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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Camille Build Guide by SpikeThePike

Jungle Let me be clear, I WILL kill you - Camille jungle [7.17]

Jungle Let me be clear, I WILL kill you - Camille jungle [7.17]

Updated on September 4, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpikeThePike Build Guide By SpikeThePike 13 0 1,130,994 Views 38 Comments
13 0 1,130,994 Views 38 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SpikeThePike Camille Build Guide By SpikeThePike Updated on September 4, 2017
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This is a full jungle guide for Camille, covering her abilities and how to play her, also recommended items, runes and masteries.

Camille as a jungler is incredibly mobile and a lot of fun to play.

She was considered fairly broken on first release, and so inevitably some nerfs have hit her over the course of Season 7, but still not too bad overall ... see further below.

  • High melee damage similar to a Kha'Zix
  • Incredibly strong ganks, with a dash, a stun, a slow, and an unescapable box
  • Extremely mobile with her E
  • A lot of fun to play
  • Easily puts the enemy team on tilt
  • Literally kicks a**!
  • Weak before level 3 and vulnerable to counter-jungling
  • If she falls behind, ends up in more of a support role
  • Not considered a top tier jungler
Overall, she is a good fun champion to play, and nicely designed! She is fairly easy to play the first time you pick her up, but she also has a high skill cap.

Why jungle? Camille is mostly thought of as a top laner, she has nice last-hitting and 1 v 1 abilities. Patch 7.3 nerfs weakened her lane duelling ability, for example by reducing the duration of her stun. Her incredible mobility remains unaffected by these nerfs, so that her ganks are still very strong. She is a surprisingly able jungler, for players who are skilled with her, and is a good potential choice if the "obvious" junglers like Master Yi, Lee Sin, Kha'Zix are banned.
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How to play Camille

Camille is not too hard to learn, though she is hard to master!

At the start of the game, clear similarly to a Kha'Zix. Your early clears are only average, and you don't have much AoE damage (W damage is kind of low) but you have a small heal off your W.

I recommend starting Red Buff - Blue Buff* - Gromp then smite a Rift Scuttler to heal up and look to gank at early level 3 with double buffs. More jungle routes discussion below.

Once she has her E ability, Camille's ganks become very strong and she can start farming champions... It's important to take advantage of your relative strength at this stage of the game and gank plenty, to put your lanes ahead. Your allies may not expect the speed and direction of your movements, so always put a target ping on the enemy you plan to stun.

At level 6, Camille's ultimate completely stops an enemy from getting away, for near guaranteed kills when she uses it (unless a team-mate saves them). Great for stopping enemies from escaping under a turret.

Camille is so dangerous that she will be focused by the enemy team. Camille is usually weak against 2 or more opponents, unless she has a level and summoners advantage. In an average game, she therefore needs to build defences mid game and become a bruiser, and it's not a good idea to go roaming looking for fights: if she uses E to engage, she has no easy escape.

For team fights she is a very good initiator with her stun, her area-of-effect slow and her ultimate which can separate the enemy team. Similar to her ganks, this works best when co-ordinated with the damage from the rest of her team: she is a great team fighter and disrupter, can also catch escaping enemies, but she is not good as a solo assassin so don't roam unwarded areas.
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Camille's passive is a shield which pops up when she engages with a champion. The type of shield is either a physical-damage only shield, or a magic-damage only shield (similar to Morgana's Black Shield except it does not block abilities, it only blocks their magic damage). The shield, depending on its type, works against all physical damage or all magic damage - for example the physical damage shield can also shield minion aggro and tower shots, the magic damage shield can also shield against others on the enemy team.

The shield type is chosen automatically according to which type of damage your target (who you are attacking) has done the most of in the game so far. So at level 1 and 2, if you attack a Lux, you might still get a physical damage shield if Lux has been mostly basic-attacking at that point. From around level 3 the shield will be better adapted to your opponent's main damage type.

Generally you won't be thinking about the shield when you play - it will just be there sometimes, when you are fighting champions. You don't have control over when it comes, but if it's off cooldown the shield will automatically activate when you enter combat with an enemy champion. Strong against Shen's combo: when he taunts you, you will attack him once and your shield will automatically pop up.

Camille's Q is an auto-attack enhancer, giving basically 120-140% of your normal attack damage (first cast) and 136-172% of your normal attack damage (second cast). Time it correctly (which is fairly easy) and most of that damage on the second cast will be true damage.

Most importantly, Camille's Q is a true auto-attack timer reset - similar to Rengar's Q, Shyvana's Q, Nasus' Q, Nidalee's Q (cougar form), Jax's W, Dr. Mundo's E. So if you know how to play those champions, you already have a fair idea how to use this. The timer reset speeds up your damage, allowing you to get two or more auto-attacks off in a short time, and each one will apply on-hit damage, Red Buff, and any other on-attack effects you have.

Remember to cast this ability twice, with a 1.5 second interval between the casts. So at level 1 you can auto-attack, Q, auto-attack, and Q again, to get four attacks (leg swipes) in fairly quick sequence, with massive damage on the fourth attack which is mostly true damage.

