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Syndra Build Guide by cyberskull

AP Carry [S3] Syndra - Infinite Potential

AP Carry [S3] Syndra - Infinite Potential

Updated on May 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Build Guide By cyberskull 7 2 31,324 Views 19 Comments
7 2 31,324 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Syndra Build Guide By cyberskull Updated on May 29, 2013
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Hi! I'm cyberskull a.k.a cyber. I'm a nobody who likes helping out the good people of the League community by making guides on champions that I have knowledge on. Welcome to my Syndra guide! I worked hard on this guide and tried my best to make it into a good one so please read the whole guide and review it instead of just posting a "good guide"/"bad guide" comment and just downvoting or upvoting. If you want me to add something to the guide or you have a question about the guide or Syndra in-general don't hesitate to ask! And if you simply want to contact me for some reason go to my profile and you'll find ways to do so there.

Oh and I also wanna note that I'm not the best player and definitely not the best Syndra player. However knowing what to do, what items to get, etc. is way different than playing well in-game. So if you ever see me play Syndra in-game don't expect me to be a pro or something. I'm still trying to learn her and I'm practicing doing the stuff I said in this guide myself like the combos, playing smart late game and all that stuff. So if you think what I've said in this guide is wrong feel free to tell me in the comment section however I believe that most of what I've said in here is correct. Anyways onto the guide!

In this guide you will:
1) Learn what kind of champion Syndra is.
2) Learn what items, runes, masteries, summoner spells, etc you'll need on her to succeed.
3) Learn how to handle other mid lane champions in lane.
4) Learn interesting facts about Syndra.
5) Learn what Syndra's role is in a team and how viable she is.

So let's start with an explanation on who Syndra is and how viable she really is. Syndra is a mage champion who is seen almost all the time in Mid Lane. Her kit allows her to spam spheres (balls), manipulate those spheres and use them to increase the damage of her ultimate. In terms of gameplay she is similar to Veigar in a sense that they both stun their targets and burst them down with their Ultimates and other spells.

So is Syndra viable you ask? In my opinion..yes! A lot of people have said over and over again that Syndra is too skill dependent meaning that if the one who plays her performs well then she will be viable but if the one who plays her doesn't play well he will fail big time. This is why so many people don't like Syndra. It is true that you do have to play well in order to make Syndra viable. However when played properly Syndra has amazing potential. At the moment the fact that she is so underplayed benefits Syndra players because almost no one knows how to counter her and how to play against her. If you are a very good Syndra player and you know how to play against certain champions rest assured that you will dominate with Syndra!

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Pros / Cons



+ Has amazing harass potential in lane.
+ Incredible Burst damage. Maybe even the highest in the game.
+ Great farmer especially with Blue Buff.
+ Doesn't need to stop moving to cast spells.
+ Great Auto-Attack Animation.
+ Amazing Stun.
+ Infinite Potential.


- Small movement speed.
- No escapes (excluding Flash).
- Squishy.
- More likely to be targeted by enemy team.
- Probably the most skill dependent champion in the game.
- She needs cautious play late game. One mistake can cost you your life and the game.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush



  • Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration - I like these simply because if you spam just your Q early on you run out of mana very quickly. With these you'll have a stronger mana regeneration for your early game. Later on you have your Tear of the Goddess so you won't need Scaling Mana Regen Seals.



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Summoner Spells


A 100% must on Syndra. She has no natural escapes. You NEED this Summoner Spell. Use it mainly as an escape tool as it is more useful that way. You can use it as a killing tool but do keep in mind that once it's on cooldown you have no escapes.


A 90% must on Syndra. She is all about bursting people down and if they escape on 10 health you need to be able to finish them off. Ignite helps with that. I mostly use it right before I use my Ultimate to burst someone down.



The only good replacement for Ignite. However..only get it when against an opponent that is very scary and can beat you in lane.


Only in 5v5 premades where you can actually co-ordinate with your team. In Solo Queue don't even think about it. You will lack co-ordination with your team 90% of the time in Solo Queue.

Not recommended:

Ghost - You have Flash..why would you need this on Syndra?
Heal - Ignite screw this up but it doesn't screw up Barrier. Plus this is more of a Bot Lane spell these days.
Clarity - Are you joking?
Revive - You're not Karthus. Never get this.
Smite - Go ahead. I hear Jungle Syndra is a beast in 100 ELO.
Exhaust - You do realize you're Syndra right? You're not supposed to get too close to your enemies.
Clairvoyance - Support Syndra is fun at 300 ELO.
Cleanse - Err...not really..nope. Maybe against a huge amount of CC!

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Starting Items:

This has been a standard start until everyone started getting Crystalline Flask however the cost on Flask got increased. I don't feel like it's worth getting anymore for Mid Lane so I started getting boots and pots again. Think about it..with 3 charges this gives 360 hp and 180 mana. The 3 HP Pots you can get don't give you any mana but you have your mana regen seals for that. In total the 3 pots give 450 health. Boots + Pots is better now imo. At least for Mid Lane.

Core Items:

Probably the most important early game item for Syndra. The amount of mana it gives is huge and the extra mana regen is also very nice.

