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Yasuo Build Guide by Johny223

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Johny223

The Master Of Wind, Here To Blow Your Mind

Johny223 Last updated on June 29, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate you block most of his abilities so good luck!
Lux you cant block her ULT and E but otherwise go wild,she is squishy so use it!
Gragas you counter his ult and q, just be careful, his q will still explode as it will stop where it was blocked ( i believe so )
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hey, im John (ingame Johny223) and this is my yasuo guide!, this is my first guide so please be patient, please comment on how i can improve this guide, and what you think i should add or change!

a tiny bit about me.
im a player on EUNE, started playing at the summer of season 4 i am an allrounder, but main jungle when it comes to rank , i started playing yasuo as soon as i got 6300 ip, i saw a friend play him and wanted to try him as well, the friend allowed me to use his account to try him, and since then i love playing yasuo, i bought him ( first or second character i bought ) and the rest as they say, is history ( too soon? :P ).

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+ no mana
+ projectile blocking
+ one of the best farmers in the game
+ has very powerful teamfights
+ high mobility
+ low cooldowns
+ Crit items are very gold efficient on him ( Way of the Wanderer)
+ Strong laner
+ Scales incredibly well
+ Works well with a lot of champions
+ Extremely mobile
+ Great at split pushing, his power spikes are very noticeable
Yasuo is extremely mobile as well as extremely powerful, his crit chance is doubled which makes it easier to split push and win teamfights, also makes his wave clear very powerful, works well with ANYONE that has even the smallest knock up, his laning phase in mid and top is one of the strongest there is, he has 2 defensive abilites for survival (and teamfighting) and his Steel Tempest is attack speed cooldown based.


- item reliant
- hard to master
- no real escape
- gets behind easily
- farm dependant
- Prone to getting ganked
- Very hard to play at top level
- Need a lot of game knowledge to effectively make use of him
- End game team fights are awkward if no knock ups
his escape relies on his high mobility and juking skills, he needs to use Sweeping Blade on hostile minions/champions/creeps in order to escape, when he gets countered he gets countered hard, most of his counters deny his farm which will just delay his first item and so on, and seeing as he needs items to be effective its a problem, since he has no real escape he is prone to getting ganked, he has alot of endgame power from his ult Last Breath as it gives 50% armor penetration after use, but if his team lacks knockups it gets awkward.

around 50% of these pros/cons are written in other guides, but the pros/cons of my own thought as well are listed here, all for the benefit of the player ( from the yasuo guide by cloud-9 )

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Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Attack Damage x9 easier farm early game, and overall damage boost
Greater Seal of Armor x9 better defense throughout the game
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x5 scaling ap resist is more efficient than the regular magic resist, possible to take 4
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x4 good starting magic defense, can replace with scaling magic resist for better resistence late game
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3 for farming and overall damage boost
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal i wouldn't take this over attack damage but its a possibility

its possible to play around with the quints in anyway you like, just remember that most builds around yasuo dont need crit chance runes anymore ( seeing as he gets 100% crit just from infinity edge and statikk shiv )

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****section needs rework****

no masteries here are special, these are normal for an ad yasuo, a little bit of defense and a lot of ad , very good all round masteries for yasuo
Double-Edged Sword allows better trades with the enemy laner, i prefer butcher for the cs
Fury lower cooldown for q, we dont need Sorcery because its attack speed cooldown based
Butcher slightly easier farm early game, you can take Feast
instead of Double-Edged Sword for extra sustain if you plan on playing passively the first 6 levels
Dangerous Game nice sustain if you get a kill under turret and you are about to die, this might save you
Executioner really good mid to late game for assasinating high priority squishy adc's or others who are low on hp and the rest of the team cant get to them
Havoc now were talking, this is THE mastery for yasuo, increased damage by 3% is just too good late game, combined with Last Breath's passive and Devastating Strikes you will do alot more damage early/mid to mid to late game damage very useful
Unyielding , not so bad at the first few levels, combined with Recovery and Block its useful anti poke masteries
Juggernaut combined with Veteran Scars will get you a very good hp increase early game
Warlord much like havoc but not exactly the same, still its very useful on yasuo for trading or poking
Brute Force scaling att damage, not bad at all!
Martial Mastery this can help early game farming, combined with other offense tree masteries

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Creeping / Jungling

With the new patches yasuo jung is fairly viable, you should try to kill the big monster first as it does the most damage ( one way to do this is to take a step back every couple of second and Q it while its coming for you, avoiding some of the damage )

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Team Work

yasuo has very good synergy with everyone who has even the smallest knock up, which is a form of crowd control that some champions have, there are many champions with bigger and smaller knockups, for example draven's Stand Aside has a small knockup, malphite's Unstoppable Force and vi's Assault and Battery have a very big knockup, riven has small knockup from her Broken Wings which lasts a bit longer then that of draven's Stand Aside, if you are very fed and your adc has a negative score try leaving some kills for him, works the same way for all roles but supp (because its assist based gold)

Champions With Knockups, WIP:

Spoiler: Click to view

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early game you should and you will farm mostly with Steel Tempest, especially vs hard laners such as syndra or zed, which have huge poke powers and are irritating in terms of early game damage, you should finish off minions with Steel Tempest or Sweeping Blade and rarely with basics becasue if you suddenly need to attack the enemy laner you would want 2 stacks of E for increased damage and a third Q stack for a knockup ( even without ult ), trade with him and back off, a good poke idea is Sweeping Blade- Steel Tempest next to him and then Sweeping Blade through him back ( if you end up behind him) and then Sweeping Blade to an enemy minion near your minions, or just walk back, but this can make the trade bad, so be sure there are a bunch of full hp living enemy minions before trying this