Tips and tricks for Q

Camille's W is used when ganking for a strong 80% slow. The slow will apply to a target who is out of melee range (the lighter part of the damage cone), great for gap closing. The ability also does a small amount of area of effect damage to everything in the cone, for example it can be used for clearing Krugs camp or minion waves.

Damage dealt to further away targets heals Camille. This is important in early jungle clears. If you have less than full health, use W as your first ability while you approach the camp - it's easier to catch all the monsters in the healing part of the ability cone, if those monsters didn't start moving yet. Once the camp is active, you can still get a heal using W by kiting the slow-moving camps - for example Red Buff and Blue Buff - so pull back as far as you can, then use W. But it's hard to get far enough away from all the small Wolves or Raptors, normally you can only hit some of them with W.

Tips and tricks for W

Camille's E has two casts - the first cast pulls you to a wall, the second cast is a dash. This is incredibly useful for ganking, giving a very long range gap closer and a stun on the enemy champion when you reach them. This is Camille's signature ability. As a jungler, we max this first to lower the cooldown and increase damage when ganking.

Aim the second cast at an enemy champion, for a longer range dash and a 0.75 second stun when you get there. You will also have higher attack speed after landing the stun, so in most cases you should be able to kill.

You don't have to press the E button twice for the second cast, the second cast will activate anyhow after a short delay. This actually doesn't give you too much time to line up the dash skillshot, in the middle of a combat situation! For a quicker movement - for example if you are using this to jump a wall, so both casts will be in the same direction - you can press E twice to activate the second cast earlier.

Tips and tricks for E

Camille's R dashes to a target and then creates a (hexagonal) box or arena where your target cannot escape you - they cannot even Flash or Thresh lantern out of that box. (Take that, Jarvan IV!!) While the arena lasts, you deal extra % health magic damage on hit. As long as you have mana to use your Q, it's basically a killzone.

When you first cast R, you will go untargetable for close to 1 second while you teleport to your target. You are invulnerable to all incoming damage while you are untargetable like this. If your timing is smart, this can maybe allow you to dodge incoming damage or CC, similar to a Master Yi or a Fizz - you can even dodge Karthus, Garen, Darius ultimates or other forms of certain death.

When first cast, Camille's R also knocks back all enemies out of the arena, to isolate the target, but those other enemies can then come back into the arena. It's similar to Xin Zhao's ultimate (watch Swain in the video below get knocked back). Use this in team fights to divide the enemy team - you may be able to knock one towards your team.

Tips and tricks for R

Champion specific tips for R

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Ability sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We start with Q to increase damage on the jungle camps, and for that auto-attack reset.

Take W second for the heal from jungle camps. Then take E at level 3, this is your essential tool for ganking.

Wemax E first to lower its cooldown and to increase your burst damage when you gank. Then max Q, and finally max W. Obviously take points on R at level 6, 11 and 16.

Why not max Q first?
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Ability combos

When ganking:

When ganking you will normally initiate with E for the fast gap closer and the surprise factor. This should land you next to the enemy who will be stunned. You then need to get as many auto-attacks as possible in quickly while you can, using your auto-attack reset from Q (and then from Titanic Hydra if you have it).

So this is a normal attack sequence when ganking:

E - AA - Q - AA - AA - Q - AA

Or if you have Titanic Hydra:

E - AA - Q - - AA - AA - Q - AA

Do not use W yet, it will interrupt your auto-attacks and could mess up your Q timing, and also it's better to use W after the stun wore off and when the enemy is further away from you. For example W can execute a retreating enemy, or can slow the enemy so that you can catch up to him again, or it can be used to slow his team-mate who is coming in to help. (W also only heals you when the target is further away).

In lane:

In a lane you generally initiate with your W. If you land your slow, then you have a good opportunity to use E afterwards on any nearby wall - it's easier to land the E correctly if the target is slowed, and you should start that trade at high health thanks to the heal from W.

So this is a good sequence for a trade in lane.

W - E - AA - Q - AA - AA - Q

It's good to wait for that second Q to be empowered for true damage, but if you don't have time then you can just get off three quick attacks using Q - AA - Q.
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Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are standard for most junglers and Camille is no exception. Although scaling armor would be a nice luxury to make her tanky late game, she strongly needs that early flat armor to keep her health high through those early clears, so that she can gank safely at levels 3, 4 and 5. If you are more experienced with Camille so that you can clear properly without taking too much damage from camps, you can try 6 flat armor seals and 3 x Greater Seal of Scaling Armor to have higher armor from level 6.

For marks, Greater Mark of Lethality gives higher total damage after level 5 than Greater Mark of Attack Damage, and about the same before that. It's because Camille will have high AD from items and her W and E have high base damage: so adding lethality is better than adding a small amount more AD. Lethality marks also help Camille to one-shot enemies late game if she takes a lethality or armor pen item ( Edge of Night, Youmuu's Ghostblade etc).

For quints, take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage if you took the Lethality marks, as suggested here. Or, if you took Attack Damage marks, take Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - a fairly standard rune page for an ADC or other physical damage dealer.

Attack Speed marks and Attack Damage quints can also work perfectly fine, if that's the only rune page you have set up. A lot of players only have two or three rune pages, one for AD champions, one for AP champions and one for tanks - so take the page you have for AD champions!
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There are three options for Camille's masteries, all can work and it partly depends on your play style. I suggest try all three and see which gives you better results.

