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Shaco Build Guide by Pluckin Penguin

Assassin PP: In-Depth Jungle Shaco Guide

Assassin PP: In-Depth Jungle Shaco Guide

Updated on November 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pluckin Penguin Build Guide By Pluckin Penguin 464 52 3,177,217 Views 233 Comments
464 52 3,177,217 Views 233 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pluckin Penguin Shaco Build Guide By Pluckin Penguin Updated on November 28, 2013
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The Guide

1 - Introduction
2 - The Build
3 - Jungling + Fighting
4 - Gameplay
5 - Conclusion



Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration


R > E > W > Q

________This is my second guide for MobaFire now, and I've decided to share a champion that I know very well, and don't lose very much with, Shaco.
________I purchased Shaco 1 and 1/2 years ago. At first, I didn't like him, I did not like him at all. I struggled to understand how to use his kit properly. I didn't play him for 3 months. I met a friend who revealed his style of Shaco play to me, and I caught on to it. The next times I played Shaco I felt much more powerful than ever before. I still play Shaco, and would like to let you guys in on my playstyle and build.


+ // Very strong ganker.
+ // Fun to play.
+ // Deceptive to play against.
+ // Strong early game.
+ // Strong counter-jungler.
+ // Smiles frequently.

- // Relatively squishy.
- // Teamfights can be hard.
- // Oracle's Elixir prevents stealth.
- // AOE Damage destroys Jack In The Box.
- // Relatively slow in the jungle.
- // Banned often in solo queue.

_______These aren't the summoner spells you have to take. The decision is up to you. This is just my personal preference of what summoner spells to use on him. Although there are other viable options.

___ _______ Ghost is a very strong spell on most junglers who have some sort of stealth ability because it allows you to cover a great distance while you are stealthed. This is a very good spell for beginning Shaco players because it can be used offesnsively and defensively. It can also make up from a poorly used Deceive.

___ _______You're a jungler, Smite is your best friend that helps you secure buffs, and have a faster clear the first couple times. Not taking Smite as a jungler makes it very hard to secure your own buffs, and objectives.

_______These are three viable options to replace Ghost with, but not Smite because that is a must have on any jungler.

___ _______ Some people in general are not comfortable using the summoner spell Ghost and just prefer Flash hands down. That's completely fine and Flash is not a terrible idea on Shaco. Flash also has a lot of potential to make you a very deceptive Shaco player; especially since you would have two instant blinks that would allow you to catch off nearly any target.

)_ )_______ Exhaust is a great option if you can conserve your Deceive for escape. Therefore, this is a good summoner spell for experienced Shaco players who know how to properly use Deceive to get in and out of fights. In team fights, this summoner spell can negate a lot of a AD Carry's damage output, and force him to retreat.

___ _______ I just never liked taking this spell in general as any jungler. It provides no form of defensive potential what so ever. Also, there is typically never a need for another Ignite on the team since almost every role takes it nowadays. It can be viable I guess, but at the same time you have to play extremely cautious while Deceive is on cooldown.

Summoner's Wrath : If you are running Exhaust, Ghost or Ignite, then taking this point is a wonderful option, and if not, then put another point into Fury .

Fury : The bonus attack speed is better than the cool down reduction, and the attack speed is also very helpful in your jungle clearing speed.

Deadliness : Attack Damage per level gives you better scaling into the game and is a lot stronger on Shaco then Ability Power per level.

Havoc : This helps you do more damage overall.

Weapon Expertise : This is a very powerful mastery providing you with 8% armor penetration at the cost of a single point. The armor penetration will help you in nearly all aspects of the game.

Lethality : You will already have a guaranteed critical strike with Deceive; however, the main two reasons to take points into this is for the next level of masteries, and that there is nothing better in the row.

Brute Force : More attack damage is pretty self-explanatory with this build.

Frenzy : This mastery point makes putting points into Lethality a lot more worth it because the bonus attack speed after obtaining a critical strike synergizes with Deceive very well.

Sunder : Flat armor penetration is pretty self-explanatory with this build.

