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Taliyah Build Guide by Zoose

Middle [13.24] Taliyah Mid Ultimate Guide [IN-DEPTH] - Bot, Support & Jungle also covered

Middle [13.24] Taliyah Mid Ultimate Guide [IN-DEPTH] - Bot, Support & Jungle also covered

Updated on December 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoose Build Guide By Zoose 174 5 449,249 Views 10 Comments
174 5 449,249 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoose Taliyah Build Guide By Zoose Updated on December 5, 2023
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Runes: Out Range Safely

1 2 3 4
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.24] Taliyah Mid Ultimate Guide [IN-DEPTH] - Bot, Support & Jungle also covered

By Zoose

Hey guys, ZOOSE here. I started mid Season 3 and steadily climbed every season, playing mostly Mid, ADC and Support. I reached CHALLENGER in Season 8 and have reached MASTER TIER at minimum every season since. I enjoy climbing as it's always a challenge, but what I'm most passionate about is playing a range of Champions and Roles. Favorite champs on that journey were Ahri, Azir, Malzahar, Swain, Talon, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Nami, Brand, Sona, Zoe, and so many more. So many unqiue playstyles. I love the variety League Champions provide, which is why I'm motivated to create guides on mulitple champions, testing all the best builds, pushing the limits of each champ, and then creating guides, whether it's here on Mobafire, or Ultimate Guides on Youtube.

Starting from the bottom, which was BRONZE 5 back then (equivalent to IRON 4 today), has given me all the experience I need, to know what it's like in EVERY Elo. I'm not always playing in higher elo games (MASTER TIER+). When I'm playing a weaker role or champion, I find out what it's like in different ranks. Which is why I try to create guides that anyone can follow. Completely new to League? Perfect. My guide covers all the basics and helps you understand some more advanced terms. Maybe you're DIAMOND or even higher, but you're trying a different champion or role? No problem! Skip through the abilities and go straight to the stuff you need RIGHT NOW, like Tips & Tricks, Combos and Gameplay.

I'm always willing to listen to feedback, so feel free to ask any questions about this guide, or let me know about ways to improve these guides in general.
Watch the Full Guide on Youtube, with plenty of gameplay examples from ranked matches.
Let's quickly cover each ability, then after each one, I'll show you tips and tricks you can use right now in your next game, to give you an advantage.

Rock Surfing (Passive): Her passive, Rock Surfing, allows Taliyah to move faster when travelling next to walls and other terrain like towers. This increases as you level up, and you get the maximum increase at lv 15, which is 55% bonus movement speed.

Use this to roam the map. Gank bot and top, or even look to kill the jungler.
It's great to get to lane faster, making sure to follow the terrain.
It can be used to escape or chase enemies, however, it will be put on cooldown if you've taken or dealt damage within the last 2 seconds.

Threaded Volley (Q): Her Q, Threaded Volley, throws 5 rocks, one after another. Each deals damage in a small aoe. Enemies will take reduced damage after the first. Using this will create worked ground on the floor. IF you use Q Threaded Volley again on worked ground, you will instead throw a bigger rock which deals double the damage to the first enemy hit, slows all targets hit, only costs 20 mana and it half the cooldown.
This will be your main poke tool because of the AOE and medium to long range.
Use this ability to clear waves, as it costs the least for the damage it deals. Make sure to use the big Q to hit as many minions as possible.
Use it to check brushes. If enemies are hit, you'll notice the trajectory stop. It will also make a specific sound.
We'll be using the big Q Threaded Volley to slow enemies and follow up with our next ability, in order to perform optimal combos, which I'll cover in another section.

Seismic Shove (W): Her W, Seismic Shove, knocks up all enemies in a small area, to which ever direction you target.
This is one of the hardest skillshots to perform, perhaps in the entire game. IT has a unique mechanic, in which you essentially have to give 2 directions. The first is where you want the area to knock up, then you must decide which direction.
Use it to knock enemies into your team, or peel them off by pushing them away.
You can actually knock enemies over walls, but they must be thin walls.
It provides vision in fog of war and brushes, although it has a long cooldown, so its better to use Q Threaded Volley to check.
By itself it is quite hard to land, so we'll be using our Big Q Threaded Volley slow and our next ability Unraveled Earth, to increase our chances.
It deals no damage, however, it will force enemies to take more damage and be stunned, in combination with her next ability Unraveled Earth.

