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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mage

Jarvan IV the Bruiser

Mage Last updated on March 7, 2011
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's main job in a team is to be a bruiser for his team - engage opponents and hold enough so that your team can sweep them up. This requires a balanced build between damage and defensive items, runes and masteries. This specific build benefits mostly if played as mid player, as he can initiate gangs early game really well.

some stats

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9 Greater Mark of Desolation is the only red that does enough. All your skills are dealing physical damage, but only one scales with damage.

5 Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration give you some mana regen to work with, as his skills have low cd, somewhat high mana cost. These surpass the flat mana regen runes on lvl 7, so there is really no option here.
4 Greater Seal of Vitality health for a bruiser is important. You must be able to withstand few of the first hits. Depending on your playstyle you might want to go for 9 of these and supliment mana regen through 7 Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration and get another MR item.
7 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Almost everyone has some magic damage, either abilities or items, so MR is always nice to have. Especially when you are Cataclysm on a carry/mage, you should be able to survive long enough to deal with them.
2 Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown ReductionThis supliments your cooldown reduction to provide you with 39.8 lategame and gets you to ~15% - 20% CDR with just one of the core CDR items The Brutalizer or Glacial Shroud. If playing in arranged team, where I can reliably get Blue Buff, I would replace these with 2 more Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.
1 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed This gets you to normal 320 movement speed (actually .75 faster than normal)
2 Greater Quintessence of HealthYou need some bulk, especially early game 1-10 and health is one of the hardest stat to get without something meaningless next to it (more on this in items section).

Optional runes:

You can experiment with the runes a bit, but here are my thoughts:
Marks: Attack speed can cap pretty easily with this build, you almost have no critical strike items and no abilities that rely on crits. A point can be made that higher burst through crits finishes the job faster, but still the armour penetration runes add more damage. 12-14 lvl you would be dealing almost True Damage with the penetration involved. No other options from marks.
Seal: Thanks to Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration you can actually replace seals with other defensive ones. You can go for 9 Greater Seal of Evasion and supliment with either a health item or magic resistance item, depending on team composition and personal preferences. Health is my preference, as I already mentioned, it usually comes with useless other additional effects on Items.
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration as a replacement of Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration if you invested Seals for HP/Evasion. Remember you lose 19MR (at lvl 18) so build another MR item or higher MR item Banshee's Veil
Quintessence: The one Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed should not be removed as this gets you to normal movement speed. You can't afford to be slower than the rest when playing a melee hero! If you play mid you can replace the two Fortitude with 2 Greater Quintessence of Desolation, as you will not take as much burst mid from the lane.

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The only odd thing here might be the Archaic Knowledge. You have no magic damage abilities, but still your passive does magic damage, and some of the items ( Madred's Bloodrazor, Wit's End and Sword of the Divine) do magic damage. This can be changed to Haste if you are using Ghost or Reinforce if you go for Fortification, which can replace Exhaust on a tanking build.

The other thing is that this build exploits full defensive masteries. This is general build that can go either way - offtank, bruiser, Full DPS or even Assassin. This is possible thanks to Ardor and in part Nimbleness mastery. This is the reason I go for attack speed/armour penetration combination, and not crit, high damage and similar. With full Offensive masteries you have only two roles, which might not suit the game / team composition. Depending on enemy team and how well the game goes you can quickly switch from Offtank/Bruiser to DPS and vice versa. This will be discussed more in the Items section.

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Skill Sequence

If you are reading this guide I hope you have at least one game with Jarvan and are familiar with his abilities. The skill sequence is not set in stone - get what you need the most at this point in the game and plan accordingly. As Bruiser try to rank Golden Aegis first to reduce the cooldown and increase the shield.

Jarvan's passive is one of the best ones I've ever seen. This allows him to do a LOT of damage no matter build or items. One of the reasons I prefer the Boots + 3 potions start is getting in range to harass using the first hit nuke - you get there, hit him, back off, come back in 6 seconds, do it again. Depends on how good you are in teamfights, you can try to hit multiple champions just for the bonus that it will deal to their team.

