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Lee Sin Build Guide by Its Qman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Its Qman

Your Will, My Hands [S4 Mid/Top & Temporary Jungle Route

Its Qman Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Chapter 1 (Introduction)

I am still to work on the new jungle route since there's a new creep camp and there were some slight changes that might affect my whole previous route. As for the rest of the guide, it's Season 4 ready.

Hi! My name is Qman and I'm a Lee Sin fanatic.

This guide is about being an assassin as Lee Sin (with some jungle guides: To be updated soon). I know that this is not the first pure AD Lee Sin Guide and I know there might be some similarities with the other builds inside and outside of MOBAfire. But I just want to share what I have learned so far and what I enjoy the most - - Lee Sin!

So I hope you would enjoy the guide and most of all, enjoy Lee Sin as a champion. Be passionate about it because he reaps great rewards. Learn to love him as what he is and be prepared if he ever gets nerfed (Fingers crossed)

Just a few things I'd like to point out as playing Lee:
Learn how to calculate. Lee Sin is as of now, the most mechanical champion. Unlike Volibear or Nasus who don't really rely on mechanical skill, Lee Sin must be operated with great precision and grace (sorry Fiora Here is what Jack said on the All-Star games at Shanghai, China:

"If you think how Volibear and Nasus work, you don't make mechanical mistakes. It's all about your judgement. But Lee sin is a combination of the two. And it has been a risky champion with high rewards."
-Jack, Shoutcaster

Learn when and when not to go in for the kill. Make sure that before you go in to assassinate their APC or ADC, you must have a plan way out of that situation even if it's a sticky one or not. Here's the logic behind it: You are not the tank, then why are you willing to dive in just to get that suicidal kill? The longer you survive in team fights, the more you can do for your team since Lee is not reliant on Mana, but rather on energy (which regenerates really fast even if you are not utilizing your passive.)Has low cooldowns even at early levels and if you can land Resonating Strike perfectly, you can do wonders such as getting back in for additional damage, keeping track where the enemy is or simply, go in for that 3% HP vs 3% HP -> Flash away -> Sonic Wave -> Resonating Strike -> Win!

Master yourself, Master the enemy. I know this is sounds really cliche, but Lee has a point. Learn how to look at your enemy's items. It will never hurt to just click that champion and see if there is an item that should counter you. Also, analyze the basic moves like if the champion is melee, he should go in for the last hit or if the champion is ranged, he should be focusing on last hits at a distance. Take this opportunity to find a good spot to land your Sonic Wave. This is just an example though. I am not the best Lee Sin in the world but I know this should come in handy.

So without further due I present to you this Lee Sin guide.

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Chapter 2 (Pros and Cons)

Please do note, that this is the pros and cons of an assassin Lee Sin. Not generally.

  • I cannot deny that Lee has the highest mobility in the game. Utilizing Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike and Safeguard to sight ward, Minions or even Allied champions almost defeats the purpose of Flash. And you can do it again in just a few seconds.
  • Has good damage scaling early game to mid game and decent late game.
  • Excellent on skirmishes.
  • Almost godlike at chases. Especially with Dragon's Rage up (Will explain later)
  • Can stay and fight with the ADC due to The Bloodthirster and Iron Will
  • Warning: Extremely fun to play and extremely addicting once you start to enjoy him.
  • Let's face it, he's just way too sexy.


  • The most mechanical champion as of now. Requires practice and patience.
  • Decent late game damage scaling unless if you go for the APC or ADC. (I mean, you're an assassin, getting the squishies out of the way first should be very useful for your team.
  • Not that tanky, but not that squishy either. So on late game, you should focus on an important role.(Assassin or a tank if badly needed)
  • If your team has low chemistry, chances are, you will end up initiating and they wont even bother trying to help you, or they just don't know your personal play style (Refer to 3rd video on the Video Samples section).
  • Not that good on team fights especially when there's a heavy tank around the front lines. (Requires strict positioning.)

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Chapter 3 (Runes)


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
My friend used to ask me: "What's with the Crit Mark?"

It's not like I'm the first one to figure some calculations out. I know there are a lot of players out there making good rune pages. But I just told him this: "Why not?"

If you can imagine how many basic attacks you can land in every team fight or throughout the whole game. Now wouldn't that little crit chance come in handy?

Greater mark of armor penetration - Greater Mark of Armor Penetration: I don't think I need to explain this. It's not basically essential if you are going for this early game, but you are going to need this late game when you have [last whisper]. Even though it has been nerfed on season 3, it's still a nice rune.

- Greater Seal of Armor: Of course, it's armor. Would really come in handy throughout the game.

- Greater Glyph of Attack Damage: This one is just a calculation. If you add up the quints with 2.25 Attack Damage, it will result on a +7.0 flat attack damage on the rune stats. Give it a try.

- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: There should be at least 1 AP champ in a game. Or if not, then at least there should be a AP based skill in a game. Or if not. . .Well, you can never tell if they don't pick anything AP'ish right? Don't waste that rune page. Lol

- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: To add some attack damage. Since Lee Sin's AD scaling relies on bonus AD. This should really come in handy throughout the game.

Theory: In case you are wondering why I usually say "Useful throughout the game" is this - There are a lot of times where the enemy (After giving out the full burst with Ignite.) has only a few HP left. Or even worse, 1 HP (which is totally a nightmare for pre - level 30 players.) I went through this a lot before I was 30. And I would say to myself, "If only I was 1 level higher."

ADDITIONAL NOTES: So I got this feedback about wasting the rune slot on Greater Glyph of Attack Damage. I would also agree on this one, but I would prefer rounding - off the 0.25 attack damage for a final result of +7.0 attack damage (I calculated it ^_^) here are the over-all stats on the rune set:

Another thing is, I don't have spare rune pages to create a set of runes that is specific against AD or AP champions. I will update this guide as soon as I buy additional rune pages. That is why I chose Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist so that it can scale well from mid - late.

I would like to credit Invite Him for this awesome feedback :D I am happy that you took time to read my guide and did some constructive criticism. Kudos!

So I hope this was informative to you. On to the next chapter!

