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Taric Build Guide by KiwiMayCry

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KiwiMayCry

Taric on Dominion - the roaming menace

KiwiMayCry Last updated on April 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 9

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Update History

15/03/2013 - Guide uploaded
17/03/2013 - Hextech Sweeper added as special occasion item
19/03/2013 - Changed the "Don't just die like crazy" part in the strategy section, to better fit common player sense and usefullness.
Added Kha'Zix to the list of stealth champions
20/03/2013 - Added a paragraph about Revive in the strategy section.
23/03/2013 - Added Changes from Patch 3.04, Added a Patch overview starting with 3.04
29/03/2013 - Added the interesting changes from patch 3.5.

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Hey guys,
my name is KiwiMayCry and I am a dedictated Dominion player. Since Dominions release I have rarely played anything else(occasional 3vs3). In this guide I will show you a way to use Taric in a different way, than just the usual support or tank roles. Yes, I know people played him on AP before, but why not put this down on paper? ;)
Don't get me wrong, I don't pretend to be the best Taric player in the world or anything, but I like sharing my experiences! I hope you guys enjoy the read and have some success with this guide or have suggestions to make it even more awesome.

Also mind that I know that other ways to build Taric are strong as well. I love playing tank or support Taric from time to time, but this is the way I feel I have the most fun with!

It can be so easy!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ High Burst
+ Amazing Sustain
+ Hard CC
+ Inbuild defensive aura with Shatter
+ Inbuild offensive aura with Radiance
+ Low CD on ulti
+ Decent autohit damage
+ Almost no mana cost
+ Live saving heal
+ Insane team fighting presence
+ Strong duels


- Won't be as immortal as tank Taric
- Highly kitable
- Weak against high Magic Resistance
- Optimal core build is expensive, even for Dominion
- Rather weak once you blew your CDs
- Heal has insane CD if you cannot autohit minions/fight in melee range
- You won't have money to buy MR most of the time
- Passive won't be used to full potential

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This is just going to be a quick overview of what Runes you should use. Since in Dominion you level like crazy always take scaling runes instead of flat ones.


These enable you to deal very good damage the entire match. Especially helpfull early game, when people don't have magic resistance yet.


Helps with general survivability and adds up nicely with your items!


Give you a nice early game puns in combination with the Prospector's Ring and get better during the match.


Same reason as Glyphs really. More punch, more power.

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For the exact masterie overview scroll up to see the masterie trees.

Offensive Tree

1/1: Take it if you use any summoner spell that benefits from it. If not switch the point over to .

4/4: Cooldown Reduction is awesome.

4/4: More punching power.

1/1: More punching power.

3/3: More punching power. You see where this is going, right?

2/3: Only 2 points here, so we can have 3 points in

1/1: Actually helps a lot with autohits.

4/4: MORE .... PUNCHING .... POWER!

1/1: You won't run away on me!

Defensive Tree

1/1: For Heal or Barrier. If you don't use these don't put a single point here.

Utility Tree

1/1: For Revive.

1/1: Getting back to base a little eariler.

3/3: Together with Prospector's Ring this is all the mana regeneration we will need.

3/3: Basically this is just one heal at level 18. But it also gives us some autohit damage, so it's actually pretty good.

1/1: When you have the stormshield a lot. (don't take this if you have a point in the defense tree.


1/3: If you don't have the stormshield a lot. (also don't take this, if you have a point in the defense tree.)

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Summoner Spells

In this section we will take a look at all the summoner spells, and what good they will do us.

Primary Choice

Revive: It's the best summoner spell you can pick on Dominion. Basically you get to fight over a point twice. The CD is very long, but you shouldn't just blow it because it's on CD, like you would with a lot of other summoners. The reason people are afraid to take it is, because they tried it, blew it prematuretly and feel it's usless ever since.

Secondary Choices

Note that you have multiple choices for a second summoner spell.

Exhaust: It basically does, what it does on SR. You keep one Autoattack heavy champion from being a big threat for a couple of seconds. A lot of people pick mainly tanky DPS champions, so it's safe to say Exhaust will come in handy. If no other top laner picked it: Take it and use it on the likes of Jax/ Wukong/ Riven/ Pantheon/ Vayne and so on.

Barrier: Lately more people realized how awesome this spell can be. You can bait people with it to tower dive you, stun them under the turret, heal back up and smash away. Problem with it is, that most of the time you use it to escape it won't do you any good, because chasing is easy on Dominion. Use it in teamfights, and only when you can heal during it's duration.