We rank this as soon as possible, as it gives you and your teammates the greatest dps increase possible. Does some damage, so you can use it at the start to lasthit and harras. Best part is that it reveales the brushes, so you can also scout and avoid harrasment. I avoid to use smartcasting for this skill though, I always have the feeling it shortens the range of it. Practice and learn how to use it to jump through obstacles, move fast through the map and escape gangs in combination with Dragon Strike. With experience, Jarvan becomes one of the most mobile champions in LoL and you will notice that you tend to farm near obstacles that can allow you to escape gangs. One more thing - You can knock in the air an opponent who just past your standard and it sometimes bugs and does nothing.

The second skill to rank up, each rank increases the damage and armour penetration slightly. Short range, but can be used to harras quite well. Increase it to rank 2 on level 5 in order to get the same CD as your Demacian Standard. Practice to knock as much opponents as possible and use it in combination with Demacian Standard to engage multiple enemies.

The third skill is most probably the most useful one, but I rarely find the option to level it up earlier. 2 ranks gives it 20% speed reduction and 100-200 shield, and you will have to manage with it. Still, if opponents have fed nukers, you might want to make this skill your priority and get it to level 5 ASAP. As you can notice on the introduction video of Jarvan IV the skill does not care for higher/lower ground and obstacles, so you can use it offensivly.

The skill. Does pretty high damage to whoever you jump onto, blocks paths, blocks the opponent from escaping and... blocks your allies.
Be smart, don't isolate yourself in infavourable position from your team, or block your team's escape/advance. The way you use it will change the outcome of the game, so practice, practice, practice. Usually it is locked to target enemy carry/support chars, but can be used to save your own carries from melees and to enchance other powerful aoe spells. Nunu, Fiddlesticks, Katerina etc. all will love your battlering of death. Use it if they decide to harass you at your tower, avoid using it at their tower, be aware of your team composition.
Remember you can lower it if you need it just for the damage but it will hinder your teammates. Remember you can use it to seperate enemies who would otherwise kill you long enough to set up a + escape. Ring duration is 3.5 seconds and the damage it deals scales with bonus physical damage.
When going for Cataclysm gang make sure you check opponents summoner spells and ask teammates if they have used Flash already. Avoid using on champions with blink/leap abilities, as they will just exit the Circle of Death������¢���¯���¿���½������¢. If you have melee teammates try to get both you and your mate inside, or make sure they have a way to get inside (leap, flash, blink skills) and maybe some of your creep minions.
I will talk more about specific skills in the Team Work section.

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Summoner Spells

Flash gets you in and out of battle and gets you in range for and a + combo. If you are one of the few people out there who don't like flash you can use Ghost instead, but it is not as impressive unimproved as .
You will do quite a few 1v1 battles, and nothing wins it better than Exhaust. Slowing people, lowering their damage output, helps you escape - it does everything a melee champion wants.
Other options: : Helps with gangs, it is pretty difficult of people to avoid the old teleport on ward into combo.
If you don't like Flash for some reason.
Jarvan can jungle and is keeping good speed through it, but this one is not a jungle Jarvan guide. Also you are good lane teamplayer, so you should not jungle unless there are no other options.
The rest are not worth mentioning with Jarvan IV.

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One of the longest topics will be items. I wanted to make the core of the items just Boots of speed and 3 Health Potion but in the end decided different. Still, even with the first item use common sense. I prefer getting Boots, especially if I am mid, in order to better avoid skill shots, which are 90% of the harassment skills. But if you know you will be against either Zilean, or Malphite + Nunu & Willump line, go for better regen options. If lanes will be Renekton+Random and Xin Zhao+random go for extra HP provided by Doran's Shield or similar. If you have a very strong partner for your lane you can start with Long Sword and a potion to improve your last hit and for better harassment.