Option 1: Highest damage masteries

12 points in the Ferocity tree, 18 points in Cunning, finishing with Thunderlord's Decree as your keystone - fairly standard for any AD jungler.

Some of the choices here are designed to maximise Camille's damage to jungle camps, put together these will help to speed up those slow early clears. So Fury over Sorcery gives attack speed for faster clears, Natural Talent instead of Vampirism gives +2 AD at level 1, and Double Edged Sword gives a 3% increase in damage from level 1. Savagery over Wanderer adds up to a lot more damage to camps (Camille's Q will also benefit from this) so you need one less hit to kill the camps. Greenfather's Gift does good extra damage to camps as long as you use the brush properly. Feast keeps you healthy in early jungling, maybe saving you one back.

I'm kind of reluctant to take Double Edged Sword , but having an early damage bonus in the jungle is so important, to keep up in levels with the enemy jungle and to be relevant to your laners. Double Edged Sword is the only Tier 4 mastery in Ferocity that gives immediate damage to jungle camps. Compare that with Bounty Hunter : that mastery doesn't catch up with Double Edged Sword, in damage terms, until after you have killed 3 different enemy champions - and that's hard to achieve early, a jungler might only get assists in early ganks, indeed there are arguments that a good jungler should only get assists.

Thunderlord's will be triggered when you gank, for example from this combo: E (stun) - auto-attack - Q. It scales up from around 40 damage to around 250 magic damage by the end of the game, if you have AD items, which is a lot of bonus damage, it's also AoE damage and it's magic damage, and both are good to have from a mastery because Camille does not have much of either naturally. In the Cunning tree, most importantly take 5 points in Precision, this buffs all your damage (including from Thunderlord's and from your ultimate) and works well paired with other Lethality, from runes and items, to make your damage hit very hard.

The other masteries in the Cunning tree here are fairly standard for a jungler, with longer lasting jungle buffs, and higher damage to low health targets (these are your ideal ganks). Merciless works specially well for Camille's combo, because her second Q hits at the end of the combo, when the enemy should be on less than 40% health so that the bonus damage from the second Q hits extra hard.

Option 2: Damage masteries with lifesteal

These masteries suit an assassin build: you lack the lethality from Precision but instead you buff your physical damage with Battering Blows , especially against tankier targets. You'll also heal as you attacking, thanks to Warlord's Bloodlust (but note that has been changed in Patch 7.6 so that you need to stack 9 attacks to achieve a heal). This keystone is good on Camille because moving also stacks it: and with her E and R abilities she moves such a long distance that Warlords Bloodlust is half-stacked just from her movements, so that she gets the heal and movement speed buff after around 4 or 5 auto-attacks (and her Q counts as an attack). That timing is exactly when she needs a heal and buff, in a fight with an enemy, so it suits Camille's play style very well, maybe more than any other champion. With the heal from Warlord's Bloodlust and her W, Vampirism is unnecessary and so we can take Natural Talent for more of that lovely AD. The combination of Warlord's Bloodlust , Dangerous Game and Camille's passive shield (which is activated by attacking), mean that Camille can make some gutsy plays when she has low health, and still survive as long as she keeps on attacking - her low health can bait enemies into continuing a duel with her. Attack if you want to live!

Warlord's Bloodlust really suits an aggressive, bursty, auto-attack based champion like Camille, meaning she can make some bold plays, and enemies will under-estimate how tanky she is.

Why not Fervor of Battle in the jungle?

Option 3: More defensive masteries

Taking this mastery set reduces your total damage by over 7% compared with the sets above. But Courage of the Colossus will provide a second shield (on top of Camille's passive) when she hits a champion with E, and her shield power will be enhanced by Legendary Guardian especially in team fights. This suits her role as a late-game initiator.

In addition, the other masteries in the Resolve tree give Camille higher sustain in the early jungle, so she can go into her level 3 gank with close to full health. This could be important if she is ganking bottom lane, or counter-ganking.

Generally this defensive mastery set will help against enemies who make well co-ordinated counter-attacks when you gank (so in higher elo games, generally). This mastery set is also going to be helpful defence all game if you choose to follow a high damage item build. That sounds weird, but if you're building glass cannon, then I think defensive masteries are good, because they give you a bit of defence when you might otherwise have none.
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Summoner's Spells

Every jungler needs Smite, obviously.

Most people will take Flash, to flash after an opponent who tries to escape. Also useful when tower diving, so Camille can use E to get in fast, kill, then flash out.

For other options: Cleanse is possible if the enemy team has a lot of lethal CC or silences - for example, Ryze, Lux, Veigar, Ahri, Urgot. Almost nobody takes this spell. But it can be good on Camille, as she can get out of most kinds of trouble using her abilities as long as she is not CC'd. If you are getting CC'd a lot, Cleanse is actually better than Flash: you cannot Flash while you are stunned or silenced.
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Camille needs to build her first item for DPS (damage per second), because she takes jungle camps slowly at the beginning, and she may also need to duel. She does not need super-high damage for ganks, because her stun and slow are the main things, working with her allies in lane. Therefore Enchantment: Bloodrazor is actually the best jungle enchantment on her. Not Warrior, as everyone seems to think...

