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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Teemo Build Guide by Hunkelmunkel

AD Carry Teemo - On-Hit-Bruiser Top (S3 Updated!)

AD Carry Teemo - On-Hit-Bruiser Top (S3 Updated!)

Updated on February 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hunkelmunkel Build Guide By Hunkelmunkel 22 5 184,600 Views 27 Comments
22 5 184,600 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hunkelmunkel Teemo Build Guide By Hunkelmunkel Updated on February 5, 2013
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Credits to TinyStar for the headers, you can ask for something similar here!

I would really appreciate it if people who downvote would leave a comment including why they downvote, in order to help me improve the guide. Constructive critique without downvoting is much more appreciated, though :)
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Good Day fellow Summoners,

my name is Hunkelmunkel and I started to play LoL some days before Vayne arrived. I don´t have a huge Elo, mostly because I don´t like Solo-Q. My 3v3 team is currently on silver Elo. I am a long time WC3 Dota player, and I am currently playing Dota2, LoL and Guild Wars 2.

So, with this guide I will explain my favourite build on Teemo, the On-Hit-Bruiser, viable in 3v3 and 5v5. The part I gave the most attention in this guide is the section:How to lane against certain opponents.

Last, but not least you will find other more or less viable builds like jungle, tank or AP-Teemo.

Of course I am not totally right either, so feel free to give constructive feedback. I am currently trying to improve the "Lange against XY"-Section, if you have any impressions how to lane as Teemo or against Teemo, please leave a comment. :)
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Common Builds

Teemo is recognized as a small and squishy, yet bugging champion.
If you gather the similarities of all published guides you would get the following builds:

- AP-Build (only 1 build-in Nuke, but strong Mushrooms)
- Bruiser-Build (fast, hard-to-kill Bruiser with Items like FM & GA
- On-Hit Carry-Build with often rushed Malady and Wits End
- AD-Carry (Not really that strong, no build-in steroid

This guide will mainly focus on a mixture of the Bruiser and the On-Hit build.
But, this guide will also explain other builds with 3v3 & 5v5 item choices.
However, it is still work-in-progress and will update it constantly.
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Pros / Cons

- Teemos passive is great for ambushes & mindgames
- Unlimited Wards with your Noxious Trap
- Toxic Shot scales very good with Attack Speed
- Blinding Dart will help against AD-Champs like Tryndamere
- Really fast with right Masteries, Runes and Move Quick
- Wide variety of viable items
- Fluffy skins, I love my Bunny and my Panda!

- Still squishy
- You need to count the fade time of your passive
- Global taunt will make you a priorized target
- can't do much against champs with lots of magic resist
- Some people just hate Teemo :(
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Skill Explanation

Teemo has the following abilities:

If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. Moving or taking actions will break Teemo out of stealth and will boost his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.
This spell is awesome for traps and mindgames. Enemy is chasing you but you slowed them with a mushshroom ? Run into a bush with move quick and wait for your passive. You can also stay invisible if enemies run past you and attack your teammates, so that you can quickly kill the champion on the back row (mostly the squishiest champ in the enemy team).

Blinding Dart
Active: Teemo shoots a venom-coated dart at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them for a few seconds, causing all their autoattacks to miss for its duration.
Great ability against every AD-champion. Renders enemies like Jax, Tryndamere or Xin Zhao useless for up to 2.5 seconds. It is also very important to know that the range is higher than your autoattack range (580 instead of 500).You can use this to finish off fleeing enemies. This will also reset your autoattackt-timer, so you can attack, quickly use the Blinding dart, and attack again, to nuke your enemy without fast attack speed early game.

Move quick:
Passive: Grants increased movement speed until struck by an enemy champion or turret. This bonus is restored 5 seconds after last being struck by an enemy champion or turret.
Active: For 3 seconds, Teemo gains double his passive movement speed and will not lose it regardless of whether he is hit or not. The passive is restored after the duration of the active. One of my favourite abilities on Teemo. It is like a free Ghost for 3 seconds, with proper runes and masteries you will be uncatchable.

