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Sejuani Build Guide by Badger01

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badger01

Sejuani; Brazen Boar - Comprehensive Jungle Guide (patch 5.5

Badger01 Last updated on April 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

Threats to Sejuani with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Miss Fortune As ADCs go, Miss Fortune is hardly meta at the moment, but Sejuani is very strong pick against her. She has no escapes other than movement speed, which she loses once you've hit her. She is one champion that I would advise using Q as soon as you're in range, because even if she does flash you can still slow her, best to remove her move speed bonus as soon as possible. Also you can interrupt her ultimate.
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Sejuani was, untill recently, a very underplayed champion. The introduction of enchantment - cinderhulk has been a blessing for many of the tank junglers that have been left out in the cold for so long and non benefit from this new item more than Sejuani.

Different Builds and Pros / Cons

Through out the game she can play the role of a formidable tank who can dish out constant, multi-champion CC and damage. There are two ways to build Sejuani;

One is as a full tank, whose job it is to take damage and apply CC. In this role, it's your job to to get right in to the middle of the enemy team, causing as much disruption and damage to as many champions as possible. This involves building all the big tank items you can and maxing CDR.

The second is as an off tank, magic-damage dealer. You will still be takier than most, but you'll be dealing well above average damge for someone so tanky and you can burst squishy targets who don't respect your damage. For this build, you will still build mostly tank items, with a smattering of AP/Magic pen. Oh yeah, and as her base damage is so good, still max CDR.


+ Damage scales with health, so more tank = more damage!
+ Decent AOE magic damage for such a strong tanky build
+ Strong crowd control (AOE ranged stun)
+ Dash ability, good for engaging and escapes
+ Two interrupts for your pesky Katarinas


- No natural sustain
- Pretty slow clear time
- Mana hungry at low levels
- Susceptible to counter junglers
- Fighters dominate the current jungle

N.B: Several abbreviations and shorthand are used in this guide which, although known to most LoL (League of Legends) players, may be unfamiliar to newer ones. For your convenience, these are explained in a glossary at the end of this guide. For any others I have neglected to include myself, you can always use this link to try and figure out what other players are talking about.

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Summoner Spells

This is a mandatory summoner spell on all junglers. It doesn't matter if you're Shaco and you can take out all the camps with Jack In The Boxs, you need this. It vastly improves clear times, which is especially important on low damage, no sustain tanky junglers like Sejuani. Without Smite, Sejuani would have such a long clear time and take so much damage doing it, she would be unviable.

The second reason, but most important, is it helps secure objectives such as dragon and baron . The true damage it can instantly deal to monsters is always going to be more than any single spell ulti/fed what ever that anyone else on your team or theirs at pretty much every stage in the game. This can make the difference between a bucket full of gold for your team or handing the opposing team dragon on a silver platter.

Reason three, with how difficult season 5 jungle is, most champions can't even survive in the jungle any more with out the benefits smite brings. Also the buffs you get from monsters such as the raptors (ward clearing) is so strong, you can't afford not to use them.

All champions, no matter their role, need at least one movement enhancing spell, either ghost flash. Personally I take flash on all champions bar a select few, as do most other people. This is mainly because it can change the situation instantly, weather its dodging a potentially fatal skill shot, escaping over a wall, flash -> point-blank ulti for an (almost) unmissable stun, or flashing for that last AA that will finish off a champion. The true strength of this spell is that it can be used both offensively and defensively in almost any situation.

Ghost on the other hand is more of a steady burn, buffing you over 10 seconds. Unfortunately for you the window of opportunity in a ganking situation is more like a few seconds. If you can engage and CC the enemy laner within about 3 seconds of you becoming visible to them, they've probably escaped and you're left running around in very fast circles for another 7 seconds. This is also before mentioning that movement speed can easily be debuffed by so many different spells.

There are however a few champions that can draw more benefit from this than flash. Champions that rely on staying right next to enemy champs to deal damage, or are highly AA reliant such as Udyr or Hecarim, for whom this is also an AD buff.

Viable in lane, not on junglers. All junglers need smite and a movement spell. The only possible exceptions being if you plan on playing Shaco or Rengar and camping in the enemy buff for a lvl 2 first blood, you may get that, but more often than not, it will be detrimental in the long run. In short, don't bother.

ETC, same as Ignite but even less useful for a jungler. This spell is for shutting down an enemies damage for a few seconds more than a simple slow.

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9 - 21 - 0

Sejuani is primarily a tank, however she can dish out a fair amount of damage. The only problem is you need to be able to stay alive as you deal it over an extended period of time (~4 sec 'burst'). This is why we go heavy into the defensive tree. Feel free to change around a few of the points, but some points you'll really want to keep.

Recommended Defensive Points

  • Tough Skin > Block As you'll be taking a lost more damage from monsters than champions.
  • Enchanted Armor > Recovery As we build a LOT of armour and MR, this will make a significant difference in mid-late game. Also Ranger's Trailblazer heals for a significant amount, which combined with a few Health Potions should keep you sustained through most of the game.
  • Veteran Scars + Juggernaut Because tanks need health and your damage even scales well from it. I don't think there are many champions I wouldn't take these masteries on.
  • Hardiness To help mitigate as much damage from jungle monsters as possible.
  • Reinforced Armor You may as well take it and it will make a significant difference against ADCs late game.
  • Swiftness Well you don't want to be slowed down on your way to a gank do you? Combine this with your Frost Armor, and that's 20-35% less slows, not even counting Tenacity .
  • Legendary Guardian Possibly not always the best option for 4 whole points, but I think it works well with Sejuani. She works best right in the middle of the enemy team, swinging her frozen flail, slowing, knocking up and generally disrupting the enemy team.
  • Resistance + Evasive It's down to personal preference whether you put the full 4 points into these, or just 2 and the other 2 in to Legendary Guardian . Personally I think the +2AR +1MR per enemy champion is better than just +1.5MR and the 4% AOE damage reduction. But as I said, both are good for points, down to personal preference and enemy team comp'.
  • Tenacious Tenacity is something you really can't neglect. If you take Mercury's Treads as well, they will stack making this an excellent final point.

Less Good Options

  • Perseverance Sejuani does struggle in the early jungle as the camps are now more powerful than ever. However, this mastery only really comes into play mid/late game when sustain is no longer a problem. The passive regen; and smite bonus from Ranger's Trailblazer will be enough to keep you healthy, as your high armour build will mean you take much less damage any way. I personally take the resistances over this, as Second Wind is really not useful. That said, perseverance does give a fair amount of sustain mid/late game, and is viable if you're against a heavy poke team, of you think you'll buy Warmog's Armor.
    e.g. If your total hp is 3K and you're at half health, that's 15hp/5 which isn't bad going.
    So worth considering against a heavy poke team.
  • Second Wind Even if you do take 3 points in Perseverance , this is a waste for such a high tier mastery point as Sejuani has no innate healing, other than passive regeneration. Second wind is only good on people like Warwick who have huge sustain. In his case this mastery can help one Hungering Strike heal for a big portion of his health. However, on Sejuani, having 10% greater hp/5 just before you die isn't going to help at all.
  • Runic Blessing Completely useless point if you ask me. Sure in lane, 50 HP might help you win an initial trade, and get the upper hand/first blood, but even in lane it' a waste if you ask me. But as a jungler, you're going to lose this from the first hit you take from a monster.
  • Oppression Not a bad mastery to be honest, but the bonus armour and MR are better in my opinion, and chances are, enemy champions won't be damaging you whilst they're slowed, they'll be running away. Remember that the slow only lasts for 1.5 seconds at a time, which is a fairly short window, where as resistances are at all times.

Recommended Offensive Points

  • Sorcery > Fury As the vast majority of your damage, both farming and ganking, comes from abilities, you're going to want to activate them as often as you can to maximise both your damage, and your CC. However this 5% CDR can be easily wasted if you're not careful. Having 35% CDR rather than 30% is defiantly better than a bit of attack speed, but you don't want to have the full 40% from items, and this to count for nothing. So if you will max out CDR from items, the attack speed is still very useful for clear the jungle. (see the bottom of the 'Items' section for more details on maxing CDR)
  • Arcane Mastery > Martial Mastery As a primary magic dealer, this is the best rout to go down, if you want to consider the AD option, read below.
  • Expose Weakness Sejuani is best in the middle of a fight, swinging her flail at any one she can reach, slowing, damaging and generally causing a ruckus. As you have a lot of area effect potential, you are going to be marking enemies with this frequently. 1% damage might not seem like much, but as you shouldn't be fighting alone any way, it's very good for a single point.

AD vs AP in the offensive tree.

In the jungle, the number of auto attacks you need to destroy camps can make AD masteries useful for clear speed, as it can be the difference between having to hit a creep 4 extra times before it dies rather than 5 (and so taking less damage). Also, due to your very strong slow, you can get a good number of auto attack in during ganks as well. Consider the AD tree if you have taken attack speed runes for clear speed and are planning on going full tank.

All of Sejuani's abilities scale with AP, a full combo of all your abilities will give a good 230% scaling, +3% per 100AP on W. Although it's only a small amount of AP, it does make a noticeable distance to your damage in early ganks. If you're taking magic pen' and/or AP runes, this extra AP will compliment it nicely.

0 - 21 - 9

I'm not as much of a fan of this masteries rout on Sejuani as the only thing you're really aiming for is Runic Affinity extending buff duration. This doesn't tend to be very useful has you'll give away you're blue to mid most of the time and you're less likely to steal the other teams because you're not an invader. You also don't need red buff for the slow as your CC is already very strong. That said, 0 - 21 - 9 is still a very viable rout.

Recommended Points

  • Fleet of Foot Very useful for a jungler, faster movement from camp to camp, into lanes and chasing. Equivalent to an extra Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed.
  • Phasewalker If you find yourself having to recall in the middle of the enemy's jungle, you may be thankful of the 1 second saved as you teleport away just as someone is about to check the bush you were literally just in.
  • Summoner's Insight Probably the best place to put your 3 points. As a slow jungler, having Smite up much more often is very nice and this will save you 30 seconds on Flash.
  • Runic Affinity Still a decent 4th point as having your red buff still up for a lv4 gank can be very useful.
  • Alchemist Sejuani has a tough time particularly in early jungle. The extra potent Health Potions could let you clear a couple more camps that usual, or survive an encounter you might otherwise not have.

