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Shaco Build Guide by DesperateShaco

Jungle grandmaster

[10.16] LITERALLY FREELO WITH AD/AP Shaco | by Desperate Sha

By DesperateShaco | Updated on August 11, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Shaco

Runes: Standard Rune Page

Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Future's Market
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

[10.16] LITERALLY FREELO WITH AD/AP Shaco | by Desperate Sha

By DesperateShaco
Who am I?
Before I start off with this Guide, i wanted to introduce myself, my name is Niklas, also known as Desperate Shaco on EUW and I have been maining Shaco since Season 5 and have been creating content on Youtube and Twitch for the last 2 years! In Season 8 and 9 i managed to get to Master peaking at 100LP and 230LP and in Season 10 i managed to reach 640LP Grandmaster, one of my proudest achievements!

This is the highest winrate i ever managed to get by only playing SoloQ:

If you are interested in Tips and Tricks, VOD Reviews, Full Game Commentary, or just Montages of my best plays, then I would highly recommend checking out my Youtube Channel and if you want to catch me during one of my live streams in which I play Ranked and just talk to the people in chat then Twitch it is!
Why should you play Shaco? Back to Top

Here are a couple of reasons as to why i think [[Shaco is 100% worth picking up as a new champion or even OTP

    - A lot of fun to play
    - Insane Outplay potential
    - Challenging but not too hard to learn
    - Regarded as the best SoloQ Jungler
    - Annoying for the enemy team
    - Most people don't know how to counter Shaco
What are the Pros and Cons? Back to Top

Of course every Champion has his Pros and Cons, because if a Champion only had Pros he would be the best Champion in the game and no one would be able to touch him, here is a list for both the ups and downs playing Shaco has:


    - Best LVL 1 Clear in the game
    - Doesn't need a Leash
    - Fast Clear once he has Tiamat
    - Good Counter Jungler
    - Very Strong LVL 3 and LVL 6 Power Spikes
    - Having a low Cooldown FLash on your Q that also has invisibility and damage
    - Able to play with Ignite for strong early Duels and Ganks
    - Insanely Frustrating to play against
    - Arguebly the best Assassin to 1v9 with
    - Very snowbally
    - Great Splitpush
    - Easy to take Objectives with Ult
    - Huge Outplay potential
    - Very powerful when Mastered


    - Takes time to Master him fully
    - Invading and destroying his Boxes LVL 1 makes the first clear really tough
    - Armor greatly reduces Shaco's damage
    - Somewhat useless if behind
    - A couple of Bugs that make it a tad frustrating to play Shaco at times
    - Requires Items to be strong
Playstyle Back to Top
Shaco's playstyle is really hard to define, but I'll try my best to give you a general idea of what it is like playing Shaco. His class is Assasssin, which means you are generally going to kill the enemy backline by outplaying them and then trying to get out.


Every Assassin has some kind of initiation tool, for Shaco it's his Deceive, the 3.5 seconds of stealth and the Flash range blink built into it makes it really easy to get on top of your target. Here is where things get tricky though and this is something that ultimately comes down to experience. You have to know your limits and damage you are able to dish out. Someone like Rengar can usually jump into 3 people, kill someone and get out, Shaco on the other hand has to be a lot more careful and going for these kinds of plays requires a lot more planning ahead as well as knowing what your champion is capable of.

A big advantage over other Assassin Junglers it that Shaco has a great splitpush, because you have high base attackspeed and Tiamat, clearing the waves becomes really easy. You also have your Jack In The Box to block off pathways the enemy team could use to catch you, allowing you to pretty much always get out of any sticky situation when splitpushing.
Hallucinate makes it really easy to duel pretty much anyone in the game that is trying to hinder you from splitpushing. This allows you to not only kill them, but then also have you and your clone push pretty much twice as fast allowing you to put insane pressure on the enemy team.

One of the coolest things about Shaco though, has to be his insane burst if you manage to get a decent enough lead in the Early Game, not only is it fun to see the Enemy Squishies poppin in less than 1 second, but whats even better is seeing their reaction in All Chat.

TLDR: Shaco requires you to know his limits and kit really well to be able to use him to his full potential, but once you get that down, he is the most rewarding and fun to play Assassin in the game, hands down! So if you want to put the time into learning Shaco properly, then you are in for a fun time, i guarantee it!


