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Warwick Build Guide by Gialloness

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gialloness

Bestiality Time Warwick ~ In depth S3

Gialloness Last updated on March 26, 2013
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In this build i'll be explaining all my choices for playing Warwick. I'd appreciate it if you didn't down vote the build without reading the information because the builds change depending on the circumstances of the game. This is my first build so i apologize if there is something missing ect.

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Pro's and Con's


+ Fun to play
+ Low CD ult
+ Extremely good chasing!
+ Insane Sustain
+ Great at 1v1's
+ Free kills!
+ Awesome move speed


- Easy to learn, hard to master.
- Relies on others to intiate
- Mana dependant early game
- Ultimate canceled by CC

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I go with a 9/21/0 tree with Warwick, i prefer to build him tanky instead of glass cannon. Most of the masteries in the defense tree are pretty self explanatory since i said "tanky". I get Relentless because with Tenacious and Mercury's Treads, you'll get out of slows faster than a baby gets out of the womb. Fury works well with your passive and Wit's End / Blade of the Ruined King

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Health
I get these for MR Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, the reason i don't get flat magic resist is because if you're against an ability power based champion at top, you just get a Wit's End Greater Seal of Armor is great against most top champions to give you an edge over them. I prefer to get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration over Greater Mark of Armor Penetration because of Warwicks Hungering Strike For Quints' i generally use Greater Quintessence of Health, but there are many other choices such as movement speed, armor, attack speed and attack damage.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Eternal Thirst

- This passive is what makes Warwick so good at 1v1, The maximum damage is 48 at lv 18. It is even better since it heals you. It works well with items like Wit's End and Blade of the Ruined King as well as Infinite Duress and Hunters Call.

Hungering Strike

- This ability also contributes to 1v1's. It's also what makes Warwick great in the laning phase. Although it uses a large amount of mana early game, you can get rid of this problem by not using your q when you are at either full health or somewhere near. At level 5, this gets rid of 16% of the enemy's health in magic damage. Champions like Cho'Gath get completely demolished with this ability.

Hunters Call

- Another ability that helps 1v1's. At lv 5, this gives 80% attack speed to you and 40% to your teammates. Use this ability while taking turrets, inhibitors, dragon and baron. Using this while starting a team fight will give a massive edge to you and your teammates. Works well with Blade of the Ruined King/ Wit's End/ Eternal Thirst.

Blood Scent

- This ability gives you movement speed if you sense enemy champions under 50%. When you get the symbol above you, you don't recall on the spot. You pretty much run to your base. It gives vision and 40% movement speed at lv 5. If you're ganking, don't forget to toggle off Blood Scent before they see you, otherwise it's just the same as getting a megaphone and screaming out your location for everyone to hear. A tip for someone against Warwick is if you're chasing someone with your team, if you're under 50% just back off otherwise that 40% movement speed that Warwick will get means that you're team won't be able to catch up.

Infinite Duress

- There are so many things you can do with this ability, it is very good for baiting because it locks down your opponent as well as gives you life steal. You can also switch around a turret dive the same way. One of my favorite strategies as Warwick would be to attack a champion in a 1v1 and letting them think they might win. Just when you're both low health and the enemy is just about to kill you, using your ult will mean that you gain health while the enemy loses it. This means that you don't have to waste time and effort to chase. I usually grab Ignite becauses it works with Infinite Duress. Igniting before ulting will mean that the Ignite will do all its damage instead of taking the chance of igniting later and not doing enough to keep yourself alive. Don't forget to cancel abilities like Death Lotus/ Absolute Zero/ Stand United. Check out the section on how to use your ult for more tips.

What to upgrade

I max Hungering Strike first to dominate both lane and jungle. As usual, get Infinite Duress at 6/11/16. Whether to max Blood Scent/ Hunters Call depends purely on your choice, i like to level accordingly to my chasing capabilities ect.

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Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Glacial Shroud

Mercury's Treads

Wit's End

Blade of the Ruined King

Frozen Heart

Frozen Mallet

Sunfire Cape

Just before you read this, i'd like to mention that items should never be followed in the exact same order. The items up there are just what i would like to build in a game where everything goes my way.

