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Seraphine Build Guide by UwUSoftGirl

ADC Apc queen Slayaphine 🎵

ADC Apc queen Slayaphine 🎵

Updated on December 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UwUSoftGirl Build Guide By UwUSoftGirl 81 6 111,262 Views 10 Comments
81 6 111,262 Views 10 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author UwUSoftGirl Seraphine Build Guide By UwUSoftGirl Updated on December 30, 2022
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Runes: Poke goddess

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Ready for the stage 🎶

Ability Order Yaaaas bitch slay

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

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Call me Lunera ʚɞ and ignore my username, I love fashion, the color purple and pretty things, which is why this guide is so beautiful! I've been playing League for a very long time (2014-ish when the map was ugly) and I'm right now rank Diamond 3 with the help of botlane Seraphine! I wrote this guide because I wanted to challenge myself and because I love Seraphine. Please note that this is my first guide and I have no idea how BBCode works but yaas graphic design!!! In this guide I will teach you everything you need to know to help you get started with Seraphine and botlane. I hope you learn everything you need to in this guide. Enjoy your stay.😘
★ Important ~ You need to have some basic game knowledge (Like buying items, gold, xp and such) to be able to understand the whole guide. This guide may not be very mobile-friendly, sorry.
Seraphine The Starry-eyed Songstress

Seraphine is a Mage / Support that is usually played mid, support and botlane. With strong CC, AOE, utility and damaging abilities like Encore, Beat Drop, Surround Sound and High Note, Seraphine is at her best in the mid to late-game, where teams are grouped up and lots of teamfights happen.

Seraphine's strong late-game, comes at the price of her weak early. Her cooldowns are long and the damage is lackluster since most of Seraphine's power comes from items and levels that she does not yet have. This forces her to play safe and only take short trades that can make her miss out on early kills.
I feel like botlane is a really strong role for Seraphine, because like other scaling botlaners, Seraphine is weak early, and needs to cs a lot to get items and be useful. However unlike traditional botlaners, Seraphine is also a utility goddess, and she easily outscales most champions.

Seraphine can easily get solo-killed at all stages of the game, that's why laning with a support is a massive help. Stage Presence gets stronger, and she has someone to boost her Surround Sound and Beat Drop, Basically supports cover for Seraphine's underwhelming early.
★ Amazing teamfighting
★ Huge carry potential
★ Great into squishy and tanky teams
★ High utility
★ Can quickly and safely push waves
★ Long range
Seraphine's ability to start teamfights with Encore gives her team an amazing follow up combo that wins fights, objectives, and games. She is also quite an easy champ, her abilities aren't complex and she is easy to pick up.

Seraphine's long range allows her to be safe and sound while still providing so much utility and damage for her team. It doesn't matter if you're up against a squishy or tanky team, since Seraphine is great with both Liandry's Anguish and Luden's Tempest.
Early-game is Seraphine's biggest nightmare. She offers very little damage while having long cooldowns. Early fights for Drake are usually long, which means that most of the fight Seraphine's abilities will be on cooldown, meaning she's forced to use her low-damage auto-attacks.

Seraphine is immobile and squishy, meaning that if an Assassin jumps on you your only chance to survive is with the help of Zhonya's Hourglass or hitting your Echo'd Beat Drop.
★ Weak early
★ Immobile
★ Squishy
★ Needs items to do anything
★ Weaker when alone
★ Can't sidelane
★ Your team lacks magic damage
★ Your team has great teamfighters
★ You're against champions that can't easily catch you
★ Your team scales well
Seraphine is a great pick if your team is lacking magic damage, and you have a team that has a good follow up to Encore, for example Diana or Malphite. She is also paired best with a team comp that scales well, just like Seraphine!
★Your team lacks physical damage
★ Your team doesn't have great teamfighters
★ Your team has many splitpushers
★ You're first timing in Ranked
Seraphine isn't the best pick if your team already has plenty of magic damage, or if your team mostly consists of champions that don't typically group up, for example Yorick or Tryndamere.
Echo: Seraphine basic abilities generate a stack of Echo, which stacks up to 2 times. At 2 stacks, Seraphine's next basic ability casts an additional time at no cost, consuming all Echo stacks after the cast time of the second cast.

Harmony: Seraphine's ability casts grant a Note to herself and nearby allied champions that lasts 6 seconds, which refreshes on subsequent Notes and stacks up to 4 times on each unit.