Toxic Shot:
Passive: Teemo deals extra magic damage with his autoattacks. Additionally, his attacks will poison the target, dealing magic damage each second for 4 seconds. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent attack.
Toxic shot will inflict a strong poison with every attack. Attack speed will improve this skill a lot, since the On-Hit-Damage is higher than the further damage over time by the poison. it scales way better with Attack speed than with AP due to this reason.

Noxious Trap:
Active: Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms after 1 second. The traps grant vision around a very small radius while armed. If an enemy steps on the trap, it will detonate, poisoning all nearby enemies. The poison slows enemies and deals damage to them every second. [...]
Those traps make Teemo a good choice on 3v3. He will deal good damage with his itembuild alone, lower the magic resistance and armor of the enemies and he has also free wards, which will deal also not negligible damage . You should always ward your own jungle in order to be safe from ganks. If you lead the score board you should invade the enemy jungle and plant aggressive mushrooms in front of creep camps and all of their bushes. Be aware of the items Grez's Spectral Lantern and Hextech Sweeper, as they will make yourself and your mushshrooms visible.
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Items 3v3

On the Twisted Treeline you start with enough money for one of the following:

My common choice: gives more life, better last hitting and better laning through life steal.
But, I don´t recommend to buy more than 1 Dorans on Teemo, you need attack speed (e.g. Recourve Bow) as fast as possible, to make enough damage in early 3v3 fights. Your early surviability will come from your flat armor runes instead of stacked Dorans.

This is used if laning against Fizz/Kassadin/Rumble etc Top-Lane.
Also, you will get a faster Wit's End, good to have it fast against AP-champs.

With this items you will rush your Berserkers Greaves.

Both are for a really, really safe start against AD's like Pantheon and Fiora for example.
It is not really needed, but it will ease your laning.

, ,
In Season 2 I used to rush Wit´s End. Since it got nerfed really hard, and Malady got buffed I would recommend to rush Malady and Phage instead.

Defense Item:

against AD damage, better shrooms, awesome active
I would always choose the Witchcap, if the enemy has heroes like Fizz or Pantheon, which can quickly burst you down. Teemos "global taunt" will make him a priorized target in teamfights, and the active will save your life uncountable times. It will increase 3 of your damage abilities, you wont deal as much damage as AP teemo with your shrooms, but they will still hurt, and you won´t be so "useless" in teamfights.

Randuin's Omen is is really good against every champion relying heavily on autoattacks. I was able to kill a late game Jax, Jayce and Ashe at the same time (after evading Jax stun) thanks to this item´s movement and autoattack slow. Teemo has a really good Anti-AD-Carry skillset, and with this item he can fight toe-to-toe with Ashe, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Kog-Maw for example.

Endgame Luxuries:
With those Items you will wreck your opponents within no time.

First you should upgrade your Phage to:

It works good with Atmas Impaler, if you have it, but the Mallet alone gives you a strong slow effect and good surviability.

THe Season 3 Black Cleaver is really strong for AD-scaling bruisers, but it got nerfed for Teemo.
I would choose Blade of the Ruined King first.

Blade of the ruined King is a great counter to all Bruisers that are roaming on the Twisted Treelines battlefield. You will destroy tanky champions like Lee Sin, Yorick or Jax.
The active will not only heal you amd inflict damage to the enemy, but you will also steal movementspeed! So your enemy is slowed, while you become the fastest Teemo ever seen.

Other viable Items:

Zeke's Herald
Really good to have, since your whole team will benefit from this item.

- t.b.c.

