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Pantheon Build Guide by LMaverick

AD Offtank A Man-Drop from the Heavens: A Pantheon Guide (updating)

By LMaverick | Updated on April 13, 2016
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  • LoL Champion: Pantheon
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  • LoL Champion: Pantheon


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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
About Me
Who is Pantheon
Pros & Cons

2. Before You Start Skyfalling
Sumoner Spells

3. What Do You Do as Pantheon
Skill Sequence

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Hey guys, I’m beck! I'm Lmaverick17 if you didn’t know and this is my first guide here on MOBAfire. Starting out season 5 being placed in bronze 2, I got out bronze pretty fast and ended the season getting up to silver 1, not amazing, but for the amount of time I put into it I was pretty content. Now season 6 is here and I’m silver 2 now on my way to gold. I like to top lane and jungle, champs such as Rengar, Trundle, Kindred, being my current favorites at the moment. So why make a guide on Pantheon then? Well I’ve always had a soft spot for pantheon, he was the champ I played all the way to lv 30 and if I feel like I really need to dominate lane he feels like my trump card or if I want have fun. If you like the guide, up-vote it. If you find something you don't like, I don't mind but remember to comment and tell me why you didn't like it so maybe I can fix it. Together let’s get this guide to the top again. So without further ado let me introduce you to this god of a champion.

Thanks guys for everything the upvotes, the feedback, It all helped make this a better guide for Pantheon players everywhere you guys helped me get this guide to the TOP, but we cant stop now :D. I hope to see this guide get better and better and maybe get to one of the highest on Mobafire. THANKS GUYS!

Who is this "Mantheon" everyone is talking about...

Pantheon is an AD caster who excels beautifully in the laning phase, usually getting first blood, but starts falling off in the late game. His kit includes two CC abilities, a stun and a slow, has a passive that allows him to totally mitigate some serious damage and has an awesome global ultimate, Grand Skyfall.
Here is his lore if your interested:



+ Amazingly strong early game
+ Has a global ult
+ Heartseeker Strike passive allows 100% Crits under 15% health
+ Aegis Protection passive allows him to block TWO turret shots if done right.
+ People call him "MANTHEON!!!!!!" for a reason
+ Has great long range harass
+ Is good at tower diving
+ Has one of the highest base movement speed
Pantheon is and AD caster which means he can harrass from a distance and his early game damage is amazing usually being the reason why he gets first blood most of the time. His global ult, Grand Skyfall, makes him an amazing ganker/roamer. His passive is fantastic since it allows him to tower dive the enemy and not get hit by a turret shot, or two if done right. All in all hes a god-like champion whose naturally fast, because of his base movespeed, and a total boss in the laning phase. So legendary they call him: MAAAANNNNNTHEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOONNNN!!!


- He can be countered early by lots armor
- Does fall off late game, especially if your behind
- Mana hungry if not played carefully
- Does not have any escapes other than skyfall or summoner spells
- only has one hard CC ability which has a long cooldown
- yup... can't think of anything else
What Pantheon's sadly also known for, is for sucking teemo shrooms late game as his AD ratios seem to go down the toilet during that time. Although he is naturally fast, he has no real escapes and only has one cc ability, his Aegis of Zeonia, which is a stun that has a loooong cooldown. If you keep spamming spears early on and have nothing to sustain up with your going to run into a lot of mana issues early on, which can be really disastrous since you need to be worrying about how many kills you can get before late game. Lastly, he is a little countered by straight armor and tanky champions until he gets arm. penetration. Although you should recognize the weaknesses of Pantheon, this should not in any way shy you away from playing him or the fact that pantheon is a total beast. Pantheon is an interesting and fun champion to play as well as play against, and if he gets fed, he doesn't even have to worry about the late game.

I recommend a standard AD rune page for Pantheon however, you can mix it up based on the team comp or what position you are playing as.

  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage This will make last hitting a whole lot easier, especially with your Heartseeker Strike passive, and they also add a small boost to your AD stats. I'd take these marks over any since it brings out the most in terms of damage.
  • Greater Mark of Armor Penetration These are a good second pick for trading since you'll rip through armor. These would be my second pick, as although they help late game, I want to get a lead early with the extra AD.



