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Zilean Build Guide by Categorico

Support The Underestimated Zilean [In-Depth Guide]

Support The Underestimated Zilean [In-Depth Guide]

Updated on March 25, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Categorico Build Guide By Categorico 130 24 1,002,485 Views 153 Comments
130 24 1,002,485 Views 153 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Categorico Zilean Build Guide By Categorico Updated on March 25, 2014
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Hello MobaFire! First of all, I want to say this is my first guide, so every opinion will be REALLY WELCOME. Now, let's talk a bit before starting the guide. I have been level 30 for an huge time right now, and in my whole time playing LoL, I saw 2 Zileans, IN THE WHOLE TIME... And yes, one was an epic failer. So, when I saw nobody was using Zilean, I Thought: Why not give him a chance? Since that day, I fell in love with him. It's a really awesome champion,and the fact that nobody is playing him,makes me sad. So that's why I'm here today, to make someone get interested in Zilean and make him his Main, as I did. Also, I want to say something: Don't follow the cheat sheet. This is a full guide, read it and know why I use each item, and also have a look at every optional item. Every game is different, so the cheat sheet won't always work, adapt it as you need.


Before I start the real guide, I want to say some things that are true and some that are false from Zilean.


Nobody uses him because he's useless. WRONG Zilean can be Support at Bot lane, AP Carry in Mid, or even Top (only in some really special cases) But he will never, NEVER be useless.

He's really hard to master,so nobody wants him. MORE WRONG Zilean can be hard to master (like every champion) that's true, but you only need to play a few times with him, or watch people in Youtube/Streaming playing him, and you will learn the basics.

There are supports better than him. STOP GETTING WRONG I BEG You must remember something: A champ can't win a game, a player can. It is all about the skill and the knowlegde of the player. Yes,the champ helps,but there is one champ for every personality, and everyone have their favourite support ( Soraka, Taric...) There are no champs better than others,just players better than others.

Zilean gets worst as the game goes on. WRO... I'm tired of this.
As the game goes on, Zilean gets stronger and stronger. The only time where this champ can have problems is in Early game (Pre-Level 6). When he gets his ultimate, snowball takes a new meaning, where you can change to be losing your lane 0/4 to completely destroy them in seconds. I'm just saying.


Zilean is mana hungry,what a s**t. True/False This is true because in low levels, if you use your skills in a mindless way, your mana will disappear faster than your HP. But when you hit mid-late game, and you have the right items (the ones I will show in this guide) you won't have to worry about mana anymore.

Zilean is squisy as hell!. True In this guide we will focus in AP, CD times and mana, so Zilean will remain squisy. This can be a problem, sure, but with some care about positioning and your ultimate, this wouldn't be a problem anymore!

Zilean players are the most selfish s**t you will ever see. True/False again. Why? It depends on the player. A good Zilean will will use his E and his ultimate in the person who needs more, a bad Zilean will be a selfish b***h. I'm sorry if you find someone of the second kind.


You can't play Zilean if you have some bad ideas in your mind. If you truly want to play him, you must take care of:
- You're not the carry! Don't take the kills!: If you are playing a support,you must already know this. Only go for the kill if an enemy is running away and your carry can't kill him,but you can.
- Don't listen to Leonidas. THIS IS NOT SPARTA: Don't charge at the enemy, and less if they have a jungler. It's really dangerous, and a towerdive can end in an epic fail, and a double kill for the enemy. Only do it if you have the situation TOTALLY under control.
- wards,wards, WARDS! You are the support,and the wards are your job. Always have 1 or 2 in your inventory, so if one runs out,you can replace it quickly. You don't know how usefull are the wards until you get your *** saved for the 20th time from a mad Warwick coming to gank. Trust me, use wards.
- An enemy is missing! Again,you are the support. The carry is too busy killing minions or killing people, so you have to care about the enemies. If someone is out of your sight, always call SS(missing) or MIA(missing in action),the one you want. But ALWAYS remember to call it, or someone of your teammates can get killed in a cruel way.
- Your ultimate is OP, USE IT!. I will make a section only for the ultimate later, but from now,you have to know that Zilean's ultimate is just OP. Revive an ally, at almost full hp, with like 20 seconds cooldown thanks to your w? YOU CAN USE IT ONCE OR TWICE EVERY TEAMBATTLE. And that means you can make a 6v5 or even a 7v5 if the battle gets really long. Imagine, having 2 Corkis in your team instead of 1, beautiful.

Mother of god, I think I went to far with the Introduction. It's Pros and Cons time!
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Pros / Cons


- Ranged Champion
- Really awesome CC from his Time Warp. At level 5, it last 5,5 seconds,the LONGEST CC IN GAME.
- If you use your Time Warp on an ally or just use on yourself, it gives an awesome speed boost. No more ''Son of the Wind'', It's ''Son of Zilean'' time.
- Zilean has got a nice harass at low levels,but at high levels, he can INSTAKILL or DESTROY the enemy carry.
-Your ultimate, Chronoshift. is really OP, remember to use it to handle every situation you need to.
- Zilean is the best champion against focusing teams. I will explain this later,but remember: Ultimate the focused teammate,speed bost him,?????,PROFIT.
- Your passive, Heightened Learning can look like it doesn't do anything,but don't worry, if a friendly lane takes 1 or 2 kill, he will outlevel his enemy with 3 or even 4 levels. Sweet.


- Really Squishy champion.
- High Mana cost skills.
- Low Mana pool in low levels. Solved at mid-late game.
-Really hard to master auto-attack animation.
- Zilean only has a few skins :/
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

+0.87 magic penetration
Almost all the time, the enemy carry is going to have some high leveled armour thanks to his runes, and even the support if he has a tanky character (Like Leona) These runes will help you to deal a bit more of damage to the enemy. Maybe you won't feel it at the first bomb, but after some harrash the difference is clear. Great for laning phase.

Greater Seal of Armor

+1.41 armor
I think this has been explained up there haha. Zilean is one of the most squishy champs in the league, and, trust me, you will discover it soon... This may look as a low ammount of armour, but it WILL help you in case the enemy carry is not going to stop harrashing you. With Zilean you are never going to have enough tankyness.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

+1.34 magic resist
Zilean lacks of both armor and resistance. So, how to solve it? Runes. This is going to prove really ***-saving in case the enemy support is also running on ap damage, or the carry's skills are AP-based. These runes will make you get another step away from your death in lane phase.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

+4.95 ability power
No real explanation needed here. These runes are going to give us a HUGE boost for AP in early game, allowing our Time Bombs to be even more terrifying. Pure damage builder.


Ok,you have AP and Mana then. But you said Cooldown is important too! Why not CD runes!?
Because with the items you are going to buy in this guide (mostly Athene's Unholy Grail and Ionian Boots of Lucidity), and your Rewind, you will have the maximun CD reduction, and some more,because Rewind can be spamed a lot, with low mana cost.
Yeah,the guide is so pretty, but this looks expensive. How much are the runes?
Well, we only have to do a bit of maths:
Marks: 410x9=3690
Seals: 410x9=3690
Glyphs: 410x9=3690
Quintessences: 1025x3=3075
So, everything is: 14145 IP
Yes,this is really expensive. When you want to buy a runepage, you have to know this,but also have in mind that this runes are not only for Zilean, you can use them on every AP champion you have (I love playing AP characters,so these runes are awesome for me,but If you like playing AD Carries or Top Offtanks,better don't buy them).
Why Zilean? Why should I pick him? There are better choices!
If you have read so far to get over here,you are interested in Zilean, that's for sure,but I will explain why you are here. When you play Zilean,you are using a champion which has got an awesome burst with his Time Bomb, the longest CC in game with his Time Warp (and one of the strongest as well), and the BEST ultimate in all LoL,the ultimate Get-Out-Of-Jail card, revive everyone at full hp!. Not convinced yet? He has got an awesome passive as well: Heightened Learning, that gives an huge boost of XP to all your team, making the lane phase easier. And in top of all, your Rewind instantly refresh your Q and your E,(and reduces R cooldown as well). And he hates Volibear (that OP bastard -.-'') what else do you want?. His artworks and skins are awesome. And the fact that he is understimated makes to play him a lot easier: nobody instalocks him before you do, nobody bans him in rankeds, and nobody knows how to play against him, so you have an huge advantage against other players.
Why do you use the word awesome that much?
Because it's awesome :3.

PLEASE, if you have any question, anything you think I can add to the guide, something in where you think I'm right or I'm wrong... Everything you want to talk about this guide, send me a PM in forum. I will be very grateful if you do it, and I will be pleased to discuss with you. Don't have doubts, just PM me.

Also,I want to say that if I get a lot of times people asking me the same question, or telling me to change something,I will put it down here, in the FAQ section of the guide, so there everyone can read it and they don't have to ask for it.

And the last thing. This is the only FAQ you are going to see in this guide. Why? Because this guide is huge, and you can have a lot of question, so, if I make a FAQ, it will be a REALLY HUGE boring wall of text, that nobody will read. To make the information easier to handle and to read, you will find orange questions in every section of the guide.
Orange questions? Like this?
Yeah, I think that by doing this, I can answer the question just a line after you made it, and you haven't got to search for it in a huge FAQ at the end . Also, it makes it easier to read, and easier to me, so I can solve every doubt.
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Sorcery: 5% CD reduction. This one works really well with Zilean, as it will allow us to spam more often all our skills (Including Chronoshift.

Expose Weakness : Damaging an enemy with a spell increases the damage your allies do to that champion. This is awesome for a support, but even better for Zilean, since our Time Bomb has got AoE damage!!

Mental Force : +16 ability power at level 18. Not a game winner, but that extra harras is always welcome.

Spell Weaving : Landing a basic attack on an enemy will award some extra spell damage. Since Zilean has got a ranged attack, this mastery works as well as Expose Weakness . Some real good additions in this new season.

Phasewalker : With this, we can go back to base a bit earlier. It may seem pointless, but I can't even count how many times this one saved my life in a hurry. Worth the point spent in it.
Meditation : This gives 3 Mana regen/5, which is REALLY useful for you at early game. This will solve a lot of problems you may have managing your mana pool.
Scout : Another one that might seem pointless, but it's really rewarding as support. Warding is a matter of life or death.
Summoner's Insight : Summoner's spell are the ultimate last second life savers, and sadly they can't be Rewinded, but with such a long cooldown, you are going to feel every % you are taking away with this.
Alchemist : Giving your low HP pool and your tricky ammount of mana, early on this mastery is going to be the best bodyguard you can buy.
Greed : Money, shiny money. Which support doesn't like some extra money?
Scavenger : If your ADC is good at last-hitting, your coffers will fill in a way you have never seen before. Awesome for buying "that extra ward".
Wealth : An extra potion a day, keeps the fountain away.
Expanded Mind : 5% of free max mana? Where do I have to sign?
Bandit : A bit nerfed on ranged basics, but still you can get yourself a good chunck of gold in lane phase thanks to this, while doing some passive harras to the enemy!
Intelligence : More cooldown reduction, both for spells and items! Spamming never was this easy!
Wanderer : Setting up wards, coming in aid of a friend, or planning a gank? Whatever you are into, this mastery is going to be your best friend!
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Optional Masteries

These are modifications, just in case you don't like the original mastery plan I offered. I won't explain the choices I made already in the main one, here I willjustify the changes made, and the overall target of the alternative building. Enjoy!