Unraveled Earth (E): Her E, Unraveled Earth, quickly places 22 boulders on the ground in a large area, that slows enemies walking through. It deals initial damage to enemies hit, and if they dash or are pushed through using your W, they will take more damage and be stunned.
Since it slows enemies, you can use this first, then follow up with W Seismic Shove, or you can use W and then E for a bigger surprise factor.
If enemies are chasing you, use this to force them to either back off, or take damage if they walk through. If you anticipate enemies are going to dash onto you, use this so they will stun themselves.
This is another great waveclear tool, however, it costs a lot more mana, so only use it if you have plenty of mana to spare, or you're going back to base.
You can use this to check fog of war or brushes. If rocks are missing, someones been hit.
I'll cover everything you need to know in combos.

Weaver's Wall (R): And finally, her ultimate, Weaver's Wall, allows Taliyah to create a long wall. If you press it twice, you will surf along the wall. Only hard CC, like stuns and polymorphs, will knock you off the wall. You can jump off by movement clicking, but not within the first 0.75 seconds. You won’t be able to use your ultimate at all, if you've taken damage in the last 3 seconds.
The wall last 5 seconds, so remember to recast it to destroy it, especially if you or your team needs to walk through an area that’s blocked.
Use it to roam and get to fights quickly before your laner.
It's also a great escape tool in lane or even when you sidelane.
Try to block enemies off in a teamfight, or save a teammate so enemies can't chase them. Wall Weaver's Wall off enemies while you're taking Dragon or Baron.
If enemies are pushing your base in, use it to stop minions and champions from hitting the tower, helping your team stay in the game.
Need to backdoor? Now is your chance to finish the game by surfing in a finishing off the nexus.
You can extend jump off range depending on how it interacts with the terrain. Thick walls allow you to jump off way more. Careful using this mechanic, as it could cause you to jump right in the middle of the enemy team.
Use it to knock enemies over walls. This is a bit of a coin flip, because the wall is quite slow and enemies will have to time react, so you might even save them.


> > >


In almost all cases, you want to start and max Q Threaded Volley. It provides waveclear and poke, with a decent mana cost, especially if you use the big Q, which only costs 20 mana. Her E Unraveled Earth is maxed 2nd, as it increase the damage, slow and stun. You'll max W Seismic Shove last, since it does no damage and is purely utility. It will however cost 0 mana when maxed at lv 18. And of course, you want to level your Ultimate Weaver's Wall anytime you can, which is at lv 6, 11 and 16. It will increase it distance, making it very important for mid to late game.

There is perhaps a small instance where you may need to level E Unraveled Earth or W Seismic Shove first for the CC, if you are being chased or perhaps your team wants to invade. I would still recommend Q Threaded Volley for invades, as the amount of AOE damage you deal is insane for lv 1.
There's quite a few major runes taken by pro and top solo q players. Different pros will take different runes, even for the same matchup, so I'll go through the top 4 runes: Electrocute, Dark Harvest, Summon Aery & First Strike. I'll cover all the runes for Mid lane. Check the other roles sections if you want info on Jungle, Support or Bot Lane Carry.
  • Dark Harvest is the other major rune from Domination. It's optimal if you can consistently pick up kills, or get enemies below 50% and pick up stacks. It scales well into the late game.
  • Summon Aery is a rune worth considering, especially with her Q Threaded Volley poke. This takes advantage of her big Q's low mana cost. If you're able to consistently proc Summon Aery, whether its through q Threaded Volley spam or aa's, it will do more damage that the 2 previous runes. It doesn't rely on any combos that do chunks of damage like Electrocute and Dark Harvest, to be efficient.
  • First Strike is the final viable option if you can poke the enemy before they poke you, usually when you out range your matchup. It amplifies your damage, which is great for combos, and even grants you some gold. A good snowballing rune to get that item power spike quicker.

