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Ivern Build Guide by BreadedBreadCrum

Jungle Ivern Jungle - Learn to OTP [s13.14]

Jungle Ivern Jungle - Learn to OTP [s13.14]

Updated on July 24, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BreadedBreadCrum Build Guide By BreadedBreadCrum 196 10 270,969 Views 15 Comments
196 10 270,969 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BreadedBreadCrum Ivern Build Guide By BreadedBreadCrum Updated on July 24, 2023
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Runes: Domination Aery

1 2 3 4 5
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Typical Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Gustwalker Smite

Gustwalker Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Ivern Jungle - Learn to OTP [s13.14]

By BreadedBreadCrum
Hello! Welcome to my Ivern guide for Jungle. I'm making this as other guides are either
1. Made for other lanes like Top or Mid or
2. Outdated with things like Items and Clears

Who am I?

I am BreadedBreadCrumb! I play on Oceania Servers with 460k+ Mastery on Ivern at Lvl 192 as of writing this (I am the 9th/8th highest Ivern Mastery in OCE I believe). Other than Ivern, I play Braum Top and Support, Taric Jungle, Viego Jungle, and Thresh Top. I have watched and studied vods of many Ivern players to try and find scraps of information for different elos. I also used to be a fanatic at learning more and more about Ivern through the Ivern main's discord server. I am not perfect, but I love theorizing and brainstorming. I love documenting and understanding games.
Outside of League, I used to one trick Lucio in Overwatch, got to a peak SR of 3330, and played for a plat-masters team known as Tropical Thunder.

Do I play ranked?

I do not play ranked often. Although I can still give tips on how to climb, I am probably not the most credible source. I'd suggest watching Jamican Banana or MossyElder, who are really chill and high ranks.
I also should shoutout Mofariusss who is a Master/GM Ivern player. I don't know their region, but they've been doing pretty well.
I will try to keep this updated, but one day I'll stop playing league and I won't be able to keep up. Hopefully, someone else can make a sick guide for Ivern.

What is your or

OP gg
U gg
Pros and Cons of Ivern


+ Flexibility in Playstyle
+ Great Supportive Abilities
+ Good Damage with AP
+ Good Kiting
+ High CC
+ Insane Synergies
+ Interesting Playstyle (Subjective)


- Allergic to Serpent's Fang
- Bad Matchups
- Bad Clear Speeds
- Limited Vertical Jungle
- Teammate Reliant
- Nobody knows what Ivern does
- Destroyed by dashes

Ivern is a very unique champion, with one of the most unique passives in the game, let alone Jungle. When mastered, Ivern can compete with other jungles in terms of ganking and clearing, but is inevitability lose against people who have everything to kill and shut down Ivern's entire life. Despite this, Ivern can absolutely win games with his flexibility when it comes to team fights.

Ability Breakdown
Ivern has 4 abilities and a passive, like normal champions. These abilities are:


Ivern, instead of killing and hurting camps, enters a 2.5-second channeling animation, placing a circle around the monsters, which slowly fills up, its speed depending on Ivern's level. This costs a chunk of health and mana from Ivern. While the camp circle is being filled, AKA being soothed, Ivern can be free to roam around and soothe other camps. This is important to maximize his clear speeds and helps Ivern keep up with enemy junglers.
As you might've guessed, however, Ivern's jungle clearing is prone to early invades from incredibly high single target damage Junglers like Kindred and Graves, who, if done correctly, can kill their red into a Blue- Gromp invade, which you can't even counter invade.
Later on, despite the process taking much shorter, is still considerably slower compared to things like Kayn or Qiyana who one-shot camps at level 10. This will most likely result in a lot of invades or them being able to get to ganks faster than you. This is why things like Future's Market are taken, as they allow Ivern to reach power spikes in line with enemy junglers and laners. This is also why most items that Ivern likes to build are relatively cheap.

Red Buff and Blue Buff Circles

Additionally, whenever Ivern claims a Red Buff or Blue Buff (AKA Red Brambleback or Blue Sentinel ) after level 5, he will leave a circle on the ground for 60 seconds. This circle is only visible to ally teammates and will disappear once those 60 seconds are over. If an ally enters the circle, they will consume the circle and get a respective Blue Buff or Red Buff, depending on which camp that Ivern cleared. Moreover, if an ally kills blue buff or red buff, it will leave a circle only interactable and visible to Ivern.
Remember to ping "Assist" over the buff every time you claim those buffs, and inform teammates who don't understand. They can be the difference between a kill or a death.
Of course, certain champions get more use out of certain buffs compared to others. If you have an auto-attacking based champion like Akshan, Kai'Sa, Vayne or sustain-based toplaner like Aatrox, Sett or Teemo, inform them to take red buff. If you have a mana-hungry or ability spamming champion like Kassadin, Veigar, or any mage champion, let them take blue buff. If the champion is energy-based, like Akali or Shen, can also use blue buff. If a champion like Mordekaiser is going to get blue buff, try and tell them not to as they get basically nothing out of it.


Prior to the newly introduced scuttle changes, which changed how EXP is gained in the jungle and forced Junglers to do a 6 camp clear in order to reach Level 4, Ivern would not soothe krugs unless in specific scenarios as it gave him a fraction of the gold and EXP due to how his unique passive works. When the scuttle changes dropped, Ivern fell into an incredibly bad position where he would be unable to reach Level 4, even if he did clear krugs, effectively making him incredibly bad in the Jungle. Luckily, they changed this with a mid-patch update, making Krugs give Ivern give a higher amount of gold and exp than before. However, the changes introduced still continue to affect Ivern's ability to consistently clear.
Despite this, I will teach how Ivern's first clear is done. That is one of the major reasons I'm making this guide, as other guides are sorta outdated in this department.