Path of Borealis

As you can see, we go 21/0/9 on the first one. As you can see, we sacrificed some utility from the main build to add more damage! As new additions in the roster, we have:

Arcane Mastery: Free AP! Specially useful for early game harras.
Executioner : Some extra damage to help you with your harrasing fun. Not the most important one, just a filler.
Blade Weaving : Once again, this is to add some extra damage. By itself, all those masteries look useless, but if you add every bit of damage together, you may be impressed with the final result.
Archmage : Pure extra AP. Enjoy the extra fun!
Devastating Strikes : Awesome mastery to add even more damage. Supports and carries alike will fear you!
Arcane Blade : Because we didn't have enough damage yet.
Havoc : The special end for this damage feast.


Having troubles getting killed every minute? Worry no more! Categorico here with a special offer for you!

Block : Not going to negate every burst coming in your way, but it's a good way to make the casual lane harras hurt a bit less.
Recovery : Once again, an early lane mastery. Good for taking harras and protecting your carry.
Enchanted Armor : Some extra resistance is always welcome!
Veteran Scars : Additional HP in order to survive in that hellish early game!
Oppression : This one has an awesome synergy Time Warp when someone is chasing you.
Juggernaut : Because you never have enough health against a Draven.
Hardiness / Resistance : Just some extra resistance for your collection.
Perseverance: Once again, a great one for dealing with range harras.
Swiftness : Because you can't avoid getting caught in nasty situations.
Tenacious : A good one if you are getting focused in the middle of a teamfight and your reflexes are giving you a bad time. Every extra second is a blessing.
Runic Blessing : Some extra health is never cumbersome.
Legendary Guardian : Once again, this is going to be vital if you are getting focused. If you are stunned, you can't use your Chronoshift, and that's not funny at all.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Time to explain this wall of images!

First of all, we are leveling up Chronoshift whenever we can. This skills is the one that makes Zilean a great support, a real threat to the enemy team, and some teamfights really unfair (not a problem for your team :P) There are a few champions which don't level first their ultimate (like Karma). This is not the case.

What is that Karma thing about? Everybody know that almost every champion level ups his ultimate!
Before I continue with this guide, there is a point that I want to make clear, and this is the best way to do it. When you are facing an enemy, you MUST know which ones are his skills, what do they do, strong and weak points of the champion, how he can hurt you, and how to deny him. What I'm trying to explain with this? You must know how the enemy works, how the enemy thinks... YOU MUST BE THE ENEMY.

But... how can I do it? and why?
It's something really easy to do. League of Legends has got an awesome wikia where a lot of people contribute. Every champion has got his own section, where you can check everything I mentioned before,(when you are in the wikia page of any champion, go to the strategy section. There is a part called Countering. There, you can find a lot of good tips to fight against any enemy.) You can take your own conclusion as well. For example: Draven Blood Rush gives him a big Attack speed and Movement speed. So, we can use Time Warp on him when he activates Blood Rush. When the boost goes off, it's a good time to counter attack. And why would you do that? Because if you know how he plays, you can counter and deny him really hard, while if he doesnt' know how you play, you can have an incredible easy lane phase. You don't have to learn every champion, just the most usual carries and supports (like Draven or Corki, and Sona or Soraka)
But if you are to lazy to search it, don't worry. I'm going to make a new section with every carry and support you can find in lane, how to fight against him and some tips. I know that I say a lot: I will make a section of this, but there are a lot of things that have to be written, so this is going to be an huge guide.

Back to the road, the second skill to level up is Time Bomb. This is your main (and only) damage source, but to compensate this, Time Bomb can drop 1/4 of a squishy champ even at LEVEL 1. At advanced levels, if you catch their carry with mid hp, you can instantly destroy him. So, because it's the only way to do damage, this is the first of the three normal skills (QWE) that we will level up.

And now,comes the eternal fight with Zilean: Rewind or Time Warp. In this guide I put Rewind first, but you must think that this is REALLY situational. I prefer playing with Rewind, but if you can't choose, I will say something to help you out. Rewind is made for an offensive game style, as this skill lets you spam more often your Time Bomb, while Time Warp is more made for a tactical/support sight, giving you a double-edged sword: A great 55% slow CC, or a 55% boost for an ally. If you can't choose yet, make your choice based on the game you are playing: If your team makes tons of damage, but they haven't got enought CC to keep the enemy close, then level up Time Warp. But if your team can keep the enemy under control, but they can't do the necessary damage, level up Rewind so you can dish out more damage. If your team is well balanced,I suggest to go like this: 1 point for Rewind, next point for Time Warp, and go on until you get level 18. As I said, very dependant on the game, the lane and what do you prefer.
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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells

The best spell to negate an enemy in every way possible. May it be for chasing a fleeing enemy, may it be for a teamfight, may it be for slowing down a chaser, Exhaust is the perfect "ace in the hole". Awesome for laning phase, and also useful in teamfights, this little friend will allow you to make some gamechanging plays if used correctly.

Flash, the most famous spell in LoL, a must-have in almost every guide. This spell lets you teleport instantly away from where you are. You can chase someone who is low in HP and kill him, or escape when you are the one low. You can set ganks or escape from them. You can do hundreds of things if you know when to use your Flash. As a life saver,or as an enemy killer, you must take it.


Loved by ones, hated by others. If you want to focus more on your team rather than disabling the enemy, this spell is for you. It can turn a little skirmish at bot in your favor, or heal your entire team in the middle of a teamfight. The days of glory are long gone now, but thanks to this, it can become a powerful trick in your deck. Aside from its own Achilles Heel
( Ignite), you can make a good use of Heal if you wait until your team is arround 50% of their HP. If you go lower, you are risking a embarrasing fail. Use it under your own responsibility.

Average Spells

If you are laning with a really mana wasting carry ( Corki for example), or you have problems with mana at early game, you can change Heal and put Clarity instead. Remember that this will give mana to your carry as well, not only to you.

Well played, Zilean can be the best bait in the game. A powerfull slow, a free revive ultimate and a lot of AoE damage, you can run into the enemy, put some bombs, revive and get away. To use this tactic, I think that you must be in a premade team, or you team can get really angry for your mindless way to play. But if you are playing with some friends,you can take Cleanse with you,snf play like this in a teamfight: First,charge to the enemy and put some bombs. Then, the whole enemy team will get angry and cast their CC and try to kill you. You must be fast, to Cleanse and Time Warp out of there. If needed,use your Chronoshift. While the enemy team is trying to kill you, your team will be having fun killing their carry. Risky but rewarding.

Increased movement speed. This can be usefull if more than one champion needs a speed boost to get into a teamfight, so you can use Ghost on yourself,and keep Time Warp for allies, but at higher levels you don't really need it, because with one Rewind the CD is already refreshed.

Same as Ghost, this can be usefull at early game, if your carry and you are both in base and you need to get fast to the turret, but at high levels you can get over there with Time Warp(and usually,there is no tower to defend). Anyway, you can also make your jungler go to your lane and push it until you come back.

I know there are some spell that I didn't talk about,but the ones left I think that they don't need explanation. Are you really going to take Ignite with Zilean?
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Skill Explanation

Heightened Learning
Increases the experience he and all allied champions gain by 8%. This is not in effect while Zilean is dead.
An amazing passive, one of the best in game, if not the best (in my opinion). With this, you can outlevel your enemy really easy in lane. Don't get wrong thinking that 8% it's a poor boost. It's a great one! Just think: You have 8% more XP than the enemy. 8% FREE XP! But you have to care about something: This is not in effect while Zilean is dead. Don't play Rambo, your team needs you.


- Your passive it's like Twisted Fate Loaded Dice. Maybe you won't feel it in the first minutes, but if a lane is doing great, at mid game they will have 3 or 4 more levels than the enemy.

- Heightened Learning works really well with early kills. Tell your jungler to play aggressive and gank a lot, so your team can take the full advantage of your passive.

- If you are playing with a premade team, or you are in draft mode or in a ranked game, try to make your jungler take a champion with lots of CC and good ganks ( Nautilus and Amumu for example). But remember to ask it politely,or he can get angry!!!


- Your passive can't work while you are dead. Try to play safely, so your team can keep getting XP.

- This passive can be really usefull in early,but when everybody hits level 18, it gets useless. Remember it, and try to get your carry farming as much as he can.

Time Bomb
Active: Zilean places a time-delayed bomb on a target, whether ally or enemy. The bomb will detonate after 4 seconds, dealing magic damage to all surrounding enemies. The bomb will detonate immediately if the holder dies or if another bomb is placed on them.
This is your bread and butter skill, and it's your only damage skill as well. But in compensation, it has got a crazy AP ratio, an awesome damage, and can't be blocked by minions. Yes,you can put a bomb at the max range of your skill, and then it can't be avoided. Also, it can drop 1/4 HP of an squishy champion, in every stage of the game. It also does AoE damage, so you can damage the entire enemy team if they are close. It has low cooldown, and with your Rewind you can have a regular spawn of bombs during a teamfight. But you can also put your bombs on an ally! If you have someone with stealth in your team (like a jungler Shaco, or your carry is Twitch) you can have really funny moments when the enemy team got nuked by a double Time Bomb and Twitch ultimate.


-When you are in lane, always try to put the bomb on the carry and attack him until he is low, then Time Warp and let your carry get the kill.

-In teamfight, try to put the bomb in the middle of the enemy team if they are close, or in the lowest HP champion if they are distanced.

-Remember that you can put this in minions as well. If you are laning against a melee carry, put the bomb in the minions he is farming so he can't avoit the damage.

-If an enemy is going to escape with REALLY low hp, and your teammates can't get him, you can Time Bomb him, so he will have the mark of dead Made-in-Zilean (take that Zed!), and you will get the kill,it doesn't matter how long he travelled before the bomb explodes.

- If you got a champion with a teleport or gap closer in your team (like Ezreal or Zed), you can put a bomb on him, so when he teleports into the battle, you will do some AoE damage.


- When you put a bomb on someone you must wait 4 seconds before it explodes (the bomb has got a countdown over it). But if you walk near an enemy turret while the countdown is on, you will draw the aggro and the tower will attack you. Stay back until the countdown finishes and the bomb explodes.

- If you put a bomb on an enemy with low hp and your team is attacking him, when the countdown reaches 0 you can kill him accidentally and your team will get angry. Care about that, and don't use your Time Bomb to take assist, because most of the time you will take the kill. If you use your Time Warp on the enemy,you will get the assist!

- If you put a Time Bomb on an enemy, and the enemy dies before the bomb explodes, you WON'T get an assist. Always use Time Warp or auto-attack him.

Active: Upon activation, all of Zilean's other abilities' cooldowns are reduced by 10 seconds. Rewind does not affect itself or summoner spells.
This skill doesn't do anything to the enemy, but it's one of the most awesome skills on the game. This instantly refreshes your Time Bomb amd Time Warp cooldown, and reduces Chronoshift one by 10 seconds. At low levels, this skill cost a lot of mana, and has got a hurting cooldown. But when you get only 3 items, and you hit level 18, it's cooldown its of 4 SECONDS, and it DOESN'T COST MANA (well,it does, but you already regened its cost on 2 seconds,so...). This makes you able to spam 800 damage bombs every 4 seconds, and have a revival ultimate in like 30 seconds. Also you have back again your 5 seconds slow, making you someone who must be feared. And you don't damage the enemy with this skill...


