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Anivia Build Guide by Hiramar

Middle gold

Freezy Bird: Fly to High Elo! (Super in depth matchups)

By Hiramar | Updated on September 16, 2020
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Hello! This is my first time making a guide for, well, anything! Critiques and suggestions are more than welcome! I want to start off by saying, I don't know everything there is to know about league. I do however have over 600k mastery on Anivia, and have learned the insides and outs of her quite well. I also think that because I am only platinum that I will be able to give more practical and helpful advice that will better the gameplay of lower ELO players looking to climb. So, without further jibberish, here is my Anivia guide!
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I disagree with the other guides on Mobafire... THERE I SAID IT! "But Hiramar you're just a lowely platinum trash scrub" I KNOW! However, with the changes to the way Anivia's R (Glacial Storm) works, Zhonyas is a much better item on her than it was before. For those of you who are new to Anivia, or just don't know, her ult will continue to channel, like Swains, even while Zhonyas or Bard ult is active on her. At low ELO this makes for some insane out plays. I have won games because I could 1v2 the ADC and mid with zhonyas. Zhonyas makes it tremendously easy to outplay a fed Vayne or Sivir.
Not to mention the insane defensive capabilities the item gives. It makes you completely immune to Zed ult, Vladimir ult, Zilian bomb, Veigar ult, the list could go on, but it speaks volumes already.
If you can get a glacial storm off, then bait enemies into the center to try and kill you, using Zhonyas will completely thwart their plan and leave them to melt like ice HA GET IT!? A well timed Zhonyas with glacial storm active can deal massive damage to enemies in a team fight who are not paying attention and trying to kill the beefy tank while you are invulnerable. It can also be used to turn a pick, into a picking.
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Anivia's Spells

Anivia has a killer kit that can zone enemies off of objectives, divide opponents in team fights for a pick, stun down the carries, and achieve heavy damage during clumped fights.

Flash Frost!

Flash Frost, is Anivia's stun, the bread and butter of the champ, and it comes with a pretty big mana cost at level 1. This is one of the slowest moving projectiles in LoL and it is very easy to dodge, you will have to be crafty to effectively use this ability in and out of lane. A good tactic to use is to try and use your opponents vision against them. Ward around corners and things to give make it so you can see them, but they CANT see you. Throw your Q. More often then not, the enemy will be caught off guard, getting hit leaving you an opportunity to ult them and wall them off. I do this constantly to pick the enemy ADC and force a fight 4v5. Something I see many people do (who are new to Anivia) is they will detonate their Q as soon as it touches the target. ROOKIE MISTAKE GUYS. ANIVIA'S Q DOES TWO SETS OF DAMAGE. I know you're shocked and amazed! The damage that is dealt as it passes through, and the damage as it detonates. This may not seem like too big a deal, but with a fully maxed q the pass through damage can land you an extra 100-150 damage. Also this is very important when it comes to abilities and items like Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil If you use flash frost and let it pass through those abilities are rendered useless. This is great for a solid pick because the enemy will expect to walk up and out play you, but with this card up your sleeve you'll flip the tables on em. So, essentially, Spell Shield and Banshee's Veil block the first magical ability. Meaning magic damage. So it negates the first set of damage of Flash Frost passing through, it does not block the stun. This is a truly essential part of properly using her Q.


Crystallize is Anivia's wall. This costs quite a bit of mana and has a long cool down, but is well worth it with its limitless possibilities for peel, outplay, and escape. Crystallize should be used after an R,E combo to block the enemy from leaving your Glacial storm. If you can complete that long combo pretty much any mid laner will go down. When you place your wall the character who you block will automatically run in the direction they can get around it faster due to the games coding. That is your opportunity to throw out your Q and then E again. So, full combo would be ULT -> E -> W -> Q -> E. That is one example of what you could do, this is circumstantial and is subject to change based on the situation. Anivia's wall can make or break a team fight. A bad wall can allow people to escape or trap the initiating tank. A good wall can split up the enemy team and win you a team fight.
If you're chasing enemies through the jg, and you know they have flash, leave a section of the area available for your team to walk to. This rule also applies to champions who have escape like Talon and Zed. A full wall ensures their escape or forces your team to burn flash. An example of a good wall would be if you're baron dancing with the enemy team and you see the ADC step just a little too far forward in front of a narrow jg path, use your wall you block her team mates out and get a secured pick! It is important to note that the wall spell can be a bit difficult to effectively land. It helps to click in front of the enemy character model instead of the back of it.
An advance use of the wall would be to pin an enemy against a part of the map. To do this place the wall just outside of the character model but still pretty close to the wall, this can be used against people walking back to their tower (against the rock corner that borders the tower.) Another advanced use of the wall can be done be baiting the enemy laner to hit you under tower just to get egg. (Maybe they think one tower shot for egg is worth it) then as the step into tower range to auto you, place a wall behind them making them stuck in the tower's range, or at the very least, making them take more hits.