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Chapter 4 (Masteries)


  • - Double - Edged Sword: This new mastery is indeed a double edged sword (I don't know why it's an Axe by the way). Giving 2% bonus damage (this applies to all damage skills) in exchange for taking 1% more damage. Now compare this to it's counter-part (Ranged) it's not a bad pick either. We are focusing on good damage and not much of survival since WE CAN escape for like, 90% of the time (Explained on the skills section)
  • - Sorcery: +4% Cooldown reduction is really nice for Lee Sin. I will explain later.
  • - Brute Force: Nothing much to say. Lee Sin scales with AD.
  • - Spell Weaving: Definitely PERFECT for Lee Sin. Note that we DO NOT rely on basic attacks only. Most of our damage sources come from Lee Sin's spell. If you utilize this mastery properly, you will notice that this is in synergy with Lee's Flurry.
  • - Martial Mastery: Lo and behold: +5 Attack damage throughout the game. Need I say more?
  • - Executioner: Dragon's Rage + Resonating Strike, nuff' said :)
  • - Blade Weaving: Similar to Spell Weaving , this will pairs up well with Lee Sin's kit. Hitting an enemy with a spell increases your basic attack damage by 1% and stacks for up to 3 times for a maximum of 3% bonus basic attack damage (Tons of Flurry anyone?)
  • - Warlord: At level 3, this increases bonus attack damage by 5%. . .5% PERCENT! Now that's useful.
  • - Devastating Strikes: 6% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration at level 3. Here's something you may not know: Lee Sin's Tempest skill counts as magic damage. I LOVE this mastery.
  • - Havoc: Percentage damage is really nice on burst champions. If you can land 500 damage, that's +15 damage and it's similar to true damage because it depends on how much damage you dish out. (Tons of Damage)

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Sub Chapter

  • - Block: Reduces incoming basic attack damage from champions by 2 at level 2 (Leave this to level 1 though). This may not sound much, but have you ever tried surviving with only 1 HP? I did, and I can tell that this is worth spending 1 mastery point for defense. :)
  • - Recovery: +2 Health Regen every 5 seconds. If you love trading blows then this will seriously come in handy.
  • - Enchanted Armor: With Mercury's Treads and Hexdrinker (adding a total of 50 magic resist respectively), this adds a bonus of 2.5 magic resist. Again, it does not sound much, but then again, what better else can you get?

  • - Veteran Scars: Needless to say, +36 health from the start of the game throughout the end, is really, really handy.
  • - Juggernaut: Due to the Season 4 changes, we are now graced with this mastery unlike before (which we only got Veteran's Scars ) 3% bonus HP. On the contrary, Oppression would've made it through this build but it's best fit for the other builds listed above (refer to champion builds at the start of this guide)

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Chapter 5 (Summoner Spells)

  • Ignite: This. I have nothing else to say if you want to be an assassin.
  • Flash: Needless to say, an assassin must know a way out. This will really help you in that purpose. Ghost might be a replacement, but it's a bad replacement.
  • Smite: Your best friend in the jungle (Besides Axl Rose), Take this, or your team will hate you when you go jungling.
  • Teleport: I usually fill this in replacing Ignite when going for top lane. The common reason is that: When your team needs a tank that's good on utility, then Lee Sin fits that role too. Adding Teleport to your summoner skills can help out a lane getting ganked or seriously outnumbered and would need you right away. Make sure you know where the right position is and always be updated on whatever is happening to each lane.

    NOTE: It goes without saying that I shouldn't mention the other summoner spells since this guide focuses on a mid/top/jungle Lee Sin. For me, this is the best you can grab from all the options available.

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Chapter 6 (Skills)

(WARNING: I explain skills very seriously and I added some situations or explanations so it might be TL;DR for you guys. But I encourage you to do so.)

After using an ability, Lee Sin's next 2 basic attacks within 3 seconds gain 40% attack speed and return 15 energy each.

A good passive. Lee Sin relies on energy instead of mana. You might want to utilize this passive especially when you are jungling. Make sure you hit twice or at least once every time you cast a skill. Getting low on energy can mean serious trouble, but sooner or later you will get used to landing those normal hits while this passive is on. For example:
  • At melee or pointblank range, you cast Sonic Wave. Try landing at least one normal hit to regain some energy. If the situation is dire and you still have some spare energy left, make sure you cast Resonating Strike instead of trying to get that normal hit. I mean, obviously NOT GETTING KILLED > ENERGY
  • You cast Tempest at melee range. Land at least 1 normal attack to gain some energy back and then cast Cripple then do 2 normal attacks again. At least when the enemy champion still has a chance to escape, you will have enough energy to cast Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike again.
SONIC WAVE: Lee Sin shoots a wave of sound in a line, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits and revealing the enemy for 3 seconds. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike within the next 3 seconds.
RESONATING STRIKE: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy revealed by Sonic Wave, dealing physical damage including 8% of the target's missing health. Minions and monsters take a maximum of 400 damage.

Now this skill can work lots of wonders. I max this out first before Tempest Initiating, last hitting, poking and even escaping! Here are some situations and explanations:
  • Situation or Explanation #1

    Enemy has an opening. You land Sonic Wave and then follow up with Resonating Strike THEN Safeguard to a nearby minion with your skill's furthest range. Now it's considered a basic poke where you can, most of the time though, trade without taking damage.
  • Situation or Explanation #2

    While chasing the fleeing enemy from your patient and awesome power, make sure that you have at least 1 or 2 wards (Better if it's a Ruby Sightstone) place the ward ahead then Safeguard to it, immediately followed up by Sonic Wave and snipe that champion down. If it's not enough, go Resonating Strike A.K.A Chuck kick and secure the kill. (Note that this is faster with smartcast. I'll explain later.)
  • Situation or Explanation #3

    In the event that only a few members of the enemy team are defending the turret, (Let's say, 2 are defending and there are 3 of you waiting like angry sharks for that 150 gold.) try to hit your Sonic Wave and then followed up with Resonating Strike BUT WAIT! Here's the trick to that:

    You might want to practice this in a custom vs AI game first or with a friend who is willing to offer his/her soul for you to become the next Lee Sin master! As soon as you get near with Resonating Strike place a sight ward behind the enemy then immediately Safeguard there then follow up (as fast as you can) with Dragon's Rage, kicking the poor victim unto your 2 team mates with laser beams attached to their heads. This will secure your Flash out in case if you get caught in a sticky situation OR force the Flash out of the poor fellah. Avoiding death if not responded to right away. This works 95% of the time (My own statistics, sorry) surprising the enemy and tend to react late. (I don't know exactly why.)
  • Situation or Explanation #4

    If the enemy team is chasing you and Safeguard is on cooldown or you are out of sightstone stacks, this might help. As soon as you gain distance from them, try hitting any creep that is strategically useful for you. One good example is in the jungle. (Both sides. And there are a LOT of walls in the jungle.) Make sure you calculate correctly, because 1 mishap can lead to that 1 death or that Shut Down. If it's early to mid game, hitting by reflex anywhere on the jungle camps can still save you, but having that The Bloodthirster on your inventory and using Sonic Wave on a cute wraith can 1 shot it and therefore, denying your sexy escape. So make sure you aim for the bigger monsters like the blue wraith, red lizard, blue golem or the golem in case this happens.
  • Situation or Explanation #5