Let me elaborate - the best thing, and the most difficult about this guide for Jarvan IV is the ability to adapt. I would recommend this build to people who have game awareness - they know what is going on in the game, what their opponents are trying to achieve and what your role in your team will be. Usually you know your first 3-4 items as soon as you see their champions. Sometimes this is not the case as there are a few hybrid chars that can go either AD/AP, be more defensive or more offensive, sometimes MR will be more important than Armour, and often you will need as high damage as possible.

Problem stat is Health, as there are almost no items that you would want to get that contain HP increase, so the focus would be mitigation. Aegis of the Legionis a pretty good item, but the price is a bit high for the slot it takes. Banshee's Veil and Heart of Gold are the only HP items I usually create.
Sunfire Cape usually does not do enough, unless you are offtank. Frozen Mallet is useful only if you are protecting your teammates from their DPS only in specific cases, as you have good enough chasing skills - very rarely someone can escape without a blink. Shurelya's Reverie and Soul Shroud I leave to the support chars, as they have high cost and no mitigation. With just 5 slots and no insane farming skills you have to consider carefully what you will get, as usually you need a good mix of defensive and offensive items. I try to get at least ~200 armour and ~110 MR on a bruiser/offtank, which you will be in 85% of the games.

The items you will most often get is one Recurve Bow item, depending on team composition and specific needs. I will go through them:
My personal favourite, but it is sometimes useless. Provides good attack speed, additional magic damage through the proc, and stealing mana is actually not bad against quite a lot of chars. Really shines against some mana starved chars like Amumu, Annie (early-midgame), Ezreal, Galio, Jarvan IV (lol), Pantheon, Taric, Udyr.
Quite a beneficial item for the whole team. 20% Lifesteal, additional 20 armour penetration and the attack speed make this item a must for a team with at least 2 physical dps. Also fits the well of a bruiser/offtank quite nicely. This is the one I usually make as usually I have two physical dps in the team.
This and the armour penetration will make you a bane for tanks, but I rarely do it as it is not your job to fight tanks. You debuff them with the aoe of the Dragon Strike, but usually you go for the carry/support. Still, it does quite a lot of damage to some support chars which stack health and armour, and when playing offtank sometimes it is your job to get their bruisers off your dps.
An honourable mention if they have Jax. Always get this against Jax and your DPS will thank you for their lives. Favourite quote: "Dodge this".

Depends on how the game goes you might have the core - Boots of Speed, Long Sword, Null-Magic Mantle/ Cloth Armor, Recurve Bow at level 7-9 and it is time to decide how to proceed from there. Upgrade your Recurve Bow and boots accordingly, though 90% of the time you will go for Mercury's Treads as CC against you in the is bad. Also when you are cc-ed you can't escape using Dragon strike.
At this point of the game you should be aware what your role will be, so the next item depends on that role. Here are some options:

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The way of the Bruiser: Items

As offtank/bruiser you should go for a defensive item to help you survive the initial damage when you engage. Note - in the core item build there is a sword that does not upgrade for any defensive item. It is there to help you before you know what your role will be - skip it if you will not go for Bruiser, or upgrade it to The Brutalizer. There are multiple redundant items in the build as well, just follow the comments below.

This one is most probably the best such item as it provides you some health and armour and builds into the Randuin's Omen you should initiate with. Use caution though - it is still a popular tank item, and depending on team composition stacking Omen's activates is not pretty good and it is a bit redundant with your Golden Aegis, so you might want to go for Glacial Shroud instead.

Bruiser's job is also to take as much spells on him as humanly possible and withstand them. There are games where I've had as much as 290 MR as the game required it. Cloak into Banshee's Veil does this at it's best, but sometimes you will go for Force of Nature or Quicksilver Sash.

Against heavy attack damage, if you like towerdives or if the main tank is already half-way to a Randuin's Omen. The mana, cooldown reduction and high armour, especially of the end item, will be greately appreciated.