Executioner : Increases clear speeds as well as your executioner-like abilities.

As for the remaining nine points left in your masteries, you have two options: the utility tree, or the defensive tree. The Benefits of the utility tree is more mana regeneration, more movement speed, shorter cooldowns on summoner spells, and extended buff duration. The benefits of the defensive tree are armor, reduced damage against monsters, return damage against monster attacks, and health. You can decide which tree you would prefer.
Wanderer : Movement speed helps you position yourself better in all situations.

Meditation : Allows you to be more lenient with your mana.

Mastermind : Let's you use Ghost, Exhaust, or Ignite more as well as Smite.

Runic Affinity : Extended duration of buffs is really nice to have on junglers.

Durability : Scaling health makes up for your lack of innate tankiness.

Tough Skin : Helps you sustain yourself in the jungle.

Hardiness : Armor is really helpful on a jungler for clearing camps and dueling.

Bladed Armor : Speeds up your clear time a bit.

Veteran's Scars : Flat health gives you some pretty nice tankiness early on in the game.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Attack Speed: I take these marks on Shaco because he clears the jungle much faster with these. Also, when a monster is feared by a Jack In The Box he can get more attacks in the back of the monster triggering his passive, Backstab

Greater Seal of Armor: These seals are pretty standard on all junglers. You take them so you are more durable against the monsters; therefore, you'll be more sustained.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: I take these because they give you a pretty hefty amount of MR at level 18, and most games you probably won't want to buy MR. You probably want more Damage.

Greater Quintessence of Armor Penetration: You take armor pen quints because you will be able to pierce most jungle camp monster's armor with these, resulting in more damage.

Backstab [PASSIVE]

_______ Backstab is an underestimated passive, most people don't even think about how much extra damage you can do if you hit someone in the back. It is particularly strong during ganks if they try to run. It is also very useful in the jungle if you effectively place your Jack In The Box to make the monsters turn their backs toward you.

_______ Deceive is Shaco's only gap closer, and reason that he ganks so well. It puts out a significant amount of damage as well. Many people forget that if you initiate with this you're left with no escape, and that is why I typically run ghost on him, so I can initiate with Deceive.

Deceive Video

_______ Jack In The Box is one of the most useful abilities (not including ulti's) in the entire game. It can be used as crowd control/ ganking (fear), escaping, warding, and jungling. It is typically good to put a jack in the box behind the enemy during ganks to prevent escape. If the enemy is ganking frequently (ex: Jungle Alistar) not only should you counter gank but place many Jack In The Boxes near exits of the jungle.

Jack in the Box Video

_______ Two-Shiv Poison has an active and passive ability which are both incredibly useful for ganking,escaping, and most specifically denying all escape attempts. You definitely want to max this out first due to the amount of damage it deals in the early levels, and the AD scaling is pretty high on it. It should be used to poke prior to team fights, and should be saved for when an enemy uses Flash denying their escape.

Two-Shiv Poison Video

_______ Hallucinate is one of the most unique, and most difficult ultimates to use in the game. It can be used to split push, 1 v 1, escape, Dragon, Baron, and vision. Split pushing is what you will see any Shaco do, you go push a lane ult, and drop a box, and due to his many escapes he can't really be caught out. In team fights you typically want to do a Q + W + E combo on anyone in the back line particularly the AD Ranged Carry. Once you do your combo there is no way to figure out which clone is which, and by the time they do figure out it's typically too late. It is very simple to use to do a level 6 dragon by yourself, and also when your team does do baron it allows it to be cleared almost twice as fast. The most skilled Shaco's will use the Hallucinate clone as an escape tool by sending the real Shaco, and clone in opposite directions. This will split the enemy team off reducing the damage output giving you more time to escape, and wait for you cool down on deceive. The most secret, and probably one of the most effective uses of Hallucinate is to block damage. If you time Hallucinate properly you can dodge turret shots, the last tick of ignite, or any target/AOE abilities.

