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Gragas Build Guide by CanadaJay

Support [S11] Omnistone Gragas Supp. | Need some grog.. [No Updates]

Support [S11] Omnistone Gragas Supp. | Need some grog.. [No Updates]

Updated on March 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CanadaJay Build Guide By CanadaJay 28 4 145,501 Views 0 Comments
28 4 145,501 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CanadaJay Gragas Build Guide By CanadaJay Updated on March 13, 2021
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Runes: Normal Runes

1 2 3
Prototype: Omnistone
Perfect Timing
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Support Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[S11] Omnistone Gragas Supp. | Need some grog.. [No Updates]

By CanadaJay

As of Mar. 13th, I am no longer updating this guide.

Thank you all for giving this guide 100K views and I thank those who voted on it, too. I've had a lot of fun making my first guide on MobaFire on a champion that I absolutely love.

I won't be updating this guide anymore because I'm very burnt out on league and don't have a desire to play it myself. I'm not sure what direction this game is going to head in the coming years, but I have a feeling that LOL will start to fizzle out in the next couple years if the devs run it into the ground. This game has gotten me to spend too much money on it, whether it be for skins, event passes, RP, etc, and I never want to spend a single penny on it ever again.

I'll delete this portion of text if I ever get back into league.

Thank you MobaFire.


Hi, I'm CanadaJay, an NA player who likes to play niche champions such as Gragas, Twitch, Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Cho'Gath, Taliyah, Jayce, Singed, etc. My favourite roles are Support, ADC and Top. I don't play ranked often, I mostly stick to Normal Draft. My in-game tag is CanadaJay1.

Even though I've only started playing Gragas since June 2020, I've learned a lot about him and his mechanics over the months. I think he is one of the most fun champions I've played due to his awesome kit and his outstanding combo potential.

When I got into playing Gragas in support, I was disappointed to find out that most people played him with a tank build using Aftershock and building items that in no way made you stronger, it only made you everybody's meat shield. Since I wanted to feel like I was doing damage and be a valuable asset to the team, I began running Electrocute and building Luden's Tempest and other AP items along with it.

This experimenting lead to the creation of my Prototype: Omnistone build. Even though Prototype: Omnistone was a very niche rune, I knew that it would work wonders with Gragas, since I had wanted the benefits of being able to have other keystones like Predator and Aftershock, while still being able to get Electrocute. After testing in norms, I found great success with it, and I will always stick with Prototype: Omnistone instead of 1 keystone on Gragas.

Pros/Cons of Gragas


  • Great CC and Displacements
  • Versatile
  • Can Dash Through Walls With Body Slam
  • Easy to Learn
  • High Combo Potential
  • Valuable in Teamfights with Explosive Cask


  • Hard to Master
  • Can Get Poked Out Easily
  • Mana-Hungry Early
Why Omnistone?

Prototype: Omnistone gives your champion a single use of a random keystone (excluding Guardian, Unsealed Spellbook and Prototype: Omnistone itself.) for 40 seconds.

If the keystone is either proc'd or not proc'd within its duration, Prototype: Omnistone goes on cooldown for 5-3 seconds and grants your champion a new keystone.

Prototype: Omnistone can also give your champion certain keystones depending on what situation your champion and/or enemies are in and if the requirements are met.

Prototype: Omnistone is a wonderful rune to take if your champion is very versatile and has the option to take a variety of different runes, such as Twisted Fate. With Prototype: Omnistone, instead of having to settle with one keystone for the whole game, you get to have the benefit of multiple keystones for the whole game.

Gragas works surprisingly well in this regard. He already can take a variety of runes such as Electrocute, Predator and Aftershock to name a few, so being able to gain all of those keystones and experiment with others is quite fun.

Sure, you lose consistent damage because of not having a fixed keystone, and the fact that Prototype: Omnistone's RNG either works in your favour or not, but this build isn't really supposed to be "the new meta". It's just a build for the sake of having fun.