Only get these if you have extra money to spend after getting Tear. 1 or 2 will do. Though not exactly core items I've put them in this section because if you do manage to get them they help out a ton and can help you build a lead.

No need for an explanation here. These boots are bought on almost any Mage out there. Syndra needs to do as much damage as possible and these will help her with that.

This is it folks..this is IT! The item that lets Syndra deal a ******ed amount of damage. 100% core and I always get this on her. Seriously..if you have 2 spheres out already and you use this and hit someone with your Ultimate it's very possible you'll completely obliterate him especially if it's a squishy. If it's a tank..he can survive but a squishy will go down.

This item is the upgraded version of Manamune and is only gained once you fully stack your Tear. Combined with DFG this will make your Ultimate hit so incredibly hard..probably harder than Veigar's Ulti. Remember to only turn the item on when you're in a team fight, about to get into one, you have 0 vision on enemy team and where they might pop-up from or you're about to fight someone 1v1. Don't leave it on while you farm because it saps at your mana quite a lot since you're spamming spells.

Offensive Items:

Rabadon's Deathcap is almost a core item for me but I prefer getting it later on because early game even without too much AP Syndra deals a ridiculous amount of damage. Later on however you need some more AP so getting this is totally worth the cost.

When they start stacking Magic Resist because they just can't take your damage anymore get this and you'll start doing that outrageous damage again.

I have yet to try this however I've tried it before on some mages and it's an okay item. The HP Burn isn't something too amazing but it can finish off someone who barely got away.

Defensive Items:

An okay item that gives you quite a lot of HP and a handy slow. If you need the extra hp I suggest getting this.

When I want defense against physical damage I get this. Even when there are no AD's on the enemy team it might still be a good idea to get this just for the activation.

I don't recommend having 2 items that are made from Tear because you already have enough mana and mana regen with just Muramana however if you really really REALLY need the shield this item provides then go ahead and get it. You can also choose to get this and not Muramana but you'll lose out on a lot of damage. If you get this as your say..5th item keep in mind that it'll be hard to stack the 2nd Tear since it's already Late game and you won't have much opportunities to stack it and turn it into a Seraph's.

Meh..cooldown on the revive is too long and isn't that reliable but if you really need a 2nd life get this. It's an okay item but not an item that is awesome on a Mage. Just an okay item.

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Athene's on Syndra

Ah Athene' has been an item a lot of people have been getting on Syndra because they like the CDR, Mana Regen, MR and AP. While reading this guide you probably must have thought "OMG WTF..WHY NO ATHENE'S?!?!?". The answer to that is simple and I will explain why I think Athene isn't necessary on Syndra.

1) The Mana Regenaration - Simply put even if you get Tear of the Goddess instead of this item you'll still have enough mana regeneration. Yes with Athene's you'll have more but the difference here is Athene's doesn't give you mana while Tear after being turned into Manamune and later on into a Muramana once fully stacked will give you a 1000 extra mana. I firmly believe having 1000 extra mana with a nice +7 per 5 mana regen is way more powerful than 15 per 5 mana regen with no additional mana. Plus you'll stack your Muramana quite fast since you are Syndra and you do spam a lot.

2) Athene's gets in your way - While Athene's might be a good item it gets in the way of you getting your Muramana an item that is way more useful than Athene's and that's not good. Seriously ask anyone on mobafire. I'm sure most of them will say they prefer Muramana over Athene's.

3) Unnecessary Stats - While Athene's does provide stats that are somewhat useful (40 MR + 60 AP) those stats are unnecessary. As Syndra you should always try and stay out of range of your enemy's abilities. While it is impossible to not get hit by anything since you are a bit slow your positioning should be your defense mechanism and not this item. So the extra MR from it won't help out that much. The extra AP is okay but you don't really need it plus you'll be getting DFG and Deathcap. Those 2 items alone provide way more AP than this item.


I think I gave you guys some legit reasons here as to why Athene's isn't necessary on Syndra anymore. If you think it is you can get it instead of Tear but this item over Muramana? Really? Well if you think it's better then get it but as I already explained I don't think it is.

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This Skill Order focuses on maxing Q as soon as possible. Then maxing W because it actually deals a good amount of damage as well and finally her E because it is used mainly for setting up your stuns and pushing away people that are trying to kill you.

If you're wondering why I grab a point in E at level 2 that's because there is a chance you'll get ganked at level 2 and having your E can actually save you from using your Flash to get to safety.

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Skill Explanations

Transcendent (Passive): A nice passive that makes Syndra's abilities stronger when maxed out. Let me explain the bonuses and how good they are.

Q Bonus - Deals 15% bonus damage against Champions

Definitely the best upgrade from your passive. The scaling on your Q when used on an enemy champion changes from 0.6 to 0.69 which is awesome. This is why Q should be maxed first all the time.

W Bonus - Increases the slowing duration to 2 seconds

This upgrade is decent but nothing too special. The extra slow is still there and will help out.

E Bonus - Spell width increased by 50%

Makes it easier for you to hit E and knock back as many sphere's as possible after Ulting but it's more useful later on when you have to play smarter.

