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Corki Build Guide by lambasher

Middle He's flying higher, king of the sky! [13.15] + Matchup Guide

Middle He's flying higher, king of the sky! [13.15] + Matchup Guide

Updated on September 10, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lambasher Build Guide By lambasher 26 0 92,430 Views 10 Comments
26 0 92,430 Views 10 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author lambasher Corki Build Guide By lambasher Updated on September 10, 2023
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Runes: Scaling

1 2 3 4
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Normal Matchup
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Welcome! I'm Asher, a diamond Corki main (not an OTP, but someone used to call me like that). My peak elo is ~Master 170 LP (RU) and D2 (EUW) (corki gaming - RU | die macht in dir - EUW)

✭ Why Corki? Corki is an AP caster-marksman midlaner that have a really good carrying potential. Because of his kit, he can both oneshot and poke enemies. Corki is a very underrated champion because he was released in far 2009 year. His passive make him dealing Magic damage when he is building AD items. He is known as a good blindpick, but also have a bad sides. Like every Marksman-playstyle champion Corki is very squishy, so he can become an easy target for assasin's.

Corki is not that hard as a champion tho he has 2 skillshot abilities, also he relies on the game decisions u make. Because champ is not very popular, players in low-mid elo doesn't really know how to play against him. So If you are a midlaner who's trying to find a champion that he can earn some LP with, Corki - is your choice.
+ Good blindpick
+ Strong in teamfight
+ Good poke and oneshot potential
+ Great scaling pick
+ Good waveclear
+ Players in low-mid elo actually doesn't know how to play against him
Corki is a good blind pick because of his safe laning and playmaking ability. Have 2 different build's and can adapt to the enemy teamcomp. He can deal damage to both enemy tanks and carries in teamfight.
If u want a great teamfigt playmaking carry then Corki is your choise.
- Lowest base MS
- Gold greedy, expensive items
- Mana problems on lane
- No crowd-control
- Hard to play from behind
- Relies on a good package use
Corki is a very squishy champion, so he is an easy target for enemy asassin's, and he also have only 1 escape ability and 0 crowd control to deal with them. His spells like Phosphorus Bomb and Missile Barrage is arround 40% of his damage in crit build and 90% in poke build, so he rely on hitting those skillshot's. Have a really big manacost's on lane so u want to take TP for farming more. Corki is very greedy, because he want his powerspike's really fast, tho they are very expensive.
Hextech Munitions
Corki's basic attacks are modified to deal 80% AD magic damage and 20% AD physical damage. Every once in 5 minutes (first at 10 minute), The Package arrives in Corki's base to be picked up, temporarily granting him out of combat Movement Speed and upgrading Valkyrie into Special Delivery.
Special Delivery is an insane playmaking tool. U can win the fight by yourself if you use it right.
Phosphorus Bomb
Corki launches a bomb at the target location that explodes upon impact, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. The bomb also grants sight of the area for 6 seconds and reveals enemy champions hit for the same duration.
Max this ability in every situation. U can check bushe's with your Q, also it give's you a good waveclear
Corki dashes to the target location and drops bombs that leave up to 3 blazing patches along his path, depending on the distance traveled. Each patch lasts 2 seconds.
Your only escape ability, have a big cooldown, so use it wisely. You can also use it so fly over the wall or as gap-closing ability.
Gatling Gun
Corki sprays bullets in a cone toward his facing direction for 4 seconds, dealing equal parts physical and magic damage every 0.25 seconds to all enemies hit, and reducing the targets armor and magic resistance with each tick, lasting for 2 seconds, refreshing on subsequent ticks, and stacking up to 8 times
Very usefull for waveclear and early pressure. Use it, get 8 stacks on minnions and throw Phosphorus Bomb into them. Also can show you shadow of insivible champions.
Missile Barrage
Corki fires a missile in the target direction that explodes upon the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage to enemies within the area. Every third missile Corki fires is a Big One, dealing 100% increased damage as well as gaining increased range and explosion radius.
