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Udyr: The Frozen Jungle [Hybrid - Tank / DPS]

Udyr: The Frozen Jungle [Hybrid - Tank / DPS]

Udyr: The Frozen Jungle [Hybrid - Tank / DPS]

Updated on January 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232 Build Guide By Restrictnine#5232 125 21 146,465 Views 157 Comments
125 21 146,465 Views 157 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Restrictnine#5232 Build Guide By Restrictnine#5232 Updated on January 13, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
  • LoL Champion: Udyr


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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My first Note to the MOBAfire community starts here. Many of you know and were accustomed to the old Udyr build I had posted, and a few considered it the "Udyr bible". First of all, there is no one way to play Udyr. Second of all, this guide is going to have a somewhat different format than before. I am removing the Type 2 Jungling builds in favor of the Type 1 jungling that allows for more efficient ganking. I will leave in the Type 2 Jungling section in the event that people do not like my Jungle route. Another big change is the builds in general. The build section seemed cluttered and confusing, so I opted for a cleaner build section that tailored more to types of playstyles and less to types of jungling.

The guide now goes in depth with more gameplay than just early, mid, and late game. It will include some of the "chapters" that Matt came up with for guide making suggestions. It will also go more in depth with the individual sections. This is due to the new Guide Format that quite honestly makes updating guides bearable. Enjoy the new and [hopefully] improved guide.

Please comment and try the build and strategies before voting. Thank you.

Last Updated: January 10th

Because for some reason, people seem to be more at peace if they actually see scores. Yes, these are consecutive, yes I am level 30, yes, I do play ranked [although not super awesomely], and finally, NO, it wasn't pubstomping. We played premades every time.

This guide focuses on the Items, Masteries, and Runes, while attempting to focus on the gameplay as a whole instead of just the early game as it did before. Two builds in one guide needs much more explanation than it did before.


AA - Auto Attack
Stun - Bear Stance, immobilizes the enemy, preventing them from performing any actions, other than skills like Cleanse and items like Quicksilver Sash
Slow - the frozen mallet passive or Red Buff passive, slows the enemy's Movement Speed
AoE - Phoenix Stance, area of effect
Shield - Turtle Stance, damage absorber
Kiting - the ability to run away while attacking the chaser.
CC - Crowd Control, mainly slow or stun
ArPen - Armor Penetration
mPen - Magic Penetration
AD - Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
AS - Attack Speed
MS - Movement speed
MP5 - Mana per 5 seconds
MR - Magic Resistance
CDR - Cooldown Reduction
HP - Health Points
MP - Mana Points
BD - Back Door
FB - First Blood
KS - Kill Steal
Tank - A champion that is designed to take heavy focus for the team
Offtank - A mix between DPS and Tank; Designed to take a beating, while dealing heavy damage
DPS - Damage per Second, refers to champs that deal sustained heavy damage such as Kog'Maw, Tristana, and Xin Zhao
Rager - A person that has little to no control of their anger and frustration. They can be fantastic players, but have difficulty when they lose control. I may add a rage section later on, depending on how much text I am allowed in a guide.
QQ - Needless rage talk that isn't targetted at any player, but instead the gameplay mechanics such as skillshots or champion skills and statistics.
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Thank you for taking the time to view my build style for Udyr, The Frozen Jungle. As you all know, this guide used to take advantage of the bulkiness / slow of the frozen mallet and the damage of Madred's Bloodrazor. That build is definitely viable, but I prefer a sturdier Udyr, which in turn means a different playstyle.

  • For a melee champ, one of the best skill sets in the game.
  • Very strong jungler.
  • Fantastic ganks; even if it is a failed gank, the enemy will have had to pop at least one summoner spell.
  • One of the strongest damage shields in the game.
  • A great stun in Bear Stance.
  • Primal Udyr skin is quite possibly the sexiest skin in the entire game.
  • To Be Continued...

  • Absolutely no range.
  • Can be a pain in the *** at times because Udyr isn't the best of carries.
  • CC can become a problem very quickly
  • If your team's carries don't do ****, you are relatively useless.
  • HUGE learning curve.
  • The last few recent patches have really screwed with the Udyr Niche, so it can be hard to find a set playstyle for Udyr.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Skills
Ghost - This Summoner Spell is great for Udyr. Think about his Bear Stance. Do you see that speed boost? Ya. When you pop ghost, you get about 560 or 570 movespeed. The only people that can run away are people that can jump walls, continuously slow, and Sivir... [**** her buffed MS ult]. If you go with Trinity Force, you get even more speed.

Smite - You are a jungler, and while it isn't absolutely REQUIRED, i strongly STRONGLY suggest this. This is the reason Udyr is one of the fastest jungles in the game. Without it, you just can't keep up with the rest of the lanes, or even the enemy jungle. Highly recommended. Consider it required.

Optional Summoner Skills
Flash - I have seen a few Udyrs take this, and even a few suggestions, but honestly, it just doesn't compare to Ghost. Ghost compounds so much better with Bear Stance than this skill... BUT. It can give you that little jump on the ganks, it can counter enemy flashes, and can even get you out of a jam. This is the one skill that counters the slows from the other team that is really the only reason you should ever die.

Teleport - When I made this guide, EU had almost NO impact on US gameplay, but after the big tournament, people have taken serious looks at EU. Teleport is one of the most commonly used spells in EU for good reason. They tend to entirely avoid team fights, and Udyr is a backdooring champ. It can also get the jump on enemies. Tele to a ward and the enemy won't see your animation. It is great for ganks. I really only see this as an option on DPS Udyr however, because you will have move speed from maxed out Bear Stance and Trinity Force.

Exhaust - This skill is if you like the pure DPS Udyr. Between your stun, shield, lifesteal, and damage boost skills, however, this is almost overkill. Only the hardest of carries can take you on late game. Usable, but in all honesty, overkill. A good example of using this skill would be against Tryndamere. Although even then, I find Ghost more useful. This would also be a strong choice for LANING Udyr, which I will actually talk about later in my guide.

Cleanse - Just because i love this skill. When they attempt to stun lock you, all you want to do is hit W for Turtle Stance or E for Bear Stance. Either one of these could get you out and avoid a death, but those damn CC teams just eat you alive. Well, my friends, Cleanse is going to make all [actually most] of your problems go away. This skill got nerfed, but it still gets rid of all the CC that pisses you off, outside of skills like Children of the Grave and Ignite.

Clarity - For the newer Udyr players, this is a good option. some people have trouble keeping their mana up early game, and can actually cost you in the jungle. But never fear, newbies. This skill will save you. Definitely not advisable, but still usable. Also usable for smurf accounts that don't have the runes to jungle effectively.

Fortify - Another good choice for laning tank Udyr. Grab this and get it upgraded and you can turn the tides of a tower dive battle quite nicely. Requires some hardcore map awareness though, so newbies might not want to jump at this one.

