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Leona Build Guide by Demonsedge90

Support 12.15 Leona Tank/Support

Support 12.15 Leona Tank/Support

Updated on August 12, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Demonsedge90 Build Guide By Demonsedge90 20 1 42,043 Views 2 Comments
20 1 42,043 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Demonsedge90 Leona Build Guide By Demonsedge90 Updated on August 12, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Leona
    Damage Reduction
  • LoL Champion: Leona

Runes: Support Tank

1 2 3 4
Font of Life

Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

12.15 Leona Tank/Support

By Demonsedge90
Hi my name is Demonsedge and I've been really enjoying my time on league of legends and I can't say enough about this game.

When running support I will consider Leona, since I have good knowledge of her setups and combos. I will be offering an in-depth look into Leona's team setup and itemization, along with some tips and tricks as you read this guide.

I hope you will enjoy this guide and be able to follow my suggestions to understand how Leona works optimally.

So let's kick things off in style with my guide on Leona The Radiant Dawn.

Leona - The Radiant Dawn
Melee, Engage Tank, Support
Synergy: Great
Support potential: Strong
Specialty: Frontline Tank
Why choose Leona?:
- She is a very simple champion to pick up in the support lane and can be really fun to play.
- She can provide a lot of strong crowd control engages for her team while setting up really good picks for her carries, also she can be that big damage soaker when you need to get objectives such as dragons or barons.
- She has great potential to make plays, the odd time she can support carry for her team and be a really good frontline team fight asset.

I always enjoy taking her on the rift when playing league matches and I hope you will too.
Pros & Cons
+ Good team fight ult
+ Good backline access
+ Good all-in setup
+ Fits into most team setups
+ Great peel & engage tools for teammates
+ Great roaming support
- No sustain in lane
- Succeptible to constant harass
- Mana intensive
- Ability animations are easy to spot
- Team reliant
- No easy way to disengage from fights
Ability Rundown


Whenever you deal damage with your spells you mark the enemy for 1.5 seconds and during that time if your nearby allies hit the targets you mark they will deal 25 − 144 (based on level) bonus magic damage to the enemy.
This is a great passive when mixed together with items such as Imperial Mandate or other items that apply on-hit effects.

Shield of Daybreak
| Cooldown: 5 | Cost: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 Mana |

Once you activate this ability you gain 50 bonus attack range and have 6 seconds to stun a target dealing 10 / 35 / 60 / 85 / 110 (+ 30% AP) magic damage and once applied it will last for 1 second which applies Sunlight on enemies along with any on-hit effects (applies a stack of Press the Attack too). This can be a great engage/interrupt tool with looking to peel for you team or when getting ready to engage on the enemy in a team fight or skirmish.

| Effect Radius: 450 | Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 | Cost: 60 Mana |

This is one of your most important spells. When activated you gain 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 armor (+ 20% bonus armor) + 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 magic resistance (+ 20% bonus magic resistance) and gain flat damage reduction (8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24) towards your enemies while it's active, but remember that once the ability finishes you will lose the resistances gained unless you hit a target within 3 seconds upon the abilities detonation. Something to consider is that after the shield detonates you will deal 45 / 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 (+ 40% ability power) to any nearby targets hit. This ability is best used when you are looking to start a fight or after you have stunned a target in anticipation for follow up damage after you begin the fight.
"Do note that Eclipse has a self slow attached to it even if though the ability description doesn't share that with us up front."

Zenith Blade
| Range: 900 | Width: 140 | Speed: 2000 | Cast Time: 0.25 | Cost: 60 Mana | Cooldown: 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 |

This ability deals 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 40% ablilty power) and is your main source of engage pre 6 and can also be a good way to start fights after level 6, but most times you should always lean into this ability first when engaging so you can create better lockdown of isolated targets or targets you wish to deal with. Do note that this ability will take you to the target at the very back of the animations ending making it great for hitting the backline targets that you are looking to kill. You need to be careful when using it around a cluster of enemies because it might get you killed also if you can't disengage from the fight you started.