  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage This combined with your Greater Mark of Attack Damage will give you about 15 AD. This is a good boost to Pantheon's stats.
  • Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration These are a good second pick for trading since you'll rip through their armor. Coupled with your marks you'll be shredding about 19 armor, and thats without considering adding Arm. penetration from your The Brutalizer or your Last Whisper.
  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Who said being to fast was a bad thing? These runes will make roaming or ganking that much more efficient.
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed I would only take these if I am going jungle Pantheon, for clearing the jungle. However, this would be my LAST option, and I still believe AD marks would benefit you more, but with the new buffs to this rune I do think it is viable on Pantheon.

"The Legendary Pantheon"


"Mantheon of men"


"No Spartan Blood Spilt"


You Should Pick Me (Best choice)

  • Flash- I usually ALWAYS take this spell as this is Pantheon's actual only escape, and can also be used as a gapcloser if your short on your W range.
  • Ignite- take this spell in order to maximize your kill potential since pantheon really doesn't have any.
  • Smite- MANDATORY on junglers in order to secure buffs, dragon, and baron. Don't take if your laning though :P

You Can Pick Me (Alternatives)

  • Teleport- Gives pressure to the enemy team and allows yo took may plays even when you dont have your ult. With this and your ult you'll be flying all over the map.
  • Ghost- will give you a quick speed boost for cathing up or escaping andd is on a lower cooldown then flash.
  • Exhaust- I usually take this when I'm going bot as it helps me stick on to the enemies I wish to punish.
  • Heal- Is actually now A good spell now that it removes healing debuffs. Although good, I'd only, take it if I were going bot lane.

Don't Pick Me (Not Viable)

  • Clairvoyance- you really have no use for this and should never take it in any situation.
  • Cleanse- If your having problems with CC buy merc treads otherwise you shouldn't ever have a problem with getting away if you play smart.
  • Barrier- your passive already allows you to completely mitigate damage through auto attacks and even turret shots no need for this spell.
  • Clarity- Although Pantheon does have problems with mana sustain, knowing how to control his mana pool will make you a better Pantheon player. Just dont get this spell, you should instead get a flask.
  • Garrison-Only used for Dominion, but even in Dominion I don't get this spell since I never seem to have a use for it since I'm killing everyone. Don't take this spell.

Aegis Protection
  • Aegis Protection:After attacking or casting spells 4 times, Pantheon will block the next normal attack that deals more than 40 damage to him.[/yellow]
  • This is a rather powerful passive. With it, Pantheon becomes a turret diving beast blocking up to two, or even more if you play it right, turret shots. When fighting make sure you always keep on auto-attacking and using abilities to keep proc'ing your sheild.

Spear Shot
  • Spear Shot:Pantheon hurls his spear at an opponent, dealing 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+1.4 per bonus attack damage) physical damage. If Heartseeker Strike has been leveled up once, Spear Shot will crit to deal 150% damage against opponents whose current health is below 15% of their max health.
  • Your main damage tool. This is the ability that Pantheon is known for when it comes to harassing your lane opponent.
    Tips and Tricks
    • Use this to last hit from far away or harass your opponent low enough to do an all in
    • Be careful to not spam you spears when it's not needed otherwise you'll be mana starved
    • Your spear crits. on any enemy below 15% so use this as an execution. You know... for that kill secure ;)
More Information
Aegis of Zeonia
  • Aegis of Zeonia:Pantheon leaps at the target enemy and deals 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and stuns them for 1 second. Pantheon also instantly refreshes his Aegis Protection.
  • Your main true CC ability,a stun with a long cooldown. Since the recent patches during season 4, they somewhat buffed this ability to be able to hit neutral enemies now. This makes jungling easier as well as escaping/ making plays. Use this ability sparingly.
    Tips and Tricks
More Information
Heartseeker Strike
  • Heartseeker Strike:Passive: Pantheon gains 100% critical strike chance against targets below 15% of their max health.