R Bonus - Increased range by 75

This helps out Syndra a lot late game because it'll be easier for her to take down her target.

Dark Sphere: This is your bread and butter skill. You should always max this first as it affects your Ultimate's damage and is your most consistent form of damage. When maxed out it deals even more damage to champions thanks to your passive.

Tips and Tricks
  • Smartcasting this ability will help a lot when trying to quickly harass or burst someone down
  • Trying to predict where the enemy is going to walk to next is crucial when trying to land this ability
  • This ability doesn't interrupt movement so try to move around as you cast it for harass in lane. This will make it hard for the enemy laner to fight back.

Force of Will: - A very nice spell that lets you slow your target. Once done this allows you to land your Q more easily. Syndra is the only champion that can manipulate enemy minions thanks to this ability. Since it is very unique here's some information I got on it.

- If Force of Will targets a minion or neutral monster, that unit is placed in stasis: rendering it untargetable, invulnerable, and unable to perform any actions until thrown or released.

- The summoner spell, Teleport, is cancelled upon the target minion being placed in stasis.

- If the unit grabbed has a limited duration (e.g. Shaco's Jack In The Box or Yorick's ghouls), their timers will continue to count down while in stasis, and they can still "die" if their time runs out.

- If catching an Annie's Summon: Tibbers you will take the AoE damage from the bear.

- A Dark Sphere's duration is refreshed when it is grabbed, not when it is thrown. For instance, grabbing a sphere that is about to expire and throwing it immediately will cause the sphere to last an additional 6 seconds. On the other hand, grabbing a sphere that is about to expire and holding it for 5 seconds will cause the sphere to only last for the 1 remaining second once it is released.
- Throwing Ancient Golem refunds 10 mana and decreases the cooldown by 1 second.

- Throwing Lizard Elder ignites enemies hit with the effects of Blessing of the Lizard Elder.

- Thrown objects grant vision for a short period of time.

Tips and Tricks
  • Grabbing something and using it to slow the enemy after you've stunned him will allow you to hit him with Q more easily.
  • Placing a ward at the enemy team's Blue Buff and then using this to "steal" it from them when he's at low health is very helpful.
  • Using Q and then throwing a minion on the low hp minion wave allow you to farm easily as Syndra.

Scatter the Weak - This is mainly used to set up your stuns. Late game it has quite a lot of damage for a utility spell but is still mainly used for its utility.

Tips and Tricks
  • Keep in mind that the length of the cone isn't that big so try to memorize how big it is for quick stuns.
  • After using your Ultimate the Spheres used for it will remain on the ground for some time. Use this spell to scatter them all and if you're lucky you might hit someone and stun them.
  • Use this ability to push away anyone who is trying to get in melee range and kill you.

Unleashed Power - Your fantastic bombastic Ultimate. It's fairly simple to use. You just pick a target, click R and click on the target. Combined this with DFG and Muramana and you have a Veigar Ultimate. Heck even without those items this Ultimate still deals Tons of Damage with 2 extra Spheres.

Tips and Tricks
  • The damage increases for every sphere you have out, that includes spheres that are mid spawn. For example if you use Q then instantly use R before the sphere has even dealt damage, it will fire that sphere.
  • Every single sphere counts as a single target spell. So if you fire a 4 sphere combo at someone with a spellshield only 1 sphere will be absorbed, and the other 3 will go through.
  • Avoid using this spell with 0 Spheres on the ground as it will only fire the 3 Spheres floating around you and the damage will be significantly lower than it would be with 4 or 5 Spheres.
  • After using this spell the Spheres will bounce off your target. When that happens if your E is off cooldown you can use it to scatter your Spheres and try to stun as much people as possible.
  • The spell has a small cast time before the Spheres start hitting the target. This allows your target to use Zhonya's Hourglass if he/she has that item. If he does use it the Spheres will not damage him but will still bounce off him/her.

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Skill Combos

The Unexpected Killing Combo:

First of all if you want to do this combo or any combo for that matter more easily I suggest binding your DFG's activation to a key you are comfortable with. I usually just use it as my 1 key but that's just me. Find a key that works for you. You can change your key by going into the Key Bindings while you're in-game.

Onto the combo. I call it unexpected simply because your opponent will almost never expect it. If your stun fails however the combo will fail so make sure you land that stun. Open up by using your Dark Sphere on the ground and follow that up with a Scatter the Weak to stun your opponent from afar. Once you stun him grab your Dark Sphere with Force of Will then activate Deathfire Grasp on the target. Then just land your Dark Sphere on him (the one you grabbed with Force of Will) and use your Unleashed Power. If you have Ignite make sure you ignite him as well unless you just delete him off the map.

Note: If you're fast enough you can land another Dark Sphere right before using Unleashed Power

So here it is again but a bit more simplified.

Dark Sphere -> Scatter the Weak -> Deathfire Grasp -> Force of Will -> Unleashed Power

The Crippling Killing Combo:

This combo is more easily executed but can be avoided by your opponent because it's not very surprising. I call it crippling because it relies on landing your W and slowing the opponent down so you can stun him. Open up by hitting your opponent with a Dark Sphere then grab it with a Force of Will and hit your opponent with it. Once he is slowed cast another Dark Sphere to stun him or go up to the one you already cast and stun him with Scatter the Weak. Then just use Deathfire Grasp cast a Dark Sphere and use Unleashed Power oh and use Ignite if he lives on almost no hp.