Now, this does look confusing. Partly or mainly due to my inadequate ability to provide a clear and understandable image, but Ivern's clear is incredibly unique regardless.

Step 1

Step 1 involves placing a ward in river bush as soon as you arrive and backing to pick up Oracle Lens. This early ward lets you catch out any people invading your red side, in case you need to path towards their red to counter jungle (I'm looking at you, Rengar Players).

Step 2

Path down to your Blue Side and get ready at your wolves camp. You should have around 30 seconds to CTRL-3 spam or counter-invade if necessary.

Step 3, 4, 5

As soon as wolves spawn, click on them to soothe the camp. After the ring appears, walk over and soothe/click the blue buff. After, go over to your Gromp and soothe it. Now use the potion.

Step 6, 7, 8

Soothe the Raptors , walk to the Red Buff and soothe that as well. Do not soothe Krugs yet.

Step 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Go to your blue side and claim your Murk Wolf , Gromp and Blue Buff. Go back to your red side and claim Raptors , Red Buff, using Rootcaller over the wall to get to your Krugs . Soothe and then Smite the krugs.

Step 14

Make your way to the Rift Scuttler and Smite it as soon as you apply your passive to it.

And there we go! That's Ivern's first clear. Pretty hard to follow along in word format. But! Don't worry. I've got a video right here for you that showcases me going through as Ivern.

This clear is a bit outdated, will update later!

Note : I forgot to buy Oracle when backing.
The Music is by OMOCAT and is called "See You Tomorrow" for the game OMORI.

Optional Clear - Old Clear use when wanting to get really early gank off

Although the Krug changes have made Krugs a nice pickup within a full clear, the emphasis of level 4 has fallen out pretty hard, with many Jungle players believing that map presence is usually better than a full clear with scuttle pickup.
This clear is better when wanting to gank early, and since Krugs isn't the best camp anyways, I reccomend against junglers such as Karthus or other junglers where you want to play to get your laners ahead. This is an old video and is a bit crusty, quality wise, but still holds up very well! The trick at the end involving the bomb plant is a trick discovered that speeds up Ivern's clear a decent amount.

This is a clip of Jamican banana doing it. It involves hitting the bomb plant, and mid animation throwing Rootcaller towards your blue. You will be able to quickly collect wolves and then collect blue by recasting Rootcaller. It takes some time to get used to so I'd suggest trying in practice tool.
I'm still experimenting to see if this clear is viable, and I will need to play a lot of games to try and see how good it performs against the 6 camp clear that became meta before.


Rootcaller is a skillshot projectile that travels about the same distance as Lux's root, Light Binding. Once the projectile hits a monster, minion, or champion, it will root them for 1.2s-2s(Based on skill level). During this time, if Ivern presses right-click/auto-attack on the rooted target, or presses Q again, he will dash towards the target and land in melee distance. If allies right-click on the target, they will dash within their auto-attack range.
Using Rootcaller onto a jungle monster will not deal damage and will not aggro the camp, but will still root them, allowing Ivern to dash to the camp, essentially increasing his clear speeds.
If you root a champion while Daisy! is on the field, she will dash to the target instantly. However, if you Rootcaller a minion, Daisy! will only dash to the minion if you yourself specifically Right-click on the target (This is still really inconsistent).
I think this is one of the highest impact roots in the game when it comes to teamfights and 2v2's. The engage is rapid and acts as an engage for champions who typically use abilities to engage like Akali or Lee Sin.

Rootcaller Tips

- When you are sure the root will land, make sure to use Triggerseed either on yourself, teammate, or Daisy! to ensure that the shield slow will apply directly after the root. It will also give added survivability to those going in.
- By abusing the enemy's lack of vision, you can surprise them with a Rootcaller and get one of the fastest engages for you and your allies.
- If you want to auto-attack the target you rooted, but do not wish to dash to them, you can shift+AA near the target to auto-attack them. I do believe that, by default, League sets it so that this targets the closest enemy to you, including minions. Be sure to change that setting so it focuses the target closest your mouse cursor.


Brushmaker starts with 3 charges, regenerating over time as they are used. When Brushmaker is used, Ivern will enter a small animation and place a Brush/Bush on and around the area he places them. This will give Ivern and his allies vision of the area for 3 seconds. They function as normal bushs, obscuring sight for both your team and the enemy team, providing champions like Teemo or Caitlyn passive buffs, and providing Ivern with his Brushmaker passive.
While Ivern is in a bush, either natural to the map or created by Brushmaker, Ivern's auto-attacks deal additional on-hit magic damage which procs item effects like Liandry's Anguish.
I typically use this ability to grant me vision of bushes
If Ivern places a bush next to wall or another Brushmaker bush, the bush will grow in between the wall/bush, extending the area in which a single cast of Brushmaker can make. The area of influence this effect has is indicated with the bigger circle surrounding the casting area if you hold the button. Sometimes this is good as it blocks more cover, but can also be a detriment to yourself as you obscure more vision.


Triggerseed can be used on yourself, an ally or Daisy!. When used, Triggerseed will supply a shield to the ally, scaling off 80% of Ivern's AP and the base shielding. After 2 seconds, the shield will burst, regardless of if it has been fully broken, partly damaged, or untouched. This burst will do AoE damage based on 80% of Ivern's AP and slow enemies within the area. The amount the burst slows enemies is dependant on the skill level, beginning at 50% at level 1, and at 70% when maxed out.
It's usage is incredibly flexible, being both defensive and offensive. The shielding is quite high due to its high AP scaling, and the burst damage and slow can act as an engage for you or your team. Combine this with it's low CD and how much Ivern loves Ability Haste and AP, Triggerseed is a staple in Ivern's kit.

