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Sona Build Guide by WeAreWalrus

AP Carry For a Mute, She Sure Makes a Lot of Noise (Sona APMid Guide)

AP Carry For a Mute, She Sure Makes a Lot of Noise (Sona APMid Guide)

Updated on January 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WeAreWalrus Build Guide By WeAreWalrus 16 1 724,566 Views 37 Comments
16 1 724,566 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WeAreWalrus Sona Build Guide By WeAreWalrus Updated on January 2, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Howdy hey! My username is WeAreWalrus, but most just call me Walrus. This is the first guide I have ever made, and at the time of writing this I have been playing PvP on League of Legends for only about four months, and just now got myself ranked at the silver II division. That means I don't really know as much as I'd like to for making a guide, but I found that Sona didn't really have the any guides that were kept up to date or really all that in-depth. So that's what i'm trying to do here! Make a nice, up to date and in-depth guide of AP Sona! Before we start, I'd like to say that I find mid Sona to be really fun, and perfectly good. However, I don't find her in the role to be competitive by any means. She has too many counters and just doesn't work as well as many other mid laners. She is still crazy fun, and perfectly good enough at the role to be played though! I have little experience with making guides so try and go easy on me, eh?
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Pros / Cons


+ Easy to use
+ Great poke
+ Built in sustain
+ Large AoE stun
+ Great utility


+ Insanely squishy
+ Poke is short ranged
+ Has MANY counters
+ No hard escape
+ Item dependent
+ Early mana problems
+ No wave clear
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Power Chord: After 3 ability casts, Sona's next basic attack will deal 13 to 192 (depending on level) (+ 20% AP) bonus magic damage, with an additional effect depending on the last basic ability cast.

Power Chord is a very versatile and important ability as it can heavily damage, heavily debuff an opponents damage, and even slow an enemy champion. Proper management of this ability will completely decide how your games go, so make sure you are familiar with it. (Tip: Try and only use this on enemy champions, as using it on a minion during the laning phase wastes a lot of good poking damage. Misusing a Power Chord also means you have to spend more mana and time queuing up another.)

Hymn of Valor: Sona sends out bolts of sound that deal magic damage to the two nearest enemy units within range, prioritizing champions.
Magic damage 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+ 50% AP)

Aura: Sona and allied champions tagged with Hymn of Valor's aura deal bonus magic damage on their next basic attack within 3 seconds.
On-hit magic damage: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 (+ 25% AP)

Power Chord - Staccato: If this spell was last cast when Power Chord is ready, Power Chord deals 40% more damage.

This may be Sona's only offensive spell, but it's a great one at that. It's extremely easy to poke with, and can be used to last hit several minions at a time. In teamfights, it allows damage to multiple targets making you able to focus down your own target, while still helping out your team with the others. Its Power Chord named Staccato deals tons of damage mixed with Hymn of Valor. The best of each Power Chord when attempting to simply damage a foe.

Tips and Tricks
  • Your primary poke in lane should be to use Hymn of Valor straight into a basic attack, especially if you have Power Chord up.
  • Sometimes you don't want to have extended trades with your opponent, or have issues getting in range. When this is the case, you can use Hymn of Valor to last hit minions and then simply use the auto attack bonus to harass. This also works the other way around.
  • The Power Chord Staccato deals extra damage. Use this Power Chord primarily, whether it is to poke, push waves, take objectives or to help in bursting down primary targets.
  • Harassing with Hymn of Valor is easy, but should never been done at the cost of cs. At times when you want to poke, but a minion is low on health you can actually position yourself to do both using Hymn of Valor as it fires two bolts towards the closet enemies. (Takes some practice to do correctly)
  • Using Hymn of Valor can help when you need to last hit multiple minions at the same time. Just be cautious that this doesn't queue up your Power Chord when you can't harass the opposing laner.
  • Hymn of Valor may not seem like it, but it requires you to have vision of your target for it to deal damage. This is easy (at least for me) to forget, so just make sure if someone is going into a bush, you wait until you can see them again to use it.