Here's a simplified version.

Dark Sphere -> Force of Will -> Scatter the Weak -> Deathfire Grasp -> =dark sphere -> Unleashed Power

The No DFG Killing Combo:

A combo that can be used if you don't have a Deathfire Grasp however it is similar to the unexpected killing combo. Open up with a Dark Sphere on the ground and follow up with a Scatter the Weak to stun your opponent. Cast a Dark Sphere while he is stunned (on him of course). Grab the Sphere with Force of Will and throw it at him. Cast Dark Sphere on him again and follow up with Unleashed Power and don't forget to Ignite him if he's still alive but on low hp.

Simplified the combo looks like this.

Dark Sphere -> Scatter the Weak -> Dark Sphere -> Force of Will -> Dark Sphere -> Unleashed Power

There are probably more combos Syndra can use but those are the ones I use the most.

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Early-to-Mid Game Tips

Here is a chapter I've really wanted to write because I feel like average Syndra players don't understand what they should do early on and mid game with Syndra. If you're having trouble early game and mid game while playing Syndra then keep reading.

Early Game
For lack of a better term Syndra should be a smart bully in lane. Notice how I said "smart". You can easily be a bully in lane just by harassing constantly. However with Syndra you must be smart. You have no escapes excluding Flash but since you only want to use that in a dire situation you have to be smart.

Whenever your opponent goes for a last hit or just foolishly walks past his minion wave hit him with a Dark Sphere and an auto-attack and back off. However try your best not to hit any of his minions. If you do you'll just push your lane and you'll increase the chance of getting ganked. This is what I meant by saying "smart bully" you have to bully your opponent but you can't push your lane and endanger yourself while doing it.

Early ganks are quite powerful for Syndra. She has 2 forms of CC a stun and a slow. So if your jungler ganks just stun your opponent with a Dark Sphere + Scatter the Weak combo and slow him down with Force of Will. If you do this successfully it's very very likely you'll get a kill or at the very least you'll force your opponent to Flash.

Don't forget to get wards as Syndra. Just because you should not push lane to reduce the chance of getting ganked doesn't mean a Shaco with Mobility Boots won't pop up from outta nowhere. Getting wards is essential to any Mid Lane champion especially one with no escapes like Syndra

Mid Game
Mid Game is so strong for Syndra. If you're game is going well then you should have Tear of the Goddess, 2x Doran's Ring and Sorcerer's Shoes in your inventory and maybe even a Deathfire Grasp depending on how fed you are and how many minutes you've been in-game.

Just with those items Syndra has a ridiculous amount of damage. Mid Game you should try and roam if your teammates are still laning. Syndra's ganking potential is quite high because of her long range abilities and her 2 forms of CC. You don't need to pull of combos when ganking. Just make sure you land your Stun and your Slow and your team should help out with finishing them off. After landing your Stun and Slow just keep spaming Dark Sphere and use Unleashed Power on someone you think you can kill.

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Late Game Tips


Late game..the most scary and dangerous time in the game for Syndra. I'm not kidding. One mistake and're dead and you might lose your team the game if you were your team's main damage source. Why is Syndra so vulnerable in late game you ask?

1) She's a slow mage even with Enchantment: Alacrity
2) Her ranges are quite long but not long enough to protect her from people like Ahri , Talon , Diana and any tanks that have strong initiation Maokai , Cho'Gath , Amumu
3) Once she uses her Ultimate her damage will go down and all she'll be able to do is spam her other abilities when she can and maybe try to land a stun or a slow.
4) She's so squishy!

I shall give you an example of a bad Syndra game I had. I played mid vs 2 mages (one was trolling and wouldn't go Support) and I came out on top and got somewhat fed. Early and Mid game was going great for me but late game was a nightmare. All the enemy Ahri had to do was Ulti in my face and Charm me and I went down so fast because I was that squishy. I didn't exactly lose the game by doing this but it lost us some team fights because I was an important part of our team.

So yeah play very very very VERY safe as Syndra late game and DO NOT get caught or it might just cost you a team fight and the whole game. Syndra however is a good initiator and late game you can set up awesome stuns and if your team follows up you can win a team fight just with 1 good Stun.

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Team Fights

Very important chapter as well! PLEASE READ IT!
Team Fights are a bit different for every stage of the game. Let's go over them one by one.
Early Game Team Fights
While it's very unlikely there will be any team fights early on it is possible you might team fight for Dragon or a Buff. In Early Game Team Fights you should be looking to stun as many enemies as possible. You can play a bit more bawsy and try to get a kill but be smart about it. Don't just go in there and let yourself die to CC and burst. Syndra is squishy like everyone in early game and can die pretty fast if caught out of position.

