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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by Goffterdom

Ranked Ezreal, Enlighten your Playstyle

Ranked Ezreal, Enlighten your Playstyle

Updated on May 9, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goffterdom Build Guide By Goffterdom 6 1 17,391 Views 15 Comments
6 1 17,391 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Goffterdom Ezreal Build Guide By Goffterdom Updated on May 9, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
  • LoL Champion: Ezreal


What can I say ?

BLAHi everyone, I'm "La Yunade" ! Welcome in my Ezreal guide.

BLAI decided to write a guide about this champion because I really think he's interesting to play and incredibly strong, and sadly too much people don't use it at his full potential.

BLAI'm a 1600 rising ELO summoner (currently 1638). I'm not showing off at all, I'm just trying to explain why I believe and I hope my experience on Ezreal worths to be written.

BLAI wrote several guides now and I expect this one will share the same quality requirements than the others. I try to always explain my choices and to go deeper and deeper in the explainations I give. If you think this guide lack a specific information you can tell me what it is, I'd be glad to add it.

BLAYou may have read my previous guides, if not I invite you to do so, I put a lot of effort into each single guide.

Note: This guide is meant to explain how to play Ezreal as an AD Carry on the Bottom Lane, with a Support by his side.

Note: After several researches on Mobafire I realized there were a lot of builds on often picked champions (I looked for Ahri and Mordekaiser guides for instance). As it goes for Ezreal. That made me want to explain why I believe this guide worths being read. I played a lot of games as Ezreal, game being either public, solo/duoQ or even 5 players ranked teams. I played Ezreal when I started LoL, I stopped playing him and when I played him again I discovered a brand new Ezreal. This champion is just amazing, the more skills you have the harder you will beat your enemies. That sounds silly and common, of course in LoL if you have more skills you win. Ezreal is not about winning, Ezreal is about completly and ridiculously pubstombing your opponents. Ezreal offers you everything you ever wanted to have as an AD Carry and I trully believe I masterized a lot of his gameplay, if not all of it. No matter the matchup, the odds, the firstblood or the ganks, if you farm well and if you can move Ezreal as you move your hands, you will outplay everyone.

BLAI won't go through the "Pros n' Cons" part because I consider that if you are here, you already know Ezreal is one of the best - if not the best - AD Carry.

BLAHave fun ladies and gentlemen, this is where the Light starts shining.

Note: In the future "Lulu Patch", lifesteal items are going to be nerf. This may change the item build / item order, I'll update this guide as I try it out.
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Runes & Masteries

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

BLAGives you 10 Flat AD, helping Trading and Last Hitting.
I prefer having 10 flat AD than 15 more ARpen because you dont need Flat ARPen since you build Last Whisper end game.

Greater Mark of Desolation

BLAGives you 10 Flat ARPen, helping shredding early enemy armor.
I prefer having 10 flat ARPen than 6 more AD because it helps getting that little more damages on minions and enemy lane.

Greater Seal of Armor

BLAGives you 13 Armor. This is freaking useful to counter enemy Carry damages.
I prefer having 13 more armor than bonus HP because you will build Wriggle's Lantern (which also stacks armor), Mana Regen Seal would have been OK but you are already grabbing Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration to help you with this.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration

BLAGives you 18 MRegen/5 at level 18. This is really helpful to maintain your Mana Pool to a decent level. You can switch these runes for Flat MReg runes if your playstyle recquires it.
I prefer having Mana Regen than Magic Resist in blue because it's more useful to be able to Arcane Shift or Mystic Shot whenever you need to than reducing enemy Support's Magic Damages.
BLAThe Magic resistance glyphe is also another viable choice but it doesnt fit my playstyle.

Alacrity -> Weapon Expertise

BLA Weapon Expertise is necessary, coupled with Last Whisper it gives 50% Armor Penetration.

Deadliness -> Lethality

BLA Lethality is necessary, this is a must-have mastery because it stacks so well with Infinity Edge passive.


BLAIt gives Lifesteal what increases your early-game sustainibility.


BLAIncreases early game damages output.


BLAOne of the best mastery in my opinion. Gives you 6 Armor, epic bonus for the early game.

