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Sion Build Guide by Stinkee

Top "Slay the strong, trample the weak!"--Sion Guide

Top "Slay the strong, trample the weak!"--Sion Guide

Updated on July 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stinkee Build Guide By Stinkee 1387 78 2,619,674 Views 90 Comments
1387 78 2,619,674 Views 90 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Stinkee Sion Build Guide By Stinkee Updated on July 27, 2022
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  • LoL Champion: Sion
    Tank Sion
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    Support Sion
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    Jungle Sion

Runes: Grasp (vs most matchups)

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Starting Items
Standard Start
Against Poke (Teemo, Jayce, etc)
Boot Options
Against AP/Heavy CC
Early Item Options
Against healing
Against heavy auto attacker
Mythic Item Options
Vs. Ranged or Losing Lane
Don't Buy as Top or Mid
Good Armor Options
Anti Healing
Against Crit Dmg
Mana and Att Speed Slow
Good MR Options
Ability Haste and Shield Size
Team Damage
Good Peel Options
Protect the Carry
Cleanse CC for Ally
Boost Ally Damage
Aoe Heal and Damage
Good Health or Mixed Resist Options
Health and Regen
Vs. Fed Hypercarry/Splitpusher
Armor + MR and GIANT shield
Good Damage Options
Auto Attack Damage
Damage and Shield
Damage and Armor
Splitpush (nerfed, not recommended)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

"Slay the strong, trample the weak!"--Sion Guide

By Stinkee
I have been a Sion main since his rework, he has been my most played and favorite champion since season 5. In Season 6 I reached diamond with a 68% winrate on him over 169 games.

Why Sion?

Sion is, in my opinion, the most versatile tank is League of Legends. He is able to adapt to each game in a way that is unmatched by any other tank. Many even play Sion as an AD assassin or bruiser including Thebausffs and Tilterella both have been Challenger AD Sion mains and streamers.

He is always going to be a great tank who can fill the role that is needed for his team. He also has a very low pick and ban rate, making him a great champion to main or even one-trick. Sion is very easy to learn but also has a lot of potential for skill expression, solidifying him as both a great champion for new players and for masters alike.

How to use the guide

I suggest you use this guide as a foundation to find your own way to play that works for you. Don't strictly follow a full build; learn each of the item options and try to adapt each game. The full builds I showcase are just examples and will not be ideal in every situation or game. Tanks, moreso than other roles must build items based on the factors unique to each game.
Innate: After being killed, Sion will reanimate with rapidly decaying Health. His attacks become very rapid, gaining 100% Lifesteal and deals bonus damage equal to [+10% target's max]
All his abilities are replaced with Death Surge, which grants a burst of Movement Speed.

Active: Sion charges up a heavy blow for up to 2 seconds. When released, he deals physical damage to enemies hit (60% damage to minions) based on how long Sion charges and briefly slows them.
If Sion charges for at least 1 second, enemies are knocked up and stunned for 1.25 to 2.25 seconds.


Soul Furnace

Passive: Sion gains 4 maximum Health whenever he kills a unit (15 for champion kills, assists, large minions and large monsters).

Active: Sion shields himself for 6 seconds. After 3 seconds, while the shield holds, Sion can reactivate to deal magic damage to nearby enemies. Max 400 bonus damage against minions and monsters.

Active: Sion fires a shockwave, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and knocking it back if it is not a champion (significantly increasing its range).
Target's hit by the shockwave or the knocked back unit take the same damage and are slowed for 2.5 seconds and have their Armor reduced by 20% for 4 seconds.

Active: Sion charges in a direction for 8 seconds and can steer slowly towards the mouse cursor. While charging, Sion is immune to all Crowd Control. Reactivating will cancel Sion's charge early.
When Sion collides with an enemy champion or wall, he deals physical damage and knocks up enemies in a small area for 0.75 seconds. Enemies in a larger area take the same damage and are slowed for 3 seconds.

The damage increases and the stun duration increases to 1.75 seconds as Sion charges further.
View the Sion Matchups section under the "Tank Sion" build. Currently most matchups are focused on top and mid lane. Click "Show All" under the picture of Sion in the Threats & Synergies area to expand and see everything.