Frostbite is Anivia's main damage source and is a point and click ability. Enemies who have been chilled by glacial storm or flash frost take DOUBLE DAMAGE. Other than desperate finishers against enemies who are trying to run and have around 50 to 100 health, it really wont do too much damage unless you have procked the chill de-buff. With the release of comet, if you're facing an oppressive laner who is mobile, you can just use E to prock the comet. Comet combined with scorch will actually do a good chunk of damage. Not too bad to toss out every 20 seconds or so.

Glacial Storm!

Glacial Storm is Anivia's ult. It is an amazing move that when fully formed not only zones opponents, but deals incredibly high amounts of damage. Use this move when ganking lanes to make escaping a lot harder, when initiating an all in, when you're getting a gank, when you're getting ganked (Glacial storm slows and you can cast it while moving,) or when you need that phat wave that your top laner has been wasting all game! When ganking a lane you want to place glacial storm in the enemy laner's path back to their tower so that it is easy damage for you and will almost guarantee the kill or flash. The main problem I see with new Anivia's is that they dont know when to stop channeling Glacial Storm. Don't be afraid to turn it off when its not in a good position in a team fight, but also don't be afraid to leave it on when in the jg, making it harder for them to turn on you. Just keep in mind that this ability is a massive mana drain!


In my opinion this is one of the best passives in the game. When you die you become an egg and the enemy has to kill that too. Whatever health you have after and (if) you are reborn, is given to you after six seconds. Be careful at low levels, as the egg actually has negative MR and Armor. Whenever you die try to make it under your tower (even if it means flashing) so that the enemy can't attack your egg. ESPECIALLY IF THEIR JUNGLER IS THERE!!! Rebirth has a 4 minute cooldown. If the enemy team doesn't have a lot of knockups or silences you can take TP to perform an egg tp. The tp has to be started BEFORE you turn into an egg. Its a very rewarding and flashy play that can save your life. Its particularly useful against zeds, use it after they ult you to make a quick escape to a nearby tower. Any form of cc will interrupt the TP.
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Teleport is also a viable option for Anivia as it gives the relatively slow champion great map pressure. If you're playing Anivia top lane keep an eye on the minimap to make a good teleport to the bot lane. You can also teleport to a team fight that is happening by dragon and turn the fight for your team. Be careful not to teleport into a bad situation and end up getting killed, do not be afraid to cancel your teleport. Teleport can also be used to make a crowd pleasing and incredibly satisfying play "the egg TP." In order to egg TP you have to start the TP while alive and then when you egg the tp will still take place. A good time to do this is if you see a fight going poorly. This will generally make them focus you and your egg allowing you (hopefully) and your team to escape. Here is a video of myself performing a successful egg TP:
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Anivia's farming can be challenging, especially early on. It is legitimate garbage pre level six. You have to deal with a really slow moving attack on top of a really long animation all for an auto attack that does about 64 damage. Learn to cs under tower with Anivia and you will win lane. The caster minions are 1 auto, 1 tower shot, one auto. 2 Q's will clear back line pre six. Post six the farming becomes substantially easier and you can shove a lane with the snap of your feathers. However constantly be watching your mana bar. Anivia without mana is literally useless. Be sure to have vision whenever you're pushing. If you get flanked when pushing up Anivia will likely be too slow to make a clean escape. It is a general tip to note that cs is the most important part of league. If you have 100 cs at 11:00 minutes and the enemy laner has 70, you will be essentially two kills up on them. Just farm for thought, HA IM SO FUNNY.

This being said Anivia can shove a lane as soon as the enemy leaves. SO WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THAT TIME!? Well, you could push tower, back, wander, or get camps. Tower shoving doesnt do that much with Anivia because its like throwing a snowball at a statue... You will be there for a quite some time. If you have a spare ward look into taking the enemy raptors to get ahead and deprive the enemy team. Wandering top is generally a free kill if you coordinate cc with your laner. Bot can be tricky because its such a volatile lane. Its more dangerous to go but more rewarding if successful. Bot is also much more susceptible to counter ganks because at lower ELO everyone camps bot.