Rejected Items on 3v3 On-Hit-Teemo:

"Nashor's Tooth does not benefit much into Teemo's on-hit damage. Nearly any other item will increase your damage output for less gold. Malady, for example, deals 20 bonus damage on hit as an item effect, and gives 25 ability power, causing Toxic Shot to deal the exact same amount of damage. However, it increases your damage because of the magic resistance reduction effect, which benefit all other on-hit effect items you currently have while costing 790 gold less. However, the cooldown reduction and the additional mana regeneration gives more opportunities to cast Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap, which provides much utility. If building Teemo into a mage, Nashor's Tooth is a must."
- extracted from:

On paper this items build from Sheen might look good, but you won´t have enough AD to make it worth it. You could consider building it after your Black Cleaver, but I would not recommend it. Sheen into Lich bane would maybe help laning against Vladimir, Brand or Cassiopeia, but I would rather build Force of Nature for Movement, Magic Resist and Surviability. You don´t have any spells to spam, in order to use the Sheen effect as often as normal Sheen champions (like Irelia, Shaco and Ezreal, which also have more AD and they have abilities which use the effect like an autoattack would do).
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Items 5v5

On Summoners Rift you start with enough money for one of the following:

Sight Ward and a few
my most common choice in 5v5. The ward is essential to survive lvl 1-6 agaisnt their jungler. You have t play agressive with Teemo to zone your opponent and while doing so a jungler could gank you easily.

If your opponent scares you like Pantheon or Rumble you can consider starting with either or

Boots of Choice + +
If the enemy team has a lot of slows/stuns and AP-damage I would tend to use the Mercury's Treads.

Alternative Core:
Boots of Choice + + Normal Core
After your Wriggles you start farming your normal core.
Wriggles Lantern is always good if laning against an AD-Champ, a champ that wants to bully you out of lane or a champion that tries to push your tower. The effect of the build in Madreds will help you clearing the minion waves at nearly the same time a Vladimir/Mordekaiser is doing it, and the build in lifesteal will help you staying in lane more than a dorans blade would do. Furthermore, a free ward is a free ward, don´t overestimate the vision range of your shrooms.

Defense Item:

Since the new gives so much health,
I would rush a while laning against Jax, Xin Zhao or Panthon.
Armor and Autoattackslow help you surviving, and Randuins will help you whole team.

Since every AD champion builds Black Cleaver I would recommend to get a Warmogs, since Armor is not that strong anymore. Randuins is good for the active, Wriggles is good for farming, else I would just get Health with Frozen & Warmogs.

This item will boost your resitances and the passive is really awesome on Teemo.
However it got nerfed with Season 3, and I would choose a Warmogs over GA everytime now.

Endgame Luxuries:
With those Items you will wreck your opponents within no time.

First you should upgrade your Phage to:

It works good with Atmas Impaler, if you have it, but the Mallet alone gives you a strong slow effect and good surviability.

Same reason as the 3v3 Black Cleaver, it is really strong on Teemo.
You can now wreck your opponents, and if your AD-Carry hits your targed he will benefit from the armor-decreasing effect.

The enemy team build tanky like hell, and you can´t kill the enemies Lee-Sin or Malphite ?
This item will come in handy. With your attackspeed you can kill every tanky champion with ease.
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This section will give you a basic understanding on how to play the On-Hit Bruiser.

Summoner Spells:

- I always take flash, just because Teemo is so squishy and has not the best escape mechanism. Nothing more to explain, nearly everybody is taking flash anyways.

- My 3v3 team is running double exhaust and 1 ignite with some exceptions ( ). Exhaust will negate most of the damage done by 3v3 bruisers like Jax, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin. With exhaust you can easily outrun them, when they flash to escape you use move quick and exhaust them to catch up. Also, the lowered resistance comes in handy.

- Ignite works great with your damage over time ability, and it counters heroes like Mundo, Master Yi or Swain. But Exhaust works better against most of the top lane champions.

- Due to the fact that most teams in 3v3 run double ignite, heal is not really effective. It can be used, but you have to calculate the reduced healing through ignite.

