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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Renekton Build Guide by kingnotin

AD Offtank [S4]UPDATED Renekton - In Depth Bruiser Crocodile

AD Offtank [S4]UPDATED Renekton - In Depth Bruiser Crocodile

Updated on April 28, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kingnotin Build Guide By kingnotin 294 35 2,330,817 Views 147 Comments
294 35 2,330,817 Views 147 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kingnotin Renekton Build Guide By kingnotin Updated on April 28, 2014
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Renekton-The Merciless Bruiser

Hello everyone I am KU Chronos(changed nickname from Kingnotin) from the west server(18.2.2013 transferred to Turkey server),I am currently in DIAMOND 3 league and this is my first guide and it will be about Renekton


First of all the reason that I created this guide is that my build completely satisfied all the needs of Renekton and the other guides miss some important points.
This is my way of playing Renekton and it works pretty good in ranked games.Before i start PLEASE don't vote down until you read ALL of this guide. Please bother to read every single sentence,they are worth every single second. I've spent way too much effor and time creating this guide. Every item,rune,skill,enemy is deeply explained. You can't know sometings good or bad until you learn and try it. Feel free to comment and please be constructive. Don't forget to voteup if you have benefited from it. You can easily win with Renekton if you do the necessary steps. For more help you can visit this website which helped me a lot.

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The Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons


+ // If played well can dominate
top lane
+ // Incredible burst damage
+ // Too damn high sustain
+ // Overfarm every opponent easily
+ // Can jump over walls and easily
from ganks with Slice and Dice
+ // All skills are NO COST

- // Not that effective in late game
- // Item dependant
- // Sometimes can missuse Ruthless Predator
- // CC can hurt
- // Needs some CDR
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Phase Rush
People are always saying "take ad runes for renekon" WRONG. I tried every build with every build and rune combos with renekton and discovered that ad runes are NOT good for renekton as armorpenetration runes are. First of all, the 8 ad you get from mark runes does not work as well as the armor penetrations.The reason for that is that after you get your dorans the ad runes effect just dissappear. Also in the late game 15 armor penetration is much better than 8 ad because you already have a lot of ad. But the 15 armor penetration can really destroy the ad or ap carry with low armor.

As seen in the chart armor penetration can really do some effect while ad remains faint.



Phase Rush
These are pretty straight forward. You need these runes in order to block same damge in the lane and also in the team figts this little ad can help you prevent some dmg for the ad carrys too.



Phase Rush
You don't need much resist in the early game and the mrperlevel glyphs are better than flat because they will be more valuable in the late game when you actually face the real ap carry.


Phase Rush
For the more experienced players I recommend these runes instead of scaling mr. You can snowball with a few early kills. A few second reduction is the borderline between life and death. We start with %10.5 CDR level 1 with these runes. The rune planner is outdated, they are actually 0.83 each at the moment.



Fleet Footwork

Now the most important part. These quints are the best for renekton. You HAVE to use these quints if you want to be a good renekton player.They are worth the every single ip you gave. In the lane the %4.5 ms is much more stronger than you think. You can chase,runaway from enemies much easier with these. We already start off with and with these runes the enemy can't cath you. But why renekton really needs these runes? The answer is simple. If you have your and Flash on cooldown you have no other way to catch your opponent. You used Ruthless Predator but the enemy is a little bit far away. But they don't have the runes like you. So you catch up with them land your stun and combo.BOOM, dead.There is no other viable option for the quints.
Only if you don't own these runes and don't have the sufficient IP at the moment. Get greater quintessence of desolation
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Just updated, coming soon
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Summoner Spells

Recomended spells

I think that ignite is one of the best summoner spells and is very suitable for renekton. The extra damage we need is here and if we can't towerdive, we can just burn them to their death. Also the healing reduction will decrease the healing of other offtanks by lifesteal like Xin Zhao or Irelia during 1v1 top figts.A surpries heal from the bot lane by Soraka with Wish can really bust you up. The reduction effect of ignite would really help you.Later in the game you can cast it on the real healers like Dr. Mundo or Swain

The greastest escape,chase tool in the game. You can land an instant stun by Ruthless Predator with Flash but be careful. The moment after you flash your champion is free and will basic attack the nearest enemy which can also be a minion. So make sure you right click enemy right after you flash or you can waste your cooldown and maybe 50 fury. Furthermore combined with slash and dice you can move a huge space in seconds.

