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Darius Build Guide by HighC4

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HighC4

Darius is Legendary

HighC4 Last updated on September 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone my name is HighC4 and I main Darius in ranked gameplay, personally I like brawling with people and Darius fits the bill just for that. Darius can dish out huge amounts of damage since his kite involves AOE AD, Magic Damage, and True Damage. If you play Darius carefully you can even out lane your counters very hard but practice makes perfect.

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Pros / Cons


+ High AD
+ Low mana costs
+ True damage burst
+ Grab ability
+ Snowballs Hard
+ Hard to lane against


- Easily Kited
- No Escape
- Can hurt team by taking kills
- Can fall off late
- Focused alot
- CC shuts you down

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage Add more damage to your Ultimate
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist to sustain in fights against AP top laners
Greater Seal of Armor to sustain in fights against AD top laners
Greater Mark of Attack Damage to provide more damage to your Ultimate

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Darius will need defense to back up his damage, this should provide you with the sustain needed to exchange with your lane opponent. While the offense tree focuses on CDR-DMG-AP which will provide a good dose of bonus damage.


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Skill Sequence

Darius will need his Q Decimate to harass his lane opponent anytime they come to CS or when a brawl occurs make sure to max Q first. W Crippling Strike helps keep your opponent close while providing damage make sure to max this second. E Apprehend gives Darius passive Armor Penetration and a grab if the enemy gets to close or tries to escape max this last. R Noxian Guillotine one of the scariest Ults in the game right now, if Darius gets full stacks on an opponent they should just look at the shop cause the fights over Max this everytime your allowed.

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Flash provides Darius with an escape, use it wisely as the CD takes 5 minutes. Helps secure kills or chase fleeing opponents.

Ignite when you need to finish off an opponent and provides healing reduction effects.

Teleport can help give you kills or assist/counter a gank in another lane but be sure to be close as you can be kited easily.

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The green dots are good spots to ward but you should ward the middle dots at the start
The yellow dots are viable as well if you are continuously getting ganked from them

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Item selection

Very good item as it gives CDR, AP, and good amount of dmg to burn through tanks

Provides more AOE dmg to teamfights and gives lifesteal/health regen with a nice dmg boost

Gives a crit chance to help destroy your opponents along with AD based on your health, nice amount of armor provided as well

Nice amount of health given on this item, provides a passive slow for each attack to close in on your opponent as well as dmg

Makes you a lot more tanky as it gives health/mana with MR to stop AP champs, the mana will also help you avoid going oom

Adds MR to you defense, good amount of dmg, and provides a shield against AP abilities

Provides a nice amount of health, armor, and AOE dmg per second to surrounding opponents

Nice amount of health, armor, a passive slow for each attack taken, and a active AOE slow

Gives a huge amount of health and health regen to help sustain you in teamfights

Good item provides health, CDR, and MR very good in buffing yourself against AP champs

Helps sustain you in teamfights with its lifesteal and huge amounts of dmg provided as well

Gives utility slow/bonus dmg, sustain, crit, movement, mana, and health good item for your offense but expensive

Provides MR, added movement, and CC reduction by 35% very good against AP and teamfights

Provides Armor, added movement, and a 10% block against all AD very good against AD champs

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Laning Opponents

Difficulty - Easy

- Poke him everytime he tries to cs
- if hes low after lvl6 Ignite to reduce his ult Insanity Potion then finish him
- Don't chase him

Difficulty - Easy

- Dodge his E Shadow Dash to avoid unnecessary damage
- He can only poke you with his Q Vorpal Blade
- Poke him with Q Decimate and try to force fights with him

Difficulty - Easy

- She can only poke you with her Q Mark of the Assassin when she tries move in and Decimate
- Force fights with her early
- Once she hits lvl6 watch her ult stacks Shadow Dance as she will have escape or engage on you.

