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Taric Build Guide by Soothie

Top Infernal Taric Top Guide [13.4]

Top Infernal Taric Top Guide [13.4]

Updated on October 21, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soothie Build Guide By Soothie 333 17 774,220 Views 43 Comments
333 17 774,220 Views 43 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Soothie Taric Build Guide By Soothie Updated on October 21, 2023
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Taric
    FH rush vs AA/AD heavy teams
  • LoL Champion: Taric
    Tear /fearie-> mythic
  • LoL Champion: Taric
    catalyst rush

Runes: All ins

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
Botlane impact/splitpush /safety
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Infernal Taric Top Guide [13.4]

By Soothie
Hello my name is Infernal Taric. I have started to play Taric top in season 8, and thanks to him Ive reached diamond for the first time after 30 attempts :)

In season 9 I've reached rank 1 Taric world on league of graphs, and nowadays I've finally reached chall on EUNE.
I would love to do the same on EUW, I'll try to do so in the next season. If I secure chall euw Ill try to finish as master euw aswell.

Currently used accounts:

Infernal Taric (d3 EUW)

Ruined Stargasm (700 lp EUNE)

Enjoy my guide & leave a comment! :)
Pros / Cons


+ Taric top is better than botlane taric

+ Skilled Taric has a great laning versus other melee toplaners

+ Even a losing Taric can have a bigger impact on the game than standard toplaners

+ Taric has tons depth in his itemising, and you will never get bored with it.


- Understanding your itemising is crucial to success

-Issue 1: mixed damage is a pain to itemise against

-Issue 2: Taric is the easiest champion to kite in entire game. Fixing this costs A LOT
Spells, Mechanics (In depth)


Build potential

Recommanded setting's for Orbwalkink

Starlight's Touch






Cosmic Radiance


2Q combo (early)

2Q combo 10 lvl+
Gameplan WIP
As toplane taric you should aim to finish your laning and start to TF as soon as possible.
To push enemy turret you need a finished item, full mana bar and huge minions wave.
Its insanely hard to do it alone, while doing it consitently is mendatory for your climbing success with Taric.

Lets make a list and order of Tarics goals:
-help jungler in everything he does on topside. This is ur chance to shine since u r 2v2 monster
-Get some levels and gold on lane. Cheese enemies with ur lvl 3/4 and catalyst/wardens mail/ ionians/FH spikes.
-Push turret before 15 minute ( Ask jungler for help. U picked taric to carry teamfights not to deny enemy top or powerfarm.)
-take early herald (It can take 3 plates if done min 8-10)
-siege bot if not lost yet as 4 ( you are excellent tank duelist healer and diver at this stage of game)

in most games its the lategame that you should avoid!
in 15 minutes after a good solo laning you can already dive enemies with low risk and enemy mages cant burst your teammates with aoe, and since noone has 1 sec burst yet, you can easly perform good ultimates. If your team gets harras from enemies during siege you can quickly recover them to full hp and often outheal enemies dps at this stage.
In 35 minutes teamfights are very bursty and your dps healing and shielding doesnt rly matter here. Your mana bar inst your 2nd health bar anymore cause you often die in 3 seconds with no ability to AA and reset cooldowns. Teammates die in this 2.5 seconds window before ultimate falls.
If u dont want 50 % winrate dont play for lategame !
Use chat to advice your teamates.
ask a teammate that is least mendatory in fights yet (usually adc or mid assasin) to powerfarm and ask rest for sieges and teamfights. Break the game in 20 minutes!