    You are in melee range with AD carry using your sight ward or Ruby Sightstone with Safeguard and landed that Tempest for some initial damage. MAKE SURE you land that Sonic Wave because the moment that enemy champion reacts, it will try to escape. You have 3 seconds to cast this again and based on personal experience, 80% of the time, the enemy would try to use his/her escape skills right away like Ezreal's Arcane Shift or Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net. Cast Resonating Strike the moment they land on terrain and continue Bruce Lee-ing the soul out of them. And oh, don't forget to cast Cripple before closing the gap. This will lower the chance of the enemy champion's escape and therefore, securing the kill.
  • Situation or Explanation #6

    You are fighting 1 on 1 with Udyr which is a good counter-pick for Lee Sin and the both you of synergize to just brawl it out. The HP bars are almost even. The good thing is, the both of you have Flash. Note that Resonating Strike will deal 8% of the enemy's missing HP as physical damage. Use this opportunity to Flash into a blind spot then immediately cast Sonic Wave followed up with Resonating Strike. To be honest, it has to happen so fast that you must not allow the enemy to react right away. This does not happen all the time, but it will sooner or later.
  • Situation or Explanation #7

    Fighting skill shot based champions like Ezreal or Lux can be a bit complicated. But once you execute the combo correctly, it will turn the tides around. Let's say both of you have low HP and assuming you can still take at least 5-7 normal hits. Enemy Lux is on MAN-MODE and would want to secure that kill shutting you down. Cast Sonic Wave on the enemy Lux and anticipate if she is going to cast Light Binding or Lucent Singularity towards you. Immediately place a ward on another side far from that direction you are going but still heading towards her and cast Resonating Strike to close the gap, then just bust her with Dragon's Rage the moment you get close. Or if she is really low on HP, cast Tempest instead to save that Dragon's Rage.

    If you get caught with Light Binding while heading towards her with Resonating Strike well, it can be game over for you. So make sure you do a sufficient side-step if Lucent Singularity was casted first. This can save you and secure a kill.

SAFEGUARD: Lee Sin dashes to target ally, he and the target each gaining a shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage. Each shield dissipates after 5 seconds if not already destroyed. Lee Sin can cast Iron Will within 3 seconds of using Safeguard
IRON WILL: For 5 seconds, Lee Sin gains bonus life steal and spell vamp.

Now this is an awesome escape tool if used right. It can also save your allies from certain death like Ignite, Noxian Diplomacy's Bleeding debuff, a Turret hit etc. A gap closer, a marvelous initiating skill and packs a lot of utility like Lifesteal and Spellvamp, Iron Will ladies and gents - a skill to behold.
  • Situation or Explanation #1

    Now I may have exaggerated my introduction about Iron Will and Safeguard there, but to me, it's true. And I am happy that I exaggerated it. A basic trick would be escaping from an enemy by using Safeguard on an allied minion or a sight ward (Works on allied champions too). This saves Flash if you are near any of those mentioned above. If you notice why I always place Ruby Sightstone on the item builds, it is because you can flash for up to 5 times with this skill in a few seconds. Add that to nearby allied minions and champions and you can do more than a single Flash in 300 seconds cooldown.
  • Situation or Explanation #2

    Using this skill to save a team mate who is about to be slain due to some Damage-over-time skills like Ignite can be very rewarding. Because obviously, you win. You gain gold while the slain enemy didn't. Be selfless too and do your best to save your team mate. If you failed to do so, apologize. It will never hurt to say sorry to someone you don't even know.
  • Situation or Explanation #3

    Use this skill to close a gap to make sure that Tempest + Cripple combo hits. If this skill can be a tool for escaping, why wouldn't it be something for initiating?
  • Situation and Explanation #4

    The only thing I can say for Iron Will is this: Lifesteal + Spellvamp is a good way to sustain yourself in your lane. Remember that Spellvamp works on Lee Sin's Sonic Wave, Resonating Strike and although I haven't tried it out yet, it might work on Dragon's Rage as well. I'll test it out when I have the chance. Also, this is your "What the **** lifesteal surprise if you are trading normal hits. Note that you are an AD champ with an attack speed passive( Flurry) and add it with The Bloodthirster, it gives you a total of 37% Lifesteal.

TEMPEST: Lee Sin smashes the ground, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and revealing them for 4 seconds. If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast Cripple within the next 3 seconds.
CRIPPLE: Lee Sin cripples all enemies revealed by Tempest reducing their movement and attack speed. The movement and attack speed recover over 4 seconds.

1 of 2 CC's built in Lee Sin's kit, this is almost perfect for ganks, chases and trading normal hits. This is also 1 of your 3 damage sources from Lee Sin which scales very good with AD. I max this second since being an assassin requires burst damage. So obviously, why not max the damage sources as a priority right?
  • Situation or Explanation #1

    You get to chase the enemy with Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike, use this skill immediately to slow the enemy's movespeed and land those few normal hits while advancing to where the enemy champion is going and waiting for Sonic Wave to end it's cooldown. Use Sonic Wave again to mark the enemy, do at least 2 normal hits and use Dragon's Rage followed up with Resonating Strike for that full burst potential. (They usually end up dying when you cast Sonic Wave again on some skirmishes. So I recommend saving Dragon's Rage for another important target.
  • Situation or Explanation #2

    When brawling with an enemy champion like Wukong or Akali, they are usually helpless for 3 seconds due to the attack speed debuff. I didn't count 4 because it eventually wears off. Your passive, Flurry grants 2 hits in a second and add's 1 more hit without the passive. They cant escape either because Tempest can reveal their stealth while slowing their movement speed which greatly heightens killing success.
  • Situation or Explanation #3

    If you want to set plays, then this skill is a must in the combo sequence. In the event that you are able to hit Sonic Wave while chasing from full energy and with team mates behind you, follow up with Resonating Strike then cast Tempest with Cripple immediately. Utilize your passive by hitting a normal attack to gain some energy back then place a sight ward or better yet a stack from Ruby Sightstone in front of the fleeing enemy then use Dragon's Rage towards your team's direction. This is a basic, must learn trick you need to master to utilize your kit as Lee Sin.
  • Situation or Explanation #4

    One more thing I can say about Tempest is a full burst combo sequence that will be explained in the later parts of this guide. So please please, stick around and let me share it with you in case you don't know yet. :)
  • A Good Tip from MeU2: "You should use your E immediatly after the ultimate in order to see where you throw the ennemy and slow him to be sure to have the kill ^^."

    I agree with his suggestion, but it might depend on the situation. A good example would be, champions with invisibility: Akali, Shaco so that you can trace them as soon as they go defensive. Most of the time, we use our tempest after Resonating Strike but there are also times when you are close to the enemy champion and might decide to use something else like Dragon's Rage. I'm not used to this kind of move, but for me, it works nice. A big thank you to MeU2 for the good tip! :D

DRAGON'S RAGE: Lee Sin launches a powerful roundhouse kick, dealing physical damage to a target champion and knocking it back 1200 units over 1 second. Enemies the target collides with take the same damage and are knocked airborne for 1 second.