- This skill instantly refresh your Q and your E. Use this advantage to make some awesome COMBOS! Q->W->Q someone to damage, or E->W->E for slow or speed. There are lot of thing you can do,and I will explain them later (I will, I promise, don't kill me D:)

- It also refresh your Chronoshift, so Zilean is the only champ who can refresh his ultimate without killing someone (like Highlander or Death Lotus). Whenever you can, use your Rewind so your ultimate's cooldown will reduce.

- One of the items of this guide is based on the utility of this skill, Archangel's Staff. When you are in base after recalling, you can use your abilities to reduce Chronoshift cooldown and increase the mana/ap bonus from the staff.


- In early game, if you use this skill to much, you will waste your mana really fast. Care about how many times, when or why you are using it.

Time warp
Active: Zilean slows an enemy champion's movement speed or increases an allied champion's movement speed by 55% for a few seconds.
And here we are, the last normal spell of Zilean. This works well with every gamestyle: If you want to play aggresively, you can use it on an enemy to let him unable to escape,(even if he flashes, the slow is really hard at level 5, and your team can catch him easily). If the fight is going wrong and you need to retreat, you can Time Warp your team to escape, or the enemy so they can't get you. Always usefull, this skill will save your life or an allied one tons of times, or secure the kill when a mad Warwick tries to escape with his Blood Scent.


- If you use it on an enemy and he gets killed by your team, you will get an assist. Try to use it on every enemy your team is focusing so he can't escape and you take the assist.

- If the enemy is out of your range, but an ally is chasing him, boost the ally. If your ally kills him, you will get the assist. Yes, if you boost someone, and then he gets the kill, you get an assist.

- If someone takes an assist of a kill, and you boosted him, you take assist as well. For example: There is a friendly Caitlyn with Leona chasing Heimerdinger. You use your Time Warp on Leona, so she stuns Heimerdinger and Caitlyn kills him. And you get an assist, but you didn't touch Heimerdinger or Caitlyn, you boosted Leona. Time warp it's an awesome skill to get assists, and works better than Exhaust (at level 5, it last double time than exhaust)


- Nothing to say right now :P. If you played and you think that there is something I have to put in here, tell me and we will talk about it.

Chrono Shift
Active: Marks a target ally champion or himself with a protective time rune for 7 seconds. If the target takes lethal damage during this time, instead of dying, they will be untargettable and remain in stasis for 2 seconds, then return to life, regaining health.
Chrono shift... Your ultimate... This one is the one that makes you shout: I'm the Mighty Zilean,KNEEL!, the one that brings people back to life again, the one that wins games. This ultimate is EPIC in so many ways, starting from the fact that you revive someone! No, not that Yorick that summons a ghost, you BRING BACK TO LIFE. And most of the time, at full hp. If the enemy team is foscusing your carry, what's the problem? When his hp is near 0, ultimate him, and watch the faces of the enemy while they say: OMGFOMGF OP ZILEAN. It's even better when someone playing Darius says that. That's why you play Zilean, because it makes the game 6v5. Awesomeness.


- If the enemy team is focusing someone in your team, wait until the last seconds, and use your Chronoshift on him. He will come back to life, and the enemy will be confused. Take those seconds and strike back.

- If the enemy team is not focusing, always care about the champions with the lowest hp in your team: Your carry and your AP mid, or in some cases your jungler ( Shaco), and of course,yourself.

- At low levels use it only when it's really needed, because its cooldown is really long. But when you get Rewind at level 5, use your ultimate whenever an ally is going to die.


- Care about something: Your ultimate won't be the same if you use it on your carry, or in your tank. In the carry, he will have full hp, but the tank, most of the time you will only heal him to the half of his total (if he is building pure tank). Think about that when you have to revivie someone.

- When you use Chronoshift it will last 7 seconds, and then it will DISSAPEAR. You must time your ultimate really well, and put it on someone you KNOW he's going to die, or you will waste it.

- If you put it too early, the enemy will notice and focus someone else. Again, try to save it until the last second.

- Use your ultimate in someone that you know he's going to do something. If your carry is 0/12/1 and your jungler 14/3/16, always try to ultimate your jungler and not your carry. Really team dependant.
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And here we are, items. I'm only going to give 4 core items, that are the ones I always use, and the ones that Zilean needs. After you bought them, the other items are REALLY situational. And so, if you want to change the core items is possible as well. This chapter is made for my Zilean, played as an offensive support.


No real explanation needed over here. Both the ward and the totem will allow to keep track of any early gank we might recieve on bot. The mana potion will help you if you harras more than you should with your bombs, and the spellthief is a good all-rounder for early game as a support, by giving you AP, mana regen, and most important of all, a good source of income. A solid way to being your journey.


Next, we are going to upgrade our boots. For Zilean, these are the best options.

- Ionian Boots of Lucidity This are the boots I pick 99% of the games. They are cheap, and give you a great cooldown reduction of 15%, so you can use your abilities more often. You will feel the cooldown reduction A LOT in your ultimate.

- Sorcerer's Shoes If the enemy team is building a lot of magic resistance, or the enemy support is tanky (like Nunu & Willump),you can take magic penetration instead, so you can deal more damage. But I recommend to take Ionian Boots of Lucidity every time you can.

- Mercury's Treads If you are getting focused a lot, and/or the enemy is putting a lot of CC over you to prevent you from reviving people and dealing AoD damage, I would recommend to take this boots. It's not an usual choice when you are playing as support, but you must be prepared for any kind of situation.


And these are the other 3 core items, that you will buy after the boots. As you can see, they all are focused on Ability power, Mana and Mana regeneration, so you can deal a great damage with Time Bomb, full the hp bar with Chronoshift, and be able to spam Time Warp and Rewind.
  • Ruby Sightstone: This is explained below.
  • Archangel's Staff: This is the item I like the most. So many passives, so much ability power. Let's list them. First of all, it gives you 60 AP, which's not bad, and it increases with the passive from rabadon's. It also gives 250 Mana and 10 mana regeneration, an awesome amount to solve most of your mana problems. And now, comes the funniest part: 3% of your max mana is converted to Ability power. It means that the bigger your maximun mana is , more free AP you get. Awesome, isn't it? But that's not all, it works together with the other passive: Each time your champion uses an ability your Maximun mana will increase by 8 Mana. This effect has a 4 seconds cooldown. Bonus caps at 750 Mana. So, every time you use an ability, your maximun mana will increase. And thanks to the other passive, your AP will increase as well. At overall, this item gives you some nice stats (a big boost of AP and mana), for a reasonable price. A balanced item, based in mana and ap at the same time.
  • Athene's Unholy Grail The last of our 3 core items. This one gives some good stats as well: 90 AP and 15 mana regeneration to finish solving our mana problems, and 40 magic resistance to take less damage, always usefull. But once again, the passives are the best part of this item: Restores 12% of your max mana on kill or assist. Really,this should be banned. Everytime a enemy dies, you get more mana, so you can keep making chaos and destruction, and if you are out of mana, just keep near the fight, try to get an assist and get back to the road. A passive that you must use everytime you can. And last: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing. Veigar?? Where?? A great passive as well, if you used your abilities a lot and now you are running low in mana, just wait a bit and it will regen really fast, without buying potions or recalling.


These items are the ones I prefer to put in the final build. Same as the optionals, but these items are the ones I use the most and I find more useful.
  • Rod of Ages; This item works really well with Zilean. You get 60 AP, 450 mana and 450 health to start with. But after every minute, they will increase in a tiny ammount, until capping at 180 extra hp, 200 extra mana and 20 extra AP. This, added to the fact that it restores 150 hp and 200 mana upon leveling up, makes the rod a great choice of a first item.
  • Mikael's Blessing: Well, this is an item that I personally love for all the things it gives to you. On basic stats, you get 7 health regeneration, 40 magic resistance, and 18 mana regeneration.
    You also get a new passive, called Mana font. This passive allows you to increase your mana regenaration as your mana pool decreases. Great for laning, teamfighting, and Zilean in general. But the best part is coming now, the active.
    Removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an allied champion and heals them for 150 + 10% of their maximum health. (180 second cooldown)
    Well, this is a second get-out-of-jail, in case you already used your Chronoshift, or you just want to save it for later on. This skill is GREAT against focusing teams, even more with champions with an huge range of stuns, like Leona or Taric. This is going to save as many lives as your ultimate.


All the items above are the ones I use almost every game, my core build. But because not everybody likes them, or want to try an optional build, here you go. I know the list is little right now, but if you think I can put and item on this list, you send me a PM or say it in the comments, and maybe I will put it here. But let's go:
  • Abyssal Mask: This items gives you 70 AP, which it's not bad, and 45 Magic Resistance to take less damage, a great bonus if you are laning mid, or the enemy has got an AP based support. But the best part it's the passive: Reduces the Magic Resist of nearby enemy champions by 20, making this item great for supporting in teamfights. Take it if your team has got tons of magic damage.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer: If the game is going really well, and you are taking a lot of assists (or kills), and you want to do even more damage, you can take this item. With only a few charges and Rabadon's Deathcap your damage outpout will be mindblowing, but remember, only take it if the game is going REALLY WELL (you are getting really fed, or your team always win the teamfight).
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: A nice overall item, that gives you AP and HP, plus allowing another soft CC into your toolbelt with your bombs. Great if you need more control over your enemies.
  • Will of the Ancients: This item gives you a nice AP amount, and 20% Spell Vamp. You won't use a lot the spell vamp, but it's given as an aura, so every AP based ally will be helped with some bonus AP and spell vamp. If your team has got a lot of AP characters, you can take this item to support them all.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass: You MUST buy this if you are getting focused. 100 AP to deal a lot of damage, 50 armour to take more hits, and a passive which makes you untargeteable for 2 seconds, so you don't have to waste your ultimate and the enemy won't be able to focus you.
  • Frozen Heart: If the enemy team is based in AD damage and autoattacks, this will turn REALLY usefull in teamfights. 90 armor to take less damage, 400 mana so you can stay in the teamfight more time, and two awesome passives: Reduce ability cooldowns by 20%, and reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%. You will make Master Yi cry blood.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap; Bring death and destruction to the rift! Pure 120 AP for massive destruction, an another increase of 30% in your overall AP. Only take it if most of the enemy team is squishy, as this will allow you to become a true trickster, making the life bar of the enemy dissapear within seconds with a magic trick.
  • Void Staff: At late game, everybody has got at least one item of magic resist, and that can hurt you really bad. But here is the solution! 70 AP and 40% Magic Penetration to kill those tanks!. You can use it together with Abyssal Mask to make a good counter against tanky teams.


A great new for this guide. In S3, they nerfed a bit Archangel's Staff, but it has got a compensation. Basically, when you reach the 750 mana bonus, you get an upgraded staff. You ability power goes up (50>>>60), your mana goes up (250>>>1000), and your mana regeneration doesn't change (10>>>10). Your passive is the same, 3% of your mana is turned into AP. But here is the new thing: You can use 20% of your mana to shield you for a equal amount for 3 seconds. If you are taking a lot of focus, or you are doing a small teamfight, this passive can be really good, as it will let you get an huge shield, something like Blitzcrank.