This playstyle is rather hard and requires a lot of confidence and experience! AP Shaco is all about outplaying the enemy through boxes and good Clone micro, meaning you have to be able to control your Clone properly to make this playstyle work!

The main objective outside of the early game is to try and bait the enemy team into your Jack In The Boxes, get your Clone to explode inside of the enemy team and just being a nuisance to the enemy team in general by poking them with
Two-Shiv Poison and Hextech Protobelt-01.

Lets start off with the Jack In The Boxes, there are several ways you can place them or use them. The usual way you want to use them is by putting them at choke points like lane entrances or at spots were the enemies usually path through, here is a little screenshot to give you a general idea of what im talking about:

The red dots obviously mark the areas in which you want to place Jack In The Box, but so do the 2 red lines, you can place boxes anywhere on that line aswell, these are especially useful for making picks when grouping or helping you to disengage when the enemy team tries to force a teamfight!

When it comes to using your Clone properly, this is where it gets hard for most people, you have to be able to control your own and the clones movement at the same time which is hard. There are several tricks to you can do but I'll run you down on the 2 most used ones.

The first one simply requires you to Deceive into the enemy team and then using Hallucinate, this does NOT reveal you but keep in mind that your Deceive stealth duration is not so long! Now all you need to pray for is the enemy team killing your clone so it explodes. The other trick you can use is to Hallucinate early, making your Clone run away from you while you Deceive into the enemy team, at a certain range the Clone will teleport back to you, so if you time it right he will leash back to you once you reach the enemy team. Again, this comes down to experience but is a better version of the trick above.
AP VS AD ??? Back to Top
So a lot of people ask me this question every day and it is probably the most asked question ouf of all. Is AP or AD Shaco better??? The answers to this question is sadly a lot more complex than most people think, which is what makes this somewhat tricky to answer.
I already went over the differences of each playstyle in the "Playtyle" chapter, so if you wanna know more about the playstyle, read that first. Now to actually answer this question, both are equally good... yeah...not what you expected.
The thing is that both playstyles just excell at different things, AD Shaco can oneshot people really easily and then get out, while AP Shaco can keep the enemy team at distance and have great poke damage with Jack In The Box and your Two-Shiv Poison while also being great at turning around huge fights with your Hallucinate explosion.
So here is the actual answer to this question, yes both are equally good, that wasn't a lie, but because both excell at something different, there are scenarios where one is better than the other but that is really difficult to break down and is something you pick up after hundreds and hundreds of both AP and AD Shaco games.

Here is a video i made that tries to explain my decision making as simple as possible:
Runes Back to Top
Just a quick run down of the Runes I use and why I use them.

AD SHACO (Crit and Lethality):

So lets start off with the keystone, Hail of Blades is in my opinion essential for the crit Shaco playstyle, it allows you to get those initial 3 auto attacks in faster, which is huge especially once you have your first crit item, allowing you to pretty much one shot squishy targets. Another reason why Hail of Blades is just insanely strong is because of how it interacts with the Shaco's Clone. The way the Clone works is he copies your stats the moment you cast Hallucinate, so if you cast it anywhere between your first 3 auto attacks from Hail of Blades your Clone will have the attack speed bonus permanently, not only for his first 3 auto attacks. This makes Shaco really strong through out the entire game, even if you die, your clone will still deal nasty damage if untounched.

As for the 1st row, there is a debate in the Shaco community whether to run Cheap Shot or Sudden Impact. I personally prefer Sudden Impact because it outscales Cheap Shot fairly quickly. While Cheap Shot allows you to have a little bit more damage in the first couple of LVLs, Sudden Impact gives you Lethality that enhances the damage of your entire kit, thus outclassing the little bit of True Damage you get from Cheap Shot.

Since Shaco is an Assassin, the best choice for the 2nd row is Eyeball Collection. Shaco is really snowbally allowing you to get the 20 stacks super quickly if you play the early game right.

Relentless Hunter is easily the best choice out of the 4 options you have in the 3rd row, you get an insane amount out of combat movement speed! This is useful in so many ways, but mostly because it allows you to travel further during Deceive, making it easier to catch up to targets in stealth. But it also allows you to create more pressure on the Map by being everywhere a lot faster, allowing you to win games more easily.