- not viable in 3v3 of course, but awesome for Teemo in 5v5, since you can teleport to your shrooms and you can go shopping and come back earlier than your opponent. I always take teleport in 5v5.You may not kill your lane opponent like you would do with Ignite, but youcan win you lane with teleport even more. Just Farm a bit with your enemy, push him under his turret and teleport to your base. Get new items and use teleport to get back to top immediately.
Congratulations, you lost no experience while having more items in your inventory than your enemy.

Not viable summoner spells:

- Ghost looks good first, because you are now able to outrun everyone.
But, what if that nasty low-HP Ezreal just jumps through a wall ?
I would prefer Flash over Ghost any day, because of the utility Flash gives, and the movement you already have thanks to Move Quick.

- I liked Surge on 3v3 and Dominion, because it will turn you into a little beast already in early game fights. But, it will be replaced with one of the next patches.

All other summoner spells are not really viable.

- more will follow (runes and masteries explanation)

I am currently trying all kind of runes and summonerspells and I will include pros/cons for each of them.
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- Screens with ingame team fight shots regarding good positioning will follow.
I am currently gathering screenshots taken during our 3v3 ranked teamfights.
As soon as I have enough material I will insert more information.
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It's a trap!

Shrooms in 3v3:

Some basic shroom locations, ALWAYS have a shroom on the speed shrine and your next bush.

If you are on the other side, just switch the shroom colors.

Green - defensive shrooms
Red - offensive shrooms

Shrooms in 5v5:

Teemo is a really good splitpusher. When you are outfarming your enemy and he can´t kill you anymore, just make sure to plant every possible path with a shroom and push as much as possible. The enemy team needs to gather forces to stop and catch you, and in this time your own team is able to reach other goals (dragon/ other towers).

Make sure to always place a shroom at the dragon and at the baron (blue dot) during midgame.

- Red: Defensive mushrooms once reaching lvl 6. Most important once are in the triple way bush and on the edge of the baron next to the triple bush.
- Green are the offensive Mushshrooms, when you pushed the tower next to them, or the defensive when your enemy pushed this tower.
- Pink are the offensive wards when you pushed past this tower, or the defensive wards when your enemy destroyed this tower.
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Laning against XY

This chapter is full with information about certain lane opponents for Teemo.
Since this guide is aiming on 3v3 tactics you will notice some differences to 5v5 gameplay.
(For example you have good chances against Yorick solo top in 5v5, but it is harder in 3v3)
I try to explain how to play against them and which items you should prioritize.


These champions are everything bad in the world. Literally.
I would recommend to switch the lane (Most of those heroes will get beaten by your teams tank). If you have to play against these, you will need a bit of luck and help from your Teammates to hold your ground! However, there are still a few tips which you can find below.


Description: Akali is a melee AP champion and she excels at killing squishy targets.
However, you have a chance to bully her out of lane until she reaches her full kill potential with level 6.

Strategy: Akali will try to zone you with Twilight Shroud. You should blind her after she uses Q in order to prevent the damage of her auto attacks. Place yourself as far as possible within last hit range, and hit her several times when her Twilight Shroud is on CD. You should be able to get rid of her health potions and send her back to base after 2 or 3 cooldowns of Twilight Shroud. Buy the Null-Magic Mantle as soon as possible, and the Recurve Bow afterwards. She will get annoying once lvl 6, but the teamfights should start at this phase.

Description: Cho'Gath is mostly played as AP tanky champion. He mostly starts to build Abyssal Mask or Rod of Ages. Cho'Gath is best known for his scary ultimate dealing true dmg and growing him bigger.

Strategy: Cho'Gath is slow - you are pretty fast. Use it to your advantage! Starting with Boots of Speed and your masteries/runes will allow you to dodge most of his Ruptures and Feral Screams. He will go very fast out of mana while spamming his spells, so force him to do that. After he misses his stun and hopefully his scream, run after him and punish him for missing his spells.