    Active: Pantheon channels for 0.75 seconds and deals 3 swift strikes in a cone in front of him. Each strike deals 13 / 23 / 33 / 43 / 53 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) physical damage, and they deal double damage to champions.
  • A very strong ability if all three strikes land, which they most likely will. Is very good for wave clear at higher levels.
    Tips and Tricks
    • Use this to last hit from far away or harass your opponent low enough to do an all in
    • This on a relatively higher cooldown early levels so use it wisely
    • use this after your stun to guarantee the three hits
More Information
Grand Skyfall
  • Grand Skyfall:Pantheon gathers his strength channeling for 2 seconds and then leaps high in to the air, crashing down at the target area 1.5 seconds later. Deals 400 / 700 / 1000 (+100% of ability power) magic damage to units at the center (down to 50% at the edge) and slows them by 35% for 1 second. If the channeling is cancelled, the cooldown is reduced to 10 seconds.
  • The manliest of ults. This global ult puts fear into your opponents, for when you have this no lane is safe from MANTHEON!!!
    Tips and Tricks
    • try to aim a little bit behind the enemy your man-dropping on, this will make it almost impossible for them to escape unless they blow a summoner or a wild Fizz.
    • make sure you coordinate with your team when you're going to drop don't go into a 1v5 situation unless you know they are backing you up. Otherwise, your going to be one sad spartan.
    • Don't be afraid to cancel your ult before your start to jump its only on a 10 second cooldown. Also its ok to ult back to lane if you think you'll lose a considerable amount of cs.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You put a point in your ult, Grand Skyfall whenever it's possible, levels 6, 11, and 16. You want to max your Spear Shot first to maximize the damage/early kill potential you have with it before you hit late game, then you max out your Heartseeker Strike cause it also deals lots of damage, but is not as noticeable early game. Lasty your gonna wanna put the rest of your points in your Aegis of Zeonia because its just for the utility.
however you can put a first point in it at lv. 2 or 3 if you think you can go for a quick first blood.


Now there is lots of debate on if your Q ability, Spear Shot, is better to max out early or your E ability, Heartseeker Strike. Here is an in-depth explanation of why you should take Spear Shot first instead of taking Heartseeker Strike, along with the calculations:


Starting Items
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Doran's Shield and a Health Potion are the standard opening items I get on Pantheon beacause it allows you to stay in lane longer because of sustain and makes you rather tanky.

same as the Doran's Shield give you good sustain along with a health pot, and gives you a bit of AD which will help you trade.

This start gives you a lot of sustain and helps you with your mana hunger. With the flask you can all pots(a mix of health and mana) or get an early ward.

Core Items
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Gives you 3 great stats for a pretty cheap stat (you should usually get this item on your first back): AD, Arm. penetration, and cooldown reduction. you should have an easier time in lane poking down you enemy now.

Although your one of the fastest champions in the game, your not THAT fast. Grab some boots to boost your movement speed, you do not have to upgrade them immediately though.

It is good to build Pantheon with a bit of tankiness so I usually get two defensive items. stacking health is very good against burst champions such as LeBlanc and can be be turned into a Warmog's Armor or Randuin's Omen.

Offensive Items
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Has an amazing passive & active, good for clearing waves of minions, and some AD and health regen. with the recent patches B.T. is pretty "iffy" so I usually take this item most of the time. However, take this item instead of Bloodthirster if you're going to trading more, specifically with auto attacks so you can proc your passive & active.

WHAT IS ARMOR. I get this in almost every game as it gives alot of Arm. pen along with some AD which will keep you strong even in the late game, but of course not THAT strong.

A great item that can be built from your brutilizer. You would get this item or Youmuu's Ghostblade. Black Cleaver provides AD, Arm. pen, CD reduction, and a bit of health. Also its passive is good for armor shredding that will help your ADC take down targets. Take this item over youmuu's if you want to be a bit more tanky and expect to autoattack the enemy alot.

And you thought you were fast before. Many people underestimate this item but i like it a lot, it just gives so many GOODIES!!! yes it doesnt exactly give you a beautiful amount of AD but it also gives CD reduction, Arm. pen, extra Crit. chance, AND an awesome active that gives you alot of Atk. speed and movement speed. If you are planning to 1v1 or even 1v2 enemies then take this item over black cleaver. I would recommend this if you're not behind or if your not going to team fight as much.