As for the 2nd tree you run Inspiration, because Future's Market allows you to get Tiamat almost every first back, which is crucial to not lose tempo in the early game. Having a proper 2nd clear is really important because you dont want to fall behind on Shaco.

I used to run Cosmic Insight, but recently fell in love with Approach Velocity, this Rune just feels amazing, it is really useful especially in the early game. It allows you to stick to your target because it gives you movementspeed when walking towards enemies that are slowed and since your Two-Shiv Poison's passive slows have you pretty much infinite movementspeed boost when chasing someone down.


Dark Harvest is by far the best choice for AP Shaco it has insane synergy with your Two-Shiv Poison and Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes, so stacking it is pretty easy. If you don't like Dark Harvest you can also run Electrocute but that is usually more burst oriented which AP Shaco isn't really about.

The rest of Domination is the same as for AD Shaco except for Ultimate Hunter, so if you want the reasoning for that, just scroll up a little! Ultimate Hunter is insane on AP Shaco, having the reduced Hallucinate cooldown makes it so that you have your Hallucinate every fight, sometimes even twice, which if used correctly can turn any game around!
Ravenous Hunter is okay too, the healing is really nice, but nothing compared to the likes of Ultimate Hunter.

As for the secondary tree, the best choice is by far Sorcery, it gives you insane amounts of AP and with the setup im running it gives you even more AP!

I personally really like to take Magical Footwear as it saves you 300 gold and you don't really need the boots that early on in the first place.

As for the second rune in Sorcery you take Cosmic Insight this gives you 5% more CDR which is really nice and allows you to get more boxes down which is what AP Shaco does best anyways. It also reduces the CD of summoner spells and active Items which is a nice added bonus.
Build Order Back to Top
Okay, a more in depth run down of what i build, here we go:


So first of all you want to start with Hunter's Talisman, in Patch 9.20, Jack In The Box was changed and now has AOE damage, this allows us to also start at Raptors , killing the entire Camp with only 2 Jack In The Boxes. Usually Junglers start with a Refillable Potion but since Shaco's clear is pretty healthy, we dont need that, instead we go for a Rejuvenation Bead because that allows us to get our first core item, Tiamat, a lot sooner. Ideally you want to time your first recall with enough gold to buy Tiamat, keep in mind, you have Future's Market which allows you to go into debt!

Your next item after this are Berserker's Greaves, they allow you to clear even faster than you already do and give you a great boost in dueling power.

Duskblade of Draktharr is really really good for Shaco, it gives you a huge powerspike with all its lethality and AD as well as the onhtit damage, making it the perfect item for Shaco

Next up is Infinity Edge, i personally prefer going Infinity Edge first because that extra damage from your Deceive counts as a mini crit and makes for a really explosive combo even if your auto attack is not a true crit and only the Deceive crit. After that you finish Essence Reaver for the 20% CDR and 25% crit chance

So currently your build looks like this: Tiamat Berserker's Greaves Duskblade of Draktharr Essence Reaver Infinity Edge, this already allows you to oneshot any non tank, usually even if they have 1 defensive item.

Now the situational items:

Phantom Dancer is my usual choice at this point, 75% crit chance overall, a 600HP shield at LVL 18 and more attackspeed for an even faster oneshot, it's also really cheap!

Lord Dominik's Regards is super powerful when the enemy team starts building armor, since it shreds 35% of it and also provides a little bit of AD.

Titanic Hydra is just a really powerful 6th item to finish, it gives you great defensive stats and an active that not only counts as an auto attack with extra damage, but it also cancels the previous auto attacks animation and ignores attack speed cooldown. If you are full build, have this item and 75% crit chance, any non tank is going to die in less than 0.25 seconds if you do it right, this item is insanely powerful on crit shaco and should always be bought over Ravenous Hydra.

Guardian Angel is good if the enemy team has a lot of physical damage and when the revive would come in handy, i personally dont build this item too often because the way i play Shaco i try to take as little risk as possible and try to always prevent dying in the late game.


Start with Hunter's Talisman and a Refillable Potion, the reasoning for Hunter's Talisman is the same as for Crit Shaco, but since we dont need Tiamat for AP Shaco we can go Refillable Potion instead of Rejuvenation Bead.