Mid Game Team Fights
Mid game is similar but slightly different. If you have your DFG your Unleashed Power will deal incredible damage. Your job in mid game team fights is to kill either their AP or AD Carry. If they are simply out of reach and you just don't think you'll be able to stun them then try killing someone else but keep in mind that a tank or a bruiser has a higher chance of surviving your huge burst.

Late Game Team Fights
I already talked about Late Game for Syndra so you should already know that you have to play very safe in late game team fights. Positioning and landing your stun are key to victory in late game team fights. Try to stay behind your tanks and/or bruisers and if the opportunity presents itself stun someone. If not just wait until your tanks/bruisers initiate and while they lock up the enemy team then try stunning someone. You can try and burst down with your Unleashed Power pretty much everyone except very very tough tanks who can survive like Dr. Mundo or Cho'Gath. However if you just can't reach a carry or a bruiser without putting yourself in danger just ult a tank no matter how tough he is. You won't kill him but you'll soften him up at the very least. Remember POSITIONING and LANDING YOUR STUN are KEY to victory in late game team fights!

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This is a match-ups chapter however do keep in mind that no matter what champion you're facing the one who is playing that champion is always gonna be a different person so there's no exact way to beat a champion however the tips I'll mention in this chapter will help you play against any champion you might meet at Mid Lane regardless of the player. The Trinity Force icons represent how difficult the champion is for you to face. The more Trinity Force icons the champion has the more difficult he is for Syndra. I'll split this chapter into sections. Easy Match-Ups, Skill Based Match-Ups and Hard Match-Ups.

The Easy ones are match-ups that will most likely go in your favor and are easy to handle. The Skill Based ones are match-ups that can go a little bit in your or your opponent's favor but they are skill dependent and whoever plays their champion better will most likely win. The Hard ones are match-ups where Syndra generally loses or gets owned. She can win somehow if she outplays her opponent and doesn't make critical mistakes but it is highly recommended that you dodge those match-ups if you can.

Easy Match-Ups

Anivia has 0 escape spells, lowest hp at lvl 1 and has one of the lowest movement speeds. This makes her an easy to handle champion. Pre-lvl 6 just harass her with Dark Sphere and auto-attacks. Post-lvl 6 she can farm from a distance with her Ultimate but if you just stun her you can easily put her in Egg form because she is that squishy. You have good consistent damage with your Dark Sphere so taking her down in Egg form shouldn't be a problem. She can't outrange your stun so just stun her and she's yours. Remember to dodge her Q since if it hits you'll be stunned and she can chunk a huge amount of your health even at level 2-3. Also stunning her stops her Ultimate since it is a channeled ability.

Annie's burst is scary however her range isn't. You outrange her so just poke her down with some Dark Sphere's but don't auto-attack her because you don't want to get sunned. She can burst you down if you let her but if you deny her from doing it and just poke her down you can easily go for the kill pre-lvl 6 and even post-lvl 6. Also remember that grabbing her Bear with Force of Will will cause the AoE dmg coming from the bear to hit you even if he's in stasis.

Brand is so squishy and if you just dodge his stun he's incredibly easy to kill. This can be done easily seeing as you can move while you cast. Post-lvl 6 you can just stun him and take him out without even taking dmg back if you're fast enough.

Playing against her is similar to playing against Brand. She needs to land her Noxious Blast to chain up her combo on you. However you can cast while moving so dodging her Q should be your main priority. The same can be said about her Ultimate. It's important to not get stunned by it so try and dodge it or at least don't look at her when she casts it. She's fairly squishy and has low hp so taking her down with your Ultimate shouldn't be a problem.

The Spider isn't that hard but her Neurotoxin hits hard when she starts putting points in it. The difference however is that you outrange her so just poke her down but avoid her poke because it hits harder. She has no real ultimate so post-lvl 6 you can beat her easily if you combo her down.

A very easy lane match-up for you. His abilities have very low ranges making it easy to poke him down. If he starts casting drain on you or minions to heal up you just stun him and if it's post-lvl 6 you kill him as well. The only thing you should try and watch out for is him casting his Ultimate from the bushes or the fog of war.

Gragas can't farm that well early on so you should constantly try to harass him and make laning for him a nightmare. He does have slow but consistent sustain with his passive and W but if you just zone him and harass him all the time he won't be much of a problem. Post-lvl 6 watch out for his Ultimate. If he uses it on you just to knock you back don't be surprised if the enemy jungler comes to gank.

This is like the easiest match-up for you..EVER and not because Heimerdinger is so UP atm. It's simply because you **** on Heimerdinger in so many ways. He's incredibly squishy..probably one of the squishiest AP Mids. So bursting him down is super easy. You can use Force of Will on his turrets and throw them at him. And he's so slow so stunning him is no problem. If you hide behind minions his rockets can't even hit you and he has no reliable CC. Seriously if you lose to Heimerdinger as Syndra then you suck hard.

He's fairly simple to beat since he is so soft and has no escapes. His Q can be easily dodged since you cast while you move. If you're good enough you can even stay out of range of his E since your spells have good range on them. If he starts channeling his Ultimate in the middle of the lane or near his turret toss out a stun to interrupt it.