While any amount of Notes are active, Seraphine's basic attacks have an uncancellable windup, gain 25 bonus attack range per Note, and fire all of them at the target, with each one dealing 4 / 8 / 14 / 24 (levels 1 / 6 / 11 / 16) (+ 7% AP) magic damage, dealing 25% damage for Notes from allies and increased by 300% against minions.
Echo simplified: Every 3 abilities that Seraphine casts, the 3rd one will cast twice.

Harmony Simplified: Seraphine's abilities give Notes to herself and allies. Each Note grants Seraphine bonus attack range and her next auto attack fires the Notes on the target to deal bonus magic damage.
You can see how many Echo stacks Seraphine has by a stack counter underneath her healthbar. You can also tell how many stacks she has based on the color of her basic abilities. Blue meaning 1,Pink meaning 2, andYellow meaning that the next ability will Echo.
Each Note grants 25 range, lasts for 6 seconds and you can have max 4 Notes. per ally for a total of 20 Notes.
You need at least 11 Notes to auto attack a tower without getting shot by it. (2 Allies + you)
The range of your allies getting Notes and Surround Sound is the same, and you can tell if your allies are in range by seeing if there is a glow by their feet.
Passive + W
Notes fired against minions deal increased damage. So farming with Seraphine is fairly easy.
You do not fire Notes when attacking Wards, so you can safely kill them and other Traps with increased attack range.
It's good to stack up a lot of Notes in teamfights and then firing them on a squishy enemy for a good bit of damage.
Seraphine will gain maximum stacks of Echo when the game starts and upon respawning.
Cost: 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 Mana
Cooldown: 10 / 8.75 / 7.5 / 6.25 / 5 seconds

Active: Seraphine hurls a soundwave to the target location that quickly expands in a radius upon arrival, dealing 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 (+ 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65% AP) magic damage to enemies within the area, increased by 0% − 50% (based on target's missing health) up to 82.5 / 105 / 127.5 / 150 / 172.5 (+ 67.5 / 75 / 82.5 / 90 / 97.5% AP) magic damage to enemies below 25% health.
High Note simplified: Seraphine throws a soundwave, that expands in a circle and deals more magic damage the less health the enemy has.
This is your main form of waveclear and damage.
High Note + Flash Does NOT work, you need to use Flash before you High Note.
Q + Flash
You typically want to Echo High Note, as it helps execute low health units, and boosts your DPS.
It's important to remember that High Note Expands, which means that you need to predict where the enemy will go, instead of using it directly on the enemy.
The closer to yourself you cast High Note, the quicker it will land and deal damage.
The damage increase scales for every 7.5% health the target is missing.
Full Formula
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 Mana
Cooldown: 28 / 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 Seconds

Active: Seraphine shields herself and nearby allied champions for 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+ 25% AP). She also gains 20% (+ 4% per 100 AP) decaying bonus movement speed and grants allies 8% (+ 1.6% per 100 AP) bonus movement speed for 2.5 seconds.

If Seraphine already had a shield at the time of cast, Surround Sound will pulse after a 2.5 second delay, healing herself and nearby allied champions for 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7% (+ 0.4% per 100 AP) of missing health, increased for each ally.
Surround Sound simplified: Seraphine shields and gives a movement speed buff to nearby allies.
If Seraphine has a shield when casting Surround Sound she will also heal.
Surround Sound's cast time is (almost) instant and you can move during it, which means that it shields immediately when you use it.
If you Echo Surround Sound, you and your allies will gain double the shield and movespeed. However if you Echo Surround Sound while already shielded it will still only heal once.
The ability will heal from any shield, not just your own. That includes Morgana's Black Shield, Janna's Eye Of The Storm, Summon Aery (Not your own) and even Mountain Soul .
You want to use Surround Sound when engaging in teamfights with your team, during the fight when close to your allies, Echo it when you and your allies are low, and when escaping fights with your team, honestly every time it comes off cooldown.
Surround Sound is greatly used early in quick trades to mitigate damage you and your support take.
The more allies in your Surround Sound, the more it will heal. Reaching up to a 35% (+ 2% per 100 AP) missing health heal. (At rank 5 with 4 allies nearby + you)
The cooldown of Surround Sound is very long early without any ability haste. So be aware of the enemy and make sure to play safer when it's on cooldown.
Cost: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds

ACTIVE: Seraphine fires a heavy soundwave in the target direction that deals 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 (+ 35% AP) magic damage to enemies hit and slows them by 99% for 1.25 seconds.