Revive - LOLFAILNOOB... Well not really. I haven't tried it, but I can imagine an extra 400 health on a lv 4 Udyr with double buff is a pretty terrifying sight on ganks. Haven't tried it, i confess, but if it works for Evelynn, why not for Udyr? Granted, it is mostly for jungling on Evelynn, but she doesn't NEED it. Might be something you want to try out sometime.
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Tank Items

Core Item Build

Recommended Core Item Build

Early Game
sight ward

Mid Game
catalyst the protector

Late Game

Everyone wonders what Udyr's items should be when he leaves the platform at level 1. Most go the basic Cloth Armor and x5 Health Potions. Some go Vampiric Scepter. I prefer Cloth Armor, x2 Health Potions and sight ward. This allows you to take advantage of an early ward, which can really screw over the enemy jungle, or you can save it for warding dragon instead of having to go back just to get a ward. And besides, Udyr only needs two Health Potions to get by in the jungle without having to recall. In my opinion, the best way to screw up the enemy jungle without actually going there yourself is to place your ward at their Blue Buff, so that when they go for it, your team can gank him there. Usually people go for Blue Buff as soon as they are able to kill it, which means they may be a little low on health. Your team should take advantage of this to pick up an easy kill. If they don't go for it, however, and actually don't get it until after your ward expires, you still know that they will be coming for it very soon. OR, it is a good weapon to use to scare them off, allowing your team to get their blue buff for themselves.

Mercury's Treads - I love this item. Reduces length of CC effects on Udyr, which is the reason he gets killed 90% of the time. It also gives you much wanted and needed MR. In my personal opinion, primary threats early to mid game for Udyr is AP users. Because he has a pretty decent Base Armor, but his MR is a little lacking. You can run away from most Physical DPS champs. You will have a much harder time running away from Annie or Anivia, who can quickly burst you / stun you down. Ninja Tabi is entirely viable if you want to have full boots as fast as possible. Now, however, that I opt for this after Wriggle's Lantern. I grab a Boots then wait to finish off merc treads.

Madred's Razors - As much as people swear by Heart of Gold, as i once did, this item is REQUIRED for udyr. It gives armor, damage, and a great passive that makes jungling that much faster. Great item, Especially on Udyr, and as such you should get it early.

Wriggle's Lantern - I saw the power of this item all the time on jungle Xin Zhaos, and I thought well why the hell not put it on Udyr? Turns out, it's a pretty *****in item. Between Turtle Stance and the lifesteal on this item, you can heal from 1/4 health to full health in just one camp. Yes, The procs combo with the lifesteal.

Randuin's Omen - This item should be a staple for all Tanks. Health, Health regen, one of the highest armor items in the game, and has one of the best actives ever. A slow that also reduces AS in AoE, with a low cooldown of 1 minute. absolutely amazing, and perfect for Udyr.

Banshee's Veil - For a while i thought Force of Nature was the better MR item... But it is more situational. Without health, there is nothing to regen! Banshees gives you crazy health along with a nice passive and some MR. Can't ask for much more on Udyr. Between this item and Randuin's Omen, you can't go wrong in a match. Plus it doubles as the best carry defense item. Which makes it even better on an offtank such as Udyr.
NOTE: Yes, I am making this a theme throughout my guide to have random notes here and there. At this point, you should have all the bulk you need to survive just about anything UNLESS the other team has ridiculous farm. If this is this case, maybe just grab Sheen and continue to build more defense.

Trinity Force - At this point you are sufficiently tanky and the game is usually almost over. In the event that it isn't, it might be time to think about getting more damage to counter people that keep getting bulkier. Gives you all kinds of stuff, but the most important ones are the damage proc, the move speed, and the on-hit slow. It is seriously one of the best items in the game, but often overlooked because of its price.

Sunfire Aegis - This is the standard Udyr tank item. You can get it earlier if you so choose, but I prefer to get trinity force first for more damage. synergizes really well with Phoenix Stance.

Situational Items

Madred's Bloodrazor - Ahh the ever wonderful tank-killer, Madred's Bloodrazor. It is awesome on Udyr in so many ways. This is the item to take if you don't like Trinity Force. It cuts through armor like nothing, and with the tankiness you built up early and mid game, you are a tour de force.

Quicksilver Sash - This is the best undiscovered item in the world. It gives you awesome MR which is cool, but the reason this item is so good, is it removes ALL DEBUFFS. ignited? QQS. Mordekaiser on your ***? QQS. literally any and all debuffs are removed by this item. Why people don't take it more often is beyond me, but seriously consider this item when you are in a match. Udyr's biggest weakness is CC, so why not counter that with a great item that is fairly cheap?

Frozen Heart - This item is great on Udyr if you don't need any more health. Most armor for a single item in the game, 25% CDR, and an AS reduction to all DPS champs. Pretty situational, but pretty good too.

Last Whisper - Now, this is a very offensive item, but when you have Trinity Force and their team is super bulky, you will want to grab this to cut through their armor. Note, however, that while this combo is uber rape, Madred's Bloodrazor is much cheaper. That being said, Last Whisper and Triforce is a deadly combo.

Guardian Angel - Right. So this is the item you want to get when you just cant handle the focus. I noticed that If you are bulky, Guardian Angel often times gets you out of a bind. The ressurection time is fairly long, so unless your team really blows balls, you will want to get this item. People like to target you in some games, and this is your answer. If you have no issues with dying, don't bother with this badboy. There are better items.

Frozen Mallet - Well then. This item gives you health, damage, and a 35% on-hit slow. OMGWTFNERFPLOX!!!! But not really. This item is for those annoying champs that always seem to be kiting you like Kassadin or Ashe. Also makes you dangerous as hell in general.
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[Tanky] DPS Items

Core Item Build

Recommended Core Item Build

Early Game
sight ward

Mid Game

Late Game

The starting jungle items are the same, so i won't bother with copy and pasting the same long, dry paragraph. Same old Jungling Route, etc. Surprise! the Jungle phase is exactly the same for both Item Builds.

Mercury's Treads - I still take this item because even though this is the DPS build, it still requires a little bulkiness and CC reduction, which is what Merc Treads are. I'll go more in depth with the boots in the next section.

Wriggle's Lantern - I still take this item because it is just so damn good for jungling and ganking, and gives you early lifesteal that is just too good to pass up. It is all around a great Jungle item and almost every jungle should get it.

Sheen, Zeal, & Phage - Obviously you want to get Sheen first, but a lot of people get Zeal over Phage. That's a no-no. Phage is soo much more useful than Zeal early on, because it gives you some really nice health and a chance to slow the target. I honestly think that is way more useful than a small Move Speed boost.

Trinity Force - I'm going to make this the staple item for DPS Udyr. It is just so good and no one can take advantage of it better than Udyr other than maybe Evelynn. The slow debuff and Move Speed buff are just so amazing for DPS champs, and the constant procs are too good to ignore on DPS champs like Udyr.

Last Whisper - Because Udyr has pretty good base AD as it is, and Triforce procs so often anyways, I figured this item would top it off and officially make Udyr unstoppable. Suck it Rammus i just ignored almost half of your armor! Ya. It's that awesome.

Banshee's Veil - The typical DPS carry item. It stops one CC every 30 seconds, gives you much needed health, and has a decent amount of MR that combos really nicely with your standard MR per level runes.

Guardian Angel - Right. So the revive isn't the greatest, but when you are fairly squishy, the revive is definitely amazing. Its something like a 2 or 3 second revive time that you are invulnerable, which gives your team plenty of time to get to work on the other team. Plus it has some really nice overall defense that rounds out your bulkiness. Better than most think, give it a try.

