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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Shen Build Guide by SERWitchKing

Shen,The Shield Ninja Master

Shen,The Shield Ninja Master

Updated on September 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SERWitchKing Build Guide By SERWitchKing 11,703 Views 3 Comments
11,703 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SERWitchKing Shen Build Guide By SERWitchKing Updated on September 29, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my Shen guide.
My name is SERWitchKing and I play on EUNE servers by the same name.
My main role is solo top and my favorite champions are Shen, Darius and Irelia.
I am writing this guide because a lot of people in solo queue play Shen and then they lose their lane and they suck, so I want to put some sense into them.
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Why to pick Shen?

Shen is one of the best champions in the league because he doesnt use mana, he is naturally tanky, has good sustain and has one of the best ultimates in the game (850+ global teleport ally sheild). His passive scales with his health which makes him one of the best duelists in the game with a proper build (of course :) ).

When not to pick Shen?
Shen doesnt have many champions that really counter him so he is good in many situations.
You generally dont want to pick Shen against a team that does a lot of true damage
( Darius, Vayne, Irelia, etc.) because he will get very easily shut down and he wont be a threat.
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9x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration you do magic damage so you need that.
9x Greater Seal of Armor for extra tankiness.
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for more tankiness.
3x Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration for more sustain in lane.
I dont like hybrid penetration because then I lose some magic pen and Shen doesnt really do physical damage + magic penetration synergizes with Wit's End and Sunfire Aegis so its better than hybrid. You can swap magic penetration marks for attack speed if you want to be super aggressive.
When we are talking about quintessences you can get whatever you want there:
Health Regen,Ap,Armor,Magic Resist,Move speed. You will usually be getting AP,Health Regen or Move speed because they are the best.
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Nothing special here. Just standard tank masteries. I take Fury so I can utilize my passive to the maximum. Blast is there just so I can get to the Arcane Knowledge though it will help a little bit to the initial early game poking.
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Summoner Spells

This is my standard setup for every game with Shen because Ignite allows for better trading in lane as well us killing the carry in teamfights. I take Flash because its overpowered as fck.
Other options:
If you want to defend your carry in a better way then sure.
If you want to teleport back to your lane after using Stand United.
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Starting Items:

Common start for every top laner right now.
Sight Ward
Another very viable start because it gives a lot of potions and also a ward so you dont get ganked as much.

If you want sustain through potions and you are going against a skillshot heavy champion.

If you are going against bullies in lane such as Darius or Jayce or against a poke champ such as Gangplank or AD Nidalee.

Core Items:

(Items that you get in 90% of situations)

One of the best armor items in the game. Very cost efficient along with a passive that synergizes with Shadow Dash.

It gives health which is really good since Shen's passives scales of that + it gives high amounts of health regen.

This item is very good because it improves trading with that 42 magic damage on-hit, + it greatly improves tankiness with the 2nd passive.
This isnt really a core item, I just added it here because its the best damage item for Shen.

Probably the most important item for Shen that you will want to obtain during the mid game or even the early game vs AP in lane.

Situational items:

if enemy team has lots of AoE.
God tier vs AD.
If you want to dive enemy backline and still be a big tank.
If you are getting f***ed over by Karthus or Nautilus.
Very good item to keep people close to you.
It got buffed, improves split pushing and trading.
Shields FTW!!!
For more split pushing power.
Better trading and split pushing.
More mobility and trading, split pushing power.
More chasing power as well as damage and sustain.
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Jungling with Shen

In Season 2 Shen was a common jungler too because of his gold efficency and his ganking power with Shadow Dash.
Jungle path:
Blue buff(smiteless)>Red Buff>Gank>Wraiths>Wolves>Gank
You should open a gank with your Shadow Dash because its a really good cc then you can continue fighting with Vorpal Blade and Ki Strike.
Jungle Items:

I take this over Wriggle's Lantern because it gives tenacity and health instead of AD and lifesteal.
Watch Stonewall008's jungle Shen to learn more.
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In teamfights as Shen you can do 2 things:
1. Protect your carries.
2. Dive enemy carries.
This depends on your build and your team comp, whether your opponent has a hyper carry that you have to kill and you have built damage items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Trinity Force or you have a valuable carry in your team that you want to protect and you have built Frozen Mallet or Randuin's Omen.
Usually you want to enter the fight from far back with your Stand United on the initiator if you want to dive, or on your ad carry who is getting dove. If you cant enter a fight with Stand United because it is gonna get interrupted then you should enter with the Shadow Dash and Feint on the enemy diver/ad carry, in that case, you can use Stand United just for the shield if you have the time to do it.
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Lane Matchups