Description: Darius is an offtank, and probably one of the strongest early game damage dealers. His damage output is a mix of physical and true damage. However, Teemo is viewed as one of his hardest counters.

Strategy: Don´t let him stack his passive on you. Don´t let him pull you. You should hit him as often as you can after he misses his whirl and/or pull. When he hits level 6 you have to start playing cautious, before lvl 6 you can just bully him out of exp reach. you need boots as soon as possible, also you should considering rushing a solely Chain West to lower his damage output.

Description: Fiora is a melee fighter, she hits and moves fast and has 2 gap-closers (2x Lunge. Riposte is able to reflect one of your attacks. She will dive you with her ult Blade Waltz and probably kill you, if caught uncautious.

Strategy: Before lvl 6 you have to out farm her as hard as possible. Hit her several times until she use Lunge on you. When she has Riposte, use your W and run a few steps, when Riposte runs out blind and hit her again. Save enough money to buy Ninja Tabis and a Recourve Bow on the first teleport to base. If you manage to get those items as soon as possible, you can consider the lane as won, since her lunge + attacks will do less damage than you comeback with blind and autoattacks. As soon as she hits lvl 6 you probably need your teammates to gank her so that she either has to back off or use her ult to survive.

Description: Lee Sin is a melee fighter with the ability to either build like tanky ( Frozen Mallet) or build more offensively ( Trinitys Force). Due to his energy system he is able to spam his abilities.

It is uncommon for Lee Sin to take the top lane in 3v3, as he is able to jungle safely.
His ganks are deadly for Teemo, you need to dodge his Sonic Wave, otherwise you die. If he somehow lanes against you, try to always push the lane past the 2 bushes and freeze it there. Without those bushes you can always notice him when he tries to hit you with his kick.
You should also consider to skill a second lvl in Move Quick on lvl 4 in order to dodge his skillshot. When he misses his shot, still be cautious, he can jump to his minions with Safeguard and slow you with Tempest. Note: This spell will also detect you while you are hiding in your passive.

Description: Yorick can be described as AD offtank, but his skill set is different to the normal offtanks. He has no gap-closer and no hard AD nuke. He can summon 3 different ghouls, and the same skills will increase his damage/attack speed, heal him, and improve his movement speed while slowing his enemies. His fourth skill is able to revive an ally to fight on his side for a small amount of time after death.

Strategy: On top lane in 5v5 it easy to get rid of the ghouls, so that you can poke Yorick harder than he pokes you. In 3v3 he will just push you past the 2 bushes and is therefore able to spam his ghouls, where you cant get rid of them via running into the bushes. But, keep in mind that his only escape is flash. You should ask your teammates for ganks as soon and often as possible, since it is hard for him to withstand ganks after usage of his flash. He can get rid of mushshrooms with his ghouls, so plant them outside the bushes so that his ghoul scouting won´t destroy them.

Description: Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Jax and Shen are champions who rely on their autoattacks.

Strategy: Your blind will screw their engagements, and you can punish them for attacking you. Shen will heal himself with autoattacks after using Vorpal Blade on you, while Jax has Empower, which will greatly improve the damage of his next attack. Both will be negated by your blind. You can bully them out of lane and take your place in the bushes to prevent them from gaining exp. Care for Jax stun + Jump, just run out of range when he channels Counter Strike, afterwards chase him down. Your damage over time will be able to kill Tryndamere after his Undying Range. You can blind him after he whirls + Mocking Shouts you, and when the slow * blind runs out you can get away without getting any damage.

Description: Pantheon is Teemos mortal arch enemy.
He is so much harder to lane against than other AD-champions, and the worst part is:
If you die to him, you die to a man fighting in his underpants.
He has a long range AD nuke named Spear Shot, which has a higher range than you autoattacks, but a slightly lower range than your blinding shot. This nuke scales with 140% of his AD. He is able to block 1 tower shot/autoattack after using 4 spells. It will not guard him from your poison. With Aegis of Zeonia he can quickly jump and stun you, followed by his Heartseeker Strike.
His abilities and autoattacks will do more damage against targets below 15% HP, so don´t play on the limit.