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Steel Tempest is yasuo's main ability, it gives him the power of all his combo's and he rely's on it for farm,so we should max it first, Sweeping Blade alows him to juke, deal damage, and get close to foes as we need it at the lowest cooldown there is, we max it second, Wind Wall is yasuo's secondary defensive ability, as it blocks projectiles, it cant block aoe attack's like Arcanopulse or Final Spark, ofc that you get a point in Last Breath at every level its availabe ( level 6, level 11, and level 16) ,its great for diving and dealing great amounts of damage, it gives yasuo 50% armor penetration after use so he deals alot of damage after using it

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Flash a must have on yasuo because he doesnt have a real escape, this allows you to confuse your opponent and escape, or flash to a group of enemy's and secure a kill or ace
Ignite finish that annyoing laner off, this does true damage so check how much it does in total, and how much hp the enemy has and then think of using it
Heal this is a viable pick for late game teamfights power, or lane survival, i dont like it
Teleport this is a possible top lane spell, its very useful in terms of split pushing and defending, i dont usually take this on yasuo, an example of a very good laner with this spell is Nasus because of his powerful split pushing

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Unique Skills

Yasuo is a unique champion combining both high speed and high attack speed, with immense amounts of damage and crit, his passive Way of the Wanderer is just too good at the laning phase, it can save your life from an ignite, or from receiving real damage from pokes, just remember to walk around to regain it, allways try for it to be at max when engaging, the other thing it does is DOUBLE the crit chance, therefore if you have 45% normal crit chance from normal items ( Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv) you will have a 45% bonus crit chance, summing up to a total of 90, good isnt it?, and with some crit chance runes you can easily get 50% bonus after getting these items, 100% crit chance, DAMN!, but it reduces the crit damage by 10% so YOU HAVE to get Infinity Edge in order to do a greater amount of crit damage, after hitting 2 Steel Tempest the third one will be a longer range projectile that does a knockup, after using Sweeping Blade twice it will have 2 stacks dealing more damage each stack (25% each stack, and e scales to ap, so ap yasuo is possible :D), if Sweeping Blade after hitting 2 Steel Tempest and use the E-Q combo you will have an aoe knock up, his ult Last Breath keeps enemy's airborne for an extra second allowing your team to damage them a bit more.

be warned, his Sweeping Blade CANNOT be used on the same target twice in a row, it has a mark that is removed after 10,9,8,7,6 seconds (depending on what level it is)

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items, but which ones?!

good sustain early game, basic item for attack damage champions

much easier farm, attack speed and critical chance, the passive is very useful as the enemy wont be building magic resistance against you

damage and critical chance is very good on yasuo, also the passive allows to get past the debuff of Way of the Wanderer, its a very cost efficient item on yasuo

ability power and attack damage defense, also the passive is very useful

this is a viable pick if the enemy team is full attack damage or the ones focusing you or doing alot of damage to you are attack damage champions

i personally dont ever get this unless i duel alot, this item is less eficient at teamfights and more in 1 v 1 combat, still its optional

if you get this after statikk you will get an easy and cheap 100% crit chance, but its pretty useless on yasuo, its still a viable pick

vs slow and squishy ability power champions, for example Veigar, you will be able to kill him faster, the stronger he gets Guardian Angel will be put to the use late game unless he is not a good Veigar, or you finished the game around 30 mins

very effective in 1 v 5 combat ( this combat is unlikely, this is just an example) as you will deal damage to the entire enemy team, good isnt it?
also very good for split pushing and teamfights

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The game, what you should do.

at this point, your mission is to farm alot, get kills if possible and win lane ( it can remain a neutral lane till the midgame, as in no turrets destroyed ),get some ganks to secure some kills then push the lane to the turret, ward around your lane when pushing, you dont want to be ganked, conclusion: play cs-style, farm more than you get kills and push the lane, ward around when you can to give you some heads-up from ganks.

roam, get more farm, get more kills, win teamfights, and most importantly secure objectives, such as dragon and turrets ( as a team ofc ), your objective is to be this super crit douche that will oneshot their adc then kill their apc in the blink of an eye, then shred their tank to pieces, as much strength as you have lategame you start falling off after the 30:00 minute mark so try to win before that when you are still very strong. conclusion: push, get objectives, roam, be an thorn in the enemies side k? if you are behind join some teamfights when possible but mostly just farm your lane, you want to finish/weaken the enemy at this point so you wont fall off late game as much.

this time is tough for yasuo, you simply MUST win teamfights in order to win meaning you will leave your comfort zone, after winning teamfights you either push an inhib or get dragon/baron, if you scored an ace then you should push an inhib ( or finish it if possible ), or take buffs ( red/blue/dragon/baron ) otherwise their team might ace in their own nexus and then push you down, so play carefully, play smart, and win teamfights

conclusion: play it smart, keep your cool, get objectives, ward around ( yes even a pink ) and generally win teamfights xD, gl hf!

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Well after you read this guide you know that Yasuo is very powerful champion which rely's on items and is hard to master, i hope you will make good use of the tips i have shared in this guide, have a happy time winning lanes and countering you counters! (kill that Azir)

jhoijhoi was of great help with her guide How To Make a Guide