Similar to youmuu's ghostblade, I'd only get this item if I was really ahead, and I WOULDN'T replace it as one of my lifesteal items, BT or hydra. It's active makes sticking or getting away from enemies easier and can make the enemy underestimate how low you are. Take if you are dueling 1v1 more then you are teamfighting.

With the recent changes B.T., technically, got a nerf to its AD and now costs more. However the item now gives more life steal and a shield which are both beneficial to Pantheon. With the nerf it basically made this item more situational then viable and I see me building this item less and less and instead going for hydra. Still a good source of AD and lifesteal. You would take this item or Ravenous Hydra for your lifesteal, not both. Take this instead of hydra NOT for the extra AD but for its passive as the shield is quite useful instead of the wave clear.

The Essence Reaver is the new item that riot has made that was made for champs that go oom a lot since they use a lot of mana: Varus, Ezreal, ect. Although I use to think this was an item for Pantheon, I now believe this is more of an item for marksmen or champions that use items like Manamune, such as Jayce. As for Pantheon, his spears do not return mana back and he relies more on his abilities than his auto-attacks, so it would be more beneficial for him to take BT over this item in any scenario.

O Trinity, you have a little bit of everything: AD,AP,Atk. speed, Crit. chance, a bit of health and mana, a move speed multiplyer, and TWO passives: rage and spellblade which allow you to stick onto enemies aswell as do alot of damage with you auto attacks. However, as pantheon your going to be busy doing your combo to even have time to really get all your procs in. In all honesty I DO NOT recommend this item. If you can pull it off, congrats to you, however it is expensive for what it is worth to Pantheon and doesn't really yield positive results.

Not gonna lie this item gives me mixed feelings, like trinity. Pantheon does not benefit from this item as much as you'd think. Since, as Pantheon you wont be auto-attacking a lot, you rely more on your abilities, this item wont really help you. Its expensive and the crit passive doesn't go with your spears.

Defensive Items
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A great defensive item.The huge chunk of health makes it a good item against AP and AD alike. I run this item in most of my games as it gives you some significantly more effective health when its paired with a second defensive item. Take this item if you having problems with bursty champions like le blanc.

One of my favorite defensive item for any champ needing to be more tanky. Lots of health and armor along with a debuff makes ADC hate you as well as the active is good for sticking on to fleeing enemies. I usually get this paired with Warmog's Armor or an MR item to have a good balance in armor and magic resist.

O this item, I love it! Its passives are awesome and gives you a good amount of MR along with some health. If your against a team with a lot of poke, take this item.

Very good item. Get the Hexdrinker part of this item early if you're having problems with your AP matchup. This item is good since it also gives you AD and a life saving shield passive. take this item instead of other AP items if you lane opponent is an AP laner such as Diana or Rumble.

An item I recommend if you're fed. it kinda releases pressure off of you since the enemy doesn't want to deal with killing a wild Mantheon twice, if they could that is. I recommend it more if your carrying the game since you'll need to stay in the battle as long as possible.

I'm not a big fan of this item on Pantheon mostly because early i will be throwing spears and not being in the enemies face so they can take sunfire ticks. Nevertheless, it is still a phenomenal item in some situations, better when your against a melee champ, and can replace Randuin's Omen as it provides lots of health, armor, and a passive that helps you trade more in a sustained/prolonged fight. I'd rush this a little earlier, maybe after your first damage item.

I use to never like this item but the more i look at it the better it looks. Although, it does not build from the phage anymore, its passive slow is still good and the amount of health it gives with a little AD on the side is just a perfect alternative defensive item. In many ways I'd replace my main MR or ARM item for this item depending if the enemy team is AP or AD heavy.

Although I prefer Banshees over this item, this is a great defensive item on Pantheon for MR. If your wondering which MR item you should get look at the enemy team comp and prioritize: do they have a lot of skill shots/ poke then take banshees otherwise take the spirit instead because in my opinion it gives "tankier" stats: a ton of reliable/constant health regen flat health and MR and even 10 cool down reduction.

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Take these for their cheap CDR, so you can spam more abilities.

For roaming or catching up/making a quick get away from the enemy.

If you need the extra armor against a heavy AD enemy team.

If you ned the extra magic resist against a heavy AP enemy team.