Triggerseed Tips

- Placing Triggerseed on Daisy! and waiting for two stack of Daisy!'s autos to apply (after two stacks apply, make Daisy walk around the enemy), then waiting for Triggerseed's slow to apply before prompting Daisy!'s knockup is a necessary combo to get a consistent knockup.
- I recommend using your shielding on your bruisers more often than your ADC or Mage, as they benefit significantly less out of it than bruisers, who can subsequently apply the Triggerseed slow. Still, when your teammates are in danger, make sure to shield them. Anticipating an enemy dive from people like Talon and applying shields to squishy but important allies is a good idea.
- Using Flash into ally-applied Triggerseed to counteract an Ignite early on is a very good idea to stop an early lead from an enemy champion.
- The early damage and shielding this provides are incredible at punishing champions and blocking early combos. However, people like Kindred or Graves who deal high consistent damage rather than quick bursts bypass this usually.
- Triggerseed, when placed on an ally rather than Ivern or Daisy!, will proc item effects of the ally instead of Ivern's items. For example, if Triggerseed is placed on ally with Luden's Tempest while Ivern has Liandry's Anguish, the burst will proc the ally's Luden's Tempest but will not apply the burn from Liandry's Anguish. This can be both good and bad. It's phenomenal with Chemtech Putrifier as the burst will proc the Chemtech buff and apply 60% Grievous if Ivern is also attacking the slowed targets.


Daisy! is a very unique and weird R comparatively, but is one of the strongest tools Ivern has in his kit.
When pressed, Ivern will enter a small, uninterruptible animation of him calling down Daisy!. This does not deal damage when landing, unlike Annie's Summon: Tibbers.
Daisy! will last for 60 seconds, gaining added move speed for 5 seconds when summoned. While Daisy! is alive, Ivern can command Daisy! to attack enemies, move to a specific location, or follow Ivern by pressing R. If left without a command unless following a targetable, visible, enemy or Ivern, Daisy will attack the nearest target, including minions but not jungle monsters. During these 60 seconds, Daisy!'s cooldown will go down.
If she is in melee range (125) of an enemy, Daisy will begin to attack the target, applying stacks of Daisy Smash!. When an enemy reaches two stacks of Daisy Smash!, Daisy's next attack will gain 50 attack range and cause a line of rocks to appear from Daisy!'s feet to the where the enemy was, having a max range of 800. If any enemies are hit by this attack, they are knocked up for 1 second. Once this attack has been done, Daisy! can no longer apply Daisy Smash! for 3 seconds.
Daisy!'s auto-attacks, despite scaling off AP, deal physical damage. This means her attacks are not altered by Magic Penetration. Daisy!'s armor. magic resist, HP also scale of 5% of Ivern's AP, with her attack speed scaling off skill level.

Daisy Combos & Tips

- During Daisy!'s initial move speed upon being summoned, aim to place Triggerseed on her to provide extra tankiness and provide a consistent slow for her knock-up. The movespeed ensures she can hit that unless the enemy dashes, becomes untargetable, or ignores CC. After this, use Rootcaller on the enemy while they are airborne to solidify a strong CC chain.
-> -> Knock-up ->

- Herald Take Through At Level 6

This trick utilises Daisy! for a very safe and quick Herald take as Ivern. As shown in the video, use Daisy! to aggro the Rift Herald , placing shields on Daisy! to mitigate damage and placing a Brush on yourself for your Brushmaker passive. Once the Rift Herald gets to around 1000 HP, Rootcaller it and hop over the wall to secure the eye safely. You can do this at level 6 with just Dark Seal and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

- Baron Taking at 20 Minutes

Due to Daisy!'s unique property of taking lessened damage from AoE abilities, Ivern can secure a Baron at 20 minutes if he is at least level 11 with at least 2 AP items(Preferably Liandry's Anguish).
Place Daisy! near the back of the Baron, letting it take less damage. Let Daisy! attack the Baron first to make Baron prioritize her instead of you. Spam shields on Daisy! to keep her alive and place Brushmaker over the entrance of the pit to block vision and provide your passive.
Just make sure you're safe to do this trick before starting it. You might also die if you don't have enough AP.
- How to solo Dragons
Use Daisy!. Let her stand directly next to or preferably inside the Dragon and place shields on her. Smite it when it gets to the respective smite health (450/900).
- How to provide for Daisy!
In fights, you are going to have to pay attention to pretty much 4 things at once. You, your teammates, enemies, and Daisy!. You want to place shields on Daisy! when you and your teammates are safe and you want to get aggressive. Remember to place Brushmaker on Daisy! to block vision and make her untargetable while in the bush, making it hard to move up with her guarding an entrance. Her AI can sometimes be a pain, so make sure to be spamming R to redirect a lot of her movements. This is more experience-based than taught, so you'll have to learn how she works and work around her.
- Against mages or weak enemies, your combo should be to place Brushmaker over you and Daisy!, using Rootcaller to get in fast, or Triggerseed on Daisy! to get an engage through the slow and airborne. Next, you want to dash in or Rootcaller the target and dash in, depending on which option you did, and try and use the CC chain to move around the target to block their escape path. After this, use Brushmaker over yourself again to provide your passive and start autos at intervals to kite them out. Of course, if they're fed, don't do this and instead do the below combo. But against mages who are weak to close engagements, this combo will deal good damage and let you take advantage.
-> -> -> onto yourself -> Q2-> ->Auto-attacks/use abilities when off CD again
-> -> on Daisy!-> airborne -> Q1 and Q2-> ->Auto-attacks/use abilities when off CD again
- Against lethality, fed ADC's, Melee, or Kiting-weak opponents, the combo involves using Daisy! to kite the enemy out and keeping a safe distance from you and them to ensure they can't just two shot you. The combo starts out the same, vision blocking with Brushmaker and using Daisy! in the bush. Place Triggerseed on Daisy! and use her move speed to apply the slow. Let Daisy! airborne or force them to dash, and hit your Rootcaller. However, instead of taking it, just place shield on Daisy! when it comes off CD, placing Brushmaker over yourself and Daisy!, and auto-attacking them from a distance. You can take the Q2, if you desperately need to follow them, like through a wall for instance.
-> -> on Daisy!-> Airborne-> Q1-> 's, 's and auto-attacks to kite them out and prevent an engage.

