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Teemo Build Guide by Axius3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axius3

[S4] Teemo the spiky hairball Or how to instakill

Axius3 Last updated on January 5, 2014
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Hi guys, in this guide I will show you the way I play teemo, his items, his masteries, and his runes are very important, because all of these are very powerfull. In this Guide I will explain you how to play this character, and why I take these abilities, runes, and masteries...

PS: I'm a french LOL player, I did this guide to help people you want to know how to play Teemo. So, I'm sorry if you don't understand some sentences, and correct my mistakes if you want. :)

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About Temmo

Teemo is a cute hamster with a blowgun. This champion do tons of damages, Move Quick, poisons his enemies, and put trap on the ground which slows enemies and poisons them. But he is vulnerable to ofter long range champions like Varus, Ahri, Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate... Short range champion like Master Yi, Garen, Shen, Jarvan IV are not very dangerous until they are feed, because you just need to put some Noxious Trap under their feet, maybe an Ignite and don't stop attack them.

camouflage allows him to be invisible when he don't move. When he is not longer invisible, he win 40% attack speed for 4 seconds.
Blinding Dart have a long range, so use it to harass enemies, and try to scare them.
Move Quick can be use to escape or to chase enemies who escape from you.
Toxic Shot change your basic attack into magic attack which poison enemies.
Noxious Trap put a mushroom on the ground, which explode and poisons enemies when they walk in.

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  • Auto Attack do lots of damages.
  • High movement speed
  • Powerfull ultimate which replace wards and do lots of damages.
  • Auto Attack are dodge for the enemies that Blinding Dart have hit.
  • Kill enemies in a few seconds.
  • Squishy champion.
  • You are often focused at teamfight.
  • Champions who harrass will outfarm you. Varus for exemple.
  • Your Toxic Shot always steals kills to your allies so they insult you.
  • You are a free kill for enemies jungler, be carefull when you change of lanes.

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Let's see the summoners spells which could be useful on Teemo.

Flash is useful with teemo, it allows you to cross walls to quickly escape from your ennemies.

Ignite can help you to kill enemies who try to escape or to kill them more quickly, use it when the enemy is under mid-life or when he try to escape. Ignite and Toxic Shot are awesome when they're together. Add a Blinding Dart and enemy won't have a lot of Lifepoint yet.

If you are under level 7 you can take Barrier and Heal. Ghost isn't very useful because you have Move Quick.

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The 5% of Fury up teemo attack speed to 1.6 attack speed (at level 18) instead of 1.5. Spell Weaving increase spell damage by 1% each time a basic attack hit an enemy (max= +3% spell damage). Executioner do 5% more damage to enemies below 50% Health. Add a Rabadon's Deathcap to Archmage and you have 35% more AP. Arcane Blade is like a Nashor's Tooth but divided by 3, your darts will do 5%AP more damage. Havoc increase damages by 3%. Enchanted Armor makes you less vulnerable. Fleet of Foot increase your movement speed by 1.5% and finally, Summoner's Insight reduce cooldown of Flash and Ignite by 7%.

Total: +5% attack speed +8%AP +8% damage to enemies below 50% health +5%AP impact damage

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Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

These three runes cost 3075 (3x1035)IP and give 14.85 AP, that's why you need to buy these first, moreover it is the best rune to outfarm your ennemies on early game.

3 runes for 1230 (410x3)IP: 2.6 on magic penetration is perfect to wait the Haunting Guise which add 15 magic penetration and sorcerer's boots with 15 more magic penetration.

Six other rune give you 3.54 more AP for 2460 IP

These nine Greater Seal of Ability Power give you 5.31 more AP for 3690 (410x9)PI.

Finally, the seconds runes to buy because of their price/AP. Which give you 10.8 AP for the same price as other runes =3690 (410x9)PI.


These runes give you 34.5 AP that's allows you to outfarm your ennemy and have free gold. These 34.5 AP makes your poison stronger, at level one of the ability, it will do 20 on hit, and 48 over time =58 (Without masteries). Instead of 10 on hit and 34 =44. But these 34.5 AP and 2.6 magic penetration have a price and it is very expensive...

14145 PI !!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The cooldown of this skill is so important, that Toxic Shot do more damages, so take this skill in end game and use it to activate the lich bane, and do tons of damages.

Teemo is a squishy champion, and this skill is the only escape he have, so we need to up this skill at Early-mid game.

Do Impact damages and over the times. Have no cooldown. Take this on early game.

Powerfull Ultimate which replace wards, do damages and slow enemies when they walk in. Take it when you can.

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Now I will explain you why I take the items you seen before.
Teemo Text

This is a important and the first item you must buy, with it, you are less squify, your magic damage are less reduced, your Ability Power is increase, and each time your hit someone with one of your abilities (poison included), it burns your enemies for 6% of their current life. 50 AP, 300 Heath, 15 magic penetration, Passive 2900 IP

This second early game item reduce enemies magic resistance to 0, and give you more movement deplacement which can save you from enemies who have no boots. So your damages won't be reduced, and you escape easier than normal. 45 movement speed, 15 magic penetration 1100 IP

The third item to buy, it give you a lot of useful amelioration, like 60 more AP, 50% attack speed, 15%AP impact damages, and cooldown reduction to use Noxious Trap more often. Impact damages added to poison and attack speed, change teemo into a living machine gun. 60AP, 50% Attack speed, 20% cooldown reduction, 15%AP impact damages 2920 IP

You can purchase the three last items in the order you want. It is situationnal, to do more damage, buy Rabadon's Deathcap or Lich Bane, and to be more Tanky and keep alive, buy Zhonya's Hourglass.
A powerfull item which can protect you for 2.5 time, you can't move but allies can come to help you, and it give you 2 second to find an escape. Or to be safe on Teamfight. 120 AP, 50 Armor, 2.5 second of invincibility. 3260 IP

It is always my fifth item, the Rabadon is the item which give the most of AP. At end game, with my build, it give 260 more AP (120+465.5/100*30=260). So my ability power up to 600. 120 AP, +30% AP 3300 IP

The last or the fourth item to buy, because on end game you will have lot of Ability Power, and the Lich Bane add 50+75%AP impact damage after use an ability, so with my build, the lich bane will deals approximately 515 (50+0.75*600AP) impact damage, which is realy incredible. 80 AP, 250 Mana, 6% Movement speed, Impact damage (50+75%AP) after using an ability. 3000 IP


16K5 Gold

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What is the outcome of this build ?



