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Singed Build Guide by GimmeYoPeaches

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GimmeYoPeaches

Singed - Toxic Savior

GimmeYoPeaches Last updated on January 28, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Notes From the Author

Many would consider this guide full of "walls of text." Call it what you want, but I wrote what I feel was necessary to get my full point across without over simplifying things and losing meaning. But I also realize that gamer's have a short attention span, so if you do not feel like reading all of it, I bolded and greened the key point of the passages.

I am not some 1700 elo author. I am level 30, and right now I am in elo hell. I have played Singed since I started playing League of Legends. Having picked up many tips and tricks, I feel as if this Season 3 updated guide by someone who knows his Singed will be useful for novice to adept players.

All that I ask is that you leave a comment with constructive criticism that could benefit my guide before you upvote or downvote. I ask that you do not downvote because you do not build this way, think I am knowledgeable enough at my elo to make a guide, or simply want to troll. Pay me this respect, and I will do the same for you.

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What's a "Singed?"

Singed is a versatile, unique champion in League of Legends. He was my first purchase in League at 1350 IP, and that being said, he is a great champion to learn the game with. He can play and excels at the role of a tank, AP offtank, and even AP carry. Singed's ganking potential is outstanding, with the power to change the flow of a skirmish instantly. With the capacity to change and carry games as any of these roles, Singed is a dangerous lane opponent, and amazing team champion. He takes some skill to master, but with some help from this guide you can unlock his potential.

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Pros and Cons

+Great CC
+Strongest slow in the game
+Powerful ganks
+Naturally tanky
+Can carry games
+Strong kiting potential
-CC destroys initiation potential
-Weak early game
-Countered by spell shields
-Easily kited
-Vulnerable skills and items that counter health stacking

Singed is naturally tanky because of his passive, Empowered Bulwark, and his ultimate, Insanity Potion. He excels at top lane, able to zone most opponents (such as Tryndamere), but he has the capacity to play mid lane APC. Singed is vulnerable to ranged attacks, so he is best picked as a counterpick against that Gragas or Talon mid lane, or that Fiora or Vi top lane. His Mega Adhesive and Insanity Potion (combined with Ghost, or even Flash), act as a great way to close that gap between you and that Veigar with 13 HP before he can stun you. Got low health and that Elise is chasing you? Turn on that Poison Trail, pop on Insanity Potion if its off of cooldown, and control your distance between her. And before you know it, your ~70 DPS Poison Trail has scored you a kill.

What to be cautious of as Singed:
Spoiler: Click to view

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These are the masteries I recommend whilst playing Singed as any role. I concentrate on the defensive and utility trees, because without defenses, Singed is squishy. A squishy Singed is a dead Singed. Some masteries are self explanatory, but if there are any points I did not get to and you have questions, feel free to send me a message.

Choose Summoner's Wrath because the extra 5 AP you get from using Ignite and the speed boost on Ghost will determine whether or not you get first blood, or are first blood.
Tenacious and Relentless synergizes great with Singed's Insanity Potion as well as Boots of Swiftness. With this, you will easily overcome those 1 second stuns, 30% slows, and be back on track to Flinging and killing your enemies.
Juggernaut is a must. It synergizes well with Empowered Bulwark, giving you more health, giving the need to deal more damage to kill you. You get more kills and assists, and thus more gold. Health is a good thing with Singed.
I admit, I started using this just to get some extra points in the utility tree, and, well, I spoiled myself. This is optional, but sometimes that one second less you get from Improved Recall can prevent the enemy from getting that last hit on you.

These are necessary on Singed (with the exception of Improved Recall ) to ensure smooth gameplay, increased health, and maximum crowd control reduction. Remember: too much crowd control is Singed's kryptonite.

The Shalt Not Pick's:

This part is crucial. What you should not pick is more important than what you should. You could essentially waste a mastery, simply, because one like Safeguard sounds good in theory. While some masteries are apparently bad, such as Scout , I will touch upon the 3 big mistakes someone may take in the defensive tree.
Caution, wall of text:
Spoiler: Click to view
Legendary Armor
Caution, wall of text:
Spoiler: Click to view
Honor Guard
Caution, wall of text:
Spoiler: Click to view

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These runes are pretty standard for an offtank and tank (how you should be playing Singed regardless of your role), with the exception of the magic penetration runes.

