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Warwick Build Guide by Jushak

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jushak

Wild tankwick appears

Jushak Last updated on February 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Season 3 introduction

Hello and welcome to my Season 3 tanky Warwick jungle guide. Much has changed since I originally wrote this guide, but the goals of this build remain the same: bringing you one of the safest and newbie-friendliest junglers in the game early on, powerful ganks to bear in early-to-mid game and poke-resistant tank late game. All the while building as tanky magic damage-heavy bruiser that feeds on health-bloated adversaries of the modern League.

Some parts of the guide may feel redundant for some people, but my aim is for this guide to be both informative and newbie-friendly, while offering at least something for more advanced players. The guide is and will always be a work-in-progress to some degree. Feedback is welcome, especially the constructive kind.

Season 2 introduction

Retained as a bit of history - feel free to skip to actual content ;)

Hello and welcome to my jungle Warwick guide.

Warwick already has several jungle guides here on Mobafire, but I've yet to see anyone playing Warwick in the way I do. As such I figured I'd share my view on the jungling side of Warwick, The Blood Hunter.

What do I do different then? There are, in essence, two kinds of Warwick builds. The first one, most commonly seen in the jungle, is the off-tanky AS/on-hit effect Warwick where the damage mainly comes from Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor with extra sustain from lifesteal items. The second one - and less common from what I've seen - is the tanky CDR where the aim is to deal damage via Hungering Strike with maxed CDR. Core items usually include Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart. This build represents the latter kind, while keeping the build as cost-effective as possible.

Note that while many AS/On-hit builds tend to eventually build Spirit Visage and Frozen Heart, tanky CDR builds get them early and grabs mana regen of some sort to keep Hungering Strike spam going and ultimate on short CD.

Feedback is always welcome, especially constructive criticism.

Version history

- 1.5.1: 16th of February 2013 update. Patch note update, twiddling with builds.
- 1.5: 6th of February 2013 update. Reworked for Season 3.
- 1.4: 1st of October 2012 update. Minor changes to starting items, moved Spirit Shroud from core to situational items. Refreshing guide. Need to re-write some portions, possibly in near future.
- 1.3: 20th of July 2012 update. Few changes to Warwick in the patch notes
- 1.2: 15th of June 2012 update. Added two real game example builds with buy orders and the thought processes behind them. Updated Mercs vs. Ninja Tabi selection and item purchase list at start of guide to reflect current tendencies. Minor updates here and there in the guide. Will most likely re-write item-priority on next update.
- 1.1: Guide done for now, fixing some visual issues and brainfarts, as well as clarification on some parts.
- 1.0: Guide mostly done. Could use more BBCoding.
- 0.2: Most of the basic stuff written. Missing item priority, jungling and couple of other chapters. Still room for lots of improvement on the BBCoding to make the guide look more visually pleasing.
- 0.1: Hit publish instead of view, still under construction.

Guide Top

Patch Notes

Here I'll summarize any patch changes that affect Warwick and this guide.

Season 3 - 3.02 Patch

Several very notable item changes for this guide:

- Negatron price/MR down. Cost-efficiency unaffected.
- Higher CDR on Spirit Visage. Same price.
- Lower CDR on Glacial Shroud. Price down.
- Other CDR adjustment of lesser impact for this guide.

Since this guide is highly affected by CDR, these changes are very important. There were plenty of other changes, but those do not fundamentally change their worth. Generally speaking defenses got a needed boost.

The biggest implications here are that it is now entirely viable to build 2x Spirit Visage to both counter fed mages and take care of all your CDR needs, since the CDR is not labeled unique and the item is cost-efficient even if you totally ignore the one unique part it has. It also opens door to more balanced Frozen Heart+ Spirit Visage approach. In general, this change makes it a lot less awkward trying to max your CDR.

Season 3 & Pre-season updates

Too many big changes to write them all, but here are the most relevant ones:

- All jungle camps had their HP moved to the big minion, which evens the field for single-target junglers like Warwick.
- New items, changed items, removed items. Machete semi-mandatory for jungle.
- 25 Movement speed moved from boots to baseline.
- Thankfully short-lived reign of stacking Black Cleavers.
- Shifts on lanes: Boots, Flask or even a Doran's X possible starting items now. More baseline mobility, loads more sustain.
- Balance shifts. Some junglers falling out of favor, others.
- Defensive stats more costly, penetration changes devalue them heavily. Damage in general is *much* higher. Health-stacking is quite rampant.

