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Twisted Fate Build Guide by RikudouDovahkiin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RikudouDovahkiin

TF [Under-Cons] Guide: I have one more card to play!

RikudouDovahkiin Last updated on November 22, 2017
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Venomous Cards

Twisted Fate Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Arcane Comet
Arcane Comet
LoL Rune: Manaflow Band
Manaflow Band
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Relentless Hunter
Relentless Hunter

+15 Attack Damage or +25 Ability Power (Adaptive)

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lee Sin Lee Sin can be counter you. He can even use that Q-Q-W-Flash-R combo to secure kills. Play with totems don't underrate his power as a gap closer. He can open many ways to win a teamfight for his team. Map awareness is really important especially when have a enemy like him.
Katarina Be wary of her burst damage and roam power. That must be everything about her. Just be careful as you have a guaranteed stun skill to follow Kat.
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Hi, guys, this is my first guide so try to be kind please, my main lane is Support, earlier ago that was mid whatever. As a Twisted Fate, your quest shall be the win all lanes with ultra psychic powers, there are variety of playstyles and guides on TF, however, I'll try to explain one of most classical old style build on this season- also probably the most consistent pathways to build, as an experienced old mid main, I shall say that Twisted Fate is focused on mechanics, positioning, game knowledge instead of pure reflex or champion skill, and to win hard lanes, remember that he's not the strongest meta pick perhaps, but it doesn't mean you shall lose, because Twisted is special in his own style. And our technique forms around our team, capabilities, and so on.

"I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Change your perception of what a miracle is; you'll see them all around you." ~An Oracle's Ballad of Fortune'


Lol sorry, guys, I'm updating this old thing to catch-up reality, build is gonna be usually based on Dopa's setup and I'm planning to restore this old build with new tricks, sorry for long await *-*

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Why TF?

  • AA: Normal attacks done by champions, which usually happens physical form of damage.
  • AP: Ability power which increases magical damage done through items and abilities
  • AD: Attack damage increases physical damage done through skills and attacks
  • MR: Magic resistance to blocking enemy magical damage
  • AR: Armour to blocking enemy physical damage
  • CS: Creep score which mentions minion kills
  • CC: Crowd control, that prevents enemy movement or skills and such
  • NERF: Debilitation to certain champion, items and things, aka balance changes
  • Dirty Farm: Taking jungle during laning phase to achieve advantage against opponent
  • AI: Active items that can be used with the certain times and cooldowns

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Hi again, in this section I will try to share different pieces of music suits Tf that might fit your music taste. Feel free to suggest music pieces by mail- or in comment sections;



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Pros / Cons

PROS + Great crowd control
+ Whole-map level pressure
+ Natural burst damage
- Somewhat weak against gap closers
- Requies high game & position control
- Requies high performance to compensate in-lane weakness

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You can gather various kills form lanes or help a fallen lane with your teleport you can also split-push push lanes with this skill; like in LCS Fnatic vs Royal Club. Royal Club'S Shen'' killed tower so while doing it others buy time for him. While doing it he could join baron fight. Your ultimate is very similar to Shen's Stand United. Don't forget if the enemy team has an invisible threat, you can use ultimate to make them un-invisible to your team, it will be a 'danger alarm' for them, instead. Or something like this.

Loaded Dice (Passive): Many of champions tend to increase their gold income, Twisted has an innate passive that rolls upon killing an enemy, this roll can be a number from 1 to maximum of 6, means potentially almost a one cannon minion for every minion wave, it gives nearly 1k gold around mid-game if used properly. So shall focus on minions and enemy jungle scores to consume and left behind enemy in items, so with that, you can finish scaling items earlier compared to other champions.

Loaded Dice It's similar to old Ashe's E. It's just awesome while farming you will get +1-+2...+6 more gold from every minion score, the value is determined by chance, I guess. So you can reach anyone about gold while ganking other lanes. In the late game, it can provide you 0.5-2.0k gold. Not much to say, I guess ya?
Wild Cards (Q): This ability is a classical mage's general spammable, lane-pushing- executing skill-shot, throws 3 cards in row, which doesn't stop upon hitting minions.