Lvl 6 is one of your powerspikes. With it u can farm safely and have an additional waveclear to roam somewhere or farm jungle camps.
First Strike First Strike give's you money + some true damage in late game. It's easy to proc it after lvl 6. Just throw rockets into enemies and you will have some gold just for pokeing.
First Strike is good for both hybrid and crit build's: it can be bad on lane against some matchup's, but after lvl 6 u just don't actually care about it.
Fleet Footwork Fleet Footwork is good when u need extra sustain on lane, into some hard-poke matchups like Zoe or Lux. You can proc it only with your autoattacks, so its much better with crit build. This rune alongside Rapid Firecannon will give u good kiting potential that crit build need so much.
Fleet Footwork is genuinely good rune for both builds, but better take it when u go crit, because in poke build you do not relying on your auto's.
Magical Footwear ★ Free bots with additional 10 MS, so u can kite easiear.
Biscuit Delivery ★ Good rune even after nerfs, but i recommend to take it only into some hard/medium matchups.
Future's Market ★ U will faster reach your Manamune powerspike, so it's a really good option if u know how to use this rune.
Cosmic Insight ★ U have no other rune to choose if u go First Strike, but actually not that bad because u can use Flash and Teleport frequently.
Manaflow Band ★ Good with Manamune passive and kinda solve's your mana problems on lane.
Absolute Focus ★ Good scaling rune, especially in poke build, when there is no need to use autos, so u will be full health very long.
Gathering Storm ★ Make's u a late game monster. Your bro-rune. Good with every build whenever u can go sorcery path - just take it.
Presence of Mind ★ Solve your mana problem a little, so u can take any other rune instead of Manaflow Band.
Legend: Alacrity ★ If u want more DPS, good with crit build, so-so in poke build.
Legend: Bloodline ★ Only for crit build. Really good, because u will not be able to buy Bloodthirster in every game. Also a good bonus in the form of +100HP when fully stacked.
Coup de Grace ★ Idk what to say, just an ok rune.
Cut Down ★ Take it into 3+ champs that stack HP (tanks, bruisers, some mages like Vladimir). Kinda better than Coup de Grace because u will deal this 5-15% extra damage then u deal damage to your fat enemy, not only when he is low, but still situational.
Bone Plating ★ Good into some matchups. U can find my matchups sheet if u scroll to Matchups guide chapter
Second Wind ★ Good into poke matchups like Zoe or Lux, with Doran Shield you will be safe from their poke.
Overgrowth ★ Some HP in hard games is good, since u need to farm alot, there will be no problem with stacking up this rune.
Revitalize ★ Good when u go Legend: Bloodline + Bloodthirster. Also a great option when building Maw of Malmortius. If u have champs like Soraka u can also go this rune.
Trinity Force
After 13.10 and some Trinity Force buffs i highly recommend to go this build until its get nerfed. The main reason why we're building Trinity Force is very obvious: 1. Its cheaper than ANY crit mythic item. 2. It's better than Essence Reaver before 4 items. 3 After Immortal Shieldbow nerfs you have no save item at all, so all u can build now is items that provide additional movespeed and extra range like Stormrazor or Rapid Firecannon.
After 13.10 Stormrazor become really powerfull, because of good stats and buffed passive. On champs like Corki its even better because this on-hit will provide your crits with more damage. Also i can't avoid the part that Stormrazor is really good alongside Rapid Firecannon which is extremely good on Corki.
Manamune (Muramana)
Your core item in every game. Big damage boost, nice stats and infinity scaling potential. Your first back is Tear of the Goddess + Sheen -> Trinity Force -> Manamune -> Rapid Firecannon.
Rapid Firecannon
Your 3rd core item. Extra range + movespeed with energized autos together with Stormrazor, Trinity Force and Manamune will give you tons of damage and potential to play safe in teamfights.
Buffed Bloodthirster will give you 90 AD when you are at full HP on level 18. Its the best AD item after 13.10. It's still your last item option. Maybe after Stormrazor nerfs something will change, we'll see.
Guardian Angel
Defence item agains't assassins. It's definitely good item, tho not vs heave engage, because, more likely, u will just die for the second time. U can buy it as your last item and just sell when it's on CD (as example u can build Bloodthirster intstead of it).
Mercurial Scimitar