Kenny's shuriken can't hit you if you hide behind minions. If he suddenly starts going straight at you he might be trying to Ulti so he can stun you because his jungler is nearby or ganking so watch out for that. Once he uses his Lightning Rush he's most likely gonna come at you in a stright line which makes it easy to land your skillshots and combo him down. Watch out for the bonus MR his E gives him as it might save his life.

Lux is very soft at lvl 1. One Dark Sphere and an auto-attack and she's already at half health. She is 100% skill shot dependent but unlike you she can't move while casting so you can dodge her spells and punish her for missing. Post-lvl 6 bursting her down is easy but make sure you ignite her as her shield can save her life sometimes. And make sure not to get caught in her combo as her burst is quite high.

Make sure you dodge his Q. This is easily done since it is a very thin skillshot however if you do get hit by it back off at all cost because he will try and chain his combo on you while you're silenced. His cooldowns are fairly big like Lux's so your consistent damage will beat him in extended pre-lvl 6 fights. Post-lvl 6 he can kill you if he chains his combo but if you stun him and you're fast enough you can burst him down before he does this.

This lane match-up isn't gonna be much of a problem. You should dominate him. When he uses Flamespitter he'll run at you in a straight line kinda like Kennen. This makes it very easy to land your spells on him. He's a great top laner but at mid he's like any mage out there and he's melee too so he's not so hard to burst down unless he starts building MR.

His ranges are so small, he's squishy, he has no big burst early levels and the only CC he has is his W. You should beat him easily. Just harass him from afar until you're ready to go for the kill. Oh and be careful of his Flash + W combo. It's mostly used when his jungler is ganking.

Early levels her main dmg source is her Rocket Jump but it is on a fairly big cooldown so you have to completely bully her early on. Post-lvl 6 her burst is massive with her Buster Shot so watch out for that. If you're fast enough you can stun her before she even finishes her W which will give you an opening to kill her.

His combo is so predictable so it shouldn't be a problem for you. If he pulls out a Blue Card he'll try and hit you so stay out of range when he does. He can engage with Flash + W in a way similar to Ryze to create a gank for his jungler so watch out. Other than that he's easy to beat. Avoid his Q, back off whenever he pulls out a red, blue or gold card and harass him a lot. Engaging on him while his W is on cooldown is an easy way to combo him down as he can't stop you from doing it. Also at level 6 he has no real Ultimate so it's easy to take him out at that point.

In terms of gameplay he's similar to you but with a slight difference. He has "Infinite Potential" too since he can get AP with his Q but his early game is so weak. He has to farm with his Q, he's slow and squishy and you outrange him. Make sure you beat him up a lot early game and turn his laning phase into a horrible nightmare. However make sure he doesn't stun you with his E because if he does he'll set up a nice gank for his jungler if he's trying to gank you. Later on unless you're really fed and have defensive items you'll both one shot each other. The one who is faster will be the victor.

He's not that hard. Just dodge his Death Ray and you can get him low easily with your Dark Sphere. Post-lvl 6 he's easy to burst down. Just watch out for his Gravity Field and his ultimate Chaos Storm

Similar to Brand. Relies on stunning you to burst you down however his W immobilizes him and he can't move while casting like you. Dodge his Arcanopulse and he won't be able to stun you. Whenever he casts locus of power he's not gonna move unless he deactivates it quickly so when he does cast it it's a perfect opportunity to stun him and combo him down. Post-lvl 6 watch out for his Arcane Barrage as it sets up easy stuns for him unlike his Q.

He has almost no way to beat you. You move while casting so dodging his Bouncing Bomb is easy. However keep in mind that his ranged poke is his biggest strength in lane so try to move towards him when dodging his Q. This will allow you to hit him with a Dark Sphere and stun him. Or you know..just stun him from afar and burst down his hairy behind.

Try not to get in range of his Time Bomb. That's very hard to do because of the ability's big range but if you do it successfully you can poke him down and go for the kill. His double Q hurts so watch out for that. If he tries to do it stun him and punish him for it. He has no dmg-ing abilities except his time bomb so you'll win prolonged fights. Post-lvl 6 you should try getting him low and stunning him while he is low. If you're fast enough you might burst him down before he even uses his Ultimate on himself.

She's quite squishy however her damage with her plants and her CC shouldn't be ignored. You can use Force of Will on her plants. If you haven't stunned her try not to engage on her because if she lands her Grasping Roots on you she can combo you down too. However if you're good enough you can dodge her E while landing a Q or a W on her which might get you a kill on her.

Skill Based Match-Ups

This can be a tough match-up. He has a lot of CC, his burst is quite big even without AP items and he starts getting really tough post-lvl 6. Try harassing him as much as you can pre-lvl 6 without pushing lane of course because if he lands a Rupture on you while you've pushed the lane the enemy jungler can gank you and kill you easily. Post-lvl 6 just start harassing and harassing without getting close. Don't even stun him because there's a big chance he'll survive your Unleashed Power (yes he's that tough to kill with stacks on his Feast). If you get him to at least half hp then you can try bursting him down but if he survives try killing him with a few more spells however if he suddenly starts charging at you back off fast because he's most likely going to use Feast on you.