Less Recommended

  • Scout Small increase in trinket range is not particularly useful. The only time I can see it as good is reducing risk when ward checking a bush by not having to get too close. But as the jungler, you are the danger people are warding against. Good for supports, but less so for you.
  • Meditation Sustaining your health in the jungle is generally more of a problem than mana, especially as Flail of the Northern Winds actually gets cheaper with level. Ranger's Trailblazer passive regen' an smite buff should give you enough mana, so you don't really need the extra 2 mp5.

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Most rune types have two viable options, with the best option first. Bear in mind that which one is the best option depends on the situation you're facing. I'll try and explain why I've chosen each of these before, so you can pick the best ones for your self in champion select.


These tend to be my preferred choice. Sejuani's abilities have a decent base damage and W scales with health. This means you can build like a tank but still do decent damage right up until the late game. I'd pick these if you're against a similar jungler, unlikely to invade e.g. Nautilus.

Common on a lot of jungler. Sejuani is fairly slow at clearing jungle camps, which also makes her vulnerable to invasions. If you see Lee Sin or Xin Zhao on the other team, pick these up. The faster you can clear the faster you can get out. They're also good if you are intending on building for a high cdr tank, and less of a damage dealer.


No other option. Even though they have been nerfed recently, if you don't take them, the jungle camps will destroy you before you've even made one full clear. As if that wasn't a good enough reason, Sejuani is very susceptible to jungle invaders (Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Udyr etc) the vast majority of which are physical damage dealers. So if you don't take it to protect against jungle monsters, take it to protect against them.

These did get a buff recently, but I still can't recommend these, especially not on Sejuani. Due to her slow clear speed, you're going to have a hard enough time in the first few levels as it is. On a jungler with better sustain, these might be viable, but avoid scaling, choose flat seals.


OK, these are my preferred glyphs on virtually every champion I play, I rarely take any others. MR per level trumps flat MR as a jungler. The reason many people pick flats is because they're taking magic damage as soon as they step into lane and they want to have the best early game advantage. As a jungler, these are only useful by the time you go in to gank, and by level 8 they'll give you more MR in total anyway.

The only other one I'd really recommend. Perfectly fine if you already have these and don't want to buy a whole new set of scaling MR.

Whilst I can't say I recommend these, if you want to try a full AP build, go ahead; but save the ham builds for normal games.


As a jungler, speed is important. For getting from camp to camp quickly, when going in to gank, and dodging skill shots when Lee Sin shows up to try and kill you in your own jungle. Take these, especially if you're not buying boots of Speed/Mobility.

Although we don't really build much AP, +15 AP can really help you in early game ganks to secure kills. Take this if the enemy team is either:
a) Poor mobility; you can sacrifice the movement speed for some damage if they're unlikely to be able to get away from you.
b) A 'Late game team'; Enemy team full of late game hyper carries? You want to shut them down early game and end the match quickly.
c) Enemy team has limited CC; If Mercury's Treads aren't a necessary buy, you can go for Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness to get your movement speed, which leaves you free to go for a bit of extra damage in the quins.

Due to the buff these have had recently, they are a good option on many junglers, particularly those with low clear speeds. Starting at ancient Krug, these will help apply the stun more often, giving you an even easier clear. I can't heartily recommend them however, as attack speed does little to aid Sejuani in ganking, which is of course what you're best at. So unless you don't have any other viable quints, I'd stick with one of the above two and mid game, you have enough damage to clear the jungle effectively without them.

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Almost all types of boots are viable on Sejuani so they get there own little section. Depending on which one you pick effects the rest of your build and how you play, so consider the advantages of each and choose carefully based on each situation.

I prefer these because they're cheap, so you can build them early, and the early armour is good for mitigating monster damage. Don't forget the passive which is especially good against a heavy AA reliant team. Unless the whole of the enemy team is a magic damage dealer, get these. As the ADC (and other sustain damage dealers) are the biggest threat to your existence, the amount of damage they can mitigate from them really is worth it. Unfortunately it doesn't mitigate on-hit effects like BoTRK, but it will help against empower AAs like Spinning Axe and Tumble.

These are s a higher risk option; if you think you're tanky enough without ninja tabi boots, this can be used as an offensive option. Just be careful not to burn too much mana fighting jungle monsters. Also don't over do the CDR, remember there's a 40% cap. If you took the Sorcery mastery, these boots will enable you to reach the 40% cap exactly without wasting any. (For more info on CDR, see the bottom of the 'Items' chapter)

Tenacity is vital to negate some of the many CCs you will be tanking for your team. Although you have a sort of tenacity build into your passive, it only affects slows. So again, look at the enemy team. If they have mostly soft CC (slows), e.g. Olaf/ Gangplank, you can probably do without these. However if they have AP top, mid and even jungle, with lots of hard CC (stuns, snares) e.g. Amumu, Elise, then do take them. If they're reliant reliant on strong, heavy slows e.g. Nasus, Lulu, then take Boots of Swiftness.
N.B: Tenacity will effect slow, stuns and snares but will have no effect on knock ups.
Tenacity will not stack with other items with the same passive.

Classic jungle choice for roaming. These tend to be vital on junglers with limited CC, allowing them to simple walk (very quickly) into a gank to start dealing damage, saving their abilities for when the enemy flashes. However, Sejuani is not short of CC by any means and on top of that, she also has a dash to get in position. If you're facing a particularly mobile champion with lots dash and disengage abilities, you will want to save your Q and perhaps compensate with these. Overall, not a bada good choice against the right opponents, they are however less useful than Boots of Swiftness in team fights as you lose the bonus movement speed.

I used to get these quite often as I like that (unlike boots of mobility) you didn't lose the movement speed bonus during a fight and chase. For example you can reposition faster during a team fight if you need to react to a threat to one of your carries. Whether or not you get these really depends on how many slows the enemy team has. If it's lots, then these are obviously a good choice.

These sort of go in the same basket as Ionian Boots of Lucidity as a risky damage item. Whilst it is good to max magic pen and rely on health and base damage, I think that Ionian Boots offer a much better deal that these. First of all, they're slightly cheaper and second they have the words 'Don't panic' inscr- I mean you get overall more damage. If you can pop your spells twice when you would otherwise only be able to do it just once, you will do more damage (and apply more CC) than with a bit more magic pen. Further more, you should be laying down the CC for your team to do the damage, by which way, Ionians win out again.
TLDR: Ionian Boots of Lucidity > Sorcerer's Shoes (with out lots of AP)

It felt a little unfair to cover all boots but one, so here it goes.
Just no. You want attack speed? take it in the marks. All the other boots offer you much more than these do.

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Balancing your Defenses

For Sejuani, health is king. Dealing good base damage and with lots of CC, you want to be surviving for as long as possible in fights to caust maximum disruption. Even if you're looking to improve your offensive capabilities, try to aim for the ones that give some HP too. As a tank, you need to have the highest 'effective health' you can. This means taking resistances into acount.

With your defenses, you need to strike the right balance between health and armour (or MR). Too much on the side of HP, and anyone who deals %health damage will eat you alive, literally if they have life steal , you'll be like a walking Health Potion to them. However, lots of armour with out any health, and you still won't last long. Remember, the effectiveness of resistances diminishes the higher they go.

E.g. 50 armour will reduce damage taken by 33%, but doubling your armour to 100, does not double the reduction, it's only 50% (not 66%). Check out the graph below.
Spoiler: Click to view

There are a lot of items that work well with Sejuani's play style, the particular benefits of each are detailed here. If you want to know which items work best together against a particular team, check out the next chapter on 'Adaptive items build'.

Suggested Items

This is your bread and butter item and unlike previous jungle items, still viable late game. It's passive provides an extra 25% bonus HP, which by late game, is likely to be around another 380 HP. This means more tankyness, and more damage. The passive of this item also synergised well with Flail of the Northern Winds providing more AOE magic damage through out the fight. The passive working in much the same was as that of Sunfire Cape, but is initially lower ramping up to be higher after a few seconds. Note that the passive of this and Sunfire cape are unique, and there for do not stack.

Haunting GuiseThis is an excellent mid game item for Sejuani. As a fair portion of her damage scales with hp, the best option is just to build tanky with good magic pen. Make sure you have enough defence though before you buy this, I would say Giant's Belt, Chain Vest and Null-Magic Mantle at a minimum.

This is more of a late game item that lets you do significant damage to other tanks. Constant damage from W will continuously refresh the debuff and E's slow will double its damage every few seconds. Whilst Haunting Guise is good to rush early, the rest of this item is a big investment. Save it for the late game once people have started stacking some serious health.

This item is great for dealing with top lane brusers late game. If however the majority if the team are squishy assassins, mages e.t.c, the passive becomes less effective, and the magic pen will count for less. In this case you may wish to get something that just gives you more raw AP which you can use to help burst them down quickly.

Around the mid lane, once you've maxed W with a few points in E, Sejuani has incredible pushing power. If there's no one else in the lane, you can very quickly shunt it to the tower, and maybe even take it down if you have appropriate ward coverage. The problem is, Sejuani has very little sustain outside the jungle, as Ranger's Trailblazer only works on jungle monsters.

To make up for this I take Spirit Visage as this will be constantly pumping out health. It doubles your base health regen and then increases it by 20% again, so you can keep your help topped up with out having to fight jungle monsters all the time, e.g. when you're waiting in a bush for the ideal time to gank.

It's always a tough decision as to weather to go for Banshee's Veil or Spirit Visage as my main MR item. Fortunately Spectre's Cowl in a good base item which you can sit on for a while before you decide. Although this gives you a but more health than Visage, the lack of sustain is noticeable.

When choosing weather to take this or not, consider if any major threats on the enemy team are heavily reliant on a single spell to pull of much of their damage. E.g. blocking one of LeBlanc's abilities can cause her a lot of frustration, or blocking Ahri's Charm is very useful. However, against some one like Karthus who can throw out a spell every other second, this item loses a lot of its value.