Into Malzahar/ Mordekaiser/some long range CC like Leona. After 13.10 buffs this item give's you 50 MR, so u can build it instead of Maw of Malmortius when u need Quicksilver Sash and also more MR to survive.
Maw of Malmortius
This item is ok when u don't need Quicksilver Sash but still in need of MR item.
After 13.10 Stormrazor become really powerfull, because of good stats and buffed passive. On champs like Corki its even better because this on-hit will provide your crits with more damage. Also i can't avoid the part that Stormrazor is really good alongside Rapid Firecannon which is extremely good on Corki.
Nice active, big damage and mythic passive. Build agains't champs with some hard engage that u can dodge. Also good because u can use package + Galeforce or package + W and still have some movement or dodge options.
Manamune (Muramana)
Your core item in every game. Almost solve's your mana problem's, give you a big damage boost when stacked. You want to buy it ASAP, because it's your second powerspike after lvl 6. Its very good in crit build, but if u have no time to scale or very big early lead u have option to skip this item, tho i dont recomend to do this.
Essence Reaver
Sheen-based items are really good on Corki. Essence Reaver is one and the best of them because it scales from your bonus AD, not base as Divine Sunderer or Trinity Force, so you can deal alot of damage at full item's with 4 crit slots. Also solve's your mana problems alongside Muramana
Rapid Firecannon
Since Corki is based on poke even in crit build, Rapid Firecannon is a really good item in trio with Muramana and Essence Reaver. U can poke enemies with R + Auto which will proc both Muramana and Essence Reaver passive's with an increased range from Rapid Firecannon.
Infinity Edge
Best mythic item after 13.10 because it give's you raw damage and its one of two things Corki need. Mythic passive is excelent at full build it will provide you with extra 20 AD so your Missile Barrage and Phosphorus Bomb will deal tons of damage.
A lot of AD, a lot of sustain, but u are not able to build it in every game, because u have other item's u will want to buy, like Rapid Firecannon or Void Staff or Guardian Angel. Build it when enemies have a lot of poke damage u want to survive and outtrade.
Guardian Angel
Defence item agains't assassins. It's definitely good item, tho not vs heave engage, because, more likely, u will just die for the second time. U can buy it as your last item and just sell when it's on CD (as example u can build Bloodthirster intstead of it).
Void Staff
Your last item, maybe instead of Sorcerer's Shoes into 3+ tanky champions/ enemies with MR items. In late game its better to have Void Staff than Sorcerer's Shoes because even enemy carries will have MR items.
Mercurial Scimitar
Into Malzahar/ Mordekaiser/some long range CC like Leona. It's also an MR item, so it's good, because champ's with such CC are also dealing magic damage. Only for crit build.
Maw of Malmortius
This item is ok when u don't need Quicksilver Sash but still in need of MR item.
Manamune (Muramana)
Your core item in every game. Manamune is a very cost efficient item and it also give u a great scaling potential. Because of both passive's it's so good on champ that spam his abilities like Corki. Farm early as much as u can to get this item fast, then just spam your abilities to stack it.
Ravenous Hydra
Your 2nd core item. Give's u sustain and a lot of damage + really good waveclear. With stacked Muramana and Ravenous Hydra you will be already dealing an insane amount of damage. This two items is your main powerspike, so now u can just push your lane and roam wherever u want, maybe even farm some jungle camps.
Luden's Tempest
Your 3rd core item. Build it in 90% situations when u go poke build. Even tho Corki AP scales got nerfed even harder, and now it feels like nothing, u can still build Luden in poke build. It give's u 600 mana for Muramana's passive, that mean's more AD and around 25 Magic Penetration which is very big.
Against 3+ squishy targets. Think about building this item not because he give's u AP, but because of 20 flat Magic Penetration. Alongside Sorcerer's Shoes and Luden's Tempest u will have arround 64 Magic Penetration. For example, average range champion without Magic Resistance item's or runes have around 30-52 base MR, so u will be dealing an insane amount of damage to enemy carries.
Maw of Malmortius
Against 2+ AP champs. Its good to rush Hexdrinker against hard matchups like Vex or Syndra or some AP assassin's like LeBlanc and in mid game upgrade it to
Malmortius. Even after nerfs its the best MR item for hybrid build Corki.