Heal: This is basically Barrier, but for your entire team. Again, you can bait with it like crazy, it helps in the first top fight, and later on in every single teamfight. Never use it if it only heals yourself, and prioritize Imbue over Heal, when it's just you and one teammate. Watch out if any of your teammate took it as well, and don't use it, when the debuff is active.

Ignite: This one is tricky. Most of the time it grants you a kill in the first top fight, or at least helps securing one. If the enemy team has no champions that rely heavily on healing/life stealing, then Ignite loses it's usefullness pretty quickly. I end up picking it sometimes out of carefullness, if my teammates covered everything else. All in all it is more of a Draft spell to counter some heavy healers.

Garrison: Besides Revive this is probably the most underrated summoner spell out there. It helps you diving, it helps you securing your tower in the last second, it helps you to push down a turret with creeps. Dominion is all about the turret points, and Garrison is a spell designed specifically to take down or secure those points. I sometimes find myself using Revive to run to the side or bot, and just use Garrison, to completely turn a lost battle.

Claivoyance: Since there are no Wards on Dominion this is one of the rare things to give you vision. I won't fool you: Taking it will get you flamed, and it is on you to prove those flamers wrong. Use it whenever you feel that some enemys might be ganking bot or backdooring, to track their movements. Use it to check the top brush, to see if capping is safe. Use it in the beginning of the match to see wich items the enemys buy and for general amusement. Honestly, having one of these in a team never hurts anyone.

Never Take These

No matter what happens: there are better alternatives than these spells!

Ghost: In the beginning everyone thought this was the most OP spell in the gamemode. Turns out arriving somewhere, when your team is not there is a bad thing. Honestly, on Dominion you can be everywhere fast without it. Speedshrines/early boots and a small map help with that. Yes, mobility is broken, but not if it is on cooldown. I never saw someone ghosting and making a big difference with everything. The only champion I see this working on is backdoor Rammus, but then again, that is heavily countered by Clairvoyance. Knowing what's going to happen just makes moving quickly stupid.

Clarity: Well, there is passive mana regen on Dominion, you can start with the Prospetor's Ring, which gives you mana regen as well, and all the other mana regen items are easy to come by, or you can just buy flat mana all together. Oh, and healing kits restore yeah.

Smite: Smite Nunu is an awesome pusher on bot lane, against Malzahar or Heimerdinger, but since you will be roaming and fighting champions most of the time it's useless for you. Plus you are not Nunu.

Flash: I wished people would stop using this. Just recently I saw an Ezreal picking it and using it as follows: Flashing into the point, doing one autoattack, and blinking away from the point again. Really, maybe it will safe your life once, but more often then that it will just make a funny sound. Walls on Dominion are small, and easy to walk around, a great portion of the map is visible, so the enemy might even see, where you go, and if they don't see you they can predict it, because there are not a lot of escape routes. Don't use it.

Cleanse: This kind of falls into the same category as Flash. It might save your life once a match, but the other 3 times you might use it you will just be shot down anyway, or you wouldn't have died even without using it. If need be, there is still Quicksilver Sash. Plus you won't be the primary target of stuns or you will be getting stunned so frequently, that ]Cleanse can't keep up.

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Champion Abilities

Let's have a look at all of Tarics abilities, and all the things you can do with them.


Taric's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 2% of his maximum mana. This bonus damage is doubled against champions.

This is Tarics new passive for some time now. It gives us some minor dueling power, but since we won't go for a very mana heavy build the impact is not that huge. Good to have though.

Quick calculation shows us that we get 2 damage/100 Mana. In our endbuild at level 18 we will have approximately 2000 mana, which equals 40 damage on every autohit as magic damage.


ACTIVE: Taric channels earthen energy to heal his target ally healing them for 60/100/140/180/220 (+ 60% AP). As the magic flows through them he is healed for the same amount. If Taric heals only himself, the heal will be 40% more effective and will heal him for 84 / 140 / 196 / 252 / 308 (+ 84% AP).

His autoattacks on champions decrease this spell's cooldown by 3 seconds each or by 1 second if hitting non-champions

Range: 750
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16
Cost: 80/95/110/125/140 mana

This will save your life and that of your teammates a lot. And by a lot I really mean like all the time. Use it primary to safe teammates, that are not on full health. If you have to choose between targets always heal the one, whos likely to receive damage soon. For example: If you must decide between Ezreal in the backline and Garen on the frontline, heal Garen. If your teammates are lost, or you are alone feel free to heal yourself whenever you can. Don't wait to long to use it in fights, as it's cooldown is very long. If you can autohit, do that too, to refresh the CD.