Even if you take Spirit Visage for most of the game, swap if for Banshee's Vale in the very late game where you have a full build and nothing else to spend money on. At this stage, games are often won/lost on a single team fight, and the spell shield and slight increase in health will be more useful than the sustain Visage provides.

If the enemy APC gets fed early, this can be a useful replacement to Liandry's Torment, in that it provides offensive stats in to form of AP and magic penetration, and makes you harder to burst down. Don't forget that your APC will also benefit from the magic penetration if they're near by, making mid ganks more likely to succeed. Obviously not worth it if your own team (or indeed theirs) is all AD however.

This wasn't originally in my build but it has recently received a buff. It does, after all, have all the sort of stats you want; health and AP. But of course it's the passive for which you buy this item. With the amount of CC Sejuani has, I think this item is not the best option, you're probably better of maxing CDR to prock your abilities more often. All of your abilities are also AOE, so will only apply the a 15% slow rather than the full 35%.

If the enemy are building little/no MR or health, this functions as a good replacement for Liandry's Torment. Also, if your team is already very tank, and you aren't the main meat shield for your team, you can stack this with Liandry's Torment to more consistently prock the 'double damage' of its passive, but consider carefully which item you drop to have both.

You might ask why this item isn't in the core items, or atleast the 'viable' ones. Whilst this item isn't technically un-viable, all it gives you is health, a big chunk of it. "But I thought we were building tanky!" We are, however, with all the life steal, spell vamp and % health damage around (BotRK is very popular atm), hp is nothing if you don't have the resistances to back it up. As all our items (except boots) give us health anyway, you will be tanky enough without this item, and with enough resistances to not just be a free walking health pot for any adc with life steal and some decent damage.

One situation in which I could recommend it is against a heavy poke team, and I mean heavy, like Nidalee, Caitlyn, Corki, Vel'Koz, Ezreal etc. This is because it's passive allows you to heal up quickly if you can avoid being hit for a few seconds.

Whilst this is a was a great item on Sejuani, Health + armour + AOE magic damage, it is no longer viable. This is because enchantment - cinderhulk now has the same unique passive (but with slightly more damage). This makes Sunfire Cape useless unless you're going for the enchantment - magnus, in which case you probably build AP heavy and so won't survive long enough for Sunfire Cape to do much damage either. So basically, we now have Sunfire cape every game in our jungle item. In the unlikely event they make the passives non unique, they would be fairly OP.

Classic tank item. Lots of armour, lots of hp. It may have taken a nerf to the passive but is still well worth having. Remember to use the slow in team fights and chases. The only thing worse that some one escaping with pixel hp, is knowing you could have got them if you'd remembered all your active items. This is often good as your first completed item (after jungle item), if the mid laner is not too far ahead. Mid game, before you have much CDR, the slow really will make a difference in a gank.

A very situational item. This is great to build against very AD, auto attack reliant champions who deal a lot of damage, e.g. Udyr, Xin Zhao, Wukong, any ADC. Remember the damage it returns is calculated before it's reduced, so if you had enough armour they could end up doing more damage to themselves that you. Of course that would take a lot of armour (230 to be exact, excluding armour pen') and their life steal will compensate for some of it. As this gives you so much armour, this is one of a few items that can make Warmog's Armor work.

As a big armour item that gives no health, I would suggest going for either this or Frozen Heart, but not both unless their whole team is entirely AD based. To decide which to get, consider;
  • Does any one else e.g. support, already have Frozen heart (the passive's wont' stack.
  • Will you have enough cooldown reduction with out frozen heart.
  • Do their attack speed based champions rely on life steal?
For the last one, Thornmail is a good counter to life steal, as the damage it returns cancels out a lot of the health they steal anyway. But if the first two are 'no', then you should probably get frozen heart over this.

This is an item I tend to pick up on off-tank fighters as it can provide a consistent slow as well as some added burst damage. The 10% CDR could go well with Spirit Visage, with out taking you over the 40% limit. There are however a few reason I tend not to take this on Sejuani.

Firstly it deals physical damage, and so is not benefited by Greater Mark of Magic Penetration if you took those. Second, it provides no health, which you scale from very well. Third, she doesn't really need the slow. Three out of four of her abilities provide CC, this is just overkill, so you can probably get something better for the gold. Her base AD however, is respectable so if you took greater mark of hybrid penetration and you're not behind in the game, it's a fairly viable option in some situations.

I haven't had a chance to test this item much, but the stats seem reasonably good on paper. This item effectively gives you another form of initiate, like a cross between the actives of Randuin's Omen and Talisman of Ascension.

Whilst I can see this being very useful on a lot of tanky champions, initiation is not something Sejuani is lacking in. You can Q -> W -> E into a priority target to slow them, or R from a distance, or even Q -> R point blank to make sure it hits. Either way, the active is the main point of this item, and Sejuani doesn't need it. Consider if your team has very little initiation abilities.

That stats on the face of it are not as good as other magic resist items, giving the bearer only 40 MR rather than 55. This makes it unsuitable as your only MR item, requiring you to switch out another item. I would recommend this against a heavy AP team, i.e. magic dealing top, mid and jungle, or if someone like Katarina has got really fed (again). Of course, always remember to use the active shield! (because I never do).

Frozen Heart is a great item in certain situations. Whilst the mana is nice, if unnecessary, the armour and CDR are brilliant. As well as a solid defensive item, the large cooldown reduction increases you damage and utility as you use spells more frequently. Whilst I wouldn't say you have to get this every game, it is generally a very good item. Just bare in mind these two points:
Good; It's a counter ADCs, or indeed any attack speed reliant champion like Tryndamere.
Not so good; This only gives you armour. A lot of it, yes, but not health.
So although it doesn't give you any bonus health for Flail of the Northern Winds, if you can use it more frequently, it's still good for damage. Since the removal of the Juggernaut Enchantment, you're less likely to go over the 40% CDR limit, but you're not benefiting from Enchantment - Cinderhulk's bonus health multiplier. If you do intend to use this item, I suggest you buy Glacial Shroud fairly early on as it has nice stats, and sit on it until you've got the rest of your build.


This pretty much always THE trinket to get at the start of the game. Even (or perhaps especially) for the jungler, free warding is very influential. If you're against a counter jungler, you can use it to check the bush by red (assuming you started at blue) to make sure they're not camping there to try and ambush you.

Often, I tend to use them the give other laners a bit of extra protection early on, especially top, as they often have the fewest wards. What you do with your free ward at the start of the game can have big consequences into the rest of it. Just remember, don't let that ward sit there unused unless your saving it for a dragon fight e.t.c. For more on warding, see the later section.

Of course if you decide to keep the warding trinket, upgrade it as soon as you hit lv9 and it is practical to do so. For just 250g, it lets you store two wards, halves the cool down and increases their duration by 50%. It's sort of like a regenerating Sightstone and is incredibly gold efficient.

At least one or more people in your team should have one of these. Your support should get one as soon as they have a Sightstone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get one too! As many parts of the new jungle help provide you with vision, you can drop the yellow trinket fairly early for the red one. However, as the bird camp gives such a great ward sweeper, it's really swings and roundabouts as to which one you pick.

As a roaming champion, you are in the best position to clear out wards you or your team see placed. Of course, you can always just blind check the obvious warding locations (see below), just make sure you have time to clear out anything you do find.

Pro tip; before you recall to sell your warding totem, make sure you place a ward with it. As trinkets go on cooldown as soon as you buy them, you might as well have one more ward out there whilst the new item counts down.

Balancing Cooldown Reduction

As I've alluded to so far, to maintain consistent and high damage, you need to get as close to 40% CDR (the maximum allowed) without over shooting and thereby reducing the efficiency of your build (equivalent of wasting gold). What items you buy may well depend on your mastery tree. Lets just remind ourselves of all the (viable) sources of CDR for Sejuani;

So, in order not to waste any, you're looking at either 35% or 40% CDR in total by late game. As Flail of the Northern Winds lasts for 4 seconds any way, this means it will be pretty much constantly up.

As the newest jungle enchantment Cinderhulk no longer provides CDR as a stat, this makes if much less likely you'll go over the 40% maximum on items alone. Whilst the 5% from Sorcery does help those long cool downs early game, you still don't want to waste it. So when deciding whether to take this mastery or Fury , consider your options.

With sorcery, a standard build will generally give you 35% total,
e.g. = 35%
Whilst you're not exactly on the cap, it's close enough and you don't waste any, or go for suboptimal items to get it. This is probably what you'll have most games.

If you want to go for more situational items like Iceborn Gauntlet (mobile, lots of AD) or Locket of the Iron Solari (lost of AP) that also have CDR, you may want to switch out some of your other items.

Let's say you're against a lot of AP enemies and you take;
e.g. = 45%
This get's you to the cap, but wastes the extra you get from masteries. So unless you're expecting to go for this build from the offset and can change masteries, you should instead take Banshee's Veil instead of Spirit Visage, as it also provides more HP.

If you really want the absolute maximum CDR, and stick with Sorcery you have to get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, as that's the only other place you're going to find that extra 5%. This means the 20% is probably best made up from Frozen Heart, as it's the most viable CDR item.
e.g. = 40%, sorted.

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Examples of Adaptive Item Builds

An important skill with all league of legend champions, is having an adaptable and dynamic build that you can adapt to all manor of games. On many champions, there is no 'one build fits all', you have to look at your team, the enemy team and adapt.

All of these builds pose a situation, and a suggested build to deal with it. All builds will still be along the damage dealing off-tank line. As a jungler, they do all rely on you building Ranger's Trailblazer - Cinderhulk first. The order items appear in the list, roughly corresponds to their purchase order.

Since carry junglers and AP mage supports (e.g. Vel'Koz) have become more prolific, you have to look at their team as a whole. These are just a few examples, but you can tailor parts of each to your situation. Try asking yourself these sorts of questions;

1) How many AP and AD champs do they have?
--> Prioritise armour/MR accordingly.
2) Who is their greatest source of damage?
--> Same as above.
3) Are they build around 1 hyper carry with lots of tanks, or are there multiple threats?
--> Lots of tanks, use Liandry's Torment. Lots of damage dealers, use Sunfire Cape to damage them all at once.
4) Are the threats mages or assassins? Auto attack champs, or casters?
--> Casters, probably Banshee's Veil, auto-attack champs, use Thornmail.