Its time to do the matchup section.
A-Z (almost all top laners included)

Difficulty: Medium
Aatrox can be a pain in the *** because he can sustain through your Q poke.
You can use your E-W-Q-Passive combo to do a lot of damage to him since he isnt naturally tanky.
Backoff if he activates Massacre as it increases his threat by a massive amount.

Difficulty: Easy
Akali is not that big of a problem since she cant take your Vorpal Blade poke too much, also she cant kill you. You just have to constantly trade with her so you win this lane.
If she activates Twilight Shroud then just backoff because there is no point in fighting something which you cant see. If she goes to roam mid prepare Stand United to countergank.

Difficulty: Medium
It's a classic farm lane. He can sustain through your Q poke with his Carnivore passive.
Keep your lane warded because Cho'Gath works well in setting up a gank. You cant really win this lane by killing Cho'Gath just make sure that he doesnt interrupt your ulti and if he uses Rupture then do your E-W-Q-Passive combo to do some damage to him. Stack magic resist.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
When you start playing Shen, Darius is going to be a problem for you. Although he can be a nuisance in lane you just have to poke him down with your Q and then use your E-W-Q-passive combo to force him go back or kill him. Before you get any armor items I suggest farming with Vorpal Blade so you dont get poked by Decimate. Dont stay in lane with less then 50% health or you will die to Noxian Guillotine. Make sure you stack health to prevent his true damage of being so devastating.

Difficulty: Easy
Dr. Mundo cant kill you unless you stand in Heart Zapper for 10 seconds while doing nothing so avoid getting close to him. This is mostly a farm lane although before lvl 6 you can poke him to maybe force him back. Dont try to use your E-W-Q-passive combo because you will get worn down by Heart Zapper a lot.

Difficulty: Hard
One of the most annoying,frustrating,bastard lanes ever to happen. The problem with Elise is that you cant kill her without risking horrible death, and she can kill you whenever she pretty much likes. Stack A LOT of magic resist to survive her poke and use your Q to farm since she can be devastating in close range. If you get hit by Cocoon you are pretty much dead. You can use Feint to block Neurotoxin poke if you are fast enough.

Difficulty: Easy
Fiora is one of the easiest lanes for Shen in the game. You can build a Trinity Force first and still win this lane (dont to this). She can activate Riposte when you taunt her so you can use your E-W-Q-Passive combo to wear her down. Constantly poke her down with Q.

Difficulty: Easy
You can block Gangplank's Q poke with your W very easily. When he pokes you with his Q just poke him back with yours. His Remove Scurvy uses a lot of mana so force him to use it by using your E-W-Q-Passive combo on him. When you want to fight him don't stand in his Cannon Barrage or you risk horrible death. Make sure he doesn't get too much farm or he will snowball out of control.

Difficulty: Medium
Garen is not a hard lane by any stretch of the imagination. This is mostly a farm lane with some back and forth poking. He will use his Decisive Strike to try and poke you a little bit so just stay back and farm with your Q. You can try and poke him a little bit with your Q and/or your E-W-Q-Passive combo but that wont do much since he can just regen it all back with his passive. You must freeze the lane TO YOUR SIDE NOT IN THE MIDDLE if you wanna poke a lot. Use Feint when he forces a trade and dont stay at low health to prevent getting finished off by Demacian Justice.

Difficulty: Medium
Many people think that Irelia can beat Shen but, I'm sorry to break it to you, she can't. Her damage in the early game is nothing much and even at level 9 she cant do much. Poke her constantly with your Q and your E-W-Q-Passive combo because she has no innate tankiness. Make sure she doesnt suddenly decide go roaming without you noticing since she is very powerful vs your mid laner. Stack health so her true damage isnt that big of a threat.