Nukes can take you down too fast sometimes, and this one provides great value for it's price. The 300 magic shield can hold a few spells after the one that triggers it with high MR. Annie, Malzahar, Kassadin, Veigar usually relly on taking you down with few spells. Adds some damage as well. All around good item.

This one is a bit special. I would advise you to get it only if you are really good with your Dragon Strike+ Demacian Standard reflexes, or you know you will die within 5 seconds of initiating. With such a low HP/mana you will be almost useless after the respawn in the team fight, and if you played it correctly, they will hate you so much that you will be targeted heavily. You can consider this if you get a stacking item like Leviathan and/or Sword of the Occult and get 10+stacks on them.

As a conclusion - I usually end up with 4 defensive items, boots and Recurve Bow item as Bruiser and live to see the battle through. To be succesful bruisers you should have ganged early and be nuisance to their team mid-late game, so much that they want to target you out of spite.

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The way of the Offtank: Items

As offtank your main job would be to deny their assasins, DPS and tanks reach to your own range dps/casters/support and try to hold the front along with your tank. In such cases you allow him to initiate and do not get so much burst damage as a bruiser.
As such you have to actually focus more on damage, than on defense, but still it is good to have the second item of your build defensive when you have a defensive role.

+ : This is my favourite combo against heavy attack damage heroes, especially autoattack ones like Ashe, Master Yi, Tryndamere and the likes. Get the cape first, than a dps item, and the thornmail will be your fourth item. The best use of this combination is on taunters, but taking huge chuncks of their lives and knocking them in the air taunts as well :D

The main job of the mallet here would be to slow their assasins/DPS to prevent them killing your DPS. This is the only way to apply a constant slow, except for Golden Aegies, which has a cooldown :(. Generates additional aggro.

Other than the cape the other options are pretty much the same as the bruiser, only difference is that as offtank you usually get just one, at maximum two defensive items.
Almost always get a Banshee's Veil in order to avoid getting stunned/silenced while keeping that (K)assasin off your DPS.

Another job as offtank would be to use your Martial Cadence at it's maximum, hitting each opponent once for the most damage.

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The way of the carry: Items

If your team needs damage per second you can fill that role pretty well. I (and this build) prefer the high attack speed (usually capped with 4 slots, active Youmuu's Ghostblade and active Demacian Standard.

No matter if DPS or Offtank, this will be a main item. Flat armour penetration is good, especially early game, and the cooldown reduction will play a good role as your mana pool and regen improves. Upgrade it to as soon as possible for one imba activate ability, some crit and additional CDR.

If at any time you find yourself with 1850 gold this is the best item to invest into. All the items it builds into are very, very good and usually the only hard part is getting the sword. I prefer The Black Cleaver over The Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge. Get Infinity Edge if you have complete Youmuu's Ghostblade and Zeke's Harbinger though, as there can be something like too much armour penetration, especially considering that both The Black Cleaver and Zeke's Harbinger diminish the ammount of armour you reduce with Dragon Strike.

Most of the games as DPS you will get 1-2 B.F.Sword items as all your abilities scale with your bonus damage, and those provide the most of it.

All around good item to have, usually build it very very late, as other things (like flat damage) have priority. Usually the 6th item I would go for.

More items to consider:

[ Already mentioned this one. Please do not build this if you are going the assassin route.

This one is tricky and it is definetely for advanced players. When you master Jarvan's escape/gang abilities stacks will increase pretty fast and you will very rarely die. If you go for DPS and you play him good enough, this should be the first item you go through.

I will mention this great blade again. Provides neccesary MR to survive to deal damage : dead DPS is NO DPS.

In teamfights usually people bunch up together. There are several things that diminish the usefuleness of this item, especially higher ranked players, but there are things that improve it - all melee/all ranged teams do not have much option and you will almost always get 2-3 people in Cataclysm, in which case this is devastating. The buff they did in the last patch made it a very good option, easy to gather and helps with farming as well.