Try aiming for at least a Stalker's Blade at your first back, this will grant you better sustain in the jungle and gives you a little more power when ganking since Chilling Smite slows the enemy allowing you and your laner to stick to the target better. If you have some left over gold, get either Amplifying Tome or Boots of Speed, which ever one you prefer.

Your next goal is to finish Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes as fast as possible, this is your first huge power spike allowing you to dish out insane damage with the combination of Chilling Smite, Two-Shiv Poison and the Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes on hit damage.

Now you try to finish your Sorcerer's Shoes, this offers you a lot of damage in form of magic pen and is now my favorite choice of boots.

Hextech GLP-800 is almost always my 1st item after Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes, it offers 20% CDR, great damage with its active and a decent amount of Mana and AP. You can use the active in so many ways, either as poke damage, or for burst during your all in or for a long range tool to finish someone off. i would recommend always building this item 1st.

Liandry's Torment is a great item, it gives you a huge amount of damage in team fights and is great against enemies with a lot of HP because of its passive. I usually build this item after Hextech GLP-800 just because it is that strong.

Morellonomicon is super strong if you are the only source of magic damage on your team and if the enemy team is thus not building any magic resist. Because of its magic penetration you almost deal true damage allowing you to oneshot squishies with only your Hallucinate explosion and your mini-boxes in the mid/late game. It also reduces healing, so if the enemy team has something like Vladimir, Soraka, Dr. Mundo or any other champ like that it is a good idea to get it to reduce their healing.

Zhonya's Hourglass is really really nice to have because it makes your outplay potential just so much better, it has good stats, but the active just makes it super OP. Being able to Deceive into the enemy team, then Hallucinate and then bursting the enemy team down once your Clone pops is already really strong, but also being able to Zhonya's Hourglass afterwards to prevent anyone from killing you is just amazing. You can use this item in so many situations, you can dodge skillshots, you can buy time for your cooldowns to come back, bait the enemy team into attacking you but then using
Zhonya's Hourglass and many many more.

Void Staff is probably the best item after Liandry's Torment, it allows you to shred so much magic resist and in combination with Liandry's Torment you can shred even the beefiest of tanks. Even if the enemy team doesn't stack as much magic resist this item is still great because you can pretty much accomplish the same thing as with Morellonomicon just without the other stats but more damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap is something i don't build too often. While it is insanely good because of the raw amount of AP you get from it, it doesn't have anything apart from that where as most other items have some kind of active or passive that really benefit Shaco. Don't get me wrong, having huge amounts of AP is good, but if you are not snowballing this item is kinda wasted in my opinion.


The first couple of items are the same as for Crit Shaco, up until Berserker's Greaves, so if you want the reasoning for that just scroll up a bit! After that each build goes for different core items.

For the Lethality Build your first core item is Umbral Glaive this item provides insane value giving you a good amount of AD, Lethaliy, 10% CDR and the Blackout passive, previously on Duskblade of Draktharr, for a really cheap price!

Your 2nd core item is Duskblade of Draktharr, you might be wondering why we dont build this first over Umbral Glaive, but the reasoning is rather simple. While Duskblade of Draktharr does have a decent on hit damage, it also costs 500 Gold more and only provides 10 AD more and 11 Lethality more than Umbral Glaive which seems like it's a lot but it really isnt. Because you usually get Duskblade of Draktharr really early into the game and since the on hit damage as well as the Lethality scale with your own LVL, it will still be pretty low and almost unnoticeable. The Umbral Glaive Blackout passive on the other hand is really really useful earlier into the game allowing you to deny a lot of vision and thus gaining the control over the map.

Now is the time where you want to adapt your build depending on the enemy team, in 99% of the cases i either build Youmuu's Ghostblade or Lord Dominik's Regards but i'll give a run down of every time below!

Youmuu's Ghostblade is usually my go to item after the core items from above! It offers an insane amount of movementspeed from both the passive and the active as well as a 55 AD, 18 Lethality, 10% CDR. This as a 3rd item is great, but really sucks into a lot of armor, which is why i usually go the next item on the list.