Jayce(?) patch stealth buff

This one didn't make it into the patch notes, but it's pretty notable change.

Hungering Strike: 100% AP scaling on both flat damage (what you always deal on minions and monsters) as well as the scaling damage (what you usually deal to champions). In essence, this means that AP now always increases your damage on champions, no matter how much HP they have.

Effects on this guide: Some more items become worthy of consideration, most notably Athene's Unholy Grail. While it still won't be high priority item, it now becomes a real alternative for maxing up your CDR.

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Pros / Cons

+ Powerful ganks post-6
+ Very safe jungler
+ Good chaser
+ Very hard to kill once itemized


- Mediocre early ganks
- No CC beyond ultimate
- No real escape tool
- Somewhat item dependant

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Runes, Masteries & Summoner Spells

With runes and masteries I aim for three things: speed, sustain and tankiness.


9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

This totals to:
- 25% Attack speed: Faster jungle clear & sustain through passive
- 13 Armor: Makes early jungling even safer, early tankiness
- 24 Magic Resist at level 18: More MR for late game tankiness


All the listed runes are somewhat inferior in my opinion, but can be used as replacements if you don't have the ones listed. I really would never jungle without armor Seals though.

- Greater Mark of Desolation: Helps negate the measly armor most creeps have.
- Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Slight increase to ultimate damage, faster jungle clear.
- Greater Mark of Armor: Extra armor never hurts.

- Greater Seal of Replenishment: Early mana regen.
- Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Mid/End-game mana regen.

- Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Early CDR.
- Greater Glyph of Replenishment: Early mana regen.
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Mid/End-game mana regen.

- Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Movement speed is always useful. Only runes I might consider taking over the listed ones, since movement speed is so useful.
- Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Alternative to the Marks, you don't want both.
- Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Extra damage to ulti, faster jungle clear.


Masteries in nutshell:
- AS and damage damage from Offense for faster clears.
- Damage reduction, Tenacity, HP from Defense for tankiness.

Other possibilities:
- Wanderer from Utility. Sadly no longer gives in-combat speed, which makes it somewhat iffy mastery to pick up.

Summoner Spells

A must for jungle. While it is possible to jungle without this, Smite remains one of the best way to secure/steal buffs and dragon.

Since Warwick lacks a proper escape tool, Flash is pretty much a must have. It has several other uses, including reaching ultimate range and making flashy (pun intended) exit from team fights to quickly Hungering Strike closest hostile/neutral non-champion to get enough HP to rejoin the fray.

Alternative to Flash, although I never really saw the benefit over Flash. Warwick is fast enough to outrun most chasers unless CC'd, especially with Blood Scent active.

Alternative to Flash, gives you better ganks and team fight presence in form of crippling the carry if he survives your ultimate. However, I've always found Flash to be more versatile.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence in nutshell:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Bread and butter skill of Warwick. With this build this is both your sustain and main damage source. Max first.

Nice attack speed steroid both for you and your allies. Skill-up order depends on your team and how the game goes. Early team fights -> early points. Long lane times, get more points in Blood Scent for ganks/chasing. 1 point at start, start maxing a bit before you anticipate team fights to really start.

Brings three benefits to the table. First, this ability means that once a nearby enemy is below 50% health, you're one of the fastest champions in the Fields of Justice. Second, it means they can only outrun you, never hide (well, forgetting Teemo, Twitch and Evelynn, since stealth overrides this). First point at lvl 3 or 4, depending on if you want to gank or not. 2nd point at lvl 8, afterwards you most likely want points in Hunter's Call instead, since the benefits get lower when team fights start.

Ah yes, Warwick's signature move. One of the better ganking tools in the game, as well as great initiation tool of sorts. Warwick ganking pretty much consists of dropping this on the enemy and letting the laner(s) try and blow the target up. Blood Scent ensures you'll reach the target even if they Flash, unless they can CC you. In team fights it works in similar way: you jump on a target and let your team blow the target up - taking enemy CC into consideration, of course. I'll get to that later. Points at levesl 6, 11 and 16.

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With the season 3 pre-season changes, item builds are still a bit in the air.

Starting items

Most junglers currently start with Machete+5. For tanky Warwick this is entirely optional. If you feel you're going to be counter-jungled hard you might want to pick a few health potions, but I personally prefer picking 2 wards instead. Pick your preferred combination of Mana Potions, Health Potions and Sight Wards to accompany your mandatory Machete.