Situational Items

Madred's Bloodrazor - Again, a fantastic item for Udyr in general, but especially for DPS Udyr. If you can, I would even suggest getting this for

Hextech Gunblade - WTF Gunblade? on Udyr? Really? Yes really noobs. Think for a second. You have a Burst Tiger Stance, and a proc Phoenix Stance. Both do magic damage and are a big part of your damage. Thats where the Spell Vamp comes in. Then it gives you
some really good Lifesteal that is just great on Udyr in general. To be honest, as I'm writting this, I'm seriously considering moving it to the Core Build section. I'll have to do some testing and might change this later.
b.f. sword
I put in b.f. sword because it makes more sense to make a section for all three of them because it is really preference which one to take.

Bloodthirster - Yum. Really a great item on Udyr. Anything with Lifesteal is good on Udyr. The only problem is you can lose stacks very easily on Udyr, as you are relatively squishy and as DPS Udyr, you are often times a target. Charging it can be a pain.

Infinity Edge - This would be my personal preference if I was going with a B.F. item. It gives you awesome AD, and come ridiculous crit buffs. Which is good because you won't be using Turtle Stance all that much anyways.

Black Cleaver -

Last Whisper - Now, this is a very offensive item, but when you have Trinity Force and their team is super bulky, you will want to grab this to cut through their armor. Note, however, that while this combo is uber rape, Madred's Bloodrazor is much cheaper. That being said, Last Whisper and Triforce is a deadly combo.

Guardian Angel - Right. So this is the item you want to get when you just cant handle the focus. I noticed that If you are bulky, Guardian Angel often times gets you out of a bind. The ressurection time is fairly long, so unless your team really blows balls, you will want to get this item. People like to target you in some games, and this is your answer. If you have no issues with dying, don't bother with this badboy. There are better items.

Frozen Mallet - Well then. This item gives you health, damage, and a 35% on-hit slow. OMGWTFNERFPLOX!!!! But not really. This item is for those annoying champs that always seem to be kiting you like Kassadin or Ashe. Also makes you dangerous as hell in general.
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Skills Explanation

Monkey's Agility - Now, I know this isn't actually a skill, but bear with me on this one. Basically, as long as you stance dance in less than 5 seconds, you stack 10% AS and 3% dodge up to three times, and keep that buff as long as you keep dancing. DANCE ALL THE TIME.

Tiger Stance - Meh. It's a great skill for single target DPS, but the other skills in my opinion are much better. Max this last, and use it to push towers and BD.

Turtle Stance - This is the skill that makes Jungling so effortless for Udyr. It has amazing lifesteal, and a great damage shield. Max this first, because you become pretty tanky with it, as well as great lifesteal that lets you stay in the jungle instead of having to recall for more Health Potions.

Bear Stance - This skill is great. This is what makes Udyr viable, and in my opinion, imbalanced. A reliable 1 second stun that can be used on every champ on the enemy team, and can be used again on each champ every 6 seconds. Plus it gives you a speed boost for 4 seconds at level 5. Use this. All the time. I put one point in after your first round of jungling, and max it third.

Phoenix Stance - Wow. First of all, let us consider the AoE that comes with it. It is basically a Sunfire Aegis built in. But wait, there is more. When your active AoE is on, you receive an AP boost of 48 and an AD boost of 24. How sexy is that?? The passive for Phoenix Stance also does bonus magic damage every four attacks as long as you are in this stance. I put a point in this at level 1 because it is the fastest jungling skill at lv 1, and max it second. CAUTION: if you do not have all the AS runes recommended, go with Turtle Stance first. This skill is faster because of the passive. if you have slow AS, the passive does not activate fast enough, and you will most likely die or have to recall. This is very bad for jungling.
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Runes Explanation

Greater Mark of Attack Speed - For most DPS hybrid junglers, I would use greater mark of desolation, but because Udyr NEEDS that extra AS, Greater Mark of Attack Speed is almost required. It makes your jungling way more effective. Because Udyr's main source of damage is from Madred's Bloodrazor, ArP isn't quite as important. Don't go flaming now. I am fully aware that ArP is super important for any DPS or hybrid, but I have tested both out thoroughly and found that AS runes are way better on Udyr than ArP runes. Other junglers like Warwick are better off with ArP runes because he has a great AS skill in hunter's call. In the Jungling phase, Udyr can't really afford to be constantly Stance Dancing because of the huge mana usage, which means he can't take advantage of Monkey's Agility.

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist - Some people like to go with Greater Seal of Evasion seals because it stacks with Monkey's Agility, but i say nay. You have base 30 MR, which doesn't scale with level. This is a problem. My solution is using MR per level runes. This way, you have 30 base MR, plus 25 MR from Mercury's Treads, plus 40.5 MR from your runes at level 18. That is 95.5 MR from runes and ONE ITEM. For mid game, this is more than enough to keep you alive long enough to do damage. I thought about greater seal of defense, but this makes no sense, because Armor at level 18 without any runes or items is already at 86. Not to mention that Madred's adds 25 armor, bringing you to 111 armor. so, you are basically guaranteed 95.5 MR and 111 Armor at level 18, as long as you don't feed like a *****. That's pretty substantial, and allows you to focus on the DPS part of Udyr a little more first to make sure you have better damage output, which also makes you useful to your team.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is really the only rune type that i was 100% sure about. Some people take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction, but you really don't need CDR when you have blue buff, and 5% from the flat CDR isn't THAT useful anyways, because you will be stance dancing anyways, so keeping Monkey's Agility up won't be an issue. MR is incredibly important on Udyr. So much so, sometimes i feel like the MR per level runes were made specifically for Udyr.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - I thought about using greater mark of alacrity] marks with [[greater quintessence of desolation quints, but it just didn't have the same effect. I found that the extra 10.6% AS was SO damn helpful. At level 1, with AS marks and quints, plus stancing on cooldown, your AS is .895 attacks per second. Without AS quints, you only get .826 attacks per second. Without ANY AS runes, you have only .724 AS per second. Ew. .895 and .826 may not sound like much, but honestly, I never jungle Udyr without it now. It is so nice to have that extra .69 attack speed. Mind you, this is just at level 1 too. It just gets better with levels. greater quintessence of desolation is usable, but i strongly recommend Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed.
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Masteries Explanation

For a while i had 0/21/9 Masteries on here, focusing on dodge over MR. This was a good Masteries, and is entirely viable, but I have tested some more with different masteries, and I realized as i continued to play Udyr, that the more time with Buffs I had, the more OP Udyr became. To solve this issue, I adjusted to give me the strongest ganking potential possible, without losing too much defensive ability early game. With the new Masteries of 0/15/15, I am able to take full buff duration extension, as well as get the Move Speed boost that is surprisingly useful in the ganking phase. With the 0/15/15, I am able to pick up vital Utility Masteries without losing out on the important Defensive Masteries too much.

By taking out 6 points of Defensive Masteries, I lost the Masteries including Tenacity, which gives me 4% damage reduction, Ardor, which gives me small AP and AS boosts, and one point in Veteran's Scars, which gave me an extra 15 health.

In contrast, I gained a point in Utility Mastery, which gives me an extra 15% in buff duration, 2 points in Meditation, which gives me .66 extra mana per second [this one was mainly to get the Move Speed boost], and finally Quickness, which gives me an extra 3% Move Speed boost. To get Quickness, I needed to invest 15 points minimum. This means I have 15 points to put into Defensive Masteries.