Dont be afraid to ask your jg for blue. Anivia with blue is so powerful because mana is one of Anivia's biggest set backs. Use this advantage to get either a quick kill on your laner, take camps from enemy jg, or shove the lane immediately and roam bot if they are pushed up.
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Team Fights

One of the hardest things about Anivia is positioning. It is easy to get ahead of yourself and end up in front of the front line. Anivia is not a tank and needs to stay in the back. Getting a stun on the ADC and using your E on them can win a teamfight late in the game. Anivia has great 2v2 and 2v3 potential because of wall, glacial storm, and Rebirth. Place levels your wall can block off an entire path in the jg forcing a flash or a fight. Place your Ult where the initiating and the fighting happens (is happening) and then retreat to the back line. With your ult placed where the fighting is, and you in the back, you will be free to throw Q's and E's safely. Use Zhonyas if you find your self to deep when you're placing your ult. That will change the focus from you to someone else, giving you enough time to get to the back line.

Aiming Q's in the epicenter of a fight can result in the fabled "multi stun." Make sure that you don't use Q on a target thats already stunned until the stun is about to end for chain CC.

Do not use your wall at the first sign of an enemy. During a team fight your wall can stop people from escaping alive, or in a not so favorable fight can help your team escape unharmed. If a team fight breaks out in the jg use the wall to split the team apart so that your team can shred the poor souls that got separated from their group, and then clean up the rest.

The part of the team fight than no one really talks about is the post team fight. When I I climbing out of bronze and silver back in season six, or am watching some of my friends play, I constantly remember seeing people win a team fight practically unscathed and then back directly next to the live drake, baron, or pushed in tower. The point of winning fights is to take objectives easier because the enemy team cant stop you.
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Some General Tips

If you're ahead build aggressive, if behind build defensive. If your team is behind be a positive impact. I find I win more games when I say things like, "GJ" and "We got this!" Mentality is a big part of any game, and league is no exception.

Don't blame or flame your team mates. There are so many people who are stuck because they don't realize they are a part of the problem. Even though you maybe not the main problem, you can still help your team mates. Look back on a loss and think "What could I have done differently to positively impact that game" That is how you will climb. A lot of people are under the assumption that a kill is worth so much more on them than it is on anyone else. Thats very selfish. Naughty you guys. League is a team game, and once you get a kill or two, you should help to get your team mates fed. Say you wander to the bot lane and you do well and get an enemy laner in a situation where they could not possibly survive. This is a secured kill. Give it to your bot laner. Any "bad player" can do better when they have a blatant advantage over their laner. By recognizing that you can change a game by not doing well yourself and by helping teammates you will start to climb. Yes there are trolls, AFK's, and people who tilt WAYYYYYYYY too easily. Believe me, I know, In platinum everyone tilts after one death because their team mates are *******s(Generally.)
Its a game, have fun with it. Flaming only makes your team mates perform worse! Think about the times you have gotten flamed; If you are the one getting flamed, don't flame back. Just mute everyone. Record your game play. Watch your playing and look at what you could improve on. For example, if you get caught out a lot observe why it happens, and then try and find the reason why it consistently happens. For me, it was my warding when I was stealing enemy camps, I would constantly die because I didn't look at the map, and I did have wards placed to see if the jungler or enemy laner was near by. To avoid this I would deep ward when I had lane pressure or take camps when I saw the jungler bot. A simple solution that I observed through gameplay footage.
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Champion Matchup: Ahri

Ahri can be a difficult matchup for Anivia because of how mobile she is and how much sustain she gets from Essence Theft . Try and abuse her early by landing some [Flash Frost] on her and getting her low. Make sure you dodge Ahri's Orb of Deception because it will be coming frequently. Just know that Ahri's [Charm] cant go through minions and has a pretty small range. After level six try and play a bit safer as Ahri has much more initiate and escape than you with her Spirit Rush . When her abilities are on CD go for an engage. She can be easily bursted down, especially if you have ignite. In team fights keep your distance keeping Glacial Storm active; just launch Frostbite at her.
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Champion Matchup: Akali

Akali is easily countered by anivia post level six. When Akali uses her Twilight Shroud you can put your Glacial Storm on top of it and she is trapped! The only reason she is as high as she is, is because she can easily snowball out of control if she gets a kill. Be prepared to spam ping your teammates for enemy missing. Akali's love to wander. When she gets Hextech Gunblade she can easily burst you down from 100-0 quickly. Gunblade combo'd with Shadow Dance can be very deadly for you due to the slow and gap close. An easy lane so long as you play carefully and let her make mistakes. In team fights Akali should be pretty easy to zone and lock down because she is melee.
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Champion Matchup: Annie