Good Items

- This should definately be a must if your against a team which has either high cc or does a bunch of magic damage.

- Only get this if their team has high AD damage or you want to put an edge over an AD based top champion. Mid game ~ Late game i would sell this for Mercury's Treads.

- One of the best items for Warwick in my opinion, there are only a few situations i wouldn't get it. In some games, this item can make up all your MR in the game. With your Infinite Duress, you get 210 extra damage in your ult along with 20 MR.

- I would definitely consider this item if your getting a lot of AD damage. The aura works well with Infinite Duress because you can pretty much teleport yourself into the middle of their whole team. If you get it early ~ mid game, the mana bonus will let you spam your abilities a bit longer, late game it won't matter as much.

- Along with Frozen Heart, this item is one of the items i would generally get to counter AD damage, with Frozen Heart's aura, it would be more for people who like to play aggressive. Randuin's Omen on the other hand gives a slow to people who hit users and removes a good amount of attack speed. Although Randuin's Omen could be used to play aggressively too because of it's active. I usually choose Frozen Heart for aggressive play and Randuin's Omen for defensive play.

- Gets you a bit more health and also allows you to never let your enemy escape again. Along with Blood Scent, this item will basically be like Ashe's Frost Shot.

- This item is one of Warwicks main damage dealers. With Infinite Duress it does 20% of their health in magic Damage and also heals you. This means that if you use Infinite Duress, you'll get 40% of its damage in health and 10% of the damage you do with Blade of the Ruined King This means that you will basically screw them over in a 1v1. Although many say that it should only be brought late game because it will do more damage because people will get more health. They forget the part that the enemy will also get more damage and they could also get MR. The reason Blade of the Ruined King is so good on Warwick is because of it's 4% damage from max health. 4% won't change from early game to late game so it won't matter if you get this early game. Don't forget to use the active, even though it's not much, it'll still help you. We have all had our moments when we have died one shot before killing an enemy.
- An item that works great with Warwick. Infinite Duress and Blood Scent will let you get close enough for Sunfire Cape to do damage. It will also add and extra 80 damage for Infinite Duress. It will also make you harder to kill and should definitely be considered for the laning phase. You'll pretty much be un-killable against a lot of champions.

- A great item if your taking on a lot of magic damage from a high cc team. This should definitely be considered against a champion like Veigar who has his Event Horizon. Once you cancel out that he'll also miss his Dark Matter and the MR and health on Banshee's Veil will mean that everything else won't do enough to kill you.

- One of the best items for Warwick, since he has massive sustain. Once he revives he will pretty much get himself back to near full health if he has his Infinite Duress off cooldown.

- A decent item with Warwick, along with your Hunters Call/ Wit's End it will give you massive attack speed. The passive works well with Infinite Duress and removes 30% of the enemy's armor.

Sight Ward - As I mentioned before, the 1 sight ward on Wriggle's Lantern shouldn't be relied on. 1 isn't enough. If you don't carry a few wards around, then you really shouldn't be playing ranked. Wards save lives and win games. GET WARDS.

Decent items

- I generally don't get this item. It has it's uses like with mana regen and the 15 extra AP to give your Hungering Strike a small boost, most games where i have seen a Warwick get this is as his first item. I spend my lane phase farming a lot and throwing in a Q and a few basics to stop my opponent from farming. If it's health you want, then instead of going crazy with Q's. I'd stick with Boots of Speed and Health Potion.

- I never get this, although it helps with Eternal Thirst/ Infinite Duress/ Hungering Strike/ Wit's End/ Blade of the Ruined King I really don't prefer it over Mercury's Treads. I like Warwick being one of those characters whose in a team fight and just not giving a damn about CC's and beating the cheese out of everything.

- Although the attack speed would help with your Wit's End/ Blade of the Ruined King/ Eternal Thirst and such. You really don't need it because of Hunters Call. I don't get it pretty much for the same reason as Sorcerer's Shoes.

- If you want an item like this, get Wit's End, it has more damage and gets you more tanky. Malady is for the glass cannon type and that's not how i build Warwick.