PASSIVE: Taric gains 10/15/20/25/30 bonus armor for himself. Additionally, he increases the Armor of himself and all nearby allied champions by 12% of his total armor.
Aura Diameter: 1000

ACTIVE: Taric shatters his gemstones dealing 50/90/130/170/210(+ 60%AP)(+ 30% armor) magic damage to nearby enemies and decreasing their armor by 20% for 4 seconds.

Taric loses his Armor self bonus while Shatter is on cooldown.

Range (active): 400
Cooldown: 10/10/10/10/10
Cost: 50/50/50/50/50 mana

Your standard damaging spell. Some people will tell you to just keep it active, to not lose the passive armor buff, but that is something only aura/tank/full support builds should do. Use it whenever you get close to an enemy, as it will be on a fairly short cooldown with 40% cooldown reduction. If you have the chance to use it against multiple enemys instead of just one, do that instead. Also try to always hit the target, that's targeted by your physical damage dealers, as it will also decrease armor.


ACTIVE: Taric fires a prismatic sphere at a target enemy, stunning them for 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 seconds and dealing magic damage (lower damage the farther the target is). The minimum magic damage is 40/70/100/130/160
(+ 40%AP)
at maximum range, while the maximum damage is 80/140/200/260/320
(+ 80%AP)
for targets right beside you.

Another life saver, and fight winner. When teamfighting use it on the biggest enemy thread, like the AD carry or people with channeld ultimates like Death Lotus. When the teamfight didn't start yet, because everyone is dancing around each other, use it on enemys that overextend, because that will make the enemys rush forward in panic, and that leaves them wide open. You should never overextend! When chasing or being chased just use it on cooldown to run away. In a duel do the same. Don't mind the damage while chasing/running/teamfighting, as the stun effect is much more important. In duels it will contribute a good chunk of burst, and should be used right after your ultimate.


ACTIVE: Taric slams the ground, dealing 150/250/350 (+ 70%AP) magic damage to nearby enemies.
Diameter: 400

For the next 10 seconds, Taric's gems radiate energy, granting him 30/50/70 Attack Damage and Ability Power and his nearby allies half of the bonuses.
Aura Diameter: 1000

Cooldown: 60/60/60
Cost: 100/100/100

Big impact and simple to use. As the cooldown is almost non existend for such a strong ultimate, just use it whenever you fight. Start the fight with it, as it will increase your overall damage output because of the aura effect. While it's active try to do as many autohits as possible. If a teammate is just 5 seconds away from joining the fight, just wait a moment and use it when he comes close to benefit more from the aura. Usually you will R->W->E->autohit an enemy and heal everytime it's necessary. I don't need to mention, that it's wise to use it, wherever you hit multiple opponents.

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Recommended Items ingame

The recommended items the shop shows us are meant for support tank Tarics. We are not that Taric. We don't need those items. Well...we need the boots, but that's it.

Starting Items

Boots of Speed: Kind of self explanatory. You need the extra movement speed to get everywhere faster.

Prospector's Ring: I know a lot of people really don't like the Prospectors items, but we won't find another item, that is this cost efficient. Extra AP, extra health, and Mana regeneration are things that will help us throughout the game, and since most matches don't last that long we will rarely sell it.

Health Potion x2: Gives us a little bit more early sustain, so we can use our heal on our teammates in early fights. Buying these everytime you have like 35 gold left doesn't hurt.

Core Items

Blackfire Torch: An absolute must have item that we need as fast as possible. It gives us everything we need: AP, CDR, Health, Mpen and a nice passive. It is not as broken, as it was in previous patches, and I even see a lot of casters go for different items recently, but BFT is just the best item you can get for Casters.

Note, that the passive is a little bit less usefull for us, since we have no damgage over time spells and we will usually use all our skills in a very quick succession, so it will basically just tick down once.

Building Blackfire Torch should always be done in the order Haunting Guise, Fiendish Codex,Kage's Lucky PickKage's Lucky Pick, as it will provide you with the stats you need in a good order.