After patch 13.1b become a good item because of 10 flat magic penetration and buffed Grievous Wounds. It can be your last item, but do not prioritize this over some AD items.

Guardian Angel
Your optional last item, or instead of boots for last teamfight's. You often will buy it in late game when you have a lot of gold, so when GA is on cooldown you can sell it and buy boots back. Good defence item, but not against some hard engage, because more likely u will die for the second time.

Void Staff
Against 3+ champs that build a lot of MR. Idk, i don't build it very often, because if u wan't to deal with tanks -> u go crit build. U can build it also with another Magic Penetration item's so u will be dealing like pure damage to squishy targets.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonyas is very good for making plays with package. After 12.17 Zhonya's become an actually good item, cause it give you even more stats in 1 slot. But i do not recomend to build it because it give's u only AP and some defence, maybe u can take it as your last item if u do not need another optional item's like Void Staff.
Crown of The Shattered Queen
Build when u need to survive some hard instant engage. Basically this item is better that Banshee's Veil, but it take's away your mythic item slot, so better think twice before building it.
Early game is all about farming. You will need to play a several dozen of games to get used to the auto attack animation and its damage to start farming good. Cull will help you to get closer to main powerspikes. Max your [Q] Phosphorus Bomb first, so you will have a good waveclear potential.

For poke build your perfect first back is Tear of the Goddess and double Long Sword (or Pickaxe if things are going amazing). There is no need to rush Manamune because Ravenous Hydra will give you more AD and a splash damage so you can clear the waves with E + Q easily.

For crit build your perfect first back is Tear of the Goddess + Sheen. Upgrade Sheen into Essence Reaver, then build Manamune.

Corki is not a great skirmisher without items, especially enemy team have strong early junglers like Lee Sin or Xin Zhao, so if if u have the wave under your tower and your jungler want to fight on scuttle ping him to get back as many times as possible. If he is not listening to you, then just don't follow, instead try to push the wave and safely reset while enemy midlane is moving towards the crab. On the other side, if your wave is fine or if u are sure u will win the 2v2 or 3v3, then help.

After completing your 2 item's you can start to force some fights arroung objects like Rift Herald or Dragon , because you will have your Special Delivery ( Valkyrie upgraded with package) up. I don't recommend you to use it just for fight's not arround objects, because after package nerfs u will have to wait 5 minutes for another one. The only exception is roaming on botlane.

U can move on sidelane (most often on a botlane), so u can farm more till your biggest powerspike on 3rd items. Ravenous Hydra -> Muramana -> Luden's Tempest for poke build and Essence Reaver -> Muramana -> Infinity Edge for crit build.

With full build ready u can deal insane amount of damage with your [R] Missile Barrage to squishy target's. Try to prioritize dealing damage to enemy carry champions, if u can't -> hit the first target. Use your package and Valkyrie wisely, because the price of a bad used Special Delivery can be very hight. Try to exhaust your enemies with rocket's before the fight.
Everything is based on my experience and game knowledge. Feel free to comment, ask something or criticize.

Red borders around champion icon -> Hard matchup

Yellow borders around champion icon -> Medium matchup

Green borders around champion icon -> Easy matchup

The most annoying champ for me. U just outscale her, but don't even try to trade if her Q is up. Also her E can interrupt your Valkyrie animation, so don't use it when charm was already thrown into you (just because your Valkyrie animation is longer than Ahri's Charm, if u don't use it instantly you will not dodge it). Her lvl 6 is also pretty insane because of how much damage she can deal with literally 1 skillshot to hit. Its better to just poke her with your Missile Barrage.

As long as you are not hit by her Shuriken Flip you are fine. Don't get in range of her Five Point Strike and be aware of her ultimate. Akali is a champ that can't push the wave properly. Because if she will use Five Point Strike 2 times she will be very vulnerable (no energy), so try to just get your 1 item and perma push her. Also if Akali roams, ping your teammates about it and if u are trying to follow her, check bushes with your Missile Barrage.

Don't try to trade before 1 item, try also not to push him, so you can free farm, tell your jungler not to gank you, because of how unpunishable Akshan is because of his Heroic Swing is. Try to inform about his roams (it's imposible because he can just wait near a wall to hit you with his full annihilate combo Q+Auto that will destroy like 30% of your face (problem? :tf:)

Pre lvl-6 u can punish her for missing her Q Flash Frost - just use your W Valkyrie towards her, then use your E Gatling Gun -> Autoattack -> Q Phosphorus Bomb. After lvl-6 u need to save Valkyrie because of her R+W combo (haha, classic comedy). Very annoying champ, expecially because of her passive ability and how safe she is, but lane is free.