Enemies that are already slowed are also rooted for the same duration.

Enemies that are immobilized or grounded are also stunned for the same duration.
Beat Drop simplified: Seraphine shoots out a straight projectile that slows enemies and deals magic damage.
If the enemy is already slowed then it will root, and if the enemy is already immobilized it will stun.
Beat Drop will cast from wherever Seraphine is at the end of the cast time. So if you Echo Beat Drop, both soundwaves will fire from the same location.
E + Flash
Echo Beat Drop when your jungler ganks to lock down the enemy.
You usually want to wait until your support has landed their CC ability on the enemy to use Beat Drop, cause then it will root/stun instead of just slow. However sometimes you can use Beat Drop before your support to make sure they hit their important CC ability, ( Leona's Zenith Blade, Thresh's Death Sentence)
You will see aquarter note next to slowed enemy champions andtwo quarter notes next to immobilized enemies. This helps you know if Beat Drop is gonna slow, root or stun.
There is a small window after CC passes where Beat Drop will still be upgraded, meaning that Beat Drop will stun shortly after any immobilizing effect ends.
You need to be creative with what counts as CC to boost Beat Drop, for exampleHextech Soul, Exhaust,Honeyfruit, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Blitzcrank's Overdrive slow and many more, have fun!
Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 160 / 130 / 100

ACTIVE: Seraphine projects a captivating force in the target direction that deals 150 / 200 / 250 (+ 60% AP) magic damage to enemies hit, revealing them while charming and slowing by 40% for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds, increasing by 15% every 0.25 seconds over the duration up to 99%.

Encore's projectile resets its remaining travel distance whenever it hits an allied or enemy champion, excluding Seraphine. Allied champions hit gain 4 Notes.
High Note simplified: Seraphine shoots a wide beam that deals magic damage and charms enemy champions. Every enemy and ally hit extends its range.
You can Flash during Encore's cast time to surprise the enemy, the closer to the end of the animation you Flash the less time the enemy will have to react.
Ult + Flash
There is also weird interaction with Flash which makes the charm of your ult detach from the hitbox, this isn't recommended to do as you have to Flash right at the end of the cast time and it's really inconsistent to do.
Ult Interaction
It's good to hide the cast time of Encore as it makes it very obvious and easy to dodge. This can be done by standing in a brush or being out of sight.
The best way to use Encore in teamfights is behind your team, out of sight of the enemy. Your ult will hit your allies and give you Notes while extending and surprising the enemy team, giving your allies a chance to follow up.
Since Encore is an immobilizing effect, using Beat Drop right after will guarantee a stun.
The hitbox of Encore is really big. That's it.
Slay thiccy
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Put a point into Encore any chance you get, as your ultimate is absolutely needed for starting fights and getting a lower cooldown and a longer charm on it is crucial. High Note is second priority, it's your damage and waveclear so it's important to level, and at rank 5 it has half it's original cooldown and more damage + scaling.

Surround Sound is priority after we have maxed High Note. It gives a bigger shield, movement speed buff and more healing per ally while getting a lower cooldown, and ultimately offers more than Beat Drop does in terms of leveling. Beat Drop is last, there is honestly no noticable difference between a rank 1 and rank 5 Beat Drop, the cooldown is the same and the mana cost only goes up, the 80 bonus damage is not worth it.

It's best for Seraphine to sit at 2 Echo stacks at all times. This'll allow you to use Beat Drop and then an Echo'd High Note, or really anything else. It's just good to have 2 stacks as it'll allow you to surprise the enemy and also be ready for combat 24/7.

There aren't really a lot of combos with Seraphine, as none of her abilities really connect with each other. Simply said, she's no Irelia or Akali, and doing something in the wrong order doesn't really matter.
Go fullscreen on the videos! Sorry for the low quality...

High Note and Beat Drop both have very long range, so you can safely use this combo to poke the enemy laner when they're going in to kill a minion or when they overstep. Both abilities are good to Echo here.

You want to use this combo when you're going in with your support (or alone) for a short trade. You can wait for your support to use their CC abiity or you can use Beat Drop before. High Note for damage and then you use Surround Sound and move in to auto attack to fire your Notes. The movespeed from Surround Sound will help you dodge any incoming projectiles and the shield will minimize damage taken to make sure you win the trade. The best abilities to Echo are High Note and Surround Sound. High Note if you want to deal more damage and Surround Sound if you want to mitigate more damage.