There is not much debate over these.You want to be tanky from level 1, so flat armor and magic resist are a must. Movement Speed Quintessences are necessary for chasing, kiting, and roaming. A fast Singed is a survivor.

Choose magic penetration runes so that Singed's Poison Trail and Fling deal decent damage early game, and it usually helps negate those Mercury's Treads your laning opponent may get.

I can't think of any other possible reasons to get something different on Singed, since mana is not a problem after your Tear of the Goddess and catalyst the protector, so I'll leave it at this.

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Summoner Spells

There are really only 3 viable summoner spells to choose from when using Singed: Ignite, Exhaust, and Ghost.

+Synergizes well with Q.
+Reduce healing.
-Health shields can counter.

+Reduces damage
+Synergizes with W
-Short duration.

+Move even faster.
+Synergizes with ultimate.
-Easily wasted.


I recommend the use of Ignite and Ghost. Exhaust is a viable pick, but I feel as if it is not as good as ignite because of its shorter duration.

Ignite is very helpful in picking off those enemies that rely on healing effects and you never can seem to finish (like Tryndamere and Warwick). It is also helpful in dealing with AD Carries late game, as they tend to have a ton of lifesteal. Ignite synergizes well with Poison Trail, because of the damage over time it deals, making it useful to finish off those low health enemies who turret hug.

Exhaust is best picked over Ignite when no one on your team has this spell. It is also useful for negating an AD Carries's damage, denying those bursty mages a kill (such as LeBlanc and Veigar), and simply to slow down an enemy when Mega Adhesive is on cooldown.

Ghost is a must for Singed. Since movement speed is something much desired on Singed, Ghost is a perfect pick. Ghost, with Summoner's Wrath gives you 35% movement speed increase, and the ability to ignore unit collision, which synergizes greatly with Insanity Potion. It offers great ganking potential, easy escaping, kiting, and the ability to initiate a teamfight easily.

I do not take Flash unless I mistakenly forget to choose something else. Flash is useful in surprise initiations and good escapes, but it does not offer good synergy with Singed's kit. This is because Poison Trail does not close the gap where you have flashed, and it is easily misused.

Teleport is what I'd consider an honorable mention. I would only take this if you know there is going to be a Yorick top lane (he counters you), or someone you might have issues with (such as Darius). Teleport should only be picked when you know you will be zoned and need to get back to your lane with ease. Do not take Teleport over Ghost.

Barrier is a decent summoner's spell, but it is not a spell for Singed. You will already have Seraph's Embrace in your build; there is no need for dual shields unless you feel like trolling that hard.

Clairvoyance is for a support. Smite is for a jungler. Singed is not a support or a jungler (unless you are Dyrus who can actually jungle with Singed). See the support/jungler section for more information.

Clarity is a plain and simple no. You will not have mana issues after you have catalyst the protector and Tear of the Goddess; also, Insanity Potion gives you plenty of mana regeneration after level 6. If you do, try using your Poison Trail and Fling less often, and make sure to turn your poison off when you are not engaged in a fight.

Heal sounds nice, and it is good on some champions. Singed is not one of those champions. He already has sustain with his Insanity Potion and its killer health regeneration. If you think you need to use heal, reevaluate your play style. Singed can be played as a great baiter without Heal.

Cleanse is a horrible idea. You already have a tone of crowd control reduction with Boots of Swiftness and Insanity Potion, you do not need Cleanse to get you out of a sticky situation. If you are playing as a tank, as you should be (regardless of if you consider yourself the AP Carry), then you should be more than happy to be focused in team fights, when you know that crowd control is one less that can be used on your AD Carry.

Revive is completely unnecessary. You already have Good Hands so you respawn quicker. Unless you are playing a Teleport/ Revive game with your team, it is useless. You should not be dying enough to use it. And if you are not dying, you are not using Revive, therefore you are taking up space for a useful summoner spell that could be utilized more often like Exhaust, Ignite, or Ghost.