Hallucinate Video

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

_______ Shaco is quite flexible with skill sequence choices in the early phases of the game, but this is the standard skill sequence I use.

Maxing Deceive second vs. maxing Jack In The Box second : The only thing that maxing Deceive will give you in terms of stats are bonus critical strike damage after casting Deceive and a higher mana cost. The bonus critical strike damage scales with attack damage and is more affected by items than leveling up. Unless you're hard core and rush Infinity Edge there's little reason to worry about maxing Deceive second. However, when you max Jack In The Box it increases the fear duration, damage, and mana cost. The fear duration allows a well-placed Jack In The Box to be more effective in ganks, and the bonus damage helps you out with split-pushing, dueling, ganking, and clearing. Overall, the benefits of maxing Jack In The Box are greater than that of maxing Deceive.



_____ _____


_____ _____



Hunter's Machete + Health Potion x 5 : This is the standard start for any jungler since S3 began. It provides far faster clearing than other items, and is cheap enough to allow you to buy 5 Health Potions. This start shouldn't be replaced unless you aren't jungling Shaco.

Boots + Health Potion x 3 : Unlike most junglers, Shaco can sustain himself fairly well in the jungling due to properly placed Jack In The Boxes. Furthermore, Shaco has one of the best level three jungler gank making a Boots start an excellent choice in order to apply pressure throughout the map.

Long Sword + Health Potion x 2 : This start is very offensive and I only recommend using this start when you want to duel the enemy jungler early. Due to the fact that most junglers start Hunter's Machete which provides no stats for champion combat, you already have an edge on them in dueling with a Long Sword start. Also, a Long Sword is very flexible in build path and should fit right in to any core items you're interesting in building.

Doran's Blade : Similar to the Long Sword start, a Doran's Blade start is very offensive and is not recommended to new players. This start is very effective if you want to force fights because Doran's Blade is pretty much the best starting item for AD champs. The obvious downfall to using this item is you have no Health Potions to sustain yourself. Thus, make sure you gank or invade while your health is high. Invading with Doran's Blade is okay because you can easily out trade other junglers, but even though Doran's Blade is very strong you're not invincible and follow all the basic rules of counter-jungling while starting with it.

___OR___ ___OR___

_____You should never have more than one jungling item in your inventory.

Madred's Razors : This is my personal favorite jungling item on Shaco because it allows me to get to my core build faster. The reason why you don't need to complete the Madred's Razors into Wriggle's Lantern is because the only difference is lifesteal and a free ward. Both lifesteal and wards can be found elsewhere in the shop. Typically, I find myself going for a Blade of the Ruined King after purchasing Madred's Razors.

Wriggle's Lantern : If you are just learning how to play Shaco you should build this every single game. It provides strong jungle-clearing, and some sustain with the built-in Vampiric Scepter. It also provides a ward every three minutes to assist with counter-jungling, and counter-ganking. This is your ideal jungle item, and there are few times where it is a good idea to stray away from it.

Spirit of the Elder Lizard : This is very very situational, and shouldn't be used on a game to game basis. It doesn't provide innate sustain like Wriggle's Lantern however it provides insanely high damage output in general. I only buy this item if I am constantly ganking, and counter-ganking with little farming in between. This item is not the greatest when it comes to farming so take note of that after purchasing this item. Never purchase this item when you are behind because it will delay your future purchases a lot. If you do decide to build this item, I would invest in a life steal item such as Blade of the Ruined King.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

_____You should purchase two or three of these items.

Statikk Shiv : This item is very strong in the early game, can increase rate of jungle clearing, and assist Shaco with split pushing. The bonus movement speed gives you much better positioning with your ganks, and Deceive. Overall, a very strong offensive item and does well in almost any scenario.

Youmuu's Ghostblade : I buy this whenever I feel that it is my role to burst a champion down in teamfights. If I find that the enemy Karthus is at 400 cs in 35 minutes I might decide that he is a threat and needs to be bursted down quickly before he can do too much. The The Brutalizer is a great aspect of the recipe and is worth purchasing after your jungling item.