, a projectile skill that can be blocked with Wind Wall. You will usually want to maximise this ability first, deals an amount of -pseudo AoE- damage by throwing skill-shots in different directions. You can use it on incoming enemy minion wave to lower all of their HP, and push easily, last hit few minions or lock-poke enemy laner when he/she's under-tower because has a multidirectional use in lane, you can both aim your opponent and last-hit a minion that is about to die near you. When used with RoA, since Q spends quite a bit of mana, it also refunds a good amount of HP back with catalyst passive. Max it first/second if possible.

Pick a Card (W): Signature ability of Twisted Fate. Using spell bring ups a decision based three-card monte like option. It regularly changes, when you press W again, selects the current card.

Blue Card restores mana while Red slows and deals AoE damage and Yellow Card stunts the target. Blue Card has the highest damage among the three, while Red comes handy in enemies clustered in one place, Yellow is our key for combo, auto attack -> yellow -> auto attack -> Q, Q is a skillshot skill and stun helps with it. You can use Blue for mana management and poking in lane, when your jungler comes, don't reveal him/her instantly by picking Yellow abnormally. Flash + Yellow is a strong weapon of TF. Max this second/first.
Stacked Deck (E): This is a passive, on-hit ability on every 3-4. attack it deals an amount of magic damage to target while providing also a passive attack speed buff as innate. It is our filling damage, stack the deck by hitting then ''Pick a Blue Card'' in order to deal a serious amount of poke damage in lane, this is basically; E+W+AA+(other things like Lich if you have) in one attack, and helps greatly on farming and such. Open at level 2 then max it last if possible.

Destiny (R): Another defining spell of Twisted Fate. On first cast, reveals all hidden enemies, stealthed enemies on map for a time. On second cast in a certain range, teleports you to target location, teleport animation/focus takes nearly 1-2 seconds, and allows you to use Pick a Card, usually you will want to pick Yellow card to setup great kills or save a teammate, you can possibly use it when your bot lane or teammate has started a fight or get caught, turning a healthy 2v2 into a 3v2 basically means a crushing presence in lane, push your lane if possible then look for opportunuties, these are the basic things of R.


+ =>=>=>

in the first Stacked Deck image I meant you must stack Stacked Deck and land with Pick A Card so you will damage 2-3x times with single strike then after stun you can possibly land at least one or more few normal attacks in addition and Wild Cards and again a normal attack with enough speed.

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Hi again, we can speak a bit about runes first of all. Runes are like, in-game extra abilities perhaps active powers/stats that can be triggered, some runes are like innate powers and doesn't interactively change your whole gameplay in a different style, some passives let you exceed the default mode limits, like how every character has a limit of 2.50 attack speed. Runes are adjustable in champ select screen, and some runes can help you to exceed those limits by given options, like how ultimate cap reduces your ultimate time outside of general cooldowns additionally(works multiplicative). Primary paths happen to provide some stats. Rune pages have a limit of 6 cage choices:
  • Slot for total 6 runes,
  • 1 keystone and 3 runes from your primary path,
  • 2 runes from your secondary path,

And that somewhat also means, we abandon/give up on a strong game-style changer keystone by another picking another one. So that directly states we can focus on our game-style and strengthen our already strong side of our capabilities, or compensate the weak side, additional mobility. However to remind; those runes are still feeling a bit passive unlike some ultra decision based RPG's, why we're speaking this? Because some players have really rarely used pages, while other some player using usual-general pages, but runes should be matching your champion, your gameplay, and your build. Some may be using a sup keystone; Aery'' as a damage dealer, while opposite laner uses Kleptomancy to revoke the damage done by Aery with potions generated with this rune, however as an assassin-like mage, we shall be focusing on damage if we're planning to play TF properly.

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever" ~Russel'

Twisted Fate there are several different ways to invest point through runes tree. We may take our first 4 points into Sorcery as the start in order to get sustain, utility while leading our damage potential still. Utilising Scorch, Nullifying Orb, Celerity Gathering Storm, Manaflow Band sound juicy isn't it? Don't forget that there are plenty of combinations- so In this section we shall be more focusing on viability than going straight that is da best, because meta is still taking shape;
  • Precision: Attack Speed +18%, Inspiration-> +20%
  • Domination: Adaptive 11 AD/18 AP, Inspiration-> 16 AD/27 AP
  • Sorcery: Adaptive 15 AD/25 AP, Inspiration-> 16 AD/27 AP
  • Resolve: +HP 130 HP, Inspiration -> +145 HP
  • Inspiration: Grants bonus 20% potion and elixir duration -> amplifies secondary tree's given stat by a little amount.