I follow generally the same path as I would normally, up to 3 points in Veteran's Scars to give me 45 extra flat health. One difference, however, is instead of three points into Harden Skin, which blocks 3 physical true damage, I left it empty and put an extra point into Resistance, which gives me an extra 2 MR. Why you ask? well, first of all, In the current metagame, Auto Attack DPS is far less common than it used to be, meaning skills dominate. The majority of skills are Magic Damage, and even some Auto Attack is Magic Damage, such as Bio-Arcane Barrage and Madred's Bloodrazor. Also, because I had only one point to put in either Harden Skin or Resistance, I figured and extra 2 MR was more valuable than 1 blocked physical damage.

By putting 15 into Defensive Masteries and 15 into Utility Masteries, I am able to maximize my buff duration, as well as my Movement Speed, while taking advantage of Flat Health and the rest of the important Masteries in the Defensive Tree.

0/21/9 is by all means still viable, but this guide is how I play Udyr, and It actually compliments the Jungle Metagame quite nicely.

Sometimes I actually go 0/14/16, because maximum Mana Regen per second may be more desirable. Udyr doesn't NEED as much flat health as possible, so 15 less flat health is a fair sacrifice for maximizing Mana Regen. This is, of course, preference.
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Gameplay Explanation
Type 2 is a much faster and easier route, but is more dangerous and shortens your ganking time. Use Type 2 if you do not have the correct runes or you are new to Jungling. Type 1 is for experienced Udyr players and Jungle players, as well as for experienced ganking players.

Most people call this phase the Early Game, but that isn't really what it is for Udyr. His Early Game sort of blends in with the rest of the match. I will explain.

Jungle Phase Type 1

I recently discovered this Jungle Route through, ironically, the person that inspired this build. It is a little bit slower, as you have to start with Turtle, but the speed sacrifice is more than made up for in the Ganking Phase. To do this route, it goes a something like this. At the beginning of the game, ward the enemy red buff so you can grab a free buff and maybe a kill, OR you can ward your own blue to make sure no one steals it. Once warded, you run back to your small golems and start there. For this route you have to put a point into Turtle Stance first. Why is this? Because you do not start at blue buff, and you need to keep your mana up. Once they spawn, Smite the first golem and finish it off. Skip over the Red Buff camp, and work on the wraiths, followed by wolves. This will bring you to lv 3. Then head over to Blue buff. Hit Phoenix Stance and then spam Turtle Stance. Because you are a higher level, smite around 600 health left. You will be low, but between the last Health Potion and the turtle stance from the small lizards, you will have at least 3/4 of your health left. Head on over to the Lizard camp and hit Phoenix Stance, making sure to proc the passive AA damage boost, then switch to Turtle Stance. Do this, making sure you always have enough to switch back to Turtle Stance. Yay you have double buffs with maximum possible duration! Sadly, you have to recall because your health is quite low. Well that is good because this way you have your Boots. Interestingly enough, you will have a **** load of MS. Before boots, you have 330 Move Speed. Meh. But after you get Boots, you have a whopping 381 Move Speed. Holy ****! 381 Move Speed plus enhanced Ghost plus Red Buff slow? Exactly. It is insanity. Gank away, my friends.
You will want to put a sight ward at the green dot, which is the enemy Red Buff. Follow the numbers, with 6 being dragon. The yellow dots are where you hide out to gank, and the red lines are where the enemy should be for an ideal gank, unless you have some reliable CC like Taric or Nasus.

Elaborated Jungle Route Type 1
Small Golems [#1]
Hmm. Udyr at small golems first? Doesn't he kinda need Blue Buff ASAP? Well no. not really at all. Turtle Stance is more than enough to counter the lack of sustained mana regen. Here's how this camp goes. Smite one of them right away, pop Turtle Stance and go to town. Just spam Turtle Stance until both are dead. No Health Potion needed, interestingly enough. Between your dodge, shield, and life steal, you will be fine. I personally hit Turtle Stance four times. That is all you need, and if you do more than that, you will be behind on mana for the rest of the run. Once the golems are done, you will be level 2. Put that point into Phoenix Stance.

Wraiths [#2]
Erright. You will have almost full health. Yay. Pop Phoenix Stance, wait until the passive AA damage procs, then switch to Turtle Stance. DO NOT STANCE AFTER THIS. There is no need. The smaller wraiths do almost no damage anyways, and by the time your shield is gone, the big wraith is just about dead. After the big wraith dies, pop your first Health Potion. This will bring you back up to a safe level of health. It also times very well with the next camp.

Wolves [#3]
You get here, pop Turtle Stance as soon as you start on this camp, and don't stance after that. Take out the big wolf first, of course. Easy enough, almost impossible to screw up. Here comes the important part.

Blue Golem [#4]
This camp is important, but fairly easy. Pop Phoenix Stance and the second Health Potion, then Turtle Stance. You can either wait for the AA damage proc or you can switch right away. The former is faster and the latter is safer. Smite the golem at about 600 health, then stop dancing and kill off lizards in Turtle Stance. I usually go for Phoenix Stance and the Health Potion right away, wait for the AA proc, switch to Turtle Stance, switch back to Phoenix Stance before your passive expires, then switch back to Turtle Stance as soon as possible. By then, you should be able to smite the golem, and easily kill the lizards.

Red Lizard [#5]
This is the only really hard camp. Pop Phoenix Stance, wait for the proc, then switch to Turtle Stance. From then on, it's really up to preference. I like to switch back to Phoenix Stance just for the AoE and AD buff, but make sure to stay in Turtle Stance as much as possible, because you need all the health you can get. I like phoenix, turtle, phoenix, turtle, phoenix, turtle, turtle, turtle. At that point, you will be level 4, and should put that point into Bear Stance. Time to go ganking. Hehehe.

Dragon [#6]
Dragon is a bit irrelevant, because it isn't really in this jungle route. Dragon is more of a... team thing. You really should never do it alone. And if you do, you got some serious balls. Probably give them a free dragon and a free death. :) Just put it in here for the symmetry.

Ganking Techniques Type 1

You will want to wait in the brush, pop Ghost, and swing away with Bear Stance / Phoenix Stance. Make sure your team knows whats going on. If you don't gank while you have buffs, you are useless both early game AND mid game. To be honest, As long as i have the buffs, I don't even go for jungle camps. I spend the ENTIRE time looking for ganks. The biggest difference with this type of ganking technique is it includes boots, and you have a longer double buff duration. Both of these are incredibly important.

The build for this Jungle Route is drastically different than type 2 because you need to take advantage of the increased jungle time. When you go back for the first time get your boots, and if you have enough, get Long Sword as well. Then you will want to bee line it to one of the shown bushes and wait for an opportunity to gank. Pick the lane that needs the most help. Ping who you want to go for first. If they flash out and the other one is left vulnerable, obviously switch targets. You are almost guaranteed a kill, but don't tower dive to get a kill unless they are within one Auto Attack of getting a kill.