She's a tough one mainly because of the shield she gains from Agony's Embrace and her stealth. If she's a good Evelynn she'll try to roam post-lvl 6 so try following her and counter-ganking. Pre-lvl 6 just harass her from afar and be careful if she disappears. She can come out of nowhere and burst you down. If you get lvl 6 before her try landing a stun. If it succeeds kill her and you'll give yourself a nice lead on her. Even if she roams you'll still be more powerful so your counter-ganks will help your team out a lot.

Pre-lvl 6 Fizz isn't that dangerous but you should still stay out of his range as his W+Q combo can hurt you a lot. When he goes for last hits harass him as best as you can but if it means missing last hits of your own don't. Post-lvl 6 it's mostly skill dependent. He can burst you down quite fast as well and he can avoid the dmg from your Unleashed Power by using his E. Get him to use his E before Ulting him. He's just as soft as you are so bursting him down shouldn't be a problem if he doesn't avoid your dmg. Also be careful with his Ultimate. It has a long range so he can cast it unexpectedly. If he lands it from long range Flash right away because if he reaches you in time he will kill you.

He can be hard because he stacks a lot of Magic Resist however early on he doesn't have that much so harass him a lot. Your dmg is consistent so his MR only increases the amount of time it takes you to get him low. He has to choose to either farm with his Q or use it on you. You can dodge his Q but it can be somewhat difficult. Oh and don't even think about taking him from 100% hp to 0%..he's way too tanky against Magic Resist for you to do that. Just harass him until you get him low enough to go for the kill.

Kat is really frustrating because she can easily dodge your spells and the fact that you can move while casting doesn't help you in any way. When against her save your Dark Sphere + Scatter the Weak combo for when she casts Death Lotus. Get her to engage on you with her combo and Death Lotus and interrupt it after that go all in on her. She's not hard to burst down. Whenever she does her Q+E+W combo on you make sure you harass back.

This guy has been played Mid quite a lot thanks to Froggen. How does Syndra do against him you ask? She beats him if she doesn't mess up. Hide behind minions so his Q won't be able to hit you. He can't out-sustain your consistent damage and burst. His shield isn't that strong if he doesn't max it so it will rarely save him after you use Unleashed Power on him. If he does hit you with Q use Scatter the Weak on him right after he jumps at you to push him away.

He's not the hardest opponent but you have to remember several things about him. His Meditate can save him from your Unleashed Power so make sure you save your stun combo for when he casts it. His Q can hurt so try not to let him harass you too much with it. He's fairly easy to harass and if he starts meditating you can just interrupt him with your stun and try to kill him. Be careful if you're low on hp around him because if he decides to he can go for the kill with his Ultimate.

You have to shut him down early game before he gets powerful and can survive your burst with his shield. Pre-lvl 6 do your best to try to harass and maybe kill him. Post-lvl 6 be careful of his shield. It can save his life if you use Unleashed Power. Also while he doesn't have his shield up it's a good idea to go in for harass before he builds it up again.

Avoid her Q. She needs to land it to chain up her combo on you. Don't stay in her W. If she's quick enough she'll block your stun with her E. If you go for a kill on her always be careful. You are very mobile so if she shoots a Q at you while you're charging at her do your best to dodge it and if you do you can kill her before she Ulties you. If you're gonna harass her try to do it constantly since she has natural spell vamp and if you don't do it too often she'll just heal up.

You beat her in lane if you harass effectively. You just need to dodge those spears because they hurt so so much. If she goes into cat form and lunges at you either stun her or just push her away. You don't wanna give her free damage on you. If you do stun her when she does lunge at you if it's post-lvl 6 go for the kill. She's not tough enough to survive your burst. However make sure you have at least 4 Sphere's and she's at least at 75% hp when you stun her. She can heal herself so if she's at full hp you might not be able to kill her.

She's somewhat similar to you. You both have low cooldown "ball" moves and you both tend to harass a lot. The difference here is that if you dodge her Q she can't really follow up but you can since you can manipulate your Q's better. Post-lvl 6 she can burst you down if you let her but if you avoid her Q+W combo you'll burst her down instead. When fighting her at 100% hp keep in mind that her shield can save her from your Unleashed Power. This is a truly skill-dependent match-up. Whoever is better will win it regardless of who is playing which champion.

Your Q outranges his Q and he is actually squishy against magic damage unless he builds Magic Resist. Be careful of his W as it can set up easy ganks for his jungler. If he jumps at you and channels his E use your E right away to interrupt him. Post-lvl 6 he has no real ultimate so feel free to fight him and burst him down.

Swain isn't so hard to harass early game. The problems arise after lvl 6 because he can sustain through a lot of your damage. Do not get caught by his Nevermove or you'll be in trouble. You can kill him however if he's at 75% or below hp, you stun him and you ignite him before you unleash your combo on him.

The Vampire isn't super hard but there several annoying things about him that might even cost you your life. His Sanguine Pool allows him to dodge the dmg of your Unleashed Power and even if he doesn't dodge it he heals up a lot with Will of the Ancients. His Q poke hits for a lot but your Q outranges his Q so just stay back and harass him when you can. Don't stop however since he can heal back up if you do. When fighting him post-lvl 6 always ignite him and try to do the same as you do with Zilean. Poke him until he's at low hp, stun him and very quickly burst him down with your Ultimate. If you're fast enough you'll kill him before he uses pool.

