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Miss Fortune Build Guide by crossfire

AD Carry Gee That was Quite the Miss Fortune.

AD Carry Gee That was Quite the Miss Fortune.

Updated on September 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author crossfire Build Guide By crossfire 128 16 959,085 Views 60 Comments
128 16 959,085 Views 60 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author crossfire Miss Fortune Build Guide By crossfire Updated on September 21, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal




Oui! Lol community. This is my firist guide on Moba so I hope you enjoy it.

I'll add an video here later, but I'm in China and they have a thing against youtube >_> They think it promotes "Radical Thinking" or something. Any Asain Americans should know what I mean.

I encourage you to reconsider any pending down votes as I am willing to adapt and change my guide based on what the world thinks of it. I will consider and respond to all critisism no matter how rude or vulgar it may be. Thats not to say you SHOULD be rude.

I also excpect you to have a basic knowledge of lol shorthand and terminology. If you do not understand something put it the comments and I'll explain.

Without further a do this is my MF build.
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Pros / Cons


+ // Is a pirate... Hunter
+ // Exellent pusher
+ // High Damage
+ // Rediculous Ult
+ // Good Harass
+ // Sexy ;)

- // Squishy
- // No natural escape tool
- // Little CC
- // Easy to avoid abilities
- // Underplayed >_>
- // Pretty useless passive
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Phase Rush


Phase Rush
  • Greater Seal of Armor The only viable seal when laning anywhere but mid.
  • greater seal of replenishment Take these if you go mid.


Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
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Tier One: I take Brute Force for the bonus AD and Summoner's Wrath for the improved ignite

Tier Two: I take Alacrity for the bonus AS

Tier Three: I take Weapon Expertise for the armour pen and Deadliness for the AD18.

Tier Four: I take Lethality for the bonus crit damage that synergizes well with Infinity Edge and Vampirism for the bonus life steal.

Tiers 5+6: I take Sunder for more armour pen and Executioner for help with finishing people off.


Tier One: I take Summoner's Resolve for the improved heal and Hardiness for the armour to counter the other AD carry

Tier Two: I take Durability primarily to advance the tree.

Tier Three: I take Veteran's Scars so I'm not as squishy early game.

TL;DR: I take standard AD carry masteries. Nothing to strange.
These masteries subject to change based on summoner spell choice and your general playstyle. I have this page fashioned to do as much damage as possible. If you wish you may change the points in utility to defense if thats your style. You might find you want more defense or utility. If thats the case look below at someother possible trees.

Alternative Pages
Balanced Masteries
This tree gives all the major things you need. Armour pen in offense and increased neutral buff duration, and some health and armour. Its a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of page.

Maximized Defense

Personally I don't like this page on AD carries. I only reccomend it for newer MF players who are still getting used to her. Your goal as an AD carry is to do damage. Not tank it.

Maximized Utility

More experience, gold, CDR, this page gives all things none offensive. Should you prefer those things to damage be my guest take this page.

Bear in mind that the 9 remaining points may be allocated in either of the two treees. You don't need to put them where I did
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells


Flash is the most OP summoner spell ergo its viable on everyone. It allows you to chase and run. I like it more than Ghost as you can't Ghost through walls.

With the current meta the AD carry is suppose to get heal. It allows you to dive, save yourself from dives, and win fights. Its usefull in team fights and allows for decent lane sustain.

Usefull in duals and in finishing people off. Not much to say

The Okay

Alternative to Flash.

Lets you get around the map quicker. Not as good as it would be as you have Strut.

More of a deliberate counter pick in ranked when you see they have lots of hard CC.

Good for chasing and fleeing. It also works as a semi-blind so you can counter champs like Tryndamere and Master Yi.

No Just No
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Skill Sequence

This is a fairly standard skilling order for Miss Fortune I take level one Make it Rain so you can bush check. Its also the most usefull in a level one fight. I then max double up as its your good for early harass. I then max Impure Shots as at that point you should at least have your IE so a steriod will be tremendously useful. I max Make it Rain last as its primarily a utility spell and a situational slow.
For those of you wondering about the skill order click this.
> > >
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Ability Explainations

Ability Explainations

Strut:This is a fairly straight forward and rather useless passive. While yes it grants bonus movement 70 to be exact you lose the bonus when ever you take damage, from any source. In light of these restrictions the only real use for this is getting back to lane. Or being an utter douche to that Ezreal.