Try to run around to the back of them instead of straight at them so that you can cut them off. It guarantees that you get a stun and the Red Buff slow on them. Really good ganking partners include those with a lot of CC. Damage isn't as important, because you do plenty as it is with the early red buff. Taric is a great ganking partner, Kennen is great, Nasus is good, Sion is good, Annie is great, etc. Factor that into which lane you gank. Keep in mind which Summoner skills they have and which ones they have used already. Also make sure you keep an eye on the other lanes and especially the lane partner. The worst thing you can do is get killed by the other lane partner while you are focusing the first one.

Jungle Phase Type 2

Udyr starts with the typical Jungle build, with a few tweaks. Instead of going with Cloth Armor and x5 Health Potions, I go with Cloth Armor, x2 Health Potions, and a sight ward. I explained the reasons for this in my Item section. Here is the recommended Jungle path. Nothing special, but very important, nonetheless.

Your basic Jungle route is 1 through 5, 1 being the Blue Golem Buff, and 4 being the Red Lizard Buff. 6 is Dragon. With Udyr, you want to go 1 through five, making sure to NOT RECALL during this time. After finishing the fifth camp, you will want to gank the lane that needs it most. Usually, Mid Lane will have flash or ghost, or both. It would be ideal to get rid of the solo mid, but may be difficult. The solo top lane is a prime gank opportunity as well. I usually like to wait in the bushes in the river until the enemy pushes to our turret, then pop Ghost and Bear Stance, and go after the most vulnerable enemy, usually the squishy. Once you stun them, your teammate should be smart enough to CC them in combination. With Red Buff and Stun, you should have no problem grabbing a kill or assist, maybe even two. Use your head. Don't dilly dally with Red Buff, because it becomes exponentially harder to get successful ganks without it. Wait for the right time, aka when they are overextended, and MAKE SURE your team knows you are going in, like say "go" or ping the enemy you are targetting, or maybe even do both!

Keep ganking until your Red Buff wears out, or you run out of mana, then recall to pick up Madred's Razors, and Boots if you can afford it. If necessary, pick up a sight ward or two to cover dragon and any choke points that are common gank areas against your team. At this point, you will want to grab whatever camps have respawned, then just keep trying to gank, or even just scaring them off with your presence. You might feel like it was a wasted effort, but scaring them off actually denies them experience because they have to retreat to their turret. If they have no Jungler, which is stupid, feel free to take their buffs, and even their other camps if you feel ballsy. Otherwise, you can cover a lane while the rest of your team goes to gank.

If they DO have a jungler, however, just wait until your buffs come up, grab them, and gank again. Also, make sure dragon is warded at all times. It can net your team a free kill, as well as a possible free dragon.

Elaborated Jungle Route Type 2

Blue Golem [#1]
This is the most important camp, as it can make or break you. First of all. With full runes and masteries, you DO NOT NEED HELP. You can finish this camp in under 30 seconds. What i DO advise, however, is that your team covers the two entrances that the enemy team would take to gank you. I marked them on the map with Yellow dots. They should remain there until about... 2:05, or else when the entire enemy team is accounted for. You should know after a few matches when they can return to lanes. Usually the two adjacent lanes will cover for you, because it takes too long to get all the way across the map without sacrificing laning experience. Now, for the actual technique of doing this camp.
First of all, you want to start with a level in Phoenix Stance. Why, you ask? well. The AoE damage plus the bonus magic damage every fourth AA speeds up the jungling by A LOT. your health will be down to about 180 or so, but assuming your team doesn't steal your experience, you will level after all three creeps are done. As far as using skills goes and using a Health Potion goes, you want to hit R right before your first attack on the Blue Golem. From there on, Make sure you activate Phoenix Stance as soon as it comes off cooldown. As for the Health Potion, you want to activate it RIGHT after the golem lands its first hit on you. You only need one Health Potion for the camp 1. you can finish this camp in as little as 15 seconds, believe it or not. Just focus on the golem until he is dead. Your Smite does 547 damage at level 1, so keep that in mind. Smite the golem as soon as he drops below 547, or as close to 547 as possible. After smiting the blue golem, finish the lizards, then move to camp 2.

Wolves [#2]
Once you get here, you will have blue buff, and not a lot of mana, but that will change quickly. What you do here, is activate Phoenix Stance and attack the main wolf. As soon as you have enough mana for Turtle Stance hit that. LEAVE IT THERE. You don't need to stance after that. wait until you finish off the little wolves, then pop your second Health Potion. Walk over to camp 3, the Wraiths.

Wraiths [#3]
Once you reach the Wraith camp, Pop your Phoenix Stance, then spam Turtle Stance until all the wraiths are down. you will level to 3, so put another point in Turtle Stance and move on to camp 4.

Red Lizard [#4]
On this one, you need to be watchful. Turn on Phoenix Stance, and hit the Red Lizard until your bonus magic damage goes off. you will see the Lizard start on fire. Once that happens, THEN switch to Turtle Stance. After that, just spam Turtle Stance to keep your health up. If you feel that you have sufficient mana to Phoenix Stance then Turtle Stance right away, go for it. Be careful though. If you get stuck on Phoenix Stance, you will run out of health really fast. After you are done with using Phoenix Stance, just spam Turtle Stance till the all the lizards die. Moving on.

Small Golems [#5]
At this camp, your health will be a little low again. Pop one Phoenix Stance, then just spam Turtle Stance on cooldown, until you find it okay to stop doing so, usually after the first one is dead and the second is more than half dead. Again, if you find it necessary, get another Phoenix Stance or two in there, but keep in mind, it makes that much less mana for a gank. Assuming no one was an idiot and stole your camp #1 experience, and solo mid didn't accidentally steal your camp #3 experience, you will level to 4. Put that point into Bear Stance. If you did everything, and used your Health Potions as i said, you will have about 3/4 of your health. The more you used Turtle Stance, the more health you will have. Notice, the more you use Turtle Stance, the slower your first round of jungling will go. Cost and benefit. Your decision. If you are uncomfortable without max health after camp #5, just do 3 Health Potions instead of 2 and a sight ward. Don't buy the 5 because you don't need it. I prefer to have that extra gold to save up for Madred's Razors that much faster.

Dragon [#6]
This does NOT come right after camp #5. Ganks are much more valuable at this point, and help you far more than an early dragon. Just ward it, and come back later. Good times to rush a dragon is when the other team is accounted for across the map, when the other team has some people that are dead, or when you gank their stupid jungler that tried to solo it. fairly simple, just hit it, drag it out to the entrance so that no one can smite it from behind, and just finish it off. Because of the extra MR and Armor of the dragon, your smite does less than usual. Try to smite at a lower health than you would for the other camps.