  • Sightstone: A great new item from S3. First of all, it gives 100 hp, not amazing, but it's still something. And here comes the funny part: Unique: Ward Refresh - Starts with 4 charges and refill each time you return to the shop. This means you start with 4 wards in your Sightstone, but when you waste it, you haven't got to buy them again, just go to the shop and THEY WILL BE BACK FOR FREE!. Unique: Ghost Ward - Consumes a charge to place a Ghost Ward. You may have a maximum of 2 wards from this item at once. And that's it, with this item you will use 1 charge to put 1 ward on the field. The only bad thing about this item is that you can only have 2 wards at the time, but you will get tons of free wards. I think it's a good trade.
  • Ruby Sightstone: The upgraded version of the Sightstone. Instead of 100 hp, you will get 300, instead of 4 charges you will get 5, and instead of 2 wards, you can have 3 wards at the same time. As I said, is just an upgrade.

But, which should I buy?

Well, it depends on your build. If you find these items really usefull, and you want to include it in your full build, so you can keep all the map warded, I suggest to take Ruby Sightstone, as it is better. But if you are using it only as a time item, and you will sell it later for more slots, I suggest to only take Sightstone, because if you upgrade it it's only going to be a waste of money.


So...? Which one to choose? Do not worry, we will solve the mistery in a second.

We will start by completely sweeping Farsight Orb out of the table. We all can agree this is just Clairvoyance reworked as item. And like its old parent, way less useful than their competitors. It doesn't even reveal champions on stealth.

So, what do we do, put more wards or remove them? I go with removal!
The choice is pretty simple. We already have a endless stream of free wards thanks to our Ruby Sightstone, so we don't need any more. But this new trinket not only allow us to reveal and disable wards, but tramps and hidden devices as well! So, you can deal with a little Teemo ruining your lane, or give the jungle kingdom of Shaco a bloody ending.

A pretty all-rounder, great for almost every situation. The 7th spot in your inventory has found a new best friend.
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So, after all that information, it's time to get into a real game. Before I start, I want to say something. Zilean gameplay is totally based on the items you buy. So, there are guides where you shine at early game, others where you rolfstomp everything at mid game, and others that focus on late game. This is focused on LATE GAME, but your early will remain a bit hard to win. When you hit mid game, it will turn really easier, and at late game you will destroy everything. So, this build will get better and better as the game goes on, remember that.


And here you are, going to the bot lane with your carry, your boots and your ward. As I said, this is your weak point. Tell your carry to play defensive until you reach level 6. Care about jungler ganks if your lane is pushed, and ward more than one brush if their jungler is ganking a lot. Try to put your Time Bomb in the enemy carry and get his HP low bomb after bomb. If you and your carry think that he's low enough to attack, use your Time Warp and go for the kill. DON'T TOWERDIVE! If he escapes, at least he loses some XP and gold, but if you towerdive, most of the time he will get a double kill. All of this is before level 6.

The enemy support has got a shield (like Lulu or Janna), and he counters my bombs. What can I do?

If the enemy support has got a healing spell ( Soraka), or a shield ( Lulu) you have got 2 options. First one, don't try to harrash, you can only waste mana. Let them push, and tell your jungler to gank. You can set up some really good ganks with Time Warp. But if you want blood, there is a second option for you: Q-W-Q. You must use your Time Bomb on the enemy carry, Rewind, and Time Bomb the support. Now, he must choose: Shield himself or the carry. Whatever he chooses, the bomb will explode, and because it has got AoE damage, it will hurt both support and carry, and the other bomb will explode as well. So, the one without a shield will take the damage of 2 bombs, and the one shielded the damage of one bomb. But they must be close so the AoE can affect both of them!.


But now, let's take revenge. After you get your ultimate, your power level goes from 10 to OVER 9000. From here, your gamestyle (your carry and you) must be FULL aggressive. You want to force a fight, because you have advantage, so put Time Bomb whenever you can, and tell your carry to hit them every time they get at range. At this point, the enemy has got 2 paths: They can play passively, giving you more farm and xp while they must farm under tower, or they can strike back. If they get back, use that extra farm and buy more wards, because the jungler or even mid player can gank you and ruin your lane. But if they attack, get ready for SPARTA. Always focus their carry, so put all the Time Bombs you can on him. After some seconds, someone will be winning the teamfight. If you are doing it, and the enemy retreats, use your Time Warp on the enemy carry and let yours finish him. If you are losing, its time to use your ultimate. If they are focusing you, use your ultimate when you are really close to die, and keep attacking when you come back if you can win. If the one focused is your carry, do the same. If you still can't win, get the **** out of there with Time Warp.


At this point teamfights start to happen, and Zilean EXCELS at teamfights. So, if a teamfight is going to start at mid lane, get over there as fast as possible. With a massive amount of AoE damage, a chasing/escaping tool, and his ultimate, he's made for teamfights. Also, if your jungler is not putting wards in dragon or in baron, you should do it, they are vital points for the game, and you can get an ace if you catch the enemy team doing baron. But remember to ward your lane as well, because lane phase is not over yet, and remember to not let your carry alone if both enemy laners are at their positions, because they will overrun 2vs1 your carry and he will get killed.

But, what should I do? Always stay with my carry, or go roaming and gank lanes?

Just think about your lane. If you are getting kill after kill, and the enemy turret is down, you can go mid or top and help them, but if you are having a hard lane and you are pushed to your turret, the worst thing you can do its leave the lane. Only go roaming if the lane in won, or the enemy has recalled (and if they recalled, only gank mid, don't go top because it takes a lot of time to get back).

At this point, you will have at least 2 of your core items, so use your abilites as much as you can to charge your Archangel's Staff, so you musn't take the blue buff and someone who needs it more can have it (mostly the mid AP caster), but if nobody needs blue, you can ask your jungler for it. Also, if your team has got all the lanes under control, you can tell your mid laner, your jungler and your carry to kill dragon with you, so all the team can get some extra money.


Now, the lane phase reaches the end, both teams are grouped, and there are more teamfights than Teemo Noxious Traps. Here is when Zilean shines. You will have like 4 or 5 items of your build, so you will have the max cooldown reduction, an infinite amount of mana regen, and some unbelievable AP. Added to the fact that there are teamfights everywhere, late game is Zilean's house. You must keep warding dragon and baron (especially baron), and if you kill most of the enemy team or you get an ace, do them! Remember to stay close to your team, and help everybody as much as you can, and between teamfight and teamfight keep charging your Archangel's Staff if it isn't full yet. But once again, the most important part of late game are the TEAMFIGHTS. So, let's learn what we must do.


As I said, Zilean is a beast at teamfights. You can deal lot of damage, punish your enemy for trying to retreat, make your team faster than a rocket if a fast escape is needed, and revive!

So, one of the most important things is the positioning. You are SQUISHY (and that's a fact) so you must stay back at the teamfight. Let your tanks initate the fight, and then go ahead and put bombs and warps, but NEVER get too close or you will get insta-focused and killed. Only go forward if the enemy is retreating and your team needs a speed boost. If not, STAY BACK!

Also, you have got a nice AoE damage source from your Time Bomb. To make the max damage possible, always try to put your bombs on the center of the enemy team, so the area will damage everybody, but if they are separated from each other, always aim for the lowest hp target (AD carry, AP carry). Remember that this skill can deal TONS OF DAMAGE to squishy champions.

Don't forget your Time Warp! It will turn useful at the end of the teamfight. If you are winning, try to put your CC on the enemy champion and secure the kill, but if they are to far, boost an ally (preferably one with a gap closer like Jax or Ezreal) so they can kill the enemy. And if the things get bad and you lose the teamfight, it's still useful. Time Warp your team and yourself to get out of there, and if the enemy is really close, you can slow them instead, so they can't get you.

And your true power, Chronoshift. You must be always watching your low hp mates, so if they get focused (that happens most of the time) you can revive them, and no problem! The most fight-disruptive skill ever made. Always try to revive the most valuable player on your team (as I said before, with a 0-69-0 carry, and a 15-2-3,14 jungler, ultimate your jungler). Also, care about what your team needs. If your team does lots of damage, but you only have 1 tank, revive him because you will need it, but if you have 1 tank and 2 offtanks, revive your carry so he can keep killing.

I think you will see better all this information with a bit of BBcoding:


Position: Behind the tanks
Role: Support
Teamfighting: Excellent
Damage: Great
Damage source: Ability Power
Crowd control: Soft (slow)
Shield: No
Heal: No

Main objective: Revive with Chronoshift
Secondary objetive: Deal damage with Time Bomb
Bonus objetive: Boost or slow with Time Warp

He's good at towerdives
He's bad at 1vs1
He's good at making damage
He's bad at taking damage
He's good at helping teammates
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One of the most important and funniest things of Zilean is the fact that you can make some AWESOME combos thanks to your Rewind. I will list them up here, and there are two kinds of combos: Offensive and defensive. Let's start!


Your standar damage combo. Put a bomb on an enemy, rewind and another bomb. This can be done to farm as well, but only at higher levels, or it will be a waste of mana.

The same combo, but this time you will time warp the enemy so he can't move, and you can land your bombs easier.

Use this combo if you are going for the kill. Repeat it so he can't escape and you keep damaging him with your bombs. But care, this is really mana wasting.

(on ally) (on enemy)

This must be done when you are looking for a teammate to get the kill. Speed your mate, and slow the enemy, so there is no escape. Even if the enemy uses flash, with the slow and the boost, your mate will catch him in seconds and he will get the kill.

Only on champs with stealth! You put a time bomb on him and then speed up. Now, he must get invisible and walk near the enemy team, so when the stealth goes off, the enemy will be suprised by the nuke damage.


Use this on an ally or yourself to get the **** outta here. Really useful when you need to flee. You can also put in on the enemy who is chasing you.

If the ally is not going to survive only with the combo, you must revive him first, and the repeat the combo meant above.

If the enemy is at low HP as well, you can use your time bomb on your ally, so the enemy will think twice before attacking, and maybe he will go back and forget the kill.

Lolololo Shen. If you choose as one of your summoner spell, you can go to a lane in troubles and ultimate him.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Mowen and his Oh No You Don't! guide for Zilean. This combo section is based on the Techniques section of his guide, and also the teleport-> chrono shift is from his guide. Thanks again, because his guide made me want to make my own guide, and here I am!.
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This is not a huge guide about warding, just a little section to help new people. If you are expert at supporting, you can skip this section.

Well, warding if one os the most importants dutys of the support. With wards, you can avoid ganks, set your own ones, keep some places of interest under control... First of all, if you are not convinced about the necessity of wards, I will tell you why you MUST buy them.


You can avoid enemy ganks

You can set your own ones

Some champions can interact with the ward ( Lee Sin, Jax)

You can keep important points under control

If you catch an enemy (likely the jungler) with low hp, you can get a free kill

Even better, if you find some champions of the enemy team low, you can get a killing spree, or even an ace

You put pressure on the enemy carry and his support


Now that you know why you must ward, let's explain better what is a ward, and what is warding.
Basically, a ward is an item that you can put on the ground, and for 3 minutes you will have vision of a small area around it. Really useful for avoiding traps or setting them.
And warding, is the art of putting wards into the right place at the right time. This is not about throwing wards like shurikens everywhere at the map, you must stop for a second and thing where you need them.