Your main burst damage skill, this is one of the best and one of the most complicated spells to use in League of Legends. It's not a skill shot based spell but it's one of those rare spells that requires a lot of practice. THIS IS something that can change the tides into or against your favor. Misuse this skill, and your team might be in trouble. Like I said from the start: Learn how to calculate. What if you hate math? Well, calculations are not all about math, it's also about common sense. Here are some situations and explanations:
  • Situation or Explanation #1

    Do note that Dragon's Rage is a knock back skill. . .a loooong knock back. It does not stun on walls unlike Vayne's but on Lee Sin's skill kit, it fits perfectly. You have 2 directions: Away from or to your team mates. Most of the time, when you Chuck kick the enemy to your team mates, it would be rewarding. But kicking Alistar when you are about to initiate a team fight towards your team could be devastating. So be sure to carefully aim your target.
  • Situation or Explanation #2

    When chased by an enemy champion like Garen or Darius (I just love the both of them as examples) and Cripple or Safeguard is on cooldown, use proper judgement when using this skill as your last resort. If Demacian Justice is spammed while you are being chased because the poor Garen player is about to cry for that single kill, do your best to find a positive blind spot so that his spam would cancel and you can hit Dragon's Rage first. Saving you from a humongous sword from the heavens. (Or Darius' ******ed axe.) The first few days I played League of Legends, I saw my first Lee Sin opponent and was like: "WT*? I'm Master Yi! I can chase anything! WT*!?!?!?" and then Lee kicked me away then used Safeguard to a nearby enemy creep. So yeah, experience is a good teacher. (Or if you insist, the best)
  • Situation or Explanation #3

    As mentioned in my Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike guide, chasing plus knocking in the enemy towards your allies using Dragon's Rage is possible in 4 ways:
    • #1. The Standard: Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike Immediately use Tempest + Cripple then do a normal hit or when you have enough energy to use Safeguard then place a sight ward or a Ruby Sightstone ward in front or behind the enemy (depending on your allies' position) then Safeguard there. THEN use Dragon's Rage to knock them towards the sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.
    • #2. Follow "The Standard" Steps but this time, if you think that you must use Dragon's Rage directly before the enemy can react, don't mind placing a sight ward or a Ruby Sightstone stack and use Flash instead. Make sure you are in the right position. You might kick the enemy champion sideways and cost you the ultimate.
    • #3. If the enemy is already CC'ed with stuns from Taric or is dancing to Sona's Crescendo don't waste that sight ward or Ruby Sightstone stack and instead, walk behind then kick the poor fellow towards your team. Oh! Don't forget to slow that helpless victim down with Cripple or if you are ahead, just go and do the awesome kick.
    • #4. The most complicated trick: As noted, this requires a lot of practice and is almost impossible if you are not using "Smart Cast". (Just in case if you are not familiar with the term, it's when you don't need to point and click and just aim the mouse cursor to a specific location and then the command would execute there.) Here is the pattern:
      • Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike and the moment your close enough to the enemy and in sight ward or Ruby Sightstone range, place that Ward behind (or at the right angle where you should face your team mates.) the target champion then Safeguard immediately followed up with Dragon's Rage This is the most complicated (In my opinion) initiation combo to execute. I recommend practicing this first with a friend or on AI games. Preferably custom AI. I have seen only a few summoners executing this with grace. Hopefully everyone or every devoted Lee Sin player would learn this too.
  • Situation or Explanation #4

    One last thing: If you are not fond of reading the skill's full description, then read this: Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage can knock other enemy champions up if they collide with the main target. Awesome? Yes. And could really help your team in bursting down the enemy if used right. Do note that you are an AD champion that focuses on damage instead of being tanky. ABUSE this. I have seen players who made a lot of double's and even a triple (as far as I can remember) and landed a quadra after finishing the main target. Believe me, this skill works wonders and is by far my most favorite. (Besides Assault and Battery which is actually awesome too. LOL)

  • Situation or Explanation #5

    : Lee Sin's most powerful burst combo is like this: Sonic Wave ---> Tempest ---> Dragon's Rage ---> Resonating Strike. This usually bursts down squishy champions like Ezreal or Twisted Fate (but my personal favorite is Akali). But be extremely CAREFUL though. You might want to apply the element of surprise. You must mark the enemy champion with Sonic Wave then cast Tempest right away followed up by Dragon's Rage + Resonating Strike. In between Tempest and Dragon's Rage, try to practice landing 1 normal hit for additional damage and some energy (from utilizing your passive). This works almost all the time especially on AD or AP carries. I will upload a video soon on how to execute this combo (Because LoLreplay for some reason, cannot run since the Aatrox patch. If there is a good soul out there who is willing to teach me how to fix it, I will love you forever <3 ).

So this ends the skills section. (Phew) I hope you still have energy to read on the next chapter. Don't worry, we're almost done.

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Chapter 7 (Items)

WARNING: I will make this as detailed as possible in all of my power and soul. Bear with me as we go through this because I simply want other summoners to be enlightened. I want everyone reading this to learn a thing or two. If I failed on making you learn, please do leave a constructive feedback on the comment section. It will fuel my thirst to learn more about: Lee Sin. . .The Blind Monk.

- Now just because this is the only boots I placed on my guide, doesn't mean there are no other alternatives. For example you are facing Zed on mid. What else can you do but get Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads? My explanation about this is simple: Magic resist and Tenacity are perfect for Lee Sin to avoid some of that CC (scumbag Lux) and Magic burst damage. I cannot stress out how useful this is but as mentioned; there are alternatives (Later in this section)

- Facing LeBlanc at mid can be quite frustrating (at least on my experience). And this can help you cure that itch about having second thoughts whether or not you make a trade. An early Hexdrinker can really make a difference. In fact, it's in my inventory throughout the game 90% of the time. This item is a must if the enemy team has at least 2 AP champions and are both considered a threat. Even at least 1 AP mid champion can be considered a threat if not countered right away. And you will just lose all of that CS.

- One of the must have's throughout the game. The item built Lifesteal paired with Iron Will is definitely rewarding. You can land trades with the target AD carry if you have to (If you get close to range though). Not to mentione the full - stack - additional 100 damage. That's + 200 damage to Dragon's Rage. What else can you wish for?