Durability -> Veteran's Scars

BLAIncreases HP Pool, with your Armor Bonus it offers nice tanking capabilities.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite / Flash (Highly Recommended)

BLAIn the new Meta, Carries with a high Nuke like Ezreal likes to add Ignite to their burst ability pannel. That's totally shut the other Carry possible Heal and paired with a High CC Support it increases the possibility of getting a kill each time he uses it. Heal has been nerfed two months ago, that's why we now prefer to pick up Ignite.

Exhaust / Flash

BLAThe 'old way'. If you don't like Heal, if you have a support such as Soraka or if your support is not carrying Exhaust and you'd like to have it on your lane. I reccomand your support to carry Ignite in that case (he needs to use it at the beginning of the trade in order to avoid kill steal).

Heal / Exhaust

BLAIf your support is not taking Exhaust and only if your enemy lane is passive ( Soraka as supp for instance). If your support is carrying Exhaust it is more interesting to grab Ignite instead.

Heal / Ignite

BLAA better Summoner combination if you don't need Flash because Ignite reduces Healing capabitilies of the enemy support. Take this under the same conditions than previously.

Other Summoners would be for other purposes than AD Carry in my opinion.

Why not these ones ?


BLAGives you both offensive and defensive buffs but you already have double Flash that gives you more mobility than a Ghost and allows more surprising moves. You already run faster than the majority of the enemy team thanks to Trinity Force (excepted sometimes, hello Rammus and Singed). Arcane Shift is powerful enough to be used as a permanent repositionning tool thanks to Mystic Shot cooldown reduction.


BLAIt may be viable if they have an heavy CC team but I just feel like Quicksilver Sash is OP and will be enough.
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What shall I buy and why ?

All about my items. Why do I purchase them in that particular order and why I choose them.

Initial Items

> > >

These are your basics. You will like to get this items every game, no matter what.

BLA Doran's Blade to start if you have a healing support ( Soraka, Sona, Taric, Alistar mainly) and Boots / 3 Health Potions if you have a support without sustain ( Janna, Leona).

BLA B. F. Sword for obvious reasons needs to be purchased right after that.

BLA Sheen even before your Berserker's Greaves and your Infinity Edge because you are always using your abilities while in battles (triggering the damage procc) and it gives some more needed mana. Sheen totally synergizes with your Mystic Shot because the spell triggers the procc and the damages, giving you a high nuke capability.

High Tier Items

> > > >

The more expansive items, their order and why should you follow it.

BLA Berserker's Greaves is not expansive but all previous items have the priority on it. Upgrade your boots whenever you can't afford another item on recall. AS Boost because you are an AD Carry afterall, you rely on your auto-attack to deal the maximum possible potential damages.

BLA Bloodthirster does not need explaination, it increases your damage output a lot (on AA and Mystic Shot). It also gives a huge sustain on your lane / while fighting 1 versus 1.

BLA Trinity Force gives you a better Damage Procc on every Abilities you use. It gives you Movement Speed, a slow chance (that you will really often get) and a little more damages. This increases your overall capabilities as Ezreal.

BLA Infinity Edge is the item that makes you a true beast. This make your overall damage output huge. If you build Wriggle's Lantern you can also build Infinity Edge before Bloodthirster.

BLA Last Whisper is a must-have mid-late game because your enemies may have been stacking Armor. This increases your damage output by a lot on Bruisers/Tanks. You can build this earlier in the game if you realize your enemies already stacked armor.

Situational Items

- - - - -

What you may need to build, depending on the enemy team and your needs. You should sell Wriggle's Lantern at some point in the game if you need one more inventory slot (but only if you already have Bloodthirster). Situational items need to be build right when you need them, not after your complete build.

BLAI'm really convinced an early The Brutalizer can turn the tide of your lane if you are a bit fed at the beggining. This increases your damage output by a lot and makes your poke capabilities epic. Only get this early in the game because later you won't build Youmuu's Ghostblade.

BLA Mercury's Treads is a must-have if they have more than two hard CC or even if they manage to control you each single confrontation. You may lack Attack Speed if you do this but your survivability will increase a lot.

BLA Quicksilver Sash is the counter to Neutralization and hard CC. Skarner, Warwick, Malzahar and Urgot can totally shut you down if they focus you in Teamfights (a Flash + Neutralization is hard to avoid), Quicksilver Sash is the perfect way to prevent your enemies from using such abilities on you. Other reason to get QSS is if they have really hard CC's ( Kennen, Leona or Amumu for instance).