Situation One

Fed enemy ADC; e.g. Vayne, Jinx e.t.c. you know what an ADC is, but with minimal magic damage on their team (i.e. support and off-tank jungle at most, no mages).


The one good thing about a fed ADC, if the rest of the game is going ok, is that all of the kills (hence items and damage) are resting on one person. You kill the ADC, you take away their damage. Easier said than done as any team worth their salt will be doing everything they can to protect their ADC. There are however some things that you can do to counteract the threat.

Obviously you want a heavy armour build, but still with some MR so that you don't just get melted by their their APC instead. Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart will go a good way to reducing the damage of an AA reliant champion. Thornmail will also let you deal quite a bit of damage back to them. This should negate any life steal they get from attacking you at a minimum.

If the ADC is your main threat, Liandry's Torment isn't going to be much use against a squish target, so we keep Sunfire Cape as our main damage item, as it also gives us more survivability against AD champs.

If they're building Blade of the Ruined King, or they're Vayne, the last thing you want to do is just stack health. So in this situation, you'll probably want to avoid buying Warmog's Armor. Our boots are Ninja Tabi for obvious reasons.


The main problem with this build is that you lose your ability to take on tanky champions. Also with no MR items, you are very susceptible yourself to Liandry's Torment and CC due to a lack of Mercury's Treads.

With no MR (other than your runes), this is not a build to use against a team with ANY strong magic damage presence. If their only source of magic damage is their support and a tanky jungler (e.g. Nautilus or Malphite), then you might just be able to get away with it.

You will however still have to be warey, as evern base values on most champions inflict a decent amount of damage. If they have any one who does percentage health magic damage, like Maokai's Twisted Advance or Elise then you will need to pick up atleast some magic resist. I would probably recoment replacing Sunfire Cape with Spirit Visage in this case, as you'll still be just as tanky and you won't lose too much damage. Your clear rates however will suffer mid game.

Situation Two

The enemy team has a lot for AP (top and bot) or a fed mage; e.g. Veigar, Brand, Cassiopeia, Vladimir, Ryze


No surprises, this build goes heavy on the magic resist this time.

Many mages rely on a combination of all their abilities to bring down their opponents, Banshee's Veil makes that a lot harder. They have to waste one of their damage spells to remove the shield if they want to CC you OR put their only CC spell on it's long cool down if they want to do any damage. Any if you do get CCed, you have Mercury's Treads, so you can brush it off.

If more than one enemy can deal significant magic damage, this is when you want to get Locket of the Iron Solari, MR for your whole team. If you use the active shield at the right time, this can also stop on of your team being burst 100 -> --> ---> 0 by a fed mage.

Mages often have poor manoeuvrability, so Rylai's Crystal Scepter isn't as useful as Abyssal Mask for survivability and magic pen for the rest of your team.

Finish of with Randuin's Omen to give you more health and enough armour to not be melted by the ADC late game. If you're interacting little with their ADC, or they're under farmed with a lot of deaths, you can complete this item last. I would however suggest getting Warden's Mail a lot sooner, around mid game.


This build sacrifices a lot of armour for magic resist, so you will be more vulnerable to ADCs late game, and however badly they do, if the game goes on long enough, ADCs will always still hurt. These items also doesn't give as much health as the standard build, but as you're more interested in surviving a quick burst of damage, rather than the sustained damage of an ADC, this is less of a problem. Also, as with Situation 1, with out Liandry's Torment, you do less damage against tanks.

Situation Three

Enemy team has strong AP assassins who are doing very well; e.g. Kassadin, Akali, Katarina


Similar to the last one, except assassins generally have strong manoeuvrability and very little CC. So to keep up with them jumping about in a fight, I'd use Boots of Swiftness. Banshee's Veil for the same reason as above, to interrupt their combo. Abyssal Mask, again, for defence against burst whilst making it easier for your team to burst them down.

Here Rylai's Crystal Scepter does become very useful, especially against melee assassins, as the constant slow makes it much more difficult to get to their intended target. Also if they've build little defence, the big chunk of AP it gives you will help you deal with them yourself if you can keep them around for a few seconds. Be wary of building this before any resistance items, as that 400 health won't count for much with out any armour or MR.

This reason I round off with Frozen Heart here instead of Randuin's Omen is partly because the other items give you enough health to compensate but mainly it's for the cool down reduction. This is very important as it lets you use Arctic Assault more often to catch up with enemy assassins, as well as interrupt them. The amount of armour this gives you makes up for it being your only major armour item. Again, you may wish to build Glacial Shroud a lot sooner that Frozen Heart itself.


A fairly expensive build, again lacking in much sustain. You way wish to replace Boots of Swiftness with Mercury's Treads as before depending on the type of CC the enemy have. Whilst assassins may not have much, if they have for example; Nautilus and Leona on their team, you will still want the Tenacity to avoid their CC, and reach their assassins.

Whilst this build gives you a respectable amount of health and should be enough to not get burs down too quickly by a single assassin, it's not as much as other builds. AS well not being able to survive for quite as long, your W will do less damage. Whilst the damage is made up for by the AP this build gives you, always be sure your team is in position to engage as well.

Situation Four

This time the enemy team has some very good AD assassin (or heavy AD fighters) who are racking up the kills; e.g. Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Riven


Same as with ADCs, you want to build heavy armour. However, we can't counter them with attack speed slows such as Frozen Heart. Same as with AP assassins, you want to hold them in place, so your team members can take them out before they get to your back line.

Boots of Swiftness are again used because most assassins only have slows rather than any hard CC. Iceborn Gauntlet can be used to further slow your target as well as deal greater damage. It also provides CDR which is brilliant, you just need to make sure you have enough health to stand behind the armour. So whilst I would say buy this as early as you can, maybe 2nd/3rd item, you'll want to pick up a Giant's Belt along the way if you do get this before finishing Randuin's.

You can normally tell if someone like Riven is going to be a problem fairly early on, because normaly they'll have several kills before you're even 10 minutes in. In which case Randuin's Omen is an important first buy (after Ranger's trailblazer), even before upgraded boots. If top/mid are really losing their lane, the last think you want to do is try for a gank and give the enemy a double kill. Also, if they're winning their lane hard, chances are they'll be pushed right up to your tower, making boots less of a priority.

Depending on how out of control they are, you may wish to get Thornmail earlier, possily even befor Spirit Visage if the AP lane (if their is one) is doing fine. If your against Zed however, don't forget that he does magic damage as well with Contempt for the Weak, so you will still need an MR item.


If you buy Boots of Swiftness too early, you may not be as tanky as you need to be without the cheap armour Ninja Tabi provides. However if you build them too lane, you may miss out on kills because you weren't fast enough.

Without Sunfire Cape you don't have as much health as would be ideal. With the exception of Zed, the others don't deal percentage health damage or build thinks like Blade of the Ruined King making Warmog's Armor very viable on this build, possibly as a replacement of your jungle item late game or Iceborn Gauntlet early, if you can't survive long enough to deal much damage with it.

Situation Five

Highly tanky enemy team, lots of health knocking around. Sometimes you'll be fighting a tanky top, jungle and support; e.g. Maokai, Nautilus, Braum, with them team relying on a hypercarry like Kog'Maw or the old Tristana to win the day.


This is a bit of an unusual build, and I generally wouldn't recommend you go full tank slayer, but let's assume you have either an assassin or your top laner to take care of their hypercarry, and your job is to protect your adc whilst the whittle down the tanks.

As the initial hit of Flail of the Northern Winds deals a percentage of their health as magic damage, you want to do it as often as possible. With 5% in masteries, you will reach the 40$ cap nicely. The second item that will help you burn down their health is Liandry's Torment which, with your slow, will double the % hp loss (or at least it will for half the duration). The third stat you have against tanks is magic penetration. You get this from both Liandry's and the aura of Abyssal Mask, which will also help any AP team mates.

Having maximum CDR will also allow you to use your E more often, keeping unfriendly forces away from your carries and allowing them to kite them. All whilst you continue to chip away at their health with your steady, consistent damage.

Generally speaking, most tanks tend to do magic damage (major exceptions being tanky fighters like Garen, Darius, Irelia) for which Locket of the Iron Solari becomes useful for providing a small, team wide MR buff. Obviously, if magic damage isn't a problem, forgo this item in favour of either, rulai's crystal scepter for the tankyness and AP (but losing the max CDR) or Iceborn Gauntlet for added armour and maintaining full CDR. Although it does indeed give you some AP and Spellblade, the damage will still be inferior. Which ever one you pick, the extra slow you get will help double Liandry's damage bonus more often, as well as the aforementioned kiting.


When building against tanks, you can afford to be a little less tanky your self. This does however mean that you will be much more vulnerable to their carries, who are always the biggest threat, and the key to winning most fights. Whilst this kit does allow you to burn away a tank health very well, it's no good if one of the enemy carries can easily kill you before you're done much damage.

If they do have a strong carry, they I would prioritise keeping Liandry's, but ditch Abysaal Scepter for a stronger defensive item (itemise against the biggest threat).

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Skill Sequence

This section briefly covers the functionality of each ability as well as explaining their maxing order. For a more in-depth look at how to use each ability, continue to the next chapter.

Frost Armor

An underrated passive, and perfect for a jungler. The extra armour will significantly reduce the amount of damage you tank for jungle monsters, which is especially good as you're clear times are fairly slow. As if that wasn't enough, slows are also less effective on you. Combine this with the tenacity from items and masteries and you'll be like a pig covered in bacon grease.

Arctic Assault

A very good 1 pointer. Although it has the highest base damage, its high cool down means you're not going to be using it twice in a gank. The lower cooldown you get per level is useful in team fights mid to late game, but this is neither your primary damage nor utility source. Unless you want a ham build, scale it once at level 3 (or 4 if you're continuing to jungle) and max it last.