The enemy has got a jungler

The enemy mid is putting a lot of pressure in your lane

They have 2 top and they are roaming a lot

Basically, whenever you can get ganked

If your lane is really pushed, you can ward dragon because they will kill him while you are farming under tower

When you get into late game and you're not laning anymore, always ward dragon and baron


The enemy hasn't got a jungler, and mid lane can't gank

The enemy jungler can't gank (he's really bad, or he can't gank early, like Warwick or Master Yi)

Your jungler is running the ward bussiness in dragon and baron (only ward your lane, or if you want, you can ward mid and top also)


This is the conversation you are going to find in almost every soloQ game:
Carry: Ward pls
You: Sure
Jungler: Ward dragon please
You: Well I'll do it
Mid: Ward blue please
You: Fine....
Top: Ward everything!
You: Wtf?
Carry: Ward bush also! And river!
You: Calm down, I haven't got money for everything. You can help also.
Carry: I'm tha carry!
You: Then the jungler...
Jungler: It's your job!
Whole team: /all report Zilean for not helping
You: C'mon ._.

I've passed over this SO MANY TIMES. You're released to the last place, you must buy wards and put them where your team wants. This can **** up, I know (really) but you must do it if you want to win. The team will be happy and safe, and will play way better than if they are flaming you because you want to finish your build. If you are going soloQ, you must learn to deal with this.
Writer personal opinion: I think warding is mostly the job of the support (yeah, I do) BUT ONLY on the place near him. When your team starts wanting wards on top or some weird places in the jungle, don't just say yes. Warding is a job of ALL the team. You just can't keep every lane warded. Tell your jungler to ward baron or some lanes , and tell top or mid to do that (BUT REMEMBER TO DO IT VERY POLITELY, YOU DON'T WANT AN ANGRY TEAM). Only 1 or 2 wards, but if all the team works on it, the support will have less pressure and he will play better. This is better on premade, where you can solve this problem even before starting the game.


Well, I just marked the points of interest with dots. (yeah, my master skills with photo editing [paint] again)

Black: These are the most important. All of them will help you in the lane. The river one is a MUST-HAVE to avoid ganks, and only put the other 2 if the enemy is using a lot the brush to surprise you.

Purple: These ones protect the ''backdoor''. You can also get ganked by that way if your lane is pushed up. If you think you can get a gank fron there, ward as well.

Orange: These are for protecting Dragon and Baron, not a lot to say.

Green: These are the ''river wards''. If the enemy is roaming a lot, put a wards over the river so you can see him coming, and avoid easily the incoming gank.

Blue: And last, these ones are very special. Only use them if you think the enemy jungler can steal your buffs. (most of the time your jungler will cover this, but if not take care of it).


You are a real man? You think warding it's for idiots? You want more battles and blood? Then, I have the solution for you, WARD BATTLES!

Wait, what?

Yes, the support's life it's not that bad. If you wanna have some fun, piss off the enemy support, and get some benefits from it, a ward war is your chance.

But how?

Easy. You just need:
-Knowledge of where are the enemy wards.
-Purple wards
-Balls (or ovaries)

All you have to do it's put your own purple ward where the enemy ward is located. Now, you have free vision of the enemy ward, and most important, YOU CAN DESTROY IT. If you do, you will get some money, and take control over the land. The enemy will lose vision and a money inversion.
Now, you feel good, don't you? Let's see how the enemy reacts.
He's scared, backs off and doesn't put wards. YOU WON! Now you have full control over your lane, and it won't take time that you push him to the tower.

He backs off a bit, and still wards, but he lets us some terrain. You still won. Maybe the tower can steal some minions if you push the lane, and you can keep your recent conquered lane.

He's angry, and strikes back. Then, this is WAR! Just keep destroying their wards, and if they counter-attack, counter-counter-attack them. Because you started the war, you have some gold advantage over him, so if he wants to keep the fight to the end, you will win.

That's all, have a happy day warding, and make the enemy rage!
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Chrono Shift

This ultimate is so great, so awesome, so in-depth, that it needs a whole section for itself. One of the most decisive skill, that can turn around a teamfight in seconds. I'm not going to explain how it works, check the description on the skill explanation if needed. Here, I'm going to talk about some important things related to your ultimate: Chronoshift

Sorry, only for VIP people: I don't know how many times I said it, but I have to repeat it. Only use your ultimate on someone you know he's going to do something! It can be hard, but sometimes you must let someone die to revive someone else. You only got ONE charge, so you must use it wisely. If you team needs HP, focus on the tank, if you need damage, focus on the carry. Always search for what your team needs.

But, how can I know it? Which should I focus on?

Well,the priorities are almost the same on every game, so I made a list of who you should focus. Here you go:


The most important player at the team. He can melt the enemy health bar in seconds, but he can get killed in seconds as well. Because he's the most dangerous champion, most of the time being carry means getting insta-focus. Always have an eye on your carry, and revive him if needed, because he will pay back with tons of damage.


Another scary guy, like the carry. He can deal a lot of burst damage, and kill 1 or 2 enemies in a blink, but care about something: Your ultimate can't give back mana, so if you revive an AP caster with no mana, he will be useless, think about that before using your ultimate on him.


The king of top lane. Can take damage like a tank, and deal damage like a carry, but he's not the best at any of them. He can be really useful in teamfights if feeded, but you won't heal him as much HP as you will do with your squishy mates, and they can do way more damage, so I put offtanks in the third place.

4 Tank

This guy is made for taking a lot of damage. He's good at teamfights, but not for your ultimate. You won't revive him at full hp, and he won't do a lot of damage, so using your ultimate on him doesn't have a lot of sense UNLESS he has got a taunt, like Rammus or Shen.


No, just no. You want to deal damage, and supports are just not made for that. Anyway, if you are playing support, there can't be another one, so you will be here (D:), but if you are going AP Caster, you can find another support in the teamfight. Nope, there are better choices, but not the support.

The enemy team is organized and they focus really well, what can I do?

Well, it depends:

If you are getting focused, buy a Zhonya's Hourglass, so you can save your ultimate for later, and you become invulnerable for 2 seconds.

If a teammate is gettins focused, that's what Zilean was made for. Always keep and eye on him, and when the enemy team has used all his CC on him and they are charging, ultimate him. You will have advantage in the teamfight, and it can end in ace if your team does it good enough.

How much time I have to wait until I can use Chronoshift again?

Using your Rewind every time it's on, and with a good CDR amount, you can use it EVERY 30 SECONDS!

I ultimated someone, but the enemy team noticed, and they focused somebody else. HOW?

Well, when you use Chronoshift on someone, there are 3 little golden hourglasses around him for 7 seconds. It's useful because your teammate will see you used your ultimate on him, but the enemy can see it as well! In the middle of a teamfight, there are so many spells and usually nobody notices, but in smaller fights (like 2 vs 2) it's pretty easy to see, so aim it to the last second.
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Who's my carry?

We are finally here :P This section was made with a lot of work, I hope you appreciate it.
This list is arranged alphabetically, and scores are given from 1 to 10.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

Ashe, the Perma-Slow. Actually, this is a great lane, because her slow chained with your Time Warp won't let anybody get away from the fight. Also, she has got some area damage from Volley, so the best combo you can do will work like this: Wait for the enemy in the brush, and when they appear, use your Time Bomb>> Rewind>> Time Bomb, while Ashe uses Volley. Then, focus their carry, and Time Warp him if needed. Most of the time is a sure kill.


- Hawkshot's passive works together with your Heightened Learning. Let your carry all the farm you can, and he will get way more XP and gold than the enemy carry.

- This lane has got a lot of slows. Take advantage and chase your enemy when he's low on HP.

- If you are rushing for the double kill, don't forget her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, it's even better than a slow.


Score: 6
Type of lane: Defensive

Well, I don't like this lane, but with a good Caitlyn you still can have an easy win. Always try to hide in the bush and fill it with Yordle Snap Trap, so when someone gets caught, you throw all your damage over him. Only play aggresive to land Headshot, and enter in teamfight if the enemy is really low. If you are going to die, instead of using Time Warp on Caitlyn, use it on the enemy, because she can escape with 90 Caliber Net


- If an enemy steps on a Yordle Snap Trap, make him pay with blood.

- You can use your Time Warp on an enemy to let your carry land a easier Headshot or Piltover Peacemaker

- If an enemy is going to escape, don't put a Time Bomb on him, remember Ace in the Hole


Score: 9
Type of lane: Aggressive

Another lane I love. Corki can deal tons of damage in a second, and you are the perfect support him. If Corki jumps over the enemy with Valkyrie and uses Gatling Gun, bomb and slow the enemy carry. Between the damage from your bombs, the armour reduction and damage from the gatling, and the autoattacks with Hextech Shrapnel Shells, almost every champs gets insta-gibbed. You can make a great combo with Corki. Remember to bomb and slow every time he jumps into the battle, and you will secure some kills.


- When he uses Gatling Gun, remember to slow the enemy, so the spell can deal the max damage.

- Also slow the enemy so Corki can land easier his Missile Barrage and Phosphorus Bomb.

- If an enemy is going to escape, Time Warp him, and with Valkyrie and all his ranged skills, Corki will get a sure kill.


Score: 10
Type of lane: Aggressive

Welcome to the League of DRAVEN! (and Zilean). This is the dunk lane. I've played a lot with Draven, and I won like the 95% of the time. The most important thing in this lane is the coordination. Draven must throw Stand Aside, and activate Blood Rush and Spinning Axe. At the same time, you must Time Warp the slowed enemy, and if needed speed Draven, and bomb the enemy. Because the double slow, and that impressive nuke damage in a short time, usually nobody escapes from that. If the enemy survived, slow him if you can to let an easier land of Whirling Death.


- If Draven is going to use Whirling Death, slow the enemy to have a easier land.

- Time Warp+ Blood Rush gives a great speed boost if needed.

- Also, Time Warp+ Stand Aside can slow the enemy for a really long time.


Score: 5
Type of lane: Defensive

I'm sorry for every Ezreal player, but this lane just doesn't work. Unlike Draven or Corki, where Zilean's kit works really well, he just can't help Ezreal as much as needed. He must land his skillshots and harrash with autoattacks, and Zilean can't do a lot about that, only slow the enemy. I don't recommend this lane.


- Same as Draven, slow the enemy to let an easier land of Trueshot Barrage

- Slow the enemy as much as you can, so he can hit with his skills and charge Rising Spell Force

- Time Warp+ Essence Flux can make a really good combo.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

I gave a 8 score, but if you play with a good Graves, it turns into a 11/10. This lane is based on the skill of both Graves and you, so I recommend to play with a friend who likes to play with him. A double AoE damage from Time Bomb/ Buckshot, double slow from Time Warp/ Smoke Screen, and double gap closer from Time Warp/ Quickdraw, makes this a perfect lane. Also, his passive True Grit will make him tankier in teamfights, and he will be able to do demolish damage with Collateral Damage.


- Chain all your skills with Graves to have a great slow and AoE damage.

- Try to keep the enemies close one each other, so Collateral Damage can make tons of damage.

- Quickdraw+ Time Warp can be a great speed boost.


Score: 9
Type of lane: Aggressive

This lane is an air strike. All the damage is going to be shotted from far away. With the long range of your bombs, Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery, you will be able to completely zone out the enemy, while they didn't touch you. This is a full-harrashing lane, so you should enter in teamfight only when the enemy is really low. Also, this lane has got a double slow with Time Warp/ Void Ooze, to finish the enemy. And the best part of Kog'Maw, his Icathian Surprise, sometimes can bug with your ultimate, and weird **** can happen. Care about that.


- Make your enemy cry blood with your ranged harrash.

- Slow the enemy for an easier land of every Kog skill, included his passive.