BLA Banshee's Veil totally disables Nuke based champions ( Annie, LeBlanc, Kassadin) or a certain famous global ultimate Requiem from Karthus. It also gives some more Health really needed to counter that kind of nuking capabilities.

BLA Madred's Bloodrazor highly increases your damages output against HP stackers. Paired with your Rising Spell Force it gives some nice synergy.

BLA Guardian Angel is a huge psychological advantage. You have to build this item when you feel like being focused all the time. If you are the only one fed on your team, the enemy team will probably do everything they can to kill you before you can even dish out damages. This item make your enemy think twice before focusing you. This item recquire your team to be a bit organized and ask for more teamwork than other situational defensive items.

Other Items

- - - - -

BLA Frozen Mallet increases your HP Pool. But most of the time, you get this for its permaslow. Slow you can get from your Trinity Force. Switchting Trinity Force for a Frozen Mallet is such a bad choice in my opinion (you would loose the bonus Damage Procc) and I don't see other items you could switch for Frozen Mallet.

BLA Manamune is too much mana in my opinion. It's for new players that doesnt know how to manage their mana pool. You are a ranked player, you are skilled, you don't need so much mana that you can't run OOM. If you are too often OOM just focus on using your abilities for real needs.

BLA Phantom Dancer is a really good item. I would take it if my inventory wasnt full. I may try to sell my Wriggle's Lantern for it but I'm really not convinced. Your Rising Spell Force is a real asset that you need to rely on.

BLA Youmuu's Ghostblade looks nice. The Brutalizer is such a useful early item. But yet, you prefer to have a % Armor Reduction late game than Flat ArPen early game. Your Infinity Edge makes your critical so high and heavy than no matter how much Armor they have, your Last Whisper shreds it like leather. Cooldown Reduction and the passive on Youmuu's Ghostblade could be good if there werent better items. But there are. There's no slot remaining for this item, even if it's an all beneficial item.

BLA Black Cleaver sucks. +55AD ? Come on, you can do better than this.

BLA Ionian Boots of Lucidity is an item depending on your playstyle. If you are more a "Spell User" than a "Right Clicker" (what is kinda bad afterall, your Autohits deal more damages than your spells) this can be a better choice. It also gives a better CD on your Arcane Shift.
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How to Use ?

Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

#1 Trueshot Barrage

BLAYour ultimate. Even if you are not AP.

#2 Mystic Shot

BLAYour only AD spell ( Trueshot Barrage scales on AD but it doesnt really matter). Your major source of damages.

#3 Arcane Shift

BLALeveling up this skills decreases its cooldown. Less Cooldown means more mobility and more survivability. You can take this spell at level 1 if they have an aggressive jungler/lane or if you want to invade and are affraid to die.

#4 Essence Flux

BLAYour AP spell. Used only has a buff/debuff for Attack Speed when you play as AD Ezreal.

Skill Use

Rising Spell Force

BLAA great passive. What makes you able to remove Phantom Dancer from your inventory. This needs some practice to be used at his full potential.

• Landing Essence Flux on allies and enemies give a stack by target you hit
• While on Laning Phase, landing consecutive Mystic Shot on minions and/or enemy champions may lead to a winning trade with enemy carry thanks to your attack speed bonus
• Using Trueshot Barrage in Teamfights and Laning Phase often gives you instantly full stacks
• If you have Blue Buff try to maintain full stacks permanently

Mystic Shot

BLAThis is what makes you a beast. This is an improved autohit, it triggers Trinity Force instantly, it decreases all your Cooldowns, it increases your attack speed thanks to Rising Spell Force, it allows to farm a little if you get zoned, it allows to check if there are enemies in a bush, it allows to check if Nashor/Drake/Blue or Red Buff is up, it allows to hit enemies runing away from your autohits, it allows to kite a lot despite your short range and it uses Lifesteal. This is everything.

• While on Laning Phase, landing consecutive Mystic Shot on minions and/or enemy champions may lead to a winning trade with enemy carry thanks to Rising Spell Force
• Using Mystic Shot will instantly enhance the spell with the damage procc of Trinity Force
• Landing a successful Mystic Shot while chasing or being chased is useful to reset the cooldown on Arcane Shift
• Before entering a bush you can make sure nobody's inside by using Mystic Shot
• Use a Mystic Shot to discourage people from chasing you

Essence Flux

BLAReally expansive in mana, you should never spam this. This is used as a buff/debuff mechanism. This can increase your Attack Speed by 50% in one second for five seconds (better than Youmuu's Ghostblade's passive) or decreases enemy's attack speed.