Flail of the northern winds

Sejuani's main damage and farming spell. You use this every time you clear a camp, gank or anything. With the good health scaling (both yours, and enemies) and that the cost actually decrease with level, I always max this first.


A very good slow which only gets stronger, with a shorter coodown with level (unfortunately the duration remains the same). This ability is one of the reasons why Sejuani's ganks are so good. Previously it was a viable option to max this first

Glacial Prison

In my opinion, one of the best ulties in the game. A ranged AOE stun, with good damage too boot. This can have the same sport of impact as Malphite's Unstoppable Force, the only problem is the projectile speed, which we'll come to later. As with all ultimates, take this at 6, 11 and 16.

Mazing W or E first?

Although Permafrost will provide the lowest damage per level, there are three important points to consider;
1) It is AOE, so will provide more damage overall than Q against all but a single target.
2) It provides more burst than W. Where as Flail of the Northern Winds requires you to stay fairly close to the enemy for several seconds to deal its full potential damage, Permafrost only requires you to hit them with a single attack or ability for you to activate for full damage.
3) The slow increases in strength and duration considerably with each level.

The third point in particular is a strong one, if you think that at level 7, you can slow a champion (with no tenacity) by 70% for 2.5 seconds! Considering it's also AOE, it's one of the strongest slows in the game.

Max this second if your laners have a fair amount of CC themselves. e.g. Ryze
Max this first to help any carry lanes with high damage but very little of their own (reliable) CC. e.g. Vladimir

N.B: If your max E first, your will defiantly want to max W second, as it provides superior damage to Q, and the only thing you get from that is a slightly lower cooldown.

Maxing Q or E second?

For the maximum damage possible you'll want to take Q. Although the base damage doesn't go up as much, the extra 2% of total health will easily be more than 10. By level 8, when you're looking for your second ability to max, even ADCs will have 1k+ health, meaning you will get at least 10 more damage per point from Q than E.

In some situations where you're against very high HP champions (e.g. Dr. Mundo) or a champion with a dash (so many) you might want to put points in Q and E alternately. In some situations, the lower cooldown on Q may be worth sacrificing the added slow and multi target damage of maxing this first.

By lv 8 you may be starting to team fight, meaning that you need to consider the enemy team and your role in fighting them.

Q; Who is the biggest enemy threat, are any of them fed?

A; No one, they're all about the same --> Max E second. The strong multi target slow will help your team engage much more easily as well as let you deal more damage to their team overall than if you'd taken Q.

A; Their AD/APC/Assasin is a big threat --> Max Q second. If you need to take out one priority target, you want the highest single target damage possible. Also the lower cooldown on the dash will help in getting to the target/stop them getting to your squishies.

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Abilities and Strategy

This section will explain the finer points of each ability such as: how to engage; the ideal time to use them in team fights and the most efficient way to farm. I would also encourage you to think of what you would do playing against Sejuani. An experienced player should know the kits of most champions well, and will anticipate your Q and R especially. You must think as the do, how would you try to avoid Sejuani's engage, and so how can you stop them from doing this?

Arctic Assault

This is your primary gap closer. It might be tempting to lead with this and charge them down as soon as you get into range, but don't fall into this trap. One of the major mistakes junglers make when they first start is blowing their gap closers too early.

Let's take an example; you're ganking Caitlyn in bot lane. Now it's a long approach to bot lane that is often warded, so they generally have a lot of time to react and start retreating. If you Q as soon as you're in range, you may get a slow on her, but all she has too do is Flash or use 90 Caliber Net and she will avoid all the rest of your damage from Flail of the Northern Winds.

So, what you should do, as far as you can, is walk into melee range so you can prock Permafrost, then you still have Q for when they flash/dash away.

Another great thing about Arctic Assault is that it can pass over/through terrain. This will be especially useful if you need to make a quick escape if you're invaded my Lee Sin or Udyr. For this reason, you should avoid farming with Q if possible, it's very frustrating having to just wonder around for a few seconds whilst you wait for your only escape to come back off cooldown. Your W will provide all the damage you need for farming.

Flail of the northern winds

Since the rework, this is where the majority of your damage comes from. It's important to remember that the initial strike scales with their maximum health, and the channel scales with your maximum health. The latter functions in much the same way as Sunfire Cape but with slightly less range, but significantly more damage.

To get the most out of this ability, you need to land the initial hit and then stay fairly close to them (slightly less than Sun Fire cape range), which your E's slow will help with. It also resents your attack timer, so when clearing jungle camps, auto attack before immediately activating W.

In order to keep up, you can normally can get the first auto attack in and then run along side them to stay in range. You can cancel the auto attack part of the damage by reactivating the ability, however the only time you will want to do that is if you're just out of auto attack range, and Q is in cool down. Catching them with the edge of the flail lets you activate permafrost to catch up with them. Bare in mind though, that the initial hit is significant amount of its damage, especially before you have lots of health items.

During team fights you might think that, because of how the health scaling of each part works, it is most efficient to hit the tank with the initial damage (% of their max health), before trying the channel the flail near their carries. Whilst this may result in the largest total damage being done (in terms of actual HP), damage done to a priority target such as the ADC or APC is much more valuable to your team. If you can kill, or force out of the fight, their main damage dealer, your team is free to deal with the rest of them, with out having to worry about a large portion of the enemy team's damage. Also, as tanks will always have considerably more magic resist than a carry, you will get much closer to wiping off 1/5 of a carries health bar than a tank's health bar, even if the actual damage dealt to the tank is greater.


The high base damage and huge slow of this ability make Sejuani a ferocious ganker. When ganking, use this as part of your initial burst as soon as you've applied the frost debuff to the enemy champion. It does have a relatively long cool down but if you use it quickly, you might have time to use it twice in one gank.

In team fights, it's a different story. You want to wait until you've applied frost to as many enemies as possible, without waiting so long that it's worn off the first champions you hit, which lasts 4 seconds which is a long time in a team fight. This maximise your damage (to squishies) and disruption to anyone trying to get to your back line.

When engaging with Glacial Prison in mid game, you want to try and chain the abilites together. Rather than pressing E as soon as your ult hits, wait until the stun (or slow) has ended before activating permafrost. This will allow your team more time to reposition, and them less manoeuvrability to react to it. A similar thing can be said when using Arctic Assault early game, wait a little until after the knock back has ended before applying the slow to get the most out of it.

In the late game however, you should use Permafrost as soon as you ult hits, assuming you have 35/40% CDR. At this stage of the game, E will be on a much shorter cool down (3.6s with max CDR) and you ult will have a longer stun (1.75s), so you are best of using it as often as you can.

Bare in mind that whilst Permafrost may only have a cooldown of 3.6s at max CDR, you cannot actually apply Frost to enemies until approximately 3 seconds after the slow has expired. Whilst you are free to slow and damage other people as soon as the ability is back up, this effectively gives E a cool down of roughly 4.5 seconds against individual targets with no tenacity/slow reduction. This will however be lower if their do have stats that reduce slows, as the tde-buff will end sooner, allowing you to apply it again all the sooner.

Glacial Prison

Now this ability is a real game changer, played right you can lock up several enemies at once. It's only major flaw is that it's very dodgeable over long range. It's very tempting to use this to engage in a team fight ala Unstoppable Force, chucked right into the middle of the enemy team. However, the travel time of the projectile means that you probably wont' hit the priority targets you were aiming at, and possibly miss altogether.

I tend to engage using Arctic Assault and then fire Glacial Prison at point blank range, so it's as difficult to dodge as possible.

In other situations, you may be chasing an enemy on very low hp, you've both burnt all dashes and flash, you can't wait for Q to come back up. In this case, you can use the fact that Glacial prison explodes at the end of its range, whether it hits something or not. Whilst this won't stun them, it will apply a very heavy slow allowing you to catch up. Use this strategy to catch people, even when they're just out of range of your ult.

As a very strong AOE CC ultimate, it can be devastating when used in the tight corridors of the jungle, where people more easily bunch up together making those multi champion stuns easier.

Sejuani changes in patch 4.21

Patch 4.21 introduced pretty significant changes to Sejuani's kit, shifting around her damage and reducing her murderously strong slow into just a strong one. But how has this effected her as a whole?

Starting with her bread and butter, Flail of the Northern Winds. Having lower mana costs per level is unusual, it's an appreciated buff to ability to clear, meaning you can use it pretty much when ever it's off cooldown whilst farming. But what of the damage?

On hit damage is changed from 120 --> 12%, meaning more damage against anyone with more than 1k health, which will be everyone by the time you reach level 9. Dealing damage based on %max health is also a very good buff to her clear speeds, as monsters all have high HP but little/no MR.

The channel part, at maximum rank, has changed as;
240 + 10% bonus health --> 160 + 12% total health

The reduction in base damage is made up for by your base health by lv 7 (before you've actually maxed it), and by lv 18 your base health scaling alone will give you 185 more base damage than it did before (total of 426 before bonus health is considered). So aswell as a decent increase in base damage, you're also getting 12% (rather than 10%) scaling on your bonus health too, which is by my calculations about 45 more damage at full build. So overall, a good buff to W's damage.

The patch also nerfed the duration and damage of Permafrost at later ranks but have at least compensated with reduced cooldown by level. As you only had 1 point in this for much of the early game anyway (assuming W maxed first), this shouldn't effect your early ganking too much, as the 1 point stats remain the same (actually with 1 sec lower cooldown).

Around the mid game when you're starting to put points into this, you're also starting to get CDR too. If by lv 13 you've managed to get close to max CDR, you will be able to use this ability frequently enough to get the slow in twice in the same time frame. Basically, you have to stay close engaged long enough to use E twice for a similar slow, rather than getting it all from one cast. Although this will cost more mana, they also compensated by buffing her base mana as well as reduced W costs. So generally speaking, this is a minor(ish) nerf to her utility and burst as well as a minor buff to her damage output.

Finally, Arctic Assault has received a decent buff to it's base damage, whilst removing the scaling from the target's maximum health. This is actually a nerf to total damage, doing less if they have any more than ~800 health, which is everyone after a few levels.