Solar Flare
| Range: 1,200 | Inner Radius: 100 | Cast Time: 0.25 | Cooldown: 90 / 75 / 60 | Cost: 100 Mana |

The ability that defines you in combat since it allows you to stun/slow an entire team (1.75 seconds) while at the same time dealing 100 / 175 / 250 (+ 80% ablilty power) if they decide to cluster. This a best used on high priority targets or targets that are looking to run away from you and your team. Note the animation time is slow, which means enemy champions flashing out of your ultimate can be a likely scenario, thus wasting your engage and making you lose a key ability. Timing this ability is important and can make or break a team fight, also with it's long cooldown I wouldn't recommend spamming just because you see a target in sight.

Tips & Tricks:

Playing As Leona:
- Lead the charge and mark your foes with Sunlight before your allies deal damage.
- Shield of Daybreak and Zenith Blade form a powerful offensive combo.
- The damage reduction effect from Eclipse cannot reduce the damage below 50%.
- Save your Zenith Blade to use on targets who recently used their dash/blink or Flash.
- Due to its high cooldown, Solar Flare should only be used when looking to pick off isolated enemies or foes that you're looking to eliminate.

Playing Against Leona:
- When Leona activates Eclipse, you have three seconds to get away from her before she deals damage.
- Only foes in the center of Solar Flare get stunned, so you can often avoid this if you're quick.
- Avoid being near minions so you're not vulnerable to being rooted Leona's Zenith Blade then stunned by Shield of Daybreak.
- Have your Flash handy to dodge Leona's Solar Flare.
Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells
Flash: This by far the most integral summoner spell for Leona and should be a 100% pick in all your games. Another reason it's so important for her is because if you get caught out in a bad spot you can Flash to safety or dodge a very crucial ability with ease.
Ignite: This is a strong support spell since it allows you wear down the opponent dealing 70-140 true damage (based on champion level) and cutting their healing in the process, making it easier for your teammate to secure a kill or grab yourself a kill if you are stuck in a duel with another champion. In most of your games as Leona this will be your other go to spell.
Exhaust: This spell can be a good alternative when going against very mobile/assassin or strong mage champions that can burst you down quick. Also great to use on targets you want to slow down or reduce their incoming damage (includes Ignite damage).
Heal: This is something you won't typically see on support tanks since they mostly favor Ignite or Exhaust. If you are going to be picking this up as Leona it will still be helpful for you and your bot lane due to its small movement speed & heal effect that you gain.
Which Boots & Why?



Boot of Swiftness > Slow Reduction
Your premier mobility option when roaming lanes or when dealing with slows effects like Ashe arrows or other movement imparing abilities that would leave you vulnerable when trying to escape.
Ionain Boot of Lucidity > Ability Haste
In the games where casting your abilities will do more for Leona in team fights. Having access to the summoner spell haste gives you more access to Flash or any other spell you currently have sooner, providing extra pressure in team fights.
Mercury's Treads > Tenacity
A strong option for Leona, helping to reduce the effects of crowd control from enemy champions, while also offering a small amount of magic resist. Standard choice into teams that are magic damage heavy.
Plated Steelcaps > Basic Attack Damage Reduction
Another great option for Leona. The armor provided along with the basic attack damage reduction passive make it easier to soak up from auto attacks for your backline. Great when facing heavy physcial damage teams or auto attack centric champions.

You might be asking why no Mobility Boots, here's my take: those boots aren't worth the gold for this simple reason: they may have the highest boot value of movement with (115 movement speed) while out of combat, though once you are engaged in combat the value drops to (25 movement speed) and the you're at a greater risk of dying if you get caught out. So if you are going to roam just get Boots of Swiftness, trust me you'll thank me for it.

*Do note that you get diminishing returns on tenacity the more you stack, so avoid Sunfire Aegis & Mercury's Treads if you take the runes Unflinching and Legend: Tenacity.*
Which item should you start with?

Steel Shoulderguards & Health Potion

Relic Shield & Health Potion
If we are choosing to take the Steel Shoulderguards, we do so to gain more attack damage for better autos. If we are choosing to take the Relic Shield, we do this to have a little more ability damage with our skills.

