the enemy along with its armour penetration.
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I take 9 in Offence for the 15% magic or spell penetration

Since i play vladimir as a a bit of a tanky mage i put 20 into offence making it harder for the enemies to kill me whilst i can dish out some amazing damage.

And Finally 1 in Utility for the ghost because it gives us a longer duration and runs a little bit faster than if we had no point in ghost.
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So, during in the teamfights, you want to land your ultimate so that it hits and targets almost all of your enemies every time just because it makes them weaker to about 14% of damage which will hurt them alot, your weakness is probably stuns and silences cause you can't cast your Sanguine Pool so if you get stunned or silented, try to get yourself out of the focus and then go back in and deal some damage.
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Skill Sequence

Transfusion - This is your bread and butter. The skill that heals you and also deals a decent amount of damage at the same time. It's awesome you you have to put a level into it every time its available. Maxing this out is a priority.

Sanguine Pool - The best skill in terms of escape at a hefty cost of your hp, you should try to max this on out too cause of its long cool down. You never know when those 2-3 seconds of cool downs may kill you. So a shorter cool down will probably most likely save your life here. I will go in depth about Sanguine Pool in the next chapter. =)

Tides of Blood - You can call this skill your scout. i suppose this can be used to find invisible champions like twitch, evelynn and even Teemo (and his mushrooms). Before going into a team fight, you should always have Tides of Blood at four stacks because of its increased health spell vamp.

Hemoplague - Awesome ultimate for vladimir, it even makes targets marked with hemoplague vulnerable to an extra 14% damage. So that means you will be dealing 114% damage to your enemies. This also kills of some running enemies with low hp.
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Sanguine Pool


So Sanguine Pool is a great escape skill that leaves you untargetable and increases your movement speed by a little bit. But costing you 20% of you current hp, which is alot when you have max hp, but probably more of a lifesaver at like 100-300Hp remaining.

Skills You can Dodge or Avoid

Mark of the Assassin - Timing needs to be right. =S
Crescent Slash
Shadow Dance


Bandage Toss
Curse of the Sad Mummy - You won't be affected by Mumu's stun if you hit W right before he starts using it. Thank you Crazy Smurf for confirming it =D

Flash Frost
Frostbite - Needs good Timing!
Glacial Storm

Summon: Tibbers

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Rocket Grab - Needs good Timing!
Power Fist
Static Field

Pillar of Flame
Pyroclasm - Needs good Timing!

Piltover Peacemaker
Yordle Snap Trap
90 Caliber Net
Ace in the Hole

Noxious Blast
Twin Fang - Needs good Timing!
Petrifying Gaze

Feral Scream
Feast - Needs good Timing!

Phosphorus Bomb
Gatling Gun
Missile Barrage

Infected Bonesaw
Heart Zapper

Hate Spike - You won't get hit by Hate Spike Cause in Sanguine Pool Mode, You UNTARGETABLE

Mystic Shot - Timing needs to be right
Essence Flux - Timing needs to be right
Arcane Shift - Timing needs to be right
Trueshot Barrage - Timing needs to be right.

Bountiful Harvest

Resolute Smite
Righteous Gust
Runic Skin - Well. You will get taunted but won't take damage if the Sanguine Pool lasts for the duration of the taunt.

Parrrley - Timing needs to be right
Cannon Barrage

Demacian Standard

Barrel Roll
Body Slam
Explosive Cask

Hextech Micro-Rockets
CH-1 Concussion Grenade
H-28G Evolution Turret

Ill Carry On With the Next 10 Later. >.> Its pretty Long with about 70+ Champions =S
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So Start of with the Amplifying Tome and grab a health potion, Not Mana Cause you dont have mana. ^^ If you start of with this, you will have quite alot of hp, more than most champions at the beginning, also a lot of ap in the beginning thanks to your runes aswell.

Next i get this for a quicker movement speed, lets you catch up to enemies and deal damage to them.

This item has to be your favourite item, it makes you transfusion heal you even more than it used to so you can last even longer in lane than anyone else.

Finish of the Boots of Speed by buying the Sorcerer's Shoes, This shoe gives a unique passive which increases your magic penetration by 2. Transfusion will probably tear down most squishies with about 3-6 hits early game.

You want this because it gives you A good amount of Hp making you a bit tanky and also a fair amount of Ap aswell. Also slows down the enemy with every spell you use, so Sanguine Pool and The unique passive will slow them quite a bit for you and your team to chase up to the enemy

This item gives vladimir crazy amounts of ap, and also thanks to the unique passive you get an extra 15% of ap. But there's not point in getting like 5 of these because the rabadon's unique passive doesn't stack with each other. Ive played matches where people think the passive stack with each other and is just wasting their money apart from the ap they payed for. >.<

Since i play Vladimir a bit tanky, i buy this cause it gives me a great amount of ap and Magic resist, cause Vladimir kinda has low magic resist and probably could get killed quickly by those ap carries, so buying this will help alot to counter some of the damage dealt by them.

Okay, I love this item, It gives you 100 Ap, 50 armour to counter those ad carries a bit, and also, its unique passive, just like a mini Sanguine Pool Without the movement, use this when your Sanguine pool is on cool down, just a total life saver when Sanguine Pool Is on Cool Down.

This is the Hextech Revolvers Older Brother. =) Gives you more ap and more spell vamp than Hextech Revolver, Always finish this item of.

Items That Can Be Considered.

If you think your not healing enough, and need a bit more cooldown, you can always get this and replace the Abyssal Scepter.

If the Team is stacking Magic Resist or champions like Galio have high magic resist, you may want to consided this than Abyssal Scepter cause it gives you more Magic Pentration and more Ap, but you dont get The Magic Resist =(
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Summoner Spells

-Summoner Spells Most Recommended For Vladimir-

-Spells You Probably Don't Want to Consider-
- You Don't Have Mana
- You already have Transfusion
- You Don't Jungle
- No, Just No..
- Nobody Really uses this
- Let Your support Take this
- Let your Tanks Take this

- Might be good in some cases, like Heavy cc (Crowd Control) Teams
- May come in handy, but you already have Sanguine Pool
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14/08/2011 - Changes the order of item purchases thanks to Incendiax.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rysia
Rysia Vladimir Guide
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Vladimir - Sanguine Pool In-Depth

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