I personally prefer Dark Harvest, as I'm constantly aiming to poke and chunk my laners. However, if that's not an option, I'll push in my waves and then look for any skirmishes to join with my jungler or roam either bot or top. It's a great rune for constant fighting around the map.


So quickly, just for clarity, Electrocute for consistent damage early, Dark Harvest for matchups you can dominate and are confident you can snowball. Let's go over minor runes.
With Electrocute & Dark Harvest, you'll want to take Taste of Blood if you want some heal sustain, or Cheap Shot for extra damage. Cheap Shot can be activated with all your abilities.
Take Eyeball Collection for extra AP after takedowns, however, Zombie Ward or Ghost Poro are viable if you want vision control.
There's a few options for the final minor runes. You'll want to take Treasure Hunter for extra gold from first time takedowns, great to hit those item powerspikes. Relentless Hunter is another option if you plan to roam. If there's a low chance you kill your laner, take this. A final option is Ingenious Hunter, which is only really viable if you pick Everfrost.


Just for clarity, take Summon Aery against champs you can constantly harass, usually melee matchups you want to abuse. Let's go over minor runes.
With Summon Aery, Manaflow Band is the 1st choice, as it provides some useful mana sustain until you have Lost Chapter.
Transcendence for extra ability haste and potential to snowball fights as your able to spam more abilities.
Finally you can pick between Scorch, for early game poking pressure, Waterwalking if you want to prioritise roaming, and Gathering Storm for late game powerspike, which I'd say really kicks off after 30 mins, which barely happens in this meta.


Just for clarity, First Strike does scale well, but you need to be the first champion to land abilities, so usually if you're even or long range than your opponent. Let's go over minor runes.
And if you've chosen First Strike, Magical Footwear as the first choice for free boots. Considering the movement speed she gains from a Passive Rock Surfing, she can skip on Boots early on.
Minion Dematerializer for the 2nd rune. You'll want to take this against heavy pushing laners, and you can use one on each different minion if you're unsure, so 1 on the caster, 1 on the melee and 1 on the cannon.
Finally, take Cosmic Insight for general summoner spell and item haste.


As for 2nd page options, you'll want to choose from these 3 trees: Precision, Inspiration or Sorcery. You can mix and match depending on your major runes you've chosen.
From Precision, Take Presence of Mind + Coup de Grace, for some mana sustain and extra damage respectively.
If you want extra health and mana, especially during laning phase, pick up Biscuit Delivery + Time Warp Tonic. This will be best paired with a Corrupting Potion start, which I'll cover soon.
However, Inspiration has quite few other runes that you can consider, which includes Magical Footwear, Perfect Timing, Minion Dematerializer, & Cosmic Insight.
Finally, from Sorcery, you can go with Manaflow Band, Transcendence, Waterwalking and Gathering Storm, for any of the reasons previously mentioned.

If you're not sure on 2nd pages and are new to Taliyah, I would recommend Biscuit Delivery + Time Warp Tonic. It's forgiving with Mana usage early and you'll be able to recover from any bad trades. Once you're confident or have more experience, try Presence of Mind + Coup de Grace.


Attack speed Attack Speed as the first shard as it helps with Taliyah's combos and generally activate Electrocute faster, but you can still take Adaptive Force Adaptive shard for the other runes. Adaptive Force Adaptive shard as the 2nd choice. Armor Shield or MR Tenacity and Slow Resist as a final choice, depending on your laning phase matchup and early enemy jungler threat.
FLASH: By far the best summoner spell is Flash. The potential to Q Threaded Volley snipe finish off enemies, as well as escape, outplay and combo, is too important to ever skip on this.
IGNITE: The 2nd summoner spell seems to be another clear cut choice, and that's Ignite. It increases your 1v1 potential, you're a higher threat in any early skirmishes, and healing reduction.
CLEANSE: Cleanse is a solid defensive summoner against CC champs. I'll cover when to take this in matchups.
EXHAUST: Exhaust it best taken against assassin threats that can burst you.
TELEPORT: Teleport is the safest for lanes you'll be constantly pushed in, allowing you to base and come back to lane without falling behind. You can also used Unleased Teleport after 14 mins, but Taliyah's R Weaver's Wall already allows her to have some global pressure.
GHOST: Ghost as the final option, best for teams you need to kite and chase, but don’t have much hard cc.
Starting Items

Doran's Ring
Doran's Ring + 2x Health Potion for most starts. However, if you're struggling with mana and health, try the next two options.
Corrupting Potion
Corrupting Potion is best taken if you've taken Biscuit Delivery + Time Warp Tonic. Make sure to attack enemies with the burn passive to make this gold efficient.
Tear of the Goddess
Tear of the Goddess + 2x Health Potion, this a rare start and only viable if you're going Archangel's Staff.