Known Issues with Daisy(MOSTLY FIXED)

Daisy is incredibly buggy. Her AI can sometimes just break and stop attacking or just completely destroy your 1v1 potential. This is why spamming R on an enemy is necessary, as sometimes Daisy! just gives up. Here is a list of abilities that I know will break Daisy!
- Spirit Fire will completely make Daisy! leave the area it was placed.
- Crushing Blow and Warrior Trickster break Daisy AI, with Crushing Blow making no sense
- The Hextech Ultimatum makes Camille untargetable
- Any stealth like Twitch or Evelynn
- Playful / Trickster from Fizz
- Gwen's W will break Daisy AI if Daisy! is OUTSIDE of the circle before the cast, but will still continue attacking her if Daisy! was inside the circle.
- Kled Dismount (Needs testing)
- Pretty sure Xayah's R does it too
- Karthus E
- Corki Gatling Gun
Yeah. It's bad.
On top of this, if Triggerseed is placed on Daisy! as she dies or despawns, the burst from Triggerseed will not apply.
AP Ivern?
Despite how troll it might seem, AP Ivern, otherwise known to me as APvern, is a very viable build to climb and carry within games. The damage potential is much higher than you'd expect, with your shield still providing high survivability to your teammates, yourself or Daisy.
Why shouldn't you go Support Ivern?
Click here to travel to the support section, and as to why I don't recommend playing Support Ivern often in lower elos.

Everfrost, Crown, Liandry's, or Night Harvester?

To me, these 4 mythics are the only viable options for APvern. Luden's Tempest is close, but it doesn't entirely provide the right stats for Ivern.


+ Cheap Cost
+ Extra CC
+ High AP
+ Gives health
= Decent ability haste
- Low Damage on Active
- No AH based mythic passive.
Everfrost, ever since its price change and item changes has become a very viable choice for Ivern. Its high AP gives higher health shields and provides extra CC to punish and secure kills or disengages. People like Ekko who are greatly punished by a mid-fight CC, or Dr. Mundo who has his CC shield passive, are the best enemies to take Everfrost into. Nowadays your damage numbers as well as increased survivability through shielding as well as the lowered AP ratios makes Everfrost a bit worse ever since the rework.


+ Cheap Cost
+ Insane Utility
+ Good AP
+ Great Synergy with Ivern's playstyle
+ HP
As of the rework and the item changes, Crown has become THE BEST option for pretty much every situation except when vsing high poke enemies. Due to Daisy becoming the Exodia that Ivern depends upon(even more so than before), protecting yourself is a necessity to maintaining high damage and uptime. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS IN THE REWORK.


+ Consistent Damage
+ Tank Buster
+ Insane AH
+ Good AP
- No HP
- Costs a bit more than CotSQ/Everfrost
Overkill in the current meta. Combine that with the high cost as well as the situational application, I wouldn't go this unless you really need to beat a tank heavy comp.


+ Burst Damage
+ Carry Potential
+ Good AH
+ Movespeed
= Aggressive Playstyle
= Lessened supportive capabilities
+ Expensive
+ Matchup dependent
+ No Mana
The rework has made this item okay into squishy comps. That's pretty much it. Either take Crown or Night Harvester.

AP Items

Chemtech Putrifier OR Morrelonomicon

Patch 13.1B, and its changes to Grievous Wounds, makes this item quite situational. Go Morrelonomicon if you need to run anti-heal, otherwise run another AP item.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass is probably Ivern's best secondary item, especially as it counters his no. 1 counters, lethality, and burst. I suggest running this anytime you want to not die against the enemy jungler. It also pairs really nicely with Perfect Timing. Seeker's Armguard is also a really good item to get early. You can also build this first item if you are vsing a full lethal/AD team. This is a great second item along with Crown as well to have some of the most insane tankiness and survivability.

Cosmic Drive

Cosmic Drive has been a staple item for Ivern to build probably ever since it's introduction. The 30 Ability Haste combined with it's now 100 AP makes Ivern's uptime with shield and CC quite high combined with the increased damage and mobility he gets through it. Second item most of the time unless you are specilising to the be either aggressive or defensive(e.g Rabadon's or Zhonya's respectively)

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap is a good item for when you want to deal as much damage as possible, simultaneously providing high health shields and creating a further gap between your team and them. Go if you are fed, are winning, or are genuinely looking for max damage. However, its high cost is something that can break your gold income entirely, so watch out. I tend to go this third.


Shadowflame, despite being the direct counter to Ivern, is a good item to bring if you are versing a Lulu + another shield-based- champion or item like Sion or Sterak's Gage.