Gragas periodically heals for 8% of his maximum health upon using an ability.

| Cooldown: 8 seconds |

This passive is really simple. You heal 8% percent of your health whenever you use an ability. After it's activated, it goes on cooldown for 8 seconds.

Even though it's simple, it can be very valuable. Gragas gets so much sustain from this passive since it makes him more healthy in lane, plus it can even save your life! A sudden gain of health can help you survive attacks that would've killed you otherwise.

I suggest always trying to proc this whenever you need the extra healing and have the mana for it, with the easiest way being your W, Drunken Rage.




Gragas rolls a cask to the target location, granting sight around it and fermenting over 2 seconds, increasing its damage and slow strength, up to a max of 150%.

After 4 seconds the cask detonates, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies (reduced by 30% against minions) and slowing them for 2 seconds.

Barrel Roll may be recast to detonate the cask early.

| Cooldown: 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 seconds | Cost: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 Mana | Range: 850 units |
| Magic Damage: 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+70% AP) | Slow: 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60% |

This is your primary poking tool. At first, the damage is a bit lackluster, but once you get some items and put some points into it, your barrels will do some good damage. The fermenting of the Barrel Roll means that the longer your barrel is up, the more damage it will do. It also has a great slow to accompany it as well.

You can also easily steal drake with this ability if you let it ferment for long enough and detonate it when the drake is low enough.




Gragas channels for 0.75 seconds, drinking out of his brew, and reducing incoming damage for 2.5 seconds.

Upon completing the channel, Gragas' next basic attack within 5 seconds becomes unstoppable, gains 50 bonus range and deals bonus magic damage to the target and nearby enemies (capped at 300 against monsters).

| Cooldown: 6 seconds | Cost: 30 Mana |
| Damage Reduction: 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18% (+ 4% per 100 AP) |
| Bonus Magic Damage: 20 / 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 (+ 7% of target's max health) (+ 60% AP) |

Drunken Rage is quite helpful for Gragas' engages. Using Drunken Rage gives Gragas extra survivability when engaging with his E, Body Slam, so that you can't damaged too much when going in. Plus, the empowered basic attack is nice for the extra burst damage and for the fact that it can't be stopped once it triggers.




Gragas charges forward, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies upon colliding with one as well as knocking them back and stunning them for 1 second.

Body Slam's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds if Gragas hits an enemy.

| Cooldown: 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 seconds | Cost: 50 Mana | Range: 600 units |
| Magic Damage: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+ 60% AP)|

Your main engage ability. It's a short-range slam that damages the enemies collided, briefly knocking them back while applying the airborne effect (meaning Yasuo can use his Last Breath off of it) and stunning them for 1 second.

An essential thing to mention with Body Slam is that you can A: extend the range of it using Flash while in the Body Slam animation, and B: use your Q, Barrel Roll, and R, Explosive Cask while in the Body Slam animation.

This feature is called animation cancelling and is detrimental if you want to learn how to perform Gragas's advanced combos. I suggest playing around with animation cancelling in Practice Tool so you can get a feel for it and start practicing combos.

Berke Unal's Gragas Combo Guide helps explain animation cancelling and goes much more in-depth into other useful combos with Gragas.




Gragas hurls a cask that travels to the target location over 0.55 seconds and explodes on impact, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and knocking them back 900 units (but not through terrain) from the epicenter of the explosion, while also briefly granting sight of the nearby surroundings.

| Cooldown: 120 / 100 / 80 seconds | Cost: 100 Mana | Range: 1000 units |
| Magic Damage: 200 / 300 / 400 (+ 80% AP) |

Explosive Cask is the most valuable ability for teamfights out of your kit. One well placed Explosive Cask can turn over a fight to your favour easily. It is the best to use for getting picks and displacing the enemy team. Not only that, but it has great damage scaling and a low cooldown once you get enough CDR through items.

However, Explosive Cask can also help the enemy if placed incorrectly. For example, if you are trying to use Explosive Cask to knock an enemy trying to escape back into your team, if they Flash towards the other side or you place it not far ahead enough, they can propel off of the knockback and get way ahead, essentially providing a free escape for them.