General Rule for Counters and Synergies


In general, Sion is countered by high mobility, %hp damage, hard CC/skillshots, and bruisers.

All of Sion's abilities are very telegraphed, making them very easy to predict and dodge.

Sion is a health stacking tank, making %hp very effective against him.
Hard CC and skillshots are very effective against Sion because he has to charge up his Q, making him a vulnerable target.

Bruisers as a class in general are designed to do well against tanks, they do higher damage than tanks, usually have some form of %hp damage or armor shred, as well as having higher mobility at the cost of having less CC and defensive abilities than a tank.


Since Sion has very telegraphed but hard hitting abilities, he pairs very well with other champions that have easier to land/setup CC. His ult and Q are much easier to land on targets that are already CC'd. Champions like Nautilus with a ton of CC makes your job as Sion much, much easier.

Also, Sion is a great setup for other champions, such as Yasuo that need enemies to be CC'd for them, although Sion is not the best at this because his abilities are so telegraphed. Keep in mind, that too much CC on a team is a bad thing and makes items like Mercury's Treads and Quicksilver Sash more valuable.


Grasp of the Undying is great on Sion. It does damage based on your max health, heals you, and gives you permanent health every time you proc it.[/color]

Demolish is another great rune for Sion. It also scales with your health allowing you to kill towers very fast as a tank! Shield Bash can be good on Sion as well for better trades in the top lane. If you want better trades in lane and massive shield damage late game take Shield Bash. If you think you can win your lane hard and hit the enemy tower for free often take Demolish.

Conditioning, Second Wind, and Bone Plating are all equally good on Sion and are completely situational. Conditioning is the best option outside of laning phase, if you are against an easy lane take it. Second Wind is good against poke lanes. Bone Plating is the based overall rune in this tier for trading, making it the best overall option in most situations. If you are unsure what to take in this tier just take Bone Plating.

Overgrowth is the best rune option in the bottom tier of the Resolve tree. It gives you permanent health when minions die near you. Sion is a health tank so this is always a great option on him. If you need help in the laning phase you can take Revitalize which will increase your shield strength. If the enemy has a ton of CC, think about taking Unflinching instead as it will help you deal with the CC.


Arcane Comet Is a fantastic rune on Sion for the laning phase. Sion's Q Decimating Smash and his E Roar of the Slayer basically guarantee the comet to hit. This gives a Tank Champion like Sion insane poke in the laning phase, allowing him to deal with ranged matchups and easily beat them. This rune will not scale as well as other options like Grasp but if you really want to win the laning phase you can definitely consider this rune, especially against ranged matchups where Grasp isn't that useful anyways.

If you took Comet I'd recommend taking Manaflow Band as well, giving Sion the mana to be able to spam his e nonstop in the laning phase.

Transcendence should be taken next, giving Sion an easy 10% extra CDR. The other two options really aren't that great for Sion.

Scorch is very good in this rune page. It increases Sion's poke damage by a lot. There's really no reason to take any of the other runes in this tier as they don't have much use for Sion.


Glacial Augment is a good rune to take if your team needs more engage. It also makes Sion's Q Decimating Smash a lot easier to land after your ult. It can be a great option into ranged matchups where you can't apply Grasp of the Undying anyways. Unsealed Spellbook provides you with more utility and options against a ranged top/mid. It's is a great rune in situationally but it has a VERY high skillcap.

Magical Footwear and Perfect Timing are both solid options to take next. Magical Footwear is good if you don't need to buy Ninja Tabi early. Perfect Timing is good if you think the enemies will dive you top lane. Keep in mind, both of these runes take a while to activate.

Biscuit Delivery is a pretty great rune choice for Sion. Sion tends to run out of mana fast and has no form of health sustain so the extra sustain that the bicuits provide is really nice. They also increase your maximum mana. I would consider taking Magical Footwear instead (if inspiration is your secondary tree) if you believe you will have an easy lane. If Inspiration is your primary tree I would still take Biscuit Delivery in most situations.

Cosmic Insight, Approach Velocity, and Time Warp Tonic are all good runes at the bottom of the Inspiration Tree. I prefer Approach Velocity, it gives you movement speed when you run towards enemies that you CC. This is great on Sion because if you land Roar of the Slayer you will be able to catch up to them and use Decimating Smash. This also makes for an amazing synergy with Glacial Augment and Sion's Passive Glory in Death allowing you to keep up with the enemies.