Annie is easy to abuse. Just watch when she has her Pyromania . That passive can easily turn you into an omelet. She will usually use it with her point and click ability Disintegrate . Easy point and click stun with a decent range. If shes headed towards you with Pyromania it generally means you're getting initiated on, or ganked. Do your best to keep the sides warded and stay on the defensive. Post six she is going to look for every opportunity to Flash Summon: Tibbers with Pyromania activated. You have to be careful as this can easily 100-0 you and your egg. In team fights you can just destroy her when she doesn't have Tibbers. Keep your team staggered, and stay in the back and youll be okay.
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Champion Matchup: Aurelion Sol

For this guy you wanna buy boots immediately. Other than that keep your distance and look for opportunities to Flash Frost . Be sure to aim at the champions head, as hitting his tail will not register as a hit to his hitbox. Level six I believe you can out damage him. In team fights just make sure you either Crystallize or Flash Frost him when he is using Starsurge and Comet of Legend
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Champion Matchup: Azir

Azir is not in a great place right now which is good for Anivia. He is an incredibly annoying champion to deal with but easily out playable. A good Zhonya's Hourglass can really ruin his day. Just farm your best and rush Zhonyas. After getting zhonyas just Glacial Storm Frostbite Zhonya's Hourglass and watch as he cant use Conquering Sands or Emperor's Divide . Careful on all inning Azir, as he does have a lot of mobility and shield with Shifting Sands . In team fights it is good to stay relatively in the front with him as you will have zhonyas, wait for the soldiers, Flash Frost Frostbite Crystallize with Glacial Storm active, tie it all together with Zhonya's Hourglass and you'll be shredding that guy, showing who the real birb master is!
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Champion Matchup: Brand

Brand is easy to kill and easy to die to. You both have stuns and heavy damage. He can only stun you with Sear after having Blaze on you. When he gets Pyroclasm he can easily turn a 2v1 fight against your jungler. He has a lot of mana sustain due to his Blaze but he still has pretty high CD's. When he clears a minion wave thats your chance to strike, he shouldnt have any abilities and landing a good Flash Frost can kill him. Watch for what summoners he has because with Barrier he can easily turn and down you. In team fights you can watch for Pyroclasm and Zhonya's Hourglass it, ending its reign of terror! You can also save Zhonya's Hourglass for the passive damage. Try to keep team spread out.
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Champion Matchup: Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia level two can easily 100-0 with Ignite Noxious Blast and Twin Fang . Her Noxious Blast is pretty easy to dodge and if she does hit it throw a Flash Frost to stop her from killing you. Ask your jungler for ganks if she is being oppressive, as she is very slow and easy to gank. Note that you cannot flash out of her Miasma and her Petrifying Gaze is an incredibly big impact on the late game team fights. Just try to anticipate the Petrifying Gaze late game and zone her with Glacial Storm and you will roast her.
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Champion Matchup: Corki

Corki is a riot games champion. He is fast, has lots of mobility, and will put bullet holes in you faster than Miss Fortune's ult. Keep your distance and farm as best you can. Dont feed him because he is incredibly mobile especially when he receives package from Hextech Munitions His Phosphorus Bomb does A LOT of damage as well as gives him vision of brush. Don't get too close or he will Gatling Gun your *** back to fountain. Surprisingly gankable if your jungler also has CC. Someone like Jarvan or Amumu does well. In team fights just stay as far back as you can and place your Glacial Storm ontop of your team mates. Hope to god he initiates in your Glacial Storm
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Champion Matchup: Diana

Diana is a melee champion with a lot of gap close come level six. So, you can easily abuse her using Flash Frost and Frostbite until that point. When she hits six and gets Lunar Rush combo'd with her Moonfall. Careful engaging as she is pretty beefy with Pale Cascade. You have to be a little more careful. Bait her into tower diving you when you have egg and ignite. It is useful to know that while you should be careful you have to do your best to keep Diana in lane as she will want to wander. In team fights you can easily keep her under wraps using Flash Frost and Glacial Storm. Make sure with Diana you have good vision on the map as she can crush towers and pick players easily.
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Champion Matchup: Ekko

Ekko is pretty easy. Just dodge Timewinder and don't ignite too early when he has his Chronobreak up. Even when he does have Chronobreak just position your self so that if he uses it he ends up inside Glacial Storm. In team fights he can easily pick your ADC and escape. Just be available to offer peel and keep his cooldowns in your mind.
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Champion Matchup: Ezreal