DON'T build:
The effect of this item is greatly diminished by your Dragon Strike so flat armour penetration works much better.
You don't need this. Yes, it does provide some health, but I would rather get resistance/armour than get flat health + ability I do not really need. You have enough slow ( Golden Aegis), chase Dragon Strike+ Demacian Standard and reach (the aforementioned and Cataclysm) so that you do not need this kind of slow.

I've seen quite a few Jarvans build this one, but I still believe it is 2100 down the drain. Does not provide enough damage, and though the regen is nice, you should be able to manage without it after lvl 10-11.

Conclusion: as pure DPS your role would be to deal the most damage possible to their team. You should be DPS only if there is a better suited assasin(s) to kill of their dps/support. Your biggest asset is the armour penetration and high initial hit damage - use it to your team's advantage. Try hitting multiple champions once, taking down dangerous high armour characters, and survive for as long as possible still doing damage via Golden Aegis, Flash, DS+DS ( Demacian Standard+ Dragon Strike ) and Cataclysm. Try getting their DPS/support into the circle along with your assasin, this usually means quick death for their team, or get the annoying Rammus/Amumu/Shen seperated from your team and kill him off.

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The way of the Assasin: Items

Assassin route:
Rarelly you will go the assasin route, as you have only Cataclysm as burst and closing ability and burst damage is not your best. Still, if you lack another char (namely Akali, Evelynn, Irelia, Jax, Kassadin, Katarina, LeBlanc, Poppy, Shaco or Twitch). It would be best if you know you are going the assasin role early in the game, as it might be best to skip the Recurve Bow item in that case, or at least build it into Zeke's Harbinger. Your role is simple - kill the squishy(s) inside Cataclysm for 5 seconds (Cataclysm+knocked in the air). This will need flat armour penetration and burst damage.

This will provide you with the attack speed and will setup your critical for the next item. The cooldown reduction will ensure that you have ult on every ~80 seconds and a knock before and after the ult.

Provides the highest burst damage that would be available to you. Expensive as hell unfortunately, good thing you will need just one.

100 bonus damage fully stacked, this should be the 4th/5th item you get. The Life steal is not as useful as on DPS chars, but still might provide you with enough time to finish the job.

Talking about damage, this is the single highest damage items in the game for a single slot. As mentioned before, go this route only if you feel confident with your abilities to survive and ganging. Much better for this build as it aims to one-shot squishes and retreat from the battle.

Defensive items as an Assasin:
In 85% of the times Banshee's Veil would be the only defensive item you have, another 13% it will be Quicksilver Sash and the last 2% would be neither, or maybe Guardian Angel :)
It is up to you when you will get it. It mostly depends who will use the crowd control on you. If it is the person you are targeting, Sash would be better, as it removes all the abilities. If it is someone else, Veil would be better. Imba ultimates call for a Quicksilver Sash - Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks (fear+silence), Lux, Malzahar, Maokai (root), Morgana, Nunu & Willump, Teemo (without Blinding Dart you can kill him fast, with it he can ignore your ult), Warwick.

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Team Work - specific teammates and what to watch for

This will most probably be the longest chapter on this build/guide. I will try to mention everything I've come accross but if you experience a synergy and I have missed it please make sure to mention it in the comments and I will add it to the guide.

Early game, or choosing your lane.

Against most champions you can lane quite well on mid, and considering the power of Cataclysm you make a pretty good roamer. There are quite a few champions with whom you will lane quite good though, so such opportunities are not to pass up.

Cataclysm comboes pretty well with most assassin champions.

It is best with Akali, Anivia, Annie, Cassiopeia, Corki, Fiddlesticks, Jax, Karthus, Kassadin, Katarina, Lux, Malphite, Maokai, Morgana, Nunu & Willump, Renekton, Shaco, Tryndamere, Twitch, Veigar, Vladimir, Warwick.

Akali - You can dish out some absurd burst damage when partner is Akali, but be careful as you might have issues versus harassment.
Almost 100% kill on lvl 6 with both ults. You are the initiator here with knock up.