For Sion's first purchase you can decide to go Corrupting Potion or Doran's Shield + Health Potion.

Corrupting Potion is great in every scenario and works with any build. It provides amazing sustain and damage for the laning phase. If you are new to Sion I would always recommend starting Corrupting Potion. Use Corrupting Potion offensively to win trades.

Doran's Shield is a great start against poke and ranged champions. It will reduce their poke by a ton but also gives you no mana sustain so watch your mana when taking Doran's Shield.


Sion can go Plated Steelcaps, Boots of Swiftness, Mercury's Treads depending on each game. Look at the enemy team and your laner. If you are against a heavy AD team go Plated Steelcaps, if you are against a heavy AP or heavy CC team go Mercury's Treads. In most cases you will probably end up buying boots early to counter your laner. If you're against a heavy auto-attacker like Tryndamere, you'll want to get Plated Steelcaps very early to reduce the damage of his basic attacks. Boots of Swiftness is an option that can be taken in any game and is a solid option if you want more mobility instead of resistances.


Sunfire Aegis: Sunfire Aegis is an improved Sunfire Cape from the previous seasons. This is the default DAMAGE choice for tanks. If you do not care for utility and just want to do a lot of damage and be a constant threat then this is the choice for you. The main issue with this item for Sion is that it takes a while to ramp up. Sunfire is a great snowballing tank item, if you are ahead I definitely recommend going Sunfire over Frostfire. This item also gives all Legendary Items +5% tenacity and slow resist, helping a lot against heavy CC teams.

Frostfire Gauntlet: Frostfire Gauntlet is an improved Iceborn Gauntlet from the previous seasons. This item has a weaker version of the Sunfire passive. This is a solid utility and brawling choice for Sion. The slowing field is large and is great for setting up Sion's Q - Decimating Smash. If there are a lot of mobile champs on the enemy team or you just want to be able to stick to them and have an easier time landing your Q, this is a solid choice. It's also a lot cheaper than Sunfire so if you are a bit behind, I recommend buying it. This item also gives all Legendary Items +100 health and +6% champion size so you will be HUGE. Frostfire Gauntlet also is a bit cheaper than Sunfire so if you are looking for an earlier power spike, this is a good choice.

Turbo Chemtank: Turbo Chemtank is an improved Righteous Glory from the previous seasons. This item has a weaker version of the Sunfire passive. Turbo Chemtank is the best teamfight and engage mythic tank item. Chemtank will be a pretty good option if you are the primary engage on your team and need a more reliable way to engage in teamfights. It is also pretty solid for peeling for your carries. Turbo Chemtank also gives all Legendary Items +5 Ability Haste, allowing you to spam your abilities more. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this item over the other tank options for most games.


Thornmail: Thornmail is the default anti-healing tank item. ALWAYS get this item or just Bramble Vest if there is a good amount of healing on the enemy team. It makes a big difference, especially if you are the only one on your team with healing reduction. Rush Bramble Vest against champions like Nasus and Fiora, who look to heal/lifesteal a lot in lane. This REALLY helps you win trades and the lane as a whole.

Randuin's Omen: Randuin's Omen is the anti-crit and anti-auto attacker item. Great against crit adcs and top laners such as Tryndamere, Quinn, Gangplank, etc. The active is also very nice in teamfights, slowing all nearby enemies as well as their attack speed.

Frozen Heart: Frozen Heart is similar to Randuin's Omen in the way it is good against auto-attackers. Frozen Heart is better than Randuin's Omen against on-hit auto-attackers like Vayne, Kog'Maw, Irelia, etc. and worse against crit auto-attackers like most ADCs and top laners like Tryndamere.