• Always land one Essence Flux if you are trading with the enemy carry
• While on a Teamfight, each enemy/ally hitten by your Essence Flux gives you one stack on Rising Spell Force
• At Nashor, Drake or in Teamfights use Essence Flux on your allies to increases their damage output
• Use Essence Flux on the enemy Carry if he's attacking you or one of your teamates

Arcane Shift

BLAA wonder of an ability. Must be considered as a Flash. Arcane Shift allows to pass through more walls than Tumble, 90 Caliber Net and Quickdraw and has a lower Cooldown than Valkyrie or Rocket Jump. This spells makes you one of the most mobile Carry in League of Legends. It allows to jump over almost every walls. It allows you to kite a lot. This ability damages the nearest enemy unit in the spell area. If there's no unit in the area it damages the other closest unit. Consequently this can be used in order to damages an enemy unit (but you should almost never use this as a damaging tool).

• If someones tries to CC you or Dash you, Arcane Shift allows you to dodge such abilities
• Allow to avoid a lot of skillshots
• Kite any non-dashing champions with this ability ( Udyr, Galio, Skarner...)
• Avoid to use this as a damage source
• Use this as a Flash
• Never use this to get closer to an enemy champion if you are not sure you will kill him

Trueshot Barrage

BLAThis is a really complexe spell. You need to consider Trueshot Barrage as a Damage tool as much as a Pushing Control tool. This may be a Finishing (kill someone far from you on the map) tool but don't fool yourself, people are not noob neither are they dumb, they won't recall in the middle of their lane like idiots.

• If you need to push your lane, use Trueshot Barrage, try to damage the next wave of creeps
• While Trueshot Barrage is on Cooldown, spam Mystic Shot in order to refresh it
• Don't use Trueshot Barrage to finish a kill except if you perfectly know your enemy position ( Clairvoyance does not help at all, it only warns your enemy that something is coming)
• Use Trueshot Barrage away from your enemy sight of range/in a bush
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Lane Phase

Laning as Ezreal


BLAFarming is easy. Your autohits are pretty reactive and you always have Mystic Shot in case a minion is dying in between two autohits.
BLAWhile under tower you are allowed to use Arcane Shift in order to last hit a minion.
BLA Mystic Shot is the extra autohit you needed to farm under tower if you are support is dumb and not helping you last hitting.
BLAIf you need to push just use Trueshot Barrage or increase your attack speed using several consecutive Mystic Shot.

Mana Sustainibility

BLAYou don't want to be OOM. You always need to keep enough mana in order to cast an ermergency Arcane Shift.
BLADon't spam your spells.
BLAYou don't need to use Mystic Shot to kill every single minion, neither do you need to cast Essence Flux on the enemy carry if you are not trading with him.
BLAAlways use your spells if you have a reason to do so. If you are being threatened you may not need to Arcane Shift, maybe you can just run away. If a minion is dying nearby you, use your autohits to kill it instead of Mystic Shot.
BLADon't spam Mystic Shot if you need to push, you only need 150 mana for a Trueshot Barrage.


BLAYou don't want to trade, you want to farm.
BLAAlways use Essence Flux to decrease enemy's carry damage output.
BLADon't go for a trade unless you manage to land several Mystic Shot before. Don't go for a trade if you are OOM (150 Mana is the limit).
BLAAll other carry owns you if you are OOM (unless you are already fed).
BLAMinions block skillshots such as Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift and decreases the damages of Trueshot Barrage.
BLADon't try to harass with your autohits if your opponent has more range unless you can easily land a Mystic Shot.
BLAYou can go for a trade if your Rising Spell Force is stacked.
BLAWarn your support that you are going in. Ping or do something.


BLANever use Heal unless you are going to die in the next second. If they have Ignite or other Healing reducing ability ( Impure Shots / Explosive Shot) always use Heal before they use the ability or after the effect is gone.
BLANever use Essence Flux to damages, it burns mana for no reason.
BLANever use your Flash to run away, try to wait until Arcane Shift is up again.
BLANever use Arcane Shift as a damage source but as a repositionning tool.
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More than a Carry

The Beast

BLAYou may doubt Ezreal's capabilities. If you weren't convinced by his strenght until there, you may wonder "what makes him such a beast ?".