Sample of midgame taric power(low elo game):
Yes, top Taric can outheal turret dmg in midgame!
mid game
late game
When Taric is a good pick:

-when enemy team :
    *has bad dmg composition. ( full ad/full ap, like pretty much every tank I guess)
    *has many divers/duelists. (so u have someone to hit)
    *when u face ad laner into mixed dmg comp.
-when your team:
    *has a hypercarry/duelist/warrior/tank jungler to play around him, since taric shines in 2v2 and loves extended fights
    *has a splitpusher or hypercarry ( to compensate tarics main weakness - farming)
    *when you have premade jungler that understands your needs :)
Dont pick taric:
-when enemy:
    * has a lot of mages or ranged champions.
    * jungler and toplaner have diffrent source of dmg.
    * has a strong splitpusher that cant be penalized (trynda quinn jax singed).
    *when u face magic laner into mixed dmg comp.
-when your team:
    * Doesnt have enough dmg to win fights in lategame (ivern jg taric top karma supp without hypercarries/playmakers)
    * Doesnt give you a chance to shine in early- midgame (kassadin mid)
    -Taric used to be a lot stronger pick (tear nerf, klepto nerfs, rightous glory isnt anymore a catalyst upgrade/ bandit passive removed from coin)
    -Since Taric has a large item pool its very possible to get accidental buff after item changes.
    -Basically any buff to support/ tank/ mage item pool can make him stronger, like recent roa and sunfire buffs.

What iam worried about:
    -riven and vayne neeko viktor kayle are total cancer for toplane
    -currently assasins are way too popular in jungle and midlane in high elo
    -tanks, divers, warriors and playmaking mages are unusual in midlane and jungle what can often result in weak teamcomp
    -new champions trend to have more and more overloaded kit. New class of champions: ap ranged bullies.
Good and bad teamcomps
I'll try to point out when team comp is good for Taric and when its not - and its easy to spot in champion select and there is a pattern in my match history.

Generally taric cant make a solo frontline unless enemy is full ad.
Taric excells at disengaging a poor engage so if enemy comp is made of tanks and warriors and all in assasins ur in heaven.
Sometimes ur team lacks engage. Concider taking malphite or kled vs poke comps if u dont have engage in ur team. Taric is bad against ranged champions.

Also avoid picking Taric if ur mates chose 2 assasins already. U cant rly help assassins and they cant help u. The reason is simple - taric needs to be in center of action but has low mobility. He also likes extended fights, and can offer much in long fights, but he doesnt have 1 sec burst of power.
Assasins enter teamfights very quickly. They use all spells in combos and run away.
If Taric follows them he will be left alone soon. If he doesnt he does nothing. There is no good scenario, and that why you should never play taric+assasins comp.
You can do it every 16 hours with only 3 lp penalty. Be aware of the fact dodge penalty is shared between soloq, normals, arams and RGM with exception of ranked flex.
So if you dodge aram, you cant dodge in soloq for next 16 hours, you can dodge once in flex instead.

I would recommend this against high threat champions in enemy team and if your team has obvious scaling issues. You also dislike 2+ assasins in your team.
Recommended Sets WIP
Whatever build u have in mind during loading screen, keep in mind that in 90 % of your games you will finish game with 9-12 k of gold! Every item choice must be very wise!
summonner spells
Taric has a lot of rune choices that can make his paladyn playstyle work in any teamcomp. Choose your main rune to adapt to enemy laner and to make sure Taric will work well in teamfights. For instance Summon Aery is heavly suboptimal versus Darius but can be very useful when u want to shift into more backlane and supportive playstyle. From the other side taric wont make use of Grasp of the Undying while laning versus Vaynee top.
press the attack
fleet footwork
presence of mind
legend: tenacity
coup de grace
last stand
legend: alacrity
hail of blades
cheap shot
taste of blood
ghost poro
relentless hunter
ravenous hunter
ultimate hunter
summon aery
manaflow band
phase rush
gathering storm
grasp of the unying
shield bash
second wind
bone plating
magical footwear
glacial augment
perfect timing
unsealed spellbook
minion dematerializer
biscuit delivery
cosmic insight
approach velocity
time warp tonic
As taric you are strong only if you have mana, and can use your AA resets.
You feel best in sustained dps fights, where you can hug to enemy and constantly heal you and ur bounded partner simultanously resetting your cooldowns on tanky enemies or turrets.

Generally the better at AA you are the better Taric you are.

