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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PsychoEx

Rumble - The Titanhammer

PsychoEx Last updated on May 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my Rumble guide. Please try it, before you vote. ;)

First time I played Rumble, I just played him with AP, then I thought about a offtank and about a tank. A offtank may be very good, a full tank will just suck, because their just better tanks in this game. Everything sucked a little. I took a look at mobafire, but everything i found were Rumble-Tanks... Then I saw, that Rumble deals good meleedamage, while cooling down. I tried to use this as a advantage in combination with a new itembuild.

Don't fear to post suggestions and ideas.
I guess, that I will add more stuff. Stay tuned.
And sorry for my bad english, I hope, that it wont affect your vote.


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Before I forget, I will post some of my shortcuts here, before no one understand, what I'm talking about.

AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
AS = Attack Speed
AoE = Area of Effect

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Rumble's Skills

This passive is the basic of Rumble's heatsystem. While overheated you deal imensive damage with your autoattacks. A little mathlesson here. provides 20 + (lvl*5) + (0,35*AP) extra magic damage with every attack, while overheated.
At lvl 18 with the full equipment you may deal 20 + 18*5+0,35*~500, what results
in ~250 extradamage for 6 seconds. Multiply this value with the attackspeed to see your extra damage while overheated. Let's say, you just have a attackspeed of 1.00. Then you will deal 250*6*1.00 => 1500 extradamage in 6 seconds.
So why do I use so less attackspeed?!
Because you will deal this extradamage only while overheated and your spells will just suck.
Additional you would have less AP and as a result a lesser damagebonus for this ability.
So I decided to empower the meleedamage while not overheated with Lich, what grants a huge amount of normaldamage output, depending on your AP.

Used to heat you up to the danger zone, to farm and to heal you up with spellvamp.
This ability is very useful, if you try to get first blood and to harass melee champions.
Else I would skill Electro-Harpoon as first ability.

Very useful escapemechanism. Provides additional stats, if you use it in combination with Danger Zone. Also useful to eat burstdamage, what is really important in teamfights, if you get focused, or just to eat AoE spells like .

The harpoon is a very good item for harassing the enemy in earlgame.
Also very useful to prevent the enemy from escaping.

This ultimate decide teamfights. Massive AoE damage and a burning lane, that deal additional massive damage.

Generally choose your skill sequence situational!

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Pros / Cons

+hybrid damageoutput
+efficient usage of all abilities
+great burst (he burst aslong his enemies are in meleerange)
+also useful with ultimate on cd

-hard to handle
-weak vs tanks
-low damage output in earlgame, because of the defensive runes

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Runes and Masteries

I use the runes and the mastery to increase the durability of Rumble in the whole game.

Generally Rumble don't need critical damage or attackdamage, because the damage caused by Lich and Titan don't scale with them. The only good not skilled thing in the Offensive Tree is Sunder, because it may buff Lich a little. But 6 Armorpenetration wont change a lot in the lategame. The Defensive Tree buff everything that Rumble need. A sweat amount of armor and resistance, health and a buff for AS and AP.

You could choose offensive Seals and Glyphs, but Seals don't provide high offensive stats and Glyphs just a little AP bonus. So I just use them as a little punch against penetration.

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Summoner Spells

and are my favourite summoner spells.

+ may result in a kill. Don't forget, that you can use Exhaust for defense. Hurl it at a bursting champ, and he won't bash alot in a teamfight.

If running away with isn't enough, port away. Very useful at many spots. Also to "jump" over trees or escaping from the river. This spell make your enemies flame, if use it wisely. On the other hand you can use Flash to get a better position for , or just to flash an enemie afterwards.

Alternative summoner spells:

Removes all CC's on you and suppress them for 3s. In combination with , the 3s buff will reduce the duration of CC's by 100%! Very good to reduce the suppress of enemies in teamfights against you. Take it, if you feel to squishy to CC.

Reduce the received heal and regeneration of the enemy and deal him true damage.
Great to get safe kills in the earl game.

Just a great combination with to run away or to catch an enemy.

If no one of your team has Clairvoyance you may take it. Free Mapcontrol with a low cooldown, but more useful for champs who skilled the whole Ability Tree.

What's about the remaining?

Many guys call users of Heal noobs. Yeah, it sucks, when your enemy save his *** with this ability. It's just very useful in the earlgame as . But useless in the lategame.

This guide is not made to create a jungle Rumble.

Rumble just don't use mana...

Only if you fail very often in the earlgame. But if you fail in the earlgame, your lategame might suck, too.

Very useful to gank with premades or to defend towers.

What do you want with a pure AD buff, as a caster?
Right, nothing! Just don't take it.

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Doran's Shield provide health, armor and regeneration in exchange for having no potions at beginning. I just like this item. You won't die too fast at beginning and in combination with your runes and your mastery you just surprise and dominate your enemy with your giant healthpool. Alternatively you could buy a , to get before your boots. Very recomment, if your enemies deal mainly magic damage.

Everyone need boots and you may grade them situational up.

Versus many CC's and heavy magic damage or magic burst.

Versus physical damage and high AD.

If you feel, that the other boots don't provide enough portability for you.

If you face many tanks or just feel, that the enemies are unable to focus you or just deal low damage.

Provides AP, buff your Titan with the AS, deal extra magic damage with every autoattack and reduce the enemies resistance with every hit. That all for a low price...AMAZING!
With this item you may bash everything away while you are overheated.
And if the enemy survives your overheated mode he will have very low resistance, what make you even easier to take him down with your .