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Empowered Bulwark gives Singed 25% of his mana as bonus health.
In Depth and Tips:
Spoiler: Click to view

Poison Trail is a toggling trail of AoE poison that damages enemies that pass through it per second, and for a few seconds after.
In Depth and Tips:
Spoiler: Click to view

Mega Adhesive creates an AoE 35%/45%/55%/65%/75% slow at target destination that slows enemies that pass through it, and for 1 second after.
Description and Tips:
Spoiler: Click to view

Fling is a single target knock back that damages and throws the target behind Singed.
In Depth and Tips:
Spoiler: Click to view

Insanity Potion gives Singed a steroid boost in movement speed, crowd control reduction, health regeneration, mana regeneration, AP, and defenses for 20 seconds.
In Depth and Tips:
Spoiler: Click to view

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You should take one point in Fling first, for the utility and help in securing those early game kills if you invade the enemy jungle, if the enemy invades your jungle, or if your jungler wants to do some crazy level one ganking. I max Fling last, since it does not have cooldown reduction per level, and mana cost increases per level.

Take one point in Poison Trail at level 2 so you have increased damage and better farming, and max it first. This is your bread and butter skill, so you better make sure it can hurt. Once it is level 5, you should be able to clear an entire minion wave just by walking around it with Poison Trail on.

Take one point in Mega Adhesive at level 3. Max it second, because it has the strongest AoE slow in the game at a whopping 75%. Taking that level 3 point is crucial if your jungler wants to come in for an early gank. You should open up with Mega Adhesive so your jungler can get a clear shot on the enemy. Let the jungler stun, snare, fear, or whatever it is they do best to the enemy, then Fling them away while you dance around them with Poison Trail and Ignite.

As with most ultimates, take Insanity Potion, at levels 6, 11, and 16. Not much debate here.

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Items and Roles

Because of Singed's Empowered Bulwark, we want to focus on items that give him mana and contribute towards his health. This can be utilized for any build for him because of the magnificent directions that one can now take catalyst the protector. This section will go over each specific item mentioned in the cheat sheet at the top of the guide.


Spoiler: Click to view


Spoiler: Click to view


Spoiler: Click to view

Late Game/End Game

Spoiler: Click to view

Situational Items

Spoiler: Click to view

Choosing Your Role

See the cheat sheet for quick view of the different builds.

If you had a successful laning phase, and your team has a good tank like Amumu or Maokai, you should either take the Offtank build or AP Carry build.

If you had a rough laning phase, a few deaths, and your top lane opponent has more kills than you, you should take the offtank role if you have a tanky support ( Taric) or jungle ( Maokai), or the tank role.

If you had a horrible laning phase, many deaths, or your top lane opponent is fed you need to take the tank role.

If your AP Carry had a rough laning phase against that LeBlanc or Veigar, and you have had a successful one, you should take over the AP Carry role.

If you had an amazing laning phase, you facerolled your laning opponent and his tower, and you are super fed, you should take the Troll role.

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Early Laning Strategies

I recommend going to your lane with Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potions. Play passive and last hit minions. Do not last hit with Fling this early, and do not use Poison Trail at level 1 to farm--you lose too much mana, and you will lose gold as your Poison Trail is not strong enough to kill minions efficiently. Chances are, unless you are high elo playing ranked, the enemy will be steadily hacking away at the minions and pushing their wave towards your turret. If your enemy also last hits, then you will want to miss some last hits so that the wave can be pushed towards your turret (see Controlling Your Lane). This is what you want. You can call for your jungler to come in for an easy gank this way. When you have enough gold, go back to base and pick up your Tear of the Goddess and a couple of sight wards ( Boots of Speed if you have enough).

To Zone, or Not to Zone

You should only zone an enemy you know you counter or if you get extremely fed (see Lane Matchups).

Zoning Your Enemy:

If you counter your enemy, or if you get fed early, zone your enemy. What zoning means is that your opponent cannot come in and last hit his minions, and he is stuck behind his turret. He evidently loses his gold income. The key factor to remember when zoning your enemy is to make sure you ward behind the brush at the edge of baron. This is the only route the jungler can take to effectively gank you. You must remember to check the map for an incoming gank, as it is easy to become less aware of your map as your farming. Great use of this strategy will ensure that your top lane opponent will be underleveled and underfarmed.
Being Zoned:

Very rarely will there be an evenly matched lane. Usually, the lane will be controlled by strongest champion, most likely whoever counters the other. Since this is the case, you will be on top of your turret, losing gold to your turret. This means you have to last hit minions under your turret. The key is timing. For melee minions, let the turret hit twice, then autoattack. For caster minions, autoattack once, let the turret hit, and autoattack again. Only use Fling to last hit if you see a siege minion low and you know you can not autoattack it in time. This gets easier when your poison is leveled up as you can simply turn it on and let it kill the minions. While you are zoned, make sure to call for ganks from your jungler.