Lord Dominik's Regards is a really nice item when the enemy team tries to stack a lot of armor. Having 35% armor penetration is just godlike and really helps against stuff like Zhonya's Hourglass, Ninja Tabi or Guardian Angel on the enemy carries.
Shaco's Clear Back to Top
Since Shaco's Boxes were changed in Patch 9.21 there is now a pretty specific Box placement you have to follow to maximize the efficiency of the first clear, here is a video of how that looks like:


Make sure to pay attention to the enemies items at all times! I cant stress this enough, please always check for stuff
like Ninja Tabi, Seeker's Armguard, Stopwatch or just any Armor Item in general. Since Shaco deals mostly physical damage, Armor really screws you over, so always make sure to check the scoreboard for any of these items!
Early Game Back to Top
The Early Game is what secures you a good spot in the Mid and Late Game, this is where you want to snowball as much as possible! You want to create pressure on the Map and make the enemy Team fear you by constantly looking for Ganks or opportunities to invade the enemy Jungler and steal their camps and potentially look for a kill.

Don't neglegt farming your own Jungle though especially once you have Tiamat it is really easy to get an efficient clear going. Finding the balance between Ganking, Counter Jungling and Farming your own Jungle is what makes a great Jungler, the order of priority is usually Ganking>Enemy Jungle>Your Jungle.

Tracking the Enemy Jungler also makes the game a lot easier, there are some great Videos about that on Youtube, but its too complex to get into it here, but let me give you a couple of tips:
    Pay attention to the Map as you are clearing your first camp, the enemy lane that arrives late to lane is the one that most likely leashed the Jungler. This allows you to plan ahead where he is going to be when he finishes clearing his Jungle.

    As soon as you see the Enemy Jungler on the Map, make sure to open the Scoreboard and check his CS-Count, every Jungle Camp in LoL grants 4 CS which means you can at any time, if you keep track of his pathing, know, what camps he cleared.

    Buffs take 5 minutes to spawn, and smaller Camps take 2 minutes to spawn, so a combination of all these 3 tricks allows you to always know which camps are up and where the Enemy Jungler is.

Something Shaco really excels at too is taking Dragon or Rift Herald once he reaches LVL 6, having you and your clone deal damage at the same time makes it really easy to melt objectives.
Mid Game Back to Top
This is personally my favorite part of the Game to play, it is challenging but also a lot of fun. The main priority now is to slowly start working towards ending the game or at least preparing your way towards that.

The way you achieve that is by finding 1 Lane that you play around now, this should be a Lane that is ahead of the Enemy and is able to help you. Whether that is Top, Mid or Bot doesn't really matter, you wanna try and take as many Objectives as possible like Dragon , Rift Herald or Towers ultimately increasing your Gold Lead even more!

You should also start looking for Squishies that are on their own, to farm kills. This gives your Team the number advantage and allows for things like Split Pushing or forcing Team Fights. The Goal here is to try and get into the Enemy Team's Base and take at least 1 Inhibitor, preferably already opening up the other lanes to siege later on.
Late Game Back to Top

!!! CAREFUL !!!

This is where most Squishies have their defensive Items, so be careful when trying to go for Oneshots as they might not work out.

Late Game is pretty much the same as the Mid Game, but everything is just a lot more important but also risky, every death matters a lot more so you have to be extra careful.

This is where looking for picks is really important, this allows you to either start splitpushing while your team threatens to force a 4v4 fight while you take their base, or you can then try to siege and end. Taking things like Baron or Elder Dragon also works really well, makes the entire process of finishing the game a lot easier!
Special Q Jump Locations Back to Top
Shaco has the advantage of having stealth and a Flash on his Q, this allows him to pull of ganks that almost no other Jungler can. I made a Video showing those Q jumps and also showing you how to do them because they require decent positioning and cursor placement, but with 10 minutes of practicing in the practice tool anyone can master these with ease!
Shaco Ult Walljumps Back to Top
Ever since they made Shaco's Hallucinate spawn at cursor location it is a lot easier to perform wall jumps. Here is a list of all the possible wall jumps, some of them require a lot of practice and precise location of both the cursor and Shaco himself.
Shaco Combos Back to Top
I will add a written version of this later down the road, but for now this video will do!
More to come! Back to Top
Ill update this guide and keep adding new content in the future!
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