Double Up: I would best discribe this ability as a duo target nuke. It deal physical damage to a target then bounces back and hits a different target and deals 120% of the original damage to the secondary target. This ability scales with AD. Ergo it very usefull on Miss Fortune.

You're going to want to max out Double Up first
Tips and Tricks

  • Abuse champions standing directly behind their minions with this.
  • When chasing a fleeing champion if you encounter a minion wave shoot your Q on the last minion to have it bounce.
  • Double up procs both life steal, red buff, Frozen Mallet, etc

Impure Shots: Passively grants your BAs on magic damage that scales with AP. When activated it increases your AS and causes you attacks to apply a grevious wound. This is MF's only form of steriod. It also makes Dr. Mundo weep. You get to hear her laugh when you toggle this, which is nice if your into here voice. XD

You're going to want to max out Impure Shots second.
Tips and Tricks
  • Don't forget when activated your attacks apply a grevious wound. Use it counter potions, Dr. Mundo, and Vladimir.
  • The attack speed allows you to shread towers in seconds.
  • Your W is on a realitively long CD. So use it wisely.

Make it Rain: Deals AoE damage in 4 ticks over a 2 second period and slows all those in side its radius. This is your only form of CC and "escape ability" as you can slow people and run away. It functions a lot like Morgana's Tormented Shadow.

You're going to want to max out Make it Rain last.

Tips and Tricks
  • Make it Rain can be used for bush checking.
  • Your E can kill the caster minions with as little as one or two points in the ability.
  • This ability can be used for very easy harrass and farm with in the laning phase.

Bullet Time: Your ulti requires you to channel for two seconds then deals massive magical damage in a cone in front of her. As a channeled spell it can be interrupted by stuns and silences. Moving will also cancel the spell. Try to use this spell when people are CC'd as this spell can easily be avoided. Use it in conjunction with spells like Curse of the Sad Mummy, Glacial Prison, and Cannon Barrage.

You're going to want to take Bullet Time when ever possible.

Tips and Tricks
  • Bullet Time can be cast through walls.
  • If no other CC is availible combine the use of your R with Make it Rain.
  • Positioning and timing are key with this spell.
  • This spell cause huge amounts of chaos in a teamfight as people will scramble to avoid it.
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Item Sequence

Starting Items

If you do not wish to hear me ramble on about my items please jump to the Core Items section or the Situational Items: Survivability or the Situational Items: Damage sections by clicking the apropirate text.

First Back / Early Game

This should always be your goal to get on your first back. As you have Strut its not nessecary to have tier two boots. Or even boots at all. As you have low base AD this gives a marvelous boost in damage and is the lichpin of any AD carries early game.

Should you not have the gold for a B. F. Sword get your upgraded boots and a doran's or two. This will give you the damage of a Boy Friend Sword at a fraction of the cost.

Now that we have a good amount of AD from our B. F. Sword we need AS to capitalize on our AD. This will give us not only AS but crit chance and movespeed as well. All in all a great early item for Miss Fortune

We've got some AD, AS, and crit chance what else do we need? Life steal. LS gives you sustain and not to mention helps in fights and killing buffs. Every AD carry needs life steal.

Mid Game

This the core of any AD carries build. It gives the most AD in the game. (Don't quote me on that.) It gives critical chance and increased critcal damamge. All these stats benifit an AD carry like Miss Fortune

We got are main source of damage aka Infinity Edge now we need some AS speed to increase our dps. The more we can attack the more crits we can get, the more damage we do, and the more health we recover via life steal. Did I mention you get move speed and more critcal?

This is what our Vampiric Scepter becomes. It gives you a considerably amount of LS and damage that scales with minion kills. As you should be getting tons of farm you should be able to stack it quite easily. I don't really have much else to say about this item.

Your last two items will be completely situational. Please refer to the "Situational" sections for more information.
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Core Items

Core Build

If you were too lazy to read my "Item Sequence" sections I'll explain the core in a nutshell

Standard AD carry boots for the AS

AD, crit chance, crit damage.

AS, more crit, and movespeed.