After that, Camille needs to focus on the high AD items. She scales very well with attack damage. Later in the game she also scales well with Lethality because her three main abilities all do physical damage, and her auto-attacks hit very hard.

Two exceptions - strong damage items which are not high AD or lethality items - are Titanic Hydra and Trinity Force. Titanic Hydra is a very strong damage item because of its on-hit effects and its auto-attack reset + bonus damage when the active is used - also useful for its area of effect damage, this helps Camille to clear jungle camps more quickly and to waveclear minions. Trinity Force gives high damage because of Sheen, and very useful 20% CDR. Both items hugely increase your DPS - they are therefore gold-efficient items on Camille, even apart from the defence they provide. Both also give a good amount of health - it's great to have health early, it establishes you as "unkillable" in the eyes of your enemies.

Build order

Your first three items and your build order are very important, these are the items you will have mid-game which is where most games are decided.

As explained above, one of your early items needs to be either Tiamat or an attack speed item for faster clears. Or both. Faster clears = more gold and more time for ganking, and Camille will take less damage while clearing. Faster attack speed also fits neatly into Camille's combo, meaning she can fit two auto-attacks between the two casts of Q, instead of only one as at level 1. For attack speed, I recommend Enchantment: Bloodrazor on jungle Camille, or if you choose a different jungle item then maybe rush Stinger as the first component of Trinity Force.

The three most gold-efficient items on Camille, taking into account defence and CDR as well, are Titanic Hydra, Trinity Force and Youmuu's Ghostblade. But all of these work better when you have some attack speed. For an optimal build in terms of gold efficiency, it's therefore best to complete Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor first. And the jungle item is, obviously, the cheapest item you can complete, and it's best in terms of damage and gold efficiency to have that complete item before you start to build something else. After that it's a tough call for the next item to build. An early Tiamat will help your farm, an early Serrated Dirk will help your ganks. In most games I go for Titanic Hydra next, because it fits well into the rhythm of the game: you will complete it around the time opponents start to be harder to take down and also more of a threat for you.

Core items

In testing, this jungle item gives Camille higher damage and faster jungle clears than Warrior - the only downside is there is no CDR. The on-hit damage from Bloodrazor is about the same as having the Warrior enchantment - actually higher damage than the Warrior enchantment gives, for any target with 1500 health or more. And the 50% attack speed is excellent for Camille, so she can take camps faster and get in more attacks on enemy champions while the 1 second stun lasts, or while she has her ultimate.

This is the most popular jungle item for Camille, giving a lot of AD for the gold, also a nice 10% cooldown which helps her E ability and therefore her early mobility. Red smite is usually the best type of smite for Camille to have, giving a little bit of extra defence if she has to duel a strong enemy jungler or bruiser.

Gives everything Camille needs from an item: 20% CDR to bring the cooldowns on E down to less than 10 seconds, also more AD, more health, more mobility, and some attack speed so that she gets in more attacks while the opponent is slowed or stunned, and those attacks are really starting to hurt now. The Sheen effect is strong on any champion who mixes abilities and basic attacks, it will automatically proc when Camille uses Q (if the Qs are correctly spaced, 1.5 seconds apart, then Sheen will proc twice). Usually the best second item: even though it takes a long time to complete, the Stinger and Sheen components give you more than half the benefit already.

In lane Camille really needs a Tiamat to help her wave clears, and in the jungle this will help clear Raptors, Krugs and Wolves faster. When you have Tiamat, it's usually best to build it into Titanic Hydra. The extra auto-attack reset is very powerful to increase Camille's burst damage, and the health can build you up to over 3k health with other defensive items (which also makes Camille's passive shield very strong), for a bruiser build. On-hit damage from Titanic Hydra is high. Very good combined with attack speed. It's also an assassin item, because the super high burst damage from the active helps you to take kills.

Defensive items

Any defensive items giving high health will also strengthen Camille's passive shield. Spirit Visage is good, as magic damage is usually Camille's main concern (Camille has fairly high armor naturally), and Spirit Visage also enhances Camille's healing from her W ability. The 10% CDR from Spirit Visage is also nice to reach max CDR - this means you can give blue buff to your allies late game.

In a high damage build with high health (from Titanic Hydra and Trinity Force) or lifesteal (from something like Death's Dance or Bloodthirster or Ravenous Hydra) the armor and extra AD from Guardian Angel are useful, for not much gold. If you are the person carrying the game, the resurrection is also important.

Randuin's gives solid defence against physical damage and crit strikes from ADCs, and also plenty of health. Randuins can be the best 6th item choice, making Camille a very tanky, high damage champion. But when Camille is carrying the game, an armor item may actually not be necessary. Camille can generally kill ADCs very easily, and she can kill most AD-based assassins faster than they can kill her, as long as she lands the stun (she also has her passive shield for duelling). Her mobility means she takes hardly any damage as she comes in for a kill - she is not really kitable except when she uses her ultimate. But in late game team fights Camille needs armor, because she will be focused and she can't stun a whole team. (If carrying very hard, Ninja Tabi may be enough defence against physical damage in some games.)