- This lane is all about zoning and harrashing, remember that.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

STOP! BULLET TIME. There aren't many things to say over here. This lane just works well. MF can deal a good amount of damage in a small time, and you can slow the enemy if you are rushing for the double kill. You should play your lane defensively, until both of you get your ultimates, and bait the enemy to get into fight, and nuke them with Bullet Time, Time Bomb and Time Warp if needed. Also, remember that MF has got an AoE slow with Make it Rain.


- If MF is going to use her ultimate, slow the enemy with Time Warp.

- Time Warp+ Strut= Usain Bolt time.

- Slow the enemy if Miss Fortune activates Impure Shots


Score: 10
Type of lane: Aggressive

I don't see so many Sivirs as I used to, and that makes me sad. Sivir is a great carry, and works incredibly well with Zilean. She can deal tons of damage in a short amount of time, boost her attack speed and movement speed, and protect from one spell ( Spell Shield), and get faster every time she attacks, thanks to her Fleet of Foot. You can slow the enemy down so Sivir can deal a deadly damage in seconds, as she will get faster from her kit of abilites. A great lane, with almost everything you can need to win. I strongly recommend it.


- She can get a lot of speed thanks to her skills, focus on slowing down the enemy.

- Time your Time Warp to launch it at the same time with On The Hunt

- Slow down the enemy so he will get double from Boomerang Blade.


Score: 10
Type of lane: Trollness

If you want to have fun, THIS is your lane. The fact of bombing the enemy from nowhere thanks to Ambush, and later melting their HP with Time Warp and every Twitch skill, makes this lane REALLY funny. Just set the enemy to a low hp, and then let the madness begin. Remember the rat has got a big slow, added to an EPIC range ultimate, poison passive and BIGGER poison E. Fantastic.


- Ambush is a great skill in so many ways. Use it as much as you can.

- Remember to slow the enemy, so Twitch can set a full-poison and then expunge really fast.

- If an enemy is going to escape, Time Warp and let Spray and Pray finish the job.


Score: 3
Type of lane: Defensive

I don't like saying this, but this is a just-no lane. They don't work together, so if you want to use Zilean, search for another carry, and if you want Urgot, don't take Zilean. That's all folks :/


Score: 9
Type of lane: Aggressive

Another great lane, just wait until you both hit level 6, and then rush for the double. Your carry must try to harrash much as possible, and only start the fight when you won't be killed in seconds. Then, some slows with Time Warp and Hail of Arrows, boost damage from Blighted Quiver, some arrows, and then spread Chain of Corruption, ????, PROFIT. Really, Varus and Zilean make a great combo, just coordinate your skills at teamfight.


- When Varus uses Chain of Corruption, it's a great time to drop your bombs, as the AoE damage is secured because they can't move.

- Slow the enemy to let a easier land of Piercing Arrow.

- Speed him if he gets a kill, because Living Vengeance will begin, and it will spread blood and gore with him.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

And last but not least, Vayne. I usually don't play this lane, but every time I did, it went really well. Her Silver Bolts skill is just OP with Time Warp. If Vayne has got a great attack speed, she can land 2 or even 3 combos until the slow goes off (this means 24% of the max HP of the enemy). Also, if she stuns someone with Condemn, and then you slow him, it's usually an easy kill. This lane is based on the skill of the players more than on the champions.


- When chasing someone, combo Time Warp and Night Hunter.

- Speed Vayne if needed to stun with Condemn.

- If stacked, Silver Bolts can be an ''out of bounds'' damage outpout. Try to slow every Vayne target.

Well, this is the end of the ''Who's my carry?'' section. I hope you liked it, I took me a lot of time and job to finish it, but it's finally here. If you have got any suggestion, or want to play with me to test any champion, just say it :P

But, my carry is not in the list, what can I do?

Well, I'm going to make another section, with less common champions. It is going to be made of:
  • Jayce
  • Kayle
  • Master Yi
  • Teemo
  • Tristana (don't hate me for putting her over here D:)

    But, my carry still isn't here!

    Well, I tried to cover every carry in this section. If the champion you are thinking about isn't here, just tell me in a comment or PM, and if I like the idea, I will put it too. You are also a writer of this guide, suggest everything you want!
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Who's my carry? (part 2)

Welcome back! If you didn't have enough, here I come back with some new people. I know I took a time to publish this, but I had to test some games with every champion. Here are the results:

Master Yi

Score: 10
Type of lane: Aggressive

Actually, this lane is a great surprise. I didn't have lot of fait thinking this lane was going to work, but it does, and DESTROYS. Before level 6 you must play really defensive, but once you both hit level 6, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN. Highlander added to your Time Warp is just mind-blowing. Harrash the enemy until is at 50% hp, and then slow it. Yi must jump into the enemy, ultimate... And that's all, repeat for infinite fed, ultimates and awesomeness. If Yi overextends and he's going to die, Chronoshift and Time Warp back to safety. Great lane, and can confuse the enemy.


- Highlander+ Time Warp= Usain Yi

- Master Yi is really squishy, always keep your Chronoshift for him.

- If he's fed, he can Pentakill the enemy alone. Remember that.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

Well, you must have in mind that Jayce is not a carry. He can play as a carry, but he wasn't born to do that. Anyway, with a bit of skill and luck, you can win the lane. With the ranged form, you must harrash all you can, and when they are low on hp, engage with meele form, and throw everything you got. This lane requires a lot of coordination, so I suggest to play with a friend, or most of the time it will end in an epic fail.


- To The Skies!+ Time Warp is an awesome initiator.

- If you must chase someone, time your Time Warp with Acceleration Gate

- Play aggressive before level 6, remember that Jayce has got advantage thanks to his ultimate and double skills.


Score: 6
Type of lane: Defensive

NERF IN THE FACE! Teemo is not anymore what he used to be, and I never liked him as carry. Also, tons of people plays him AP as carry. Well, and AP Teemo and a Zilean lane is going to fail, no matter what happens. If the Teemo is AD, you still can win the lane, but I strongly recommend other champions, but not Teemo]. Sorry D:


- You can put boms on him when he is on Camouflage so the enemy can take surprise damage.

- If an enemy steps on a Noxious Trap, Time Warp win for an easy kill.

- Move Quick+ Time Warp is awesome for chasing.


Score: 8
Type of lane: Aggressive

Well, a good Kayle will destroy everything. Not a usual carry, but can work really well with Zilean. A dual slow, speed and ranged damage, this lane is based on dealing damage from safety, and make them low enough to slow them and finish the kill. Just focus one enemy, slow him, and unleash all your damage over him.


- Reckoning+ Time Warp will lead to a great slow, and extra damage from Kayle.

- Time Warp+ Divine Blessing is a great combo for chasing.

- This is the best team after the lane phase finishes. Both ultimates, Intervention and Chronoshift can make the fight really unfair.


Score: 7
Type of lane:Aggressive

And lsat but not least, Tristana. Once again, this lane is based on the skill of the players and not of the champions. Anyway, you can make great combos in this lane. Just start defensive, and the lane will get better and better as the game goes on, thanks to her Draw a Bead. Low the enemy team, and when Tristana hits level 6, jump with Rocket Jump, and throw everything, go for the kill!


- Rocket Jump+ Time Warp to chase an enemy.

- If Tristana uses Rapid Fire, slow the enemy so she can deal the full damage.

- You can slow the enemy so Tristana can walk in front of him and use Buster Shot

And that's it. This took me A LOT of work and games, but it's finished. I hope you like it, and if you've got any suggestion, tell me!
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Who's my carry? (player request)

As I said, every read of this guide is also a writer of it. Leave me an idea at the comments or in a PM, and be sure that I will read and note it. So, this section is dedicated to YOU, as my reader. These are all the suggestions I've got off carries to play with. Let's begin.


Score: 9
Type of lane: Aggressive
Thanks to Lhercam

A great surprise to start this section with. With a skilled Kennen, you can destroy the lane when you hit level 6. Before you get your ultimate, play safely and try to add Mark of the Storm from the distance with Thundering Shuriken and Electrical Surge passive. But when you get level 6, play offensive and drop their hp. When they are at 50% (or lower), jump on with Time Warp and Slicing Maelstrom. Just focus an enemy and use Time Warp on him as well. With a good Kennen you can chain a double or even a triple stun combo, added to your Time Bomb and his autoattacks, if you caught their carry out of position, he must pray everything he knows.


- Time Warp+ Lightning Rush for more Usain Bolt.

- Slow down an enemy so Kennen can land his abilities easier and make some fast stuns.

- Try to use your Time Bomb-> Rewind-> Time Bomb when Kennen uses Slicing Maelstrom so the stunned enemy can't escape from the damage.
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Who's my enemy? (Support)

So, in the past chapter we learnt who should we play with. But we can't choose who are we playing against! But worry no more, here I am with the solution for your nightmares. Let's learn how can we deal with all those pesky supports trying to ruin or lane. Off we go!


Oh, such a happy lane you are going to have, in constant fear of being sent flying away. Your main (and only) concern should be keeping you and your carry safe from the mad cow. He doesn't have any noticeable damage, nor any buffs for his carry (aside from a small heal thanks to Triumphant Roar), so all you have to do is keeping him away, and your lane is mostly safe, since he doesn't have any ranged attacks.


- ALWAYS keep your bushes warded, so he can't jump as easily as he wants to.

- Have extra care if he's carrying Flash. Never overextend if it is not in cooldown. He catches you, you are dead.

- If someone must be caught, that's your carry. Always be behind him, because if he's caught, you can Chronoshift and Time Warp your way to safety.

- Your Time Warp is your best bet against him. If you see he's coming right into you, slow him down to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Special tips

- When you are in your turret range, consider staying close to Alistar so that if he uses his Triumphant Roar he will draw turret aggro because of his passive damage from Trample.

- This is a very special kind of lane. I suggest maxing out Rewind and Time Warp first rather than Time Bomb, since all the low damage you are going to make, Alistar is going to heal it back.


Another funny lane. But this time arround, he's not even coming to you. You are comming to him. Fast. Like a ranged version of Alistar, this yellow guy will try to catch you. And if he does, you are screwed. Once again, you need to be on full alert, because his grab is his best friend, but his worst enemy as well. Like a double edged sword, it can make a few good swings, but if he fails them, he will run out of mana, and become a useless ammount of metal glued together. Hold your lane bravely, and you'll be rewarded.


- ALWAYS keep your bushes warded, so he can't grab as easily as he wants to.

- Have extra care if he's carrying Flash. Never overextend if it is not in cooldown. He catches you, you are dead. (Sounds familiar? :P)

- Your minions will be your new bodyguards. Always stay behind them, they will be your wall of safety against the grab.

Special tips

- Do not get too busy attacking Blitz. His Mana Barrier will make you waste a lot of resources and time. He's not a primary target after he does his combo, focus someone else.

- If he activates Overdrive, fear an incoming grab.

- His Static Field can silence you long enough to make you miss a Chronoshift. Keep that in mind.


More annoying than hard. She won't be as hard as the two supports above, but if you are not careful, she can still make you have a bad time. Just avoid her Howling Gale, and you shall be fine. And remember, if you actually want to damage her or her carry, you must use the Q-W-Q combo. If not, she will just deny you with the Eye Of The Storm. If you are going to start a teamfight, try to remove the shield from the enemy carry, as it gives extra AD while it's on.


- Her Howling Gales are her main source of damage. Use Time Warp if needed to avoid them.

- Take care of Monsoon's incredible healing power. If she uses it, retreat, and fight back when it's gone.