Ganking Techniques Type 2

I have marked the prime ganking spots with Red dots. These are the bushes that you will wait in until the enemy champs extend past the pink lines. This is assuming you are on the blue side, of course. Once they reach this line, or preferably pass it, pop ghost, pop Bear Stance, then stun your target. Focus the more vulnerable champ. If there is a healer, focus that champ. No healer generally means no pushing power. Also, healers are generally useless when stunned or CC'd. If there is no healer, go for the squishy or carry. Say Kog'Maw is laning with Shen, whom is babysitting the carry. Try your best to ignore Shen and nail Kog'Maw. With your stun and slow, you should be able to net a kill on kog even with his flash and ghost, assuming your teammates don't sit there with a pole up their ***. If they are both tanky, such as galio and shen, simply go for the one with lower health, or the one with less armor, or the one that is more out of position. Use your best judgement. When you pop Ghost and Bear Stance, here is how you want to do it.
First for the outer lanes. When they spot you, their first instinct is to run for the outer bushes. Try to cut them off before they get to the bush. If they make it, instead of running to where they entered, run to where they will exit, which is the other side of the bush. run just inside the bush FROM THE SIDE. if you run in the opposite direction of the running champ, he will juke you from the bush as soon as you walk in it. If they Flash, they are even more vulnerable because they are out of escape skills, as they probably already popped Ghost. If they hit both, just grab the other one that is trying to protect the other. Ironically, once the first one escapes, the other is incredibly out of position, and entirely helpless against your CC. Once the first reaches his tower range, DO NOT TOWER DIVE. Just focus the other one, because he will be trying to defend the weakened ally.
For ganking mid, I personally like having 2 people ganking instead of just you. This is because there is far too much room to run, and the enemy can easily duck into the forest on the other side, where their team can be waiting, ironically, to gank you. This is why the line is farther up for mid lane than the side lanes. If you are ganking alone, wait till the enemy is in turret range so that you can cut off escape routes. THEN pop Ghost and Bear Stance. With that much ground to cover, even Flash and Ghost can't save the solo mid.

Mid Game
I consider Mid game when you have Mercury's Treads, Madred's Razors, and at least a Phage. Mid game, in my opinion, is the hardest section of a match for Udyr, because he has to deal with a more even playing field with other champions, and his MR runes haven't maxed out, and he doesn't have very much in the way of items. Basically, you wait for someone to initiate, go in to stun their carry, and hopefully your team is smart enough to follow your lead. Once the team notices you and your annoying stuns, they will start putting pressure on you. Trust me, you will know when that happens. When, not if, it happens, Turtle Stance / Bear Stance and GTFO. At this point, your team SHOULD have done some serious damage, and should start to back out, unless they have a clear advantage and are just ROFLstomping the other team. If you score 3, 4, or 5 kills, you want to push a tower. Lack of pushing towers when you have the advantage can cost you the game. It has happened so many times before.

As far as the Jungle goes, make sure to grab the Red and Blue buffs whenever possible, and ask if your carries or casters want Red or Blue buff, respectively. Grab dragon whenever possible, or ward if you feel unsafe. If you score an ace when your team is around 14 or 15, see if you can round up a quick Baron run. Some idiots don't really care about Baron, but it is the one of the biggest gamechangers ever. By mid game, Baron should ALWAYS be warded. It also makes a great choke point, so even when Baron is down, you can have wards in the general area. Try to die as little as possible in Mid Game, because unfortunately, Mid Game is the most important phase for Udyr. Without a good Mid Game, Udyr is behind on items, and he only falls farther behind and the downward spiral begins. With a GOOD Mid Game, however, Udyr becomes nearly unstoppable in Late Game.

Late Game
This is where Udyr really shines again. At this point, you should be about level 17, and have Madred's Bloodrazor at least, and hopefully Frozen Mallet as well. Now, if they are really pounding on you, or the slow isn't absolutely necesssary, you can grab your Banshee's Veil first, or if the DPS is doing more to you, grab Randuin's Omen first.

At any rate, this is the teamfight phase. You are officially an Offtank, and you can take a beating, as long as your team backs you up. At this point, the other team sees your carries as a bigger threat than you, so combined with your bulkiness, you can wreck face and not be worried about being blasted down like a Twitch caught in the middle of nowhere. Just focus on their carries, as you can really drain them down with your stance dancing. You are definitely an anti-carry at this point, and you HAVE to focus their biggest damage dealer. Just walk right by their tanks and attack the softies in the back of their team. Once this happens, they will panic and lose all formation. Just be careful about tower fights. Even if your team can ace them without fail, fighting at their turrets can still turn the tides in their favor. I personally have been apart of games where we have two inhibitors down and the other team has Baron, but because they are impatient and cocky, we turned around and won. DO NOT GET COMPLACENT. No matter how badly you are laying the beatdown, do not relax until you are sure that you have won. The only thing that kills a successful Udyr is stupidity. You can literally push a lane by yourself against three enemy champs, while the rest of your team pushes another lane. It is ridiculous. People complain about Udyr needing a buff. Well screw them. I couldn't be happier, and quite honestly, I think Udyr could use a nerf, if anything. When you are pushing towers, by the way, dance between Phoenix Stance and Tiger Stance. This gives you the fastest damage output on turrets. If an enemy champion starts trying to kill you, however, do not turn on Phoenix Stance because it will activate the aggro from the turret, and then you might be in some actual trouble.
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Target Priority

Target Priority

Now, because Udyr is both a tank AND dps, A.K.A. Offtank, he makes a fantastic Anti-Carry. He can use his Banshee's Veil to get in the middle of a fight unhindered and can blow up whoever he wants. While it is fairly easy to dive a team, it is more difficult to pick a target to disable. So, i got a brilliant idea from a fellow guide maker. I'll give him credit at the end of my guide. Basically, You want to take out the ones that do the most for the team.

Top Priority
  1. Twitch - He can sneak up on teams even with oracle's elixir, and can easily change a team fight if left unchecked. He dies first.
  2. Miss Fortune - Her ult? Duh.
  3. Ashe - Anyone who has seen an ELO late game Ashe knows why you get her first. End game her non-crit hits do 450 or more.
  4. Annie - Nobody likes an AoE nuke and stun, and she goes down super easy anyways. Just get rid of her before she makes a scene.
  5. Akali - Surprise? Not even. She takes your carries out so fast. It is the job of every Offtank to get rid of the anti-carries.
  6. Teemo - His blind and poison can faceroll any champion, especially your carry. The faster he dies, the faster you destroy their damage output.
  7. Kennen - No one likes a painful team stun, so the sooner hes gone, the sooner you have an advantage. It also helps to get close to him because his main damage is poking from afar.
  8. Kog'Maw - A few weeks ago I would have put him at top, but he lost some of his effectiveness lately. He is still dangerous, and therefore is still in Top Priority.
  9. Morgana - If she gets her ult off, you are screwed. Don't let that happen.
  10. Sona - One of the best AoE stun / Support champs in the game, and can keep her team alive just enough to kill your entire team. She needs to die.
  11. Katarina - Her ult is devastating, and her pokes hurt. ya she needs to die.
  12. Ryze - He has some serious nuking power... Try to eat him before he starts his combo.

High Priority
  1. Tristana - She would be in the Top Priority tier, but because of her amazing escape skill, she shouldn't be bothered with if you can take someone out from the Top Priority tier first.
  2. Corki - Moved him up because after his "buff", he has become a significantly more effective carry.
  3. Twisted Fate - He has that annoying stun, and can escape fairly well. Depends on if he is their main damage or not, but he's in High Priority.
  4. Veigar - Eats your casters. Can't let that happen. Must die.
  5. Nunu & Willump - This may seem like a strange place for him, but you can easily destroy his usefulness. His ultimate "charges" as it channels, so the earlier you stun him the earlier you ruin his ult, and the less damage he does. Good Nunu & Willump players go AP, which is why hes higher. Tank Nunu & Willump is obviously useless, and shouldn't be targeted.
  6. Ezreal - Hard as hell to catch, but squishy once you do. I found that is actually a lot easier to get to him with Frozen Mallet, so I moved him up. He is still a carry, and must be stopped.
  7. Sivir - The most recent buff to Sivir has put her damage output through the roof. And she is fricken squishy. But she has a huge MS boost, so she will not be put in top tier Priority.
  8. Xin Zhao - He has some really annoying CC, and can be dangerous if left unchecked.
  9. Lux - She gives the illusion that she's hard to catch, but once you do, she's an easy kill. Her CC is a major nuisance.
  10. Gangplank - His crits end game can 2 hit your casters, and that is bad. Very bad.