Also use this combo when your jungler is ganking. This is basically what you want to be doing in all-ins pre-6. Try to get in an auto attack after every ability, and after this just use any abilities that come off cooldown. Only use this combo if you're sure the enemy is gonna die or if your jungler is ganking, otherwise just use the short trading combo. I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times by now but Seraphine is weak early. The best abilities to Echo is all of them. Once again, High Note to do more damage and Surround Sound to mitigate more damage, Beat Drop when your jungler is ganking to CC the enemy.

Also use this combo in teamfights. The best way to use Encore is from a brush or behind your team, however if that isn't an option, wait for the enemy to be CC'd (if possible) to make sure you don't miss. You can still use it point blank but there is a chance that the enemy will dodge it.
Next you use Beat Drop for a guaranteed stun. Then High Note for damage. and lastly Surround Sound once the enemy stops being CC'd. The best ability to Echo here is High Note, as Beat Drop will already stun and Surround Sound won't really give you anything unless you and your teammates are low on health.

The code here is held together by wishes and prayers, I'll redo this someday sorry babes

Both of these runes do consistent damage, it comes down to preference. Comet does more damage while Aery offers more utility.
Manaflow Band
Excellent as it gives us mana that we need and is easy to stack.
Helps us get our abilities faster, which is crucial.
Gathering Storm
Seraphine scales incredibly well, and Gathering Storm compliments that perfectly.
Presence of Mind
Running out of mana would mean that your DPS drops, this rune makes sure it doesn't.
Coup de Grace
Really the only other good rune in presicion. Goes well with High Note's execute.

★ Summon Aery ★

★ Arcane Comet ★
Summon Aery is overall more consistent as it cannot miss, triggering on auto attacks, damaging abilities and buffing abilities. The ability to give an ally a extra shield thanks to Summon Aery is nice and can save them in some situations. It has a shorter cooldown than Arcane Comet (depending on how far away you are) but ultimately does less damage. Arcane Comet does more damage than Summon Aery, however it only ever hits with Beat Drop, Encore or once you have a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It also doesn't trigger on auto attacks. Both of these runes are good on Seraphine, you need to play a bit and see which one you like more.

★ Manaflow Band ★
Manaflow Band is the best choice out of the 3 options. It's easy to stack with Seraphine's long range, and the extra 250 mana you gain out of it is good and goes well with Seraph's Embrace. You also regain some mana when fully stacked!

★ Transcendence ★
Transcendence is really good as it gives Seraphine the ability haste that she needs. 20% cooldown reduction on takedowns isn't really noticable though. Absolute Focus can be an option but only against squishy teams to help oneshot them.

★ Gathering Storm ★
A nice scaling rune that compliments Seraphine's already strong scaling. Gathering Storm will make sure you never fall off and it will only keep making you stronger. We don't take Scorch as you're no lane bully and it's not needed.

★ Presence of Mind ★
Amazing all around rune. It just makes it so you never run out of mana. Also keeps refreshing if you buy Liandry's Anguish or Demonic Embrace. Running out of mana on Seraphine is the equivalent of being blinded by Teemo as an AD carry.

★ Coup de Grace ★
Really the only choice left in Precision that's good for us. It goes well with High Note. You can take Cut Down into really tanky teams, however Seraph's Embrace which we buy EVERY game gives us HP, meaning that Cut Down becomes less useful. Same with Demonic Embrace which is good against health stackers.
★ Attack Speed/Ability Haste ★
This is completely up to preference. The bonus attack speed helps with farming early, but is pretty useless later on. ability haste is always welcome and gets you your abilities faster. Both of these are good.

★ Flash
Flash is an absolute necessity for survival. Seraphine is immobile, so having Flash helps you get out of situations that you might not want to be in. It's also very versatile, you can use Flash both offensively and defensively.
Take Exhaust 99% of the time, or even every time. This summoner spell is exactly what you need to survive, and not only is it good against Assassins, it's good against really anyone trying to kill you. Exhaust's slow also makes your Beat Drop root which is a nice bonus in getting away or catching someone.
Heal is good into poke heavy matchups that have twice your range (Ex. Miss Fortune + Ashe). It'll allow you to heal when low on health to survive their poke or save an ally.
Take Ignite if you have an all-in support that took Exhaust. It'll allow you to play more aggressively and helps with getting kills to help you get your items. It's important that you poke down the enemy before you all-in to make sure the enemy dies as you don't do well in long early fights.
Barrier is very situational. It is a good summoner spell, however it is a bit selfish to take it botlane, so you only want to take it if you have a Yuumi that took Exhaust or if you're against a team that is FILLED with Assassins. You can get a free heal if you use Surround Sound during Barrier.