Components & Early Item Mention
Dark Seal
Dark Seal is cheap first back item. Provies some AP plus a chance to snowball by increasing ap per kill.
Doran's Ring
If you started Corrupting Potion, you can pick up a Doran's Ring early.
Lost Chapter
Lost Chapter is your first goal, as it will build into your Mythic. This resolves most of Taliyah's mana issues.

Mythic Choices
Luden's Tempest
Luden's Tempest is the best option if you're ahead or just generally able to combo your enemies without any problems, usually immobile champs. If you're the main damage carry in your team, you'll want this.
Everfrost is the cheaper and safer option. Compared to Luden's Tempest, it has some health as well as the Glaciate active, which can slow and root enemies. Helpful for landing combos, which ill cover soon.
Liandry's Anguish
Liandry's Torment is rarely taken, however, if you're up against 3 or more tanks, you'll want to consider this.

Legendary Options

Legendary items depend mostly on the enemy team comp and how they are building.
Let's quickly cover some scenarios and then solutions.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Mejai's Soulstealer is the cheapest legendary in the game. If you've already got stacks on Dark Seal and are confident you won't die, take this to snowball games.
If you're after a powerspike wtih some extra damage from AP and magic penetration at a reasonable price, as well as the added HP to help you survive, this is currently the best item to purchase after your mythic.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Are you in danger of being bursted or perhaps you want to make a risky play in to multiple enemies? Then you'll want the important activate Zhonya's Hourglass provides with the 2.5 second stasis. You can always opt to purchase the Stopwatch early and finish this item later on, especially if you don't exactly need the Armor Shield.
If you're against heavy healing comps then you'll need some sort of healing reduction item to counter them. However, you don't exactly need to finish this item right away and can simply choose to buy Oblivion Orb for 800 gold.
Rabadon's Deathcap
If you ever find yourself extremely ahead, you'll want purchase the biggest AP powerspike available. It will increase your total AP by 35%, so you'll gain much more gold value from this item, if you purchase it as your 3rd or 4th item.
Banshee's Veil
Are there any skillshot or CC threats stopping you from performing combos? Then you'll want a defensive item like Banshee's Veil, which keeps you safe from the 1st ability, ignoring any CC and damage. It's more effective against enemy AP champions as it provides MR, so you'll want to rely on Zhonya's Hourglass if enemies are mostly AD.
Void Staff
So you've reached Late game or perhaps its still Mid Game, and enemies are stacking a bunch of MR. It's time to purchase Void Staff. With 45% magic pen, this will become essential to counter MR and the potential to shred tanks.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Since you're able to constantly proc this passive from every Q Threaded Volley hit, most enemies will not be able to run once you've landed the initial Q. You already have some slows and CC, so if you've taken Everfrost, I wouldn't recommened purchasing this.
Cosmic Drive
Great item to help you kite with the movement speed, and the big AP powerspike, especially during combat, is a viable choice. Just be aware that it only activates once you've landed a combo.
Horizon Focus
If you want that AP powerspike to focus on burst, then Horizon Focus amplifies all you damage after you've landed any of your abilities. Perhaps if enemies have no shields, pick this over Shadowflame.
Lich Bane
Are you able to consistently AA enemies? Lich Bane will amplify your AA's after an ability, making it a great way to deal consistent damage. It becomes a great pushing tool, helping you take towers and objectives faster. Even go for backdoor plays to finish off the nexus.
Archangel's Staff
If you've picked up [[tear of the goddess], you'll want to complete this. You'll have no mana problems with this item.