Winter's Approach: This is an item that I have wanted them to make for a long time. A tear stacking tank item. This is a great option for Sion. Sion naturally has low mana and low mana regeneration while having high mana cost abilities like Soul Furnace. This means spamming your abilities will cause you to run out of mana VERY fast. This item is a nice a remedy to that issue. If you are like me and like to constantly pressure your opponent by spamming abilities, I highly recommend this item as a first or second purchase.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: Gargoyle Stoneplate has been reworked and is the best hybrid (armor + magic resist) tank item. The active gives you a shield based on BONUS HEALTH which is REALLY good on Sion because of his W - Soul Furnace passive. This item is the ultimate teamfight tankiness Legendary Item. If you want to survive in teamfights this is the best item for you IF the enemy team has fairly balanced physical and magic damage. This item also pairs really well with Spirit Visage or even Mikael's Blessing increasing your shield size by an additional 25% or 20% respectively.

Titanic Hydra: Titanic Hydra is a great item if you are fed and just want to do a ton of damage. It no longer has an active but does really solid cleave damage based on your MAX health. Titanic Hydra, paired with Sunfire Aegis gives you a lot of damage for a tank.

Death's Dance: Death's Dance was given a small rework with the item changes in preseason. It is now an anti-ad item item only. That being said, it is REALLY good against ad champions. Death's Dance will likely be a very solid late game item choice on tank or bruiser Sion, especially to counter burst ad champs like assassins.

Spirit Visage: Spirit Visage is a solid Magic Resist choice. It now increases your healing AND shielding by 25% which will increase your W - Soul Furnace shield size by a significant amount as well as the Gargoyle Stoneplate and Sterak's Gage shields if you get either or both of those items.

Force of Nature: Force of Nature is another great Magic Resist choice if you are having trouble sticking onto the enemies. This item will give you a lot of movespeed and magic resist (ramping up when you are getting attacked). Force of Nature is really great against DOT mages because it will stack the passive much faster than other champions.

Anathema's Chains: Anathema's Chains is a situational item. This item works really well if there is one very fed enemy on the opposing side. However, it is not that great of an item in any other scenario. Don't buy this item every game. Do consider buying it if there's one fed hypercarry that will 1v9 the game on the enemy team. Think of a 15/1/0 Master Yi at 15 minutes, yeah you definitely should buy this item in that situation. But, imagine the enemy team has 15 kills and 1 death total but it's spread evenly between their entire team. All 5 enemies with 3 kills each. Anathema's Chains isn't going to be useful at all in that situation.

Abyssal Mask: Abyssal Mask is again, a really solid Magic Resist option. It was reworked and now, when you CC an enemy they will take 10% increased damage from ALL sources for 4 seconds. This is item is amazing for teamfights and will buff your teammates by a large amount. 10% damage increase on anyone that you Immobilize (Q stun or R) is huge for teamfights.

Warmog's Armor: Warmog's Armor is relatively unchanged in the preseason and is still a great option on Sion if you want the sustain and health. This is a great item if you need to match a splitpushing threat, allowing you to take short trades then heal up and stay in lane forever.

Sterak's Gage: Sterak's Gage is a solid damage/bruiser Sion item. It now gives you health regen when getting attacked OR attacking an enemy, based on your max health. It still has the shield against burst.

Hullbreaker: Hullbreaker was recently nerfed. I don't recommend buying this item anymore. There are just better items out there for Sion. If you want to do some damage and occasionally split push, I would just go a Titanic Hydra tank build instead.

Knight's Vow: Knight's Vow is a great mid or late game to support a fed carry. If your ADC/mid/Graves, Yi jg/etc is your win condition and your team does not already have a Knight's Vow, just buy this item and peel for them, it will win you the game.

Zeke's Convergence: Zeke's Convergence is another great mid or late game support item. It is similar to Knight's Vow but instead of protecting your carry, it will give them more damage when you CC enemies. I think this item is OKAY if you want to buff your super fed carries late game but it's not nearly as good as Knight's Vow for your team. I would only buy this item if your carry teammate is your team's win condition AND you already have Knight's Vow for them.