Trinity Force : This item is fantastic for Shaco it provides a lot of hybrid stats. With the recent Trinity Force buffs, Phage is cheaper making the total cost of Trinity Force cheaper.

Blade of the Ruined King : This item is very useful in ganks with its active. However, I typically don't feel the need to buy it in the early game because the healing effects that it provides are not very useful until I invest into more attack damage. If you purchase Spirit of the Elder Lizard it can be a bit more useful because you wouldn't have invested in lifesteal yet.

Ravenous Hydra : I don't find myself buying this item often. If anything it should be a late game item. However, if your team needs you to split push it helps you push faster. I only buy this early game if I bought Spirit of the Elder Lizard because the lifesteal is quite helpful.

Black Cleaver : A very strong item with many effective stats. I typically hold off on completing this item until team fighting starts, and just hold a The Brutalizer in my inventory until then. The passive also synergizes with Hallucinate providing greater total damage on a target.

Sword of the Divine : This item should not be your first offensive item. It is quite weak without other attack damage and attack speed items. This item grants great burst potential, and if the active is combined with the active of Youmuu's Ghostblade, or the item Infinity Edge it can do a large amount of burst damage.

Infinity Edge : Many people consider this a core item on Shaco however it is very pricey and should not be purchased unless you can afford it. It may provide a lot of damage; however, it delays all of your other items by quite a bit.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

______You should purchase one or two of these items.

Zephyr: This is really the only viable crowd control reduction on Shaco. All of the stats are very beneficial, and I find it most effective to be purchased after the jungling item, or just a bit later.

Wit's End: If you are looking for attack speed, and magic resist this is what you need. The passive also synergizes with Shaco's Hallucinate. I typically buy this when I don't feel like I'm getting bursted from 100 to 0 but dying from sustained magic damage (ex: Shen).

Mercurial Scimitar: I don't find myself purchasing this item much at all unless I'm going pure assassin build. This item should be purchased if the enemy Malzahar, Warwick, or Skarner is primarily selecting you as the target for their ultimate. However, just because you are going up against one of those champions doesn't mean that you must buy the item.

Guardian Angel: This is the typical defensive item I buy because it fits almost any situation. Typically, I build this item if I'm getting bursted down quite easily in team fights despite using Hallucinate to dodge single-target abilities. I typically build this after completing two offensive items, or building part of the second offensive item. However, it is okay to purchase the item later on in the game.

Warmog's Armor: I don't buy this that often; however, it is definitely a viable defensive item on Shaco. You should build this if you are dying from sustained, and constant damage over time (ex: Ryze, Swain, Orianna). I typically build this after completing two offensive items, or building part of the second offensive item. However, it is okay to purchase the item later on in the game.

Randuin's Omen: If you are struggling with physical damage, or you are getting kited by the enemy AD carry, this is the item you are looking for. This item was made to counter AD carries and it does it perfectly. Try to conserve the active ability for when the enemy uses a summoner spell, or an escape ability.

Banshee's Veil: This item should be purchased when the enemy team is initiating on you constantly. This item will prevent you from taking that initial crowd control, and allow you to make your way to the back line faster. The health and magic resist also provide you some great tankiness. I would buy this later on in the game after many team fights have occured.

Maw of Malmortius: I find myself puchasing Hexdrinker a lot on Shaco because burst counters many assassins, burst comes from mages, and Hexdrinker provides that last second magic damage shield. I would buy Hexdrinker right after your preferred jungling item; however, I would hold off on upgrading until much later on in the game because it is not monetarily worth the upgrade.

______ ______ ______ ______ ______

Boots should be purchased with the jungling item or during the building of it. Upgraded boots should be purchased just a bit after the completion of the jungling item. Enchantments are very situational, and should be done when you feel the need to do so.

Berserker's Greaves: I find myself building this a lot more frequently then Mobility Boots as I feel that the attack speed is very nice to have with upgraded movement speed.