Other options(in order of usefullness]

If you really need some mobility and the chasing power, Ghost can replace Flash but I personally recommend flash over ghost. For example If you have Janna in your team, you don't need ghost at all. The %3 movement speed from Janna's Tailwind you really move fast and can catch up to anyone real easy

Exhaust can sometimes be a better pick then Ignite if you are facing an enemy champion like Jax that doesnt have much of a life steal but really high ad and attack speed.It can also workout in late game teamfights. In the later chapters I will explain your role, long story short you will chase the ad/ap carry and Exhaust can really help you catching them up if Slice and Dice is not enough.

Cleanse is actually a great spell that works like Quicksilver Sash but it has a longer cooldown and it gives the extra 3 seconds reduction.I don't usually use this summoner spell but it can help situationary. An enemy team with lots of cc can fail after you use this spell. As I mentioned in Cons, cc is renekton's enemy and Cleanse can be in your favor against a cc team.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I start with Ruthless Predator at all times. A threat can come anytime, for example first minutes, you can have a early fight with your enemy and cull of the meek wont work out for 1v1 as much as Ruthless Predator. And also if you are going to pull your junglers red or blue buff, you need this to not to get damaged by the golem/ lizard.First do a basic attack and instantly stun the lizard/golem.Another reason to get Ruthless Predator first is that you can have an early gank from your jungler and you need Ruthless Predator and Slice and Dice to pick up the kill. Next max your Slice and Dice. The low cooldown on your double flash can get you out of lots of ganks and help you reach the ad/ap carry easier. Lastly max your Ruthless Predator. And of course take a point in Dominus at 6 11 and 16.

Skill combination and harrasment

Standard lane harrass:
Slice and Dice (in) next to enemy.--> Ruthless Predator-->(autoattack))--> Cull the Meek(about this points the stun ends))--> Slice and Dice (out)
PS: If you are low on health but still want to harrass, after Slice and Dice (in) use your fury on Cull the Meek for heal,then Ruthless Predator, Slice and Dice(out)
Here's a video of a sample lane harrass combo. I used Cull the Meek first because i was low on hp. /league-of-legends/ability/ruthless-predator-346
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Skills explained

Passive: Reign of Anger

Explanation:Renekton gains 5 fury for every autoattack he makes. This fury can empower his abilities with bonus effects. Additionally, Renekton gains bonus fury when he is low on life. PS:Renekton gains 50% more Fury from all sources while below half health.

An incredible passive that can boost up 2 of your skills and even maybe 3. If you have more than 50 fury while casting Cull the Meek, Ruthless Predator or the second use of Slice and Dice, you consume 50 fury but empower your skill.

Q:Cull the meek
Renekton swings his blade, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and gains a percentage of its damage as health.

50 Fury Bonus: Damage increased to %150. Healing increased to %200 but capacity is tripled.

Cooldown:8 seconds

Explanation:The skills that makes renekton, Renekton. It gives incredible free sustain and harrass in lane because it is no cost and it has only 8 second cooldown without any CDR. WARNING: This skill will push like crazy if you use it every time the cooldown comes. Just try to last hit and use it only when you have more than %50 fury to heal. If your opponent has pushed the lane and you are at your own turret, don't hesitate to use it. It still heals you even if you don't have 50 fury, and it collects you some fury.
Tip:If you are low on health and there is ignite on you or Karthus is casting Requiem, go near to minions and use Cull the Meek to regenrate some hp and increase you chance of survival.

W:Ruthless Predator
Renekton's next attack strikes twice, dealing physical damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects.

50 Fury Bonus: Instead, Renekton attacks three times(that means damage increase to %150), dealing physical damage and stuns his target for 1.5 seconds(double our ordinary stun).

Cooldown:13/12/11/10/9 seconds

Explanation:Your key to activate the passive of Phage. In team fights dont waste it on tanks, go after squishy carries. Try to use it with 50 fury for the double stun duration and damage.
Tip: If you have Galio in the enemy team and if you think he is about to cast his ultimate, try to use Ruthless Predator before he uses Idol of Durand. Your basic attack empowered with Ruthless Predator will stop his ultimate with the stun, rid your team out of the taunt and can change the game. The same applies for Puncturing Taunt of Rammus.( only if you are running away)
Tip2:If you see the enemy put down a ward, quickly Slice and Dice to get near to it, do a basic attack and immediately press ruthelss predator to destroy it before it stealths. OR if you have 50 fury, Slice and Dice and use Ruthless Predator

E:Slice and dice

Renekton dashes, slicing for physical damage. Hitting an enemy grants the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds.