Ezreal is pretty tough because of how mobile he is. Then again it all depends on the enemy Ezreal. He is a skill shot champion and may miss a lot. Just know that Mystic Shot does not go through minions and Essence Flux does. You want to save your Flash Frost for after he uses Arcane Shift. If you cant wait, your Flash Frost will have a smaller CD than Arcane Shift. In team fights he can do massive damage but once he is CC'd he is dead. If he gets stunned layer your Flash Frost to chain CC him and his demise will be iminent. Lane will more than likely be a wash until you get Glacial Storm
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Champion Matchup: Fizz

Fizz is a pretty solid counter to Anivia. He can Playful / Trickster out of your Flash Frost and can easily 100-0 you and your egg if he has Ignite. To deal with a Fizz, you want to see if you can get a kill early, before 6. Throw the occasional Frostbite at him and notice how Arcane Comet and Scorch wittle him down. Do this till you feel you can initiate. An early Ignite from you can mean the difference of life and death. Keep your Flash Frost up so that when he engages on you with Playful / Trickster You can stun him when hes on top of you. Getting a Zhonya's Hourglass is recommended as Chum the Waters will destroy you. In team fights just dont get picked and have Zhonya's Hourglass ready to bait him into Glacial Storm and you'll be fine.
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Champion Matchup: Galio

Galio is easily abusable but is tanky. I wouldn't expect to kill him past level four without your jg. Its a snooze fest of a lane normally. Dont fall asleep though because normally he takes Teleport and has Hero's Entrance This makes his wander pressure note worthy. Note that you can interrupt Hero's Entrance using Crystallize or Flash Frost In team fights stay in the back so you dont get taunted of smacked down. Recommend building Liandry's Anguish or Void Staff
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Champion Matchup: Heimerdinger

You will think why is this rated so low, this is terrible, he has so much wave clear and pressure with those stupid turrets; and my jg cant even gank or they will die! Then you will hit level six and trounce this loser. Your Glacial Storm makes his turrets melt away and gives you free gold. You know become the oppressor. In team fights drop Glacial Storm and watch as he now has 0 impact.
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Champion Matchup: Jayce

Jayce can carry a game single handedly. Make sure he does not do that... His Mercury Cannon is hard to dodge and does insane damage. His Thundering Blow can be interrupted using Crystallize but it is pretty hard to do. If you can get a good gank in then do it. Other wise just out farm him and you will out scale him in team fights. He cant do much when you have Glacial Storm on the battlefield. Just try and dodge Mercury Cannon and you'll be relatively okay.
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Champion Matchup: Karthus

Karthus is easy. Hit Flash Frost and Frostbite watch him pop like a balloon. You can build Zhonya's Hourglass for his Requiem just to really beat him down.
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Champion Matchup: Kassadin

Kassadin is tough. Your best bet at getting a kill is the first portion of the lane, and even then its a bit of a challenge. Getting jg help pre six is recommended. Here what 1-6 will look like. Everytime you walk up to get farm Null Sphere He gets a shield and hard to trade with him. As a mage, its hard to deal damage to him because he is literally meant to counter you. EXHIBIT A: Void Stone pretty self explanatory. Really its just best to keep him in lane. He will wander, dont let him. Shove, shove, shove, shove; always be ready to ping missing, like A LOT. Post six doesnt get any better as a nice little feature of Null Sphere cancels Glacial Storm so. Yeah. Just dont feed him and you'll be fine. Its hard to really die to him because of Rebirth . In team fights lock him down from far away as hes focusing the ADC. Keep him stunned and he will die when he gets too deep.
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Champion Matchup: Katarina

Katarina is not too bad if you're super careful and pretty crafty. Keep away from minions for Bouncing Blades and watch where the blade falls for Shunpo. Pre six is your time to get easy kills. Wait for her to Shunpo and then easy Flash Frost Frostbite . After she hits six shes going to be looking to all in you with Death Lotus a neat little trick that not a lot of people know, is that it can be interrupted using Crystallize wait for her to ult you under tower expecting a kill, then Crystallize Flash Frost Frostbite Ignite her in quick succession. If she does get a kill off just keep her contained in lane and make sure your team mates know when shes gone. In team fights shes easy to deal with. Just peel for ADC doing what you did in lane and she melts easy. Keep good vision on the map and dont get picked.
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Champion Matchup: Leblanc