Banshee's Veil

I typically only go this when I'm versing a fed enemy AP champion like Lux. Evelynn is the only champion I take Banshee's Veil against a lot. Her charm is ****ed up by a spell shield.

Mejai's Soulstealer

Mejai's Soulstealer is the definition of "High Risk, High Reward". Despite this, Ivern's safe playstyle involving Daisy! and his ability to shield allies a lot to gather stacks let him take Mejai's a lot more safely. Still, I only go this if I'm sure I am able to live in most situations. Otherwise, just take Rabadon's or Cosmic.
Support Ivern

Support Ivern

Ivern was designed to be a supportive jungler with his passive granting allies buffs, his Q acting as an engage for immobile users, W acting as a vision granting and blocking tool, his E being a high health shield, and his R acting as a supporting CC bot. So why do I recommend AP over Support most of the time(especialy during the new support items)?

Why not Support Ivern?

Being a support in League is inconsistent. You rely on your randoms rather than yourself, which can severely limit what you can do. This is mainly because Ivern is an enchanter, someone who relies on others to do the damage and work while they supply buffs or shielding.
The reason why enchanters in the bot lane still go support is that their income is so low that they rely on cheap items to keep them afloat within fights. Ivern is different in this regard, as his income is a lot better. This makes AP Ivern only a bit harder to build but gives Ivern a more independent and versatile build.
Essentially, make sure you trust your teammates to 1. Carry and 2. Not feed if you're going Ivern Support.
Furthermore, the new support item changes that make them more individual items that have power rather than improving the shielding capabilities of characters themselves, Ivern's will be less inclined to build support due to how much he values AP for his scalings.

Support Ivern Mythics

Moonstone Renewer

+ Insane Syngergy with Bruisers
+ HP Shields
+ Decent Stats
+ Mana-Sustain
= Decent ability haste
- Shield Strength Is Countered By Serpent's Fang
- No AH based mythic passive
Moonstone has been destroyed by the item rework and is essentially inferior to Shurelya's.

Shurelya's Battlesong

+ High Utility
+ Offensive and Defensive
+ Not as gutted as Moonstone Renewer
+ Mana-Sustain
+ AH Mythic Passive
- Selfishlessness
- No Healing
Shurelya's is the go-to item for Ivern in the reworked state and item changes. Combos with Daisy as well. Way better than Moonstone.
If you want to learn specific matchup mythic choices for Support, look at the threats/synergies at the beginning of the guide.

Support Item Options

Ardent Censer

Although this is pretty weak on Ivern as it gives him little buffs and is designed for ADC-centered enchanters like Lulu, Ardent Censer can still work if you have at least 3 ADC's on your team e.g Kai'Sa, Jinx and Senna. Otherwise, just go an AP item like Zhonya's Hourglass or Staff of Flowing Water.

Banshee's Veil

I typically only go this when I'm versing a fed enemy AP champion like Lux. Evelynn is the only champion I take Banshee's Veil against a lot. Her charm is ****ed up by a spell shield.

Cosmic Drive

Cosmic Drive has been a staple item for Ivern to build probably ever since it's introduction. The 30 Ability Haste combined with it's now 100 AP makes Ivern's uptime with shield and CC quite high combined with the increased damage and mobility he gets through it. Second item most of the time unless you are specilising to the be either aggressive or defensive(e.g Rabadon's or Zhonya's respectively)

Chemtech Putrifier

Pretty much reduced to only being built against heavy healing comps.

Mejai's Soulstealer

Mejai's Soulstealer is the definition of "High Risk, High Reward". Despite this, Ivern's safe playstyle involving Daisy! and his ability to shield allies a lot to gather stacks let him take Mejai's a lot more safely. Still, I only go this if I'm sure I am able to live in most situations. It's a bit better on support as its low cost will let you stay supportive but also get a lot of AP through the item.

Mikael's Blessing

Mikael's Blessing is a really rare item to use on anyone pretty much, let alone Ivern. The long cooldown makes this scale pretty badly into the late game where high CC ultimates are on a 30-second cooldown anyways. Only ever go if you're versing a high AP team with high CC. I pretty much always run it against Sejuani as it makes her incredibly useless early if you use the cleanse on her R. Really good against stuff like Morgana and can be good against a Pantheon as his stun is necessary to his combo.


The buffs that Redemption got has made it a pretty decent item to pick up if you're looking to purely support a very bruiser/melee/blood bath team who plays in a specific area. The CD buff makes it pretty good at all stages of the game, only falling off late game. The healing is also very good if you need to apply AoE support. Especially when the other items have gotten nerfed, redemption is a great full support item to pick up to keep your team alive in teamfights.

Staff of Flowing Water

SoFW is a very good item to pick up if you have multiple AP allies like Lux, Ryze. It is also very good if you have another enchanter like Lulu or Janna. Also very good with Ezreal. Go if you want to support team with added AP and AH buffs.

Zhonya's Hourglass is probably Ivern's best secondary item, especially as it counters his no. 1 counters, lethality, and burst. I suggest running this anytime you want to not die against the enemy jungler. It also pairs really nicely with Perfect Timing. Seeker's Armguard is also a really good item to get early. You can also build this first item if you are vsing a full lethal/AD team.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabadon's, when combined with Moonstone shield and heal power makes Ivern shields reach ludicrous numbers(if properly itemised, near 1000 HP shields!), and can be a very very effective second item if ahead and want to supply a great surplus of HP through shields. Very solid and I'd reccomend if you don't need anti-heal, AH or utility.