★Tear of the Goddess Cost: 400
Safest starting item. It doesn't give any HP or AP, however it gives you mana which means you get to use your abilities more without running out. It also allows you to start stacking it to get Seraph's Embrace as quickly as possible. Play safe and farm if you took this.
★Doran's Ring Cost: 400
Doran's Ring is a more aggressive purchase, and it forces you to buy Tear of the Goddess later. However it does give you HP, AP and a passive that gives you mana when you attack an enemy, so it's best purchased in lanes where you will play aggressively.
★Control Ward Cost: 75
Vision is more important than most people realise, and everyone in your team needs to be placing Wards, not just the support. A well placed Control Ward can save your life from a gank or ambush. Placing Control Wards around objectives is important to keep track of where the enemy team is and denying vision, and for only 75 gold there is no reason not to buy this.
★Refillable Potion Cost: 150
Refillable Potion is the health potion you want to buy as soon as possible, since you get a free refill everytime you visit your fountain, so you can stop having to constantly buy Health Potions and wasting gold.
★Health Potion Cost: 50
If you for some reason can't buy Refillable Potion, buying regular Health Potions isn't a bad thing, just not as gold efficient.
★Elixir of Sorcery Cost: 500
(Post-9 Item) Really only buy this after you're full build. It's a nice little AP boost with an unnoticable passive unless you're attacking turrets.
★Farsight Alteration Cost: Free
(Post-9 item) Switch to this as fast as you hit level 9. This'll save you so many times from going up to a brush where the whole team is standing. You can ward brushes or objectives from afar to avoid getting attacked.
★Lost Chapter Cost: 1300
Mini laning phase powerspike. It gives you everything you want, ability haste, mana and AP. Lost Chapter allows you to spam your abilities faster without having to worry about mana. It also gives you AP, so you can actually start doing some damage!
★Blasting Wand Cost: 850
You can buy a Blasting Wand if you didn't have enough for Lost Chapter, you're going Luden's Tempest, and didn't feel like buying components. It's just raw AP, which gives you more damage, buy you still have to worry about mana.
★Fiendish Codex Cost: 900
Same as Blasting Wand, but if you're going for Liandry's Anguish. And it gives you a bit of ability haste, y***!
★Seeker's Armguard Cost: 1000
A good defensive purchase if you're against double AD bot ( Sivir and Pyke). Otherwise you should focus on your Mythic.
★Boots Cost: 300
Boots are a good purchase if you have 300 gold leftover from another purchase, otherwise you shouldn't aim to recall and buy Boots unless you're against champions that rely on projectiles ( Ezreal and Xerath).
★Oblivion Orb Cost: 800
Only buy this if you're the one facing the healing ( Yuumi or Soraka) and your support didn't buy it first, there's no reason to buy Oblivion Orb early if the enemy toplane is Aatrox and you're against Varus and Blitzcrank.
★Dark Seal Cost: 350
Dark Seal is good if you recalled with a kill or two, or if you have gold leftover and don't need anything else. You're gonna have to take less risks to not die and lose it's stacks.
★Ionian Boots of Lucidity Cost: 950
Ultra good item. They give you the ability haste that you desperately need, and are generally best built with Liandry's Anguish or when long fights will happen.
★Sorcerer's Shoes Cost: 1100
The oneshot option. Sorcerer's Shoes excel with Luden's Tempest, sacrificing ability haste for Magic Penetration. It's best against squishy teams, teams that don't build Magic Resist, and if you have a bursty team comp.
★Liandry's Anguish Cost: 3200
Powerspike. All mythics that build out of Lost Chapter give you the stats you need, you're really only picking the passive you want. Liandry's Anguish burns the enemy when you damage them with abilities and it will also give you a ton of ability haste. It's best against tankier teams and teamfights that will last long.
★Luden's Tempest Cost: 3200
The best burst mythic you can buy. When buying Luden's Tempest you're going more for a traditional Mage build, so more damage in exchange for utility. This item shines most against squishy teams.
★Everfrost Cost: 2800
(Situational) More of a utility "support" item. Buying this means that you will set up kills for your team. It is also a great defensive purchase.
★Crown of the Shattered Queen Cost: 2800
(Situational) Usually against Assassins a Zhonya's Hourglass is enough, but for those rare cases where the entire team is filled with Assassins (We're talking Akali, Rengar, LeBlanc, Twitch and Pyke), a Crown of the Shattered Queen isn't a bad option.
★Archangel's Staff Cost: 2600
Your absolute core item that you will build every game. Archangel's Staff gives you everything you need, ability haste, AP, and HP, and it's best to buy it 2nd or 3rd item. Once it becomes Seraph's Embrace it becomes even better, as it heals you based on the mana you spend, which is perfect considering Seraphine's high mana costs. It's the AP equivalent of a Phantom Dancer and Bloodthirster in one.
★Horizon Focus Cost: 3000
(Best with Liandry's Anguish) Horizon Focus is a good damage item on Seraphine. It has good stats and most of your abilities can proc the passive easily. It's best built with Liandry's Anguish, as you will be able to consistently proc it's passive and keep enemies revealed.
★Lich Bane Cost: 3000
(Best build with Luden's Tempest) Lich Bane makes Seraphine's already strong auto attacks (with passive that is) even stronger. It gives you a ton of burst, and just attacking a squishy enemy with 20 Notes from half a screen away and dealing 3/4 of their health is insane.
★Rabadon's Deathcap Cost: 3600
(Best with anything) Amazing item that gives pure AP. This boosts Seraphine's everything by a ton. Damage output, healing, shileding, movespeed buff you name it, and it's even better considering Seraphine's pretty good AP scaling on High Note and Surround Sound. Although it does give a lot of AP, it is the only thing it gives, so it shouldn't be built early.
★Shadowflame Cost: 3000
(Best with Luden's Tempest) Shadowflame grants you everything that you need in order to oneshot enemies. The Magic Penetration this item gives is amazing, and along with Luden's Tempest you can say bye bye healthbar. It's also good against shielders.
★Void Staff Cost: 2800
(Best with both, but can be skipped with Liandry's Anguish due to it's passive) Best against enemies who buy Magic Resist. Also don't think that just because an enemy has a lot of health you need to buy this. Void Staff won't give you anything if the enemy tank has 4000 Health, 260 Armor, but only 80 Magic Resist
★Mejai's Soulstealer Cost: 1600
(Best with both) If you managed to stack it somehow you gain an insane amount of AP for a very cheap price. The downside is that you can't die, or else you lose half the stacks. You'll also need to buy a defensive item to make sure you don't die.
★Zhonya's hourglass Cost: 2600
(Best with both) The passive of this item alone makes it worth it. The stats are pretty good, but being able to go invulnerable for 2.5 seconds is amazing for survival. Don't be discouraged to buy this against a fed LeBlanc or Akali due to the Armor, it's very much worth it. It's even better against AD heavy teams because of Seeker's Armguard, and Stopwatch is amazing for only 750 gold.
★Banshee's Veil Cost: 2600
(Best with both) Banshee's Veil is a better options against abilities that are hard to Stopwatch ( Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow), as these abilities can come through walls and catch you off guard. It's also a good purchase against full AP teams.
★Cosmic Drive Cost: 3000
(Best bought after selling Boots) I feel like you gain enough ability haste from Seraph's Embrace, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter offer a better and more noticable passive than this does. That's why we only buy this to replace Boots, as it gives us movement speed.
★Demonic Embrace Cost: 3000
(Best with Liandry's Anguish) The passive from Liandry's Anguish is alone very good against tanks, however against 3 or more Demonic Embrace can slay (literally). It goes well with Rylai's Crystal Scepter[/i because of the bonus health you gain.
★Rylai's Crystal Scepter Cost: 2600
(Best with Liandry's Anguish) Such an amazing item omg... Really this boosts your CC and utility so much. It's amazing at locking down and getting away due to the passive of it. It even upgrades your Beat Drop to a root, meaning that Echoing Beat Drop gives you a stun.
★Chemtech Putrifier Cost: 2300
(Best with both) It's cost efficient and amazing against healing. One Surround Sound and your whole team has 40% Grievous Wounds on their attacks.