Core items

Your basic boots. Tabis are cheaper and have arguably better passive effect, especially for late game. Mercs have the advantage of being a source of MR which is scarce in current meta, as well as Tenacity.

Jungle speed and tankiness. This is your first item, since it gives you that extra bit of jungle speed to last until you feel its time to get Chalice of Harmony.

Your basic CDR item. Cheap and gives nice boost to your health. It even has several options to build into.

Gives you much needed MR cheaply as well ensures that you never need to visit fountain for any other reason than buying an upgrade or due to dying. This is the reason I can and usually will gank pretty much on CD, with full health and nearly full mana. In short: it keeps you going. Priority depends on team and how things are proceeding. Has two upgrade options now with Season 3, more on them later.

Situational items

Season three vastly upped the usefulness of this item. It is now one of the two go-to tank items, along with Warmog's. The days of 2k-2,5k HP being enough even for Warwick are sadly permanently gone.

For times when you're facing auto-attack-heavy team or very fed AD carry. In Season 3, this item sees more use due to more prevalent full-AD comps. Usually you want to go for Frozen Heart to shut the enemy ADC, but this item is your go-to item when you want hard, fast armor without any luxuries on the side.

Second highest armor item in the game as well as massive debuff to auto-attackers, not to forget the boost to your mana pool and CDR. In essence, this item has nearly everything you want in abundance. Sadly, its price tag is quite steep and current meta devalues defensive stats. Still a good item, but no longer core.

Sadly, this item remains the sole good answer to your fed-wizard-on-enemy-team problems. At times the best answer is to get couple of Negatron's and hope you live long enough to worry what to upgrade them to.

The go-to upgrade for Negatron Cloak. It is worth pointing out that the only unique part on this item is the healing increase. The item is also cost-efficient even if you totally ignore the unique passive. If for some reason you're facing a extremely heavy AP comp, double Visages is nothing to sniff at, especially since they provide hefty chunk of CDR for your Hungering Strike needs.

A real gem of an item that tends to get overlooked. With the Season 3 changes, it now gives surprisingly large chunk of health, relatively big chunk of armor and retains the CDR from Kindlegem. The use effect is pretty great too, especially in full team fights. That 250 might not feel like much, but used on entire team, it is noteworthy.

Extra auto-attack damage with pretty minor MR boost. Purely taken for damage boost, mostly later in the game. Season 3 gave this old favorite a bit of a nerfbat hit. Still, the selling point, AA damage proc is still there.

With the Season 3 changes, this is now the go-to item when you want tankiness. With some of the magic of old FoN thrown into it combined with massive devaluing of defensive stats, Warmog's is now easily the best item for pure tankiness in the game. You still want defenses, but Warmog gives you the health pool needed for them to count for squat.

Interesting new option to build from Chalice. It is the cheaper of the two options and has a built-in mana to make the Mana Font passive better. The use effect is quite interesting too, and potential team fight winner.

This great item baited me into buying Spirit Stone instead of Madred's Razors for the first week or two of pre-season. The upside: You can skip Chalice to some degree. Downside? The health regen is almost entirely wasted I find, while it lacks the CDR of Frozen Heart. In essence, this item is Tenacity version of Sunfire Cloak. Chunk less armor, bit more HP. Noteworthy is that Butcher-passive should stack with Madred's, so if you find you need Tenacity and you already have Tabis bought, SotAG is not a wasted investment.

With the item changes, Aegis is no longer an item you want to solely leave to your support. With Sightstones introduced, it is usually better for the entire team that the Aegis is bought either by the jungler or the top tank, since this allows supports to prioritize Sightstone which leads to gold savings on the long run, and lets supports have more active impact on the game via active use items and other auras. Bulwark is also one of the highest MR items in the game now, so it helps you round out your defenses, which is always a bonus.

Good items that are simply bad for you

As these are a pair of decent MR item, I feel it needs to mentioned that you simply do not have the luxury of buying them. Upgrading to Maw gives neglible benefits and the cost is way too much for a jungler tank. You're better off with Negatron or two, if you really need MR now. In essence: too cost-inefficient for Tankwick looking for MR.

Since the Jayce patch, Hungering Strike scales fully with AP, making it somewhat attractive stat to go for. You're most likely building Chalice anyway, so why not? The problem here is that you're simply paying too much for too low gains. The MR is nice, the AP is decent, the CDR is nice... But with a price tag of 2600, you could be almost wearing a Sunfire, which will likely bring more damage and tankiness in team fights.