Mobility Boots: I only buy these when the enemy jungler is constantly ganking, or the enemy team is constantly pushing regardless of my presence. Some think it's worth it just due to the extra positioning it provides on Deceive however I can still jump across a lane without Mobility Boots. These boots are meant for roaming, and should be bought for that.

Enchantment: Alacrity: If you bought Berserker's Greaves, yet you are looking for more movement speed still, this is what you are looking for. I don't find myself buying this often because I typically buy Statikk Shiv or Zephyr every single game.

Enchantment: Furor: This is the standard enchantment I get because it allows me to stick to my target, and keep up when my gap-closers and crowd control are down.

Enchantment: Homeguard: These are essentially "turtle"ing boots. They allow you to heal quickly and get back to nearby teemfights quickly. They are quite fun to use and provide some sick placement with Deceive.

Patch 3.08: With the change of the spawn times on the small camps in the jungle. This chapter will have to be revamped. I will try to make a YouTube video for a Elder Lizard and Ancient Golem Route.

3.08 Route: Stack Jack In The Boxes at 1:00 at whichever buff you choose to start at (save Smite). Go to the buff that you did not start with. You will hit level three. In an actual game you would usually gank or counter-gank after hitting level three, but you can keep jungling if you choose to.

______This is a typical route for Shaco meant for inexperienced Shaco players, and low-level summoners. It is very safe and less reliant on your teams assistance for jungling.

_______This is a detailed album that gives a lot of tips and tricks for first time junglers with Shaco. The screenshots are not enough to learn how to jungle though. Make sure that you read the descriptions below because they contain vital pieces of information on proper jungling in the early game.

1. Buy your Items Fast

_______I cannot stress how important it is to buy your items quickly. If you for some reason do not buy your items quickly in any game as any jungler you lose control of the jungle. If the enemy team buys their items a lot faster than you, they might beat you into your own jungle.

2. Prepping the Wolves Camp

_______You will want to place two Jack in the Boxes at the wolves camp like so, placing the first one at 00:44. The reason you place your first Jack in the Box at this time rather than 00:40 is because if you place at 00:40 your Jack in the Box will die because it only has a 60 second duration.

NOTE: You will want your teammates to assist you in killing the wolves. If you don't think your teammates will help you then skip this step and go straight to prepping blue.

3. Prepping the Blue Golem Camp

_______ After you have placed your second Jack in the Box in the wolves camp then begin placing Jack in the Boxes in the blue golem camp. You should be able to place two Jack in the Boxes before the wolf camp spawns.

NOTE: If you're going to skip the wolf camp, then you will want to start placing Jack in the Boxes at the blue golem camp at 00:59.

4. Clearing the Wolves Camp

_______Jack in the Boxes will do the most of the damage needed to kill it. Use your passive Backstab properly in order to kill the camp faster. Make sure that you don't use a third Jack in the Box on the wolves camp because you need to save it for the blue golem camp.

NOTE: Obviously do not bother with this step if you didn't prep it.

5. Clearing the Blue Golem Camp

_______Immediately after clearing wolves head over to the blue golem camp. Once the blue golem spawns place down a Jack in the Box this will extend the duration that the blue golem is feared reducing the damage you take. If you are not receiving a leash from your teammates then you will have to use smite. If you are receiving a leash from your teammates, save your smite so you can kill the red lizard camp afterwards.

_______You should level up after clearing the blue golem camp (otherwise your teammates stole your experience) and you will want to take this skill point in your Q Deceive.

NOTE: If you didn't clear the wolves camp then you should not need to use smite no matter if you get a leash from your teammates or not.

6. Clearing the Wraiths Camp

_______Once you arrive at the wraiths camp drop a Jack in the Box in the center of the camp then immediately begin auto-attacking the blue wraith. Once the Jack in the Box fear is triggered, use deceive to relieve yourself of aggro from the wraiths and make your way behind the blue wraith and auto-attack him. Then clear the rest of your camp with your passive in mind as you do it.

NOTE: If you saved your smite at blue golem camp skip this step.