Difficulty: Medium
Jax isn't that big of a problem if you know how to shut him down. You must use your Q poke to wear him down so he can't all-in you. You can kill Jax easily if you use your E-W-Q-passive combo often and you poke him constantly. If he tries to use his Counter Strike- Leap Strike combo on you, well then he is an idiot and you can pretty much land 2 Vorpal Blades on him as well as your Shadow Dash and your Ki Strike in the same run which will hurt him. Build both resistances as he deals both kind of damages.

Difficulty: Medium
Jayce can be a bit of a problem to new Shen players, but to the more experienced lot he just another thing to laugh at. His E-Q poke can seem "oh so frightening" but it truly is sad how little damage he does through your Feint. Make sure you buy some armor items so you can farm without thinking that he will wear you down to much. I suggest farming with your Q in the lower levels but when post-6 you can constantly poke him down with your Q and your E-W-Q-passive combo. Stay behind your minions so you don't get hit a lot.

Difficulty: Medium
Kennen can't really do much to you because you can farm from range very well. You are both energy users so you cant really force him to go OOM. Dont get poked by his W basic attack proc because then he will be able to stun you. Poke him often with your Q and before 6 you can use your E-W-Q-Passive combo to wear him down. If he gets to close with Lightning Rush you can land 2 Qs onto him which will hurt him a lot. Get an early magic resist item so you can survive his poke. Dont fight him post-6 because his Slicing Maelstrom really hurts.

Difficulty: Easy
Lee Sin cant really do much to you without risking horrible death. If he uses his Q-E-W combo on you then he is an idiot because you will land your E-Q-Passive combo (use W against his combo) to retaliate. You outsustain him anyways because he must AA minions to get health back while your health regen runes and your Doran's Shield will greatly help, + you can sustain with Vorpal Blade. Be aware of his Q-R-Q combo as it can hurt more than you might think.

Difficulty: Easy
This is mostly a farm lane. You can't really poke Malphite down too much because of his shield passive. You shouldn't worry about his Q poke because he will go OOM very quickly in the early game where he has no mana regen. Keep your lane warded as he can setup a quick kill on you with his Unstoppable Force and Seismic Shard abilities. Don't stay in lane with 40% or less health when he has his ulti up. Build magic resist items to help you against him.

Difficulty: Medium
This is a farm lane because neither of you can kill each other. His Iron Man passive provides a big shield so there is no point in poking him. Make sure you farm with your Q so his Siphon of Destruction doesn't poke you too much. Avoid using your E on him as it allows him to nuke you with Mace of Spades. Get magic resist items to help against his poke.

Difficulty: Easy
A farm lane again, except this is the one where you can kill your opponent. Nasus isn't really naturally tanky pre-6 so you can kill him if you put some effort into it. Don't let him farm with his Q and you have to poke him down with Vorpal Blade every time he comes to last hit. Freeze the lane ON YOUR SIDE so you dont get ganked because Wither can setup some really nasty ganks.

Difficulty: Hard
This is one of the most frustrating lanes ever. It's the same thing as Elise but worse because she CONSTANTLY pokes you with AAs. She has sustain through her E and she can escape very well in Cougar form. There is no point in fighting her with your combo since you will eat 4-6 basic attacks ultimately leading to a lost trade. Farm back with your Q and try to get assists in other lanes with Stand United. Do not tell your jungler to babysit you because she will probably just get away and it will result in a waste of time for your jungler. Stack armor.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
His true damage really really hurts you. I suggest staying back and farming with your Q. You can't trade with Olaf because his true damage hurts so much. Avoid getting poked down by [Undertow too much or you risk horrible death. Get some early armor and health to prevent him from killing you.

Difficulty: Easy
His main source of damage is physical so stacking armor is an option indeed. I use to have problems with Pantheon when I started playing Shen, the way of beating Pantheon is in constantly poking him with your Q. Dont overextend with your E-W-Q-passive combo because he can block some damage with his Aegis Protection passive. After you get some items dueling him isn't a problem at all, just make sure you dont get into his "Crit Zone" where you will get dealt massive damage. I suggest taking the Reinforced Armor mastery against him so his crits don't hurt as much.

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
He is so tanky that is not funny. You cant do jack**** against him because he will just sustain back with his Q and his base health is so high that your Q cant even scratch him.
If he has 50 Fury I suggest staying far back because he can truly hurt you, farm with your Q to prevent him from damaging you. Get a lot of armor so he doesnt kill you easily.