The best way to use this ability is in walled areas or in conjunction with your E, Body Slam. Ulting enemies into walls in the jungle, river or lane pins them down, making sure they can't escape easily. Alternatively, stunning your enemy with your Body Slam then using Explosive Cask is usually a guaranteed knockback since they will be stunned and won't be able to prevent it from happening.
Ability Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

For maxing order, I prioritize Explosive Cask at level 6/11/16, then Barrel Roll at level 1/4/5/7/9, then Body Slam at level 2/8/10/12/13, then finally Drunken Rage at level 3/14/15/17/18.

Put points into Explosive Cask whenever you can, duh, it's your ult. Plus it gets lower cooldown and greater damage per rank.

I max Barrel Roll first for the increased damage, lower cooldown and increased slow percentage. At max rank with some CDR, you'll be able to have a barrel out for 4 seconds, then once it detonates you can immediately place a new one. This is quite valuable not only for damage, but for taking objectives like drake and baron.

Body Slam should be maxed next, since it lowers the cooldown and increases the damage. Body Slam is a very valuable ability, so being able to cast it more often in fights is integral for picks. You may also choose to max Body Slam first then max Barrel Roll if you wish.

Through process of elimination, we max Drunken Rage last. Not because it's not valuable or anything, it actually scales well for damage if you rank it up. However, since your other abilities have longer cooldowns, they must be prioritized so they can be up more often. Drunken Rage is not a concern since it has a set cooldown of 6 seconds and already has good enough stats at rank 1, so there is no need to prioritize it.

In this section, I'll briefly explain which keystones are the best for Gragas and which are the worst out of all the keystones you can acquire.


Press the Attack is the worst keystone for Gragas. It's hard to proc it since you have to get into melee range and land 3 basic attacks, and it doesn't really benefit Gragas.

Lethal Tempo is also not good for Gragas. He doesn't really benefit from its additional attack speed because he is more focused around using his abilities and not his basic attacks. It is very easy to proc, however.

Fleet Footwork doesn't really benefit Gragas either since it relies on his basic attacks, however you can get a little bit of healing if you proc it.

Conqueror is okay in my opinion. If Gragas can successfully use his abilities and basic attacks while close range and get enough stacks, he can benefit off of Conqueror's healing, but its not the easiest to proc it.


Electrocute is the best keystone for Gragas to receive from Prototype: Omnistone due to the amount of burst damage it provides. Proc-ing Electrocute with your core items built can deal an insane amount of damage is a short span. It is also great in conjunction with his insane ability combos.

Predator is also very good for Gragas. It is essential for Gragas to be able to catch up to enemies so he can land his Body Slam easier, so Predator is amazing in this aspect, giving you both increased movement speed and increased damage on an incoming target.

Dark Harvest is another good keystone in the Domination tree. Since we're building mostly full AP in this guide, Dark Harvest benefits Gragas with even more AP on his abilities. Not to mention, Dark Harvest stacks last permanently throughout the game and also empower the effects of other keystones Gragas receives.

Hail of Blades is an okay keystone. If you get up close, the attack speed you receive from it can be quite good for chunking down an enemy's health into a Barrel Roll explosion. However, this keystone suffers due to the fact that Gragas has to get into melee range.


Summon Aery is a nice keystone for Gragas. It provides a little bit of poke with his Barrel Rolls and other abilities, but he can't benefit from Summon Aery's shielding aspect.

Arcane Comet is good for Gragas due to its poke potential. It works great with Barrel Roll and helps Gragas poke a little more and potentially finish off low health enemies from afar with a Barrel Roll.

Phase Rush I feel is quite underrated on Gragas. Any movement speed is great for Gragas since it allows him to get closer to land his Body Slam, so being able to chase down opponents and zoom with the speed from Phase Rush is quite fun and can land you a kill.


Grasp of the Undying is okay on Gragas at best. The health increase is great since it lasts permanently, but proc-ing it is dangerous since you have to be in melee range of someone.