I'll do this... Some day...
Seraphine's plan for the laning phase is quite simple, survive and scale up. This isn't Seraphine's best stage, so you just want to CS as good as you can while dying as little as possible. Depending on the matchup and your support you'll play a bit differently each game, but still mostly the same. Remember that usually the most you can do is poke and take short trades, you never want to be caught in a long fight when all your abilities are on cooldown. Be extra cautious if they have champions like Draven, Samira, Thresh etc. If they get ahead it might just be the end of the game right there. You also don't have a lot of pressure on Drake , since most champions outdamage you, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to help, but know when to escape. Jungle tracking is not something I'm gonna go into, but basically it's very important to know at all times where the enemy jungler is.
I'm sure it's fried in your brain by now that Seraphine is weak early, however weak doesn't mean useless. Yes your kill pressure is low, but you can still poke and trade, and if done correctly it can put you at an advantage. In the clip, the Teemo didn't expect the early burst that Seraphine has, which lead to his death.
The best time to poke is when the enemy is walking up to farm, or when they're slightly mispositioned, honestly whenever they're in range.
When trading, you're looking to come out with more health, mana, abilities and summoner spells. So before you trade take a look around and ask yourself...
How much health does everyone in lane have.
Who outdamages who?
Does the enemy have any important abilities that I need to dodge or that they recently used and are curently on cooldown?
Are the enemies' summoner spells up?
Are any junglers nearby? (Or anyone for that matter)
Basically, you want to catch the enemy when they won't be able to win the trade. If the enemy Nautilus missed Dredge Line, you can take a short trade because Nautilus won't be able to do anything until it comes back up, meaning that you most likely will win the trade.
In the clip Syndra landed a stun on the enemy Vayne. The minion wave wasn't a threat to me, neither was Karma, and we were safe by our turret so no enemies were expected to help, meaning that it was the perfect time for a short trade. The Vayne came out badly injured, but for some reason decided to go back in. I honestly can't tell you why Vayne decided that, maybe she forgot Syndra had Ignite, maybe she was looking to burst her down, or maybe she wanted to proc Taste of Blood, but yay kill!!!
If you're looking to all-in, think about the questions above again, you need to be sure that the enemy will die. You also all-in if your jungler is ganking. If your all-in turns into an extended fight without your jungler you will most likely not be winning it, so it's very important that you know what you're doing when you all-in.
In the clip, Hecarim decided to gank, so I used Surround Sound to make him catch up to the enemy, and then I used a full range Encore to make it extend and catch Karma off guard. I knew that Vayne would die by Hecarim and Syndra, so I focused on Karma instead.
Warding is pretty simple. You want as much vision as possible in order to know if enemies are coming. It's important to have vision when doing objectives, playing aggressively, being under turret, and a lot of other situations, basically vision is ultra important.