- This item should only be built in lane against a champ who has a really annoying magic damage poke. Champions like Yorick/ Mordekaiser. Don't get this item for champions like Cho'Gath because he's poke is used sparingly because it uses a heap of his mana. Late game, i would usually sell this for better items.

- I would only get this item if you don't ward enough, the passive shouldn't be relied on for wards and if you want armor and sustain. Get Glacial Shroud, it will give you a lot of armor and mana for your Hungering Strike. Wriggle's Lantern is another item i would sell late game.

- Warwick bases his damage on auto attacks, the only thing that would be worth it would be the attack speed on this item. There are other items that would provide it too along with more bonuses. The mana regen is unnoticeable late game and the AP won't be of much help either. I would only get this item for champions like Kayle/ Teemo.

- Out of the 3 Spirit items, this one is the only one worth getting in my opinion, health and armor would get you much more tankier and the tenacity would also be good if you got Ninja Tabi.

- This item offers some nice attack speed and the passive wouldn't be too bad either. I wouldn't recommend it because you don't need the crit and there are other items if you want attack speed.

- This item would make Warwick basically unbeatable in 1v1's. It works well with Infinite Duress and benefits your basic attacks greatly. The most you can get out of would be 72 ability power, 30 attack damage. 52% attack speed, 1%$ life steal, 10% spell vamp, this will make your Hungering Strike do enormous damage and also will get you to almost 2.5 attack speed with your Hungering Strike. The reason i don't get this and prefer Wit's End/ Blade of the Ruined King is because Wit's End offers tankiness and Blade of the Ruined King just does a heap of damage.

- This item could act as an alternative to Wit's End or you can have both if the MR from Wit's End isn't enough. It also gives you a good amount of attack damage. A definite must if you're up against a high cc team or your having trouble with a champ like Malzahar.

- This will be hard to obtain. Although Manamune really isn't needed early game, if you do manage to max it the toggle on Muramana could be worthwile. With your Infinite Duress it could do a heap of extra damage. Getting this is totally up to your choice, it could be risky getting this but the result may be worthwhile.

- A good item if you want to be tankier in all spaces. The passive is also nice for your team but i would check if your support is getting it before hand.

Zeke's Herald - This should definitely be left for the supports to get, cooldown can be acquired in many other items and same goes for the health.

Bad items

- Another item to get for annoying magic based pokes. Definitely don't keep this item as a core and don't build it into Athene's Unholy Grail. Don't forget that this item gives you more mana as you get low, so feel free to spam Hungering Strike.

- I mentioned before that i like to build tanky. The Bloodthirster would definately contribute to 1v1's but you dont exactly need it. Wit's End/ Blade of the Ruined King is your main source of damage. You shouldn't need more damage, the whole point of this build is to put out a heap of damage while still being hard to kill. Only having 3 spaces for tanky items isn't a good idea. Keep in mind that boots will also take up one of these spaces.

- This is pretty much the same thing as The Bloodthirster, although it will give you quite a lot more sustain, you don't exactly need it if you get Glacial Shroud which is much cheaper.

- If you want more health, then you can get this. Be sure to check an enemy's items for Blade of the Ruined King and i definitely wouldn't get this against champions like Dr. Mundo because of Infected Cleaver which gets rid of % health.

- This item is pretty good, it works well with bruisers but i generally don't get it as Warwick, if you want MR you can get Wit's End which works better with all of Warwicks abilities. Although the shield is a nice bonus, Warwick benefits from Wit's End much more.

- This gives a nice bonus of damage and armor when you have Warmog's Armor ect. I don't full recommend this item because you don't exactly need the damage and there are better items that give much more tankiness.

- Every single attribute of this item is pretty much unneeded late game for Warwick, the ability power is pretty much useless to Warwick so is the spell vamp. It would give your Hungering Strike a boost but Warwicks main damage output is in his basic attacks.

- This offers attack damage and a good passive to go with your basic attacks. It pretty much acts like the red buff, hence the name.

- This should be pretty self - explanatory. I would only get this item if your having problems against a champion with huge amounts of healing like Sion.

- If you want the CD and the armor on this item, i would suggest Frozen Heart, The AP isn't much needed and the passive isn't very effective on Warwick because he doesn't have a high base damage.