Iceborn Gauntlet: Well, again an item that has not a single useless stat for us. AP helps with damage, mana helps with lane presence and damage as well ( thanks to the new passive ), Armor also helps with damage, but keeps us safe from it as well, CDR is obvious and the Sheen proc just makes fighting us close range very, very, very annoying. Yay, I can't get away from the burst tank with stun, even when his stun is on CD. Superb!

Don't be afraid to use your heal, just to get the Sheen proc. It sometimes helps a lot.

The order to build Iceborn Gauntlet is dependent on how the match goes. Getting killed a lot by AD champs? Go Glacial Shroud first. Match is going well so far? Sheen is your friend.


When it comes to boots the choice is always hard to make. Here are a few possibilities you might want to pick up along your road to victory.

I advice you to upgrade your boots after you finished your first major item!

Sorcerer's Shoes: The standard choice. Buy these for additional magic penetration. If the enemy team for some reason isn't getting any magic resistance you can go for the below listed choices as well.

Berserker's Greaves: We will be in melee range a lot, and due to our passive we will deal some nice damage up close. Really this isn't the best choice, but I won't say I never benefited from buying them.

Mercury's Treads: These can fix early troubles against AP champions, and are a solid choice to get at least some magic resistance. They also help when you are getting targeted with hard CC a lot, but I haven't seen that happen to me, because people still think that Taric is no damage threat.

Ninja Tabi: The terror of every autohitter! Decent armor and they also give you damage because of your Shatter. Naturally a choice against AD heavy teams.

Boots of Mobility: When the team decides you need to backdoor a lot (which you can because you can take almost anyone on a 1vs1), or if you find yourself running around the map a lot because help is needed everywhere pick these up.

Late Game Items

Against AP heavy teams

Spirit Visage: CDR, health, magic resitance and a passive that is very decent for us, since it diminishes the healing reduction effect of the Crystal Scar Aura. Get this, if you are mainly caught in duels against AP champions.

Abyssal Scepter: Good magic resitance and good AP. This is your item of choice when you are around other AP champions in your team and it helps against the enemy AP's as well. Even if the enemys stacked magic resistance this will come in handy, because most of your AP's probably have Magic penetration as well.

Twin Shadows: Unconventional choice, and not my favourite. It gives you magic resistance, AP and movement speed plus an active effect that slows and reveals two non-stealthed targets. Usually the enemys will have a hard time running away from you as it is, so I am not a big fan of adding even more slowing power. If you have a hard time catching up to someone, pick up this one.

Against AD heavy teams

Note: Iceborn Gauntlet already gives you 60 armor, paired with your passive from Shatter you already sit at 90 bonus armor.

Thornmail: Pure Armor! It's fun to watch people destroy themselves at you, while you just heal back up. Autohitters be doomed!

Randuin's Omen: Health, Armor, a passive that slows attack- and movement speed and an active that slows the movement speed even more! Yes, I know, I said we don't need the extra movement speed slow when I listed Twin Shadows, but since
Randuin's Omen comes with so many other goodies it's just to good to pass by. When you feel you get destroyed by abilites rather than auto attacks, take this over Thornmail.

Against Teams With Equal Damage Sources

Runic Bulwark: Magic resistance, Health, Health Regeneration, Armor, and an aura that gives magic resitance, armor and attack damage. This is the overall most defensive choice. I end up having this most of the time, since the teams I play against are pretty balanced in terms of damage.

Offensive Choices

Guinsoo's Rageblade: AD and AP coming with a passive that makes you faster and a second passive that activates in moments of need! Helps your autohits, helps your burst, and gets better and better the longer the fight lasts. And if you get low for some reason it helps you to survive until your next heal is ready. It also comes pretty cheap!

Hextech Gunblade: Doesn't have the speed that Guinsoo's Rageblade gives us, but it has the sustain of it ALL THE TIME. It also has a passiv very similar to that of your Imbue and the active can be used as additional burst after you used your ultimate. It is very expensive though.

Void Staff: Lots of AP and 35% of the enemys magic resistance get's ignored. This only helps your burst, and not your overall fighting potential, and it should only be purchased if against magic high magic resistance targets.

Nashor's Tooth: Attack speed, AP, and lots of both. Really the only bad thing about this item is, that with the 20% CDR it gets we're overshooting our CDR Cap of 40% by a lot.

Special Occasion Item

Currently there is one thing, that needs special treatment: Stealth. But you're lucky as we have a solution at hand.