Difficulty - Easy

- Everytime he comes in to cs poke him with Decimate
- Watch for his Q Crushing Blow combo with W Decoy
- Watch for his mana as he goes oom easily when he combos
- if he ults exchange with him and finish him off with Noxian Guillotine
- Try not to ult his Decoy

Difficulty - Easy

- Dodge her W Javelin Toss as it's her only poke
- Stand behind minions or beside them at all times
- Anytime she gets close to cs use Decimate
- Try and get close to force fights as her spear wont hurt the closer you get

Difficulty - Easy

- Dodge his Q Razor Shuriken
- Avoid his W Living Shadow combo with E Shadow Slash he will use this to cs
- Keep close to him to zone or force him to come up to place a shadow then use Decimate on him

Difficulty - Easy

- Use Decimate every time he tries to farm his Q Siphoning Strike
- If you extend to far his Wither can kill you if his jungle shows up
- Poke him down and bait his ult Fury of the Sands or kill him if you have stacks on him

Difficulty - Easy

- Get close and poke him with Decimate
- Avoid his W Void Spike it deals a ton of damage and heals him if he is close
- Stand near minions to avoid his passive Unseen Threat
- His Leap can close the gap on you so watch your health

Difficulty - Easy

- When he comes to cs poke him down with Decimate
- Avoid his Rupture it could kill you if his jungle shows up
- Once he hits lvl6 poke him down before fighting his ult Feast can kill you

Difficulty - Medium

- Avoid standing near him when he has full rage
- Poke him when he comes to cs
- Try to fight away from minion his Cull the Meek will heal him
- Bait his ult Dominus or kill him if you have full stacks on him

Difficulty - Medium

- Dodge her Q Broken Wings after the combo get close to poke her
- Try to bait her Valor then Decimate when it fades
- Poke her down before going all in her ult Blade of the Exile deals huge dmg

Difficulty - Medium

- Wait for his Counter Strike to fade then poke him
- Force fights early and watch his mana he loses a lot when he combos Leap Strike + Empower
- Don't ult him if he hasn't used Counter Strike yet

Difficulty - Medium

- Watch for his overheat Junkyard Titan then go in to poke
- Dodge his E Electro-Harpoon it can kill you if his jungle shows up
- Bait his Scrap Shield wait for it to fade then poke
- Don't stand in his ult The Equalizer it slows and deals a lot of dmg

Difficulty - Hard

- Try to avoid getting poked by her Q Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite
- Watch her mana she goes oom fast but don't engage if you have low health
- Her human form deals more dmg if your health is high, spider form deals more if your health is low
- Avoid her E Cocoon she will combo you with high burst dmg
- Stand around minions to avoid her W Volatile Spiderling
- Spider form doesn't use mana

Difficulty - Hard

- Dodge his Q Shock Blast it is an AOE
- Try to get close enough to Decimate after he uses Q
- Stand behind or beside minions to avoid his poke
- Don't let him get behind you he can Thundering Blow you towards his tower
- He can only poke he can't fight you

Difficuly - Hard

- His Q Seismic Shard is his only poke try to get close to Decimate when he tries
- Fight him early and brawl before he gets to tanky
- Don't stay in lane if your low health he will ult Unstoppable Force and kill you
- Watch his mana and take advantage when hes low

Difficulty - Hard

- Try to force him to go oom early and then engage on him
- Once he gets Tear of the Goddess just stay back and call for ganks on him
- Don't melee him he heals with his E Omen of Famine
- Don't overtend in lane he has a slow with his W Omen of Pestilence
- Don't brawl with him if hes lvl6 unless he is oom
- This lane is gonna be extremely hard stay back and keep up in cs

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Team Fights

When a fight breaks out try to grab the carries or peel for your carries depending on how far away the enemy carries are. Dish out as much dmg as possible with Decimate and Crippling Strike if you see someone low finish them off with Noxian Guillotine also if the carries get close Apprehend them and stick on them to give you the best chance of winning the fight. Don't chase if the enemy gets to far since Darius is easily kited and shutdown by CC.

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What can Darius do?

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Darius is by far the funnest champion for me to play, if you like getting into the middle of teamfights then you won't regret picking him as he deals heavy damage and his ultimate is one of the funnest in the game. Thanks for checking out my guide on Darius upvote if you feel you gained new knowledge on playing him and now go dominate your opponents.