Now in section you should have a full grasp of who is Pantheon and how to build him and what he can do. So lets now explain how to actually PLAY this legendary champion. Before you start playing though these are some general tips you should remember before you play a game, and this is basically with EVERY CHAMP YOU PLAY WITH, probably any GAME you play:
  • NEVER GIVE UP: I swear when I see people surrender after their team is behind by just a little really disappoints me. I can recall a bunch of games where most of team just wanted to give up and surrender, but you got to be that person who convinces them, because all it takes is one mistake to change a fight in the favor for any team. Make good decisions and you can go from a complete loss to an AMAZING WIN!
  • TEAMWORK: The two things that make a good league player a legendary league player is their ability to know how to carry and execute(good decision making, good mechanics and reaction time/skill, ect.) and their ability to work well with their team. I cannot stress how important teamwork is if you want to win games. Always communicate (yes that means pinging!!! :D) and use constructive criticism: congratulate them for doing something really good and if they mess up just tell them how they could improve or go roam down and help them.
  • LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES: you can't win them all and sometimes,especially if its a normal, its OK to surrender. Just remember to learn from your mistakes and better yourself for the next game.
  • PLAY,PLAY,PLAY: Even when I play BOT games I always feel like i'm still improving. Play every position, as many champs as you can, and always reflect on your decisions. Push your limits, don't let my build blind you from diverging from the path I set. Explore different ways of playing champions, this is one of the steps to becoming a LEGENDARY player.

Laning phase is where Pantheon shines. Take advantage of this strong early game by poking the enemy out of lane with your Spear Shots and if their wave is pushing up on you don't be afraid to also use your Heartseeker Strike to wave clear, and when you do try to hit the enemy so you can get free damage on them as well. Just remember to pay attention to your mana bar, try to stay above half of your mana bar at all times unless going all in. On your first back you usually want to have enough to buy your brutalizer. Once you get back in lane you should now have all your abilities, except your Grand Skyfall, and you have more information on how your enemy plays: if they were really aggressive since your spears didn't seem to do that much damage or just really passive and just trying to farm, you want to be looking for first blood or just kill if first blood is already gone. This is what you should do for each situation:
  • AGGRESSIVE enemy: They might have to much early armor or a lot of health, but you should still try to trade with them, unless of course you know that you will completely lose a 1v1 trade with them. Go ahead and do your full combo on them and then immediately back off, unless they are backing or will lose the sustained fight against you then continue to disintegrate them. If you didn't kill them then monitor how much damage you did, wait till your mana and cooldowns are up and then go in again, and again, and again, and well... until they die. Even if you get them low enough to back, pat yourself on the back because you get to have an exp and gold advantage that'll make it easier for you to kill them when they come back. Just remember to always keep up in CS, trade lots,unless your against a really aggressive lane bully then farm passively, and WARD WARD WARD. It only takes ONE gank to screw you over if the enemy is smart. However, if you play smart you should be fine.
  • PASSIVE enemy: there are two types of passive enemies: the ones that try to ignore you like Nasus and Singed and just try to farm or if your against a Teemo who, unless hes stupid, knows better to always stay at least five miles away from you. In both cases you want to be zoning the enemy from any CS. To do this, assert your dominance, always be harassing and going through your combo on them and effectively zone them while freezing the lane. just remember to farm yourself otherwise your screwing your enemy AND YOU.

Now your into the Mid-game. You have 1-2 items of your core build fully built, have your Grand Skyfall, and you or your enemy has a lost their tower or you just need a kill. So your looking to roam and help out your team, but before you do look at your situation and think accordingly:
  • You are dominating your lane: Good Job! If you haven't taken your top turret then now is the time. With it gone it'll give your whole team a gold boost and give you options to roam. I suggest you go gank a lane with your Grand Skyfall that is struggling a little and is not pushing there lane so hard. If your team is also fed look to even drop down on them at their turret and dive them. JUST REMEMBER TO COMMUNICATE otherwise things could get nasty for you and you'll put the enemy back in the game. You already ahead and as an early champ you want to take every advantage you can get before the go away.
  • You and your lane opponent are going "even": Well its not bad... but not exactly good. usually if you keep this up they'll eventually out-scale you and start dominating the lane. Try to go through your combos on them but if you still can't shutdown your lane or get them behind enough, go ahead and gank another lane, better to get a teammate, like your ADC/APC, who can "do work" late game fed then have them be mediocre and you start falling off.
  • Im... not winning my lane... at all: Your behind, and as Pantheon this will be really hard on you. Stay in your lane unless you have an opportunity that YOU ARE VERY SURE OF THAT'LL BE BENEFICIAL TO YOU IF YOU GO AND NOOOOT A WASTE OF YOUR TIME. You can still win, but you're gonna have to play this out with very VERY minimal mistakes, and also hope or even PRAY that the enemy does not completely exploit their advantage (which you'll find less in lower elo compared to higher elo who will usually punish you harshly for your mistakes). In this case you want to be adding pressure and being with your teammates in team fights to secure objectives. If your top laner leaves PUNISH HIM by pushing the wave hard and trying to take that top tower. You be the one to capitalize on every opportunity and you'll still come out the victor!