Controlling Your Lane

The most efficient way to get kills in your lane is to control it. This works when you counter the enemy, or when the enemy counters you. In order to control your lane, you cannot outfarm your enemy while he is in the lane. It is very tempting to run up to the minion wave, turn on Poison Trail and run around like the mad scientist you are, but this is only efficient in getting farm. Farm is nice, but farming champion kills is far nicer than farming minions. Here are a few strategies in controlling the flow of minions and ensuring kills in your lane:

Do not kill all of the enemy's minions. If you let his wave grow, it is easier for him to push towards your turret. The best way to ensure you are not completely outfarmed is to try and kill all three melee minions, the siege minion, and one or two of the caster minions.

Do not over-harass the enemy. If he knows that you deal more damage than him, why would he try zoning you? Now this does not mean to ignore him. The enemy champion will be trying everything in his power to harass you. Fling him every one in a while, then run away. Make sure that your jungler has been set up for an easy kill.

Do not let the enemy harass you. If they use skill shots, juke them (see Juking). I cannot stress how important it is to avoid being harassed as often as you can. If you are below 50% at your turret, you are a free kill if that Amumu comes in with Bandage Toss. Make sure that you use Health Potions when ~70% health.

Call your jungler for a gank when your enemy has pushed to the turret. When your jungler ganks:

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Your Role in Teamfights

As Singed your role in teamfights is to disrupt the enemy positioning with Fling and Mega Adhesive while using Poison Trail to inflict as much damage as possible. You should always turn on Ghost and Insanity Potion before engaging, however, do not use these until you are certain you will have the Fling on your target. Use Mega Adhesive to help initiate as so.

Using Fling

The use of Fling will determine a troll, from a bad Singed, from a good Singed. To use Fling efficiently, look at who you are Flinging and judge whether you should Fling based on these criteria:

Are they a tank? Do not Fling Cho'Gath amongst your squishies. The goal of any tank is to be focused so that their squishies are not, and the best way to do so is to go in and abuse their squishies. If you Fling a tank into your team, you will be assisting the enemy team.

Are they valuable? If you have to decide whether or not Fling Sona or Ezreal into your team, always choose the AD Carry. Here is the list of significance of who to Fling: AD Carry > AP Carry > AD Caster > Support > Tank.

Where is the rest of their team? The worst possible thing would be for you to Fling Thresh into your team without knowing where the rest of the enemy team is. There is a high possibility of a gank coming in, and that you have just been being baited with your team.

Are you AD Carry and AP Carry safe? These are the two components that make up a team's damage. If you see an enemy whacking away at your carries, line yourself up behind them, and Fling the danger away. [If your team cannot deal damage, it cannot win.

Are you lined up properly? More often than none, you will see a Singed throw an enemy towards a fleeing teammate. This is bad. You have just made it a 4v5, and the odds are against you. Make sure you are lined up properly before using Fling. If you are unsure, pop some Mega Adhesive and wait until you are lined up with the enemy's back to Fling.

Where is the rest of your team? Singed is a strong champion, but he is not Rambo. It does not matter how fed you are, you should never engage in a 1v5. All that crowd control at once will destroy Singed. Make sure your team is right behind you when you Fling. If they are still far behind, back up and reposition.

peaches, Y ur guide no give me tons of kills?

As Singed, your job is to inflict as much damage to the enemy team as you can, and let your Poison Trail secure the kills your team cannot get to. Since by the time the game ends you will only be dealing moderate DPS with Poison Trail, do not expect many kills unless you are super fed. Once your carries start dishing out damage, they will typically be getting the kills. Your Poison Trail is there to kill the enemies who try fleeing with less than 400 HP. Your Fling is for initiating fights and giving a free kill to your team. This is why a good Singed player should have more assists than kills. Remember, you still get gold from assists, and it all adds up. League of Legends is a team game. The champion you picked is not for getting every kill. If you want every kill, pick Ashe or Darius. If you want a good team champion, pick Singed.

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Even though you happen to be Singed and "impossible" to catch, do not forget to dodge skill shots. Juking is how you get the most bang for your buck with your Poison Trail. There are two principles in how you use your juke skills: abusing anticipation and abusing vision.