Frozen Heart

Run against Graves and other AD burst/lethality users to mitigate or dispel a lot of their damage.

Imperial Mandate

The mythic turned legendary that used to be actually ATROCIOUS for Ivern has become a very solid second item, even in an AP build. Great burst potential. I'd highly reccomend.
What about [insert item]

List of "Optional" items

Nashor's Tooth

The new daisy changes may incentivise you to build this, but you actually are handicapping yourself to rely on Daisy in a game where 1200 HP smite exists and insane ADC's exist who can kite and kill Daisy so quickly. Don't go Nashors.

Void Staff

The changes it received in the preseason has made Void Staff a very weird item. Still, it remains very very situational as Ivern. Only go when the enemy team is going 100% MR and you NEED to do damage instead of supporting. Not much else. Nice synergy with Rabadon's Deathcap, but literal zero synergy with Nashor's Tooth and Daisy!. Still, Shadowflame is usually better as it gives HP and it gives higher raw AP.

Lich Bane

This item is pretty bad, even in ADC. The recent changes where it now gives ability haste skew it closer to Ivern's liking, but I honestly think other items like Zhonya's, Rabadons, or Chemtech Putrifier offer up better utility or stats. Cann build if fed and the extra damage is what you want, but overall other item get better usage than this.

Seraph's Embrace

Seraph's is a decent IDEA, but bad in execution. The shield is pretty decent but stacking tear and getting it up is a hassle as Ivern, seeing as you don't use abilities to clear.

Rylai's Cystal Scepter

This item is grouped with Nashors. It's god awful. It's safe to assume that anyone who builds this build is new to Ivern.

Horizon Focus

Horizon Focus, in theory, should work pretty well if you're going for pure damage. It'll entirely shift Ivern from being a supportive carry to full-on carry as placing your shield on others will not activate Horizon Focus due to Triggerseed's unique interaction. Although that CAN be good, you'll want to remain somewhat supportive as Ivern, otherwise, you'll be risking a lot by not helping your team as often. Build if you are looking for maximum damage. Needs a bit more testing for me to find out where it's supposed to go in terms of the AP build.

Demonic Embrace

Combined with Moonstone Renewer, Demonic can provide a great mix of damage and supportive capability, but seeing as Moonstone is pretty bad ATM, I wouldn't go this often. I only go if I need extra HP based damage when I cannot go Liandries and instead need protection or other utility.

Other Items

I assure you can either 1. Find a better AP/Shield power/AH item or 2. This item is not meant for Ivern anyways. If there is genuinely an item I missed, please leave a comment! I might be just dumb.
Ionian or Mobility Boots?

Ionian Boots

+ Ability Haste
+ Lower Cost
+ Flexibility
+ Smite and Flash CD lowered
+ Consistent Move speed
- A bit weaker at counter ganking
- A bit slower clear speeds

Mobility Boots

+ Faster clear speed
+ Better map presence
+ More counter ganking
+ Selflessness
- Weak in fights
- No Ability Haste
- Longer Smite CD
Honestly, 99% of the time, you want to be taking Ionian Boots of Lucidity as they provide Ivern with pretty much everything he needs. The gold value he gets is phenomenal, giving Ivern an early power spike. Combined with Dark Seal which gives decent AP early, Ivern deals decently high consistent damage, with decent survivability with shield spam.
The only matchup I ever take Mobility Boots is against Nunu & Willump, as I want to counter-gank as much as possible to prevent a complete snowball. Still, taking Predator in these situations can be just as effective while supplying you with a bit more burst damage.
Going Mobility Boots with Shurelya's Battlesong can be a good combo to mitigate the move speed penalty you receive in combat, but the recent nerf to Shurelya's Battlesong has made this a bit less effective.
Still, I think this decision is up to personal preference, with many stating that Ionian Boots are 100% better all the time, with some saying that Mobility Boots can still compete as a viable option.

What does Ivern want?

Ivern wants a couple of different things out of his runes. But I think the most he wants is Flexibility. He loves being able to work around his team and the enemy team. Only in specific situations does he want to specifically design himself around defensive support or aggression. The most common example of a playstyle-designed rune page would be the Domination Aery page, but that still offers plenty of flex to it.

Aery Page(s)

Summon Aery is the best rune for Ivern to take in the Jungle. Although Arcane Comet CAN work, it also doesn't provide any supportive flexibility AT ALL. The only time Arcane Comet is taken is in Top Lane as he needs more trading potential and doesn't need Summon Aery's shielding as he cannot apply it on himself.
Regardless, Summon Aery provides pretty decent damage; sometimes providing 2000 damage, with added shielding which can read upwards of 1000 shielding. The keystone also procs on your autos, which means early fights are more in favor for Ivern. The runes that Sorcery opens up for you is also phenomenal for Ivern.
I think Nimbus Cloak is a way better option than Nullifying Orb as it increases Ivern's clear speeds and improves his kiting potential for the extra MS on both Chilling Smite and Flash. I remember some apps like Mobalytics used to reccomend Nullifying Orb on Ivern, but I think the little health it gives is practically useless compared to how many times I've outran an opponent with Nimbus Cloak. I even had someone type in chat once "how are you so fast?" to me after I escaped a fight and they died to tower. Manaflow Band isn't a jungle rune.
Transcendence is way too good of a rune for Ivern because of how much he relies on Ability Haste and uptime to remain reliable and supportive. The resetting mechanic is rather lackluster, so that doesn't really come into play at all. I go this 100% of the game. Celerity can work decently well with Relentless Hunter, but it doesn't really do much other than MS. Absolute Focus is a weird rune and is quite inflexible for Ivern. Overall, Transcendence is the most flexible rune for Ivern.
I think the last row of runes are based on personal preference, but I highly recommend Waterwalking as it gives Ivern a little more map presence, better scuttle contest, and is overall more consistent for Ivern. Gathering Storm is a good alternative, promoting late game scaling and more carry potential with higher AP, but is overall inflexible. Again, fiddle around with it and find how you like both runes. Scorch is not a Jungle Rune.