Aria of Perseverance: Sona heals herself and a nearby allied champion with the lowest health percentage. The healing is increased by 1% for every 1% of the target's missing health.
Heal: 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 / 105 (+ 20% AP)
Max heal: 50 / 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 (+ 40% AP)

Aura: Sona and allied champions tagged with Aria of Perseverance's aura are shielded for up to 1.5 seconds.
Shield strength: 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+ 20% AP)

Power Chord - Diminuendo: If this spell was last cast when Power Chord is ready, Power Chord will also reduce the target's damage output by 20% (+ 2% per 100 AP) for 3 seconds.

Very useful spell all throughout the game. Most mid lane champions do not have a built in sustain, which makes Sona a really good sustaining champion despite her early mana issues. This spell is what makes her poking ability so strong. She needs to be close to poke, which means you almost always take return damage. That return damage becomes something you'll completely ignore when you can simply heal it all back. That's where Sona shines. Whittling down the opponent, while keeping herself in the game. Later on in the game, Sona will have so much mana that you can spam Aria of Perseverance to a point where you can almost always heal to full health again, given you have enough time. The Power Chord Diminuendo is probably the least useful of all three. It should only be used in select cases.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use this to constantly heal up to an even or higher health level than your opponent. Do not queue up a Power Chord with it during laning, though. You want to wait to use that for Hymn of Valor.
  • Activating this ability right before taking damage will allow your shield to absorb most of it for you! However, the shield isn't the largest and spamming this every time you're being poked will run you out of mana quickly.
  • In tough match ups, or when you're against champions who out trade you, use Aria of Perseverance twice to heal up as much as you can, while not fully stacking Power Chord. Then go in with your harassing combo.
  • In the later game, make sure you remember that it isn't just you who gets healed. Aria of Perseverance is great at keeping any team mate alive during many situations.
  • The Power Chord Diminuendo, is good for when you can't peel someone off of you or a team mate, and against heavy burst champions when they all in someone. Otherwise, I rarely use it as the damage reduction simply isn't great enough to warrant doing less damage.

Song of Celerity: Sona gains a burst of bonus movement speed that decays down to the aura bonus over 3 seconds. The duration is increased by 0.5 seconds for each ally she tags with the aura.
Personal bonus MS: 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17% (+ 7.5% per 100 AP) (+ 2% x Crescendo's rank)

Aura: Allied champions tagged with Song of Celerity's aura gain movement speed for 1.5 seconds.
Aura bonus MS: 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14% (+ 3.5% per 100 AP) (+ 2% x Crescendo's rank)

Power Chord - Tempo: If this spell was last cast when Power Chord is ready, Power Chord will also slow the target by 40% (+ 4% per 100 AP) for 2 seconds.

Useless in the early game, but my god is this a wonderful utility spell later on! It can give your entire team a massive speed boost, and you can spam it quite often. Having a team that can maneuver more quickly around the map than your opponents is a great advantage. The Power Chord Tempo is very useful, A 40%+ slow for 2 seconds can do many things. Don't underestimate it. When you combine that with your personal speed boost it makes running from a late game Sona almost impossible. Hell, she's even quite hard to catch with the insane MS boost this provides. This allows Sona to dance around awaiting for her spells to cooldown extremely effectively.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use the Power Chord Tempo to peel for the ADC if you come across them needing it.
  • When receiving a gank, a Power Chord of Tempo can be very useful in locking the opposing laner down, but it takes away from your damage output. If your jungler has no cc, or needs you to engage for the gank use Tempo. If they have high cc or get a good jump on the enemy, us Staccato.
  • Tempo is great for kiting enemies, as Sona doesn't really have any other way to kite early on. It's also useful for securing an ally's escape, or keeping an enemy from fleeing.
  • Use Song of Celerity to get back to lane faster. It wont be a game changing difference early on, but it helps.
  • When you are going anywhere in the mid to late game, make sure you use Song of Celerity to get there more quickly. Provided that you aren't low on mana, of course.