7. Clearing the Wolves Camp 2

_______ Use the same clearing strategy used for the wraiths camp. You should hit lvl 3 after clearing the wolves camp, and you should put a point into your E, Two-Shiv Poison.

_______ If your bottom lane is over extended and is prone to being ganked, I would consider doing the small golems camp instead so you're closer to the lane if the enemy jungler decides to show up.

NOTE: If you saved smite at blue buff then you should skip this step.

8. Clearing the Red Lizard Camp

Place a Jack in the box outside of the camp, where it will not aggro the red lizard. You will then wait until the cooldown on Jack in the Box is 3 seconds before throwing a Two-Shiv Poison at the Red Lizard. Use Deceive when the red lizard is feared by the Jack in the Box, and keep your passive in mind while auto-attacking. When the fear of the first Jack in the Box wears off, you should place a second Jack in the Box down next to the red lizard. Finally, when the red lizard gets low enough finish it off with smite.

NOTE: If you are level two when attempting to clear the red lizard camp the same way except for one thing. After placing your first Jack in the Box and allowing your cooldown to reach three seconds, you will want to auto-attack the red lizard and run towards your Jack in the Box. The rest of the steps are the same from there.

9. Making Plays

After completing your first clear you NEED to make plays around the map while you are strong. You have tons of options:

  • Hunt for the enemy jungler(only if they are a weak duelist or have little sustain in jungle).
  • Gank top, middle, or bottom lane.
  • Counter-jungle the enemy jungler(only if they are a weak duelist or have little sustain in jungle).
  • Set up a counter-gank(predict the enemy jungler's movements and wait for him there).

Soon to Come.

SPACE Shaco of course excels at ganking, but only when his ganks are done correctly. In this chapter, I will talk about a Proper Ganking, Counter-Ganking and Avoiding Wards.

Ganking in General

_______ Shaco has by far one of the most potent level three games of all champions in League of Legends. His Deceive provides him a "gap-closer" to close the distance between him and his opponent. His Two-Shiv Poison provides a passive slow, and a strong nuke to finish off a target at low health. His Jack In The Box can be placed behind the enemy to get not only a fear, but a hefty amount of damage as well.
_______ Shaco's Deceive provides you with a variety of places to gank from whether you want to run down the lane, or jump over the wraiths wall. This makes it very hard for opponents to ward for you; however, you should always make your best effort to Deceive in a place that typically isn't warded.
_______As Shaco there is a particular combination of abilities that you need to get used to. The ganking combination is...
  • Deceive: Use this to get behind your opponent, and in the way of their typical escape path.
  • Jack In The Box: This is what can make or break a gank. You should try to place this in the enemy's escape route. The damage that this ability provides in the early level is significant and triggering it can ensure early kills. Typically, people will have to Flash if you place a Jack In The Box correctly.
  • Auto-Attack: Pretty straight-forward. You should do this for damage obviously, and to trigger the critical strike from Deceive. Keep in mind your passive, Backstab, when auto-attacking opponents.
  • Two-Shiv Poison: One of the things that many people mess up with Shaco. You should not use this for up-front damage. This is your only ranged damage ability. It is best used to finish off a low health enemy, or at least force them out of lane. If you want strong finishing power you can combine Ignite and Two-Shiv Poison.


_______ Shaco is a very powerful ganker, and counter-ganker especially with coordinated teammates. If your mid-laner is getting ganked and you run in through the river, and your mid-laner runs to you for help you can typically get off a free Jack In The Box + Hallucinate without losing any distance from cast times. In a scenario like such, the typical ganking combo is similar, but you should try to use your Jack In The Box as more of a trap.
_______However, the above circumstance isn't as common as your mid-laner running for their life. So, in this case you should try to take this as a gank and prioritize the squishier target > the more damaging target > or the target with the most buffs (lizard, golem).
_______As any jungler you also need to realize when not to fight a counter-gank. It is okay to show your face to ensure they do not dive a teammate, but you need to realize when you and your teammate cannot take on your opponents.

Avoiding Wards

_______As I've said earlier in this chapter, Shaco can use his Deceive to avoid wards and still get off strong ganks. The diagram below shows the typical Deceive spots for all lanes, and from both sides.