Hextech Sweeper

Hextech SweeperHextech Sweeper: Buy this against EVERY enemy that has stealth. This includeds Talon, Evelynn, Twitch, Akali, Shaco, Rengar, Teemo, Kha'Zix and even Vayne. The stats (AP, Health, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed) will help you out in every case. Use this item on champions, when you see them stealthing, or when you fear they will. The effect lasts rather long, so don't be afraid to throw it rather early. You'd be suprised, how easy Akalis die, when they don't have time to wait for cooldowns in the shroud.

Buy this item BEFORE your Blackfire Torch. Every champion will have his stealth with level 6, and most of the time you won't be able to fully purchase the item until level 7-8. We don't want to give a way to much free stealth time.

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Top or Bot Lane?

Bot or Top?

If you wonder where to go with Taric, let's take a look at the things he can or can't do on the different lanes.

Bot lane


+ High Burst so squishys will fall easyly
+ Good farm
+ Good pusher
+ Amazing tower defender
+ Can control the healkit
+ Early lategame because of gold
+ Strong duels with heal


- No teammates for auras
- Ranged will kite him badly
- Countered by standard botlaners
- Can't roam
- No teammates for heal
- No jungle skirmishes
- Can only stun one target when getting ganked

As you can see there is definitely a possibility to bot lane, and I have done so on many occasions. You can beat a lot of matchups, but champions like Kayle, who can block your burst, or Diana, who just has to many counters to your kit, will almost be unmanagable. When you get ganks from teammates frequently, you will have a good time though.

Top Lane


+ Amazing Burst
+ Good pusher
+ Amazing tower defender
+ Can hold 1vs1 until help arrives
+ Strong jungle skirmishes
+ Increases teammates damage
+ Can heal teammates
+ More healing kits to benefit from
+ Can take 1vs1 against backdooring enemys
+ More enemys for AoE damage


- Heal needs to be distributed amongst teammembers
- Healing kits are shared
- You need a tanky champion for initiation
- Lower gold income -> fewer items
- Hard to fight, when outnumbered
- Top can get a bit chaotic
- High map awareness needed

Well, generally you want to go top. As you are Taric, you are a teamfighter. Stunning a target, and having all of your team crushing down on them combined with your AoE damage and heal will really wreck faces. Also Taric can go to backdooring enemys and hold them off, kill them or at least annoy them away.

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What to do during a match? A lot of player fail right here, because they are uncoordinated and do things, that are unnecessary. Let's make a list of things you should do, when playing Dominion.

Follow the Summoners Code!

Don't flame, don't insult, don't blame your teammates for their or your mistakes, don't feed etc. I know everyone just clicks the accept button when there are Terms of Agreement somewhere, but these are some you should read.

If you can't lose, don't play, if you have the feeling you need to say something bad, don't say anything. But always feel free to give teammates tips. You just shouldn't make them look like "hidden" insults.


The chat and pings are there for a reason. Use them, but don't abuse them. When you want to do something, don't just do it and hope your teammates will follow you. Tell them, wait if they agree. If they don't and they don't play after the same strategy that you do, you will play against each other.

Move around as a team!

Running around alone is never a good idea. 80% of the deaths happen, because someone thinks, just because a point is getting captured you need to rush in their and interrupt the channel. Well, what you WILL be doing is rushing in dying, giving gold to the enemy and leaving your team that was behind you one man down. NEVER run around alone. Don't go backdoor as well, if you haven't talked to your team about it. They need to adapt to that strategy.

Try to capture a third point!

Well this one should be a no brainer, since in Dominion you need points, but it's not always the best idea to capture the top point. If all four enemys are sitting on top, waiting for you to dive - don't!

Go for their bot and gank, or go to their side point. Some or all of them will leave top, and you can catch them in the jungle, where they don't have tower support.

Be invisible

When the enemy sees you standing around on the top point and you're not moving, it's likely they will just ignore you and go somewhere you are not. And when you start moving, they will know where you go.

Try to stay in the jungle in the middle of the map. If you have 3 points hide below the top point, either in the brush or at the edge of the fog of war. The enemys might think you left the point undefended and just try to capture it. Your stun will interrupt it, while they will also be shot by the tower.

Keep moving

You should never just stand around doing nothing. Even when you are waiting for your enemys you might want to check the brush, collect a healing kit, get stormshield, go gank bot or set up a gank with your team somewhere in the jungle.