Mikael's Blessing: I'm currently testing Mikael's as an alternate (or additional) magic resist item. The mana regen could be very useful on Sion as he tends to have mana issues. Mikael's is also WAY cheaper than other MR items while still providing a significant, 50MR. It also has 15 ability haste, 100% base mana regen, and 20% heal and shield power (which would be great for Sion's W Soul Furnace). It is only 2300 gold and the only thing it is really lacking that the other magic resist options provides is health. Mikael's gives 0 health. But, it is so much cheaper and the unique active of being able to cleanse CC could be great if you have a fed hypercarry on your team that needs peel. This item also makes buying an early Faerie Charm viable for mana regen as you can upgrade it into Mikael's later. Overall, I definitely need to test it but it could potentially be a viable option for Sion (and other tanks), and another (maybe niche) alternative to the other MR items. Thanks to Heansuh in the comment section of this guide for the idea!
Building tank on Sion is the standard way to play him. His kit is designed to be played as a tank. The build is very versatile and he can be played in any lane or jungle to an extent. He also has the option to buy 1 or 2 more damage focused items like Titanic Hydra or Sterak's Gage due to the insane AD ratio on his Q Decimating Smash. Your goal as a tank will differ from game to game. If your team needs an initiator, you can fill that role, otherwise you can try to peel your teammates.

Top lane is the most popular and usually the best lane to play tank Sion in. Tanks in general top lane should focus on surviving lane until they get enough gold to buy tank stats. The first few levels can be rough as you're not really a tank yet. Once you buy your first tank item or two, you should be able to brawl with most top laners and win. Tanks become really strong in the mid game when they get their first few couple of items. In the mid game you should look to help your teammates. You can either initiate for picks or teamfights or peel for your fed carry. Once the late game approaches, you may notice you will feel a bit weaker. Tanks aren't great late game because enemy carries (usually the ADC) have reached their power spikes. These carries take longer to come online which is why you are stronger than them until this point. Still, you can make a massive impact as a tank late game, you will just need to be more cautious and focus more on peeling than engaging, depending on the gamestate.

Mid lane Sion is played basically the same as top Sion. One thing you can do mid that you can not do as top as much is roam with your ult. A great play you can make mid is to slow push 2-3 waves of minions then roam bot or top with your ult. Matchups mid are actually pretty great. Most mid laners are burst heavy but since you are a tank, you can absorb all of their damage and turn on them once their abilities are on cooldown. Against ranged matchups mid, look to E a minion at them then run up and W + Q and auto them for a great trade. You can afford to take Unsealed Spellbook or Glacial Augment against most matchups mid. This is because against ranged mid laners, you will not be able to proc your Grasp of the Undying very often. Against melee mids you can still take Grasp of course.
AD Sion is an incredibly fun and viable way to play Sion. Building lethality on Sion essentially turns him into an assassin. Sion's Q Decimating Smash has ridiculous AD scaling, allowing you to almost one shot enemies if you can get a full Q off. If your Q Decimating Smash doesn't kill them, they will be cc'd for a long time allowing you to use your other abilities to finish them off. While playing AD Sion you are going to want to camp in bushes a lot.

Enemies CANNOT see when you are channeling your Q Decimating Smash from a bush UNLESS the bush is warded. This allows you to pull of some sneaky oneshots from bushes. Even when you die as AD Sion you will run down the enemies with your passive, possibly taking one or more enemies with you. Several Sion mains have managed to reach Challenger one tricking AD Sion, it's definitely viable but keep in mind, it is difficult to learn and master.
Support Sion is a viable pick but is not as popular as his other roles. While not many people play Support Sion, it can be quite good. Sion as a support is very aggressive, all of his abilities can potentially hit both enemy bot laners. Make use of the bot lane bushes to charge your Q Decimating Smash on the enemy both lane, they cannot see you charging it if the bush is not warded. He will not be as tanky as he would be top lane so you need to be more careful. Try to pair with an aggressive ADC and stomp the early game.

Try to peel for your ADC lategame, don't ult too far away from the carries or they might die alone. If you secure an early lead use your lead to get vision in the enemy jungle and near dragon. You should not lose a single dragon early game if you win hard bot lane. Make sure dragon is always clear of wards and use wards in the enemy jungle to spot where the jungler is going. You can max either E Roar of the Slayer or Q Decimating Smash on Support Sion. Q Decimating Smash max is good if the enemy bot lane has low mobility and can easily get hit by Q. E Roar of the Slayer is good to max first against poke lanes and more mobile lanes. As Support Sion ALWAYS max W Soul Furnace second.

