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Singed Build Guide by Alan Lyxion

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alan Lyxion

Singed, the Composer of Inversion (Under Construction)

Alan Lyxion Last updated on February 16, 2013
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Tanky DPS/Utility/Support?

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Work in Progress, Here's a Bit of Info

This is a work in progress, please bear with me as I slowly get this beefed up. I do have a few things I want to say immediately, though.

First, I am very much inspired by the amazing Singed play of InvertedComposer. Heck, I even named it after him. I posted this only because I think it works, and it is inspired by him, even if I differentiate from his build. See his build on Lolking (gasp linking to another site) here. It will explain a lot.

Second, I'm new to MobaFire (though not to BBCode, so at least I have that). I apologize for any mistakes I make.

Third, if you didn't go it IC's gude, I'll explain Sky-Autoattacking here. It's simple, really. Fling your targeted enemy and immediately either right-click on them or press "A" and click anywhere. this will cause you to AA them in the air and will surprisingly up your damage a fair amount, especially with Lichbane or Iceborn Gauntlet. Here's some useful tips with Singed by IC:

Fourth, I apologize for the fact that this will likely be a wall of colorless text until I'm done. I want to get the information out first, then I'll worry about making it look better. This doesn't mean that I'll be lax in general English principles, of course - I'll try my hardest to keep my grammar and spelling in check.

Finally, thanks for anything you have to say. Comments and upvotes are appreciated, and please give a reason other than "it's not long and fully fleshed out and blah" if you downvote.

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My name is Alan Lyxion, and I love playing as Singed. Once his early game is past, he becomes incredibly tanky and deals a fair amount of damage. His mana pool is endless, his life bar ridiculous, his AP large, and his resistances are great. Overall, Singed really is a great champion. But why take my word for it? Why take the word of a low-Elo player who most likely hasn't played more than one hundred games as Singed himself? Because there is proof.For examples of some beastly Singed play, watch InvertedComposer (for whom the guide was named) or Dyrus play him.

I've already said why I play him, but when? Singed really is an excellent champion in general, but he does have a few counters. If you see a Kayle, Lulu, Kennen, Teemo, Jayce, or Darius on the enemy team, you might want to reconsider your champion choice. A good Singed can, of course, outplay anyone - skill is greater than counterpicks. But sometimes counterpicking yourself isn't a good idea in general.

Still, Singed is a great champion most of the time. If your team needs a tank, he's a viable pick. If your team needs more AP, he's viable. He can fit into almost any team composition and fulfill some necessary role. He's got a relatively versatile skillset, despite two abilities being active effects. That is something that makes him so great.

Without further ado, let's launch into the guide.

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Glossary of Terms - A

I figured that this would be good to put before most everything else, just in case you don't know the meaning of a term. This will in no way be comprehensive. I realize that it will be much self-referential, and I apologize for any confusion it may cause. These may or may not appear throughout the guide, so be ready if they do.

Damage-Related Terms
AP: Ability Power
AD: Attack Damage
Hard CC: Hard Crowd Control (i.e. fears, stuns, taunts)
Soft CC: Soft Crowd Control (i.e. silences, slows, blinds)
AoE: Area of Effect (an ability or attack that hits an area)
MR: Magic Resist
MPen: Magic Penetration
ArPen: Armor Penetration
Gap Closer: Something to quickly close a gap between to players.
Kiting: Being able to just stay out of your enemy's range while damaging him. Singed is quite possibly the ultimate kiter, with his poison trail and utility.

Player-Related Terms
ADC: Attack Damage Carry, usually a glass cannon until late game, where he might pick up a defensive item.
APC: Ability Power Carry, usually slightly tankier than the AD Carry and ability based.
AD or AP Bruiser/Offtank: Someone who combines AD or AP with tankiness, usually part of your team's front line. AP Offtank is a niche that Singed fills best.
AD Caster: Similar to an AP Carry, only his abilities are AD based.
Support: One of the most important roles in the game. Usually lanes with the ADC to protect him and try to get him fed.
Jungler: The player who runs around in your jungle, farms neutral monsters, and (hopefully) ganks when you need it.

Laning-Related Terms
Lane: A path which friendly minions follow to the enemy's base or their minions follow to your base. Where most action happens.
Top: Top lane, where you (as Singed) are most likely to go.
Mid: Middle lane, where your team's AP Carry and/or assassin usually lanes.
Bot: Bottom lane, where usually the team's support and ADC lane together.
Jungle: The dark interior of the map, where usually a team member will farm neutral monsters and come to gank different lanes to apply pressure or go for kills.
Laning Phase: The part of the game where you generally stay in your lane (unless you wish to roam and gank), farm, and try to outplay your laning opponent(s).
Creeps: Minions or monsters in the jungle, your main source of gold.
Farming: Last-hitting creeps to get gold. This is extremely important; in perspective, a champion kill really only adds up to about ten creeps (though killing your opponent makes him lose possible creeps and lets you free-farm).
Ganking: Ambushing another lane - usually done by your jungler early game.

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Many Pros and What Cons

Under Construction

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Under Construction

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Under Construction

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In-Depth Explanation of Some Items

So you're playing as Singed, and you're wondering - how should I build this guy? It says bruiser in game, does that mean I build AD and lots of health? What does that passive thingy mean? Why do I see so much mana and yet Singed players are so tanky and strong?

Well, most likely you aren't that dumb. Most likely you have an idea of how to play Singed. But there are many ways to build Singed, some of which work better than others (IMO, of course). I have reasons for each item I get, and I'll explain why here.

First, you'll want mana so that you can be tanky due to his passive and keep your poison on however much you like. Second, you'll want more health along with armor and MR to be even more tanky. Third, movement speed is crucial to getting in and out of fights and chasing or running from an enemy. Fourth, you might want some utility to help your team even more - ot you just want damage. That brings us to the final point - Abbility Power

Under Construction

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Skill Sequence

Under Construction

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Supporting as Singed - Should It Be Attempted?

Short answer, yes. Anybody can technically satisfy any role (except AP Carry for those with no AP abilities, but even then it can be tried =P). Singed actually plays as a support relatively well, what with his excellent cc.

Rest of this section is...

Under Construction

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So Many Thanks

Thanks go out to many, a few of whom I shall name. Thanks to jhoijhoi, for being the awesomest member of this site ever (a.k.a. her "How to Make a Guide" guide and her little separation bars). Thanks to InvertedComposer, Dyrus, and any other amazing Singed players for inspiring me.