This means you can utilize Sorcery by even playing an AD champion because given AD/AP bonus is adaptive and you can take mana sustain rune from sorcery or inspiration to restrain your mana pool. Which directly leads us to ''new runes are flexible'' idea, feels like there is no certainty yet nevertheless we're trying to determine most positive; performance well-accepted pages.



Domination tree offers some good/situational properties, vision, and hunting based runes and is usually for assassin champions who seek a chance to deal single-burst damage to one champion, might be the not best choice for TF, as Sorcery already fits like a glove. However taking this as the second tree is a possibility, cause of how less-important runes have a big impact on TF's sustain and damage, but as the primary path, it is possible as well, yet feels a bit weak when we consider how TF handles the keystones, but shouldn't be too negative isn't so? Because it's just like our old Thunderlord tree, lets have a look what we have here:
Domi Keystones


[*] Cheap Shot: Cheap shot helps ya for dirty strikes, deals a slight amount of ''True Damage'' combined with your CC' you can possibly make a decent use of this rune and it increases our poke potential further combined with Scorch and such. Fills the annihilating damage, and helps with finishing strikes.
[*] Taste of Blood: It is our new sustain rune, recovers some HP upon landing normal attacks regularly, and have good use in lane, can be taken for further survivability purposes, but RoA and Spellvamp rune already gives sustain, this can be an overkill combined with other options.
[*] Sudden Impact: It's for those champions with natural leap abilities, and so, you will have no use besides ulti and Flash and so. Supplies with a burst of Lethality and Magic Penetration' after using a blink and so on. Skip on, shouldn't have a real use in a serious match, dealing true damage on stuns could be more beneficial than this fantasia.


[*] Zombie Ward vs Ghost Poro vs Eyeball Collection: All of them can have their uses on TF, zombie is good for ward clearing around the lane-brushes and for river vision, Poro perhaps not the best one however can some use in certain situations, for lane safety- Eyeball grants some amount of AP for stacks, at max stack it gives total 30 AP, not that useful on such a champion, high AP ratio-enchanters can value this rune better, however if you accept even the littlest AP, this can help.


[*] Ravenous Hunter vs Ingenious Hunter vs Relentless Hunter: And finally our last branching of Domination Tree, they are getting stronger on every unique enemy champion kills up to maximum of 5 stacks, Ravenous adds a spell vamp alike effect, which compensates old Vampirism mastery, while Ingenious lowers the CD on Zhonya and such items, and the last one grants out of combat MS, hastens the returning to lane actions, making ganking-landing stun relatively easily, however Ingenious for Q+ healing and relentles for MS seems like the best options in this branch for us.


Sorcery Tree offers a good mix of utility, damage, source sustain for most mage characters, and for Twisted, Sorcery can be beneficial because it offers beloved movementspeed for Twisted, some sustain and damage, with an additional effect that transforms some portion of MS into additional AP, which is like no-brainer on some builds, most of the Sorcery tree suits Twisted gamestyle and is possible to invest 4 points into Sorcery' as runes varies and Twisted has many things to pick up from there, so lets have look into possible choices:
  • Summon Aery: This, rune is nerfed since most of serious mages/sups abusing the damage/shield provided by this rune, or better say other options are/was trash tier compared to this? AA poke becomes more dangerous with Aery's help and your Heal spell sometimes save an ally with additional shield provided, but Meteor is dealing more damage in a brief time.
  • Arcane Comet: This Keystone adds another triggering ability to our arsenal, upon landing a skill to the enemy champion a meteor hurls upon the enemy, a skill shot like thing, however, it is obvious that Twisted has a stun for landing comet. Meteor deals more damage in single one-time use if it lands properly, Twisted indeed can be poker in lane, but when you stun your enemy, I guess keystone ''should'' deal a bit more damage- Arcane is our go to go for now, since Aery is nerfed we can focus on Comet.
  • Phase Rush: This is our new Stormraider's Surge with much more clipped stats, TF is not a melee so slow resist won't avail, and you know Twisted is a ranged champion, when he enters the radius, basically lands a guided-CC. So you won't be in need of this rune that much, especially slow resist got clipped, looks similar to Ghost, however, Ghost grants more speed at late game. If it were doing old slow-resist magic perhaps it could be unique and useful. Having to land 3 unique attack to trigger speed just feels a bit weak, where you can take 40% HP of the enemy with a single card- but cannot trigger speed-burst?