Keep in mind, the reason support Sion isn't picked very often is because of his W - Soul Furnace. As support you will barely get any stacks meaning you will be much, much easier to kill than mid/top/jungle Sion. It can still be a good pick, though it may require some more skill and effort than his other positions.
Sion jungle has been buffed in patches 9.16 and 10.20. His Q Decimating Smash no longer does reduced damage to monsters and its base damage has been increased in the 9.16 patch. In the 10.20 patch his Q now does 150% damage to monsters, this is HUGE for jungle Sion and also decent for lane Sion. Sion Q, fully charged could potentially outdamage a smite now! These changes made Sion jungle viable again, improving his clear speed by a large amount.

Sion's weaknesses in the jungle remain, he does not clear as fast as many junglers and his pre-6 ganks are not ideal without Predator. Sion jungle does scale much better than top lane Sion though. Sion's W - Soul Furnace passive stacks faster in the jungle than in top lane because you get extra stacks from large monsters. This rewards Sion for playing a farm-heavy jungle style.

Jungle Sion can be played as tank or full AD. For the clear I recommend checking out Timothy Fly on youtube. He's a master tier Sion jungle main with several guide videos on jungle Sion. He focuses mostly on AD Sion but you could apply most of his tips for tank Sion.
Sion's passive Glory in Death can be used to "cheese" the enemy jungle camps level one. If you are on blue side you can go to the enemy raptors at level 1, make sure the area is clear. If the area is clear attack the raptors and get very low health, when you are about to die start running towards the red buff. When you die use your passive to steal the red buff, you WILL keep the red buff when you respawn, TP back to lane after you steal the buff. If you are on red side you can do the same thing but with the enemy blue buff. There are two ways of doing it on red side. You can get low on wolves then run over to blue buff and kill it with your passive. The other way to steal on red side is to attack the blue buff then attack the gromp, stand in between both to keep aggro. When you die kill blue buff with your passive then kill gromp with your passive. TP back to lane after killing blue buff.

Please note that killing the blue buff while in Sion passive is actually bugged right now and you WILL NOT keep the blue buff when you respawn, hopefully they will fix this issue soon.



Enemies CANNOT see Sion's Q Decimating Smash cast if Sion is hidden in a bush while charging. You can use this to great effect toplane by full charging Q's from the bushes while the enemy is trying to CS. If you do this enough, the enemy will be scared to walk near any bush without vision.

Sion can use Prowler's Claw on a minion directly after throwing it with his E Roar of the Slayer. This will give you a long range dash that can be used to escape or catch up to people.

Sion E + Prowler's Claw

REMOVED as of Patch 11.13, Prowler's Claw can no longer be used on minions so this trick does not work anymore.

Sion can buffer his E Roar of the Slayer into flash. Press E then flash instead of flash then E. This is much faster than flashing then E'ing and can make the difference in getting a kill or not.

Sion's E Roar of the Slayer no longer does increased damage when throwing a minion at an enemy. It now will apply the armor reduction though as an AOE, all enemies hit by the minion you throw will have their armor reduced. Try to throw a minion and hit multiple enemies during or before a teamfight to reduce their armor. If you manage to hit a few and your allies are nearby look to ult.

Sion's ult Unstoppable Onslaught can damage towers. You can use this to get a surprising amount of damage off (more if you are building AD). Keep in mind, you should not be ulting a tower unless you have minions near the enemy tower as allied minions lower the resistances of the tower by a significant amount. Your ult does more damage the further away you use it as well so consider walking back a bit before ulting a tower. The best use of this is when you are pushing for the end of the game. If you have minions on the enemy Nexus towers ult from just behind an enemy Inhibitor, aim for the middle in between the two towers. Instead of directly ramming into one tower cancel your ult in the center between the two towers. This will do damage to BOTH Nexus towers. This can easily do 700-800+ damage to both Nexus towers at the same time and much more if you are building AD.

Sion Ult Damages Towers

Sion can "jump" over player-made terrain such as Azir R Emperor's Divide, Anivia W Crystallize, Trundle E Pillar of Ice, Yorick W Dark Procession, and Jarvan IV R Cataclysm. To pull this off you have to use your ult as Sion Unstoppable Onslaught and run at the terrain. Right before you hit the terrain cancel your ult and you will jump over it. The interaction with Azir wall is the buggiest and may only work sometimes. The best way to jump over Azir R is to hop over AS he casts his ult. Here's a great video by Vandiril showcasing this trick:

Sion's R Unstoppable Onslaught makes him immune to CC while active but does not break any existing CC. This means abilities such as Nasus' Wither will make your ult start a lot slower.