Welcome to the late game, yeah you start to fall off a little, but that should not discourage you from dominating the enemy with your team. You should be level 18 or really close to level 18 and have most of your build finished. When it comes to gameplay late game analyze your team and theirs: If you lose team fights, try to split off or if your team is stronger than theirs try to force teamfights, for example contesting dragon or baron. Always try to push any objective when possible this includes trying to get every dragon possible to help out the whole team. At this time wards are a must and should be placed throughout the jungle, in theirs and in yours. Do not get caught out and make good decisions, and with the power of teamwork and some skill you can win the game.

It seems like Pantheon would be a real troll pick for supporting, but in fact it works really well if you know how pantheon works. Although I wouldn't recommend it in ranked play, support Pantheon is fun and can offer a lot to a team, other then pure swag:
  • guaranteed stun with Aegis of Zeonia
  • pretty good damage overall for a supp
  • a lot of map pressure when lv.6 so you can help support other lanes
  • early game kill potential

Item Sequence

Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Timeworn Face of the Mountain 2100
Aegis of the Legion 1100
Ruby Sightstone 1600

Depending on how aggressive you want to be you can get Talisman of Ascension or Face of the Mountain these are mandatory because you'll need gold for your items, and it will be pretty hard to cs bot lane or your adc will take/need all of it. All the other items above are optional: Ruby Sightstone is a generally good item for supports however it takes up and item slot, but if you buying tons of wards, as you probably will as support, then this item will benefit you, it does make you a bit tanky as well. Aegis of the Legion is also an overall good support item. The item has greats stats however if the enemy team doesn't have any strong AP then this item may not be as useful. Other then those items, the rest of the build would be toward making Pantheon a glass cannon, all damage items, or a wall of manliness, all tank items.

So first as support Pantheon, you want to make sure you coordinate with your team as you can actually be the main factor of an easy win or a devastating defeat. Play safe or aggressive depending on the match up. At level 2 or 3 your kill potential escalates because you have your stun and/or passive, so take advantage. When you hit level 6 you have your ultimate and now need to be looking at the map, if everyone is doing fine then continue to stay bot. However, if you see the enemy over extending in one lane tell your team that you can gank their lane and plan accordingly. With support Pantheon the key is successfully roaming and taking objectives fast. If you kill the enemy mid laner, don't just leave, push out the wave and try to take mid tower. If you do this successfully then the game should be over quickly. Of course its not an easy task, as you have to win usually win YOUR lane first before roaming, unless your partner bot lane can solo. This is all during the laning phase afterwards you play Pantheon like you normally would.

This section is dedicated to if you are going jungle Pantheon. As jungle Pantheon once you do your first clear of your jungle you want to be forcing objectives by ganking a lot, which includes camping, or invading to keep the enemy jungler behind.

Most items you build on Pantheon jungle are the same as you would with Pantheon in lane with the exception of a few items, these four jungle specific items:

A very good item for a more tanky build, I usually get this item if im a little behind or if im not exactly carrying for my team but more like peeling for my carries/soaking damage.

If youre doing good I prefer you get this item it will make snowballing that much easier. The true damage will make all your abilities hurt that much more.

Unless your going AP Pantheon, even then, you should never get this item. You dont really benefit much from this item and its stats.