  • Nullifying Orb: A Malmortius alike- passive, triggers when you get low at HP cause of a magic sourced/type damage, can block a slight amount of magic damage, helpful against mages with their disgusting ignites, might help to mitigate AP damage especially for those furious kill-based mages, it relatively has a long cooldown for the amount of shield it provides, to make a strong use of shield, I guess, it should have been like 45 secs, Twisted's magical shield against dangerous mages. This version should come handy as well against magic oriented compositions.
  • The Ultimate Hat: This rune grants you ultimate CDR, and bonus improves further until to max 5 stacks, every R used gives one stack, grants 15% CDR at the total for just your ultimate. Works like a charm, having nearly 20 secs cut off from your multi opens many won team-fights doors to its full, works in harmony with your normal CDR (multiplicative), I don't prefer this rune on TF that much, he already can achieve decent CD with ulti.
  • Manaflow Band: Another useful artefact for Twisted, perhaps an ethereal or physical ring, whatsoever, it makes next spell totally free on mana, uses mana from the ring, like Galadriel's Nenya and ring activates regularly per 60 seconds, better say CD. And refunds a portion of missing mana, champions with high mana pools can value this mastery, especially for TF, who has high mana costs; can really save impactful mana, depends on gameplay, if you're going to build source items and need MR, however you cannot afford much, you may go with Orb or if you need ultimate CDR, sometimes activates at around 50 mana and makes mana card usable, can recover nearly +250 total mana with mana card, when you hit low at mana, can be a life saver.


  • Transcendence: This rune is made for those champions who simply cannot be played properly without CDR runes, grants you 10% CDR at level 10 and excessing maximum CDR limit grants you AP, 2. part of this rune won't work most of the times in optimal builds, even it triggers it shall provide a max amount of +10-20 AP for the most times, but Twisted already has many ways to build CDR'es, and values MS as well, we shall usually tend to take Celerity over Transcendence, some pro players tending to take transcendence, yet a preferance matter.
  • Celerity: Old classical quints were granting 4.5% MS, while this gives 4% but with an additional effect that adds a part of MS into AD/AP adaptively as bonus, which is strong for MS based champions, almost a no-brainer choice, so we're usually should be takin' Celerity and gives a slight amount of AP combined with MS items, can help with our positioning and create MS advantage over some enemies, helps with many example CC' cards.
  • Absolute Focus: Absolute Focus is absolutely has a cute yet strong Korra like drawings/colours, and Twisted can simply make a good use of this spell however other two are just too much more important and Absolute Focus could be taken if it wasn't in the same branch with CDR and MS ones, also staying always above 70% is not possible yet could be useful, but other two options are way more precious for Twisted to give up on mere AP for being at high HP.


  • Scorch: Scorch is for spell-poking champions like Sona, Karma and adds simply a burning like damage after landing 1 spell, with a 20-8(?) CD. Your basic E basic attack shall trigger that, when you're out of mana- means basically extra damage, like you added another level into a single spell, fills the lack of last finishing coup, Twisted makes good use of burning-card'' idea.
  • Waterwalking: This means enhanced MS and AP in the river, helps greatly when roaming or chasing in river water, just like another tier 1 boots, and shall become stronger with Celerity. An option for roaming-objective based match-ups or when you just basically skip on Scorch and want more MS, instead of in lane presence, a viable rune for MS.
  • Gathering Storm: This is the third option of all three we have mentioned, grants scaling AP/AD adaptively on the game length scales into almost 100 AP at 40 mins, but games usually happen to end/form around 25 mins nowadays and Scorch does its job combined with your poke, also Tf has 2 skills that have no AP ratios, so for higher fill damage, Scorch could be a better choice, however if you're planning to scale into late-game, this can provide a serious amount of AP for a rune- at late game.