A bit less defence than Randuin's Omen, but it's like having boots and armor and health all in the same item. Camille doesn't really need in-combat movement speed - she has that anyhow from her Q and from the Trinity Force passive, and she can slow opponents to a standstill with W - but she needs out-of-combat movement speed to get to places on the map, and Dead Man's Plate can give that. So you can skip Tier 2 boots, and save yourself 1100 gold and a free item slot. More detail on Boots and Movement Speed below.

If you can find a way to fit this into your build, it's a great item on Camille, giving her permanent slows so that she and her allies can usually kill any target she can reach with her E. The strong health is also very nice indeed, as Camille's passive shield scales up with more health, and Titanic Hydra's damage also scales up with health. You'll also need at least one armor item, for example Guardian Angel.

I've noticed Master-level Korean players taking this for a very tanky build on Camille - sometimes paired with Enchantment: Cinderhulk. It's an alternative to Trinity Force giving you chained crowd control: the slow from this will hit around the time your stun from E finishes. You won't kill so quickly, or take jungle objectives so quickly, but this item makes it very hard for champions to escape you. Good in team fights: works best with a high damage, well co-ordinated team as you will need help from your team-mates to take down the major targets.

A health + damage item, good on Camille. But it's hard to fit it into a build. Titanic Hydra gives much more damage, also more health, waveclear and an auto-attack reset, so never take this item in place of Titanic Hydra. Edge of Night is another health + damage item, less health but way more damage. But in a game where you are falling behind and enemies have already reached full build, the combination of Guardian Angel and Sterak's Gage could save you, giving all round defence for not too much gold.
Sterak's Gage Details

Lifesteal options

If you're new to Camille, or if you are against a tough melee opponent jungler (Vi, Jax, Xin Zhao, etc) then lifesteal is very helpful. Experienced Camille players will not have so much use for lifesteal, because engagements will be shorter and W can be used for a heal if needed. The choice of whether or not to take lifesteal also depends which masteries you took. If you took Warlord's Bloodlust , then the lifesteal from items is unlikely to be needed.

Death's Dance is the joint highest AD of any item, very powerful lifesteal (you can even lifesteal against turrets), and a nice 10% CDR. This is the best lifesteal item if you also need that CDR.

"Hi. I'm Camille, I now have more damage than you and two shields. I will kill you." Definitely worth considering this item instead of a defensive item if you are doing well or if you reach a full 6 item build. Best paired with high resistance items, for example Guardian Angel, or Spirit Visage which buffs the lifesteal from this by an extra 25%. This is probably your best lifesteal option if you don't need the extra 10% CDR from Death's Dance.

For a Tiamat item, I usually prefer Titanic Hydra (which gives higher burst damage). But in a 'full damage' build it can sometimes be better to go for the lifesteal from Ravenous Hydra. Note that although this item gives higher AD than Titanic Hydra, it overall does less damage because it has no on-hit damage, no active and no auto-attack reset.

Combines damage, attack speed and lifesteal, this is another possible lifesteal item on Camille in the jungle. Does a similar job to Trinity Force, but for less gold, though it lacks the 20% CDR and health. A possible pick if you had a slow start, or against a very tanky enemy team, thanks to the % health damage. Trinity Force is stronger against turrets and squishy champions, Blade of the Ruined King is stronger against Dragons, Baron, and full tanks (4k health or more).

Specifically for those games where the enemy team has hard CC which (maybe in combo) is killing you - for example against Ryze, Brand, Lux, Ahri, Ivern. The damage, lifesteal, and magic resistance are all good to have.

Pure damage options

Duskblade is a very good pure damage item on Camille. It has high AD, and lethality to improve all your physical damage. Lethality buffs all of Camille's damage (including on-hit physical damage effects, for example from Trinity Force, Titanic Hydra or Bloodrazor). If combined with other Lethality (from runes and masteries) it is devastating to squishy opponents. This assassin item also adds around 150 true damage to your first attack when ganking: this damage applies if Camille attacks within 4 seconds of first being seen - a jungler is often able able to fight like that. And it has a ward disabling ability (with a long cooldown) - good for ganking a warded lane or sneaking a Baron etc.

Similar to Duskblade of Draktharr, this gives high AD and +18 lethality which really helps Camille's ability damage and basic attacks in the mid and late game, especially against squishy targets like ADCs. The difference is that this also gives some health and a spell shield similar to Banshee's Veil - very good going into a fight against initiating CC (for example Blitzcrank or Ahri or Morgana) or against enemies with damage multipliers from landing their full combo (for example Anivia, Brand, Vel'Koz). A great 4th or 5th item to increase your damage and defence.

The third in the trio of attack damage and lethality items, building out of Serrated Dirk. Lacks the damage of Duskblade or the magic resistance of Edge of Night, but instead this provides 10% CDR and movement speed to match most boots. Camille does not make much use of the movement speed active, though it can help if you need to get to a teamfight fast or defend a turret. Generally, if you are building a full damage build it is better to take damage items offering some defensive stats - so Edge of Night or Titanic Hydra are going to be better picks. With its movement speed passive and active, this could be a possible 7th item (boots replacement).