Boot Options
Sorcerer's Shoes
As for boots, there's only 1 main choice and that's
Sorcerer's Shoes - The magic pen increases your kill potential early on, and the movement speed will be essential for positioning with a Mage champ like Taliyah.
Ionian boots of lucidity
This will be your extreme budget choice if you just need to desperately buy something.

Plated Steelcaps & Mercury's Treads
In the rare cases that the enemies are all AD or all AP, you can opt for Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads respectively, as they'll be extremely gold efficient. However, you can still purchase Sorcerer's Shoes if you see yourself as the main carry and damage dealer of the team.
Quick Q Threaded Volley Interaction Note

While your Q Threaded Volley rocks are being thrown, Taliyah can AA. Remember to get in extra damage when you can.

Pre-6 Combos

Main Trade Combo #1 - W > E > Q

This combo is great to catch enemies by surprise. You'll start with W Seismic Shove, and as they're being flipped, they'll take damage and be stunned from your E Unraveled Earth rocks. Follow up with Q Threaded Volley damage on the stunned target. If you're initial W Seismic Shove isn't going to land, you don't have to use E Unraveled Earth and Q Threaded Volley, and can therefore save mana.

Main Trade Combo #2 - E > W > Q

You'll be using the Slow from E Unraveled Earth to increase your chance to land W Seismic Shove. This is really effective against immobile champs. IT has less of a surprise factor that the previous combo. Useful for kiting champs, especially if they have dashes. Wait until they are stunned, then peel them away with W Seismic Shove.

Main Trade Combo #3 - Big Q > W > E > Q

With this combo, you want utilise the long range slow on your big Q Threaded Volley, so it must be on worked ground. Look for a W Seismic Shove flip on the slowed target and then E Unraveled Earth. The cooldown of Q Threaded Volley should almost be up, so finish with another Q Threaded Volley.

Quick W Seismic Shove Note
Because there is enough time for enemies to react, you could always look for prediction W's Seismic Shove. Best against champs have have blinks or you anticipate enemies will use Flash, which is when you are chasing them.

Ultimate Combos

Because her Ultimate Weaver's Wall does no damage and used mostly for utility, she doesn't have a full ultimate combo. However, there's a small niche combo worth noting.

Wall Knock Up - E > R

Your E Unraveled Earth rocks should already on floor, and then you'll be using your Wall Weaver's Wall to knock them into E Unraveled Earth. If you've taken damage, you won't be able to cast ultimate Weaver's Wall for 3 seconds.

Flash Combos

You can add Flash before any of the Main Trade Combos, however, her W Seismic Shove and E Unraveled Earth are quite slow so enemies have a good chance of escaping. Use Flash before the trade combos if enemies are already CC'd from your teammates abilities.

Q Flash

Great to snipe low hp enemies at long range. This is also great if you want to land a big Q Threaded Volley from outside the worked ground area. You can also use this after the first 2 rocks have been thrown. Since there is a small delay after the first 2 rocks, time it just as the 3rd rock is about to be thrown, for 3 quicker rocks.

E Flash

Use Flash to land an E Unraveled Earth further away. Can be very useful in teamfights when you see enemies bunched up. Follow up with W Seismic Shove and Q Threaded Volley.

Item Combos

Q Threaded Volley Zhonya's Hourglass

Your Q Threaded Volley continues throwing rocks even while in Zhonya's Hourglass stasis.

Zhonya's Hourglass Full Combo - W > E > Q > Zhony

Perform a quick combo then immediately Zhonya's Hourglass. All your abilities will trigger while you're in Zhonya's Hourglass. Great for those clutch situations where you're almost dead or there are multiple enemies nearby.


No real combo, but if you root enemies with Glaciate active, follow up with a guarenteed W Seismic Shove > E Unraveled Earth > Q Threaded Volley combo.
Invading with Taliyah is strongly recommended with the aoe damage and low cooldown of her Q Threaded Volley. Pushing in waves with Q Threaded Volley at lv 1 opens up space, since enemies won't be able to hide behind minions. Certain enemies like Leblanc, will be forced to counter push using their main abilities, putting their abilities on cooldown, and leaving them vulnerable to your next poke or trade combo, as they'll struggle to return damage. At lv 3, look for main trade combos, even on top of minions, and aim to all in them. Mana can be an issue if start spamming E Unraveled Earth. Most of your mana problems will be over once you finish Lost Chapter. Pushing in waves early will help you get to fights in the jungler and river quicker. You'll have priority in those important skirmishes with your jungler.