Help your Botlane

When bot is lost it should be your first priority to get it back. Send 2-3 people there and get it back. Having the enemy at your doorstep is not good and letting your bot laner run in there alone over and over again is hard. Getting bot back on your own is not a cool thing to do.

Decide what point you can save

Sometimes bad decision making can not only lose you one point, but all of them. If one enemy captures the side point, while 2 enemys go top it is not wise to take all 3-4 top defenders and go to the side point. This way you will lose top, and maybe bot will get neutralized. If you only send 1-2 people to the side point, you might safe both, or at least not lose top.

Don't just die like crazy

The worst thing people did for Dominion, was to say that dying doesn't matter. It does. Dying feeds gold, and makes you unable to do stuff. The deathtimers might be much lower, but in Dominion 20 seconds is a lifetime. When you just survived a fight, and are at 300 health left, port away or collect healing kits. It's not worth the try, to rush into 2 people, who oneshot you.

Yes, you might be able to delay their tower capture by a second or two, but generally speaking saving your life and going back in with your team will help much more, than those 2 seconds. If your team needs to wait 30 seconds for you to be alive again and back in action it is a big time loss.

There is one special thing to it: When you can interupt all the channels, becuase there is only one enemy or you have good AoE, and teammates are in reach of getting there to help out, it might be worth it. If your team can do the cleanup, because you broke the channels and you can conquer the points like that it's a good idea to to so.

How to use Revive

I always advise fellow summoners to pick up Revive in every match, because it's use is just to good, many seem to strugle with how to use it though. Generally speaking it is a bad idea to blow it, just because it's ready to use.

The best way to use Revive is, when it's activation will help you save or capture a point. Most people use it, when they die in the top fight, to get top again, to fight a second time. Now this only works, if at least one of your teammembers is still out there, battling for your honor, because if all of you are dead, you will be to late.

Another situation is, when you are the bot laner and die in a 1vs1, and the enemy bot laner would be able to just capture your point. You can revive here and get back to lane as fast as possible. The enemy bot laner needs to put up with you again, and will most likely retreat.

When you die, don't just pop the spell. Think, and see if you can get anywhere with the Revive speed, or if waiting for the usual death timer will be enough.

Don't use it if:

- You're just going to die again right away
- The enemys are not pushing/non of your points are in danger
- Teammates are around who can handle the situation themselves
- You will be up against 4, and all of your teammates will still be dead ( if you can quadra kill them, go ahead!)
- Theres not really anything to do for you, because no battles are going on

Instead use it if:

- You died in the top fight and can be back before they captured it / can capture the point, because all of them left
- You can save your side/bot point from being taken
- You can very safely guarantee a good bot lane gank
- Your teammates are alive, but need your help to battle it out
- Your bot laner died, and had no Revive up + the point is in danger
- Your Revive will make you able to clean up enemys at a taken side point and you can recapture it
- The game is very close, and using it will make you able to neutralize or even capture an enemy point.

All in all you need to learn, that Revive needs a more thought through use then just "I will take revenge on that B****." or using it for just one meaningless kill.


In this video we see Taric fighting off the enemy Warwick, so Fizz has time to capture the point. In the end Fizz is even able to take away the kill.

This one is sped up a little bit! Righter after the first video ends Taric is alone in his fight against Warwick. He is able to fight him off several times by hiding in the fog of war and healing back up. In the end the only reason Taric goes down is because another enemy joins the fight.

In another match Taric rushed to his bot point with his friendly Varus. The only enemy is Vayne, but she almost manages to get away, only for Taric to catch her with a last stun and burst her down immediately.

Guide Top

Pictures and Special Thanks

I feel the need to show you that the build works, as well as thanking everyone who helped me with testing the guide and enduring my build failures during these times!


This is one of my winning streaks I had with this build! It was an amazing ride done with premades and solo. You can do it too!

If you have pictures, that show how good or bad you did with this guide on Dominion feel free to contact me, and I will post as many of them here as possible.

Speacial Thanks To

My teammates from Secret Tier for testing stuff with me.

and to


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Patch Changes to Taric

Everything in here is just taken out of the patch notes. The changes are regulary added into the build.


Damage reduced to 50/90/130/170/210 from 60/105/150/190/240
Armor damage ratio reduced to 20% from 30%
Stun duration adjusted to 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6 seconds from 1.5 at all ranks


Nashor's Tooth
Combine cost increased to 430 gold from 200 (total cost increased to 2500 gold from 2270)