Ezreal is the epitome of an AD Carry. He has all tools needed to fulfill his role perfectly and even beyond.

BLAWhile in laning phase you can't really be denied, you have Mystic Shot to grab some last hit and your Arcane Shift in case they are bush camping you.

BLAYou can't be ganked, you have Arcane Shift and Flash. You would almost never use Flash if you are not wasting your Arcane Shift for aggresive purposes.

BLAIt takes some practice but after playing several games you will quickly notice when to use Arcane Shift at his full potential (to dodge the main threat). Dodging Graves's Collateral Damage is kinda epic for instance.

BLAYour Mystic Shot, Autohit, Arcane Shift, Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, autohit combo really hurts if you manage to land all your skillshots.

BLAIn any trade you can be winning if you use Essence Flux to decreases enemy's carry damages and if you dodge the major damages with Arcane Shift.

BLAIn Teamfight your Arcane Shift allow a permanent repositionning. Used once to run away from an Irelia ? Few Mystic Shot later you already have it back. Don't be affraid to use and abuse it in Teamfights, Arcane Shift is the spell that will make you survive every situation you face.
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Note on Supports

Janna ( / )

BLAIf shes uses her Eye of the Storm on you just move to or Arcane Shift nearby the enemy carry and shot him down. Her Howling Gale allow you to dive (diving is bad =O). If you get ganked don't use your Flash or Heal until she used her Monsoon because it will likely save your *** several times. Try to focus the enemy who got it by Zephyr while in Teamfights.

Alistar ( )

BLAGood Alistars tend to protect you instead of burning their CC's like dumb cows. When you realize you are laning with a skilled Alistar, don't fear. Pulverize makes you able to focus the Carry while he does no damages to you. Always count on Headbutt's stun and help Alistar getting that stun by entering the bush before him if necessary / not warded. His Unbreakable Will allows easy dives coupled with his CC's. Ganks are easy to avoid if he protects you well (one single Headbutt can be enough sometimes).

Sona ( )

BLALess played since her nerf, I didn't laned with the new Sona yet. One thing is sure, your combo Trueshot Barrage / Crescendo really hurts.

Taric ( )

BLANeeds some coordination with his Dazzle, ask him to ping if he wants to go in, there are too much Supports/Carries who go in without warning their partners. His Shatter / Radiance combo deals damages and you need to count on it. Always remember his Imbue has a long CD but it can save your *** easily if you get ganked/dived (remember don't waste your Heal).

Soraka ( )

BLAYou can't die as long as she has her Cooldown and if your enemies are not using Ignite or Healing reducers on you ( Impure Shots / Explosive Shot). If you are laning with a Soraka you will always win your trades with the enemy carry. Care to ganks because she can only use her Infuse-silence to protect you. Be aware if she uses her Wish to save an ally on another lane because your enemy lane would use this as an advantage to nuke you down.

Leona ( / )

BLAThe Queen of the Stuns. If you are laning with a Leona but not coordinated with her (no voice communication) just follow her when shes uses her Zenith Blade, Shield of Daybreak will likely follow for a double stun. If you followed her and damaged the AD Carry enough she may uses her Solar Flare for a final stun. Use your Trueshot Barrage if you can't get nearby the carry. An offensive Leona may choose to pick Ignite to increase your level of offensiveness.

Blitzcrank ( / )

BLAA hard support to play. There are only few good Blitzcrank out there and I'm affraid I only met one of them. His Rocket Grab needs to be well aimed to work, but if it does make sure you are fully capable of nuking the enemy carry down, or whoever your supp Hooked. Blitzcrank will likely Power Fist right after his Hook, if he also uses his Static Field your opponent will be stunned for about 2 seconds then silenced for 0.5 seconds. Use this time to shot him down.

Nunu ( / )

BLAI never laned with a Nunu & Willump so I'll just go for the theory. His Blood Boil is just insane, coupled with your Rising Spell Force you may get a 100% bonus attack speed. His Ice Blast makes you able to chase them each trade. His Absolute Zero deals really high damages if well used, you should couple it with your Trueshot Barrage.
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Note on Carries

Enemies ?

Champion (Range: 550)

BLAExtra notes.