Le Blanc is dumb. I always ban her. But, if she does slip through just stick to tower. Let other team mates carry. You have to be super crafty to hit anything on her and she does so much damage. Take either Barrier or Teleport. Sorry, thats all I got for you...
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Champion Matchup: Lissandra

An underwhelming champion in general. She receives ganks pretty well though so be careful when you're shoving her in that she doesn't Glacial Path Ring of Frost Frozen Tomb you and then their jg shows up. She can CC really well. And its easier for her to do than it is you. The lane will be boring but watch for her in team fights. She wont do anything too extraordinary but she will give her team mates the availability to.
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Champion Matchup: Lux

Lux can burst you down before you even know what happened at level six. That is her entire kit. However she is also super squishy and easy to burst down. Careful you know what she has for a summoner because Barrier could turn a fight with her. Dont dive her alone as she has Light Binding and Prismatic Barrier That could be disastrous for you. The lane will consist of her throwing her Lucent Singularity overtop you and the minions and then trying to auto you to proc Illumination. When she goes to auto you throw your Flash Frost and Frostbite this will more than likely half health her. Then if she doesnt have Barrier if you can land a clever Flash Frost you can kill her with Ignite and some autos. In team fights just make sure youre not standing in a straight line for Final Spark and you're fine. Some MR can be nice with her because she will end up doing a lot of damage.
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Champion Matchup: Malzahar

Malzahar receives ganks insanely well at level six. He will literally walk up to you, use Nether Grasp and watch you get eaten up by his little voidlings and jg. Pre six you should weave autos to break down his Void Shift and hit him with the occasional Frostbite . Keep him in lane as it can be disastrous if he roams bot. If you're getting womped buy Quicksilver Sash. In team fights it is useful to throw Flash Frost over him and then stun him with second tick. Watch he doesnt silence you with his Call of the Void You can interrupt his ult on a team mate with either Crystallize or Flash Frost
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Champion Matchup: Ryze

Ryze should be relatively easy. Just use Flash Frost everytime he gets close to you. He does out scale you though so you want to end the game quickly. Watch for his Rune Prison and avoid being too close to your minions or he will punish you with Spell Flux and Overload . In teamfights he can get some big shields making him a beefy guy. MR is recommended for him Mercury Treads are very good against him.
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Champion Matchup: Swain

Swain is a beefy mid and top laner. And I guess currently kind of a bot laner. He has some heavy cc and vision control. What you want to do is take Ignite and pick up Morellonomicon after you get Liandry's Anguish He heals quite a bit. Post six unless you're getting your junglers help killing him is going to be a chore. You may be able to out class him with a well timed Stopwatch to avoid his Nevermove In teamfights hes a beast. Dont try and pick him unless you observe that you shred him. Watch for his Zhonya's Hourglass and then throw a well timed Flash Frost to keep him from activating Demonic Ascension . Glacial Storm and Liandry's Anguish should keep him in check. But Ignite and Morellonomicon are always good tools to have for him.
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Champion Matchup: Syndra

Honestly Syndra isnt that bad I guess. I just have beef with the champ because she can miss her full combo and then just push Unleashed Power and you're more than likely dead if you arent at 100% HP. Luckily it is hard for her to get through Rebirth . She is pretty easily gankable but pre and post six she has way better sustain than you. Try and get blue buff or help from your jg. Move left to right to dodge her Dark Sphere and Scatter the Weak Banshee's Veil and Zhonya's Hourglass are very useful for her.
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Champion Matchup: Taliyah

Taliyah is a wanderer, she can be mid and then suddenly be bottom due to Rock Surfing and Weaver's Wall. You have to keep her under wraps or she will be a living hell for your whole team. Pre six it is hard to shove her in because her Threaded Volley. Threaded Volley does not go through minions. Use that to your advantage. Sometimes with Taliyah it is more useful to step up than back because of Seismic Shove the enemy will never suspect you to walk towards them when they use their combo. Getting closer can also make it easier to hit Flash Frost. It is difficult for Taliyah to take egg out beyond level 6. In teamfights I believe you can stop your team mates motion from a Seismic Shove with a well time Crystallize I am unsure. If someone tries it and gets back to me I will edit the guide. Just be aware of Taliyah's Weaver's Wall and peel for you ADC and you'll be Okey McSmokey.
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Champion Matchup: Talon

You know, they say Talon is responsible for 25% of all first bloods. His level 1-2 are very good. Play passive, if he engages throw a Flash Frost when hes engaging. He will more than likely be pushing you in early and is very susceptible to ganks at this point because he probably doesnt have Assassin's Path. Just ping your jg over. Talon becomes a problem when he wanders. Ping missing a lot and steal enemy camps, push tower, anything. Try your best to keep him in lane becuase he can be a giant pain to bot lane going regularly un noticed because of Assassin's Path and Shadow Assault.
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Champion Matchup: Teemo