Life Steal and more Damage.
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Situational Items-Survivablity

Survivabilty Items


Frozen Mallet: Gives health, BA slow, and AD. Its a perfect item for miss. The only problem. It gives no resistances. QQ


Thornmail: This one of the best armour items in the game. Gives tons of armour and is pretty cheap. It also gives you a passive that counters trynd hardcore. However it only gives armour and nothing but. I would only suggest you get it when they have 3+ AD based champs and/or an incredibly fed AD carry.


Quicksilver Sash (QSS): I would only really suggest you get this when they have several game breaking CC's as any Warwick or Malzahar worth their salt with ult you or the AP carry. Its cheap, but as a result the MR it gives is lacking.


Force of Nature: Gives MR, health regen, and move speed. The movement is pretty minute and as an AP carry you could care less about health regen. However its expensive as shi- so only get it when Annie is blowing everyone up in 1 second.


Banshee's Veil: This is a great item for Miss Fortune. It gives health, mana and MR. not to mention a spell shield. This is probably one of the best surviability items. I usually take this or Frozen Mallet. Don't take this just for the spell shield as it won't do **** since Ashe can just Volley and your shield will go poof.


Guardian Angel: Although this item is prefered among many I personally don't like it. While yes you get MR, armour, and a free revive. Your paying ~1000 gold just for a revive. It will only help you if you get focused down first in a fight. However it gives your character an aura that screams. HEY DON'T FOCUS ME FIRIST! and if you get caught out of position. (Which you shouldn't) its not a get out of jail free card.


Maw of Malmortius: Another very situational item. I only get this item when they have a burst mage thats tearing us to pieces, or if I see a Karthus I'll type in the chat. AHHHHH ITS KARTHUS EVERYONE GET A HEXDRINKR!!!!! Well not really, but you get the point. This is really not a good MR item. While yes it gives you AD and ad based on your health its god expensive and the MR is laughable.


Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart: Gives CDR, mana, and armour all of which are usefull stats on a Miss Fortune it also has a great passive. Get it when their are many right click to win champs on the other team. Also make sure that you will be the only one getting it as having two is pointless as the passives don't stack. If someone else is getting it invest in a Glacial Shroud as its a dulled down Frozen Heart.
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Situational Items-Damage

Damage Items


Hextech Gunblade: I thought I would explain this first as your probably wondering. Why the f*** would you get a gunblade on MF. Well take a moment and look at the item. It gives life steal, spell vamp, damage, and AP. All usefull stats on Miss Fortune. The spell vamp allows you to do regan absurd amounts of health with your R and E , LS is always nice, AD doesn't need to be explained, and AP will give all your spells save Q more damage.


Last Whisper: I have this listed as situational becuase in the case that the enemy team is not building armour to counter you what good is armour pen going to do?


The Black Cleaver: This is really a counter part to LW it gives AS instead of AD, however the difference is that BC cuts a flat amount of 45 and the whole team can capitalize on it and LW pierces 40% of their armour that only works for you. I find this to be superior to LW imo unless their Rammus has over 9000 armour.


Executioner's Calling: It gives some pretty nice early game stats, but its a waste of gold as you're going to have to sell it. I only get it when Dr. Mundo is going where he pleases and no one took ignite >_>


Doran's Blade: Although the Doran items are renown as great starting items I personally never liked them. While it gives all the stats MF finds attractive and is very cost effective I find it better to dive right into your core build as they don't sell well. I only get these when I'm being stomped early game.


Manamune: Flame Shield ACTIVE. Alright let me explain. Tear of the Goddess is an phenominal starting item as it allows you to spam skills like its the end of the world. The more you harrass the more often they'll have to leave the lane and the less farm they get. In the end it results in your getting far ahead of your lane oponent. The bonus AD from Manamune is no joke either. Just don't get this if your laning with Soraka


Cloak and Dagger: I guess this is an okay item. It gives tenacity and some pretty decent stats for its price. The tenacity doesn't stack with merc treads though. You can get it if you want, but merc treads are better for tenacity.


Phantom Dancer: Although we already get one the passive is not unique so you can buy as many as you want. With two PDs and a IE you'll almost get a crit on every attack. Your attack speed will be rediculous and you'll move as fast as a guy high off of crack. Your dps will sky rocket. That said this offers no surviability and you may be better off with armour pen or a surivability item.