Use Sion R to block the CC of an incoming gank instead of flashing. An example would be if you are getting ganked by an Elise and if she lands her Cocoon you know you will die. Instead of flashing her Cocoon, ult for the CC immunity and run to safety. Don't do this if your ult could be blocked by terrain or enemy champions. It's more important to use your ult than flash here because your ult is a way shorter cooldown and is generally less valuable than flash.

Sion's ult Unstoppable Onslaught is very easy to land if you land your E Roar of the Slayer first. Like stated before, if you can throw a minion from far away and hit someone you can look to ult. This is one of the best times for you to use your ult. Also, if you land your E and you took the Approach Velocity rune, you will gain movespeed, making it easier to land your ult.

Sion can ult through many areas that people may not know. An example of this is ulting from your base to Baron or Dragon. I would recommend going into the Practice Tool and practicing these ult paths. Many of these are very difficult to pull off and I would not recommend attempting them in a ranked game unless you are very comfortable. Here is another great video by Vandiril showing many of the paths you can take:

Sion's R Unstoppable Onslaught can essentially bounce off of many walls. You can use this to get some very unique angles on your ult. This is usually pretty inconsistent and you have to hit the right spots in the walls. Sometimes your ult will just end by hitting a spot in the wall while other times you will bounce off it and make a cool play. The best way to be consistent with this is to start parallel to a wall and slowly approach the wall at a 10-15 degree angle. If done correctly you will bounce off the wall! Keep in mind this does not work on every wall, in general it works with walls that bend slightly. A great example of this is right next to the bot lane tower where the wall starts to bend.

You can use the F-keys (f1,f2,f3,f4,f5) to move your camera WHILE in Sion's R Unstoppable Onslaught. You can use this to get a more reliable view of what is going on. This is great for when you are ulting down mid lane or bot lane for example so you can see where your ally is in relation to the enemy. The F-keys are organized by your scoreboard. F1 is always you, F2 is the next person on the scoreboard and so on. If I was ulting down mid and I was the top laner I could quickly press f3 to look at my mid laner if he is fighting. This is kinda tricky to get the hang of but it is pretty easy if ulting in a near straight line like down a lane.

Sion Ult F-Keys

Before each game, look up your lane opponent's movement ability cooldowns. For example, if I'm Sion and I see Riven on the enemy team, I will look up the cooldown of her E and her Q (her dash abilities). This will allow me to have an estimate how long I have until she has dashes again. Doing this will help you land your crucial abilities like Decimating Smash and Unstoppable Onslaught.

Despite what many people think Sion is NOT a strong late game champion. Sion is strongest in the mid game. Use your mid game powerspike to make plays, you will be a lot stronger than most enemies at this point. The longer the game goes the harder it will get, their ADC and any Liandry's Anguish build mage will shred you late game.

Another misconception is that Sion is an engage champion. While this is partially true, Sion is not a very reliable engage and serves best as a followup to another ally's engage. Sion's abilities are much more useful when an ally is able to CC the enemies first. Sion, for this reason pairs really well with engage tanks such as Sejuani. If a Sejuani ults for example, you can follow with your ult into Q and CC multiple enemies for several seconds, this should be enough to win a teamfight. With the help of another tank you can CC lock enemies for their entire lifetime.

Take a moment every game to see what your team needs. Do you need to engage or peel? If you have a fed ADC and he is dying easily stick to him like glue. If your ADC gets really fed and you do not have a tank support on your team look to buy Knight's Vow and other support items after your first couple items.

A simple way to surprise kill an enemy is to charge up your W Soul Furnace shield then E Roar of the Slayer + Flash and at the same time pop your W Soul Furnace and flick Q Decimating Smash for a surprising amount of burst damage. I have done this countless times to catch my opponent off guard. No one expects you to burst them like that. The best way to do this is when the enemy is low under tower and is overstaying for CS and XP. They will have very little time to react with this combo.
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