_______As you can tell the diagram is pretty self-explanatory. When it comes to Deceiveing you should Deceive where the arrow starts, and then the blink should take you further down the lane or over a wall. This diagram shows that the middle lane is a bit easier to gank from multiple directions; however, middle lane is also the shortest lane meaning there is less time before your opponent arrives at his tower. The top lane is typically one of the easiest to gank because most of the laners are melee, and top lane is one of the longer lanes in general. Bottom lane is usually one of the hardest to gank because there are two people there meaning four summoner spells, and eight abilities; so, you need to be aware if the bottom lane can burst you down. An example of a burst-reliant bottom lane is something like Graves + Taric or Leona + Corki.

SPACEAlright counter-jungling is fairly simple as Shaco here are some tips to make sure it is done properly. I attempted to list the tips based on importance.

Location of the Enemy Jungler

________This is probably one of the most common mistakes people make when counter jungling. They have no idea where the enemy jungler is and blindly enter the jungle. If the opponent is a good duelist (ex: Lee Sin) or has enough takiness and crowd control to prevent your escape (ex: Nautilus not only will you lose your life, but you will lose your buffs. So, to not get caught out in the enemy jungle drop a couple Jack In The Box's or maybe just a plain old Sight Ward.

Having Smite off of Cool Down

_______If your Smite is on cool down while attempting to steal an enemy buff, you could end up wasting your time. Here is a short story on what I mean. I was playing Heimerdinger jungle against a Fiddlesticks (BTW: don't hate on Heimerdinger jungle he's insanely fast). Anyways, so I just cleared my wraiths, was walking up to golems, and I notice my red is not there. I then go check the bush and fiddle is draining the red lizard and it's at 200 health. I simply use my CH-1 Concussion Grenade to stop his drain and stun him, and then use my Hextech Micro-Rockets to take the red buff for myself. So, now that my teammates realized that Fiddlesticks was in our jungle. We ended up picking up first blood. most of these problems could've been avoided if he had Smite like: (A) He would've cleared lizard to fast for me and my teammates to kill him. (B) He wouldn't have gave up the red buff that he tried to steal. This Fiddlesticks ended up going 0/5/6. He couldn't jungle fast enough without his first blue, and I counter jungled him hard in return knowing I had the advantage on him. This goes for all counter jungling, and basic jungling. Have your smite up.

Keep Jungle Timers

_______If you watch any professional teams, they don't type anything in chat other than when blue buff, red buff, dragon, and baron will re-spawn. This is needed for counter-jungling because if you know when the buff re-spawns you can prepare for it when it ends up re-spawning. Now, this is effective because the enemy jungler has no exact idea on when a buff that has been previously stolen will re-spawn again. Now, this isn't the only use of this. If you know that the enemy jungler's buff re-spawned, you can assume he will be in that area. Therefore, you know a general idea of where he is, so you can counter-jungle him where he is not. Here are respawn times: Wraiths, Wolves, and Golems respawn every 1 minute; Red Lizard, and Blue Golem respawn every 5 minutes; Dragon respawns every 6 minutes; Baron respawns every 7 minutes.

Letting Teammates Know you are Counter-Jungling

_______This is a common mistake that many junglers will make when taking an enemy buff. Before you counter-jungle the enemy you should tell nearby laners the following. Tell them (A) Push the lane to the tower: If they push the lane the enemy laner back to the tower, the enemy could either lose the tower, or lose a lot of minion kills. Also, when they're pushed to their tower they're in a bad position to help out their jungler if he does end up finding you. (B) If the enemy leaves, follow them: Tell them to follow the laner if they decide to leave because most likely they're aware of what you are doing, so most likely a team fight will break out, and you need all the help you can get from your allies. If the friendly laner doesn't follow the enemy laner you will want to abandon your counter-jungling before you get caught.

SPACE Shaco's match-ups against enemy junglers are very strong, he has an advantage at early levels on many jungler's.