Special tips

- Monsoon also pushes away her enemies. Be really aware when you are near her, as she may push you or any ally into enemy territory to easily kill you. Always keep a finger in your R.

- Janna's build usually is focused on AP items and offensive gameplay, just as you. Try to lure her into a towerdive kill and Time Warp her, while using Chronoshift to turn the fight in your favor.


A sweet walk in heaven or a rough journey in hell, this lane is strongly based on Karma's playing skills. After she got reworked, his kit became even more aggresive, so you should take good care of your hp in early. She deals a frightening ammount of damage with Inner Flame, serve you to her carry as dinner with Focused Resolve and deny your bombs with Inspire. It can become a tough lane pretty quickly, but as the game goes on, it will turn on in your favour. It will pull all your nerves to the max.


- Keep an high mobility at all times to avoid her nuke (more like hidrogen atomic bomb) damage and her CC. Remember to use Time Warp when needed.

- In order to avoid the bomb shielding of Inspire, master your Q-W-Q combo!

Special tips

- Karma has a very special way of playing and a complex kit. The best way of learning how to counter her is to actually play against her. Ask a friend to lane against you with her and teach you the ropes to increase your survival chances.

- Karma's mobility is inmense. Avoid chasing her at all, focus on the enemy carry.


The personification of the word versatility. Kayle's range is really impressive, so is her damage. If you want to win this lane, you have to watch every step you make really carefully. Even when playing as support, people usually build a lot of damage with her. She will try to nuke either you or your carry with her Reckoning > Divine Blessing > Righteous Fury, all of this while the enemy carry is attacking as well. Always have your Chronoshift ready, because his burst is fast and hard to escape. And never, never forget about her Intervention. It is short, but destructive. Whenever Kayle activates it, just fall back until it's over.


- Try to keep a constant stream of damage with your Time Bomb, so he has to spam Divine Blessing and waste all her mana, deying her combo.

- If she uses Reckoning in someone, a burst is incoming. Instantly use your Time Warp on her target.

- Kayle's weak point is early game, due to her high base mana costs. Try to get an early kill.

Special tips

- Try to lure Kayle into making a towerdive on a low-hp ally and forcing her to use Intervention, while saving your ally with Chronoshift. Unlike you, she can't refresh her ultimate's cooldown.

- Your Time Bomb can outlive Intervention's duration. Keep that in mind if someone is escaping with really low hp thanks to her ultimate. You may get an unexpected kill.


The tankiest champ on the rift. From now on, you are warned: Forget about attacking her. You should center all your harrasing into the enemy carry, because on early game bombing her will just prove to be a waste of mana. If the enemy carry is really squishy, you may even start with boots intead of the Spellthief, ir order to make him leave the lane, since Leona has no healing or shielding capabilites. Appart from that, there isn't really much you can do. Always keep your bushes warded so she can't combo your carry into death (3 chained stuns are enough to turn him into ashes), and Time Warp your carry if needed.


- Her weak point is her own carry, her best source of damage. Think of Leona as an extra item of the carry.

- If she goes full-in with her combo, you can't do anything but Chronoshift the poor victim.

- If Leona is running to catch someone, Time Warp her target.

Special tips

- When stunned, you can't do ANYTHING. So, if you become her target, you must time really well your Chronoshift.

- Lure her into wasting her combo. After all her spells are on cooldown, she's pretty much useless as a damage dealer.


Another lane really dependant on Lulu's mentality. She has both awesome offensive and defensive skills, so you will have to adapt to the lane. If she goes offensive, she will try to land as most Glitterlances and autoattacks as possible. Since Lulu is a really squishy champ, take the opportunity to trade her with a Q-W-Q combo, as you may even take out half of her hp. In the other hand, if she goes defensive, things will be a bit harder. You will have to spread your bombs in order to avoid the shield generated by Help, Pix!. And in top of all, with whatever she's building, her Wild Growth is her most devastating weapon.


- She will constantly try to harras you with Glitterlance. Rush boots if you need it.

- Her mobility is outstanding. If she's becoming too much of a threat, get your Time Warp ready.

Special tips

- If you want to deny her shielding, lure it with a bomb into her carry, and then into Lulu itself. Let the AoD damage of the bombs do the rest.

- If they are using Wild Growth to initiate a fight, Time Warp the titan and wait until the effect runs off to engage.


The fallen angel. With a bit of awareness, wards and mobility, you shoudn't have much problems. She can deny your bombs with her shield, but just move on and focus whoever else is on sight, don't really bother with it, and you should be fine. Your priority should be set on avoiding every single Dark Binding. It has a high mana cost early game, so if you force her into Black Shielding her carry with a few bombs, she will become a useless carcass. And to finish off, you can counter her ultimate with a double E-W-E combo, one for her and one for the guy being trapped. If you are quick enough, you can avoid the stunning with ease.


- Hide behind minions and move erratically to avoid getting sniped.

- Lure her Black Shield with your bombs or your Time Warp before engaging into a teamfight. The cooldown is pretty high, and unlike you, she can't Rewind.

Special tips

- Morgana is a full combo champion. You can allow her to throw it into an ally and help him out with Chronoshift+ Time Warp, and she will become useless until her cooldowns are off.

- Rush for the cooldown reduction. You are gonna need all the Time Warps you can have in order to help out your allies with everything: Bindings, Tormented Shadows and ultimates.


If Zileans are rare, Namis are collector's items. The few games I've played against a Nami were a win after win in lane, every single time. If she tries to heal back the damage of your bombs, she will run out of mana even faster than you. With a bit of mobility and a few Time Warps, all her cc will be denied, even her ultimate. And she just can't outdagame you. So yeah, if you play it well, the lane is almost won for you. I don't usually say this, but this should be an easy lane for Zilean. Enjoy the ride.


- Keep moving left and right, avoir all the Aqua Prisons

- As soon as she casts Tidal Wave, get as much allies away as possible with Rewind and Time Warp

Special tips

- Nami has some really long cooldowns. Start playing aggresive when she uses her skills, especially Aqua Prison, as she shoudn't be able to fight back.

- Lure her into healing her allies with your Time Bomb, as she will run out of mana sooner than later.


Welcome to the jungle! Laning with Nidalee is like having a time bomb in your hands, ready to explode. You cut the right wire, and you are saved. You cut the wrong one... KABOOM. Keep your bushes warded at all times, and hug your minions like you have never done before. If you don't allow her to land those spears, she shouldn't be much of a problem. Just walk with caution to avoid the Bushwhacks, and remember that she has got a healing, but she should be maxing out her Q. If she tries to engage with her kitty form, just deny her with a Time Warp, because she can leave am impressive burst if she gets close enough.


- Minions. Minions. MINIONS! Stay behind your minions. Hug your minions. Be a minion.

- Lay as many bombs as you can. If she has to constantly heal her carry, she won't have enough mana to spear you down.

Special tips

- The spear's damage is based on the distance travelled. If you have no other option but eating the spear, you can actually walk towards instead of running from it. It should at least, help a bit.

- When she actually gets level 6, she will try to jump on you and take advantage of her double set of skills. Lure her into making a dangerous play and Chronoshift for a safe kill.


Allegrissimo! This lane shoudn't be a problem for you. Just don't stand too close to avoid her bolts, and you won't be having much to do. She's really squishy all game long, so with a few bombs you can leave her half dead and manaless. Sona is like a walking massive aura item, so she can't do much by herself (unless she's getting AP, which is a totally different story then...), and will be constantly helping her team. But beware, a well timed Crescendo can leave your team unarmed and distracted. Always keep an eye on her, and Time Warp is she's getting close enough to cause trouble.


- Constantly harras her with your bombs. It wont take long until she runs out of hp, mana, or both.

- If she tries to engage with the Power Chord extra effect, Time Warp her engager until the effect ends.

Special tips

- If you can, focus her in a teamfight. She can become really dangerous quickly, but you can shut her down even quicker if her hp is a bit low.

- Sona players tend to have a ****load of wards. An early oracle trinket may prove really useful, leaving Sona damaged, and the lane open to ganks.


Good luck. You are going to need it. Soraka's supporting capabilities are outstanding. By healing and giving mana to the carry, boosting armor and reducing magic resistance, all combined with a long silence, she can and will give you more than one headache during the laning phase. Instead of slowly harrasing the enemies with bombs, coordinate yourself with your carry to burst the enemy when they take a step on the wrong direction. If you can't take advantage in a direct fight, allow them to push the lane and call your jungler for a gank.


- Try making fast bursts to minimize the effect of her healings.

- Don't play the attrition game, you are going to lose it. Rush for an early kill, when she is not strong enough to make some annoying outplays.

Special tips

- If she's becoming an huge problem, you can try attacking directly at her best weapon: The healing! If you know you are going to lane against her, take Ignite with you. If not, you can still hurt her in lane with items such as the Morellonomicon. However, this is really situational, use it at your own risk.


Hope he's not laning with Ezreal. While he shoudn't be a threat for your life, he's going to make you fight for every kill, and most importantly, he will become a pain in the *** in every teamfight. In lane, he has billions of armor points to share with his carry, but you don't even have to worry, just keep bombing as you would normally do. Taric will run out of mana eventually trying to heal all the damage, and so you won't have to be under the pressure of an always-ready stun. Your carry won't be able to do much damage early on, so that work lies on you.


- He is close combat kind of champ. Punish him whenever he tries to get near you.

- If he uses Radiance in order to engage, Time Warp him until the effects run off to actually fight against his team.

Special tips

- Going back to the point I made before. He's pure armor, so if you can get your ap allies to focus him, you can quickly erase him out from teamfights and stop his armor giveaway once and for all.


Pretty much the same as Blitzcrank or Nidalee, it's time to hug your minions. But Thresh, like you, it's a mostly offensive champion, with low supporting skills (Appart from a long cooldown shield and free team teleport) that will rely in getting souls and hooking enemies. Your first priority should be avoiding those pesky hooks. Always stay behind your minions and move left and right to increase your life expectancy. If he doesn't get you, everything it's better than fine. Lay a bomb everytime he gets nearby to collect some souls, and thanks to his lack of healing or constant shielding, he should be crippled already within a few rounds.


- He will try his best to land his combo. If he can't do it, he's pretty much useless.

- His souls are his main source of AP and resistance. Deny the harvest early in game, and he will be starving later on.

Special tips

- If enemies low on hp are using Dark Passage to escape alive, you may bomb one of them, or even Thresh himself, to get a kill or even a spree thanks to the AoD damage of the bombs.

- If you are under turret, or some allies are nearby, you can allow Thresh to actually hook you and lure an attack with Chronoshift, in order to position him for an easy counter-attack.
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Twisted Treeline

This map, loved for some people, hated for others. Actually, I like this game mode, and I play it a lot, so I think I can give some useful information.

General tips

Well, if you are new to this map, there are some general things that you will like to know:

Teamwork: In this map every team is made of 3 players, intead of 5. So, communication and teamwork is more important than usual, and this will lead you to victory. Every time you can, play with a premade team, and if you are doing solo or duo queue, yell as less as possible :P

Capture the point!: A great improvement from the old Twisted Treeline are those 2 points at the ends of the jungle. If you get one, you will get more gold every time you farm a minion, but if you get the 2 points, your attack and ability power will be rewarded as well. Every time you can try to capture the 2 points, but don't risk your life or your teammates ones, I only recommend to rush if you get an ace. Remember, that when a team captures a point, it can be recaptured after 90 seconds!