She have mana issues before Lost Chapter, so if she wastes her stun, then u can win the trade by using your E Gatling Gun + autos. If u are both on 1 item without her Summon: Tibbers she is very vulnerable, so use this opportunity as much as u can - start aggresively trading or shove the wave and help your team. If u will perfectly time your Valkyrie arround her ultimate with passive, u will be into safe range, so her W Incinerate will just miss. Its not impossible to do, but you need some reaction and practice.

Farm your First Strike on him as much as possible. He is very vulnerable when he is trying to shove the wave with his E Singularity + Q Breath of Light because he is standing still while in Q animation, so try to poke him. Avoid his E zone and Q proc's when trading. U will be more usefull than him only till some point in the game, because you will never outscale this champ.

Imposible to farm against this champ if he knows what to do. I don't see a lot of Azir mains, but they have 2 playstyles. 1st one is Lethal Tempo into scaling + farm. 2nd one is Arcane Comet + early aggression. If you see that he has Arcane Comet in runes, just take Doran's Shield and try to farm safely. U can't get prio before your first item, so make sure your team is infomed about his movements towards them. Even if u are ahead be aware when u are close to his turret because of his R Emperor's Divide.

She have mana problems in early game so she can't spam her E Twin Fang for poke. You don't win trades if she is managed to hit Q Noxious Blast. Don't force all-ins because she can use R + W and you will be 100% dead, because u cant use Valkyrie in Miasma.

Lvl 1 is not a problem, u can start E and trade with her using your range advantage. Lvl 2-5 will be okay for u, all u need is just to dodge her Q Crescent Strike. If she hits Q, your W Valkyrie won't help unless u are under your tower. At lvl 6 u can just safe farm with your rockets. If she is trying to all-in you with her ultimate Moonfall, don't use your W, because Diana will just cancel your dash. Instead of using W, use your flash right when she finished her E Lunar Rush cast animation and about to use R, so her ult doesn't proc, and then use W if u are still not in safe position, or punish her for wasting ultimate.

If His Q Timewinder slow is illegal so you need to use your W Valkyrie if he hits Q after lvl 3. His E Phase Dive can follow you after your W or Flash. Ekko players often go into bushes or behind the wall to throw their W Parallel Convergence without showing its animation and sound. Don't try to follow on roams if u have no vision. Always pay attention to where his R clone is, because it deals a lot of damage. His mana costs are pretty low, so when u think that he is low on mana - he is not. Tho he have some mana issues in early game which can be punishable especially if he has Ignite instead of Teleport.

Lvl 1 you are stronger because of range advantage and can poke him to make your early lane experience a little bit easier. Lvl 3 is extremely dangerous, don't try to trade with him. Always take Exhaust into this matchup, so he can't kill you under your tower at lvl 6. Be aware of his Q Urchin Strike into minnion + R Chum the Waters trick. Inform your team about his roams and don't try to follow because how mobile he is.

Easy as long as you are not hit by his E Justice Punch. Use your range advantage and poke him with your autos first to get the Shield of Durand passive effect off and then use your abilities to deal damage. Don't disrespect his damage because it really hurts if he will hit a full combo on you.

Gangplank is very weak early game, so u need to do as much as u can. Use your range advantage so he can't proc his passive Trial By Fire. Try to last-hit his Powder Keg's when trading. On 1 item u will be much stronger if u dodge or last-hit his barrels.

You can't do much against him, but you can just cs + farm First Strike gold. Try to hold your wave on the center of the lane. Be sure your wave will crush under his tower if u push, because when wave is freezed near his tower he can actually kill you.

Dodge his Q Barrel Roll, try to stand behind minnions so he can't hit his E Body Slam. After lvl 6 try to not stay near his turret because Gragas can throw into tower agro range with R Explosive Cask and kill easily. Respect his damage and his low cooldowns after 1 item. Use his early mana issues for your advantage.

He will just perma push, all you need is to farm under your tower till 1 item and lvl 6 so u can push the wave easily. Only short trades allowed vs this gentleman. Avoid positioning near walls so he can't deal full damage with his Q End of the Line.

Awoid trading near H-28G Evolution Turret. Dodge his E CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade. After 1 item it will be easy to destroy his H-28G Evolution Turret's. Call your jungler only when he is low on mana and in bad position, because of how strong this champ is near his turrets.