Difficulty: Easy
He got nerfed so his damage isnt really an issue. He will try and annoy you with his QQ thing but just keep it calm and whenever he does it just use your E-Q-passive combo, and use your shield when he wants to do the QQ combo to lower the damage of it. Make sure you call when he is missing because his Thrill of the Hunt can make for some interesting ganks in the mid lane.

Difficulty: Medium
She does a lot of damage post-6 but pre-6 she cant do much. I suggest trying to poke her down with your Q because it will make her think twice before going all-in. Don stay in lane with less than 50% health when she hits lvl 6 because you will die from her wombo combo. Stack armor and health to prevent her from killing you.

Difficulty: Medium
He can poke you often with his Flamespitter so I suggest farming with your Q. Try to poke him a little bit so he doesn't get to aggressive and end up killing you. Post-6 dont stay in lane with less than 50% health or you will get finished of by The Equalizer. Getting close to him will make you eat his Electro-Harpoon ability twice which will hurt. Backoff when he is in the "Danger Zone".

Difficulty: Medium
Singed is a character who likes farming as much as you do. You can try and poke him with your Q if you know you are not going to eat Poison Trail. After level 7 he will probably try and proxy-farm behind your turret, I suggest letting him do that as you can't chase him down. Use your W to tank the minions and your health regen runes and Rejuvenation Bead will help with minion damage. Get some magic resist so he can Fling you back and kill you.

Difficulty: Hard
"He is the most annoying,satanic,piece of **** ever invented" (my friend's quote after me destroying him with Swain). He is really annoying with his Torment + Decrepify thing. His Ravenous Flock allows him to heal all of your Q poke so i suggest farming with your Vorpal Blade from far back. Stack magic resist as his poke really hurts.

Difficulty: Easy
He has no natural tankiness and his damage is very low in the early levels. Your Q poke really hurts him and he will die if he isnt careful enough. Use your E-W-Q-Passive combo often because he just cant take it. Get a damage item early so you can punish him more.

Difficulty: Easy
He doesnt do much damage because he is very item reliant. Stay in bushes and only come out to last hit with your Q if you find his poke to punishing (not gonna happen :). Poke Teemo often because he is really squishy. Get some magic resist and then take a damage item to punish and kill Teemo. Buy some Vision Wards if you want to setup a gank for your jungler.

Difficulty: Easy
He absolutely can't kill if you play properly. His damage is so pitful that you cant block it entirely by using your Feint. Poke him often with your Q and use your E-W-Q-Passive combo to wear him down even more. Get some armor early to not worry about his damage that much.

Difficulty: Nightmare
FCK THIS CHAMPIOOOOOOON. His Q poke is too strong. His spells are the same range as your Q, he sustains through your poke and he can finish you off EVEN if you have magic resistance with his Hemoplague nonsense thing. I suggest avoiding this lane entirely as it is UNWINNABLE. There is literally nothing you can do agaisnt him. Stack A LOT of magic resist to help you against him.

Difficulty: Easy
Wukong doesnt do much damage to you and he isnt naturally tanky. Poke him down with your Q and bait his Warrior Trickster out before using your E-W-Q-Passive combo. Dont stay in lane with less than 40% health post-6 as his Cyclone is a really big threat.

Difficulty: Hard
Much like Swain, Yorick can sustain through your poke and outdamages you. He is very tanky and your Q poke doesnt hurt him that much. Stay back and last-hit with your Q. Stack health and get an early Spirit Visage to sustain through his damage. Dont get close to him as it lets him to nuke you with Omen of War.

Difficulty: Medium
Zed can't do much to you as he isnt naturally tanky and he has low damage without items. Use your E-W-Q-Passive combo often to abuse that. Post-6 he can be a threat but make sure you dont stay in lane with less than 40% hp as it lets him to finish you off with Death Mark.
Get early armor items to help against his poke.
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/league-of-legends/champion/shen-48 /league-of-legends/champion/shen-48 /league-of-legends/champion/shen-48
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We've reached the end of this guide. I want to thank to everyone who read this as this is my first guide here. I want to thank my friend who helped me do the matchup section.
More things to be added:
- More videos
- More matchups
- More items
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