Neutral warding spots. You generally want to have vision here to know when you're getting ganked to back off. You also want to deny the enemies' vision with Control Wards so that your jungler can gank. If you're playing aggressively you should place wards deeper so that you have more time to escape if someone is coming. There's a trick to place a ward here safely from the other side, you need to aim for the little rock in the middle, though it won't give as much vision.
Ward trickussy
Having vision on Drake is extremely important. A Control Ward will both give and deny vision, meaning that you can take Drake without the enemy even noticing.
Safe warding spots. It's good to have wards here when you're getting pushed in, to make sure you're not gonna get tower-dived.
Best placed against all-in supports to make sure you're able to see and predict if they're gonna engage on you. (The alcoves were sadly not part of this map on the League Wiki Fandom, but if you notice that the enemy tends to play around the alcoves, placing a ward behind the wall is not a bad idea.)
To be completely honest, I myself still struggle with wave managment, as it's not an easy thing to learn and remember. This post is amazing, and explains it better than I can. so I highly advice you to check it out if you want to learn about wave managment. Here is the quick and simple version taken from the post.

Fast Push: Kill all enemy minions as quickly as possible.

For a level advantage, especially early.
To contest or prep an objective - including buffs, epic monsters, and other towers.
To roam or recall.
To pressure your opposing laner – making it impossible to roam and possibly even denying CS.
Whenever your opponent leaves lane - to deny CS and XP from them.
To counter an opponent’s fast push.

Freeze: Have your minion count approximately 2-3 minions lower than your opponent’s.

Zoning – to deny CS and XP.
Safe CS – especially if behind.
Forcing opposing laner to over-extend

To Break:
Fast push to reset.
Fake recall or roam to trick opponent to push.

Slow Push: Have your minion count 2-4 higher than your opponent’s (depending on wave position and desired speed).

Creates a phantom split push. Use this to gain similar advantages to a split push, but without committing a member of your team to the push.
Creates multiple pressure points, which can be used to make rotations or get free objectives.
Pair with an actual split push to have an even larger threat.