Aftershock is great on Gragas. It consistently procs off of his Body Slam and gives Gragas good resistances when engaging close range. The burst of damage Aftershock gives after it procs is nice as well.


Glacial Augment is honestly pretty good on Gragas, at least this build of Gragas. Since you're usually going to build Everfrost, you'll always be able to benefit from its ice effect with Everfrost's freeze cone.

However, since the new Season 11 Item System removed Twin Shadows and made Righteous Glory a Mythic item, there's not going to be many ways to proc Glacial Augment on Gragas, so I have a feeling they'll rework the effect of Glacial Augment since there'll only be 4 items now that can actually proc the freeze ray effect.


In this section, I'll go over what items to use in this build, and the situations you might want to take them. These are just more detailed explanations of what is in the notes for the items in the build section.

\ \ \ / / / STARTING ITEMS \ \ \ / / /

Relic Shield is what you will mainly take as your support item in most cases. It will increase your survivability in lane, giving you quite a bit of health when fully upgraded, however you won't get much AP. The best part about Relic Shield is that it is very safe to proc its gold passive, unlike with Spellthief's Edge.

Spellthief's Edge is an option to consider if you're against squishy champions in the bot lane, or if you want more damage output and don't care about having much health. While Spellthief's Edge gives you a good amount of AP when fully upgraded, you sacrifice the extra HP you would gain from Relic Shield, while also replacing the HP regen with Mana regen. Still a good option, though.

Always get 2 Health Potions with your support item.

\ \ \ / / / EARLY ITEMS \ \ \ / / /

Try to grab Boots as soon as you can. They're super valuable early for dodging enemy skillshots and for positioning engages quickly with its move speed. I suggest upgrading them after you get your Lost Chapter or Bandleglass Mirror, because you should save your gold to get those early items quickly so you can build into your mythic.

Lost Chapter is what you should be aiming to get in the early game. Its 40 AP, 300 Mana and 10 AH are very valuable for Gragas early since it allows you to poke more frequently with Barrel Roll, while doing more damage as well. Picking Lost Chapter will allow you to build into Everfrost, Luden's Tempest or Liandry's Anguish as your mythic.


If you intend to build Imperial Mandate as your mythic item or you are struggling in lane, you should get Bandleglass Mirror. Its cheaper than Lost Chapter however it gives you less AP and no extra mana, but rather extra mana regen.

You should always grab a Control Ward or two whenever you have the extra gold for it. They're essential for vision, allowing you to destroy enemy wards and reveal cloaked opponents. Without Control Wards, you are risking your team without precious map control as well as your own life if enemies try to gank your lane.

\ \ \ / / / BOOTS \ \ \ / / /

The Ionian Boots of Lucidity are what you should build in most cases. The extra AH on your abilities and summoner spells are very useful since it allows you to use Explosive Cask and Body Slam more often while also decreasing your Flash and Ignite cooldown heavily when paired with Cosmic Insight. Plus, they're the cheapest of the other upgraded boots that you could build.

You should build Sorcerer's Shoes if you're ahead of the enemy lane and want some extra damage output. If your team is mostly AP, you should also build these to pierce through the MR that the enemies will later be building to counteract your team's AP damage.

Plated Steelcaps should be built if the enemy team is mostly or fully comprised of champs that build AD.

Mercury's Treads are good to build when the enemy team has mostly AP champions, or if there is heavy amounts of CC. A little bit of tenacity against CC is the difference between you making it out alive or dying.

Mobility Boots are an option to consider if you wish to roam more and support other lanes due to the extra out-of-combat move speed. Roaming can help your other laners snowball heavily and become carries, so Mobility Boots are quite a solid choice for that reason.

\ \ \ / / / CORE ITEMS \ \ \ / / /

Everfrost is a great choice for your mythic item. Not only does it provide good values of both AP, AH, health and mana, it provides a good amount of utility with its active. Everfrost's freeze cone helps you land your Body Slam and Explosive Cask, especially if the enemy is rooted in the center of it. It allows your teammates to engage off of its slow + root as well, giving Everfrost lots of value in supporting your team. Due to its mythic passive, you'll also get extra AP on all of your legendary items.