- Another one of the must have's. Late game, you'll be encountering a lot of armor stacking enemy champions since they will consider you a threat. Especially to the enemy ADC or APC. This is a good remedy for it because higher amounts of armor = high % armor reduction. Don't worry, even if they won't stack armor, your flat armor pen marks can still aid you in the damage as well as the little % reduction from Last Whisper. Forgot to tell you that it adds 40 damage. Get it after The Bloodthirster

- Hating that Death Mark? Worrying about executing a combo and then get focused? Did you fail to dodge that Final Spark and removed 1/4 or worse, 1/2 of your HP? Then this item will cleanse that fear. Your main concern is not to be bursted down by another enemy champion. But burst damage would mean ALMOST nothing if you survive and manage to escape. As it will place that skill on cooldown and will provide an opening for you and your team. Carrying and additional 1000 is a ton of help and it's better if you manage to stay alive for your team after assassinating an enemy ADC or APC. Remember, it's all or nothing but it doesn't mean that the system wont allow you to go on cooldown. Grab this item. Like, hug it.

- "WT*? What's a Ruby Sightstone doing here?"

Yes ladies and gentlemen; The Ruby Sightstone is indeed a "sight" to behold. A marvelous, sexy and useful item if you are Katarina a support or just, Lee Sin. Adding 360 HP and giving you 5 flashes every 9 seconds assuming you are the only one left and 5 enemies are chasing you. This is a MUST after you build the core items or even when you need at chunk of HP so you wont be bursted down.

UPDATE: - I moved this to the core items section due to the information that a fellow summoner gave me. Detailed explanation below:

Credits to Thatdudeinthecotton for the splendid observation regarding this item. I was enlightened by it's utility as an item. Mr. Cotton did some math (Which I reaaaaally, so thanks a lot!) regarding how much burst you can do with the Ravenous Hydra:

So using a build such as (mercury's threads, sightstone, warmogs armor, The Bloodthirster x2 and a Last Whisper -including runes) with full BT stacks you have 254 bonus AD.[/b]
Taking that build and then swapping a The Bloodthirster for a Ravenous Hydra this changes to 229 bonus ad.

Using your full combo to burst someone down, build 1 will provide: 1220 extra damage on top of your base damages.
Build 2 gives: 1072 without hydra proc. But with the proc it goes to 1415. (note, this won't be hard to land since you have cripple and it doesn't interrupt).

Assuming you land the proc, build 1's damage would catch up after 8 autoattacks or 4 Sonic Wave, Resonating Strike combo's.
But by then build 2 would easily have another proc up, forcing build 1 to play catchup again.

tlDr; Ravenous Hydra beats The Bloodthirster in terms of damage unless You get in a VERY sustained fight, which is beside the point for an assassin. + hydra gets even better if you don't have full stacks of BT (which is unfortunate, but still possible)

He nailed a good point! Again, thanks to Thatdudeinthecotton!!

Now let me explain: Alternative or should I say, "situational" items simply depends on the situation. You have to take into account what counters you and who you should counter. My main build is the standard when it comes to general cases. But there will always be a time when a match will surprise you and you need to adapt to it. As I explained earlier, why would you go Mercury's Treads when you are facing Zed at mid and Garen or Darius at top and let's say, Udyr in the jungle. including the ADC which is generally, still AD. You have in your hands, 4. . .4 AD champions and you'd still go for Mercury's Treads? YES you can. Tenacity dear summoners, Tenacity and some magic resist. Late game, they will just counter you with Armor Penetration but in all honesty, wont use Magic Penetration because hey, they are AD champions. Early game, Ninja Tabi would be a nice choice. But late game, please consider changing your boots into something more practical. Especially when you see the enemy countering you with Armor Penetration.

TLDR; Here are some items you could use depending on the situation:

- Good for early game dominance (Just my opinion though). Because as I explained earlier, Ninja Tabi doesn't really make much of a difference compared to Mercury's Treads But if you really are facing a Heavy AD team, go for it until the end. It's still viable but you rarely see full AD team comps nowadays.

- When going mid, this is a good alternative due to it's passive. You get to gank other lanes faster. The downside is, it's just for movement speed. I recommend grabbing this if your team ganks often OR if your enemy lane loves to leave his/her lane.

- A good replacement for Warmog's Armor when the enemy is again, AD heavy. The active slow is also a good bonus when you dive in and throw some soft CC to give room for your team mates to land those skills.

- Since it's release on season 3, Spirit of the Elder Lizard has become an icon for most AD champions like Ezreal and Jarvan IV. If Lee Sin does manage to get this early, then the damage output from his basic attacks to the last bit of his skills will be high and rewarding. That is if you manage get it early though. Perfect for early - mid game dominance.

- I only tried this once and it fits perfectly with a bruiser type of Lee Sin. The life steal from the active item skill creates room for longevity in team fights. The slow is also an awesome bonus. A good item, but if you want to go assassinating then I can't really recommend this. Still a good choice though.

- I can vouch for the cooldown reduction on this one. The stacking % armor reduction is also cool but sadly, I am not a fan since it costs high. It's still a strong item though. Considering that you have the HP bonus from the Ruby Crystal. Overall, it depends on your taste. I'd still recommend this for bruisers but Last Whisper is still a stronger pick in my opinion. Especially at late game. So generally it's your choice. No pressure :D

- Perfect for most bruisers. Health + some damage and topped off with a whooping soft CC, this item is worth it on some situations. I'd still prefer Warmog's Armor when you go assassin though. since the bonus HP from that item grants you better chances on burst damage champions like LeBlanc. The downside is, it kinda neglects the point of your Cripple because cripple also offers a good slow on an enemy target. But heck, if you wanna go perma - slow on them then grab this!

- I rarely use this, but 60 attack damage and above average magic resistance is indeed a powerful bonus even at late game. The catch about this item is the Cleanse effect. Can be a good replacement for Hexdrinker or Maw of Malmortius. Why is it good? Because if Taric is chasing you and you are so close to a cliff, you might want to activate this item when he lands his Dazzle (Oh my. .This skill name. . .) so you can continue with your sweet escape. On the contrary, most of the summoners say that Maw of Malmortius offers better longevity because of the spell shield proc. I beg to differ. It actually depends on the situation. A light AP, heavy CC enemy team composition will work badly against Mercurial Scimitar whereas Maw of Malmortius works perfectly with heavy AP, low CC enemy team comps. So make sure you analyze the enemy team's composition before grabbing items. (Master yourself, Master the enemy.)

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Chapter 8 (Video Samples)

This is where I demonstrate some of the moves stated in my guide. As to some, these are common combos because they have been playing Lee Sin since his release. To others, they might learn a thing or two. I will explain what I did on each clip to further elaborate what was executed


  • Here is a basic Lee Sin combo. As I tried to gank bot, things didn't really go our way. Akali went with Sejuani to counter gank. As I focused on securing our carry a kill, I was rudely interrupted by Sejuani while Akali rushed for our Caitlyn I had to admit it was my fault because I made the dive call so I had to make sure at least someone gets slain in return. I did a "Backward + Safeguard" combo (Placing a ward behind the target and Safeguard to it and immediately went for Dragon's Rage to prevent Sejuani from escaping. Now usually, what you do is to follow up with Sonic Wave while the enemy is still in mid-air. But in this case, Nami was there and I didn't want to risk it. I stepped forward for a bit to make sure I land a sure Sonic Wave and secured the kill. Nami did quite a job on clearing the pink ward out of that Tri-bush but unfortunately for her, she exchanged it for her life.