Sword of the Occult: Like all snowball items its incredibly cost effective. If you manage to fully stack it you will move insanely fast and do incredible damage. However if you get fed like that you should have the money to invest in items that won't get f***** over if the enemy makes a comeback. In higher level play all it does is put a bounty on your head. Really you should pass on this unless the enemy is being stomped like bugs.
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Sample Builds

Sample Builds

AP Edge

Team Support
zeke's herald



Standard: This is my primary build on Miss Fortune.

AP Edge: More of a joke than anything else.

Team Support: All the items save the first two benifit the team. Used when there's no support.

Damage: Used when you are steamrolling the other team and they aren't trying to focus/counter you.

Anti-CC: Take these items when the enemies are piling CC on you.

Tankier: If you feel your being flattened this build will keep you alive while still allowing you to be a threat.

Manamune: Build that focuses around the Manamune passive.

Please note that these builds are subject to change. These are only some examples of builds. You will need to tweak them depending on your game.
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Gameplay: Laning Phase

Laning Phase

Once you've got your starting items and have ventured into the lane you'll probably want to know what to do. Miss Fortune is best played bot lane with a support. (Although she can go mid, its not suggested unless the enemy is running an AD mid.) What you want to do is last hit. All to often I see people trying to harass each other and miss CS. Think of it this way. Unless you will deal a large amount of damage its better to get the farm. Try to harass the enemy with Make it Rain when you can. Win you lane win the game. I reccomend you lane with a friend for the best results. As you can see the laning phase isn't that interesting. Just farm, farm, farm. Seriously farm. You want to farm nonstop for the first 25 minutes of the game. A good benchmark is 100 cs by 15 minutes and 200 cs by 25. If you want a challenge try 100 cs by 10 minutes and 200 by 20.
Lane Partners
The Best

Spammy stun, armour buff, heal. Nuff Said

Free mana.

CC all day every day

Stun them FOREVA

In construction
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Laning Matchups

In this section I talk about the various ADCs and Supports you will encounter at bottom lane. ADCs are rated on a scale of 1-10 based on their power level and Supports are rated on a scale of 1-5 based on how much they bring to their ADC.

AD Carries


Rating: 3

Recommended Starting Items:
Recommended Skilling Order: R>Q>W>E

I've discovered that everything Ashe can do Miss Fortune can do better. You've got better harass with Double Up and Make it Rain you can chase as well with Strut, and you have a much more reliable ult. This lane really shouldn't be much of a problem. Stand behind the minions to avoid Volley. You want to pick on Ashe as much as you can. She really can't do much to retaliate. Once she hits level 6 warn your team if you see her launch a cross map arrow and watch for them yourself.


Rating: 4

Recommended Starting Items: x3
Recommended Skilling Order: R>Q>W>E

Caitlyn isn't really much of a problem if you know what your doing. Move around in an erratic pattern to prevent her from hitting you with Piltover Peacemaker. Her Yordle Snap Traps can be a problem especially if she lanes with a Leona or Taric. If your support is at least somewhat competent you shouldn't have a problem with her ult. Overall not a very difficult matchup.


Rating: 3-7

Recommended Starting Items: x3
Recommended Skilling Order: R>Q>W>E

The reason the rating on this lane is differs is that depending how the Graves plays it can make your life hell. Someone Graves are incredibly passive while others are aggresive as fu**. The former aren't much of a problem. Just don't engage because Graves will beat you in a fight. The later on the other hand are quite problematic. His Buckshot will do more damage than your Q, his slow his better, and his steriod is better. Ask for ganks when dealing with this guy, hide behind minions to aviod Buckshot and back the hell up if he quick draws. You might be wondering? Hey why don't I just play Graves instead off MF? The real difference here is that you scale into late game better. Your ulti is more does more damage, your steriod last longer and the grevous wound helps alot late game against champions that end up with large amounts health regen or lifesteal.
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Gameplay-Mid Game

Mid Game

By this point you should have a few kills and if you were lucky got the bot tower and a few dragons. Map awareness is crucial at this point so make it your goal to ward the map. With Miss you want to constantly get into various skirmishes, but never get caught out of position. Try to compare your self with the enemy AD carry and always try to out farm and get more kills then them. You want to have AT LEAST 100 CS at 20 minutes.