You may want to freeze waves if you want to encourage ganks. Try to chain CC with your jungler. Unless your confident you'll land W Seismic Shove, let them use their CC first, then follow up. Use your Passive Rock Surfing along walls to join skirmishes. Since we'll be pushing in most waves, we can take advantage of Taliyah's incredible poke and harass while enemies are under tower. If you see the enemy jungler, you can use R Weaver's Wall to escape, unless they have hard CC.

Roaming is another solid option for Taliyah. Make your way bot, top or in the enemy jungle. Skirmishes or teamfights around objectives like Herald or Dragon are perfect for Taliyah. There's more chance enemies will be bunched up, allowing you to deal aoe damage.

This is Taliyah's time to dominate. You'll usually have 2-3 AP items, which is more than enough to burst most squishies, so be ready to catch out enemies. At this point, you should be looking to make picks using W Seismic Shove with, or without your team. A single pick can really open up the game, giving your team the advantage to take objectives. This is also the time where you have amazing potential to 1v2 even 1v3, especially if you camp a brush and 1-shot an enemy before they even have time to react. Even if you take out 2 enemies and get killed, it will hopefully allow for the rest of your team to pick up objectives and farm around the map. Fights around the river, jungle or epic monster pits, are great for Taliyah. There is plenty of brushes and lack of vision to catch players. Pick up a control ward and swap your trinket to sweepers for extra vision denial.

Taliyah has strong seiging and dive potential, especially with items like Zhonya's Hourglass. Look to engage, spam all abilities and then spam Zhonya's Hourglass when you start taking damage from enemies and the tower. Sidelaning is a great option if your falling behind or just want some extra farm. You can always escape with your Ultimate Weaver's Wall, just make sure you haven't taken any damage in the last 3 seconds. Once you've pushed sidelines, use your Ultimate Weaver's Wall to join a teamfight.

A lot of the mid-game still applies to Late game with Taliyah, however, you'll be punished much harder if you ever decide to go all in and mess it up. In saying that, one W Seismic Shove knock up can change an entire teamfight, and ultimately win you the game. Keep an eye on enemies who have Flash or any important abilities on CD, as you'll have a greater chance to wipe them out early in a fight.

Like most Mages, you'll have a much harder time 1 shotting squishy champs, as they'll constantly be grouped and finish their survivability items. Again, fights around Barons and Elder Dragons are great since there's plenty of walls and brushes to play around. Remember to finish with Void Staff if you're going to have any chance of chunking tanks. However, if that's not a problem, focus on more AP items.
Be on the lookout if your team engages and use your ultimate Weaver's Wall to join the fight.

Taliyah excels in teamfights with plenty of AOE damage and CC. Kiting will become essential, spamming your Q Threaded Volley while keeping your distance from any threats. Look to burst enemies before a fight starts. With 1 squishy dead, you'll now have a 5v4 advantage. Taliyah also excels at cleaning up and finishing off low hp targets. If you haven't used your ultimate Weaver's Wall to join the fight, you'll now be able to finish off low hp enemies. This means it's extremely important to never be the first one to die.

Some fights you'll want to simply stay back at all costs, while constantly poking with Q Threaded Volley and E Unraveled Earth, using W Seismic Shove to flip targets away from you. Peeling is another useful option, especially when you have a fed member on your team and you're slightly behind. Save your W Seismic Shove for them. Zoning with your E Unraveled Earth can also prevent enemy carries from getting to close. Simply place them in tight areas, so they are slowed. Although not exactly easy to pull off, you'll want to aim Q Threaded Volley when enemies are bunched, for you AOE damage. It's a very small radius, but hitting 3 or more enemies can seriously turn most fights in your favor.

If things turn bad quickly in a teamfight, for example, 2 of your carries get wiped out, just get out safely. Surviving allows you to waveclear and hopefully give your team a chance to stay in the game and win the next fight.