- Gives a heap of damage but the Crit isn't needed, if you want more attack damage i would definitely go with a The Black Cleaver instead.

- This would give you a lot of damage with the attack speed, but it doesn't provide any tankiness and the crit is basically useless because Infinite Duress doesn't proc crits. There are many better choices than Phantom Dancer. The passive isn't very useful either.

- This offers nice attack damage and some lifesteal too. I wouldn't consider this a good item for Warwick though because the only real time when the passive/active will come to use is if your in the middle of the teamfight with your Infinite Duress on. Warwick definitely shouldn't initiate with Infinite Duress so he shouldn't be in the middle of everyone.

Shard of true ice - This item should only be considered if your having serious trouble with a champion. The gold will make up for the enemy zoning and also the mana regen and AP will mean that your Hungering Strike will heal you for more and you can use it more frequently. The active could also be useful if one of your teammates comes to gank for you.

- At first glance this item could be considered for Warwick but i really wouldn't get this. The attack damage is unneeded because of Wit's End/ Blade of the Ruined King/ Eternal Thirst. The ability power won't be of much use when you finally manage to afford it. The attack speed is replaceable with other items that provide more things and are much cheaper. The crit is useless on Warwick, the health isn't much and the mana is unneeded. Warwick also doesn't need the movement speed because of Blood Scent. The passive that slows can be replaced be Frozen Mallet and the other passive is insignificant on Warwick because of his low attack damage.

- A small amount of attack damage, a good amount of attack speed and cooldown and movement speed. This item should only be gotten if you don't have any tenactity. The attack speed is good but you don't exactly need it because of Hunters Call/ Wit's End.

Use common sense when buying items, you shouldn't rush a Glacial Shroud against a champion that deals a heap of magic damage!

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Summoner Spells
- A good choice for Warwick. You can use this to run away or get someone using Infinite Duress

- Another great spell for Warwick, you can cast this with Infinite Duress for maximum damage.

- Personally i would choose Ignite over this, Warwick already excels at 1v1's and doesn't really need this. Although i would get this if your team has only 1 or no exhausts.

- I would choose Flash over Ghost if you want escape, if you want to chase then you already have Blood Scent.

- I wouldn't get this as Warwick, it could be useful to get rid of CC's but you already have Tenacity/ Relentless / Tenacious . Most people will also use their CC's on carry's instead of someone who is much tankier.

- In my opinion, this isn't very good. 35% attack speed is less than your Hunters Call It also has a huge cooldown. 1 space is left for escape and the other is left for killing champions, Surge just isn't as good as either Exhaust/ Ignite.

- This is pretty much only used for preventing backdooring/backdooring and split pushing. Since Warwick doesn't have a good escape he isn't suitable for backdooring and split pushing. He also takes down creeps fairly slowly.

- Don't really need it because of your Hungering Strike Which could pretty much heal you for the same amount

- O.o;

- Yeaaaaaaah.. no. Not even going to bother explaining.

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Match Ups

Some games you will have difficult match ups and some you will have easy. If your being denied and having a tough time, then you should definitely get items that counter the champion and also you want to get ganks from the jungle, a lot of them. Here's some advice on how to counter hard lanes.

-In my opinion, the hardest match up for Warwick, Yorick is great against Warwick because he beats him in both poke and sustain. Stay under turret to farm and don't trade exchanges. Definitely rush an early Chalice of Harmony and Mercury's Treads and possibly a Spirit Visage if your still having a lot of trouble, this will make sure you have enough mana for your Hungering Strike and magic resist to completely sustain Yorick's damage. The only way you will be able to kill him early game is with ganks or if you catch him under your turret with Infinite Duress and Ignite After mid-late game, you should be able to take Yorick assuming you haven't started raging at how annoying this match up is.

- With her Reckoning and Righteous Fury, Kayle can zone and kite you, when you try to go in with Hungering Strike, she can use Divine Blessing. If you are playing this match up in ranked or draft mode, you should get Exhaust over Ignite. Even though Kayle has a heal, it is pretty insignificant early game. At lv 6 you have something to close the gap Infinite Duress but again, she can just slow you and speed herself up. You definitely need ganks for this lane and should rush a Frozen Heart, even though Kayle's Q/E combo is magic damage, her damage is still majority AD and you will also slow her attack speed thanks to the unique passive.