  • I call this "Charlie's Dragon Pass" (Charlie is a sexy team mate of ours). I stated this on the skills section under Dragon's Rage 3rd chapter of the "Situation or Explanation" #4. Actually, there is no specific name for this move. I even named it "The Charlie Cannon" at first. But well, I asked him what he likes. So in his honor, I named it after his request (He's the Caitlyn in the replays lol). In case you forgot about how to execute it, I'll paste what I wrote again:

    "#4. The most complicated trick: As noted, this requires a lot of practice and is almost impossible if you are not using "Smart Cast". (Just in case if you are not familiar with the term, it's when you don't need to point and click and just aim the mouse cursor to a specific location and then the command would execute there.) Here is the pattern:
    Sonic Wave + Resonating Strike and the moment you're close enough to the enemy and in Sight Ward or Ruby Sightstone range, place that Ward behind (or at the right angle where you should face your team mates.) the target champion then Safeguard immediately followed up with Dragon's Rage This is the most complicated (In my opinion) initiation combo to execute when using Lee Sin. I recommend practicing this first with a friend or on AI games. Preferably custom AI. I have seen only a few summoners executing this with grace. Hopefully everyone or every devoted Lee Sin player would learn this too."


  • I stated in the "Pros and Cons" section that if you and your team has low chemistry, then you are going to have a baaaad time. Here's is a sample of good team synergy. As I look at the minimap where my team mates are, I saw the other 2 were coming (A Megacute Alien and A Megacute Tiger) I was already invading the jungle with my wife (A Megacute Squid) and saw Sejuani pass by. Deciding with haste, I trusted my team mates to back me up. So I landed Sonic Wave and I immediately followed up with Resonating Strike and did a "Backward + Safeguard" and managed to land a good Dragon's Rage. Janna did a chain combo with Howling Gale right away to continue the CC while taking advantage of Caitlyn's Ace in the hole. I did as much burst to secure the kill and gave it to the carry.


  • There are a lot of things that you can take advantage of. It really matters when you memorize what your champion's kit has to offer. Just like how Lee Sin counter's Akali's Twilight Shroud (Note that Tempest reveals units around you. INCLUDING those who are invisible). Same with Lee Sin's Sonic Wave. In this video, let me give you a sample on how to take advantage of Sonic Wave. Notice how I only had 1 ward left because I had to help my wife on the map control. They nearly wiped us out because our Elise unintendedly disconnected and they took advantage of it (generally, who wouldn't? lol). So checked if I had Flash up and planned my escape. I placed the last ward hoping they did not have Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir with them. Sadly, they had and they wiped out my last Ruby Sightstone stack. I retaliated by casting Sonic Wave which lasts 3 seconds (and totally enough for me to time that smite). As soon as Baron Nashor went really low on HP, I jumped in and Smited mid-air to secure that Baron steal and tried to go in a unpredictable movement pattern to avoid most of the burst. Flashed out and got away.


  • So the point why I posted this video clip is to enlighten you when to use the Safeward+ Dragon's Rage combo at the right time. In this video, (where I failed my Tempest) I waited for Ezreal to use Arcane Shift and Flash. The reason why I didn't do the combo right after he burned those 2 skills, is that I tried to save Dragon's Rage just in case we get into a sticky situation. As I saw that Ezreal already had a chance to escape, I trusted my judgement and I kicked Ezreal back to the opposite direction, assuring the kill. (I wanted to give it to Brand though, I guess he also wanted me to have it. Lol)

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So as I draw closer to the end of my guide, let me post some results about this build. There might be some strange mixes between a mid, top or jungle Lee Sin because to be honest, in our server, people would curse you like there's no tomorrow if you pick Lee Sin mid.

So in these results, the one with the defeat was when I went jungling. I am not a jungle fan, I jungle poorly and I always preferred being a Bruiser or staying on mid lane (I admit). The one above it was me playing Lee Sin support (2-2-21). I have to say that it's ok, but seriously not viable on high ranked play. The other scores were simply normal games and 1 ranked. I had the privilege to go mid on my ranked game because I was lucky to get the first pick. The other normal games were well, mid too.

Please ignore the first one in these results (13-2-1). It's the same as the one I posted above. So all of this except for the 16-0-6 was Lee Sin mid. The 16-0-6 was top.

I wanted to post more results but on second thought, I'd rather not because I want this section of my guide to be dedicated to YOU dear viewer. Please do not hesitate to send me results of your Lee Sin adventures with this guide so I can proudly post it here. We are almost done!

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Jungle Timers (Why is this on a Top/Mid Guide? Please let me explain)

So when you hear the word "Jungle", what comes into your mind? For me it's the whole team. You may say that counter - jungling is the Jungler's job which is also true but I beg to differ. It's better if your whole team, your mid or your support+ADR would also cooperate on helping out with your counter - jungling especially when it comes to buffs. In this section, let me start with jungle timers


  • Carrying the most important buff ( Exalted with Baron Nashor )in the game, Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster in Summoner's Rift. By killing this large, alien-ish worm, you get up to:
  • +40 Attack Damage
  • +40 Ability Power
  • 3% of your maximum health in health regeneration per 5 seconds
  • 1% of your maximum mana in mana regeneration per 5 sec.
  • Initial Spawn: 15:00
  • Spawn Time: 7:00

    (Notes: Although I haven't tried it out yet, it might also speed up your energy regeneration. This is something for me to try out though. If someone has the answer, please do let me know so I can add it to my guide. Comes with credits of course! :D )


  • Gives 190 gold to each team member. Be careful though, not clearing the sight wards before killing the Dragon can lead to a disaster.
  • Initial Spawn: 2:30
  • Spawn Time: 6:00


  • Grants 70+ gold on kill and grants you a Crest of the ancient golem
  • Crest of the ancient golem : Grants 25 flat mana regeneration per 5 seconds and 0.5% of their maximum mana (or energy) per second and has 20% cooldown reduction.
  • If the bearer of this buff dies, the buff will transfer to the slayer and you are going to have a baaad time.
  • Initial Spawn: 1:55
  • Spawn Time: 5:00


  • Grants 70+ gold on kill and grants you a Blessing of the Lizard Elder
  • Blessing of the Lizard Elder : The bearer's physical attacks apply a debuff that slows the target's movement speed by 8 / 16 / 24% (5 / 10 / 15% for ranged attacks) for 3 seconds and a DoT that deals 8 + (2 × level) bonus true damage twice.
  • If the bearer of this buff dies, the buff will transfer to the slayer and you are going to have AGAIN, a baaad time.
  • Initial Spawn: 1:55
  • Spawn Time: 5:00


  • Grant's 55+ gold on kill and 140+ EXP.
  • Minion give +15 Gold and +40 EXP
  • Initial Spawn: 2:05
  • Spawn Time: 0:50


  • Grant's 40+ gold on kill and 110+ EXP.
  • Can critcally strike
  • Minions give +8 Gold +25 EXP
  • Initial Spawn: 2:05
  • Spawn Time: 0:50


  • Grant's 35+ gold on kill and 103+ EXP.
  • Minions are ranged and give +4 gold and +15 EXP each
  • Initial Spawn: 2:05
  • Spawn Time: 0:50


  • Grant's 60+ gold on kill and 150+ EXP.
  • Alone. . In the dark. . with mice. . .
  • Initial Spawn: 2:05
  • Spawn Time: 0:50

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Basic Jungle Guide [3.9 patch updated]

ATTENTION: This route is from season 3. I will update my Season 4 Route as soon as I do further study.