Health, CDR, damage and armor shredding as Camille uses her basic attacks and combo abilities. This is a fine item for Camille, but its damage was nerfed in Patch 7.4 and so Trinity Force gives a lot more damage (and you do not need both items, the CDR, health and the Rage passive effect overlap). Good paired with Titanic Hydra for an off-tank build. Since Patch 7.4 it now only costs 3000 gold, so might be worth considering as a cheaper alternative to Trinity Force in a game where you are falling behind the enemy jungler.

Crit chance is good on Camille because her Q can crit, making for doubly-enhanced damage. Infinity Edge is the highest possible pure damage item on Camille because most of her damage comes from basic attacks and Q. But it is the most costly item and therefore not generally a good buy until you have other items first. Even so, this should normally be your first crit-striking item (before any of the Zeal items), as Camille benefits very strongly from the attack damage. In a pure damage build you could build one of these and an Essence Reaver for the CDR.

Boots and Movement Speed

Experimental builds
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Jungle Routes

Depending on which side of the map you start you can take two routes.

Camille takes Blue Buff, Red Buff and Gromp easily, because these are slow moving camps, easily kitable, and Camille can use her W ability to heal off them - just back a little distance away and then use W on the camp.

In contrast, Raptors, Krugs and Wolves are slow for Camille to take, and do damage to her. It is more difficult for Camille to use W to heal off the Wolves, Raptors and Krugs, because the monsters move too fast. To heal off W, Camille needs to move far enough away from the camp that the monsters are caught in the outer part of the ability range ... but the small Wolves, Raptors and Krugs will follow her so they are never far enough away to heal off of. For these camps, it's therefore best to use W initially as Camille approaches the camp. (Or if you have plenty of mana, you can use E to reposition on the camp so that you can get a good W off.)

You can use your E ability to damage and stun jungle camps (not Dragon or Baron) - the stun can reduce the damage taken (just like the Krugs 'Heavy Hands' buff in season 5 and 6) and a stun also helps you to take the Rift Scuttler quickly. Camille has no mana issues, so you should use E in the early jungle to speed up those clears.

It's a good idea for Camille to buy Hunter's Talisman as quickly as possible alongside Hunter's Machete. Both items put together speed up Camille's clears by a good amount, especially from level 3. Great for the Raptors, Wolves and Krugs camps as long as she can hit all the small monsters with W and with E.

One possible start would be to clear 3 camps only, then back for Hunter's Talisman and a health potion refresh at level 3. It's kind of slow because of backing, but everything after that will go much faster. Could make sense if you invaded and stole an enemy camp early.

Route 1: Blue Buff start

Start at Blue Buff, and Camille can clear three camps (Blue Buff* - Wolves - Gromp*) without taking too much damage because two of these are slow-moving solo camps. This allows Camille to reach level 3 with more than half her health remaining - so that she can go and gank immediately without going back to base.

(The * shows the camps you will smite.)

Route 2: Red Buff start (recommended)

Take the three solo camps only. So start at Red Buff, then ignore Raptors and Wolves and cross over to your other jungle side to take Blue Buff*, followed by Gromp, followed by a level 3 gank after smiting a Rift Scuttler to heal up. If you have a leash, you probably don't need to Smite the Red Buff camp because you take it so quickly. Use the jungle plant to knock you over the wall into the Blue Buff camp. This start is as fast as Route 1 (more walking, but no time lost at Wolves camp) and you will reach level 3 with higher health because of Red Buff healing you. This route also means your buffs can't be stolen...

Route 3: Enemy Blue Buff start (purple team only)

If you're on purple team (your Nexus on the right), in most games you can steal the enemy Blue Buff, because the enemy jungler will - in most games - start at his Red Buff to have that strong leash from two bottom laners. (Take care with Vi, Nidalee and Shaco opponents who can solo their first camp and are very mana dependent, so they may decide to start at their Blue Buff - or sometimes they can start at Wolves to get to Blue Buff at level 2.) If you are not seen on the way in - which is easy if you wait until 01:30 before even going into the enemy jungle, by this time the enemy mid and top laners will probably be in their lanes - this is generally totally safe. After you have the Blue Buff, get out fast because some enemies will path straight to their Blue Buff after taking Red Buff (maybe using a plant to jump the wall) so you have only a few seconds before the enemy jungler will maybe come.

Route 4: Fast Blue Buff start

Start with Hunter's Machete and no health potion. Keep 150 gold unused! Make sure you have a good leash for your Blue Buff, you want to finish this camp on full health (after smiting it). Now quickly take Gromp. After these two camps, you can now back with 350 gold and buy Hunter's Talisman immediately. You don't lose too much time doing this - maybe 10 seconds - because it takes about as long to walk from Gromp over to Red Buff as to walk back out from base to Red Buff. (Walking out from base you can use the plant to wall jump.) You will make up that 10 seconds by taking the next 4 camps faster. This route also gives you +15 bonus XP from each camp after your second. You do risk losing your Red Buff to an enemy jungler who invades at level 3, but you can also think of this as saving yourself an early death. It seems like you are lacking on health potions, but if you stayed on the map after Gromp, you would have used your starting health potions already by the time you reach the third camp - so really it's no different at all. And with this route, you start the third camp at full health, with the extra sustain from Hunter's Talisman, which is better.