Secondary Runes

Domination Tree

The Domination tree is an excellent tree for Ivern to have as it promotes late-game scaling and early snowballing, with the option of going Cheap Shot against armor-heavy or tanky comps like Leona or Sejuani. Relentless Hunter is the best hunter option as it speeds up Ivern's clear speeds, helps his slow disengage after a fight, and increases his map presence with added move speed. The reason why Ultimate Hunter isn't needed is because of how bad it becomes late game, where you've already built 90% Ability Haste and Daisy! is already on a 20 second cooldown, regardless if you have Ultimate Hunter or not. Relentless Hunter always remains relevant for Ivern throughout the game.
Go Eyeball Collection and Relentless Hunter 90% of the time.

Inspiration Tree

The Inspiration Tree is the most consistent tree for Ivern. I still recommend going Domination if you're going AP, but the Inspiration tree works great with a support build. Future's Market is such a good rune as it lets Ivern hit his power spikes earlier, but also allows Ivern to remain relevant with how much he gets invaded late game. I'd only switch it out Perfect Timing when you're going to build Zhonya's Hourglass first or second item as you need the armor and utility to live against an assassin-heavy comp. Cosmic Insight is great for clearing your Jungle, and offers up a lot of flexibility around your clearing and flashes. Never swap out this rune if you're going Inspiration. Hexflash used to be pretty good, but it's utility has gotten a little worse ever since and the other runes like Future's Market and Perfect Timing gives Ivern more than a small flash.

Why not [insert rune here]?

Revitalize sounds great on paper, but the gold value it gives is pretty minimal. Going Eyeball Collection and stacking AP usually gives more shielding per game than Revitalize. Bone Plating is pretty weak in the Jungle as they aren't trying to win trades with it. Conditioning is actually pretty good, but it doesn't pair well with any other Resolve runes. Font of Life has minimal impact. Shield Bash doesn't do anything except 10 extra damage. The added armor is nice, but it doesn't do much.

Overall Rating

mS paint

Summon Aery with either secondary runes is probably the BEST rune for Ivern. It gives a lot of what he loves and allows Ivern to be a mixture of different playstyles and item builds. I don't think anything else comes close.
I am planning on adding explanations of Ivern runes. Will be coming soon.

Glacial Augment Page

Glacial is a good punishing tool against aggressive opponents or defensive teammates. It supplies a good slow that disrupts engages and slows disengages. The damage reduction is also great to apply some extra utility in blood-bath/mosh pit comps. The major problem that Glacial Augment has is little damage flexibility and consistency. It also is very teammate reliant and therefore pretty weak if you can't or won't follow up on the activation. It also promotes healing power, which is good if you like going support but can severely limit your damage for only a little extra CC.
Perfect Timing is the bet rune to go here. I haven't played much with Hextech Flashtraption, but the Ivern community generally thinks its not as good as before. Perfect Timing gives insane utility and play-making potential with Stasis, and the stopwatch builds into one of your items, Zhonya's Hourglass. Magical Footwear is the worst rune to take here as your boots are the most important part of Ivern's kit to get early or semi-early.
Other than Future's Market, the other two runes aren't runes designed for Jungle. Click here to see why I think Future's Market is insanely valuable on Ivern.
Cosmic Insight is invaluable on Ivern, but is also the only rune you can take in the last row. Time Warp Tonic would be funny to speed up level 1 clears with added move speed, but being funny isn't the intention.

Secondary Runes

Domination Secondary

Glacial has turned from a support oriented rune to a rune specialised for Item usage as it allows the combination of Cosmic Insight and Ingenious Hunter, which considerably lowers item cooldowns. I recommend going Redemption first into either Moonstone Renewer or Radiant Virtue, then going into Staff of Flowing Water or some sort of AP item.

Overall Rating

Bretty good
Overall, I think Glacial Augment is a nice change of pace to see in the Ivern rune area. And although its an arguable amount lower in terms of performance to Summon Aery, I'd rate it a strong B or even a low A. What limits it is the need to build support to get the best out of the rune, and it means that you have limited damage.
Again, try it out and see how you like it. I personally don't like how irrelevant it becomes after 2 seconds in a fight, but many people have found good success with it. MossyElder is a great example, he takes it a lot of the time, and runs Sorcery secondaries with Transcendence and Nimbus Cloak.

Guardian Page

Guardian is probably the most supportive rune page to go, and it completely banks on the idea of allies being able to use your support to live and deal damage. Guardian is also a great rune to help Ivern's survivability with ganking, team fights, or just in general.
This is because Guardian gives Ivern a copy of the shield alongside his teammate.
Guardian also is meant to be a faster rune against faster teams(as in a damage sort of way, not necessarily move speed itself). So it's intended for Ivern to run Shurelya's Battlesong or Redemption.
I recommend going this rune page ONLY if you are in high elo AND is vsing a fast team comp or having a fast team comp, like Rengar or Ekko.
Font of Life is the best option. It promotes that same speed fighting.
But why not Shield Bash? It does no damage, the added tankiness is pretty weak, and often Font of Life is way better as it's healing should scale off of your healing/shielding items(Not tested but, I'd believe that to be true).
Conditioning is a great rune, and the other two are useless.
Revitalize is the only rune you can take. Overgrowth does nothing, and Unflinching isn't needed.