Crescendo: Sona plays an irresistible chord in a line, dealing magic damage to enemy champions and stunning them for 1.5 seconds, forcing them to dance.
Magic damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 50% AP)

Need I even comment on this one? My god. So much power. During the laning phase, this will net you easy kills. During team fights, you'll want to save it for the perfect time so you can completely change the pace of battle. It's most common, and possibly greatest use is as a counter engage. Sometimes you can even find a time to use it to engage yourself, although that can easily lead to you being bursted down afterwards with how close you must be to use it effectively. If you have to use this to peel people off of you, then that's horrid. It shouldn't be used for peeling off an enemy, unless there are three plus people needing to be peeled. I do get into games where no one peels for the carries, however. And it's perfectly fine to use it then, just understand that it's potential is far greater than that.

Tips and Tricks
  • This abilities stun duration is great, and nets you easy kills in lane with a simple combo. That combo is to Crescendo into Hymn of Valor, fire a Power Chord and then Ignite them. This is no 100 to 0 burst, though. So be careful when you use it.
  • If you have an enemy who has a strong ultimate that requires channeling, (e.g. Katarina, Galio, etc.) then try and save Crescendo to counter their ultimate.
  • If you are using this ability on a singular opponent that has an ability that can dodge Crescendo (e.g. Ahri, Fizz, etc.) you should try and get them to use it beforehand. Rushing such a powerful ability and missing will put you at a serious disadvantage.
  • If your Crescendo kill combo seems difficult to pull off because your opponent is skittish, then you can usually wait for them to be in range of a Flash. Using Flash into your ultimate always catches the opponent off guard, and allows for easy kills in lane.
  • While it may seem like an AoE ability at first, Crescendo is actually considered a projectile. That means it has travel time and can be blocked by Yasuo's Wind Wall and Braum's Unbreakable.
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Ability Sequence

> > >
Sona's skill sequence is something tricky to explain. It changes quite heavily game to game based on your matchup. Ideally you want to be using the sequence above to maximize your damage output as early as possible, but a lot of the time Sona needs more sustain than that. This makes for a very situational leveling of your skills. You should try and focus on getting Hymn of Valor maxed first, but you may need to put a few points into Aria of Perseverance early depending on the lane you are in. You may also be against an extremely hard lane that requires you to max out Aria of Perseverance first. To understand when to put points into what simply takes time, but you can normally tell when you don't have enough sustain/defense and need at least one or two more points in Aria of Perseverance. Song of Celerity gives you a great speed boost late game to you and your team mates, but is almost useless early on. Take a point before you hit six so that you can avoid ganks more easily, but otherwise leave it until the end. Crescendo is your ultimate. Take this every time you can.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is Flash. It's great on all champions, but Sona practically requires it. She has no hard escapes or gap closers, so taking Flash helps her out greatly. No substitute.

Ignite really helps secure your kills in the early and mid game. If you're in a team fight, or have plenty of AP increasing items then Sona has no issues bursting someone. However, she needs a good finisher early on so I always take Ignite. From what I've said, don't go thinking Ignite is only useful early game. It helps secure that important target kill in team fights, and inflicts a heal debuff that can be greatly needed at times.

Barrier is a great spell if you're looking for something defensive in a solo lane. It has a 30 second lower cooldown than Heal, and has the ability to protect yourself from more damage. The only thing it lacks is the speed boost and ability to defend an ally as well. Those things become quite moot when Sona can already do both of those things with her basic abilities. If you want a defensive option to take over Ignite, than grab Barrier. (Very useful against burst oriented opponents.)

A good spell that simply becomes outclassed by Barrier at this point in time. The only thing Heal has over Barrier is a small speed boost and the ability to heal an ally at the same time. Because of Song of Celerity and Aria of Perseverance, you don't need either of those things making Barrier the better option by far.

No mid laners ever seem to take Teleport. Well, none but me that is. I take Teleport when I am against a lane I don't believe I'll be able to win. It helps you keep up on farm, recall without threat of losing your tower, and helps the mid to late game by letting you roam freely and get to where you always need to be.

Supporting as Sona? Take Exhaust always! But when using her in the mid lane, I simply can't recommend it. The slow from Exhaust is something Sona can't benefit from early game unless she's receiving a gank, and the damage reduction is harder to use, and less effective than just taking Barrier.

I do not recommend ever using, and I do not feel the need to comment on anything else. If you have questions about another summoner spell, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you. I may even put it into this guide if I feel it necessary.
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Core Items

Sorcerer's Shoes are great on any AP mid laner as they give you a small, but nice amount of early magic penetration. These boots are never a bad choice, but I feel like Sona benefits from Ionian Boots of Lucidity more, as she needs cooldown reduction very badly.