Like Kayle, Teemo will focus on zoning and kiting you in lane, your Hungering Strike will not out sustain constant damage and even if you close the gap with your Infinite Duress, Teemo will still win the exchange because of Blinding Dart. You need early ganks with this match up otherwise your jungler will have a tough time ganking if he runs into Noxious Traps. I would suggest farming at turret otherwise Teemo will auto attack you every single time you get close to him. Like Kayle, you should also get Exhaust. Fortunately, Teemo is extremely squishy so if he gets caught out by your Infinite Duress under turret, he is screwed.

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How to ult

Infinite Duress is Warwick's most powerful ability, if used properly it can deal tons of damage but if used incorrectly you'll either let your enemy go or get yourself killed.

In team fights, don't ult to initiate. Warwick isn't an initiator because Infinite Duress is easily canceled much like Death Lotus.
A Warwick shouldn't use his ult on people who are completely screwed in teamfights. While your team is beating down that person, you can save your ult to secure another kill from people trying to escape.
Don't ult tanky people when they still have a squishy carry. Since Infinite Duress locks enemy's down. It will be much more useful on someone who does massive amounts of damage.

Here's a list of the main things that cancel your ult. There are quite a lot more but they can be easily avoided if you use your common sense. Eg Dont ult a Shaco who has a Jack In The Box where he is standing. The easy-to-do ones are like Gangplanks Remove Scurvy, a player who has some common sense will ult, after he eats the oranges this also applies to Quicksilver Sash and Mercurial Scimitar.

- Unbreakable Will will cancel you ult again, you can use this after he casts it or after when its on cooldown, ulting Alistair after his Unbreakable Will has finished is a much better idea, since it will cancel out a lot of damage.

- Eats some oranges using Remove Scurvy and cancels your ult. Awesome.

- Jax's disrupting is moderately easy to do, just before you cast your ult. Jax will use Counter Strike before you ult and will result in you getting stunned mid ult.

- Don't ult a Kennen who has used Slicing Maelstrom, Mark of the Storm will stun you before you can finish ulting.

- When Morgana casts Soul Shackles, only ult her if you haven't been caught in it or after it's over. Morgana can also use Black Shield to cancel your ult.

- If you are close enough, Nocturne can cast Unspeakable Horror to fear you when you ult. He also has Shroud of Darkness to cancel your ult.

- Olaf can cast Ragnarok to completely cancel your ult, this is actually quite annoying in lane. At level 1 Infinite Duress only has a 10 second shorter cooldown than Ragnarok and at level 2 Ragnarok is shorter by 5 seconds.

-If you ult a Rammus during Powerball it will cancel your ult before you do anything. Again, use your common sense.

-If a Shaco has a Jack In The Box Where you are standing, it will activate it and fear you if you ult to him.

- Sivir can cast her Spell Shield to completely block your ult.

-Casts Gravity Field where he is standing. Feel free to ult Viktor anyway though because the stun needs to be for 1.5 seconds where as your Infinite Duress lasts for 1.8. So you'll still do a considerable amount of damage.

-A fairly easy one to pull if you're a skilled Wukong. This one can turn the tides of the fight. Using Cyclone will mean that the Infinite Duress is canceled. A bonus to Wukong since your standing in his Cyclone.

- Zyra can use Stranglethorns to cancel your ult mid through. This will cancel your ult and make you take damage from hers.

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Match Historys

Yeah no.
Showing you a good match history with this build won't exactly prove anything. There are too many things that you, the reader don't find out. Things like, did i get carried, did they troll. How you do, depends on skill of you, your team and their team. I made this build to suit my play style.

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I'm 15 almost 16, because of that, i'd appreciate it if you didn't correct me for every single grammar mistake or rage at me because i got one thing wrong. I also started this build a few months ago and then gave up about 4/5 of the way and then started it again. So if there is any incorrect information, i'll correct it if you put it in the comments. Constructive criticism is also helpful. Also, i used JhoiJhoi's build on how to make a build! :)