Mid Priority
  1. Warwick - Not a huge priority, but his ult can really screw up your team structure.
  2. Janna - Support that needs to die, but has really good escape methods. Not worth chasing over the high and top priority tiers.
  3. Taric - Taking him out of the fight is necessary. The only reason he isn't higher is because he is bulky... ish. depending on how he's built.
  4. Anivia - I would have put her sooner, but her egg makes her a little harder to kill. If she isn't fed, try to save her for after the carries are gone
  5. Vladimir - You will want to make him waste his pool so when your team comes in after you he has no real escape.
  6. Master Yi - He's annoying. 'nuff said.
  7. Evelynn - Her stun is surprisingly annoying, and the sooner you get rid of that, the sooner your teammates can stop raging. I moved her up to Mid Priority because i find that good Evelynn players are far more dangerous than i originally gave them credit for.
  8. Pantheon - He is another squishy killer, but not as effective as Akali. When he ults, try to run in and stun him before he can use his whole combo. Your stun ruins his combo, considering hes more of a skill DPS than an AA DPS.
  9. Soraka - Just because she is support.
  10. Shaco - Once he realizes you aren't scared of him, he will **** his tights and Deceive the **** outta there.
  11. Fiddlesticks - CCing muther. No one likes it, but might as well be wasted on you.
  12. Malzahar - Meh. Easy to avoid, until he ults. THEN you want to get rid of him.

Low Priority
  1. Kayle - Not a hard carry, but she can do some damage with her slow. The only reason she's lower is that if you focus her, she will just ult and make your efforts useless.
  2. Heimerdinger - He should die, but hes not your problem. He does damage whether he is disabled or not.
  3. Kassadin - He does some heavy damage, so scare him off. He's a ***** to catch though, so don't chase if he runs off. I moved him down a tier because of his Ult. Attack him just enough to scare him off, but DO NOT CHASE.
  4. Karthus - Hes a huge pain, but he keeps on chuggin even after you kill him, which is almost more dangerous because he has nothing to be afraid of.
  5. Nidalee - Also needs to die, but amazing at kiting; something you cannot deal with.
  6. Swain - Stupid health regen, and lots of annoying CC. His damage output is a little low, so he isnt a higher priority.
  7. Sion - Going for him can waste his stun on you, which is good, but he is tanky as hell.
  8. Gragas - One of those bulky champs that should die but just isn't the best for anti-carry focus.
  9. Mordekaiser - Mordekaiser has impressed me of late. With his recent HUGE buff, he is far more dangerous and actually changes the tide of the battle even without his Ult. Because of this buff, however, people don't build him quite as tanky as before, so between Madred's Bloodrazor and Frozen Mallet, he may be someone you want to go for.
  10. Udyr - He's a serious pain for your team, but mirrors are always really risky, because if he has slightly better runes [assuming you dont have my recommended runes] or he is slightly farther along on his item build, you are screwed. He is also really bulky, so i suggest saving him for later.

No Priority
Just a little side note for this part of the priority section, I actually stared at the remaining champs for about ten minutes trying to figure out how to go about this. I'm not even going to write a reason to go for them, because you shouldn't. I will explain why not to. Most reasons will be "tank blah blah blah" so don't get excited.
  1. Poppy - She is an anti-carry, but her ult makes it useless to target her.
  2. Cho'Gath - Lots of health scales well with your madred's, but most of them go tanky, and so it takes forever to kill him in a team fight. Time that is wasted.
  3. Zilean - If you focus him, he has to blow his ult on himself, which is good for your team. But like i said. He has his ult. Meaning he will just revive.
  4. Olaf - His ridiculous lifesteal is just dumb, and he has burst, which eats you up. Try to avoid.
  5. Dr. Mundo - Another one of those annoying ults that you just can't seem to handle in a teamfight. Ignore him if possible.
  6. Blitzcrank - Lots of annoying CC, and usually pretty bulky. His damage is less than stellar though, so don't bother in teamfight scenarios.
  7. Urgot - His poke hurts like a *****, but there's no point in targetting him. Way to bulky. I moved him a little farther down because I find his shield and natural bulk super annoying.
  8. Nasus - You really shouldn't ever 1v1 him with his ult and natural lifesteal. Just a bad idea.
  9. Rammus - If you can get rid of him, that means no AoE ult and no taunt. But he usually stacks anti-AA stuff, including his Defensive Ball Curl.
  10. Amumu - That % health damage from Despair hurts like a *****. Sadly, he's a tank, and he wants to get hit for Tantrum.
  11. Shen - There's that taunt again. Unfortunately, he's an incredible tank.
  12. Malphite - If you get in melee range, he can use ground pound. It hurts. A lot.
  13. Garen - Sunfire Aegis plus Judgment is very bad for Udyr's health.
  14. Galio - With Bulwark, he likes taking the hits, and it makes his Ult that much easier to activate.
  15. Singed - The only way he is effective is if you chase him.
  16. Alistar - All he will do is stun you and then push you. Waste of time.
  17. Tryndamere - Okay. Maybe it is important to focus him, but it isn't your job as Udyr to focus him. Anti-Tryndamere champs include ranged carries, AP carries, CC champs, and burst champs. Udyr is none of these, and while he has a stun, that is only once every six seconds.
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Tryndamere Explanation

So there seems to be unrest on the topic of me putting Tryndamere at the bottom of the Target Priority section. Well, I have made this section to settle those arguments.

Tryndamere is designed to be an unstoppable Melee DPS, Sort of like olaf. The difference between Olaf and Tryn is two things. One: Olaf can die, and Tryndamere cannot [at least during the 6 seconds his ult is active]. Two: Olaf cannot be CC'd when he ults, while Tryndamere can. Combine those two things, Olaf is a much higher priority than Tryndamere because Udyr has the type of CC that suits chasing, not disabling. Champs like Ashe, Kennen, and Malphite have disabling CC. I apologize for saying your team should never focus Tryndamere. Focus to me means this:

Your entire team focuses the majority of their damage to this champ until he dies

Focusing CC is an entirely different story. You can stun tryndamere all you want, and it will be far more effective. Keeping stuns on Tryndamere is NOT what I consider focus. Although, early game [meaning before Tryn reaches 6] you want to focus Tryndamere all you can to keep him underleveled and underfed. It changes the dynamics of the game. In fact, i just played a game where we killed the enemy Tryn 4 times before he even reached lv 6, because we zoned him, and when he tried to gain exp, we killed him. That is extremely effective in disabling his usefulness in the rest of the match.