The 3.9 patch really changed my usual jungle route. I used to go Wraith --> Elder Lizard --> Wolf --> Ancient Golem --> Wraith then find a lane to gank. I found out the the jungle after the 3.9 patch is much better (just my opinion) compared to the pre 3.9 patch. I realized the you are already level 3 while the top and mid lanes are still at level 2 therefore, giving you the slight advantage. This season 4, Riot added another creep camp (A huge grey wraith called wight) But I still have to study a new route that would be more effective than my previous route. I did the same route as usual and still got the same results (both ranked and normal) but if I am to utilize the new creep camp, I might reap better rewards.

Now the reason why I take this route is that:
  • It gets you to level 3 fast
  • It narrows the gap between your Red Buff and Blue Buff timers
  • You get the slight advantage of having 1 level above the mid, top and bot lanes.
  • It sometimes gives you room to counter - jungle. (Junglers with slow clear time to be specific)
  • It is most of the time, a phase where a lane is overextended. It might be the case of an ally or an enemy champion.

This is just MY opinion though. Please do hit me with constructive feedback or with suggestions if you find something wrong or would like to stress out something better. This is just a bonus jungle guide because this guide is focused more on being an assassin and I am not a veteran jungler Lee Sin. So please, chill :)

    This serves as a fail-safe plan if you only forced the Flash out of the enemy champion especially in mid lane. So the next time you clear the small jungle camp, you should be level 4 or almost level 4. Besides, Lee Sin's jungle clear time is fast. This sometimes, should be enough for the human brain to think that you are not there anymore so that's the tricky part. To be more specific, clearing out the wraiths after you forced the Flash out of the enemy champion makes the player think that you already went for another objective. Although personally, this works for me most of the time (like 90-97%)
    Now I wont tackle about counter - jungling because I am yet to study that discipline (rest assured, I will update a counter jungling guide soon). What I meant was, if the enemy jungler literally has a slow clear time like Maokai for example, (Well, he's not that slow. Just average compared to Lee Sin's clear time) then it will give you room to sneak on his next buff.
    • (Here's a tip, if your support is support enough, rush to enemy jungler's 2nd prioritized buff and place a 1 min. ward there as soon as he/she reaches it so that you will know where they are getting the buff first.)
    Or if you are such in a hurry because you want to make sure that you want to counter jungle right away, then ignore the Wraith s or Wolves and head to your next buff. If you are insanely dedicated to counter jungle, ignore the second buff and sneak past the enemy jungle and on to the enemy jungler's next prioritized buff. You see, it all boils down to what situation you are in.

    (Junglers like Nunu and Shyvana are good counter junglers so be careful)
    Well, if you get there and the buff is already gone, then keep your guard up. It's better if you find a good lane to gank instead of chasing a butterfly that you might not catch. :3
    It's simple, communicate. Ask your ally if the enemy placed a ward and convince him/her to ping where it is. Trust me, it saves you a lot of trouble.
    I believe that there is this thing called "Jungle Sense" I know this is not technical and sounds rather psychological but really, on my experience, it makes a lot of "sense". I learned this from our jungler and I was like "?". If you can feel that the enemy jungler is about to enter your jungle and rob you of your lovely little critters, then ask for help. Ask mid to go with you or top or even both players in the bot / top lane. You have a high chance of securing a kill and saving your buff. But be sure to go back to your lanes right away, or your assistance might mean ALMOST nothing because you are letting the enemy lane farm for free while you are being denied of further exp and gold. "Waste not a minute!" - Lee Sin

Being a support does not mean you are the only one in charge of the wards. If this was a fact then I might as well do this:

This doesn't mean that it's mandatory either. Let's just put it this way:

or you
help your team to

Even your mid or top lane can bring wards just so that they can secure their perimeter. But that's the point, they are in the lanes. You are the JUNGLER. You roam a lot, gank a lot, smile a lot, frown a lot and it's all part of the package.

So what's with this chapter? To be honest, even at high ranked games, I can still see some junglers who totally don't bring wards. Like Absolute Zero. It's not like it's a crime, but please, help your support. Help your team and do your best to help carry your team to victory. League is not just about skill. The reason why I fell in-love with this game is the fact that you need ABSOLUTE TEAMWORK and SKILL to win. This may be challenging at first (trust me, it is. Personality plays a huge role when it comes to keeping this in mind), but it will reap great rewards. It will help you grow as a player and as a person. To be honest, my wife taught me this (Our team's official and dedicated support) and I realized a lot about team work because of her. :)

OK! Cheesiness aside, it's about time we get technical.

Now let me explain 2(two) things:

  • #1 Normal Warding: This is included in the Jungle Route map (at the beginning of this chapter). I always bring an extra sight ward when I have the chance even if I have Sightstone or Ruby Sightstone already. I usually fill up areas that need security.
    • For example: I just tried to gank mid lane. It failed but we managed to burn the enemy's Flash. You would expect retaliation from the enemy jungler, but your ally does not have wards or it just expired. Use your calculations or better yet your "Jungle Sense" and fill where the the ward should be placed to help your team mate's security in the lane.
  • #2 Counter Warding: It's not always about dewarding the enemy sight ward, it's also about informing your team mate if you see that the place is warded just in case they didn't notice. Bringing a Vision Ward can really turn things around sometimes (Or if you insist, most of the time - - I agree on both). It can help you in your ganks, your allied lane's security and the team's over-all performance. See how much a single Vision Ward or sight ward can do? Yeah, took me a lot of time to realize that one too.