Dice: Renekton dashes, dealing physical damage.

50 Fury Bonus: Dice does more damage. Enemies hit have reduced armor for 4 seconds.

Cooldown:18/17/16/15/14 seconds

Explanation: I love this skill, its like a free double dash if you can hit an enemy on the first hit. Deals very nice damage when maxed and the armor shredding is too underrated.%35 armor penetraion for 4 second is way too much and OP. We already have lots of APenet, its like we can deal true damage to the enemy. Combined with Cull the Meek, makes you farm like crazy. Here is a map that shows the walls you can jump over with Slice and DiceAnd this the map of the walls that you can jump over with Slice and Dice for twisted treeline


Renekton surrounds himself with dark energies for 15 seconds, gaining health. While active, he deals magic damage to nearby enemies and gains 5 fury per second.

Cooldown:120 seconds

Explanation:An awesome ultimate with incredible bonus health and AOE damage. Even if we take out 5 furypersecond, it's an awesome ultimate. Very similiar to Fury of the Sands of Nasus.(Oh and btw for the ones that don't know, Renekton and Nasus are brothers.)
Tip: Use this ultimate to bait enemy to towerdive you in early game. Right after they dive, pop it up,stun them,ignite and start hitting. They will be wordless and die easy with the turrethits. Watch the video below about how to take advantage of enemies that towerdive

Tip2:If you are low on health and there's ignite on you or Karthus have just started Requiem channel pop your ultimate to survive.
Tip3:If you are chasing an enemy with low health and if they are faster than you(which is not really possible, unless Master Yi or Dr. Mundo ), pop your ulti, it has a pretty good range for AOE dmg, which will kill enemy units.
Tip4: If you are going to do 1 2v2 fight(for example helping your jungler that has been busted, use your ultimate before you go in there to collect some fury.WARNING:Do this if you are sure the fights will now last more than 10 seconds(considering 5 second to get to the area). Don't forget the AOE damage and the bonus health. IF this trick is missused it can really cause big problems for you.

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Starting Items

Long sword + 3 potions gives you good sustain in lane and some AD for early trades. Avoiding doran items lets you rush tiamat easier. I most usually use this start. If you don't feel confident you can start dorans.
PS: Always get trinket wards for you lane.

I sometimes use this start against ap harrassers. Cloth armor would be useless and long sword wouldn't be enough for you to survive your lane. This will be usefull against enemies like Vladimir

This start is against heavy AD bullies. For example Riven, Pantheon, Gangplank etc
It gives good early game sustain and armor to block some incoming damage. IF you go with this start, get boots and Ninja Tabi early. Then go on with your star building. Just farm a lot when you start this way. You have more sustain then your enemy. Try to exchange blows and force him back to base.

There have been comments for this start, I have tried it and it sometimes actually work. But you need to get an early kill if you do this start. If you use your elixir and potions AND die, you may need to go back to your lane itemless, which will really trouble you. On the other hand, The extra and hp is great, you can bait enemies into your turret.I am still testing this though. Get elixir,4 pots.(wait a few seconds after minions spawm for the 4th pot)

I personally don't recommend this as a start. Yes you do have some extra hp,ad and ls but you will get harrassed and pushed out of the lane if you don't have the potions.If you really feel confident you can start with Doran's Blade but you may have a rough time if your lane opponent knows how to play.

Early game CORE

It is about 20th minute. You get tiamat,sunfire cape and Spectre's Cowl. IF you feel confident enough upgrade tiamat. Try to have a good farm until this points to have enough gold to buy these items. You are supposed to have 200 minions unless if you go to gank or get ganked and died. But try to gank your mid lane if the opponent is a tank and doesnt die.

Mid Game

Item Sequence

Tiamat 1200
Sunfire Aegis 2700
Spectre's Cowl 1250

It's about 30th minute and your inventory needs to look like this one. And feel free to buy wards anytime to help your team with some extra vision. Your AOE damage at the moment is incredible. Your role in mid game is to jump on the enemy team carries with Slice and Dice and wreck them down. Make sure the enemy carries die before yours does.