For Leona either start is going to be good, since both routes will help you in combat and make you more formidable in lane. Even though Leona's auto and ability scalings aren't the best, even a minor difference in either direction can make a difference in lane.

Then you might be asking: well Demonsedge how do I complete the support item quest?

That's a great question and here's how:
Make sure to use your first two charges on the melee minions in the first wave you deal with, then make sure to have a 1 per wave in this order: - melee, melee, cannon, melee, cannon, unless you can have a charge for both the cannon and a melee minion.

Repeat this process until you complete your support item and avoid targeting caster minions, since they offer the least gold value and slow down your support quest progression.

Apart from getting our support quest done we should focus on getting:

Damage Reduction Build:

Mythic Items:


Sunfire Aegis

Frostfire Gauntlet

Turbo Chemtank

Locket of the Iron Solari

Getting either of these mythics as your first item depends on what the enemy team is comprised of and not how Leona best plays in most matchups, since it really makes a big difference in her survivability.

Core Items:

Anathema's Chains
Getting this item will give you a large health value (650) and ability haste (20) along with a nemesis passive that allows you take up to 30% damage reduction from a specific target and making that target have 20% reduced tenacity while you are nearby. Very helpful when playing against champions who you know can annihilate you very quickly or pose the biggest threat to you or your teams survival.

Force of Nature
Grabbing this item in your core build is very efficient because in most games you will be dealing manyimmoblizing effects and some teams will have magic damage based ablities to go along with it. This item will allow you sustain burst damage champions like Brand/ Morgana or Teemo who have heavy burn based playstyles.

Frozen Heart
You should always be getting this second (unless another situation presents itself) since you can reduce the opponents attack speed by 20% making a very good anti auto attacker build item, and it also gives you damage reduction on incoming attacks based on small percentage that additionally scales with every 1,000 hit points you have up to a maximum of 40% damage reduction.
Alternative Items:

Dead Man's Plate
Gives Leona mobility to chase down targets or when escaping dangerous situations. While moving you charge up bonus on-hit damage equal to 0-40 + (0-100% bonus attack damage) as physical damage. If a target is struck at maximum momentum stacks they are slowed by 50% for 1 second. This item helps when roaming or when traveling to objectives/team fights.

Knight's Vow
Take this item if you want to provide more damage reduction via redirected post mitigation damage for a specific nearby ally and then heal yourself for a percentage of the damage they deal to champions. Very nice pickup if you have the means to soak up tons of damage in prolonged fights.

Sterak's Gage
This option isn't normally picked up by Leona or other support champions, but still great to consider against dot/burn damage/when forced into a low health state often or when needing extra dueling power. Offers 45% of your base attack damage as bonus attack damage and 75% of your total bonus health as a shield if you fall below 30% health for 3.75 seconds (60 second cooldown).

Zeke's Convergence
This item provides your accomplice on-hit and max health damage after youimmobilize an enemy champion within an 8 second window. Great item to pick up if you wish to make all in trades or poke often in lane and team fights.
Aura Build:

Mythic Items:


Imperial Mandate

Locket of the Iron Solari
Core Items:

Abyssal Mask
Pick up this item gives you a debuffing aura that reduces their magic resist and increases yours by the same amount for each cursed enemy. The aura is great when you want to amplify the damage of your teams magic sources on the enemy.

Knight's Vow
Take this item if you want to provide more damage reduction via redirected post mitigation damage for a specific nearby ally and then heal yourself for a percentage of the damage they deal to champions. Very nice pickup if you have the means to soak up tons of damage in prolonged fights.

Zeke's Convergence
This item provides your accomplice on-hit and max health damage after youimmobilize an enemy champion within an 8 second window. Great item to pick up if you wish to make all in trades or poke often in lane and team fights.
Alternatives Items:

This item synergies well with Leona because of how easily you can gain the effect of the shield the item offers. I'd suggest picking this up if you are against teams you need a little more survivability when in team fights.