Zhonya's Hourglass is super valuable for its amount of AP, AH and armour, as well as its active. The stasis effect is very useful for surviving dangerous situations and is quite powerful against both AD and AP assassins because of this. You should always aim to get Zhonya's Hourglass for most of your games.

You should always get Oracle Lens as soon as your support item is upgraded and is able to place wards. Oracle Lens is very important for the support role, since it allows you to reveal enemy wards and champions without the use of a Control Ward. Remember: vision is key!

\ \ \ / / / OTHER MYTHIC OPTIONS \ \ \ / / /

Build Luden's Tempest if the enemy team is mostly comprised of squishy champions. Luden's Tempest's passive is great for burst and AOE damage, plus the mythic passive of extra magic penetration is great for both annihilating squishies and nullifying the enemies' attempts of building MR.

Very useful for fighting against a tanky team composition. Liandry's Anguish's burn passive deals damage based off the percent of max health the enemy has and your AP, so it has the potential to shred away the tanks' health once you get some items. It also gives you tons of AH with its mythic passive.

Can be built if you want to be more supportive to your team or if you're struggling in lane and can't get enough gold for the other mythics. Its passive mark on slows and immobilizes is a good way for your allies to deal extra damage to enemies, and it can be proc'd easily with Barrel Roll, Body Slam and Explosive Cask.

\ \ \ / / / SITUATIONAL ITEMS \ \ \ / / /


Build this against champions with heavy amounts of healing or lifesteal (Think Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Illaoi, Kayn, etc.) Useful if the enemy team is building heavy amounts of MR.

Great late game item for increasing your total AP. Good damage item that synergizes perfectly with Drunken Rage.

Great item to get if you're snowballing and want to gain tons of AP and some extra move speed. Amazing stats and passive mark that can proc off of Barrel Roll, Body Slam and Explosive Cask.

Great item that grants good AP and HP, plus bonus MR and armour with its burn passive. Good item for AP, AH and HP, move speed passive is great and works well with Phase Rush.


Gives good amounts of armour, move speed and health. Momentum passive is very useful for catching up to enemies. Gives a ton of mana plus some armour and AH. Great against an all AD team that relies on attack speed and auto-attacks.

Good item to build against heavy crit champions. Works well in conjunction with Frozen Heart Great against auto-attack heavy teams. Grants grevious wounds on immobilizes and when enemies auto-attack you.


Good MR item that also gives HP and a passive that increases damage after immobilizes. Build against teams with heavy CC and AP.

Great amounts of MR, HP, AH and HP regen. Passive enhances your Happy Hour healing. Build this if you want both MR and a ton of move speed.


Gives mixed amounts of armour and MR. Grants tons of tankiness with passive and has a shield on its active. Build this if you want to peel for your ADC. Gives a great active and an amazing amount of HP and HP regen for the price.

Empowers your partner's auto-attacks when immobilizing enemies. Also gives nice amounts of armour, mana, health and AH. Optional last item. Great for vision - carries up to 3 Control Wards and increases the max amount of wards you can place.


\ \ \ / / / EARLY GAME \ \ \ / / /

Gragas is at his weakest in his early game. From levels 1-6, he is fragile, vulnerable to CC and won't do much damage. This means that you have to play a bit safe early unless you know your ADC is going to commit with you when you engage early.

At levels 1-2, you should avoid engaging and instead poke out the enemy lane using your Barrel Roll. Slowly whittle their health away point-by-point so they'll be less healthy once you start engaging at level 3.

Remember: when poking with Barrel Roll, you shouldn't wait for it to ferment too long before you detonate it. This is because if you let it sit there and ferment, the enemy can simply walk away from the Barrel Roll's radius and avoid taking damage at all. Instead, detonate Barrel Roll either immediately, or before the enemy can leave the radius. This way, you'll at least be doing damage rather than getting too greedy with fermenting and doing no damage.