Patch summary

  • Buff the clear times, especially mid game
  • Minor buff to sustain in terms of mana
  • Minor nerf to burst damage
  • Nerf to E's slow without high CDR
  • Total damage, is roughly the same/slight buff for extended fight

So all in all, this patch provided Sejuani the tools to stay viable (or atleast closer than most) for jungle clear speed, with out really effecting her total damage to champions too much.

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Jungling Basics


Since I began playing League of Legends, around season 2, I've always found myself most at home in the jungle. There are several things I disslike about laning, mainly the part where it feels like a 1 on 1 for the first 15 minutes, and is too often either a farm or feed fest. Also I really suck at last hitting, it's a bit like when you're trying to out smite someone but against your own minons. In the jungle however, you don't have to worry about any of that. Also I enjoy the freedom it gives you to choose what effects you have on the game and where, with out beeing limited to a single lane for much of the game.

Although mechanical skills second to second are needed much less in the jungle (no last hitting/ trading) it does require a very different set of skills, mainly those of awareness and judgement.


As the jungler, you must be aware of what is happening in all lanes around the map as much as possible. This means checking the mini map frequently to check if any enemies are missing, or perhaps a ward has spotted danger aproaching and the laner is too busy last hitting to notice. Things to look out for are:
    Which lanes are pushed in your favour
[list=2] Which lanes are pushed in the enemies favour
[list=3] Are any of your team dead/ recalled
[list=4] Are any of the enemy team missing
[;ist=5] What opjectives are avaliable (towers, dragon etc)
[list=6] Where is the enemy jungler
[list=7] Where do you have vision and where are blind spots

This is a long list of things to think about, so I'll try to briefly summarise them in order.

1. If lanes are pushed to your owen tower, then obviously the enemy laner is quite a distance from hist own tower. This makes them a prime target for gaking as they will have much more ground to cover to reach the safety of their tower, and you will have a lot more time in which to kill them. For a better explination of space than I can give, check out this video.


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Jungle Clearing

**pending addition of new jungle camps**
This section will provide novice players with details about basic jungling whilst hopefully giving more experienced players the information to maximize the efficiency of their jungle routs.

The Basics

How good a jungler a champion is depends (broadly) on two things. How well you can gank, and how quickly you can clear. Currently the jungle scene is dominated by fighters such as Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Vi and more recently Nidalee. Like many tanky junglers ( Maokai, Nautilus etc), Sejuani has fallen out of favour recently in favour of these 'top picks'. But quality of life buffs in recent patches (see above) have enabled Sejuani to remain competitive, helping her clear the new, difficult jungle, without affecting her strong ganking ability too much.

Sejuani is still vulnerable to counter jungling, especially earl levels before you've got lots of items under your (giant's) belt. This means buying wards AND using them. Especially the Warding Totem, there's no point having it just sitting there not warding anything.

The faster you can clear, the safer you'll be. Hence why we max W first and sometimes attack speed runes. Maxing E first may give you stronger slows for your early ganks, but this will severely affect your clear time. Remember, the longer you tank to clear a camp, the more damage you'll take, and so the less health you'll have when you do come to gank. You'll also be more susceptible to enemy invaders.

Smite and Jungle Buffs

The season 5 jungle has become considerably more challenging for most junglers, especially those with slower clear speeds. Monsters now have greater health and deal more damage than in season 4, making the jungle less of a 'resource to just farm' and more of an obstacle to your already limited experience and gold.

On the brighter side, changes to smite and buffs and all large jungle monsters can help you though this, as well as making the jungle feel much more interesting and diverse (even if the champions aren't).

So what are the benefits of each smiteable buff, and considering you can smite all of them, which should you go for, and when?
N.B: By smiteable buff, I mean the buff attained only from smiting the monster, not the Crest of Cinders or the crest of insight which you get for killing the Brambleback and Blue Sentinel respectively, whether or not you smite them.


Razor Sharp is easily the best monster buff you can get. For 90 seconds, this buff will let you know if you've been spotted by a ward, as well as giving you true vision to find and destroy it if you are caught out. Vision control is a huge part of jungling, one ward can easily be the difference to a successful gank and a failure.

Whilst the true vision is very useful, and if you did find a ward it's essentially 30 bonus gold, it is the knowledge of if you have been spotted that is the true strength of this buff. If you use this buff for the full 90 seconds with out finding a ward, then it is by no means wasted (assuming your ganking and don't just keep farming). Because the ability to see a ward is not nearly as useful as being certain that you have not been seen!

This is the part I can't emphasise enough. The element of surprise is one of the greatest assets a jungler can have, and with it, any one can gank a lane successfully. But with out it, it doesn't matter how top tear you are, unless you're going for a very risky tower dive, if they spot you early enough the gank has failed.

I will go into more detail on this in the chapters on 'Warding and Vision' and 'Ganking', but generally speaking (this is for all junglers here), this is the best smiteable buff you can if you're not just going to keep farming your own jungle.


Smiting the Ancient Krug will grant you Gift of the Heavy Hands and is one of two possible places to start. Although this start is generally best on attack speed based champions, this is actually the safest start for Sejuani too. Remember to use the attack reset on Flail of the Northern Winds to proc the stun more often. Early game the stun helps you take less damage but mid to late game, it makes very little difference and not really worth smiting most of the time. The exception to this is if you want to push down a turret, as hitting a turret with this buff up will consume it but deals a decent amount (65 + 15 x level) of true damage.

Murk Wolves

Smiting the Murk Wolf provides you with a 'Nature Spirit' for 75 seconds, revealing anyone who comes into that quarter of the jungle. It's pretty situational as to whether it's useful or not. Generally it's a good idea to smite it in the enemy jungle if you can, as it provides information on the enemy jungler's position. As for your Murk Wolves, it's useful to smite them if you're being frequently invaded (e.g. Udyr and the like), or once outer and inner turrets are gone and you jungle is less safe.


The second possible start, but you do end with a little less health. It acts a little like Thornmail, but the damage is base on your bonus health rather than damage received. Whilst this provides a good increase to your clear speed early game, you don't really need it for clearing late game. As the damage scales with bonus health (hey, that's like you're W) it's good to have up in ganks and team fights mid to late game. As Ranger's Trailblazer doesn't offer any in combat benefits, smiting Gromp just before you gank the adjacent lane will heal you, as well as giving a small combat advantage.

Red Brambleback

Smiting the red buff will heal you for a flat amount of health (20% of your max health) and does not increase with missing health like Ranger's smite. Having Ranger's Trailblazer means the heal from smiting him isn't as important as it is for other champions. Whilst you'll need this a lot early, you're normally healthy enough that you don't need to. Late game, if you survive a team fight and want to keep pushing, smiting the enemy's red buff can, with Ranger's help, heal you enough with out you needing to back off. Generally though, you should know if this smite buff is worth taking; low on health? go for it, otherwise don't bother.

Blue Sentinel

Smiting the blue buff quickly regenerates 25% of you maximum mana. If you ask me, this is probably the worst smite buff, especially for Sejuani. It only gives you mana, which is what blue buff does anyway, and you mana costs are low enough that you need to really spam them to get mana problems. Don't waste your smite on it, with the following exceptions;
1. Securing blue buff, preventing it from being stolen.
2. You are low on mana, but are giving the Blue buff its self to your mid laner.
3. You happen to be fighting near it and smiting something with Ranger'a Trailblazer will heal you.

Scuttle Crab

This is more a note for jungling in general, whether the Scuttle Crab is worth killing depends on; how long it takes you to do it, and what else you could be doing instead. Depending on your champion you might be much quicker or slower and doing this. Fighters with lots of sustained damage ( Vi) or spammable abilities ( Nidalee) can kill the crab very easily and for them it is always worth taking if you're passing by. Sejuani unfortunately is rather slower. Although it does take bonus damage when hard CCed (stuns, snares), this doesn't count for slows. If you need to take it quickly, you can get some bonus damage in if you use Arctic Assault's knock back, but it is dangerous to have you only mobility spell down, especially early levels.

Around about the mid game, when you've just finished maxing W, you should have enough damage to take it relatively quickly. However, after that, it's health will start to increase faster than your damage again (as you'll probably be building tank items at this stage), and will again be hard to take quickly. Ping other players near buy to help take it down if they're around. Remember, as it's a jungle monster, you still get +30 gold for being the one to kill it (if machete is upgraded).

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Warding and Vision

You might be used to warding your own lane, but as a jungler, you have to take care of all the lanes as well as the entrances/exits to your domain (jungle). You should probably be placing wards more than anyone but the support. With a Warding Totem you will often have a free ward at your disposal, so try to make sure you use it as often as possible. Make sure to a Greater Stealth Totem as soon as you hit lv 9. For just 250 gold, the cooldown is halved, ward duration is increased, the extra vision you get for a small investment can't be passed up.

**pictres are being replaced and coming soon, as well asmore info on late game warding and an update to the vision wards section**

Where To Ward

These are standard places that you'd ward if you were laning plus a few others.

Early Game Wards

In the early game, you should focus on keeping the river warded so you can see:
a) The enemy jungler (+ roamers) moving in to gank,
b) Be aware of any invasion to your jungle.

Now, there are a lot of possible positions, and you can't ward them all, so you will have to priorities. However, if you can get to the river crab first, that will save you a ward in a key position.

Generally speaking, you will be able to tell which of your lanes have a good match up and which don't.
e.g. your Nasus vs their Riven on top lane, Nasus is probably going to struggle early on, so any help you can give them with warding will be very much appreciated. Even if you don't gank, leave a ward there to help a laner out. It'll still be good for you to see where their jungler.

Obviously you're going to want to ward in bushes where possible to give your team the maximum possible line of sight. The river ward near mid lane is a great example of this.

So why have I chosen to place the ward near the wall (position 1) rather than in the bush directly adjoining mid lane (position 2)? Well, first of all pos' 2 is only good for seeing a jungler who is imminently going to gank mid lane, placing it in pos' 1 gives them an extra few seconds of warning. Second, it maximises visibility, as you can also see anyone entering your jungle to invade. You can also catch enemy junglers heading to bot lane through this exit as well, when you would have missed them if you only had vision of the bush in pos' 2.