Literally I wasn't kidding, he stealths just use Glacial Storm hes easy gold.
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Champion: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate, like Taliyah, is a wanderer. He is a mobile champ who can offer up some point and click CC with his Pick A Card. As for laning phase he is easy to deal with. Run away when he has gold card, red card dont stand next to minions, blue card dont get auto'd, and when he has Stacked Deck dont get auto'd. His Wild Cards are pretty easy to dodge. Hes a pretty easy one to engage on. Flash Frost and then Crystallize Glacial Storm and hes more than likely dead Ignite if you have to. He only really becomes a problem when he gets Destiny and can just show up in other lanes. Destiny can be interrupted with Crystallize and Flash Frost. In team fights keep him off yourself and your ADC. His real impact in team fights is the fact that he can show up with free point and click CC at anytime.
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Champion Matchup: Veigar

Veigar is a really easy matchup for Anivia. Just dont get hit by his Dark Matter and Baleful Strike If he ults you with Primordial Burst You still have egg. He normally cant get through you and your egg. Just watch that when he uses Event Horizon that you're not getting ganked. The thing about Event Horizon is that he doesnt have to land it, just put you inside it. But if youre not getting ganked stay calm and take the oppurtunity to use your Flash Frost. If you can stun him post six hes dead. End the game quickly because he scales really hard and will one shot your whole team with Event Horizon. In team fights just cc him and kill him. Use Zhonya's Hourglass for Primordial Burst.
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Champion Matchup: Vel'Koz

Vel'Koz is a really hard match up. Barrier is a good spell to take. He has a lot of mana sustain and can poke you down from far away using his geometry skills. He can can easily 100-0 when he hits level six using Life Form Disintegration Ray. You can interrupt Life Form Disintegration Ray using Crystallize but at that point is almost too late. Just stay safe and wait for your jungler to swing by. In the team fight phase you have to be vigilant to CC him during his Life Form Disintegration Ray for your team. Also, be careful around objectives because he can easy steal a Baron or Drake with it.
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Champion Matchup: Viktor

Viktor is fast and has a lot of damage. Using his Siphon Power he can chase you down and kill you once he upgrades his Hexcore. At level 2 Siphon Power and Death Ray have a lot of damage and it is not recommended you trade with him. He is very susceptible to ganks pretty much all of laning phase. Taking Crystallize at level four is highly recommended against Viktor. In team fights he is a force to be reckoned with. He can dodge Flash Frost easily and stun you using Gravity Field try and zone him with Glacial Storm and keep him away from the action as best you can.
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Champion Matchup: Vladimir

I find Vladimir to be a very easy matchup for Anivia. Just watch you dont get Transfusion used on you too much and you will be okay. It can be hard to kill him because of Sanguine Pool but pro tip: Crystallize blocks him even when pooled. In team fights he will be a bit tankier, just get Morellonomicon and Glacial Storm will melt right through him.
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Champion Matchup: Xerath

Xerath is tough because he can free farm from way beyond your Flash Frost range with his Arcanopulse and has really good sustain with his Mana Surge. The plus side is that his stun: Shocking Orb is almost as slow as yours, and it is really thin. The lane depends on the Xerath player honestly. Some will just shove you in and then wait. Others will harrass you to death. The hard part with Xerath is he is a mid and late game machine. He can wander half way to bot lane, use his Rite of the Arcane and then come back in time to get the wave mid. His damage in the late game is immense and you may not even be able to get close to him to stop it. If you do get close to him and he doesnt have Shocking Orb He is pretty much dead, providing you use Glacial Storm and hit Flash Frost.
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Champion Matchup: Yasuo

Yasuo is one of those champs that really just makes you want to take your own arms and bend them until they snap. I will say this, he is not a FUN lane for Anivia, but he is a WINNABLE lane for Anivia. All you have to do is wait for him to engage on you via dash, and then point blank Flash Frost that SOB. You can use your Frostbite to get rid of Way of the Wanderer and Wind Wall. Better to farm under tower when facing a Yasuo because if he dives you (which lets be honest, he probably will second he hits six) you can Ignite Crystallize and trap him there as you flash mastery as egg. I would not try to 1v1 Yasuo unless you are under tower, or you know you have a jg who can show up quickly to help. If he shoves you in and wanders just be prepared to spam ping your team mates, letting them know hes not mid. In team fights it helps to honestly wait for your team mates to get hit and then use Glacial Storm where he ulted to. Throw [Flash Frost] a bit into his ult so he cant Sweeping Blade to get away from it.
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Champion Matchup: Zed