Late Game

Item Sequence

Ravenous Hydra 3300
Sunfire Aegis 2700
Spirit Visage 2900
Black Cleaver 3000

Now its about 40 th minute and you are finishing up with your build. Just trying to figure out what last item shall be. You are still to take down the enemy carries. But at the same time you deal massive AOE damage with Sunfire Aegis, Ravenous Hydra and Dominus.Second role is to tank the enemy damage and make sure they don't hurt your carries.

Situational items

I checked the whole item list and here I will state any other item you can buy and replace in our standard build. Any other item than here is not a good choice.(In alphabetic order)

I dont really recommend this item but it can be bought if the enemy has an fed ap carry. The extra life it provides is really good. Replace with Spirit Visage
I don't recommend these boots because most of our damage is from our abilities and this attack speed is unnecessary.

If your team has absolutely no tanks and if it your job to tank in the teamfights you can get this item. Despite you waste some gold on that mana the item is worth it. 99 armor is really troublesome for the enemy ad carry and %20 cdr is exactly what renekton needs. Replace it with Spirit Visage assuming they have no good AP carry.. Your team must do the damaging.

Guardian Angel is so awesome that it can be used on almost every hero in LOL. Resurrection from death is the thing that can turn around a teamfight and also can make people startled and waste some skills while you are dying. Get it as last item

This is one of the 3 boots I recommend which are Mercury's Treads, Ninja Tabi and of course Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The %15 cdr works very well with renekton. The more cdr means more health/stun/mobility. You can consider it if you have enough tankyness in your team.
If the enemy team has too much tank and heroes like Malphite or Rammus you can consider this item instead of Atma's Impaler. Even though you lose some tankyness and crit chance, %35 armor penetration is not to be underestimated. It combines with the %8 from Weapon Expertise to a total of %40.2 which is enough to kill a high armor champion.

To be honest I never tried item. The reason for that is that I never had a team that I had to deal so much dmg. This is usually a AD carry item which we don't take for renekton. The %12 ms is good but it doesn't provide survivability. Take it only if you have a team like jungler Rammus, mid Gragas ad Urgot and support Alistar replace it with Black Cleaver

This item can turn around games. The debuff removing can be very effective against some teams. For example Children of the Grave of Mordekaiser can be removed using this item which leaves Mordekaiser very weak. Also stops channeling ultimates on you like Nether Grasp of Malzahar.

Another awesome item that provides our needs. But we don't have enough slots for this item and I don't use it frequently because it does not provide enough surviability but can be used. replace it with Black Cleaver and you will see your dmg increase up high. Buy only take it if you are offtank of the team not fulltank. And another reason we don't use Bloodthirster that frequently is because half of the stacks can be lost any second and they take too much time to build up.Also it costs a lot.

Another item that we can take according to the enemy team and their current situation. For example, The enemy jungler is Fiora or Master Yi and the ad carry is Graves or Sivir. You have to take this item. Then you can watch them kill theirselves with pleasure. With +100 armor Thornmail is the item that grants the highest armor and can stop lots of dmg from ad carrys. Take it as the last item

Trinity Force is a combination of very usefull items but this makes it very expensive(4070 gold).Moreover it doesnt provide much of a health which weakens us against the high dmg dealer ad/ap carrys. I would not recommend this item unless you have too much gold at end game and you are finished with your build. Replace with your boots. %12 ms bonus will cover up the loss from boots comnined with %4.5 from runes.

Again this is an item that we need to consider if we are going full tank. Don't take it if you are going offtank. I still think it is a bit of a waste.

Another good item that we can use if the enemy has an AP based team like Ezreal as ad, any ap mid, Lux support and Fiddlesticks jungler. The on-hit stacks combines with Ruthless Predator like Black Cleaver does and gives us extra MR for each hit up to 4 (which we already instantly deal with 3 hits from Ruthless Predator with more than 50 fury.)
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Core item explained

This is the most important part of my guide. I will explain why we get our core items.


In the current reason, tiamat is great for Renekton. Apart from the aoe damage and the ability to clear minion waves without using any precious rage, the active of tiamat cancels the animation of our Ruthless Predator so we can attack even more. Not to mention %90 of the times that you trade, you will deal %100 of the active because the target is stunned. Moreover, it is build from rejuvenation beads that we can buy early for start.