Go for maths ! Items, masteries, and rune increase our AP to 486.5, but Rabadon's Deathcap and Archmage give us 170 more AP, so we have 656 AP on end game.

So, the Nashor's Tooth and the Arcane Blade do 131.2 AP impact damages.(656/100*20=131.2)
With the 50% attack speed of Nashor's Tooth, the impact damage of Toxic Shot, Spell Weaving , Havoc , and AD, basic attack will do 502 damages per second and increase Spell damages and previous damage to 3 more percent. =>
Spoiler: Click to view

About our end game Abilities:

Blinding Dart will be able to subtract 785 Heath to enemies, Move Quick increase your movement speed to 600 movement speed, Toxic Shot do 86.5 impact damage, and 565.5 Total damage. Finally, Noxious Trap do 813 damage per mushrooms.
Liandry's Torment affect all of them, and is refresh each time the poison hit the enemies.
Lich Bane do 558 damages.
And... Teemo will be so powerfull that you probably won't have the time to purchase all the items.

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Match-ups (I will add some more)

Teemo can play on any lanes, but he his excellent on Mid and Solo Top, so let's see which champion teemo kill easyly and which teemo always get killed by. And why ?


In early game, if Kha'zix always uses his Taste Their Fear, you can kill him very easyly, because it's a short range ability, if he uses his Void Spike try to dodge them, finally, if he uses Leap, use you Move Quick go near your tower.

In mid game, Kha'Zix will use his ultimate to fear you, don't try to run far away, put all your Noxious Trap under his feet, Ignite him if you can, and use your Blinding Dart when you can to dodge auto attacks. If you do this, you will be able to kill him easyly. But don't be crazy, if he have 2 or more levels than you, don't quarrel, farm minions and harras him using your Blinding Dart and dodge his Void Spike.

In end game, if he have an Guardian Angel, keep your mushrooms to instant kill him when he will resurrects, put them on the ground before he respawn.


In early game, Lux will always try to immobilizes you using her Light Binding. If you don't dodge them, lux will come to substract you some life. Lux can use her Lucent Singularity to hit you without you can hit her, because Lux is a very high range champion (1000/1100).

In mid game, Lux will use her Final Spark to finish you, so be carefull to never be low life, and use your Move Quick to try to dodge her ultimate.

In end game, if she have an Zhonya's Hourglass, use your mushrooms around her to kill her when she won't be invincible yet.

You can also replace your Liandry's Torment by a Abyssal Mask To replace Health by magic resistance, reduce Lux magic resistance by 5 more magic penetration, and give 20 more AP.


Katarina is a melee champion, but she can teleport herself to you and use a powerfull ultimate which do tons of damages in a large area.

On early game, you will easily push the lane, and harass her. But she can use Shunpo and sinister steel. Escape will probably be more diffilcult than other enemies because of sinister steel which increase Katarina's movement speed.

On end game she will use Shunpo and directly Death Lotus to finish you. To avoid her Death Lotus you can use your Zhonya's Hourglass. And Move Quick to escape faster.

If she buy a Guardian Angel, place your Noxious Trap to do lots of damages when she will revive.


Master yi is a melee champion, but he can uses his Alpha Strike to harass you and immediatly escape, his Meditate allows him to heal himself and reduces damages, during the spell.

But teemo can catch him using his Noxious Trap which slows and do lots of damages, or use his Move Quick to go faster than him, and kill him easyly. If Master Yi hit you with auto-attack, use Blinding Dart to avoids these, and place Noxious Trap under his feet to do lots of damages and slows him if he want to escape.

When Master Yi uses meditate, don't stop attack him, because he can't hit you during this time, and place Noxious Trap to slows him to prevent an eventual escape from him.

Fizz is a fast melee champion, his Urchin Strike allows him to rush towards enemies, an do impact damage. And his Playful / Trickster allows him to be vulnerable for a short time and to do damages just after.

Slow fizz can give you a little advatage, but Fizz's ultimate, Chum the Waters do lots of damages and slow you. So he can escape or finish you easily using his Playful / Trickster.

If you play against Fizz play very safe and try to do some embush, putting yourself invisible beside one or more mushrooms and wait he walk on to start attack him.

Kassadin is an other melee champion, but he can teleport himself where he want using his Riftwalk, and slows you using Force Pulse. And Nether Blade regenarate his mana when he hit an enemy.

On the first 5 levels, you will kill easyly Kassadin, because his skills have a short range. But after level 6, he will teleport himself as many time as we want, until it has no more mana. So, if you want to win, you MUST farm to have more levels than him, and kill him to have more money and have a better stuff.

Take an Abyssal Mask or a Twin Shadows on early-mid game, can decrease kassadin damages and slows him.

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Change Log

02/01/2014 | Guide posted: Pros/Cons, ChangeLog, Masteries, Runes, Skill sequence, Items, and Summoner's spells.
05/01/2014 | Add more Matchs-up