The last ward I'd like to mention is the one just up the ramp from mid river. This has many benefits of the previous ward position we just talked about, but is more of an offensive placement. The good thing about this one is it will show you their jungler moving in to gank but also, if they're clearing Wraiths. This can be very valuable information, to know if you're safe from counter ganks or not.

Vision Wards

I really like the new Vision Ward system as they can be used offensively and defensively. Also, as they don't decay over time, they have the potential to very gold efficient, but only if used right. Now, as they're no longer stealthed, you have to be smart about where you put them and this means in bushes. What many people do is they click one where they want to go, and let the path finding sort it out. They're often too busy checking out the lane they're going to to notice that they've just walked over a fully visible ward.

When placing vision wards you'll want to get them as close to the edge of the bush as you can to maximise their vision. A useful hint for this is that your cursor will change colour from blue to green depending on if it's in a bush or not. Use this to make sure that when you place it, it'll be hidden.

The image below shows several possible positions you might want to consider. As the positions will vary depending on which side you start, I will describe the positioning for the purple team (the circled ones), so if you start on blue team, just use the mirror point on the map.

Light blue: This ward is best on 'bully' laners who can really dominate their lane. These champions also tend to be pushed rather closer to their tower, making them easier targets, and more in need of a few wards. If you think your top laner could easily win in a dule ( Riven perhaps) then you can use these to either have full vision control of top river, or bait the enemy in to coming out from the safety of their minions/tower to destroy it. Remember, 5 hits takes a lot longer than you think.

Whilst this is a good place for keeping control of the river but is much less favourable if you're on blue team, as their junglers will almost always walk straight through this bush to gank and see the ward. So unless you're in the immediate vicinity and your top laner can help respond, you've lost the ward. That said, if you started on purple team this is a great position as many junglers will just walk right past this.

Red: Vision around mid lane is very important, especially if dragon/barn have become reasonably possible to take. Obviously don't put two in this position, choose one. The single bush in the middle of the river is quite a good one as most people tend to just walk around it, or even straight through it with out noticing.

Orange: This is a very defensive ward. I only really use these when I'm very concerned about loosing my red buff, such as against Udyr. It can however last for an incredibly long time with out getting spotted. Now, you have to be very careful with where you place it. If you just plonk it in the bush, you won't be able to see the lizard elder camp, and it will be pretty much useless. You've got to get it right on the very edge and believe me, in the right position you can have it hidden in the bush and still see someone taking the camp.

Yellow: This is a good one to have early on. As a tanky jungler you are susceptible to invasions, and this will give you vision over this entrance for well over the 3 minutes of a normal ward. I've had wards in this position last for over a third of the game. Often they're only found when a support wards that bush mid/late game an then sees it. Sometimes however, people will just ward the top of the ramp (not in the bush) giving you to chance to destroy it without their noticing.

Blue: Very useful position for controlling vision on bot lane. Normally I'd say it's the support's responsibility to place this one, as you can only place one each and you've got a whole jungle to cover. However, don't be afraid to place one here to capitalise on a good win.

This is also one of the best places to bait an enemy in to destroying your pink ward. All you need is a vision ward, a gullible enemy support/adc and a little help from your team. If they know it's there, they will try and clear it at some point. If you can see they've just left their lane to go and do this, and you're near by, just wait around the corner. Far away from their tower, they will be much easier to ambush whilst they concentrate on auto attacking the ward.

Late Game Wards

By this point in the game, both teams have normally lost most of their outer towers.

Dragon and Baron Wards

Dragon and Baron fights can often be make or brake points in a game. Baron especially can give you the raw power to force a team fight for a final win. If you can win it. In an ideal situation, you want to have vision of as much of the enemy team as possible whilst you take it. If you don't you always have the possibility of them ambushing you before you've finished. If this happens you will be at a major disadvantage because a) all the health your team has lost tanking it, b) the damage reduction debuffs applied to anyone fighting them.

So, if you can't see enemy champions pushing a lane, you'll want to know if they're approaching you're possition

These two images of gold and Christmas Baron represent good warding positions for the blue team.

These two images of Baron nasher and dragon represent good warding positions for the purple team.

Christmas Baron;

Vision Wards

With the new Vision Wards, it is now possible to have wards up that last almost the entire match. By placing them in key positions, you can have vision of an area for well over the normal 3 minute limit. The key is of course where to put them.

First of all it must be in a bush, because otherwise the second you spot an enemy champion with it, they'll also see it and help themselves to the free gold. Second, it must be a push that has little traffic through it. If it's in a push the enemy jungler will regularly pass through, (e.g. between wraith s and mid lane) it might as well be out in the open. So where do champions not go?

As most roamers don't click step by step from one lane to another, the path finding normally does it for them. This often involves them going very close up against walls and around certain bushes.

The pink crosses on the map are ward positions in bushes that are infrequently used but provided vision of key points of the map. Although you can't directly see the lizard elder from the near by bush, you should be able to see anyone coming to steal it or gank bot lane from behind. This is probably one of the safest spots, for a Vision Ward as there is no reason for the enemy to face check it.

The two round bushes in the river on either side of mid lane are probably the best spots as they give vision of a large area, and the only reason people go it to it os if they're actively looking for wards or there's a fight in the river. People have started to learn to check these bushes, but you can still put a ward here early game and have it last a good 15 minutes.

Vision Wards as Tanks

With 5 health bars, vision wards are the tanks of the ward world. If you know that the enemy knows where one of yours is, bait them into destroying it, and the surround and kill them. Five auto attacks is a very long time and, with a decent team, should be enough time for people to collapse in. There's nothing more tempting than a small pile of 30g just sitting there waiting to be taken.

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**this section is also under construction, but is intended as a beginners guide, for tips on ganking as sej, see the abiloties section**

Possibly the hardest,but also most important of the jungler's jobs. When do I gank, who do I gank, and what do I do when I get there. Let's answer these lane by lane.


The ideal end result of a gank is to get a kill on the enemy laner, preferably to your team mate so they can snowball the lane by themselves. At the very least you want to inflict enough damage to force them out of the lane for a bit, or burn some long cool downs in escaping (e.g. Flash, Exhaust). This is generally only possible in two situations.
  • When they are pushed close to your tower, and far from the safety of theirs.
  • If they are close to their tower but on low health. In this case you want to be able to


What routes you can take to gank from partially depend on which side you start on. If you begin on the purple side, bot lane is much easier to gank, where as from the blue side, you have the advantage on top lane. This doesn't mean successful ganks are impossible on the other lane, just much more difficult. For example, if you start on blue team, to gank bot lane, you are forced to walk through the river to attack which is very likely to be warded.

However if you start on purple side, you have to option to go in to the enemy jungle near mid lane, and gank from the tri bush, so the enemy need at least 2 wards to stay safe.

The difficulty of ganking mid lane varies largely depending on the enemy. If they're pushed far forward, you can often go in straight from the river, saving time. If they're playing it reasonably safe, you can try looping around the back.



As a solo lane, top is often one of the easier ones to gank. The problem with this is, most meta top laners tend to be tanky bruisers such as Renekton, Trundle, Garen e.t.c. This means the longer the game goes on, the more difficult it becomes to secure a kill, so I recommend going in hard early before they have many tanky items.


Mid lane is slightly more difficult logistically to gank as champions are never too far from their tower. They are however much squishier, so if you can catch them in a bad position and hold them just long enough for your mid laner to get in to range, you can normally get them.

This lane is also the must susceptible to counter ganks, as an enemy junger doing wraiths, wolves, or blue/red buff can respond to a threat in mid lane within about 10 seconds


This is probably the trickiest lane to gank as you have two enemies to worry about. And once the support has purchased a sight stone they're going to keep pumping out wards.

This means that if you want to get your team ahead, the best time to gank bot is around the 5 min mark. By this point you should have already gone back once and have Boots of Speed minimum, and the average bot laners won't have made their first trip back yet. At the start of the game they will generally be relying on trinkets that only last for 60 seconds.

So if the enemy bot lane is being very aggressive, pushing your ADC and support to their tower, punish them for it. However, the last think you want to do is try to gank and get the enemy a tripple. You are responsible for holding them in position whilst your teammates do the damage, so...

a) Don't attempt it if your bot lane is too low on HP/mana.

If they need to back first and the tower takes some damage, so be it. Just be wary of them tower diving a lone bot laner. If this is likely to happen (e.g. they have 'kill lane' champions such as Leona) stay in your jungle near the lane. If they do tower dive, you want to be in a position where

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Team Fighting

**shifts kn the meta have led me to disguard much of what i wrote dor this, see abilities section for better info**

Around the middle of the game, when a few towers are down, most champions are probably lv 10 the laning phase is over. There are two things this means for you:


You can no longer be so sure as to where every one is, the ADC and support may not necessarily be in bot lane, mid will most likely be roaming and their jungler can of course be any where. It's a this point in the game that warding becomes even more important. Try to buy at least one every time you go back and keep your Warding Totem and SotAG's active on cooldown. See the 'warding' chapter for more info.

Engaging 5v5

Glacial Prison's area of effect, ranged stun makes it a tempting option to use to initiate a team fight with, much like Unstoppable Force. The problem with this is that Malphite has a much higher projectile speed than your bola, so at medium to maximum range, this is not too difficult to dodge.

Also, even if you do hit it, unless you're coming in from behind, you're only going to hit their tanks. 1.75 seconds of stun (lower with tenacity) on a tank is going to count for nothing unless your adc is already engaged with them.

What you want to do is save Glacial Prison for when your in the thick of a team fight. If you try and use your ulti at point blank range, it will be undodgeable. Also, in the too and throw of the skirmishes just before team fights, people are vary wary of skill shots coming towards them, so they'll be constantly be preparing to dodge it.

During the chaos of a team fight however, people often focus on the carries, and so will be less prepared to doge your ulti once you're already engaged.

During the fight 5v5

Your role during a team fight will vary from one fight to another. You can either be disruptive or aggressive.