Resolve tree, as is evident from it's name, offers survivability, live through battles and such fancy words, ohm, shielding ally, dealing AoE damage on heavy CC(?) and healing upon landing normal attack that is for melee tanks, all of keystones are not really useful on TF so we can skip this tree's keystones:

  • Unflinching: Grants tenacity and slow resist for each 'summoner spell' that is on cooldown timer, and grants additional resist against those CC's for first 10 sec(?) after using a spell, can be taken against high CC teams but Mercury's Treads are already there to pick against CC, having to use spells to activate tenacity is a bit too much, we're not burning our spells in instant like team-fight searching tanks.
  • Other two options are not worth considering at all, generally.


  • Iron Skin: Increases armour, consuming a single use potion or healing more than 20 increases your armour even further and that potion recovers additional 20 HP, useful to pick against high AD compositions with Kleptomancy, helps greatly/decent with HP sustain alongside with armour to mitigate some damage.
  • Mirror Shell: Increases magic resistance by an amount of 5 as for start, consuming a single use HP potion or healing more than increases your magic resistance even further and recovers additional 20 HP more from single-use HP potions, useful to pick against magic damage composited teams as it provides good amount of survivability.
  • Conditioning: After 10 mins you gain additional magic resistance and armour, however, to get the effect first 10 mins has to pass, doesn't add resists at the very start of game -early- but useful, can be taken when both types of damage is problem. Usually picked for passive laners such as Janna, you may want def especially against your lane opponent.


  • [[Second Wind}]: Second Wind is a Doran Shield alike effect, grants you additional regeneration based on your missing health when you got hit by another champion's AA- for poke heavy lanes, Second Wind helps you to stay in lane longer and becomes stronger with additional max HP items like RoA. Because it works on max HP. Best choice for this branch for TF, I guess. Works in harmony with Kleptomancy + Iron Skin and such, can be picked for really high regen in the lane to handle enemy poke.
  • Other two options in this slot are not worth considering at all.


Inspiration tree, offers variety in some topics like rule bending, expanding game variety, like being able to buy items with debt or expanded maximum CDR on abilities and so on. This tree offers things that Twisted can make decent/good use of. Having extra few flashes throughout the game could be helpful but also feels sorta passive- inspiration affects your game more different than other trees do and if you like those rule bendings, lets get into the useful runes:

+Increased stats for the 2. tree; for example like how Sorcery grants nearly 30 AP when combined with Inspiration in this way. Also amplifying Inspiration-> Kleptomancy keystone with an added combo with Resolve tree is a possibility, you can catch stronger effects with such combinations. Since new runes are way too flexible; can suit many champions in different ways like this, potions, increased CDR cap, bonus resistances are useful as well, giving up on Celerity? You can build MS up from another rune in Inspiration. Extra damage on spells? You're generating consumables which grant various battle stats and gold on spell->AAs sometimes. So it looks like more of a preference matter than old certain choices;

  • Unsealed Spellbook: Grants 25% CDR on summoner spells, allows changing summoner spells in game like with on certain mins, of course, we can take Ionian, a keystone shouldn't be wasted on such a dramatic choice, perhaps some spell dependant champions have a better angle of using this keystone, we'll lose too much lane presence by taking this, can be perhaps viable when planning to land way much more Flash + Stun than it should be.
  • Glacial Augment: Is for those heavy poke champions with no real CC or weak CC, and Tobias already has a stun ability, having an additional strawberry added to the top of the cake is not that all required, and is perhaps useless. The enemy will already be in shy position from your stuns, like if they would ever let that slowing cards, even if so; whats the point of slowing a stunned enemy.
  • Kleptomancy: My one of favourite keystones on TF. A multidirectional utility rune. After using an ability, the next auto attack gains a chance to generate a consumable and grants extra gold for poking. Those consumables can be various things from gold pouches to ability point potions. This is something which Twisted can make use of, one of the most comfortable casters of this rune, having extra potion drops can help you to sustain and for earlier completed core items.

    A possible keystone, effect of healing can be further increased with Iron Skin or [[magic shell], I'm implying that one-time use little HP potions is getting stronger with those runes. However a loss of damaging keystone can be impactful on actual game-play if you're not planning to go aggressive/passive with teleport and so-on, may be a logical choice as extra gold generated alongside with your passive shall let leading the game with early taken strong items, an interactive funny yet strong keystone, near essential level for our Alchemist build.