A longer explanation of this item and its effect on Pantheon jungle. Summary: just dont take this item no matter how tempting it might be ;)

The images below are the most effective clears you need to take when jungling. Wait to use your Aegis of Zeonia when it is popped by the large monster to mitigate maximum damage and be healthy when you come out of the jungle. Make sure you manage your mana consumption because without blue you run into mana problems real fast. What I recommend: start on the opposite side of where your first planning of ganking. For example, if your on blue side and your thinking "hey, i want to snowball my bot lane", or somthing like that, then you should start blue and work your way down, and if you change your mind if they are already winning the lane then you can work your way back up to mid and top, and vice versa.

Blue Start

Red Start

Don't feel like this the route you MUST take, it is just the standard. After you clear your first buff, if you feel threatened, you can go ahead and go straight to your other buff and just farm a camp after that one. After you have three camps completed, you have a variety of options: you can go gank, keep clearing jungle camps or if you have enough to afford your first item, which should Spirit Stone, you can even recall and just go back to base. Plan accordingly and try to make use of the duration of those buffs.

warding is essential for the security of you, your team, and most importantly your jungle. knowing where and when to ward can be the difference between a stolen buff that puts you at a disadvantage or an easy counter gank that can snowball you lane to VICTORY!
Detailed Information on Warding and Warding Locations

Pantheon excels at jungling for two reasons: his decent clear times and his very effective-snowballing ganks. Ganking with Pantheon is not that difficult, the thing that is difficult is the timing and the communication with your teammate on when to engage, bait, or counter-gank.

How to Gank as Pantheon: First position yourself in a way that the enemy can't see you but when you approach them they will be close enough in range for your Aegis of Zeonia stun (maybe you can throw in a spear before you leap). You can also use your Grand Skyfall. Follow up with your usual combo: Heartseeker Strike, Spear Shot, AA, Spear Shot when off cooldown. If they blow a flash or any other summoners then that's good you achieved part one of getting a kill. If your lucky they'll stay in lane and try to sustain up. In this situation, you want to camp that lane. After all your cooldowns are done, go in with your teammate and proceed to repeat the combo above after stunning them with your Aegis of Zeonia.
(Once I get the chance I will put links of images on locations where you can get the best ganks off)

Well guys this is the end. Hope you guys enjoyed and found the guide useful, and i hope you mandrop your way to VICTORY!!! My IGN is Lmaverick17, send me a shout-out through PM if you want more information(or want to give some) or if you want to play some games with me. SEE YA ON THE RIFT SPARTANS ;) Upvote if you liked, tell me why if you didn't. Ive enjoyed making this guide and hope we can get this guide to the top.

Before I end this I'd loved to thank these people:

jhoijhoi- her "how to make a guide" is what made me able to make this guide in the first place: check it out
emoriam- his Irelia guide gave me inspiration with formatting and especially the custom table of contents: check his Irelia guide out
ApocalypteK- never really considered seriously jungling with Pantheon until I saw his guide: check his jungle guide out for more specifics on jungle Pantheon

Change log:

13.4.2014- Guide is finally published
14.4.2014- match-ups in progress(will add it in the guide when its complete)
14.4.2014- separated cheat sheets into sections for each position, and did a few structure and grammar changes
16.4.2014- just added two more alternative runes
16.4.2014- gave thx to all who helped me be able to make this guide what it is :) and some grammar fixes
28.4.2014- decided t just publish what I had so far, been really busy so haven't had much time to work on it. changed summoner spell section, added more items on cheat sheets, and changed explanation on Feral Flare. Edited mastery page. Also added BoTRK explanation.
30.6.2014- finally got around to the "supporting as Pantheon" section and is now completely finished. Will be looking into match ups section.
5.7.2014- added new items as well as adjusted some offensive items after recent patch.
28.8.2014- added spirit visage to defensive items and added explanation. Will one day work on math-ups :( such procrastination.
2.11.2014-took out matchups, yup im just too lazy, if more people request it ill put it in maybe. Also essence reaver not viable on panth so adjusted guide to fit that.
13.4.2016- Im back bois, here to revamp the guide. literally reading and changing whatever needs to be changed so if you see any large errors pls tell me so I can fix it
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LMaverick Pantheon Guide
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