The Brutalizer

In Season 2 I wasn't recommending TBC. But with the new pathces, TBC is great for Renekton.It gives AD,CDR, passive AND stacking armor penetration. As mentioned in pros and cons, Renekton requires some cdr to be effective. Great early game items but don't get it right after tiamat because you will lack survivability.

Sunfire Cape

Sunfire is an absolute core for renekton. It works beautifully with Dominus. It gives armor, health and passive aoe for wave clearing. I usually finish it before spirit visage
WARNING: If you are zoning your opponent under their tower, and the enemy comes close to you, it will draw tower aggro.

Spirit Visage

This is my new favorite item. It gives %10 CDR which is perfect for renekton and also increased healing along with plenty of MR and health. I take it as my 4th item, but complete Spectre's Cowl early. Don't take this item if the enemy don't have any AP carry or junglers.

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Who's the enemy?

In this chapeter I will try to help you to analyze your opponent and how to counter harrass them. The hardness degree of each opponent.0-3 easy. 4-7 even matchup.8-10 hard.

Very easy lane. If you know how to play a single bit you can dominate her and gain the control of the lane and push her out of the lane.
*When she uses Twilight Shroud go inside the area with Slice and Dice , use Cull the Meek and get out with Slice and Dice. Continue harrassing after the duration of Twilight Shroud ends or when she gets out of the area.
*be careful in Twilight Shroud because it gives akali bonus armor and MR.
*Carry a pink ward in your inventory.Dont let the easy kill away.
*She will harrass you with Mark of the Assassin, dont stay close to her and don't let her proc it.

Its really hard to counter chogath. He has incredible sustain like you do and deals massive true damage with his low cooldown ultimate. If you get caught in his stun+silence combo you are pretty much doomed.
*Try to predict his moves, try to escape from his stun and silence using Slice and Dice. The stun and silence is aoe so he can't target it to you.
*Don't try to harrass him, he will regenrate it right back.Just farm and farm
*Call for ganks from your jungler for a kill or to force him to base.
*You can push a little bit, then go and gank your mid lane.

*I've faced Darius so many times... He is a bruiser like you. Try to keep distance to him and don't get hit by Decimate.
*While harrassing him be quick.Do the stand harrass and use your fury on Ruthless Predator to have a long stun. Just slice in, stun, cull the meek, and out.Don't waste time or he will deal massive damage to a close enemy.

*While farming stay behind the minions to evade Infected Bonesaws.
*while facing 1v1 always slice and dice through him fastly, so you can make him waste some cleavers.Save your ignite for his ultimate.The healing on him during ultimate is extremely hard to counter if you don't have healing reduction

*Very easy to counter if you can time your stun. If you stun her right after he activates her Burst of Speed she can't do anything.
*your skills don't activate her Riposte, just your basic attack does. So when you go in to harrass combo, if she activates Riposte, dont basic attack. just use Ruthless Predator and cull of meek then get out.
*When she casts his ultimate Blade Waltz, if you your slice and dice on cooldown, try to dive your own turret and use flash if necessary. She will end up next to you in the end of duration. So you can stun her next to turret and take the aid of your turret.

Gangplank is really a tough one. He harrasses like mad, stops your combo by revomibg your stun with Remove Scurvy. I really don't recommend going in a lane against him. A good gangplank player can dominate a lane over any renekton player.It is basically one of your biggest counters.
*Don't stay in his area of Cannon Barrage if you don't have your hexdrinker yet, it will deal massive damage because of the lowness of magic resist early game.
*you may start Cloth Armor 5 pots if you are a beginner with Renekton because you will be harrassed.

I've faced Garen a lot and lost most of the times. Like gp, he doesnt get harrassed. If he does get harrassed, he regenrates it very quickly.I don't recommend going against him.
*rush your Chain Vest.It will greatly decrease damage you are dealt.Most probably Garen will have armorpenetraion runes and also a The Brutalizer
*before getting silenced try to press w, so you can stun him because if he uses Judgment while you are silenced you have no choice but to take all the damage.