Try to confuse the enemy jungler about where you start (for example don't start on the bottom side of the map, but have your bottom lane allies still pretend to come late to lane). If the enemy jungler figures out your early route, you are at risk from counter-jungling at levels 2 and 3 - strong early junglers, for example Shaco and Lee Sin, will likely look to counter-jungle you because they know Camille is weak early.

Either way, it's best to leave Raptors and Krugs camps until you have level 3 and Hunter's Talisman, because those camps can do a lot of damage to Camille and she takes them too slowly without Talisman. It's best to try to land an E stun on the whole Raptors camp, like this:

After level 3, look for any opportunities to 1 v 1 the enemy jungler. You have enough mobility from E to catch up to an enemy jungler pretty much anywhere if you get sight of him. There are so many walls in the jungle that E is easy to use, basically you will always be near a wall. And you can out-duel most enemy junglers if you land that stun...
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Camille's weaknesses

1. Early clears

Camille's early clears are slow compared with top tier junglers, although she doesn't lose too much health as long as she uses her W correctly, and she can easily heal up in the River if she needs to. Enemy junglers who are strong will maybe try to exploit this, for example invading to steal your Red Buff or Blue Buff when he has level 3. Camille is very vulnerable to a level 3 invade from a strong jungler.

To deal with this problem, take only the solo camps (Red Buff, Blue Buff and Gromp) until you have level 3. Camille takes these camps faster and fairly safely, using her Q properly for the auto-attack resets. If you start at Red and take both buffs at levels 1 and 2, it's not likely that they can be stolen from you.

It doesn't matter if you have to go back at Level 3, Camille becomes stronger with items. After level 3, use all three abilities (including E) to clear camps faster.

2. Missed E

It's quite common to fail to land the stun from E, because it's a skillshot you don't have much time to line up. Also, as enemies become more used to playing against Camille, they are becoming better at predicting her E and moving so that the stun will not be landed.

If you miss that stun, then you just dove right into maybe two enemy team members, putting you in a very vulnerable position. It might be best just to Flash out, even though it seems like a waste of a flash.

Your other option is to attack the damage dealer hard: attacking will immediately give you your passive shield. Then retreat far enough away that you can use your slow from W to stop them following you.

3. Clearly telegraphed CC

A related problem is that enemies can see when Camille is about to try to Wall Dive onto them - looking to land a stun - because she must Hookshot to a wall first. And so the enemy can make ready to dodge the Wall Dive. (A change made in Patch 7.1 gives enemies a bit more vision on Camille when she uses Hookshot, if she would be outside their vision range.)

To deal with this, where possible try to Wall Dive onto enemies when they are not expecting it - for example come through a wall, or Hookshot into brush next to a wall, or wait until after the enemy is focused on your ally who is engaging with him, then you can land a nice stun in the middle of that engagement.

4. No follow up

A problem, especially at lower elos, is when Camille ganks, lands a beautiful E, stuns the enemy, but cannot herself do enough damage to kill, and her allies fail to take advantage and go in while the opponent is stunned.

If you're playing Camille, you have to allow for the fact that you move faster than your allies and your dive is much longer range. So it's best to do two things. First, give your allies plenty of warning of your dive - ping twice, first ping that you are coming to lane, then put a target ping on the enemy you plan to stun. Second, be a little patient, wait for your allies to be within engagement range before you dive in and land the stun. So you really want to be the second or third person to engage - not the first person to engage.

5. Grouped enemies

Like many assassin-type junglers, Camille does best against out-of-position enemies. She can duel and kill almost any isolated target (assuming an even match-up).

If enemies are staying grouped, Camille will usually be focused if she tries to attack. For example a common problem is that you use your ultimate on one enemy, and a second enemy with ranged damage stands outside the arena, targeting you. Even if Camille has her passive shield up, she will maybe have a shield against the wrong damage type for that second enemy, and so she will die.

If enemies are grouped, therefore, Camille cannot do so much unless she has equal backing from her own team. If possible, Camille should always aim to target the enemy ADC first, though that is difficult if the enemy has a proper front line protecting their carries. In some games (for example with a tanky support on your team who can take the front line) Camille does better to fit into a support role, she has extremely good peel with her stun, slow and ultimate, so she can kill that Zed who attempted to dive your carries.

6. Strong melee opponents

A melee opponent who has their own crowd-control abilities ('self-peel') - for example Riven or Yasuo or Lee Sin - is going to be challenging for Camille. Even though she is so mobile, she is still at heart a melee champion who needs to win a duel to kill.

Camille is targetable while she uses her E to dive, and so a skilled Riven or Yasuo can knock her up even when she dives in, meaning she is unlikely to land her stun.

Camille is also, like other melee champions, vulnerable to blinds from Quinn and Teemo, and vulnerable to stuns from Irelia and Jax.