Be carefull lvl 1, don't stay too close to minnions because with 3-4 stacks of her passive she can just use your Q Bladesurge and outtrade you hard. Dodge her E Flawless Duet with your W, be carefull because she can dash into range minnions to throw her invisible E and there is almost no time to react that. Just farm safely and outscale her. Same as with Garen, try to hold your wave on the center of midlane or under your tower.

Stay behind minnions but not to close to them to dodge his empowered range Q Shock Blast. Try to trade when he is in ranged form, but when u see that he choose melee form - immediately stop trading. He can cancel your W Valkyrie dash with his melee form E Thundering Blow if timed its perfectly so be carefull, because it can be crucial.

Lvl 1 u can just use your E Gatling Gun to farm First Strike gold. Don't get too close, so he can't just auto+W Nether Blade+auto you. You can't kill him without your jungler unless he will do something very stupid and after lvl 6 he will just outtrade you, so try to just farm safely.

Lvl 1 is easy for you because she can't respond to your poke. Lvl 2 if she throws Q Bouncing Blades into you, just walk towards her so she can't deal any damage with her passive. Lvl 3 is harder, but remember the previous tip, and if she use her W just run from her. If she throws both daggers, just run or use Valkyrie left or right side. As long as she is not able to hit her daggers you will win ealy trades - just kite her daggers and keep the distance.

Casual farm matchup. U can abuse her weak early game and your range advantage to farm some First Strike gold and keep her poked when she is trying to farm. After lvl 6 just poke her but don't force all-ins because of her R Divine Judgment.

Don't try to trade much with her because of how much damage and mobility she has. Dodge her E Ethereal Chains and try to predict her W Distortion right before she will dash into you. If u dodge this 2 abilities u can win trades. In this matchup you must focus on the state of your wave every time, because she will more likely punish you for not being near your tower and you will be not able to farm. After lvl 6 just try to safely farm with your R Missile Barrage and don't force trades because of how toxic LB build is right now. I recommend you to go Hexdrinker in this matchup because u will suffer a lot

Don't stand behind minnions in front of her because of Q Ice Shard mechanics. Don't come too close when trading, so she can't stun you with her W Ring of Frost. Be aware of enemy jungle ganks after Lissandra's lvl 6 because its really easy for her to catch you and her CC duration is long enough to oneshot such squishy champs like Corki

Doran's Shield start, Hexdrinker after 1st item. Try to dodge her E Lucent Singularity and don't trade. This champ is an absolute abomination of midlane. Never try to trade with her, only poke with R Missile Barrage or Q Phosphorus Bomb. After 1 item she can oneshot you on 80% HP with full combo. Her waveclear is better than yours. You can outscale her, but till late mid game on same amount of items u will be a lot weaker than her.

Very easy matchup. Don't stay close to minnions that are about to die from his E Malefic Visions. When he summons his Void Swarm throw your Q into them, so he can't push the wave easily. At 1 item u will be stronger if he has Void Swarm and Malefic Visions on cooldown -> its a really good time to all-in him. Be carefull at lvl 6 because he can call his jungler and kill you easily, there is no counterplay to his R Nether Grasp at this point of the game.

Simillar to Lissandra matchup don't stay behind minnions in front of her because of her E Tangle-Barbs. Respect her Q Blooming Burst damage (move when she is throwing it). Don't forget that every wave have only 3 melee and 3 ranged minions. If Neeko is missing try announce this to your team in chat and remind them to count minions :).

Don't stay near minions so when he is trying to waveclear u will not be hit by his Q Duskbringer. Don't get to close so he can't just use E Unspeakable Horror on you. Ping your teammates about his lvl 6 because he will more likely try to roam a lot. After 1 item it will be very easy to outpush him so he will at least lose minions when he is roaming.

If Orianna is good its kinda hard to lane vs because of Q Command: Attack and W Command: Dissonance poke and her push pottential. She is very vulnerable to jungle ganks because of no real escape, so u must rely on your jungle in this one. Its very easy to kill her if u will be ahead on items. She will outscale you but her range is really bad so u can be still more usefull in teamfights than her because of your poke abilities.