Force of Nature
Grabbing this item in your core build is very efficient because in most games you will be dealing manyimmoblizing effects and some teams will have magic damage based ablities to go along with it. This item can give sustained protection from burst damage champions like Brand/ Morgana or Teemo who have heavy dot damage based playstyles.

Randuin's Omen
Similar passive to Frozen Heart but instead of a passive that reduces flat attack speed, you have an active abililty that slows movement by 99% for .25 seconds and reduces the targets attack damage and critical strike damage for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown). Very useful when dealing with champions who build critical strike items ( Yasuo/ Yone).

Vigilant Wardstone
This item in conjunction with your Relic Shield & Steel Shoulderguards support items allows you to place 1 extra Stealth Ward (4)/ Control Ward (3) on the map for your team. Very good when you are looking to secure vision on key objectives and map locations.
Situational Items For Both Builds:

Banshee's Veil
Get this item for a small increase in damage and if you need more magic resist coupled with a spell shield versus abilities. Good choice versus high crowd control teams or in situations where you might need to avoid a pesky ability or attack that would otherwise disrupt you.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Take this item if you are looking to increase your armor and magic resist as you take damage and gain a health shield based on bonus health. Very good when paired with health gaining runes/keystone and items that focus heavily on health.

This item provides necessary anti-heal when looking to combat healers or champions that have healing abilities/items that pose a threat. Also great into auto attack heavy compositions.

Warmog's Armor
A great alternative item in lane for Leona when you need sustain/durability in team fights and skirmishes. It's passive will regenerate 5% max health per second once you have acquired 1,100 bonus maximum health through items or runes. The regeneration effect will only apply after having not taking damage from minions (3 seconds), or from champions (6 seconds).
Each of the following runes are great choices for Leona and will compliment either of the keystone options listed in this guide. Always pay attention to the enemy team comp and your item builds before picking your runes so you get the most value in each game.

Keystone Options:

Press the Attack
This keystone in combination with Shield of Daybreak makes you a threat in lane. This is because hitting a target with Shield of Daybreak adds a stack to the keystones progress and if you manage to trigger the vulnerable passive effect and you will be more likely to melt targets much faster. Just make sure not to switch targets after the second stack or you will reset the 3 stack chain.

Grasp of The Undying
If you feel like choosing a more bruiser tank approach you can choose grasp of the undying. This is because after 4 seconds in combat, so long as you attack a champion Leona will gain 5 max health, deal magic damage based on 3.5% of your max health and heal for 1.7% of your max health which can add up very nicely. Pairing this keystone with runes such as Overgrowth and Demolish you can scale nicely into the late game and get more damage towards turrets.

This keystone will trigger the moment you hit any of yourimmobilizing abilites on targets, which will then give you bonus armor and magic resist and then deal 25-120 magic damage + 8% of your bonus health to all nearby enemies in the shockwave. This keystone will make you more durable in team fights and can be the difference between life and death.
Minor Rune options:

Cheap Shot
This rune will give you 10-45 true damage based on level upon damaging a target afflicted with crowd control effects (cooldown 4 seconds). This a great option with Leona because of all the crowd control effects she has present in her kit, meaning the extra damage appilication won't be hard and allows for easier team fight victories if planned correctly.

Relentless Hunter
This rune is very efficient on Leona since she is a very strong roaming support, allowing for great setup on her abilities when trying to engage/chase down the enemy. It will also help her get to lane faster from fountain when looking to rejoin her team in fights and also help her disengage from combat if need be. The other benefit to this rune gives Leona an easier time reaching neutral & major objectives on the map.

Ultimate Hunter
Ultimate hunter is a great option for Leona due to her ult having a stun/root component depending on where you land it on your target. It's a very good team fight initiator and great for locking down targets who are running away or are near dead that you are looking to finish off.

This rune gives you the ability to sustain yourself after fight earning 12% of your missing max health and 20 additional gold with each kill or assist you acquire. Now that might not seem like a lot at first but it can add up very quickly and can allow you to purchase key items faster.

Legend: Tenacity
This is the default rune for most Leona builds when comparing it to the other legend runes. It also gives you more resistances against crowd control effects that are applied to you from either champions or monsters.