    TLDR; If you find this too technical then just remember this:

Now with the new jungle route, I suggest getting to level 3 right away and try to find the lane that matches the following rules/criteria:
  • Gather information on which area is warded
  • Analyze the risks: Like if the both of you would end up dead or alive after the gank
  • Enemy champion is over extended
  • Enemy champion has low health or at half HP
  • Which summoner spell is used (Both ally and enemy champion)
  • Ask for the enemy player's skill level (Optional)

Now I know you can't type all of these while you are on your way to gank a lane. This only works if you are communicating well with your team via Team Speak or Raidcall, so I'll narrow it down to the important parts:
  • Gather information on which area is warded
  • Analyze the risks
  • Look if the enemy champion is over extended
  • Which summoner spell is used (Both ally and enemy champion) - Optional

So let me explain why you need to remember the criteria. Below are the explanations why you need to keep in mind what I listed above:

Gather information on which area is warded

This is the most important thing that you should consider before ganking a lane. I cannot stress out how important this factor is because if no one will tell you where the enemy champion placed his/her ward, then you are going to have a hard time ganking that lane. You will only waste a lot of time and therefore, denying you experience and gold.

Another thing is that if you know where the wards are, you can calculate where you should pass. For a champion like Lee Sin, going to the Baron pit and placing a sight ward ( Ruby Sightstone stack is HIGHLY recommandable) over the cliff and casting Safeguard to it will be a good sneaky move (If you are on the blue side of course). Just make sure that the Baron pit is not warded or else it will all be for nothing.

Analyze the risks

So you really want to gank the top lane. It's Yorick with 100% HP while your ally has 50% HP and you have 50% HP too. He's pleading for help and you decided to give him a break and moved to the top lane. You followed rule #1 and the enemy Yorick didn't see you.

What's next? Yorick is level 6 and your ally is still at level 5. You killed the enemy Yorick but you have 5% HP left and your ally has 10% HP left UNFORTUNATELY, you did not think about your escape tactic. Both of you got killed. Sad story. End.

CUT! This shouldn't happen. You must know what to tell your allies (like "Let's not risk the 2 for 1 exchange"). If they insist on a gank, force the Flash out of the enemy instead. Most of the time, that would be enough for them to minimize harassing your ally. If all else fails, tell them to heal up a bit while you go back to base and heal up too. Purchase what you need and then go back to that lane. Or if you forced the Flash out of the enemy champion and have a good chunk HP left, Try to let the enemy champion feel that you are not there anymore and gank while the player's guard is down. WARNING: This is effective if your ally has good judgement and experience. Most of the time, they would keep on harassing especially when they know you are around and therefore, would force the enemy to go back to base (which is also a good thing) but denying the both of you the kill, assist and possible tower push.

Again, please please, analyze the risks when you decide to gank a lane.

Enemy champion is over extending

Now this should be easy to analyze, but always remember rule #1 and #2. If you ignore those 2 rules, then chances are, the enemy champion will notice you are coming and will go defensive. If you force yourself to gank that lane without thinking of the risks, the enemy jungler might come in to counter - gank and you and your ally would be in a very bad place. So please, please, remember rules #1 and #2.

Enemy champion has low health or at half HP

Similar to rule #3, if you see the enemy champion has low HP, then it will make things easier. Again, don't forget rule #1, 2 and 3.

Which summoner spell is used (Both ally and enemy champion)

As stated in rule #2, if the enemy's summoner spells are already burned out, then it will give you that slight advantage when ganking that lane. Just remember the risks (again).

Ask for the enemy player's skill level (Optional)

This is actually optional. There will always be a time when you will get outplayed by another player. Even the pro players get outplayed sometimes so there are no exceptions. This should work well when you are verbally communicating with your ally through softwares like Team Speak or Raidcall because it saves you the trouble of typing what you want to say. If your ally gives good feedback about the enemy champion he/she is facing, then you will have a slight edge trying to predict what the enemy player will do when you come in. WARNING: There will be a time when you will underestimate or overestimate an enemy. This will result poorly on your gank so be cautious.

So that's it for the Basic Jungle Guide. I really hope this would help you if you are still starting out as a jungler. I had the opportunity to jungle everyday for 2 months and this is what I learned so far.

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Closing Remarks (With Credits)

So I hope this guide assisted you on your adventure to become the next top Lee Sin. I know I know, the chances are slim and there are a lot of pros out there but hey, they started out as beginners too.

There will be a lot of frustrations ahead, but try not to give up because mind you, it feels really good to execute a good combo even if you are already used to it. I won't say practice makes perfect, but practice AND patience will.

Look up to pro players. Be inspired by them because they can really help. Until now, I still look up to GG Diamond from Gambit Gaming (EU). I found another pro player to look up to: In Sec from KT Rolster B (KR). I learned a lot from these guys so I suggest watching their clips / streams or their full games on safe sites like Youtube or Leaguepedia.

Lee Sin will be a tough champion to master, but nonetheless possible. Remember that.

So this is it for me. Good luck with everything and I will assure you, I will keep this guide updated!

Credits to:

  • MOBAfire for this awesome site.
  • jhoijhoi for the cool "Making a guide" - - guide. (LOL guide - - guide)
  • Youtube for the free pizza - I mean video hosting.
  • My supportive wife: A Megacute Squid and to my close friends / team mates: A Megacute Alien, A Megacute Tiger (CHAAARRRRLLLIEEEE), A Megacute Puppy, Wafu and the guys from AnL, AnL JunPyo, AnL Juhpz and CaNtelL.
  • for some of the descriptions mentioned on this guide.
  • YOU, my dear viewer, you have my greatest thanks!

    Please please, if it's possible, hit a constructive feedback. Let me know if there is something that I should change. I aim to be a player focused, open minded guide maker so I kinda need your help on this. :) ENJOY!

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Change Log


  • Updated chapter 3 "Runes: What and Why" on a detailed explanation why I chose those set of runes
  • Fixed some minor flaws on the coding. Video #5 on chapter 8: Video Samples should now appear in line with the other videos.
  • Updated jungle timer on Wolf . Instead of 1:00 on respawn time, it's changed to 0:50 (Credits to "Invite Him")

  • Updated Top and Support Jungle on Items, Masteries, Summoner spells and Runes
  • Tweaked build names (Catergorized Burst Top/Mid, Offensive/Support Jungle, Tanky Utility Top).
  • Added boots of Mobility to the Alternate Items section with brief explanation.

    • Updated Basic Jungle Guide
    • Segregated Support / Tanky Jungle

    • Added specific title per chapter so that the Table of Contents wont be confusing

    • Updated Item: Ravenous Hydra Please check the items section on the guide. Credits to Thatdudeincotton!

    • Masteries Update: I am still to study the new masteries and what should be added for each build. As of now, I have placed a temporary guide for each build at the champion build section. Please be patient as I formulate a good one for you guys :)

    • MAJOR update on Masteries, Added 2 more useful summoner skills and some jungle stuff (like timers, exp, gold per minion) Also the route. I am still to master a good route for you guys :)
    • Transferred images from previous photo hosting site to another one to avoid missing images at some point every month.