At level 3, grab your W, Drunken Rage. Once you have this ability, now is the time where you can start looking for engages. I don't engage with Body Slam at level 2 mainly because it's not very safe to do. Engaging without Drunken Rage's extra resistances and empowered auto makes you much more vulnerable. Without those resistances, you'll take much more damage, and since Gragas is weak early, you don't want risk the Body Slam at level 2 and lose lots of health because of it. Plus, you lose out on Drunken Rage's burst damage through its empowered auto.

My main combo for engaging is in this order:

>>> >>> >>>

W >>> E >>> Q (in E) >>> W (AA)

This combo is the go-to for early engages. It gives great burst damage with your Body Slam plus the Barrel Roll explosion into your Drunken Rage auto. It's also the best way to activate Electrocute when you gain it with Prototype: Omnistone.

Speaking of Prototype: Omnistone, that is what the next section is all about.

\ \ \ / / / WHEN TO USE KEYSTONES \ \ \ / / /

With Prototype: Omnistone, you have quite the variety of keystones to play with. Some keystones can benefit your gameplay massively, while others can very much hinder your champion.

The ideal way of playing with Prototype: Omnistone is to reap the rewards of the good keystones whenever you get them, and cycle through the bad ones until you get something you would much rather prefer.

When you receive a good keystone: You should try to proc it whenever you can. Keystones like Electrocute, Predator, Glacial Augment, etc. come to mind with this rule. These keystones can be beneficial to your laning phase in whether or not your ADC gets fed. A good Electrocute burst can grab a sweet pick or two if used correctly. However, this does not mean you should always try to proc it. You should only try to proc these when you know it is safe to do so. Don't try to go for the "s1ck Predator pl4y!!!!!1!" when you are at 50 health and the enemy is under their tower. Use common sense!

When you receive a bad keystone: There's two things you can do if you receive a keystone you don't really want. You could either A: Proc the Keystone to Cycle to the Next or B: Wait out the Keystone's Duration.

Cycling Keystones: If you get a bad keystone, you can simply just proc it so that it goes away, giving you a new keystone that could potentially be more favourable for you. This is really easy to do with keystones such as Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwork or Summon Aery since they are easy to proc themselves. All you need for Lethal Tempo to activate is just by using a Barrel Roll on an enemy. And just like that, the keystone will be rid of. NOTE: You should only use this method when your keystone is easy to proc!

Waiting Out the Duration: Sometimes you can get inconvenient keystones that don't really help you and are hard to proc efficiently. Instead of trying to proc the keystone, simply just wait out the duration. Press the Attack, Conqueror and Grasp of the Undying come to mind with this method. In the case of Press the Attack, you should never go out of your way to proc it. It's mainly because of the fact that it's way too dangerous to activate it, since not only does Gragas have to practically get in the enemies face to get into auto-attack range, but he also has to land 3 auto-attacks on them without being CC'ed or killed. Because of this, using Press the Attack is just not practical at all. Instead, just wait the 40 seconds to gain a new keystone, and you'll be able to get rid of the bad keystone.

\ \ \ / / / MID-LATE GAME \ \ \ / / /

At the mid game, or around level 9-ish, you should have at least your Everfrost, whatever boots you chose, and your upgraded Relic Shield or Spellthief's Edge. You should also have swapped out your ward trinket for Oracle Lens as well.

At this stage of the game is where Gragas can truly flourish. You have enough AP from your items and runes to deal solid damage with your abilities, plus enough AH where you can have your Explosive Cask up quite often. This AH is detrimental for your use in teamfights, because Explosive Cask is such a good tool to get picks and displacements on the enemy team.

An intermediate combo for using Explosive Cask on an enemy or several enemies:

>>> >>> >>> >>> *

W >>> E >>> R (in E) >>> W (AA) >>> Q *

You'll want to use this combo if you're trying to focus on a single-target, but this combo can work well in a group of enemies as well. * The Barrel Roll is optional, and it doesn't matter too much where you place it. You could detonate your Barrel Roll on top of the enemy when they're being Explosive Casked, or you can try to place your Barrel Roll where the enemy will end up traveling from the knockback from Explosive Cask before the ult or after the ult. Either way, this is a great combo to catch an enemy trying to escape or to get a well-needed pick for your team by knocking the enemy into your own team.