If Tryndamere IS fed, however, and the rest of the team isn't fed, then you might want to focus Tryndamere, in order to force his ult earlier than he wanted. As SOON as he pops his ult, your team needs to CC lock him. Between slows, stuns, and walls, you should be able to prevent his escape and kill him. However, I find many more people more viable targets FOR UDYR. Udyr has steady sustained damage with this build, not burst like Tiger Stance builds or tri-force builds. As a team, maybe you do want to focus Tryndamere. It is all up to priorities and how well your team can decipher priorities. But I designed this target priority list assuming the rest of your team was busy with the other parts of the team. Of course there are exceptions to every situation in this list. If the No Priority champs are fed as hell and the rest of their team sucks, of course you want to focus that champ. But assuming skill levels are all the same, they are exactly the same amount of fed, and they are all building their typical builds, this is the order that i think priority should be. Obviously this is never the case, so arguing that urgot should be one spot lower, or tryn should be a few groups higher, is irrelevant. This is assuming Tryn isnt overly fed, but the people that argue Tryn should be focused are used to seeing fed Tryns, namely themselves. Great, if you are fed, then we will CC you down, maybe focus you if you are carrying your team. But otherwise, you are a low priority for focus in the sense that i meant it.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask and i will do my best to answer them.
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Feel free to ask me questions in the posts, I will do my best to keep it up to date and add the questions into this section

Q: Why did you change the Masteries to 0/15/15 from 0/21/9?

A: I did this because i found that an increase in Move Speed means more gank time, and more effective ganks, as well as longer buff duration. The only thing that is really sacrificed is 4% reduction in damage, which isn't much in the first place, and 4% AS at lv 18. You also lose 15 flat health, but that isn't really an issue. The change allows you to gank faster and longer, with more success.

Q: Why did you move Mercury's Treads before Madred's Razors

A: It slows down your jungling, but to be totally honest, you should be trying to gank whenever you have double buffs, so jungling isn't really all that much of an issue. I do, however, get Madred's Razors right after boots. It helps you farm creep waves SOOOO well, as well as downing buffs really quickly. The boots bring you from 330 Move Speed to just over 400 Move Speed. That is a huge advantage over laners, because most only get Boots to begin with. Full boots, combined with Masteries, combined with Red Buff, allow you to go ape **** on ganks.

Q: Why are ganks suddenly under so much emphasis in this guide?

A: Unlike most Udyr builds, this build REQUIRES a lot of early gold, and quite frankly, simply jungling doesn't cut it. Not even close. Getting a few kills and a few assists goes a LONG way to making you crazy good mid to late game. The earlier you get Madred's Bloodrazor, the stronger you are for the rest of the game. If you have a good ganking phase, you can get Madred's Bloodrazor as early as 16 or 17 minutes. If you don't gank, however, it can be as late as 30 minutes when you finally get it. That is a huge difference, and quite honestly, is often times the difference in a game.
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Metagame Explanation

I have plenty of room left so ill keep it updated to the current trends. I don't know how often i will update, but i will keep the old metagame styles up so we can see the change.

11/21/10 - Ahhh yes. The tanky metagame. Tanks and Offtanks dominate, which means Udyr thrives. Not only does he fit right into this metagame, he does very well to counter the tanky metagame with Madred's Bloodrazor. It shifted to the tanky metagame from the AoE fad, but I personally believe that this drifted away due to the effectiveness of the EU playstyle of avoiding team fights altogether.

12/14/10 - Patch .107 COMPLETELY changed the metagame. Super carries take yet another hit with twitch being nerfed to hell, and the tanky metagame is significantly weaker now. Between the removal of Innervating Locket and the general nerf of offtanks, tanky metagame takes a HUGE hit. Gragas and Malphite took preliminary nerfs, maybe more to come. Same with pantheon. On to Udyr. lets see. Phoenix took a slight nerf/buff... for this build, it is a nerf, but it just means you have to use it differently. It isn't too bad. Tiger stance, on the other hand, took a HUGE buff! Tiger Stance is officially viable now. GG Chaotic =3... 150% plus up to 200 damage is a great buff. It also gives you passive AS over time so you dont have to stay in Tiger Stance for the AS boost. I think the new metagame tailors more towards teamwork, and away from super carries and offtanks. Counter Warding is going to be HUGE with the change in wards. The entire Jungle Metagame has changed. The patch actually helps Udyr quite a bit with the reduction in solo lane exp.
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End Notes

End Notes

Now that I have explained my Udyr build, i hope you better understand his style. With a strong jungle phase / early game, Udyr can control the map quite easily. His mid game is a little lacking, but Udyr makes up for it with one of the strongest late games out of any champ i know. His sustainable damage output mixed with his amazing variety of skills and a natural tanking ability that makes any Tank champ jealous, Udyr is nearly unstoppable with the right team. Just don't forget. Play safe, and nothing can stop you.
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Additional Comments

Additional Comments

Thanks to SixSonatas for the great template idea. Also thanks to DEWO, PotatisFarFar, Scrax, and Alahric for the input on my guides to make them better. Thank you to Diesel for making avatars and banners for me. I also appreciate everyone else that takes the time to check out my guide and give ideas to make my guides better. Thank you to TheUn4givenrage for the target priority section. Thank you to Apotheosis for the sickest banner ever.
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  • 10/27/10 - Guide Created
  • 10/27/10 - Added specific Creep Camps Explanation and Gank Techniques sections.
  • 10/28/10 - Elaborated on an issue with health after camp #5 [under Small Golem Camp [#5]]
  • 10/30/10 - Added a Target Priority Section.
  • 10/31/10 - Added a sick fricken banner in place of a text title.
  • 11/18/10 - Adjusted the Masteries to better suit a dominant Early Game, as well as providing some extra much needed Movement Speed, while minimizing the losses in the Defensive Masteries.
  • 11/19/10 - Added Table of Contents link system to make navigating the guide easier.
  • 11/19/10 - Elaborated on new Masteries Explanation.
  • 11/19/10 - Added a second jungle route for more ganking time, along with explanation.
  • 11/19/10 - Added a Win Streak Picture for all the trolls that just don't believe this build works.
  • 11/19/10 - Moved Mercury's Treads in front of Madred's Razors.
  • 11/20/10 - Added an FAQ Section.
  • 11/21/10 - Added a Quicksilver Sash section describing its use and when to get it.
  • 11/21/10 - Changed the End Game Item Build Order to better suit the current metagame.
  • 11/21/10 - Editted the Core Item Build so that it is more user-friendly, more precise, and less cluttered.
  • 11/21/10 - Added a Metagame Explanation section to explain the type of metagame and how it affects Udyr.
  • 11/21/10 - Added a Tryndamere Explanation section to explain WHY i put Tryn at the bottom of my priority list.
  • 11/21/10 - Updated the Target Priority due to recent patch buffs.
  • 11/21/10 - Touched up the guide overall to make it look more appealing and more accessible.
  • 11/22/10 - Added a second Udyr build to give a better view of two playstyles of my Udyr, as well as to give better examples of options.
  • 11/22/10 - Added a third Udyr build to give a definitive alternate rune build for those who cannot afford the recommended runes in the Type 2 build.
  • 11/22/10 - Switched the order of Type 1 and Type 2 Jungles in my guide to put an emphasis on the new jungle route.
  • 12/4/10 - Added Guardian Angel and Trinity Force
  • 12/14/10 - Changed the Masteries and updated the Metagame.

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