Friendship is Magic: As I said, there are only 3 people in every team. So a good understanding between players it's essential. A friendly team will win 99% of the time a yelling snd noob-calling one. Always try to be good, cheer up your team, it doesn't matter if they did good or wrong. I strongly suggest to play with friends, it doesn't matter if they are real life ones, or people you met at the game. Play with people you feel good with, ones that you know they will give you a good time, even if you win or you loose. If you want to solo-queue, always have a big smile in your face, be friendly with your team, don't blame, and I'm sure that if you didn't win, at least you had a great time.

The team needs a leader: A split team can't win a game. The team needs a leader, someone who can lead you to victory. If you pay a bit of attention while playing, in every team there is someone who plays better than the others, and their team WILL listen to him. If you are doing a great game, your teammates will be happy about that, and if you give them tips for winning the game, most of the time they will hear you. But remember, be politely and friendly, and NEVER (NEVER) flame or yell at them, because they will get annoyed, and don't tell them how they must play, just little tips that you thing that can help. But if you are doing a bad game, be sure that they won't listen to you.

No Supports: In Summoner's Rift, there is a space for suppports, were they can be really helpful, but there is just no team for supports. In Twisted Treeline you will see a lot of champs with tons of HP, but that can deal a lot of damage as well ( Jax, Darius or Jayce as the most common picks). So, if you put a Sona against a Darius, wait for the end. In this treeline, you need firepower, you need damage. So, pure tanks or damage dealers are a good option, but not a support, because it's going to be a waste of a slot, where can be a better champion.
Attention: Do not misunderstand me, I love playing as a support in Summoner's Rift, but after a lots of games in the old and in the new TT, I can say playing as a full support (like Soraka or Sona can be) it's not rewarding. You need to deal damage and fast, and a support can't give that to you.

Why you should pick Zilean

I know, I said support don't work in TT, but here we are not playing as a support, but as a AP caster. With Zilean...
  • You can deal tons of AoE damage thanks to your Time Bomb
  • You won't let the enemy get away, slow or boost with your Time Warp
  • Cooldown? What's the meaning of that? I prefer Rewind
  • You will make the game 4v3. Chronoshift opness.

As you can see, Zilean has got a lot of AoE damage, a strong speed boost or slow, a cooldown killer and that ultimate... All that, added to your passive, will make you a GREAT 3v3 player. But remember, you WILL get focused.


You are not alone at your team. Same as in 5v5, Zilean has got some synergies. After a lot of games, I saw there are some champs that will make a destroying game if well played with Zilean.


A good Talon/Zilean combo can win a game. With the skills of Talon that let him to jump into the enemy team, deal tons of damage and get away safe thanks to his ultimate, add some bombs from Zilean a slow if you want to finish the kills, and your ultimate so Talon can keep the killing rage. If you do it well, you can kill 2 or even 3 enemies without using your ultimate.


Another scary guy. Darius can carry alone a game if feeded, but 2 Darius... With some damage added by your bombs, a slow thanks to your Time Warp so the enemy can't escape from the awesomeness of Darius, and a ultimate if the enemy focus him.


I love this lane, (actually, I think is the best on TT). With speed boost, gape closer, slow, AoE damage, range poke, etc... Jayce is a great champion. But if you add the skills from Zilean, you will have a indestructible killing machine. If Jayce gets feeded a bit, you will win most of the time. Winnorz. If you have a friend with Jayce, I strongly recommend to give this lane a try.

Dream Team

Well, those are the top 3 champs for Zilean (REMBEMBER, IN TT), but if you still want more, I will put here some ''Dream Teams''. Here are some picks for the other champs if you are going Zilean with a premade team.

Yep, already named they 2 before. If you like playing TT, at least 50% of the games you will find a Darius, and that's because he works really well, so he can't be out in this team, and less if he already got an AP caster (you).
About Jayce, he can go on range damage instead of meele, something that can be an huge advantage, and if needed he can jump into the fight and get tankier in his hammer form. This team combine AD, Ap and tankiness, as well meele/range attack and AoE damage. A great choice ftw.

Here, we change brothers :P This team is based on range damage, so you must stay back and harrash much as possible. Jayce will work as a tank, and if a teamfight starts he will jump in at hammer form, while Draven and you deal tons of damage.

Hibrid, damage everywhere, tons of tank. Well, here Yorick will play as an offtank/ad/ap/the****hewants, because Yorick can. This is based on a double ultimate in teamfights, so you can turn the game into a 5v3 (Yorick's ghost). Jax is pretty good at 3v3 as well, he can be offtank, taking a lot of damage, and dealing tons of ap and ad damage as well. A team based on tankyness and hibrid damage, so it's harder to counter, and some op ultimates that will bring you back from dead.

This one needs a big coordination, but will give you some epic wins. Jarvan IV will work as the tank, and Nunu & Willump will work as AP/offtank or full AP if the enemy team is squishy as well. The strategy is pretty simple: Initiate the teamfight, and when you have the full enemy team together, Jarvan jump to the face, and while they are trapped, Nunu & Willump] ultimate and some Time Bombs. This will **** up most of the enemy teams, but you have to care that if the enemy has got a lot of CC, or can escape easily from your Jarvan ( Zed, Ezreal), don't take this team, or you will make an epic fail.

If you have got any idea of a new team composition, or you played with your friends at it went really well, tell me and I will put it here :P
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Coming Soon

I just released this guide! There is a lot of work to do, and I will put my ideas here, so you can know what's coming next!

-Chrono shift section. DONE

-Upgrade the Combo section. DONE

-New cheat sheets. Because I see people don't like my build, I'm going to create new builds. Please, send me your ideas, forum or PM, but do it!DONE

-Warding Secion. If you don't use supports a lot, I will give some basic warding over here.

-Videos!. Videos are really usefull, and they let you understand things easier. (This will take a lot of time, it's not that easy to record a video). I need people to join! Feel free to ask me!

-Who's my carry?. Because bot it's a duo lane, you will play with a carry. Here, I will list up all the common champions, and how Zilean works with each one. DONE

-Who's my enemy?. And there are bad guys as well. I will put a match-up list with the most common champions for carry and for support, and how to fight against them.(This is going to take a lot of time as well). Good new homies. I got more time right now, so I decided to make this section. Right now I'm working on the support one, expect an huge update :P

-COLORS! As you can see, I learnt how to put EVERY color possible on my guide, so I'm thinking about a face remake for my guide with tons of new colors. I love how everything is possible to do with the right coding in the internet.

-Optional masteries. Yes, right now I only have 1, and that's the one I always use, but I will make some variations for you :3. DONE

-Twisted Treeline section! I play a lot twisted treeline, and I like the new map, so I can give a lot of good tips. DONE

-Optional items: I will put more support-based items, focused on aura effect (thanks to Customtm)

-Did you know? I want to make a little section with some funny facts that maybe, you didn't know about Zilean :P
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As you can see, I'm a MASTER of photo editing, but I'm too lazy to show my true power, so to the most talented readers of this guide, I want to ask for some favors :P

- A heading for every chapter of this guide. Just a cool photo of Zilean and the name of the section, like there are in a lot of guides. I don't know how to do it, so if someone teaches me or makes it for me, I will be REALLY grateful.

- To the computer masters, I want a bit of BBcoding. This is my first guide, and I did everything that was in my hand. Every day I try to improve myself, but this is not easy. Because I saw some guides that were just AMAZING, if someone knows some BBcode and can tell me some tips, or just send me a guide or a video, I will be grateful as well :D

I know I can sound selfish, but ALL this guide I did it by myself, but there are some things I just can't do, so I need help D:

Also, I'm looking for:

- People who want to make videos. Not a big deal, I just need a couple of people to make videos for the guide. I was asking to my friends, but shyness is op.

If you are new with Zilean and want some tips, don't have doubts, I'm always open to a good and friendly conversation. Also, if you want to play some games, just add me :P

And also, and this is the MOST important (and easiest) part, I want feedback! Every opinion, everything you like (or you don't), every idea, tell me! If I like it, the idea can become truth! This is the only thing I really ask to you, my dear reader. Share your opinion with me!

Remember, if you have anything you think you can add to this guide (maybe a video you did, or whatever, something you think it can fit with the guide) what are you waiting for to send it to me?
EVERYTHING is welcome!

Basically, you are also a worker in this guide. Together, we can rise to the top! See you on The Fields of Justice!
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Well, this was a long path that we walked together, but now it comes to the end. Remember something: The most important thing of a path is not the end, is the people you meeted in your way, the things you've learned... Well, an end is not easy, and less with my poor grammar, so I can't write an epic end with fireworks and people walking to the horizon with and epic soundtrack.

Well, there aren't a lot of things to say. Remember this build is made as an offensive support, and in late game you will be more the AP caster more than a support, but you will be able to help your team. I hope you liked this guide, and send all the feedback you want, I want it.
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Well, I spent a lot of time working in this guide, but I didn't do it alone, there are some great people who helped me. Here they are!!


I can't say how much did her ''Making A Guide'' Guide help me. Thanks for the separators, thanks for templates, thanks for everything. Without your guide, I wouldn't make this one. Thank you, really.


A really great guy. We've been friends for years, and he helped a lot with this guide. He gave me ideas, corrected some grammar mistakes, made some videos with me... Again, I haven't got enought words to thank him.


Same as Alb, we've been friends for years. Thanks for teaching me how to be a good support, and for feeding me every time I play with you :3


Thanks for all your tips on how to be a good support, and for all those afternoons talking about random ****. I love you man.

And YOU!

Thanks for reading this guide, for your feedback, for being here. I hope you have a good day and you get a lot of pentakills with this guide :3
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4/12/2012- Deleted the ''Mid'' Cheat sheet. It's only making problems.
4/12/2012- Chrono Shift section released!
5/12/2012- Combo section done!
7/12/2012- Upgraded the item section in the cheat sheet!
11/12/2012- Updated the rune names, they were changed on S3
11/12/2012- Updated Archangel's Staff and Frozen Heart description because updates, and added Seraph's Embrace to item section.
12/12/2012- YAY 12/12/12... And I'm updating this guide XD. Here you go, the new Twisted Treeline Section!
13/12/2012- Did some minor changes, like updating the description of some items, and fixing some mistakes.
15/12/2012- Added Warding to the items section!
17/12/2012- Added Who's my carry section! It took me a lot of job, I hope you enjoy it.
24/12/2012- Added Who's my carry (section 2). Carry section finished!
2/1/2013- HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know I took a lot of time, but I'm back at the guide :P Today I start the Who's my carry (player request) section!
2/1/2013- I want you section added. Made it with a lot of feeling.
5/1/2013- Masteries updated to S3! (finally!)
8/1/2013- Warding section added!! Also made some changes in Coming Soon, check it out.
13/1/2013- Optional Masteries added! New items added! Wait for more soon
15/1/2013- An easter egg was added, try to find it! :P (yeah, serious updates are coming)
24/1/2013- Updated the ''coming soon'' section. Just an advance, In a few days I'm going to finish the support part of the match-ups, and A LOT of new colors are coming for this guide :P
17/8/2013- The cheat sheet has been revamped. Soon the whole guide will follow it.
20/8/2013- Runes in the cheat sheet has been revamped. The whole "Runes" section, along with the optional runes has been changed as well.
24/8/2013- All the items have been revamped and updated.
23/2/2014- MEGA-UPDATE on the guide! Almost half of it has been revamped. Enjoy!

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