Remember to utilize your Everfrost whenever it seems fit, since the root is great for making it way easier to land an engage or Explosive Cask combo!

At the late game, around levels 14+, you should have your full core built ( Everfrost, upgraded boots and Zhonya's Hourglass), plus another item or components to build into another item. At this stage of the game is not only when you should decide whether you're going to build more tank-like or damage-oriented, but it's also when you should make picks and take objectives. Your Explosive Cask has great power at these late stages of the game because when the match is really close, a good Explosive Cask can put your team immediately ahead.

When to Build Damage-Oriented: When your team already has 1 or 2 frontline tanks, you should focus for more damage items to build. This is so that you'll be able to demolish the enemies' health while your tanks soak up their damage.

When to Build Tank-Like: You should build tank-like if your team doesn't have good engage material, are all squishy champions or lack a main frontline tank. Therefore, your team will have to rely on you to take hits and engage in teamfights. Don't worry too much about doing less damage since you're building tanky, because with the value on your Explosive Cask and CC, your team should be able to do most of the damage during teamfights.

Remember that you should always build items depending on the situation. Say, if your team is against at least 3 AP champions, or most of their damage is magic damage, grab something like a Spirit Visage or Abyssal Mask. If they're more AD oriented, build Dead Man's Plate or Frozen Heart. If they rely on mixed damage types, go for Gargoyle Stoneplate. Etc. Etc. Etc.

When it comes to the time that you're full build, grab the Elixir of Sorcery. It's just really good for extra AP for your abilities. It also helps give you some more damage if you focused more on building tank, or can add on to your existing melting power if you went for full damage.

Thank you all for 100K views!

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I hope you try this build sometime in your games!

This is my first MOBAfire guide, so feel free to give me feedback and vote if you like this guide.

Below I have a complete update log, showing the progress of this guide from when I first made it. It's hard to believe I've been working on this guide for this long, and I imagine that this update log will only get longer and longer as I go on. Creating guides for MOBAfire has been a fun experience so far.

I would like to give thanks to Jhoijhoi for his amazing guide on Making a Guide, it helped me very much with ideas and how I wanted to structure my guide.

I would also like to thank Berke Unal for his Complete Gragas Combo Guide, since it helped me learn Gragas' combos and intricacies. I suggest you check it out as well if you're interested.
Update Log