Shaco Match-Ups: A-F

Shaco Match-Ups: G-L

Shaco Match-Ups: M-R

Shaco Match-Ups: S-V

Shaco Match-Ups: W-Z

_______I will be trying to get more Shaco gameplay, but people don't like him and ban him frequently. For any games that I do actually get to play Shaco, and I remember to record them you will get to see them. I will list my final stats with items, the Jungle Opponent, and then the link to the replay.

Breakdown of Match

_______To view any of these replays it requires the simple download of LoL Recorder. I highly recommend getting it even if you're not interested in watching my replays. It is a phenomenal program that records all of your LoL games when it is running. It hardly lowers your FPS if at all, and allows you to look back at your game and see what you could do better. Download Link

_______There are seldom high ELO players who play Shaco at all. Therefore, I have done a lot of work and found some high ELO streamers who give a lot of commentary on their gameplay.



_______youngMINI is a very strong Shaco player sitting around 2400 ELO with a 68.21% win rate(201 wins, and 98 losses) as Shaco. He plays a bruiser-like Shaco only getting a few damage items then rushing resistances. During the game, he gives quite a bit of commentary when he is not chatting with He hasn't been streaming much lately, but the videos on his stream channel are still of great use.



_______Perfects is a very skilled Shaco player sitting around 2300 ELO with a 62.6% win rate(363 wins, and 217 losses) as Shaco. He plays a very damage heavy Shaco that refrains from buying many defensive items in the early game if any. Perfects is always talking about the game, and has one of the best personalities out of all the streamers I've watched. He is relatively new to streaming, but he is excellent at it even though he doesn't know it.

_____Below are some showcases of great success by both me, and users of my guide.

Success with Shaco: Pluckin Penguin

Success with Shaco: BloodMoney47

Success with Shaco: THE_REBEL

Success with Shaco: bournemusk

SPACEThese questions typically come out of the comments, and are answered in the comments. Although, any of the questions that I feel are important are brought to this chapter of my Shaco Guide.

Q: Why don't you build Cooldown Reduction earlier on Shaco? asked by Minami

A: I don't build cool down reduction very early on Shaco, because he isn't a champion that has abilities meant to be spammed. Also, early game an average gank lasts about 5-7 seconds and all of his cool downs are practically double that amount of time; therefore, there is no purpose of building cool down reduction for ganking purposes that early on. Now, I do typically build a Youmuu's Ghostblade mid game before the team fights errupt, that gives me a good amount of Cool Down Reduction in team fights.

Q: Can you control Shaco's clone? asked by dani_hoyle

A: Yes, you can control Shaco's clone by holding down alt and clicking at the same time. You can only control it until it expires, or is killed.

Edit: Riot recently made it so you can use "R" + Right Click to control the Shaco's Clone.

SPACEBig Shout Out to the following people:
...... SirSpankAlot currently has the #1 Rated Skarner Guide with a solid 93% rating. I used his outstanding guide as a reference when I was making mine (mainly the formatting). I can't thank him enough for allowing me to use some of the formatting ideas in his guide and here is a link to his great guide.

...... jhoijhoi is probably one of the most well-known people on Mobafire. I want to thank her for the templates, and line dividers she has kindly provided on her Getting Started Guide. The sources she provides for new Mobafire users are incredible, I highly recommend you check out some of her other guides as well.

...... The support that I was given to make this guide, and the support I was given for the guide was just absolutely amazing. I want to give a shout out to all my friends who pushed me to make a Shaco guide for Mobafire. I would also like to thank any of the people who helped me reach the #1 Shaco Guide with in 2 months.

...... Teyso is probably one of the most avid reviewers on Mobafire, and has majorly helped me with my guide. If you are looking for some actual feedback on your guide you should definitely talk to him, and take a look at his review shop.

...... This guy bared with my mistakes and helped me through the rough times with Alistar in the Match-ups Chapter. He is a very kind fellow, and deserves a blueberry muffin. If anyone knows of any bakeries that deliver let me know ASAP.

Thank You!
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