Don't get to close so he can't poke you with his melee Q Comet Spear. Its very easy to react his W Shield Vault, just use your W as answear so you will be not in range for him to deal damage. Be careful of jungle ganks because its easy for Pantheon to setup ganks especially for champs like Taliyah, Elise or Nidalee

Lvl 1-2 she is really weak so u can zone her from minions and farm First Strike gold. Lvl 3 is dangerous because her full combo deals a lot of damage (keep the distance so she can't all-in you with her E Audacity). Lvl 6 is extremely dangerous because she can oneshot you really easy with her R Supreme Display of Talent so avoid positioning close to the walls.

Lvl 1 take E Gatling Gun and just poke him because vs ranged matchups Renekton is very weak before lvl 3. Be very careful at lvl 6 and always keep an eye on his rage bar. He will probably try to engage after reaching lvl 3 if he has enough rage. Same as with Pantheon be careful of his jungler ganks because of how easy he can setup a gank with his E Slice + W Ruthless Predator.

Stay behind minions to dodge his E Electro-Harpoon and don't stay too close so he can't deal damage with his Q Flamespitter. Just poke him and only do quick trades so he can't deal max damage from Q. Be carefull because at lvl 6 he can all-in you if he hits E -> R -> W -> Q.

He is too tanky for u tho he can't deal a lot of damage so prioritize farming instead of trying to trade with him. Don't stay close to minions so he can't poke you with E Spell Flux + Q Overload. After lvl 6 he will start dealing a lot more damage then before so don't try to trade with him when his spells are not on cooldown.

His E Nevermove is really easy to bait and dodge. After his E is on cooldown u can start agressively trading, try to dodge his W Vision of Empire. Always try to escape from his R Demonic Ascension because he have big cooldown especially on early levels and without ultimate he is not a real threat for you.

I recommend you to take Bone Plating vs this champ because he love to do lvl 1 trades with his E Abscond. If u dodge his E, just continue trading and always keep the distance so he can't use W Kingslayer and heal up. If u will always hold the wave under your tower then he can't do anything to you. After lvl 6 just keep poking him with your R Missile Barrage. Be carefull, unlike to Corki, when Sylas will steal your ult he will start with fully charged (7 stacks) Missile Barrage.

Very hard matchup, she will just perma poke you and there is no counterplay. Tear of the Goddess + Sheen into Hexdrinker is probably the only way so u will not suffer that hard against her. The only oportunity for a trade is when she misses her E Scatter the Weak + Q Dark Sphere combo -> all in with Valkyrie and deal as much damage as you can with your casual E+Auto+Q+Auto "combo". Lvl 6 she can oneshot u if u don't build Hexdrinker so its very important.

Stay behind minions so she can't poke u with Q Threaded Volley. Don't try to use your Valkyrie in her E Unraveled Earth because u will be stunned. Tho sometimes its the only way to avoid her full E+W+Q combo. Be carefull because she can roam very good and move quickly near walls.

I met a good Talon only once in my life so this matchup is based on how experienced Talon player is. He can just zone you from farm with his W Rake, dont stay still so he can't apply 2 stacks of passive by W. Place anti-roam wards so u can informate your team about his roams. U need a lot of vision to play against Talon. Try not to follow him on roams because he can just camp u in the bush and kill easily, and if not - he will always be faster than you, instead just push the wave and try to get plates or reset/set vision.

Not a hard matchup. Respect her W Rocket Jump range and if u see an animation instantly use Valkyrie away from her. Her W cooldown is very similar to yours so its very easy to remember when her W will be up. He will perma push the wave because of her E Explosive Charge passive and its perfect for you because u can safely farm.

U can't really kill him or harass to much. If u see that he have Doran Shield u can just priorotize farming. He is strong early lvls, try to kite him back to your tower and then use the fact that his E Spinning Slash has a long cooldown at early levels. After lvl 6 he can actually dive and kill you. Just try to not be low on health when he will hit lvl 6 because of his R Undying Rage. That way u will maximize your chances to survive.

Don't disrespect his damage on early levels, just wait till he push and safe farm. His Q Wild Cards is really easy to dodge if u are not cc'd. You are much stronger in mid game and i never saw a good TF player so i can't say much about this matchup.