Against these opponents, again, it's best to respect their damage and their abilities, and do not try to take them solo, work with your team. You can use your E to disengage from dangerous opponents, instead of to engage.
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Advanced tips

1. Camille can use her E range indicator to give the location of camouflaged enemy champions after she hooks to a wall. (Make sure to have the range indicator for this ability.) This is explained better by Riot. Here is a still frame from Riot's video:

So Camille has hooked to a wall, and now you can see a pale blue line (with a diamond on it) which points from her towards a stealthed Twitch. If she slingshots in the direction that line shows, she will reveal the Twitch.

2. Camille can E followed by a Flash for increased range. And she can use abilities - including Flash - while the slingshot is moving her. This means it is possible to Flash in the middle of the slingshot to change the place where Camille will land at the end of the slingshot! This means you can have precise control over landing your stun from Wall Dive. Do this against high priority stun targets - for example an ulting Miss Fortune - if you think your stun might otherwise miss. Camille will keep on moving in the same direction after the Flash to finish the slingshot, so you want to Flash fractionally to the near side of your target to land the stun on them. (Credit to Tinjus for discovering this.)

3. If you need to cross a really large distance fast, for example to take a free kill, you can Flash first then use E - the slingshot on E has longer range if it will land you close to the enemy. So you Flash first to bring you near enough to use E more effectively. You can close a gap of more than 2000 units like this.

4. If enemies are grouped, hit them all with a W before using your R on a target. You will teleport to your target and knock back the others, and the slow from W will still apply to them, slowing them from coming back in to the arena to get you. (It's best to use R to target a ranged champion, and knock back the melee champions.)

5. In the same way you can E towards a target, and slow any nearby enemies when you arrive there - you can activate W while the hookshot is moving you. This is a nice trick, because a big problem with W is that its range indicator is visible to enemies on the ground during the warmup period, and so enemies have plenty of time to move out of the area of effect.

6. If you took the Bounty Hunter mastery, you want to manage your game to use it properly, so keep a tally of which enemy champions you have not killed yet (assists don't count!) If you gank a lane and get an assist, go back again to get a kill the next time.

7. If you use R when a target is close to a wall (especially the sides of the map) that makes the usable arena smaller, so it may be harder for your target to escape you.

8. But if the arena crosses a wall (so part of the arena is on the other side of the wall) some enemies like Lee Sin or Jax can ward-jump over the wall into the small part of the arena on the far side of the wall, where they can be safe from you unless you have E available. Like this:

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Patch notes

Patch 7.4 nerfed the Precision mastery and most of the Tier 4 damage masteries, for an all round damage reduction of around 4% for all AD junglers and assassins using this type of build. Even after the nerf, Camille can still easily kill ADCs and squishy mages, but is a bit more vulnerable to bruiser champions who she now cannot kill so fast. Youmuu's Ghostblade was also nerfed and I now recommend Duskblade of Draktharr instead.

Patch 7.3 nerfed Camille in several minor ways, which all add up. The main nerfs you will notice are that her stun duration (when she lands E) is now only 0.75 seconds, her slow (when she lands W) is less than before. For a jungler, there are three changes which make the E ability less useful for clearing camps (mana cost up, duration of stun down, and now no attack speed buff unless E hits an enemy champion).

Patch 7.3 details

Patch 7.2 buffed Lethality by a small amount at lower levels, for example +10 lethality will now have +2 armor penetration at level 1 compared with before, +1 armor penetration at level 9, but the same as before at level 18. It's a small buff, but it increases the benefit of building Lethality on Camille - which I already recommended as optimal even before this patch (based on some detailed math which I haven't shared with you guys). Lethality is now especially good if you build lots of it: Lethality Marks, Precision Mastery, and an early Youmuu's Ghostblade or other Serrated Dirk item. By the way, Duskblade of Draktharr was also buffed this patch!

Camille had some small nerfs in Patch 7.1, nothing too serious. Her signature E ability is unchanged, and it still has the long range which makes enemies complain it is OP.

It's interesting to read Riot's Patch Notes to understand why they made these nerfs, it tells you something about the way they are seeing Camille being played at high elo (Diamond, Master and Challenger tiers) which is where Riot are usually aiming to balance champions.

Patch 7.1 details
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Camille sound bites

Riot have given Camille a huge and very classy range of voiceovers. Here are some of my favourites:

Let me be clear. I WILL kill you.

I find your skill lacking.

This is your best!?

Either attack or run. Your indecision is repulsive.

Don't take it personally, you were simply outclassed.

Tut-tut a Lady never dirties her hands.

I despise middle-men.

There are also many champion-specific taunts, for example to Shaco: Who let you out of your toy box!?
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Here is a fun video from Nightblue3 which I really enjoyed, it shows the power of this champion.

This is a replay from the Korean servers, with some astonishly good mechanics on Camille. It's amazing this player is so good with her only 2 days after release. Note he follows a full tank build, with Enchantment: Cinderhulk and Titanic Hydra as his first two items, and building towards Spirit Visage next. This tanky build hasn't stopped him from getting plenty of kills.
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I'm Spike the Pike, a jungle main and author of the top-ranked Shyvana guide here at Mobafire.

I've been playing League of Legends since Season 4, and in Season 6 I reached Plat V for a brief time, before dropping back down a few divisions (there was a long period in Season 6 when I couldn't play due to poor health). Outside League, I'm a Java developer, and I write mods for other games.
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