Ashe (600)

BLAShe turns your escaping/chasing capabilities down thanks to Frost Shot. If you are not careful enough she might manage to stun you via Enchanted Crystal Arrow. You can try to dodge this ultimate with Arcane Shift. Avoid trading too much with her, if she manages to permaslow you or your support you can be easily ganked by a good jungler.

Caitlyn (650)

BLAShe totally outranges you, care while trading with her she can kite you easily. Her Ace in the Hole shuts down your double Flash escaping tool. If you are stuck in a Yordle Snap Trap try to land Mystic Shot on her.

Corki (550)

BLAA part of his damages will come from his Gatling Gun if you trade with him, try to dodge it with your Arcane Shift. Don't chase Corki too much, his Valkyrie will likely save his *** and puts you in a bad situation if you overextended. Don't stand too close to your minions when he has his Missile Barrage up or he will be able to harass you with the AoE damages.

Graves (525)

BLAYou can perma avoid his Buckshot with your Arcane Shift. If skilled enough you can also dodge his ultimate, better take his Buckshot than his Collateral Damage. Don't fight him if his True Grit is stacked and he just used his Quickdraw. Always move while fighting him, his Smoke Screen can really shuts you down.

Kog'Maw (500)

BLABe mobile after his 6, Living Artillery is a nice harass tool. You can jump over his Void Ooze or out of his Bio-Arcane Barrage / Icathian Surprise range with Arcane Shift. You can shut a part of his damages down thanks to your Essence Flux, Kog'Maw relies more on Attack Speed than other AD Carries.

Miss Fortune (550)

BLAShe hurts you badly. Her Double Up can be avoided if you are not dumb on your positioning with your minions (and between you and your support !). Her Impure Shots shut your Heal down, you should not rely on it to bait her. Bullet Time is a nice pushing tool as well as a huge damage ability if you're getting ganked by a CCer.

Sivir (500)

BLATry not to restores her mana with her Spell Shield. In order to do so just act like you were attacking her, once she casted it just back and wait until it's been consumed. Jump with Arcane Shift to avoid Boomerang Blade or getting out of her range when she uses On The Hunt or if she's stacking Fleet of Foot. Don't care about her Spell Shield if she already has mana, it's not like blocking one of your spell shuts you down.

Tristana (550-703)

BLAHard to kill because she is an easy escaper with her Rocket Jump and bumps you out of range with her ult Buster Shot. Tristana can play a really aggressive lane taking Heal/ Ignite, care when laning against such a playstyle. Try to take care when she uses Rapid Fire in order to shut it down with Essence Flux.

Urgot (425)

BLAA really tanky laner. You may have trouble killing him, avoid trading. His Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse is a really hard CC, you should never overextend. Try to always Arcane Shift away if he tries to land a Noxian Corrosive Charge, or use it to get out of range if you got hit. Remember his Terror Capacitor slows and can save his *** from Ignite, Trueshot Barrage, Requiem or even your last Mystic Shot.

Vayne (550)

BLAYou can easily shut her down since her nerf. You need to always know where are there wards to avoid being stunned in your bush by Condemn. If she tries to use it on you, instantly Arcane Shift away and most of the time you'll get bumped but at your arrival position, avoiding stun and/or more damages. If she trade with you, an Essence Flux will help you lowering the damages from Silver Bolts. All your skillshots can still hit her while she's stealthed under Final Hour effects.
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Fancy Builds

BLAHi everyone ! Welcome in my "Trolling Around" section, tonight will be staring...

AP Ezreal

BLAMid -

( / )

> >

ARPen Ezreal

BLABottom -

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation

> >

AS/AP Ezreal

BLABottom/Mid -

( / )

> >
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BLAI tried to make this guide really straightforward. If you think there are some missing informations just tell me and I will improve the guide consequently.

BLAI really enjoyed making this guide, I trully believe Ezreal is an underplayed and underated champion and I hope you will now carry your team with this amazing champion.

BLAI may write a section about AP Ezreal because it's trully fun and pubstomping yet not viable.

BLAIf you have time you can check out my other guides, I'd be glad.

BLAI'd like to thanks "Jhoijhoi" for everything she's doing for the community and especially for his "Making a Guide" which is really helpful and contains everything you need to make a cool guide.

BLAI also thanks all the drawers from DevianArt from being that skilled. I really loved to seek nice Ez's pictures because all your drawings were really beautiful.

Good bye ladies and gentlemen, see you soon on the field of justice ;-)
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