+ 1. Insane Damage
+ 2. Heavy Crowd Control
+ 3. Snowball Potential
+ 4. Making Picks
+ 5. Amazing Kiting

1. With plenty of AOE from her Q Threaded Volley and E Unraveled Earth, she will destroy teamfights if enemies group up. This also means she has great waveclear and can deal consistent damage to objectives like Dragon and Baron.
2. She has 2 slows, from her big Q Threaded Volley and E Unraveled Earth area, 2 knock ups from W Seismic Shove and Ultimate Weaver's Wall, and 1 stun from E Unraveled Earth in her kit. On top of this, she can buy items like Everfrost or Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
3. With a high AP Mythic like Luden's Tempest, you'll one shot any squishy you can full combo. Once you start stacking a rune like Dark Harvest, you'll snowball games out of control.
4. Because of her Passive Rock Surfing movement speed and ultimate Weaver's Wall, you can look for easy targets from halfway across the map anytime you want to roam.
5. With a long range spammable Q Threaded Volley, and peel from your W Seismic Shove and E Unraveled Earth, you can kite for days, as long as you maintain that perfect distance.

- 1. Skillshot Reliant
- 2. Squishy
- 3. Mana Issues
- 4. Blink Abilities
- 5. Liability Ultimate

1. With all her damage, there is a downside; none of her abilities are guaranteed.
2. Just like most mages, you are extremely squishy.
3. If you start spamming E Unraveled Earth and W Seismic Shove in lane without hitting your enemy, you'll quickly go oom.
4. Although Taliyah can counter champions with dashes, blinks are the opposite. Champs like Kassadin or Zed, who have multiple blinks, can easily avoid all your CC and damage.
5. If you misplace your Ultimate Weaver's Wall, you can literally force your own teammates out of a fight or even knock them into the enemy team.

Quick Solutions to Weaknesses

1. Look for teammates CC to follow up, or use brush tactics to surprise enemies. Practice goes a long way, especially with her unique W Seismic Shove ability.
2. Buy items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil to protect yourself from critical abilities that can catch you out.
3. Only go for these mana heavy combos if you have a big chance to kill them. Otherwise, stick to poking with Q Threaded Volley and utilise the big Q for the low mana cost and aoe to hit multiple minions. If you still have mana problems, check out the build section for mana sustain runes and items.
4. Look in to matchups for specific tips. One quick tip is to always save W Seismic Shove until they have initiated, for eg. Zed will always appear behind you when he ults.
5. Make sure to recast the Weaver's Wall to destroy it. Practicing this ability a few times is important to understand the timing and distance. Pay attention to where you are while surfing the wall. Getting off early might save you from a death.
Although this guide focuses mainly on Mid, almost everything can be applied to Jungle Taliyah. For Runes, Dark Harvest or First Strike is best, so use the 2 cheat sheets in the builds section.

Pick up Hailblade and Refillable Potion. Smite will be upgraded into the Chilling Smite, which you can use the slow to set up your W Seismic Shove or even to finish off low hp enemies with the damage. You'll want to start Q Threaded Volley at lv 1, E Unraveled Earth lv 2, W Seismic Shove lv 3.

Here are 2 example jungle paths that you can use.

If you start blue side, start Red Buff, as you'll be able to get help from your bot lane for a quicker clear. Then follow the rest of the path. You can look to take Scuttle when you can, preferably if you have mid pressure. Look around for easy ganks, but it's best when you're atleast lv 3 for your W Seismic Shove.

If you start red side, again we'll be looking at bot lane for help, taking the Blue Buff this time. Follow the rest of the path.
These paths are standard so if you're an experienced jungler, you should pick what is best for your situation.

Few Tips if you're new to jungling.