Veigar is hard to deal with, his Q Baleful Strike is almost imposible to dodge on lane. But he is just a safe farmer as u, so as long as he have no jungler that gank mid u can bully him or at least take a mid prio because your waveclear is better (he need Phenomenal Evil Power stacks so he will try to last hit with Q, not push). If Veigar has a lot of stacks after lvl 6.

Vel'Koz is hard only because of his range. Try to stand stand behind minnions and dodge his Q Plasma Fission, always use your Valkyrie to avoid his E Tectonic Disruption. He will probably go Flash + Barrier so u have Teleport advantage but u can't all-in him at this point. Vel'Koz have 0 mobility so if he is pushing he is pretty vulnerable and gankable.

Vex spells is very slow so u can dodge anything. Try to not get close enough so he can't deal damage with her W Personal Space to you. Let's imagine she is lvl-6 and is already flying towards you on her R Shadow Surge. You need to time the moment and Flash right after her ult connects so he can't instantly fear you with her W.

Be carefull of his damage, try to farm as much as possible. Don't use your Valkyrie to all-in him because he can use his W Gravity Field and you will have no mobility to get out of it. His E Death Ray is really hard to dodge, but try to dodge the second part of it.

U can pretty much bully him on early lvls and farm First Strike. Just don't get close to him when he have his charged Q Transfusion and u will be fine. Matchup is pretty much all about keeping the distance so he can't hit you with E Tides of Blood and charged Q. If he gets ahead somehow - he will probably win.

Xerath matchup is all about dodging spells - it comes with practice. You can't trade with him. If u wan't to kill him, just ask your jungler, tho he is extremely hard to gank with some champs, he also have 0 mobility, so if your jungler have long CC or slow, u will be able to kill him. In teamfights u should also prioritize him as main target. Even in poke build u can't deal with him, so u need to kill him as fast as u can if u wan't to win the teamfight.

If he did't have his W Wind Wall and u are ahead u actually have a chance to win. He can outplay himself, but u can't outplay him. Your Q is too slow to hit him on laning phase. Try to farm as much as possible and have some good teamfights, if he didn't have someone to knockup you, then u are good. If u are ahead its easy to kite and kill him.

Yassuo without windwall, but he have a lot more mobility and don't rely on minnions like Yassuo. Dodge his Q to right or left, same with ult. Don't try to dodge his R Fate Sealed with your W, because his ult cast time is lower, use Flash instead.

I prefer to pick Malphite or Diana into this, so he will regret his choise. At lvl 1 try to farm money out of him with your E using your range advantage and don't get poked by his Q Razor Shuriken. Lvl 3 is hard, because now he have all options to all in, try to dodge something with your W. After his lvl 6 you are doomed. If he use his R Death Mark on you, try to react and dodge his shurikens. Same as with Talon, place ward on the center of midlane (closer to his tower), so u can inform your team about his roams. Don't try to go after him, just push the wave and take as much money as u can from his roam.

Don't stay to close to your minnions, so he can't hit you with his Q Bouncing Bomb. At 1 item u can just face-roll him using your W. I really saw 0 good Ziggs players, so i can't tell much more about it, but the only reason he can be more usefull than u is his range.

His E Time Warp slow is really annoying, but same as with Ziggs u can face-roll him if he wasted his Q Time Bomb. Be aware of enemy jungler, because Zilean have amazing gank setups.

It's just imposible to win trades with this creature. Don't even try. Just play smart, try to farm as much as possible, so u can be more usefull in teamfights than her. Also u have a much better waveclear post lvl 6, so with full item u can just push the wave and take raptors, if u have such an option.
1. Always start your trades with [E] Gatling Gun so u reduce enemy resistance's and deal maximum amount of damage

2. U can use your [Q] Phosphorus Bomb and Flash into enemy champ so your [Q] animation will be faster and your opponent will have less time to react this. Also u skip your animation from [Q], so u can instanlty click autoattack.

3. Valkyrie can be used even through some thick walls on midlane. Also don't forget that u can use it to fly over walls and escape easily.

4. Use your Gatling Gun to lasthit caster minions under your tower.

5. Package give you 40% movement speed boost, so u can clear your mid wave and then roam towards any lane or object u want.

6. When enemy is behind or near minions, use your Missile Barrage right into wave, so u have bigger chances to hit an enemy with rocket's AoE, then when u just trying to hit an enemy normally.
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