Last Stand
This rune gives you a bit more punch with your skills but not that big that you'll notice a huge difference in team fights, but it's still the best of the tier 3 precision runes for Leona's playstyle.

I see demolish as a way to press lane faster because it will allow you deal damage to turrets based on 35% of your max health within a 45 second window. This will help with siege turrets faster and getting the plate gold quicker in lane thus giving you more freedom to roam sooner.

For a quick resistance boost, look to conditioning as your choice. This rune increases your armor and magic resist by a flat amount then additionally by a percent amount. This rune can be very helpful when you need extra survivability and late game durability.

Second Wind
This is a great rune when you are looking to engage a lot with the enemy because it allows you to regenerate some health back after a skirmish or team fight. Stacking health through items or runes in conjunction with this rune will make the healing regeneration stronger.

Bone Plating
When dealing with heavy burst teams and you feel like getting more damage reduction then pick up bone plating. It will allow you to reduce the damage of the next 3 spells or basic attacks by 30-60 depending on your champion level within a 1.5 second window (55 cooldown timer).

This rune will help you gain some health over the course of the game (3 max health per 8 monster/minion deaths, then gaining 3.5% more max health at 120 minions absorbed). Now that might not seem like a lot since in the time it takes to get 200 health with this rune you could just buy a Kindlegem or any other health item, still free stats are good no matter where you get them and work real nicely with your other runes in the build.

If you get matched against heavy crowd control teams this is a good rune to pair with Legend: Tenacity, since it will give you 5% tenacity and slow resist at face value. This number can increase to a maximum of 25% more tenacity and slow resist while you are at 30% max health or below.

Manaflow Band
Most times we won't think of this option on supports like Leona because because our first priority is to soak damage for our team and peel for them, but with Manaflow Band we can make better use of our kit and allow for more constant spell use in fights thanks to it's mana regeneration once this rune is stacked out (250 mana gained).

Another rune option not often taken on Leona but can be helpful. This rune helps by offereing ability haste at levels 5 and level 8. Then once you reach level 11 you get a different passive stating that if you get a takedown you will reduce all of your basic ability cooldowns by 20%, thus allowing for more stuns and disruption in lane and in team fights.

Gathering Storm
This is another option that doesn't get taking on Leona but if you feel like taking the scaling rune path then I'd suggest slotting this rune in to get some extra damage on her abilities. Now her abilities don't scale that heavily with ability power but this doesn't mean you can't have a little more damage to pack a bigger punch.

An alternate tree you can run on Leona that will provide some very good damage reduction and utility would be the following:

Inspiration using the Glacial Augment keystone. Now without going into long and drawn out details in this section, please refer to the rune display at the top of the guide for my description on what I chose.
Rune Shards For Leona
When we are deciding on what rune shards (offensive and defensive) to pick for Leona you need to factor in a few things in champion select:

Offensive Shards
- Do I need attack speed on my champion? (Autos on Leona can feel very slow, making it a good option when looking to chain autos after your combos)
- Do I need additional damage? (For this Leona build you can opt for it, but most might skip in it when playing support).
- Do I require any ability haste? (We can choose this option but it's not as popular).

Defensive Shards
- Do I require more armor in lane? The default choice in most games when playing support.
- Do I require magic resist in lane? Take this shard when the lane is double mage bot or heavy in magic damage.
- Do I require more health in lane? A viable option for Leona in games where only one type of resistance is needed, therefore adding this rune shard is helpful. Great into mixed damage team comps.

Mixing and matching the shards in conjunction with your boots/items can help with your overall survivability in games.
Support Lane Champion Comparisons

"If you would like to learn more about how each support compares to Leona, read my support lane comparison article here".
There are a myriad of ways to build Leona, but this guide hopefully will make it easier for you to understand what abilities and items work well together and how to make the most of her kit.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and will refer this to your friends and fellow gamers looking for tips & tricks.

If you have any questions or wish to share you concerns please hit me up in the discussion tab. I'll be happy to talk things over with you and see how I can make sense of anything you need answered to the best of my ability.

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