Irelia is easy to control if you know how to play Renekton. She will just jump around the minions for last hits, in which she will be targeted by our free hits of Cull the Meek.
*Haste during your harrass combo, right after the stuns ends, she will stun you( because most probably you will have more %hp than him) and with a basic attack you will be a bit low.
*evade Transcendent Blades with your Slice and Dice, they go in a direction so you can evade them easily.Also while facing 1v1, pass through her to evade some blades with Slice and Dice

In the first 10-15 minutes you will dominate him. If you let him farm he will take you down after 20th minute. equally fed, items Jax> Renekton.
*Don't let him farm, call for constant ganks. If you can control Jax early, he will not be a problem later
*during 1v1 fights in lane, save your Slice and Dice for his stun.use it right before the maximum duration of 2 seconds. most of the players wait until the end and dont react the ability. so you can actually evade the stun range.

Even though Malphite is a good tank, we can actually kill him after we take phage.
*use your fury on slice and dice because he was tooo much armor.
*try to evade his ultimate unstopabble force my moving constantly in the fighting area.Do unpredictable movement with Slice and Dice.
don't harrass him, collect your fury(100) and attack at once, his passive grants a shield that is %10 his health every 10 seconds. If you waste your fury at this you will just be breaking down a shield that charges very fast.

In lane morde is very very easy. Just harrass him all the time and he is useless.
*grab an early Quicksilver Sash to disable his ultimate.
* Slice and Dice through him when you understand he will use his Siphon of Destruction and he will deal no damage and lose the health cost for nothing.
*be sure to ward your lane because the jungler will come a lot to help him.

And here is our brother, Nasus. I don't know who is the older brother but nasus is an easy lane for renekton. Call your jungler for an early gank and kill him once, then push out of the lane. He needs to Qfarm. Don't let him do that and he will be useless late game.
*The only thing you have to worry about his ultimate, Fury of the Sands. Don't underestimate it. He deals you massive damage based on your maximum health(which we have a lot) and converts into AD. Beware, i repeat, don't underestimate that ultimate.

Nidalee can be a pain in the a** if you cant evade his spears. Move around and don't give her free shots of spears.Use Slice and Dice to evade spears.
*She will set traps of Bushwhack the river bush. Go there as frequent as you can to eliminate the traps and make sure she doesn't see your jungler coming.
*Exchange blows when she is in panther form, you will take her down if you are equally fed. Renekton skill combo damage > Nidalee skill combo damage. but don't attack if she frequently healed himself. That AS bonus is not to messed with.

This little viking is not that hard but not that easy too.We can say we are a bit better than olaf in lane.
*Just make sure you don't get axes in the lane. If you push him out of the lane he will start farming with Undertow and will hit you too. just stay away from minions while you harrass him.
*Just go back when he uses Tough It Out. Going 1v1 while that skill is on is not wise. wait until the duration ends.
*concentrate on farming against olaf. He can heal back your harrass with Tough It Out combined with basic attacks and Undertow.

don't...go...against...pantheon. really just don't. you stand no chance. %100 counter. played against him 3 times all lost.just don't.

Riven is a fair matchup. Can be hard if you can't keep up with her harrass with your sustain. Don't get on low hp, her burst damage can tear you up. if you are low go back to your base.
*evade her Broken Wings combo with your mobility and Slice and Dice

A fairly hard laner. If you can't dominate him early game he will not let you farm. so make sure you get an early gank or you will be useless late game.
*Don't ever chase singed. He will slowly kill you with his poison. And also don't get near his turret he can Fling you right back, even if you use Slice and Dice to get out you will be dealt insane damage.

It's an easy lane. As riot announced, Teemo is the champion that dies the most. And most of the teemos tries to blind renekton when he comes to do the skill combo which affects nothing.Harrass him as much as you can. He will fell out of the lane.
*DO buy pink wards. They will save your life and enable ganks. just place it in the river bush, and a second one (if you have enough gold) in the tribush at top.

WW is a really hard lane. No matter how much you harrass him he just regains it with his Hungering Strike. Nothing much you can do 1v1. Just attack him while your jungler ganks and keep on farming.
*Make sure your Dominus is on when he uses his Infinite Duress on you so he will get dealth dmg from your aoe and you will restore some fury.
*try to ignite him before he uses his ultimate to stop the epic healing
*His skills are all AP damage so you can get a Quicksilver Sash. It also gives MR to lower some damage from his skills.(also considering enemy WW will most probably take Wit's End.