Get ward Stealth Ward first, then place it early, around 1 minute mark, in the river, whichever side you think you might be counter jungled. So if I'm playing on Red Side, starting Blue Buff, I'll place it on the top side river dot brush, because I'm predicting a Lee Sin will try to fight me at my Red Buff. Then return to base and swap it out for Sweeping Lens. You should get to your camp just in time for the Blue Buff spawn.
When looking for ganks or generally pathing, keep close to walls for the passive Rock Surfing movement speed.
Sweeping Lens any brushes for wards. Look to use the W Seismic Shove > E Unraveled Earth > Q Threaded Volley on enemies just in range over walls, otherwise, you'll have to walk upto them. Look to chain your W Seismic Shove with teammates CC. So if you have a Syndra mid for example, ping on the way, let her hit E Scatter the Weak stun, then follow up with W Seismic Shove. Even if you just get a Flash early game that's fine, just keep that lane a priority while their Flash is down.
You have decent clear speeds, so focus on clearing if there's no opportunities to gank.
Check brushes with Q Threaded Volley anytime you suspect the enemy jungler is nearby.
At lv 6, you'll have global pressure with your Ultimate Weaver's Wall. Keep an eye on lanes that might be ganked, and be ready to counter gank, entering with your Ultimate Weaver's Wall.
Solo Dragon when you are safe too, as you have plenty of damage with your Q Threaded Volley.
Don't be afraid to counter jungle when you know where the enemy jungler is.
When it comes to fighting junglers, most will win close up, so keep your distance with Q Threaded Volley.
With the 150% buff to monsters on her E Unraveled Earth, Taliyah has a much easier time clearing. Use it to hit as many jungle minions as possible.
Again, all other tips in this guide should be used while playing jungle.

Let's start with bot lane tips in general.

Aim to chain CC with your support or adc. If it's an engage champ like Blitzcrank or Thresh, you can wait for them to land hooks first. Sometimes you can even use E Unraveled Earth first, slow enemies, and make it easier for your support or adc to follow up. If they have a slow, like Karma or Varus, you'll have an easier time going for W Seismic Shove flip.
You'll want to farm and poke safely until level 3. Then go for combos when you can, and be ready to all in. Mana will be an issue if you keep spamming E Unraveled Earth, so only use it if you're ready for an all in or you have almost full mana.
All tips throughout this guide should be applied to bot lane.

Pick up Spellthief's Edge. Try to poke anytime the gold passive is up. Aim for 500 stacks in order to upgrade your Frostfang. Remember to Auto towers when possible. Once your able to use wards, swap your ward Stealth Ward for Sweeping Lens.

As for runes, as a support, your gold is limited, so First Strike is efficient. Unless you can guarantee Dark Harvest stacks, go with First Strike, as it's much more consistent. You can also pick up a bunch of utility runes from Inspiration, like Magical Footwear and Future's Market.

As support Taliyah, you'll want to focus on poking enemies in lane. Hang around the brush area for more pressure as most enemies will have to respect your W Seismic Shove. Your mindset should be to put as much pressure on enemies, so that your AD can farm safely.
You have decent peel with W Seismic Shove and E Unraveled Earth if enemies decide to go aggressive.
Roaming is a great option when you're pushed up and your AD goes for base. If you feel you'll prioritise roaming, take Relentless Hunter over Ingenious Hunter.
Use Q Threaded Volley to check brushes, so you or your AD don't have to facecheck.
Just like in other roles, Taliyah is very squishy, so respect your enemies, especially Tank supports with CC, or the lane could quickly snowball against you.
Remember to use E Unraveled Earth on any adc's that have dashes, like Lucian or Vayne. Lanes with mobile champs will be challenging, as your W Seismic Shove will be harder to land and their gap closes could leave you in a vulnerable position.

All runes are viable, however, I would recommend Dark Harvest. Since bot lane has 2 champs, and is generally filled with 2v2 fights, jungler ganks and mid roams, you'll be able to pick up stacks a lot more.

If you have a tanky support, stay back until enemies use their main threatening abilities. Once they focus the support, you can go aggressive.
If your tanky support engages, try to burst down that one target.
If you have a squishy support, like Soraka or Janna, you'll have to play extremely passive in lane, only going for long range Q Threaded Volley pokes, trying to waveclear and farm up for levels and exp.
This will almost feel like playing Taliyah mid, except you'll usually be a level lower.
I'm currently working on making guides of all the Champs I've played over the years. Appreciate the time you've taken to read upto this point and please leave any feedback. If the guide has helped you or you've simply enjoyed it, consider giving it a like or just a quick comment to let me know! Good luck in your ranked games and see you in the next guide! For all video guides w/ gameplay examples, check out my Youtube.
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