2020-07-07 - Added new synergies and threats. Very basic for now.
2020-07-08 - Added some more low tier threats and synergies.
2020-07-10 - Switched Ghost Poro to Ultimate Hunter. I've found more success with it since it gives you nice CDR on ult
- Made Ionian Boots of Lucidity core item for the CDR
- Changed some info descriptions
- Changed some text colours in the guide chapters
- Switched Locket of the Iron Solari to Righteous Glory in Example Build
- Added new synergies and threats, updated existing synergies and threats
2020-07-13 - Updated/Added some synergies and threats
2020-07-15 - Updated/Added some synergies and threats
2020-07-19 - Updated/Added some synergies and threats
2020-07-21 - Updated some item build descriptions, fixed some typos
- Updated/Added synergies and threats
2020-07-22 - Updated/Added synergies and threats
2020-07-24 - Moved Pyke to Extreme threat
2020-07-27 - Added synergy description for Yasuo
- Added threat description for Yuumi and Vel'Koz
- Changed core items to include Hextech GLP-800, replacing Luden's Echo
- Changed item builds, updated descriptions and chapters to fit Hextech GLP-800's addition to the build
2020-07-31 - Overhauled the info descriptions of the item sections, making it easier to read and made it not so dense with text.
- Added new title images to the guide chapters
- Added Mejai's Soulstealer to the situational items section
- Replaced Zhonya's Hourglass with Lich Bane in the "If you're fed early" build
- Added Mejai's Soulstealer to the "If you're fed early" build in Lich Bane's old place, and placed Rabadon's Deathcap at the end of the build.
- New, accurate descriptions added to the situational items compared to the old descriptions in the overhauled info section.
2020-08-08 - Changed the guide title to include patch number and new Gragas quote
2020-08-14 - Fixed the guide title by removing quotation marks
- Added Spirit Visage to the situational items list
2020-08-24 - Added an optional Relic Shield start to the item builds
- Added 3 new tank-like builds that implement Relic Shield
- Added Dead Man's Plate and Gargoyle Stoneplate to the situational items list
- Added synergy description for Vayne
- Updated threat descriptions for Blitzcrank and Nautilus
2020-08-26 - Updated synergy description for Jhin
- Added threat description for Xerath
- Reordered threats/synergies from greatest (worst matchup for Gragas / best synergy with Gragas) to least (best matchup for Gragas / worst synergy for Gragas)
2020-08-28 - Added new visuals to the guide chapters
- Included a new guide chapter: "Why Omnistone?"
- Added new keystone icons in the "Keystones" chapter
2020-09-03 - Fixed the wording in the 'Why Omnistone?' section
2020-09-09 - Added threat description for Senna
2020-09-14 - Added synergy description for Xayah
- Added threat description for Swain
2020-09-15 - Added threat description for Veigar
- Added synergy description for Kalista
- Moved Aphelios to "Strong" tier in synergies
- Updated build section:
--- Regular starting item is Relic Shield
--- Updated item builds to replace Relic Shield with Spellthief's Edge
--- Removed the "Tank Focus" builds, added different tank items to the pre-existing builds instead
--- Spellthief's Edge is now optional
--- Added a build that uses Spellthief's Edge focused on killing squishies
--- Sorted the Situational items into each of their own item sets labeling what type of item they are
--- Updated some descriptions of items in the notes
--- Added Frozen Heart, Randuin's Omen, Adaptive Helm and Knight's Vow as situational items
2020-09-20 - Updated synergy descriptions for Senna and Jinx
2020-09-22 - Replaced Sudden Impact with Ghost Poro in Runes
2020-09-30 - Added Pros/Cons, Abilities, and Ability Order guide chapters
2020-10-13 - Added Gameplay chapter with early-game and keystone section (mid-late game section is WIP)
- Updated the visuals of the Keystones chapter
- Updated some keystone descriptions in Keystones chapter
- Added item set groups to make item section easier to read & understand
- Added threat description for Pantheon
2020-10-14 - Added mid-late game section of gameplay chapter
- Updated the conclusion chapter
2020-10-24 - Added threat description for Lulu
2020-10-26 - Added synergy description for Quinn
2020-11-02 - Added threat description for Seraphine
2020-11-11 - Adjusted item section to accommodate for removed items and new stats/passives
- Changed Cosmic Insight to Approach Velocity
- Added Demonic Embrace, Cosmic Drive, Horizon Focus, Zeke's Convergence, Force of Nature to situational items
- Edited chapters' mention of old items to fit the new items
2020-11-12 - Changed Approach Velocity back to Cosmic Insight in runes, but added new text in the info saying that you could take either
- Added threat description for Shen
2020-11-15 - Added Imperial Mandate to the optional core section
2020-11-18 - Added two new alternative rune pages, one focused on being more tanky, the other more late-game focused
2020-11-20 - Added Liandry's Anguish to the optional core section
- Removed the "if fed early" build and replaced it with a build for hard matchups
- Added new ability order for maxing E first
2020-12-08 - Added Stirring Wardstone to the situational item section
- Added a supportive build utilizing Vigilant Wardstone
2020-12-27 - Added threat description for Rell
2021-01-03 - Added threat description for Twitch
- Added synergy description for Kog'Maw
2021-02-07 - Added a new Item chapter in the guide
- Added Thornmail to the item section
- Updated some item descriptions in the notes
2021-03-13 - As of Mar. 13th, this guide is no longer updated

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