Anivia - Other than Anivia is usually mid, it makes a great lane partner. Knocking them up in the air almost ensures that Anivia will land her bombs. Level 6 full 4-5 seconds in her ult should disintegrate most champions.

Annie - Again try to initiate, as this will give you a couple of attacks while they are stunned from Annie's Pyromania. Level 6 communicate with your Annie to land her ult when Cataclysm is over.

Amumu - Bandage Toss into Cataclysm into Curse of the Sad Mummy can kill quite a few people. Keep in mind Amumu can reach you inside the circle, so you can initiate if Amumu does not have line to get the toss. Stick with the mummy, as a Bandage Toss will provide you with great harassing opportunities.

Cassiopeia is usually quite fragile and goes mid, but if you end up with her as your lane partner you can do a lot to help her. Stick with her and try keeping enemies away. Once you are both lvl 3 you can go for a kill - mark your victim, DS+DS ( + ) him, which will allow Cassiopeia to land (both) poisons on them.

Corki - Try getting them on lvl 2/lvl4, with + Corki should be able to deal massive damage with Gatling Gun and Phosphorus Bomb. Bit hard to setup though.

Fiddlesticks - Wait for Fear to be almost done and + the target Fiddle chooses. On level 6 you might get double kill if you manage to combo it well enough - get Fiddle to Crowstorm them and trap them with Cataclysm when they start to run. Done from Brushes.

Jax - Does quite a lot of burst and can jump inside the circle of death. You two combined means someone is dead. You can start as early as level 2, as + just when you + them does A LOT of damage. Also Jax benefits quite well from .

Karthus Flash into your Cataclysm while you hold multiple people down is deadly, or if they are zerging him down. I really doubt you will ever get to lane with Karthus, but a wall into + sounds good :)

Kassadin. Not much use before level 6 and rarely is not solo lane. But on level 6 you two annihilate someone. You should initiate as Kassadin is a bit fragile when targeted.

Katarina One of the best lane mates is the lady with the knives. She can harass sufficient that you can focus on getting last hits and can jump pretty fast if you engage someone. Always remember she can Shunpo on you, so move accordingly and use + to get both of you away through obstacles. Level 6 try to catch both of the opponents with Cataclysm so that Death Lotus kills them both.

Lux + can provide a sudden knock in the air, which is all lux would need to get Light Binding and/or Finales Funkeln to deal massive damage. Also enemies tend to bunch up at one end of the Cataclysm's circle of death, which is ideal for Lucent Singularity and Finales Funkeln combo kill.

Malphite's harassment allows for safer last hitting. You can try for a kill on lvl 4 with Seismic Shard into
+ and additional slow from . On level 6, Malphite's ultimate Unstoppable Force can get inside the circle. If you time it correctly they will be unable to act for 4-5 seconds, which should be sufficient.

Maokai - Twisted Advance + Arcane Smash + your + should provide you with a kill someone on level 3 or so. Cataclysm is a good place for him to throw Sapling Toss as well.

Miss Fortune - Cataclysm sets up Make it Rain and Bullet Time ownage.

Morgana - one of the best lane partners probably, along with Katarina. As with Lux, + sets things up for Dark Binding and Tormented Soil. Morgana starts Soul Shackles and you Cataclysm onto them means two people die.

Nunu & Willump - His Ice Blast harassment is pretty good and Absolute Zero + Cataclysm allows for a pretty sick combo. The good thing with Nunu is that you don't have to worry much about him, he will manage and his harass sets up things for level 3 kill.

Renekton - Two aggressive melee champions on the lane can do a lot of damage, and he benefits quite well from Demacian Standard. He can Slice and Dice in and out of your Cataclysm and Cull the Meek + Dominus deal a lot of damage while inside. I usually let him initiate with Slice and Ruthless Predator.

Shaco - The attack speed help him do some serious damage, brush awareness through Jack In The Box allows you to setup a + quite good. Shaco can enter Cataclysm circle via Deceive to help you finish off the target.

