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Team Guide by skellerkrunch

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skellerkrunch

Hide & Seek [Under Construction]

skellerkrunch Last updated on December 26, 2012
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About this guide

What is the purpose of this guide?

Hello and welcome to this guide, featuring about an unofficial game mode, "Hide and Seek."
For the reason that this is my first guide, and because I am certainly not a good writer, or an advisor, this guide may be painful to read. However, I am willing to spend my time on improving this guide, so please bear with me.

When I had first played in this game mode, after clicking "join" on a title which said "Hide and Seek", I have to say that at that time, I thought the idea was atrocious. On the other hand, I was bored of my same old normal games, and had clicked on it.
When the game started, I cannot stress more that the thrill of being hunted/hunting, and surviving, was one that I had rarely experienced in my normal games. The unique(?) unofficial game mode was one that I had not known for several months after installing the game, and I was certainly excited to play more of.

The purpose of this guide is to inform, and perhaps persuade you summoners to experience this game mode.

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What is Hide and Seek?

What kind of a game mode is that!?

"Hide and Seek", as evident from the title, is an UNOFFICIAL game mode, which two different teams, the "hunter" and the "hunted", compete to complete several goals. The "goals" can depend on the host, so not all of the rules mentioned in the guide may be relevant, or even recent, for some cases that can be played in custom games.

I never saw a "hide and seek" button!

The unofficial game mode, "hide and seek", can be found by clicking "custom games".
It is easier, if in the search bar, you type some keywords in such as: hide, seek, hide and seek.

What is the popularity of this game?

I do not know for sure, but for the NA server, I constantly (in the time I play) see three, or perhaps four hosts. However, I will have to inform you that many of the ones who play this game mode will often quit or leave. More often people leave when they are the ones who are forced to be the "hunter".

How do you create a game of hide and seek?

Here are some steps to take when you are planning to create a game of hide and seek:
1. Click on Custom Games
2. Click on Create
3. Click "The Crystal Scar".
4. Game options:
[*] Team Size: 5
[*] Allow Spectators: You decide!
[*] Name: You decide!
[*] Password(Optional): Do not enter if public game, enter it if you want to play only with your friends.
[*] Wait until the left side(hunted) has five members, and the right side(hunters) have two members.
[*] Start the game.

Credits to TheVirginBoar for suggesting this explanation


The rules depend on the host, but usually the rules are unchanged.
I will explain the rules below:

[*] The game is played in the Crystal Scar.
[*] Draft mode.
[*] Team comp: "Hunters" vs. "Hunted". 2vs5.
[*] Blue side as the "hunted". Red side as the "hunter".
[*] No turret capturing is allowed.
[*] The "hunters" goal is to kill each enemy champion 5 times. They must stop attacking and go back to base when they are below 300 health.
[*] The "hunted" have objectives that include: fleeing from the hunters, hiding, and ultimately surviving for forty minutes.
[*] The "hunted" must leave the base within 1:30. The "hunters" may only leave after 2:00.
[*] The "hunted" have 5 lives. If the "hunted" has run out of lives, then they are disqualified.
[*] The "hunted" may buy all items, while the "hunters" may not buy more than one slow/negative stat items. (Again, depends on host)
[*] The "hunted" are allowed to use spells with cc against the "hunters". However, they may not: auto attack, emit non cc spells, stay in base, return to base unless killed. Gangplank may autoattack once every six(?) seconds.
[*] Oracles are only allowed after the 20:00 mark. For this reason, until an enemy champion has an oracle, teemo may not be in stealth, for obvious reasons.
[*] The "hunted" who have lost five lives may walk in the outer circle, but they may not: walk in the jungle, keep any items, or do any form of activity that will alter the game.
[*] When the main objective is met in either side, that is: forty minutes survival by at least one "hunted", or the "hunters" killing each enemy champion 5 times, the side is declared victorious.
[*] When one side is declared victorious, the opposite side must surrender.

The rules are under construction and may change. Any advice, constructive criticism is welcomed.

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Drafting phase

Why is the banning of champions important?

There are some champions, in this game mode, who are too "fit".
These champions include: Teemo, Eve, Rammus, Shaco, Nasus, Ashe, Twitch, Warwick, etc.
In this chapter, I will be explaining the reasoning behind the banned champions.


Suitable Role: The Hunted
Rating: 10/10.

Teemo is an outrageous champion in this game mode. He excels at escaping, slowing, warding, and is banned in most, or perhaps, all times. In every game that teemo is not banned, skellerkrunch sheds a tear.

[*] Although teemo's passive, camouflage may not be used unless certain conditions are met, he still is an extremely mobile, deadly, and a swift champion. He is a "swift scout", in the first place.
[*] Blinding Dart is seen as a cc. He may not use his basic attacks, but with this active, he may. This skill, rather than blinding an enemy, may be used as a tool to force the "hunter" to recall.
[*] Move Quick makes him an extremely swift champion. He will run away, laugh at you, and go home to meet tristiana.
[*] Toxic Shot may not be used.
[*] Noxious Trap can be utilized as a ward, escape tool, guard, and a slow. In a map where no wards are sold, this skill alone, makes teemo outrageous.


Suitable Role: The Hunted
Rating: 8/10.

Shaco excels at both fleeing and outsmarting the enemy. Shaco is an extremely mobile champion with his kit allowing him to slow/fear/ward/flash with small cool down. Shaco is banned in most games, along with teemo.

[*] Backstab may not be used; auto attack is not allowed.
[*] Deceive is what makes shaco a mobile champion. Shaco can use this skill to escape enemies, using or combining several tactics such as: terrain crossing, escaping into brush, etc.
[*] Jack In The Box can be used as an escape tool, ward, and as a attacking device. Because Jack In The Box has cc, it is permitted, and is most likely that along with Deceive, this skill will help you from several dangerous situations.
[*] Two-Shiv Poison, because it has a slow cc, may be used. For this reason, if you are aiming to damage the enemy with this tool, forcing him to recall, you may want to max it first. However, although this skill grants slow on basic attacks, auto attack still may not be used.
[*] Hallucinate can be used to check wards, escape ultimates, confuse the enemy, and lead the enemy to a specific spot. Although using this skill may require some skill, mastering it will help you escape several situations.


Suitable Role: The Hunted
Rating: 9/10.

Eve, with her passive, can hide in the five corners in the first 2:00 minutes without being detected by the enemy. Thus, she does not need to hide in the jungle at the start of the game, and rather, she will survive more if you hide continuously hide in any of the five corners, and moving if you sense any danger. Although Eve is an extremely squish champion, she has massive movement speed, and along with her kit that allows slows, she will be hard to focus down.

[*] Hate Spike may not be used.
[*] Dark Frenzy, although it's passive grants a slow cc on basic attacks, auto attack still isn't allowed for Eve. However, Eve's active may be used to flee and remove the cc effects that are cast on her.
[*] Ravage may only be used for the purpose of granting movement speed. Purposefully buying cool down reduction items and spamming this on the "hunters" are, to my knowledge, against the rules.
[*] Agony's Embrace grants a massive slowing cc at lv16, of 70%. This, with a rather short cool down at one minute at lv16, can be used to help allies or Eve herself to escape from the enemies.

(Under construction. Will add more champions later on)

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Champions explanation

Champions who should be banned

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[Under construction]

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Tricks and tips

[Under construction]

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Change log / Upcoming

Change log

12/23 : Guide published.
12/24 : Added champions explanations in drafting phase. Added zilean build.
12/25 : Christmas! Completed builds for all champions. Improved rules. Minor changes on formatting.
12/26 : Minor changes to explanation of the game.


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