The Mid Game starts when turrets start to fall, and everyone rotates. After the first turret falls botlane (your or the enemies'), You'll want to go mid, as it's the shortest and safest lane, making it easy to escape if someone comes to kill you. There usually a lot of vision around mid and playing around there allows you to quickly move to any objectives on the map, also fast push if you're gonna move away from mid. Sometimes if you're very much ahead and the enemy has no threats that can kill you, you can stay botlane with your support and push. Your goal is to get as much gold as possible so you want to farm mid and occasionally the jungle, or even the sidelanes if the minion wave is on your side of the map. You'll also be able to actually fight around this time, so it's important to play with your team, looking for fights that you win. Also remember what you're fighting for, is it:
An objective ( Drake , Rift Herald , or Baron )
Kills (Only if you and your team are ahead, or if the enemy is outnumbered)
★ Turrets
You don't want to fight for no reason. Usually a good plan is to farm and push mid. If there are allies close to you and the enemy isn't a threat you can keep pushing mid and go to their side of the map, if you have no vision, your team isn't nearby, and the enemy team can kill you, go and farm your teams jungle. Group up and buy Control Wards for objectives and try to get each Drake you can.

(This both applies to Mid Game and Late Game, Late Game is a little different but mostly the same thing when it comes to teamfighting, the only real difference is that people have more items, they do more damage and fights end quicker.) Your positioning in fights is very important, if you're mispositioned you'll be an easy target. That's why you want to play behind your teammates, but not too far behind so that you can't get flanked.
Usually before a fight breaks out, there's this awkward moment where your team and the enemy team just goes back and forward looking at each other. You can use this time to poke with High Note and Notes due to your long range.

Setting up a huge Encore is very important in winning fights, a good engage from you can easily grant your team a win. Stand behind your allies and use them to extend your Encore to catch the enemy team off guard. After that you really just spam everything. During the Mid and Late Game you'll have enough items to constantly be using your abilities. You want to focus:
Anyone who's after you
The biggest clump of enemies.
Save Exhaust and (try to save) Surround Sound for anyone who's trying to assassinate you and your backline. You can also use Exhaust on the enemy that has the most impact (damage wise) in teamfights.
In the clip the enemy team grouped up against our Viego, the enemy Ezreal got the shutdown, however they were all clumped up, leading to a big Encore dealing a lot of AOE damage. I focused Ezreal as he was an easy target and he had a shutdown. The fight ended with a shutdown for Ezreal and a shutdown (a little smaller) for me. It wasn't perfect but I did what I could in the situation.
In the clip the enemy team had started Elder Drake before my team got there. I saw due to Farsight Alteration that the enemy team was clumped up by the Drake , so I used Encore in the middle in hopes of hitting them and stopping them. During this time our Twitch flanked the enemy team and got some picks before he died. Yorick died and I was afraid to help him due to the Sion with Prowler's Claw. The enemies left were both low on health and because of small glimpses of where I saw them last I could figure out where they were and kill them in the fog. With the enemy down me and Ashe got Elder Drake .
This clip is a good example that every fight won't be perfect. The fight started before me and Syndra got there. We were desperate to help our team as fast as we could, so we took the dangerous path infront of Katarina and Karthus. I used Encore, but sadly only hit Trundle, and that was when Katarina attacked us, but I knew that she wasn't a threat because she was behind, I was ahead, and I had Exhaust (I used it a lil late but ignore that). After that I focused on the clumps of enemies and picked them off with the help of my team and we ended up winning the fight.

The Late Game is fairly similar to the Mid Game, only real difference is that you'll be grouping up more with your team, objectives become really important, and dying costs a lot. Lucky for you though Seraphine becomes a STAR in the Late Game. With full build and a stacking Gathering Storm, you're a force to be reckoned with. Being that strong however does come with some cons. You'll be heavily targeted by the enemy team, so having someone to peel for you is very important, also defensive items. You can't make mistakes as easily, as you'll be punished for them very harshly.

In the Late Game you want to play around your team non-stop and go for Baron Nashor and Drakes . Vision is key here, you don't want to get ambushed, it could cost you a Baron , Drake , Inhibitor or Nexus. So get Farsight Alteration and NEVER facecheck. That's really all there is to it, go and slay!!!!

Finally this guide is done yaaaaas!!! Thank you for reading, I hope you learned something about the Queen Seraphine. Please comment if you see any mistakes. I want to thank this good guide about tables, this good guide about responsive columns, and this guide about making a guide!!!!

Until next time Babes, Lunera ʚɞ out 💋!!

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