My personal favorite boots on Sona. These boots give you very useful early cooldown reduction. Sona loves to spam her abilities, and being able to help out your cooldown reduction without having to build a large item helps a ton. You may miss some magic penetration, but being able to queue up your Power Chord and Hymn of Valor faster helps early game harass more than the magic penetration from Sorcerer's Shoes anyway.

Mercury's Treads are a situational, yet very useful buy. If you are ever against a laning opponent or enemy team with heavy crowd control then these boots are great on Sona. Sona has a lack of mobility, so tenacity is a great thing to have. It also comes with some added magic resistance, which can help greatly during the laning phase.

Sona is squishy and mana dependent, mix that with her having to be in relatively close range during fights means Rod of Ages is a necessity! I build catalyst the protector very early (Usually after a Tear of the Goddess however), and I always finish this item first. I finish it above the other items, as it takes time to accumulate stacks, and the sustain from it is needed over everything else.

This is where all your core offense comes from. This baby is a power house on Sona as she primarily relies on auto attacks empowered with Power Chord and Lich Bane's effect to deal damage. It is what makes her able to play as an AP carry. Build a Lich Bane only after you've gotten a full Rod of Ages and your boots. When building this item, take the Sheen if you're ahead and are able to harass often. Take the Aether Wisp whenever this isn't the case. It's movement speed increase allows you to more easily get in, or out of range when needed.

This is a very useful item, but should always be finished last on your core (unless you are behind and the defensive item is necessary). You love to spam abilities as Sona, and this item lets you do just that. You have to get a Tear of the Goddess ASAP, but the rest can wait as the Tear of the Goddess gives you enough mana for the early to mid game. One other reason as to why I wait to grab Archangel's Staff until last is because you benefit way more from a Seraph's Embrace, so you can just wait until your Tear of the Goddess is fully stacked.

Offensive Items

Do I need to say anything here? It is a very simple item. Hard, raw ability power. This item makes everything you do so much more meaningful. And it isn't just your damage that receives an increase! It increases your heals, shields, movement speed buff, and through Hymn of Valor's aura it'll increase your teammates damage as well! If you are the primary source of your teams damage, then you'll normally want to get a Void Staff as this build lacks any magic penetration. But at all other times this item will reign superior.

Not much in the way of magic penetration in this build, so grabbing a Void Staff is never a bad idea. However, if the enemy team is building very little to no magic resistance, then I suggest grabbing a Rabadon's Deathcap as it increases more than just your personal damage output. This item is never a bad thing to get, but I do believe it is outclassed in several situations.

This item is situational, but very useful. It gives a huge cooldown reduction boost that Sona loves, some ability power and a healing debuff that is surprisingly strong. Take this if you really feel you need to have greatly decreased cooldowns, or you are facing someone with crazy healing power (e.g. Soraka, Dr. Mundo, etc.)

Twin Shadows is a very useful item is certain situations. It really helps if you want to pump out more utility as opposed to damage. It's movement speed is really nice on Sona, has a small but nice amount of AP, and the CDR it provides is well worth it's cheap cost. Staple on a great active for chasing and catches out opponents and you can never go wrong using this on Sona.

Defensive Items

Zhonya's Hourglass is great on any AP champion. If you really need defense, or are against a heavy AD team/laning opponent, then take this item. Note: If you are playing against an AD laner, you should almost always buy an early Seeker's Armguard. It'll help tons in the laning phase. However if you come to a massive early lead, continue the build as normal.

Spirit Visage is a great item on Sona! It gives you all you could want. It has a boost on cooldown reduction, magic resistance, health and even increases your healing power! As long as the enemy isn't straight AD then this item is always something to consider. Great item against heavy AP teams, but sometimes a Banshee's Veil can outclass it depending on the enemies composition.