Zed is a pretty tough lane for Anivia, but if the Zed is bad can easily be trounced. Abuse his relatively weak level 1-3. If he tries to all in you at level two, remain calm. Flash Frost Frostbite Ignite while weaving autos will more than likely kill him if hes already taken a hit or two. It helps to also drag him into minion damage at low levels. Once Zed gets Death Mark you need to play safer. Sometimes it helps to rush Zhonya's Hourglass instead of Rod for this game. But if you have Stopwatch you probably dont need to. Dont be afraid to Flash to keep your egg under tower. Though earlier I said Ignite would be good Teleport is really good against Zed. If he uses Death Mark and you know you will get egged, use the "Egg TP" to escape from him before he can kill you. 3/4 times, it works everytime! You will be bigger in team fights so long as you keep him from getting fed. Wait for him to engage using Living Shadow and Death Mark. Like with Yasuo, throw Flash Frost so it hits him as soon as he is out and make sure Glacial Storm is active.
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Champion Matchup: Ziggs

Ziggs is a little memester. I know in a couple other parts of this guide I said moving left to right is better for dodging. BUT REALLY THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS IN THE BACK! With Ziggs you need to be moving left and right, and keeping a good distance from the wave. Any amateur Ziggs player gets destroyed by this tactic, they wont be able to hit you nearly as well. Just be aware you stay a distance from your minion wave. Ziggs is a tower crippler. With him you want to keep your wave centered. You dont want to push him, but to get pushed on either. He will destroy your tower the second he gets the chance, especially with Short Fuse and Satchel Charge. Look for opportunities to use Flash Frost like when hes autoing a minion. Dont over extend though because he can cut off your path using Hexplosive Minefield and Satchel Charge. His Mega Inferno Bomb is really strong, but when you get Zhonya's Hourglass its rendered more or less useless. You definitely win level six unless you're missing combo a lot. In team fights he can be really good for picking your adc with Bouncing Bomb and Mega Inferno Bomb. The only thing you can really do for your ADC is make Ziggs focus you instead, because you'll kill him faster than he will kill you.
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Champion Matchup: Zilean

Zilean is actually sleeper OP. He can efficiently run you down and kill you with Time Warp and Time Bomb. Hes fast. I recommend building Boots then getting Tear of the Goddess then upgrading to Mercury's Treads then work towards Rod of Ages. You will be behind in the damage department but your mid game will be good because he shouldnt get too fed. If you can get your jg to come and get his Chronoshift that would be good. He can effectively dive you when he has Chronoshift up, so be careful. Ignite isnt that great against him. Teleport is okay, just dont expect to egg TP. Its going to be a rough lane but your mid and late game are better if he doesnt get fed. Make sure you keep your team spread out. Make him waste Chronoshift on himself and then burst down the ADC. Luckily for you Zilean players are few and far between so you really dont see him too much.
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Champion Matchup: Zoe

When laning against a Zoe you have to take Cleanse No if ands or Ignite CLEANSE! Because the only thing worse than getting hit with Ignite once is getting hit with Ignite twice. You're going to want to ward in some abnormal places for Zoe which means to keep regular wards in check you need to pick up a couple Control Ward. The reason behind this is a good Zoe is going to use her Sleepy Trouble Bubble over walls and things to catch you off guard. Paddle Star moves quickly but if you stay behind minions you will be okay. When you hit level four and have Crystallize Zoe is easily gankable, so when your jg is close give them a ping to let them know they could gank. Sidestep to the left or right when you think she is going to use Sleepy Trouble Bubble and then hit her with a Flash Frost Frostbite. In team fights Zoe can be a handful, bopping all over the place, one shotting your ADC with no warning. She has to get close do these things though. When she uses her Portal Jump she has no choice but to return to where she was. Aim your Flash Frost there to get her. Generally Zoe's will use this to get over walls, placing a good Crystallize will pin her in between the wall and your wall.
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Thanks for reading my guide, if you are in fact reading it. If you have any questions or things and you are on NA servers feel free to add me and I can answer some questions you may have about Anivia, or a matchup that I may not have listed. It means a lot that you took the time to go through my guide and read it and you're making me shed of joy. Thank you so much and let me know how I did in the comments, everything is debatable, lets hash it out!
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