Tryndamere - Same as Renekton - Two aggressive melee on a lane that can do a lot of damage. Tryndamere benefits a lot from the attack speed and armour from your
. Mocking Shout allows you to usually get them at level 3 or so. Spinning Slash can enter the circle of Cataclysm so that works very good as well, usually killing both opponents. Remember Tryndamere has Undying Rage for 5 seconds, while you don't though. Don't stick around their tower for too long.

Twitch - make sure the Rat ends up just outside the circle of Cataclysm so that he can't be targeted and Spray and Pray them to death. Outside of level 6 you can try to get them on level 2-4 as enemies tend to target you when you
+ them, which would allow Twitch to fire uninterrupted.

Veigar - Main thing is Dark Matter with the
+ combo and Cataclysm. If played well you can easily zone the opponent heroes at level 3, gaining huge advantage.

Vladimir - Wait for him to land Hemoplague and Cataclysm for the kill. If you can get all the targets hit by the Plague, usually none leaves the circle alive. If you initiate it will be much easier for him to use the plague, so that usually is the better idea.

Warwick - one of the champions that can enter the ring with a skill, the idea here is different though. Let him initiate and follow up with Cataclysm to ensure the target cannot be helped and Warwick will survive afterwards.

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Team work - General tips on playing successful in a team

As a bruiser a lot of times you will be initiating the fight. Usually
+ is the best way, but sometimes you have to actually Flash nearby in order to have range. I usually follow this with Cataclysm onto their DPS/Support as this causes their team to split up - melee chars are fighting behind you with your melee and ranged, while you are doing 1v1 or 1v2 versus their support/range (or, in case you have Jax/Katarina/Akali/Shaco etc. which can enter the circle a 2v1, 2v2). After finishing them off get back into the fray via
+ . If you are DPS and there are assassins to take out enemy DPS/Support, you might want to isolate their tanks/bruisers from the rest via Cataclysm. Make sure you hit as many different targets as possible to get the most out of Martial Cadence, and try to keep Demacian Standard all the time, while hitting as many people as possible with Dragon Strike.

As offtank your main job should be to protect your teammates, mostly the DPS and support chars. Keep close to them, use + to allow them to escape melee chars and so that you get aggro. Use Cataclysm to isolate their bruisers/tanks/offtanks from your ranged DPS when possible (should not be difficult, those usually end up trying to get caught into the circle and tend to bunch up together for moral support).

Demacian Standard can be used very effectively for scouting purposes. It reveals people in brush, can be used to check Dragon/Baron/Golem and scout while you are killing dragon/baron, while still providing the increased attack speed and armour.

Avoid using Cataclysm on a ramp or in a tight jungle spot when it can split your own team up. You can use it as a mean to assure clean escape for your teammates the same way though - they have 2-4 people chasing your team (after a push for example) - Cataclysm the first one and use + to get away while they sit and wait. This requires a lot of practice to pull off against any kind of crowd control though, so don't be rambo if you can't manage it :)

Sight Ward While usually support champions invest in wards, you have the mobility to place them. Other than the support you are the one who should invest in warding and you have the mobility to place them safely. Almost all the spots that are good for wards allow safe exits via + through obstacles. Get Wriggle's Lantern when playing 5v5 - this will provide you with a free ward and improve your creeping speed quite a lot. Also it allows you to solo Dragon if the opportunity arrives (like top 4v4 stalemate).

If I come across anything interesting, I will update it. If you have an interesting tip to mention for this chapter, please go ahead and I will add it :)

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Jarvan IV - versatile champion, which can take on many roles. Almost each game is different and his skills require a lot of skill to use properly. This will ensure that you are having fun and always exploring the possibilities. Each time combos off with some other ridiculous spell I feel satisfied, each time + just reaches the escaping opponent is golden.

Remember - always have fun and everything else will be fine :)

Constructive feedback and comments are welcome, please keep in mind this is my first guide. Accept my apologies for any language mistakes etc.