Guardian Angel is always a fine item to take, but when playing Sona I try to avoid it as I think there is always a better option available. The revive passive is nice, but is simply outclassed by Zhonya's Hourglass's invulnerability active. The magic resistance and armor are great, but you can normally build another item such as a Zhonya's Hourglass or a Banshee's Veil depending on wether MR or armor is more needed. Doing so also gets you more out of an item as the other options have more to offer than straight resistances. I think this item is good to take if you are finding it difficult to remember to use active items, or you don't know whether you need to build MR or armor, but you generally miss out on something if you do build this item.

Banshee's Veil is a really good item for several reasons. It gives a hefty amount of MR with a nice boost to your health too! It gives a very useful passive ability which helps greatly against burst mages that require them to land some form of crowd control on you first (e.g. Lux, Ahri, etc), or skill shot supports that can catch you out and get you killed in seconds (e.g. Thresh, Morgana, etc.).

What's that? Your having issues with an enemy that deals magic damage, but you don't like the other two items because they have no offensive power? Well then buy this. Abyssal Mask is really useful. It's also always a great buy if you have a team with multiple AP champions too.
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How to Lane

As always, your primary goal above all else during the laning phase is to gain as much CS as you possibly can. Sona’s secondary goal is to harass as often as possible without running out of mana. She may have only one offensive ability, but it’s a great one at that. Hymn of Valor and its empowered auto attack mixed with the occasional Power Chord will deal plenty of damage on their own. Look to use Hymn of Valor to force a trade whenever the opportunity arises. Hymn of Valor’s spell damage isn’t great on its own, so you need to make sure you make use of its empowered auto attack afterwards, as well as using Staccato whenever possible. (Staccato is the Power Chord from Hymn of Valor.) More damage comes out of Staccato and Hymn of Valor’s empowered auto attack than anything else, so make sure you try not to waste that useful harass. You should do everything in your power to make sure this ability always lands on the opposing laner, and not minions. Wasting a Power Chord means you’ll have to use time and mana queueing up another, and the damage for trades is just too great to pass up.

Sona seriously lacks range, which means it’ll be near impossible for you to harass your opponent without taking some return damage. While there may be plenty of champions that can out damage Sona in early game trades, few share her ability to heal up afterwards. Sona’s Aria of Perseverance is the real MVP of the laning phase. Taking more damage than your opponent during trades quickly becomes moot when you can simply heal it all back.

Before you get a point in Crescendo you lack much killing potential. Don’t try and look to rush kills early on. Instead, just whittle the enemy down as much as you can until your killing combo can finish them off. This combo can be found under Crescendo’s Tips and Tricks in the Abilities section of the guide. It’s pretty much the only way Sona can get kills in lane, but it works like a charm.

When you are against high ranged or skittish opponents you may need to use Song of Celerity to get yourself in range to force trades. Song of Celerity is also a great way to quickly get out of an opponents range after a successful trade. It’s rare that you will need to do either of these things early on, but it does happen. It becomes almost a must if you’ve started to snowball your lane. Be careful about doing this too much in the early game as it can easily run you out of mana.

When laning against a champion that pushes heavily you may need to use Hymn of Valor to counter push instead of using it to harass. If this happens then don’t try and force too many trades or save Power Chord for harassment. Just try and get as much CS as you can since Sona has issues farming under her tower. Other match ups may have you putting extra points into Aria of Perseverance early on. This is perfectly fine, and common for plenty of games. Just play a little bit safer than usual, and try not to trade until you are certain your damage and sustain are strong enough for you to win said trades.

If you are being dove when you have your ultimate, look and see if you can’t turn the fight. Sona’s long stun duration from Crescendo mixed with her survivability from Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity can lead to easy kills with tower aggro.

On the Topic of Ganks

When your jungler shows up to help out your lane, there are several ways you two can go about it. Depending on the situation, you may need to engage the gank yourself so that your jungler can follow up for the kill. You can go about this two ways. The first way to engage is to simply use Crescendo whenever the opposing champion gets in range. It has a good stun duration that anyone should be able to follow up on. Just make sure you don’t miss, or use it too soon. The second way to engage is for when you either don’t have your ultimate, or you want to try and save it for whatever reason. The most effective way to engage without your ultimate is to hit the opposing laner with Tempo for the moderate slow it provides. It doesn’t give you near the lockdown that using Crescendo would, but it still works great.