Hard Match-Ups

Ahri is not so hard to harass pre-lvl 6 but post-lvl 6 if she lands her Charm on you you're so dead unless you somehow land a stun and outburst her. But alas that is almost impossible due to her Spirit Rush. If you want to fight her always do it when her Ultimate is on cooldown.

Akali is very hard to lane against. Pre-lvl 6 you can harass since she can't really get close to you to proc her Mark of the Assassin. Post-lvl 6 she can just jump to you again and again even if you push her away with E. Play very safe against her post-lvl 6 and try to poke her down low enough so you can try and kill her. If you just don't feel like you can compete with her just don't fight her and try to roam or just farm. You won't get that fed if you just farm but at least you won't feed her.

Diana is my most hated champion. I hate her as a champion, playing against her and playing with her or as her. Sadly she is one of Syndra's counters or at the very least a champion that owns Syndra but not 100% depending on the skill level of both players. Pre-lvl 6 you can harass her but she does have her shield and her Q can poke you down. Post-lvl 6 you have to dodge her Q in order to beat her. Even if you do it's not guaranteed you will but if you do you'll have a higher chance at killing her. As with Akali if you don't feel like you can take her and you think she is more powerful just roam or try to farm. You won't get fed but at least you won't feed her. Also watch out for her Lunar Rush. She can use it out of nowhere without even hitting you with Q just to use her Moonfall on you if her jungler is ganking.

Your biggest counter. Pre-lvl 6 you should harass from a distance as his Q's range isn't as big as yours. Post-lvl 6 he's just a total nightmare because he just flashes in your face, chunks you for a good amount of hp and backs off. He just repeats this process until he gets you low enough and goes for the kill. Even if you stun him after the stun wears off he just flashes away with his Riftwalk and runs to safety or if he's stronger than you he just stays and kicks your as*. You can't really win against him. Just don't pick Syndra against him. The only thing you should do against him is play safe and farm. Nothing else.

Pre-lvl 6 both of you try to harass the other down however his Void Spike often pushes the lane so use that to your advantage and call your jungler for a gank. Post-lvl 6 if you're quick enough and stun him before he jumps on you you can burst him down. If he does jump at you and you fail your stun you can still come out on top but if he has enough damage he will take you down. Keep an eye out for his Void Assault it can not only save his life in a battle with you but it also on a fairly small cooldown.

LeBlanc is like Kassadin but she focuses on one-shoting you instead of poking you down. She beats you in lane because she can easily escape after you stun her with Distortion and her burst at level 6 is bigger than yours (yes it is but as you start getting items yours gets bigger). Her silence is also very nasty so against her just farm and only go for kills when your jungler comes.

Talon is a very strong AD Caster and is a huge problem for Syndra. Whenever you go for harass he just jumps at you and deals Tons of Damage to you. As with LeBlanc just play safe, farm and only initiate onto him when your jungler ganks.

He has very good harass and massive burst HOWEVER he can be beat. His skills have high energy costs on them and he has no reliable CC except the slow from his Shadow Slash. If you manage to get him to waste his energy you can burst him down. Abuse his high energy costs and your mobility!

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A chapter for videos and that kind of stuff on Syndra. Enjoy!~

A video on Syndra by Sykkuno my favorite League Commentator:

Syndra's Champion Spotlight by RiotGames:

A video on Syndra by ColbyCheeze:

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Fun Facts about Syndra

If you want to learn some interesting facts about Syndra keep reading. Enjoy!~

- Syndra was designed by Meddler.

- Syndra shares the voice actress of Evelynn, however, the voice actress has never been publically revealed or credited and is anonymous.

- Syndra is the first official champion to directly manipulate minions and neutral monsters to deal damage to other champions, moving them around with her abilities.

- Syndra's spheres appear as red instead of blue when on the opposing team. She is the third champion to have team perspective based particles, the second being Cassiopeia and the first being Singed.

- Syndra is the third dark themed Ionian Champion, along with Varus and Zed. Only Varus shares a light/divine themed skin.

- Syndra's dance is based on the choreography for the song Hoot by Girls' Generation (소녀시대: So Nyeo Shi Dae), a popular Korean girl group.

- Syndra is the second champion that dances to one of the group's songs, the first being Ahri.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to:
- jhoijhoi for the line dividers (or rather the line divider since I used just 1 :D)
- TinyStar for the awesome guide banners/graphics. You can find her awesome signature/guide graphics shop here.
- All of you for reading :D

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Thanks for reading. I hope you liked the guide and most of all I hope it helped you in succeeding with Syndra. She is a very strong champion if played properly and has a lot of potential. I firmly believe that if she's played in the right way she can dominate almost everyone!

If you want to ask something about the guide or Syndra or you want me to add something to the guide head over to the comment section. I hope I can get some good feedback from you guys!

Anyways once again thank you for reading and see you on Summoner's Rift!

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