I would recommend starting with Boots + Dorans Shield if you have trouble laning against Pantheon. I am able to survive the lane with Boots and Dorans Blade, but you have to be careful when trading hits with him. As soon as you fall below half HP he can jump you an kill you with Ignite and his AD nukes, as they will deal more damage when you are below 15% HP.
Try to stay out of range, push the lane so that he cannot take advantage of the bushes. If he has the bushes, he can freely farm and nuke you with his spear. When you push him past the bushes, harrass him with your Q and stay on the top side of the lane, and always fall back when the bot lane is miss. When you have boots, move quick and your blinding shot you can try to harass him out of your lane. just use your Q and move back afterwards as soon as possible. When he starts last hitting with Spear Shot, keep in mind that he still has jump and Heartseeker Strike, and the Spear shot has only 4 seconds cool down. You can win short blinding shot harrassement fights, but you can´t win long trades against him.

Description: Mordekaiser is an AP offtank. But, more "off" than "tank" in my opinion. He has no mana bar, instead he has a shield bar below his life points. Each time he damages an enemy champion or creep he will get a portion of the damage as shield. His Siphon of Destruction will only deal damage in a small cone, use this to your advantage.
On lvl 6 he can afflict an enemy with his Children of the Grave, dealing damage over time, and reviving his enemy to fight on his side when dying under the effect of this spell.

How to damage a Mordekaiser with his *cough*stupid*cough* shield ?
Step 1: Run backwards when he is about to use his .
(His shield will not be as strong when it hits only minions)
Step 2: Hit him a few times, but don´t forget his 6 seconds cooldown.
Step 3: Run backwards at 5 seconds, so when he tries to use , you will be out of range again.
Step 4: Rinse and repeat, after 2 or 3 times you will start to depleat his health bar instead of his shield bar, and you will win this lane.

But, he will push like a mad man. You can´t really stop his push, and he will have plenty space to gank your team while you are busy defending your tower.
But, luckily Mordekaiser is not the best ganker < lvl 6, if not easily the worst. Also, he has no escape next to his flash. Shutting him down will only take about 2 coordinated ganks by your team, similar to fighting Yorick. After you got your wits end you will win your lane, if moving fast enough to not get hit by his .

Description: Riven is one of the most mobile AD-Offtanks, and she can snowball out of control quite easy. She is able to engange quickly with her Broken Wings, but she will also use it as escape tool. Ki Burst will stun you when she is in close range. Valor will shield a bit of your damage, and it is another escape/gap-closing tool. Her lvl6 skill will improve all other skills and her autoattacks for 15 seconds, and she can release a damaging wave to finish off enemies. She has no mana and can freely spam her abilities.

Strategy: Don´t get tricked by her bunny riven skin. You should always fight for your place as bunny on the map. When she uses her Broken Wings, you should take a few steps back, in order to not get stunned. She will push the lane with using her first 2 abilities, so you can farm freely, while she gets vulnerable to ganks. Don´t let her farm to much, she is melee, and the only thing which saves her from your harrassment ( ) has a 10-8 seconds cooldown on the first levels. Just attack her without mercy after she uses Broken Wings and hopefully misses Ki Burst. Be sure to hit blindshot when she uses Broken Wing, since she will enhance her autoattacks after each spell, but your blind will make those enhanced attacks go poof.

Description: Jayce is able to switch between melee and range attackes, and if laning on top he will mostly build as AD-bruiser. He can harrass you with his long range and jump you afterwards with the hammer and .