Most often you wont be needing to engage the gank as the jungler has some way of doing it themselves. If this is the case, do everything in your power to follow up on their initiation, dealing as much damage as you can. In select cases you’ll still want to use Tempo instead of Staccato. This is only if you have a jungler that can dish out serious damage, and you are somewhat behind or believe the enemy would get away if you didn’t slow them. Also, make sure you always stack up a Power Chord before the jungler gets to your lane.

Don’t forget to tag your jungler with your auras! Hymn of Valor will make them deal more damage, Aria of Perseverance helps if they wish to dive or if they take more damage than expected, and Song of Celerity helps them close the gap and keeps them from being kited as easily.

When the enemy jungler shows up in an attempt to kill you, you’ll want to immediately use Song of Celerity to help in your escape. Tempo is very useful for keeping targets off of you too. Deciding to use Tempo on the jungler or enemy mid laner is completely situational and just requires your personal judgement. If you are ever about to be hit by an attack or some form of crowd control, activate Aria of Perseverance ASAP. Then just continually swap between that and Song of Celerity to maximize your survivability. In rare cases you’ll want to use Diminuendo if you are about to be hit by a bursty opponent to minimize their damage to you. This can be hard to do as you have to get this off very quickly. Never bother casting Hymn of Valor when being ganked unless you need it to queue up a Power Chord, or believe you can turn around for a kill. Otherwise it is simply a waste of time and mana.


Roaming is a very powerful tool when used correctly. It can be used to further push an advantage you have, get you caught up if you’ve been put behind, or allow you to do something useful when your lane is at a standstill. You also do these various things while directly helping out your teammates too.

Sona has issues with being able to roam. Her poor pushing power, and sustaining play style makes it hard to set up a good time to roam. You normally want to push out the wave before going to gank, but Sona’s lack of wave clear makes that difficult. The other option is to force someone out of lane before roaming, which Sona can actually do fairly easily due to her afore mentioned sustaining play style. The only issue is that it normally takes time and uses up a lot of your mana to do so, especially if you want to push the lane out on top of it.

Sona’s other issue with roaming is that she somewhat relies on having Crescendo up to properly lock down her targets during roams. Since it has a long cool down and Sona needs it to get kills in lane, it isn’t very common that you’ll be in a position to roam AND have your ultimate up too. Now you can still roam without it, but it’s a little more difficult to successfully pull off ganks since Sona doesn’t have much damage or crowd control in her basic abilities.

If you get in a position to roam then you should take the chance to do so. Sona can gank really well if she gets the opportunity. If you have your ultimate up it’ll lead to an easy kill. The long stun duration and added damage makes it quite hard for most foes to escape. Just look for a time to engage with your full combo, or wait until your ally laner has initiated to do it. Either way, they should die easily.

If you do not have Crescendo up, then there are multiple ways to go about your gank. If the enemy you are ganking has a good escape tool, you’ll probably just want to fly into the lane as fast as you can using Song of Celerity and then hit as hard as you can with a Hymn of Valor and Power Chord combo. This is also the best option if the enemy laners are really low on health, or if your teammates have good crowd control to lock them down for you.

Option two only works that well if the lane your trying to gank has been really pushed to your side, and/or your friendly laner has a high damage output. What you do in this situation is run up to the lane as fast as you can with Song of Celerity and then use a Tempo to slow the opposing player. Afterwards just try to do as much damage as possible, and tag your teammate with your auras to help secure the kill.
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How to Team Fight

Sona is a mage who lacks much range, so you have to get close up and personal in team fights. With that being said, Sona should almost never engage any team fights. You want to make sure that the enemy is either good and distracted, or that you stay by someone that can peel/protect you. Sona is very different from most APCs in team fights. You should focus on dealing damage to a key target (so long as it doesn't force you into a bad position) and then dancing around, tagging your teammates with your auras while awaiting cooldowns. She brings less damage to a team fight than most mages, but makes up for it with superior utility. Try and always be near someone so you can get the most out of your auras.

Try and use Crescendo on as many people as possible. This ability should not ever be rushed out. Don't just look for the first chance to use your ultimate in every fight, instead be patient. Save it for that perfect moment. Make sure in these later fights that your teammates can follow up on it too. Don't want to get a stun on their entire team if nothing will happen afterwards! One of its best uses is to counter engage an enemy team. When they start a fight, if you can use this to lock them all down then your teammates can have a field day. Proper use of this can truly decide a team fight.