  • Hextech Flashtraption vs Biscuit Delivery vs Perfect Timing: Hextech gives an additional focus-casting time required flash with a significant range when normal Flash is on CD and is good for chaser-CC champions such as Morgana and so, TF can has a decent use as well probably, yet we shall focus on more solid factors like how biscuit regens missing HP and MP, while extending mana pool by 40 for each biscuit (?). Perfect timing is a possibility as well, lowers Zhonya's CD and grants a one-time use economical stasis effect. However biscuit is and Zhonya is just too good to pass on, I guess.


  • Magical Footwear: Magical Footwear can be the first/second rune we should focus on getting in this branch, you cannot buy boots in first 10 mins, then you're granted a magical boots that are slightly faster than normal boots and upgrading your magical boots is 350 gold cheaper than upgrading normal tier 2 boots. It's an economical option and allows you to compensate a little your lack of MS runes from Celerity if you haven't taken yet, for per takedown arriving time of boots are reduced for 30s., that means you can get your magical boots earlier than 10. minute, prevents you from buying boots earlier, which is the disadvantage side of this rune.
  • Future's Market: This is our go-to go rune in this branch. Some champions basically like completing important items earlier, for an example mind a Janna awaits 150 gold in the base to finish Ardent; now mind that same scenario with Market, now she can basically go - gold with debt mechanic and return to laning phase normally, with item completed earlier. Since Twisted values MS, taking Magical boots may be a bit risky, cus of 10 min thing, however this is freer and you can go base- take boots or an additional little item then teleport back to lane without wasting time 4 item, now the power of knowledge and understanding of exchange art and persuasion is at your command, shall we say? Sir, earlier completed RoAs incoming.
  • Minion Dematerializer: Increases your damage against minions after a bloody ritual or what? What this thing does exactly? Basically, skip.


  • Cosmic Insight: Grants 5% CDR on abilities, items, spells and grants additionally 5% maximum CDR on abilities, our new Intelligence rune, stronger than the old version by also granting CDR on items and spells, a reasonable alternative, CDR is precious for Twisted, having empowered cards as soon as possible is vital for Twisted, as it can define who lives on battlefield. Yet very alternatives are possible as well since it's still preseason and game styles vary.
  • Approach Velocity: Grants additional MS towards enemies that are impaired with your CC, TF has a stun ability, which helps to hold enemy in a distance, enemies CC'ed by Yellow Card shall already be in your near distance, having 10% bonus MS towards them seem a bit meaningless, but could be useful for Red Card thou, however 5% CDR is valuable for TF and you don't have much CC' abilities besides W, even if Q could apply Rylai's slow, that would be a weird set-up isn't it :D
  • Celestial Body: Gives 100 maximum HP, 10% reduced damage until first 10 mins., a possibility having 100 HP additionally and 10% damage cut-off in early game shouldn't affect that much if you're playing with a late scaling build, since HP can somewhat compensate the trades in lane. Combined with Second Wind (missing HP regen) rune can work in harmony with this one. But should we really give up on 5% bonus CDR for 100 HP? Depends on game-style, can be taken alongside with Kleptomancy->Resolve to get nearly +245-300 HP at level 1 when playing for late advantage.

Taking Sorcery-Domination-Inspiration as primary paths is all possible. Taking Domination as the primary path is not somewhat that shiny and useful'' for T. Fate. However, in select screen, you can adjust your runes to the enemy; like if opponent team has an assassin, Zhonya' thing from runes or magic shield can be picked. 1. Tree is more of a cake choice because keystone plays the determinative role here, and not that situational as other trees and provides a good mix of flat/easy to use stats that TF will benefit in many game-styles. There are vast combinations yet we shall focus on one way or another to getting into our juicy CDR'es or MS.

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Starting Items

Most of the mid-mages can build this ring, due to given extra stats, an perhaps unusual real-cost difference, can potentially restore around 150-200 mana with just mana on kill passive, helps with early sustain combined with 2 potions. Designed for most mages, Twisted also tends to take this, however with Alchemist build, other two startings can be more beneficial.

The corrupted flask is a refillable potion and recovers noticeably mana and HP during lane, however, mana potions can already be dropped with Kleptomancy and mana ring, this item helps against melee opponents and spamming skills becomes more available during laning phase. An alternative to Doran; helps with mana regen + HP until the mid-late game, later can be sold, and is getting stronger with Kleptomancy's elixir and potion duration. Fits Alchemist build.