Strategy: Don´t let him deplete your health bar with his long range nuke, especially when he shoots it through his gate. Always positioning yourself behind your minions to prevent him from jumping. As soon as he misses his crossbow nuke , hit him a few times, with the autoattack-reset thanks to your Blinding Dart. When lvl 6, plant a mushroom beneath your feet. When he jumps you, he will instantly be slowed. He will punch you away, after landing try tnot to run back or forwards, instead run to the other sides so that he misses his . He should be still slowed by the Noxious Trap, follow him and hit him.
Consider to buy a fast armor item, in order to lower the damage he can deal with his combo.

- other champions will follow.
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- reserved for Gameplay-Videos
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First I have to say: This build is not viable in ranked!

However, it is pretty funny to play in normal games, as you will catch your enemies off guard and confused. Teemo is able to clear the jungle safely and will stay the same level as your bot lane. Your ganks are quite good with the red buff and your poison. Once you got your wriggles, your boots and your phage you are a force to be reckoned with.

Start-Items and Jungle-Route:
- First, start with Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion. Ask your midlane for help with the blue buff and attack it with your passive attackspeed boost. You have to always use your passive in order to clear it fast. Afterwards skill your blinding shot.

- Now you can kill the wraiths, and pay attention to your midlane. If the enemy is close to your tower, you should gank him to get a kill, force a flash or at least a health potion.

- After you obtained your red buff, you should try to gank the toplane, killing him or sending him back home. Kill the golems and repeat if you have health potions left.

- On the first back buy boots and either Spirit Stone or Madred's Razor. Now you should farm every camp possible, invade the enemy jungle as you can get out there quite easy with your Move Quick and gank with your red buff as often as possible. Don´t invade if the enemy has Lee Sin as jungler!

- Finish your Berserker's Greaves, your Wriggle's Lantern or Spirit of the Elder Lizard and your Phage and win your game.

Alternative Jungle Route if the Enemy does not have Shyvana, Lee Sin or Warwick and only if you´re sure that the enemy jungler is starting at blue.

Start-Items and Jungle-Route:

- First, start with Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion. Ask your midlane for help with the wolves and skill your Toxic Shot first. Kill the wolves.

- Afterwards head to your blue buff. Ask the midlane to leash it for you, and start hitting it with your passive attackspeed boost. You have to always use your passive in order to clear it fast. Afterwards skill your blinding shot. Your midlane should help you killing it fast, in order to save your smite.

- Refill your HP with potions and head to the enemies red buff. Hide with your passive in the bush, with vision to the red buff. Wait for the enemy jungler, and when he starts to attack the red buff, wait a moment, then either kill him, steal the red buff, or do both.

- If the enemies top/bot/mid lane is missing, hide a moment in the bushbehind the red buff´s wall. When they´re back, run to your jungle to safe our own red buff from beeing invaded.

- Proceed with your normal jungle route.
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Please leave a comment and rate my guide.

Thank you for reading.

- Thanks to TinyStar, for my super-awesome headers.
You can ask her for something similar here!
- Thanks to Utopus for some thoughts about my guide.
- Thanks to everyone commenting, voting and every bit of constructive critique.
- Special thanks to The Rain Man, his Teemo-Guide was a huge help when I started playing Teemo a long time ago.

19.11.2012 - published this Guide.
20.11.2012 - item choices adjusted and explained, laning against Pantheon/Mordekaiser added
20.11.2012 - rejected items added, skillset explanation added, lane against Riven added
22.11.2012 - item build for 5v5 Top-Lane added
22.11.2012 - Builds for Jungle-, Tank-, and AP-Teemo added, Jungle Guide added.
23.11.2012 - Itembuilds adjusted, Randuin's Omen as item and Laning against Jayce added.
23.11.2012 - Counter-jungling Red Buff with your passive explained.
27.11.2012 - pictures from TinyStar added :)
27.11.2012 - Wriggle's Lantern added, Mushrooms 5v5 added
05.02.2013 - Updated to Season 3

- Vlad & Rumble Laning work-in-progess, will be published later
- AP- and Tankteemo 3v3/5v5 items work-in-progress, will be published later

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