Secondary Runes

Domination Secondary

Domination provides Ivern with higher damage, better ganking pressure, and higher health shields with Eyeball Collection and Relentless Hunter. Other secondaries give too much utility, when Guardian is already so survival focused. I think the only other viable secondary runes would be Sorcery with Gathering Storm and Transcendence.

Overall Rating

Bretty good
I actually think Guardian CAN be good, although every Summon Aery is better 99% of the time. Guardian is good if both teams are incredibly quick in teamfights. And taking Guardian can have higher impact than Summon Aery OCCASIONALLY. But often times, even Glacial Augment can work to do very similar things to Guardian, but is focused more on utility than it is on straight damage tank.

Tier List of Runes

First Strike goes in C tier, alongside the Unsealed Spellbook.
Glacial Augment or Aery

When should I take Glacial Augment or Aery?

Glacial Augment is significantly better when you are building support as the slow on the rays of ice scale insanely high off of healing and shielding power, reaching around 80%-95% slow at full build with max shielding power.
Glacial Augment is also very good against people who have limited instant mobility like dashes as they will lose a majority of their speed due to Glacial Augment. People like Kalista and Kindred are barely affected by the slow as their dashes prevent Glacial's lockdown to come into play. However, people who engage quickly but can be quickly punished due to the slow and damage reduction like Talon, Ekko, or Samira are the champions you want to be taking Glacial Augment into.
Summon Aery is a much more flexible rune that allows for a little more early game pressure while scaling decently well. The runes that the Sorcery tree offers up is also phenomenal for both Ivern support and AP, with Ivern being able to stay safe with Nimbus Cloak as well as speeding up clears, spamming more Triggerseed's with Transcendence, and Waterwalking improving Ivern's early game with added AP and MS.
I typically run this 100% of the time when playing AP Ivern unless the enemy team is full engage/dive then Glacial Augment also works.
Though, the damage and shielding that Summon Aery gives cannot be underestimated in 1v1's and team fights. I would highly recommend going Summon Aery 95% of the time.
Inspiration & Domination Tree

The Inspiration Tree : The Strongest TREE for Ivern

Ivern's clear speed, besides his level, is affected by two things. Move speed, and Smite cooldown. The move speed allows Ivern to walk around the jungle faster, soothing more and more camps. This is why buying boots first is a very good idea as it gives Ivern everything he needs to clear well, with Ionian Boots of Lucidity decreasing his Smite cooldown alongside providing move speed.
The Inspiration tree fulfills the Smite cooldown section, Cosmic Insight significantly reducing the Smite cooldown, especially when combined with Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
But that's not all that the Inspiration Tree offers, with Future's Market probably being the reason I have won or stayed in games with the utility it gives. Unlike other junglers, Ivern is significantly punished if his jungle is getting constantly invaded. Other Junglers like Kayn or Zed, despite being invaded a lot, will still being able to one-shot a camp if it was still somehow left alone.
Meanwhile, Ivern will need to wait a solid 20-10 seconds in order to claim a camp. During this time, enemies can straight up kill the camp immediately, preventing Ivern from getting back into the game.
Future's Market is a bandage solution to this problem, with it providing Ivern some extra gold to work around, both early and late game. Early on, it can be the difference between getting a Ionian Boots of Lucidity on your first back, or not having enough for it.
The only other option you can take to replace Future's Market is Perfect Timing, as it opens up a lot of play making potential in fights, and builds into one of your core items, Zhonya's Hourglass. I take Perfect Timing into matchups where Zhonya's Hourglass is necessary to survive.
Hextech Flashtraption USED to be a decent rune, but I don't think it's as good as the utility other runes have.
Biscuit Delivery is not needed in the Jungle.

The Domination Tree : The Strongest Carry TREE for Ivern

Now, despite what I just said about the importance and utility the Inspiration tree does for Ivern, here I am to contradict it all and say that Domination is also a very good choice for Ivern to snowball and gain a good lead. Unlike Inspiration, Domination lets Ivern consistently fight and snowball with Eyeball Collection and increase clear speeds with Relentless Hunter. Change Eyeball Collection to Cheap Shot when you are versing a tank or high resistance comp like Leona, Sejuani, Amumu, or Tahm Kench.

Ivern Midscope is good?

Support is destroyed, but AP is going through the roof in winrate. Your ability to carry is much higher in the rework. The one rule is to play with Crown or Night Harvester and stop going the on-hit build. While before the Nashor's Tooth and Rylai's Crystal Scepter was actually quite good, the recent nerfs to your W AP scaling has made the build way worse than an average AP build.
I hope this guide has been good for you to learn Ivern. I certainly adore this champion, and I would probably not play League if he were to disappear.

1/8/2022 - Guide was published.
1/12/2022 - Added Glacial Augment and Aery chapter. Changed Glacial Augment runes to have resolve secondary. Added Inspiration Tree chapter.
1/20/2022 - Lich Bane changes. Still bad item. Rylai's Changes, still meme item.
4/13/2022 - Moonstone nerfs makes Ivern support worse. :(
19/10/2022 - I've updated this a little here and there, but not much has changed tbh.
16/01/2023 - Season 13 thoughts and added Kassadin and Ryze matchup on the chart.
4/19/2023 - Patch 13.8. Hasn't changed anything other than Jarvan being less of a threat. Kha'Zix might go up depending on how good those buffs are.
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