This start-up is good when you'll just snowball your lane, grants increased AP for champion takedowns, later can be completed into Mejai for MS and high amount of AP, gives a decent/well mana pool for an AP starting item, can be stayed up w


h3] Lich Bane is the most popular item on Twisted Fate. It provides a good amount of mixed stats that is useful to TF. So you can destroy an enemy carry, bonus on-hit damage shines when you basically pop-up W card selection.[/h3]

Abyssal Mask is very good for short-ranged mid ap characters. Like Ahri, Lissandra, Swain, Nidalee(She don't have long-range at mid-lane so you will overwhelm her). This item giving a big amount of Mr. its giving 5-10% Mr. and with passive if enemy have low Mr. e.g 40 it will be 20 that will increase your damage 5-10% that will cause to destroy your enemy. Yeah Twisted Fate with [Fiddlesticks]'s Dread.

Athene's Unholy Grail was very popular a few months ago. I think everyone forgot that awesome item. Its supporting you with a little Mr. amount and giving good mana-regen so you will don't need to use only blue card in teamfights. Your max mana will be 1k in late game i think, every combo will consume 100-200 mana so Pick A Card will be 3-4 secs you can finish your mana in a few secs. With high mana regen that will be not problem. With new passive its getting stronger in late game. You can reach 10-20 mana regen ^^.

Deathfire Grasp its very popular for mid ap carriers. Its good item for Nuke-damage. I don't recommend that item if you don't get fed its quite expensive so you can't finish other good items with a few fail you will die in teamfights. That item cannot save you ! But don't forget if you get fed buy it first so you can destroy anyone in your way.

Rabadon's Deathcap if enemy don't have magic resistance its best item for increase your damage. It will be more penetrative with Deathfire Grasp. And don't forget with your Archmage passive + Rabadon's Deathcap it will increase your Ability Power 35%.

Zhonya's Hourglass this item is my fav. it can save you from any situations in teamfights so you can save 1 score too from enemy team and secure minions. e.g. when Karthus use Requiem you can

Mercury's Treads my classic choice for mids against Hard-CC team. You will not be a big hero with Sorcerer's Shoes its decrasing stun and snare and other debuff durations so you can run away easily with this awesome item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is very useful with Pick A Card. Its a genocide weapon that will drive mad enemy team. Can u mind Red card slow + Rylai's Crystal Scepter in team fights?

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Laning Phase

In laning phase all you need high-sustain and high poking-harass ability, lane safety, pushing power and perhaps kill potential. Try to kill every minion and only select blue card in laning phase. Sometimes like enemies Kassadin-Lissandra-Vladimir-Diana-Leblanc can dominate lane and you can be obliged to farm under tower. So when this time comes use red card and stun+q combo to poke enemy mid laner, which shall keep them away a lil' bit.
You will need 1 or 2 totems for control right times for dirty-farm and gang enemy's blue. And don't forget to join dragon team fights <3

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Its easy with Twisted Fate. You have infinite mana with best skill in the game :3 So you can change mid lane's fate with your cards. I mean;

-Blue Card: Its only meaning 1 thing. Minion = Gold.
-Red Card: If you love pushing lane and taking towers your best friend is red card.
-Yellow Card: If you playing for kills yellow card is essential for your journeys.

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Team Work

Team Work yeah. Thats why i love Twisted Fate. He can play as a team support or a ap carry. First thing about team work;

-Before go laning phase help your jungle with your everything!
-Gang bot lane if enemy adc get scores so you re only one who can stop this madness!
-In teamfights don't attack directly just try to land critical stuns to enemy carries in case they got caught. So that will be end of them.
-In team fights just get calm. Guard your adc and destroy their forefront team. That will break their ADC-APC's def. so you will don't need to care your adc cause of Kha-Zed they can't attack without tank since your stun will be fatal.
-Join Dragon and Baron fights! Baron - Dragon = Passive Boost that will never end until destroy enemy nexus that new damage and speed boost is awesome!

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Late Game

In team fights, they will focus you and attack without any doubt so even you feed that means you can bait them. If they focus you try to give maximum damage and stay alive. Don't forget your main goal is destroying enemy AP-AD carry. Always try to assasinate/catch enemy alone or wait your support or tank for a teamfight. If you try to start a teamfight you will probably get killed by enemy assassin or you will linger in the middle of the teamfight.