Another easy lane. you don't have to hesiate to use your skills. Even if he uses Warrior Trickster. Don't run away when he casts his ultimate Cyclone, you also pop your ulti and you will deal more damage than he will in lane.His ulti is for team fights not 1v1.just continue hittinh and you will see his hp bar go to zero.
*If Wukong uses Warrior Trickster while the chase, Slice and Dice through the immobile clone, and get closer to the real one. It is actually a help for him to decoy.

Unlike other tanks, Yorick is very easy to play against. The main reason is that when he sends his ghouls on you, don't run away, attack them. FREE FURY without pushing the lane. Exactly what you need. and during 1v1 fights all of his ghouls team up next to you and die to the AOE damage of Dominus and Cull the Meek aoe dmg. don't hesitate to attack him. But i would suggest a very fast hexdrinker to counter him %100 percent.
*Another tip if you don't know. If you run to sidebushed, his ghouls won't follow you, instead they will attack minions.
*you can use the ghouls as a hit to double cast Slice and Dice

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My scores with Renekton

Here are my scores with renekton in ranked games. The games were on 20-25th of june 2012 so they are not my best scores.I would love to post your score with Renekton using my guide. Just send me or comment the screenshot and I will put them here.

Here are my latest games. The moral of the defeat is that:
sometimes, no matter how good you play, your team can feed a lot and make you lose. Keep calm and win your lane, you will eventually win most of your games.

Here are five games i played in the Turkey Server with my friend's account. They are ranked team games.

I tried jungle with Renekton and I must say, it is great. I played 4 games one after another all jungle renekton and won all.

Goldschuss's games

Here's a video of Goldschuss taking an almost penta, last kill stolen by Heimerdinger.

And here's a video Goldchuss surviving a 5v2 towerdive with low hp and killing 3 of them.

Chzxp62's game

KuroiTor's games

justStaxx's game

Sebs's game

Mr.Dizzy's games

Mateodoktor' game and pentakill

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Credits and Last words.

-I can't thank enough to jhoijhoi. There was no way for me to create this if it wasn't for ther and her guide on how to make a guide which you can find here.The Line dividers are also her work.
- Visit this page to be a better player. They taught me a lot.
-Also my thanks go to IceCreamy for his guide to how to use columns which you can findhere
-Also i want to thank Voyboy that has a guide on Renekton on The map used above is his not mine.
-Also the graves guide of Robo Ninja Monkey was like a sample build for me and I tried to use his format but I guess I was not that succesfull.
-This is my first time making a guide(and also first time using any kinda coding), please let me know in the discussion if I have any grammar/spelling/coding mistakes that I lookedthrough. English is not my Native, I tried my best.
-Lastly I want to thank every that has upvoted my guide and/or commented.
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7/7/2012 guide published
18/7/2012 added another video that shows how to take advantage of greedy enemies that dive Renekton.
9/10/12 added the map of the walls that you can jump over with Slice and Dice.
7/12/12 Updated the masteries and their explanations after the season 3 changes.
8/1/13 Updated item selection,Replaced Youmuu's Ghostblade with Black Cleaver due to S3 updates. Also updated the Purchase Order menu with the new tools.
9/1/13 Added a new video. Also removed Force of Nature from the item selection because it has been removed
17/1/13 Changed masteries and fixed some mistakes. I want to Creedless for pointing out the mistakes
18/1/13 Fixed a few grammatical errors and minor changes from S2. Also added a new SS
15/2/13 Added new screenshots
28/2/13 Added new alternate starting items that came out with S3.
4/3/13 Upgraded cheat sheet and made it clear what to buy first by making a new section. Also added the new alternate start to the cheat sheet.
29/4/13 Added a little part to the runes(cdr glyph)for more experienced players. I also want to thank my friend Goldschuss for his contributions to this guide.
1/5/13 Rearranged the new elixir start due to the increase of elixir cost in the new patch. Now the start is eliixir and 4 pots
24/5/13 added a new SS. It was a great game, I will try to get the replay from my friend. Lots of valuable videos are stuck there, I forgot to record this game
3/12/13 Season 4 update. I just had the time for it. More for Who's the enemy will be coming along with explained masteries.
I will update whenever a patch comes that effects Renekton.
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