Disruption involves marking as many p

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Synergy and Counters

This is not an exhaustive list, but does include some of the best champions for working with Sejuani, and some of the ones that you'll want to avoid picking against if possible.

**although there are only a few examples on here, more will be added very soon. until then, try to consider other champs that are similar to the ones that are mentioned**


Ah, what champion with area of effect abilities doesn't work well with Orianna? Command: Shockwave just has synergy with so many champions and abilities, and Sejuani is no exception. A good ulti from her can pull many champions together, giving you the chance to follow up with your stun and hit several enemy champs at once. Aside from that, of they're all together, then you can also damage several enemies at once with all your other area of effect abilities. Again, maximising damage and disruption.


Lee Sin it seems never goes out of fashion. He's a very common jungler and the bane of many support and tank focused junglers. His main strengths (and annoyances) lye in his extreme manoeuvrability. He can dash straight into a fight and as soon as things look like they're going bad, he can dash out again. The main think you need to watch for is a Lee Sin in your jungle, as he will ward your buffs and try to steal them from under your nose, kill you whilst you're farming jungle monsters and generally give you a bloody annoying time of things.

The best solution against champions like Lee is to just ward the hell out of your jungle, and be especially careful early game in case he's waiting at red buff for you. As soon as you see him in your side of the map, call for help from your team, assuming you have suitably manoeuvrable allies, and try to collapse in on him.

This guy makes the list for many of the same reasons as Lee Sin, but is if anything even more frustrating to play against as you just watch him run off at speeds that really shouldn't be allowed, shaking off damage whilst also dealing lots of it out. Udyr is more likely to just try and steal your camps than actually try and kill you but it's still very annoying. However, as his manoeuvrability is based on just movement speed rather than dashes, Permafrost does make much more of a difference.

Whilst he's not a direct counter to you exactly, there are reasons you should be warey of the troll. The main reason is Subjugate, as you're most likely the tankiest person on you team, you're a prime target for his massive armour, MR and health steal. If he does, all you need to is avoid fighting him for about 7-8 seconds untill the effect wares of. If you're in a team fight and confrontation is unavoidable, use your ample CC to keep him for chasing down someone important.

Fight along side someone like your ADC, preferably with BotRK or other %health damage, and use your CC to help them kite him.

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Tower diving, when to, and when to not.

We've all seen people do this, instead of the kill they wanted, they've handed one or even two to the enemy. When ganking, and especially when tower diving, know your enemy. Do they have any heals, and disengages, and hard CC, anything that could keep them alive and you under the tower taking heavy hit after heavy hit.

Red List

Do not tower dive unless you:
a) Know if the appropriate cooldowns are up
b) Know all the rest of their team (including jungler) are either dead or safely in another lane far away
c) You or whoever is tanking the tower can survive at least 3 or 4 tower shots.
If you answer no to more than one of those, it's probably not a smart idea and you should be thankful you managed to at least get them to back off for a bit.

Both for the same reasons. They both an ulti which gives them a big chunk of health instantly and they both have decent enough CC to keep you under the tower for longer. Also as they both (should) build defensively, that extra health will make even more of a difference. And finally, if you do get stuck under their tower, unable to kill them, they sure as hell can kill you.

Lulu has become an unusually common top lane choice recently. Similar reason to the two above, big sudden health boost. The added problem is that it's also a knock up and slow. She does however tend to be squishier than other top laners, but remember that Whimsy can last for a very long time (2.5s) which I don't believe is affected by tenacity. This caution also counts for diving anyone else near Lulu as Wild Growth can be targeted on anyone.

Lissandra is one of the biggest tower dive risk of all. Frozen Tomb can either stun you or make her invulnerable for a long time. She has a good amount of CC to keep you under the tower, can do a lot of damage and has an escape to boot. If she has Zhonya's Hourglass you can forget about tower diving her. Glacial Path has a long cool down, wait until she uses it offensively and get her in the middle of her lane.

Orange List

Should be safe to tower dive as long as you're up on health and can tank a good few turret hits, also that you can be sure the numbers aren't suddenly going to turn in their favour.

BLANK Almost any ADC support pair; If you've killed one and it's still the early laning phase, you can probably safely go for the other one. However unless you can guaranteed kill one in a single burst or have a serious numbers advantage, the average support will probably have good enough CC to keep at least one of you under the tower long enough to be killed. Morgana in particular is a common support currently an can snare you for up to 3 seconds (with out tenacity). Remember that early game you can take no more that 3 or 4 turret shots without being in real danger of being killed.

Consider what else is at stake, if dragon is up, that is a good objective. Try to put them in the position where they must either let you take the dragon uncontested or they will have to come out from under the safety of their tower to try and stop you, in which case you can now fight them in the open.

Similar to Nasus and Renekton, except they have a death defy instead of sudden gain in health. These are slightly less risky because they can't attack you once they're in this form and they also have much longer cooldowns than ordinary ultimates.

You can also directly find out if the passive is up or not. Simply left click on the champion and their info in the top left will tell you all of their current buffs/de-buffs as well as if their passive is recharging or not. With Aatrox in particular it is very easy to tell as his Blood Well bar (where mana is on other champions) will be red if it us up or grey if it isn't.

The invulnerability of Playful / Trickster, Sanguine Pool, and anyone with Zhonya's Hourglass makes a tower dive a risky affair, as you'll be can be taking shots for 2-2.5 seconds whilst you wait for them to become targetable again. Particularly as the first two deal damage as well.

As these all have reasonably lengthy cooldowns, you either want your opponent to use them whilst they escape, or wait for them to be used offensively. E.g. If your lane partner is baiting Fizz, who Playful / Trickster towards them to engage, he's just burnt his main means of escape.

Fiora's Blade Waltz also comes in to this category, damaging you whilst making her untargetable for a good couple of seconds and (if she has life steal) healing her to boot. This is one of the most obnoxious abilities in the game and has very little counterplay, save for one small point. As Fiora reappears next to the unit Blade Waltz was first cast on (unless they're dead), if it was cast on you, you can run away from her turret so she is no longer under it's protection when she does reappear. This is very similar to Master Yi's Alpha Strike, however lasts much longer and dealing a lot more damage.

Without her ult however, she is very vulnerable and requires enemy units to target with Lunge to dash away. Becasue of this she may dash right at you as soon as you appear in her lane to try and at least escape the other laner.

These champions can be particularly difficult as they can continue to move and deal damage whilst they are invulnerable. Despite this, they don't have enough CC to keep you under the tower. If you do dive them and they do use their ultimates, back out and try to evade their damage until they're vulnerable again.

In case such as these, you and your laner want to position yourselves on either side of the tower to prevent them from escaping during their period of immunity.

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Glossary of Terms

This glossary should cover most terms used in my guide. For a more comprehensive list of terms, use this wiki:

Or if you have any questions about what something means, feel free to ask in the comments.

AD = physical attack damage
ADC = attack damage carry, a physical damage dealing ranged marksman, often play on bot lane. e.g. Ashe, Vayne, Corki.
AP = magical Ability Power
APC = magic damage carry, often a mid lane mage, e.g. Brand, Lux, Ziggs.
Blue = crest of the ancient golem , received by killing the ancient golem .
Blink = an ability which instantly teleports you to a close location. Most common by far is the summoner spell Flash but others include Deceive and Arcane Shift. N.B: many abilities that appear to move you to a new location very quickly are actually 'dashes'.
BotRK = Blade of the Ruined King
Carry = main/major source of damage of a team, specialising in dealing damage not taking it.
Burst = how much damage a champion can deal in a short space of time as opposed to continuously, i.e. APCs have high burst whereas ADCs have much more sustained damage over time.
Buff = An ability which enhances a champions stats, more attack damage, speed, armour e.t.c. Can either be self buffs e.g. Rapid Fire or some can also be cast on allies e.g. Blood Boil. Some abilities such as Shatter provide passive buffs, i.e. they are always on and don't have to be activated, however this is normally only when you are close to that champion. Buffs can also be acquired from jungle monsters, e.g. Red buff and Blue buff.
CC = crowd control, spells used to inhibit the movement of another champion.
Soft CC = hinders enemy movement, generally refers to 'slows' (i.e. slows enemy movement) but also include snares, which stop movement completely but doesn't stop the enemy from attacking or using abilities (unless that ability would move the snared champion).
Hard CC = interrupts/cancels channelled abilities such as Warwick's Infinite Duress, Katarina's and Malzahar's ultimate e.t.c. e.g. stuns, knock ups and silences (but not snares!).
N.B: whilst Kassadin's Null Sphere no longer silence champions, it still interrupts channels.
CD = cool down, how long an ability takes after being used before it's ready to be used again.
CDR = cool down reduction, reduces the cool down of your abilities up to a limit of 40%. e.g. an ability with a base cool down of 100 seconds which 40% CDR would only need 1 minute (60 seconds) before you could use it again.
Dash = an ability which quickly moves a champion in a certain direction, e.g. Sejuanie's Arctic Assault.
N.B: this is different to a 'blink' ability as the champion is still moving along the floor, so whilst you can move through walls/towers you can still be hit by spells mid dash, and will still be stopped if you try to dash over a Flame Chompers! or a Yordle Snap Trap.
Dive = attacking an enemy champion(s) under their own turret and so receiving damage from it.
Gank/ganking = attempting to ambush another player, normally in a lane.
HP = health or health points.
Jungler = a player that receives their gold and experience from killing jungle monsters rather than lane minions. It is the junglers job to help out laners by ganking.
Mage = ranged champion who deals the vast majority of their damage as magic using abilities
Meta = a 'standard' strategy, position or role given to a particular champion, e.g. in the meta, Sejuani is played in the jungle as a tank.
N.B = short hand for 'take note' or 'note this', generally important clarification or clearing up a misconception
Red = Crest of Cinders , received by killing the Red Brambleback
Roam/roamers = laning champion attempting to gank a different lane, e.g. mid lane Akali tries to help top by ganking in place of a jungler.
Tank = a champion with a huge amount of defence, relied on to take the brunt of the enemy team's damage. Can also be used to mean the act of any champion receiving damage intended for a different target.
Quints = quintessences, e.g. Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed you can have 3 of these runes.

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