Just a insane snowballitem. If you think, that you are able to get and hold stacks, then buy it! It provides health and reduce your whole received damage, if you get it max.
Else, you shouldn't buy it. I personally hate expensive builds and I try to get a few cheap items.
Alternatively you could buy , what provides health, armor and resistance at all and support your teammates. Don't worry if a teammate have this item, it stacks (only for Champions, who have this item and only 1 time). If you also don't like this item, you may buy a situational one.

One of the most recommend anti AD items in this game. 100 Armor and 30% autoattackreflect for just 2k gold. Why not?

This item is a little more expensive and provides less armor, but it provide health and passive aoe damage, what is just nice, if the enemies mainly deal AD, but not that much, that you have to buy Thornmail. If you buy this item, you have to be sure, that you fight as Rumble mostly melee, else the passive damage would be wasted.

The best anti AP item in League of Legends. Massive resistance, more portability and a huge healthregeneration represent this item.

If the enemies have just one evil AP burster you may catch Banshee's. It block one negative spell every 45 seconds, provide huge resistance and health. Just ignore the little manabonus, Banshee's Veil is also without 375 manapoints insane.

This item provides huge armor and good resistance. But it don't provide health and it may save your life with a cooldown of 300 seconds. Very good in 3on3 or with a good team / premade team. Pull your enemies with low life into a ambush, die, let your teammates bash them and just stand up and port back.

This item provides a amazing amount of AP and a good armor bonus.
Additional you can use this item in teamfights as a second , to absorb dangerous ultimates or just the focus. After activating the enemies will switch their focus, what makes it easier, after the ending of to deal damage.

If you face many tanks and tankys, who stack resistance you shall grab this item.
It provides a nice AP bonus and let you ignore 40% of the enemies resistance, what is just insane. Let's say the enemy has 150 resistance, then you would get 60 magicpenetration against him. You may drop in this situation, to buy a more defensive item.

Haunting Guise isn't a tankitem, but it provides health, AP and magicpenetration what increase your damageoutput greatly in the midgame. If you feel too squishy with it, sell it, when your other inventory slots are used.

This item is your . It don't provide as much health and regeneration, but it grants you spellvamp and AP, what heal you up while farming and in teamfights, what may restore as much health in a teamfight as Warmog's provide.

Grab this item only if you think, that you autoattack your enemy, while you are not staying overheated. Else just ignore it and buy another tankitem.
Sheen make your autoattacks even harder,while you are not overheated. The damageoutput is just amazing for it's low price. (Ignore the few points of mana)

Rabadon's is the keyitem for every champion who mainly use items with AP.
It provides 155 AP and increase your whole AP by 30%. So itself provides 201,5 AP. This effect doesn't stack, but it's huge enough to compromise the price.

A buffed version of Sheen, what scales, instead of sheen not with the basic AD, NO!, it scales with your whole AP! Additional it provides minor resistance, movementspeed and good AP.
As Sheen it buff your autoattacks while not overheated extremely.
Let's say, that you use every charge with ~500 AP. Then you will deal ~250 more damage per second while not overheated. The other stats just improve your champion at all. (Ignore the few points of mana)

What shall i say? Good spellvamp and lifesteal. More AP,AD and a active spell, that deal 300 damage and slow the enemy, what just increase your kill and gankpotential. Harpoons and this Item?! Who shall escape now? In most cases, they can't run away, and you just eat them all. The spellvamp is very important, as in described. And the life steal just buff . So you may have additional selfheal. If you don't use Sheen / Lich buy instead. It may provide less AP and less spellvamp, but it is just cheaper and support your teammates. If you don't want Will as your last item, grab a defensive one or to bash tanks or just another AP item. The slow of isn't that useful as you think. 15% AoE and 35% with your harpoon, that just slow more. Better grab a situational AP item or just another

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How to play?

I personally think, that most of you know, how they shall play a caster. But Rumble is something new. He is a melee and a caster at ones. Not like , because Kassadin can use both at the same time. No, he has 2 phases. One phase, while he stack the heat up, to get the danger zone, which empowers his abilities and the other one, when he is overheated.

In the first phase it is not recommend to go melee and bash the enemy with autoattacks. Just harass him with your spells or beat up a teamfight. When you are near the overheated phase and you fight against a ranged champion, you may try to come nearer to him.
If you feel to squishy against this champion, because he is fed, you may use your overheated phase to reposition yourself. Else you may rush to him, slow him with your harpoons and bash him down while overheated.

Versus melees you wont have this problem. They may hit you, while you are casting at them and you crush them with . Running away, because you face a or a might not work, because they will slow and catch you.
If you have ready, you should blink away, and when you cooled down you activate to escape.

If you think, that you may loose against your opponent from the start, you may just harass him and run away with as your last spell, that activates overheat.

Generally you should look at your heat. If you use a ability to early or to late, you may fail in a fight. It's like wasting a ultimate before a fight. Like using your very early, to slow the enemy, if you want to burn him down with or and to use it as last ability, to prevent, that the enemy escapes.

In the end you shall care in teamfights, that the enemies don't focus you. Else you should run while you are overheated, because this 6 seconds may be your last ones. If you think, that you could catch one or two of the enemies team, while your are overheated, then try it. You have just to survive for 6 seconds. Afterwards you can run away with .

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In the end you have a new way to play Rumble, while using the effect of every ability.
It may be harder to handle this, but deal amazing damage. Buy many items situational to adapt yourself. Play him as a melee (with Lich) or as a caster who goes only melee, while overheated. It's your desicion. Test it! Enjoy it! And leave a little statement.

Stay tuned! I may update more. Visit my other guides. :P


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3.05.2011 just loaded this build up.
3.05.2011 added Haunting Guise.
4.05.2011 added the Chapter: How to play? and some some stuff.