In the current meta the AD carry almost always gets targeted first. That said you don't want to run into a fight like a crazy maniac and get killed. You also don't want to get caught out of position.

Positioning and timing are key.

You carry and incredibly amount of weight in a fight becuase of your consistent dps and your ult Bullet Time. Your use of bullet time will either make or break a team fight. You should NEVER initiate a fight with your ult. What will happen is that the enemy team will dodge it and counter initate which won't be good. Instead wait for your Amumu to go in and while they are all snared then ult. In the worst case scenerio you don't have a good opening to ult wait for the fight to begin back off and aim for the high priority targets. If you use it to late in a fight the carries will likely be dead and its usefullness dulled. That said sometimes it may to better to ult someone out of position.

Your focus in fights should always to be target those who are the biggest threat. As a general rule of thumb you want to get the AD carry, the mage, then any tanky dps, the support and lastly the tank. However if Ashe is completely underfed and underfarmed but their Gangplank is 9001/2 target the GP over the Ashe. Targeting is pretty basic logic. You don't need to be Miles Edgeworth to figure it out.

Split Pushing

For those of you who are new to the league of legends split pushing is when one player on a team goes and pushes a side lane while the rest of their team defends their towers from the enemies. Split pushing is also used when one team knows they can win a 4v5 teamfight. Spit pushing is usually only attempted by champions that have strong pushing powers and a "steriod" ability. That said Miss Fortune is an excellent split pusher. Have the rest of your team defend ulitize Make it Rain to quickly push a lane. Then activate Impure Shots to quickly destroy the tower. You need to have good map awareness to attempt this so you don't get pulverized by 5 enemies. In the case that a team fight breaks out you may or may not want to help. First off consider you distence to the fight. If your at top and their at bot continue to push. Even if your team gets murdered the lane will be pushed in a way that the enemies will have to fiend off minion and prevent the lose of a tower.
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Gameplay-Late Game

Late Game

In late game who ever gets the first ace almost always wins. The teamfight actions I explained above still apply here. Here's something I can't stress enough: Always stay as a team I've seen teams with 20+ more kills get ruined because they didn't stay together. Also you should, no NEED to ward baron as who ever gets baron will as probably win. However if the enemy gets baron don't think of it as a death sentence as many players get cocky with baron buff and do stupid things. e.g engaging 1v5 without back up.
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Miss Fortune Skill Order: A Topic of Controversy

This is something that people disagree on. Should I max my W or my Q first. I think this guy put it best.

Klausenheim Wrote:
"I think that her skill order depends heavily on who you are laning against.

I personally find that maxing W first against a Soraka + Graves combo feels useless. The one point for reduced healing is CRUCIAL, but beyond that Soraka's passive + Graves passive just ruins the on-hit damage effect. Even before they get any additional gear.

Maxing Q will always be like playing the lottery. Sometimes your double up will ricochet from minion to minion every time, ignoring the enemy champ standing directly behind the minion line. Other times it will hone in on the enemy champ like a freaking heat-seaking missile.

I still prefer to max Q first because if you get an early teamfight at dragon it is basically guaranteed to get the second hit on a real person, and if you land a few it will wreck them."

So in a nutshell look at your lane oponent and decide what to max first.
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Well there you have it this is my Miss Fortune I hoped you found this guide helpful and enlightening.
Thanks to...
Jhoi's guide on how to make a guide
IceCreamy's Columns guide
Yoshi The Asian for very insightfull feedback and inspiring me to write my "Item Sequence" and "Which To Max First? Impure Shots or Make it Rain?" sections.

To-Do List
Make a warding section
Implement more BB code
Finish "Lane Partners"
Make a Mid MF section

Until next time...
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Change Log / Patch Notes

Change Log
6/20/12-Guide is published
6/20/12-Added the section "Sample Builds" and threw Frozen Heart into the situational items.
6/22/12-Added the section "Item Sequence", revamped the "Core Items" section, added a section on maxing Make it Rain or Impure Shots first, and added Phantom Dancer, Cloak and Dagger, and Sword of the Occult to the situational items.
6/24/12-Changed my summoner spells and masteries to be more up to date with the current meta.

Patch Notes

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