Level 1- 6 (with or without recall), til ~6 mins of game
Start with corrupting potion. go to invade or counterinvade (depanding if your support has a grab / long stun or not) At level 1 with ignite you have around 260 dmg burst. either ignite or ghost create huge kill pressure
If nothing happens before minion spawn pull the buff for jungler, or try to ward enemy jungler chickens/wolves at 1:20 to track enemy jungler.

During loading screen, you should think about your strategy and playstyle that allaows you to menage your lane.
Vs melee champions:
-Try to keep your grasp up
-Save your resources til level 4
-Duel with them hard on level 4 and 5
-If you are close to kill but dont have much mana dont take R on level 6
-If you want to engage a long fight once you hit ur stun try to go behind the enemy between your AA and resets(orbwalking in nutshell).
Wave menagment:
-Freeze against enemies that cant last hit without AA
-slowpush the wave to enemies that cant lasthit under turret or when you have diving level adventage.
-hug to tower against poke champions and look for all in opportunity.

-Enter the trade with enhanced AA if you are about to be in aa range.
-constantly chain spells with 2 aa resets
-Try to W yourself if you are sure that you are about to take DMG.
-E when you are sure that you can safely hit both stun and 2 AA.
-R when you are about to get enemies finisher or to safely walk away from junglers gank
As Taric its very unusual to hit 160 cs + in 20 minutes of game mostly becouse of his very low base AD, opponnent pressure and other priorities ( roaming, teamfights)

Farming takes a long time in mid and lategame and isnt very rewarding because no matter what happened taric is very strong in 5 -25 minutes.

Usually after 15 minutes it's better to ask your carries to shove the wave, than go there yourself. It will take less time for them, and it doesnt hurt their mana bars.
Due to low range, no gap closer mechanics and 2.0 Attack speed orbwalking Taric Is a high APM champion. Laning phase is very exhausting in high level games couse u constantly reset autos for first 15 minutes of the game. There are some tools that can make things easier:

Tip 1 set up macros so you can toggle "always self shield"(alt+ W)/"shield on cursor" (default W) it may help you to make those lane trades a bit smoother (u gain like 200 ms every W if you dont feel well with alt W).

Tip 2 If you are good at microplay( Iam not good enough) try abusing "attack move" on left click to make your trades and last hits even better. (the less you move your mouse the more accurate and fast you are). It is also very helpful when approaching bush. I believe it might give you -50 ms every 2 attacks.

Tip 3 bind "target champions only" to space- it actually increases your dps and accecuracy vs champions with many leaps like Irelia Yasuo surrended by enemy minion wave or a turret.

Tip 4 If you are sure that enemy is about to attack you -right click him 0.2 sec beforeit happens so u can make sure that Fiora will be penalised with grasp AA for her Q poke. this 100 ms diffrence is a diffrence between a good fiora poke or good tarics answer.
Practice tool
Practice tool is a great environment to polish your gems skills and warm up by performing those exercises:
- E + flash + ignite+ 2aa before stun falls off combo
- E in corners.
- taric has a small, cheesy E hitbox behind him. Try to abuse it on practice tool.
- 4Q combo rotation (QWQEQWQE.../QEQWQE...)
- any combo + orbwalking
- lasthitting :)
Some stats
Videos (WIP)
I am not a streamer so most of the games here will be from spectate mode:
Example full game vs quinn. Special thanks for udyr who died for ocean drake <3
Build :
Ultimate starting items calculations
Anti ap laning solution
Make starter strong enough to buy tear couse tear is too good when stacked.

Builds for :
0/25/50/75/100% | 100/25/50/75/100% magic dmg vs ad and ap laner.
gold efficiency

High elo bruiser build
For next season:
roa changes
aftershock will be so sexy
conqueror rework indirectly buffs taric since he will have easier matchups.

Visual upgrade
Youtube guide to laning, mechanics, teamfights, roaming.
25.11.2019 Patch 9.23 100k views!

21.03.2020 Patch 10.6 183k views!
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