In the late game fights, you should be spamming your abilities and firing off auto attacks in between them to make use of Lich Bane and Power Chord. Your sequence of activating your abilities in team fights should be to use Hymn of Valor into a Power Chord of Staccato, then try and tag teammates with its aura to put out more damage. If you fear being caught out and want to get away more quickly, then simply skip tagging with your aura and continue as normal. After you deal your damage, use Song of Celerity simply to help stack another Power Chord and allowing for you to more easily dance about as to not get hurt while awaiting cooldowns. Tag teammates whenever possible. That speed boost helps people peel and keep from being peeled. After that, quickly activate Aria of Perseverance to gain another stack on Power Chord making you at two. This aura is very important to land on as many people as possible. This shield is a life saver. Lastly, activate Hymn of Valor once it's off cooldown to fully stack Power Chord and fire another Staccato. (Make sure you look for opportunities to auto attack in between each spell cast to make use of Lich Bane.) Repeat until the fight is over.

If you are behind, not doing damage and just dying too easily, then sometimes it's best to transition Sona into more of a support role. Peeling for your ADC and keeping your team alive via utility instead of trying to be the main damage source can turn the tides of battle. With this being said, I wouldn't recommend building any support items. It's too late to focus on that, as you'll already have too many mage items to change out now. It'll still work just fine.

If a team fight is lost and you must retreat, spam Song of Celerity as much as you can, mixing in an Aria of Perseverance if needed. Make sure you tag teammates with your Aura's to help them out too! Keep in mind that using a Power Chord of Tempo (the one from Song of Celerity) slows an opponent, making you able to save a team mate that is about to be caught, or just to kite effectively.

If a team fight is won, and you must chase down fleeing enemies, you should use the same method of spamming your abilities as often as possible, but try and keep Song of Celerity on for as long as you can. Try and tag your teammates with Song of Celerity's aura so that they can chase more easily, too. Never do this if you have to go out of your way though, as you'll just put more distance between yourself and your target. Using the Power Chord of Song of Celerity can be very useful for chasing, but it is situational. Sometimes Staccato is still the better choice.
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Matchups (Always a Work in Progress)

For a much shorter and concise version of these matchups, check out the "Threats to Sona With This Build" section at the top of the guide.

This is nowhere near close to being done, and will be an always evolving section. I apologize for how empty it is currently, but i just don't have the information to fill this section yet. If you see any of the matchups with the label N/A then that means it hasn't been thoroughly tested, and is just a theory I've made up. So use that information with caution. The coloration of the label remains the same, which is green for favorable, yellow for neutral and red for difficult.



Cassiopeia (Outdated)







Talon (Outdated)

twisted fate

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A Brief Thank You

As a small last note, I would like to take a quick moment to thank some people. First thanks goes to the user Jhoijhoi for the amazing guide on "Making a Guide" as it helped me out a ton. I used several of the templets to make this guide, and i'm happy with every one of them. I'm sure Jhoijhoi has received enough thanks by the thousands of people that have used said guide, but I feel like thanking you regardless. So thanks a million, man (I call everyone man, so don't feel insulted please). Next on the thank you list is TheFanciestBard. TheFanciestBard made the guide I used when I first started playing Sona in the mid lane, and it really helped me out in that role. I made this guide with a lot of stuff based off of theirs, so thank you a ton. I wouldn't be making this otherwise. The third of them all is Retribution. Retribution doesn't really have much to do with this guide, but he/she made an amazing Lux guide that helped me in so many ways. I started playing League of Legends with Lux, and Retribution's guide was the first one I ever found. It not only helped me play Lux, but it helped me with EVERY aspect of the game. It made me understand just what a build is, and how to make one. I attempted to make my guide somewhat similar as his/hers in that it is quite in-depth. The only change I feel I made from Retribution's style of guide, is that I only focused on the champion Sona, not gameplay in general. (With that being said, it looks like a toddler's ramblings in comparison.)

I don't expect anyone I have just thanked to EVER see this. But I felt it necessary regardless.
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