Abusing Anticipation

Remember when you had 200 health left? Remember when that Lee Sin hit his Resonating Strike on you? Remember that you died? That could have been avoided, quite literally. When you are kiting an opponent, know their kit, know their cooldowns, and remember that they most likely have summoner spells like Ignite to finish you off if they catch you. Most gap closers, with some exceptions, are skill shots. What you want to do is dodge them. This does not mean keep going forward and pray your speed will save you. 9 times out of 10, it will not. It is not your fault; it is instinct to back up to dodge skill shots. The best way to avoid a skill shot is to move to the left, or to the right. It sounds simple, but it takes much more to master.

Abusing Vision

This is one of Singed's strong points, and much more easier to master. He can juke through the jungle anytime, anywhere. And remember, Poison Trail is invisible when in the brush. There are two things you can do to enemies to juke this way: abuse anticipation, and abuse vision.

Single target spells and autoattacks require vision in order to be used. Say Graves has locked you in his sights and he is moving in on you, and you have less than 50% health. Run into the brush. They cannot attack you until they regain vision of you. As soon as you enter the brush, stop, and wait for Graves to get close and Fling him further into the brush and pop some Mega Adhesive in front of him. Turn around and go the opposite direction and continue this until you shake him. Eventually Insanity Potion should come off of cooldown (if it is not already). Use this for the extra movement speed bonus, armor, magic resist, and regeneration, and kite the enemy team towards the rest of your team. By now, your Poison Trail would have weakened those who are in pursuit, and kills are set up for the team.

Skill shots require a the enemy to predict and anticipate where you are moving. You should always combine abusing anticipation with abusing vision. If you move into the brush and the enemy aims their skillshots just ahead of you, then you can avoid it if you stand still for a moment. This is harder to do because it requires you to anticipate what the enemy is anticipating. Then follow the same strategy as above. Kite the enemy through your Poison Trail until they give up, or until they run into your team.

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The Singed Commandments

1.Thou shalt always take Fling level 1.
2.Thou shalt not Rambo the entire enemy team in a 1 versus 5.
3.Thou shalt Fling danger away from thy squishies.
4.Thou shalt always turn on Insanity Potion when initiating with Fling.
5.Thou shalt trust thy team to secure a kill after Flinging an enemy squishy.
6.Thou shalt farm and push lanes when able.
7.Thou shalt not forget the power of auto-attacks.
8.Thou shalt remember that Mega Adhesive is the most powerful slow.
9.Thou shalt gank mid when possible whilst laning.
10.Thou shalt not forget to troll with the active on Seraph's Embrace against that attempted Ignite finish.

All joking aside, follow these tips throughout your game, and you are on your way to winning. Do not go for the kill unless you are positive you could and should get it. Assists OP.

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Recorded Success

Nothing uploaded so far. I will upload some of mine in time.

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If your question is not here, please message me or comment in the discussion section. What you will see below are actual important comments and responses I feel are beneficial for the reader so they will not have to skip through the guide.

Aggressive Build?

Mars Stone wrote:
Way too agressive build for me. If you snowball and are the carry maybe

Maybe I should include that, but Singed is an aggressive champion. He is not a typical passive tank. The only real passive part of Singed is his laning phase, and that is my personal preference on laning him.

Playing Singed passively as a tank is not efficient for your team. An aggressive tank will get aggro and be focused. With all due respect, that's what you are supposed to have happen.

The actual build itself is not overly aggressive, if you look at my standard preference. Singed needs offensive items to effectively kite. With little AP, Singed will fall off late game. At the same time, he excels at having a moderate amount of defenses, because his ultimate gives him a strong buff in his defenses.

Additionally, Singed needs lots of movement speed for better kiting, escaping, and initiating. If he is played without detail to movement speed, AD carries will outrun him. As Singed, you need to be the fastest character in the match (in combat), otherwise he is a useless, kitable, hunk of gold for the enemy team.

The reason why I made this build "aggressive" is because after reviewing the other builds, they focus too much on the tank aspect, or too much on the AP Carry aspect. I'm sorry, but Singed is not your traditional tank. His ratios are too good to ignore and not capitalize in, and his passive and ultimate make him too tanky to just ignore.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to jhoijoi for her Making a Guide Guide.
Special thanks to people who gave me guidance for building Singed.
Special thanks to people who flamed me for being bad with Singed when I started so I learned from my mistakes.
Special thanks to all the players whom I have crushed for helping me perfect my strategies with Singed.
And special thanks to Singed for always being there for me when I needed a pick-me-up game.