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Item priority

Each and every game is different. While most champions have pretty set core they buy in pretty set order, Warwick as a tank needs to adapt to the enemy from 2nd buy on. There are several factors that influence the decision:

- How often do you get blue? Have you already used your starting mana potions?
- Who is getting fed?
- Do you find yourself or expect to be tower diving a lot?
- How fast enemies are you facing?
- Is enemy damage heavily tilted towards one damage type or spread evenly?

The first factor decides when you'll buy Chalice of Harmony. If you miss a kill because you ran out of mana and already used your pots, it is usually the result of not buying Chalice in time. If you've run out of pots and you feel you can trust your mid-player with the blue (i.e. they won't just die and give it away right away) you should consider early Chalice. If you have a mid that doesn't need the blue buff, you can postpone Chalice until end-game, where your team should have someone else who needs it more than you do, or you can skip Chalice entirely if you feel it doesn't hurt your fighting ability.

Second factor determines whether you need to buy armor or magic resist first. Since one of your priorities is to help shut down enemies getting ahead, you need to be able to weather their abilities during your ganks long enough for your team to kill them so they get time to catch up as well as being able to survive when forced to cover the lane. Nothing is as worthless as a ganker who blows up before he can finish his job.

Next point is tied with the previous one: there are many times when enemy champions feel they are safe under their tower and stop running away: with couple of armor items Warwick makes one of the better tower divers in the game. I don't recommend reckless tower diving, but at times it is required and worth it.

Fourth point comes up in early game, usually on your 2nd trip to fountain. If none of the enemies have upgraded their boots yet, you can usually skip out on upgrading yours, although most of the time the extra speed is worth it anyway.

The last point again is a nod towards armor vs. magic resist. If you're facing, for example, a team with double AP top/mid and an AD carry who deals at least partial magic damage, your armor has very low priority - even with Madred's alone you're pushing well over 100 armor anyway. On the other hand, if you're facing team heavy on auto-attackers like Tryndamere, Udyr, AD Master Yi and so on, you'll want to forget about Mercury's Treads and go for Ninja Tabis along with Frozen Heart as high priority. I personally vastly prefer Ninja Tabi over Mercury's Treads at all times, especially with new items in S3.

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Example builds

This is a season 2 chapter. Retaining it for now since the idea remains the same, even if items and the meta themselves have changed.

Here I'll collect a few real match example builds to give you an idea on what to build and when. I'll give you team compositions (with minor notes), buy order, final build and thought process behind the choices made.

Example 1

Match type: Normal solo blind pick
Allies: Kog'maw (AP mid), Janna, Graves, Gankplank
Enemies: Pantheon (a bit fed), Amumu, Alistar, Morgana, Ezreal.

Buy 1: Madred's Razors
Buy 2: Ninja Tabi+ Chain Vest
Buy 3: Chalice of Harmony
Buy 4: Glacial Shroud+ Negatron Cloak
Buy 5: Frozen Heart+ Regrowth Pendant
Buy 6: Force of Nature

Final build:

Thought process:

On a quick glance the enemy team might look magic damage heavy (3½ magic dealers), but since Amumu and Alistar deal relatively little actual damage, the scale is somewhat even. Opted for early tower diving potential with early armor items, then compensated low MR with Chalice and Negatron.

Example 2

Match type: Team ranked
Allies: Karthus, Blitzcrank, Ashe, Malphite
Enemies: Gragas, Amumu, Caitlyn, Shen, Soraka.

Buy 1: Madred's Razors
Buy 2: Ninja Tabi
Buy 3: Meki Pendant
Buy 4: Frozen Heart
Buy 5: Kindlegem, Chalice of Harmony

Final build

Thought process

Successful invade at start ruined Amumu's jungle, but it made the enemy team super-vary. Bad ganks pre-6, only managed to buy Malphite breathing room vs. Shen's dominance. They sorely lacked damage to deal with our tanky team, so I could build armor for tower diving/tanking potential. Way too late buy on Frozen Heart, should have visited fountain earlier for Glacial Shroud. On hindsight Negatron Cloak would have been better buy than Kindlegem since only Caitlyn was dealing notable physical damage.

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Early jungling

The jungle route I usually follow:

1. Wolves: You should be getting help on these at all times. If not, you should kindly tell your team they're only hurting themselves by not helping you. In worst case, kill one or both of the small ones and proceed to point 2.

2. Ancient Golem: With leash changes, your lanes should be pulling this on spawn, get in there to grab the leash, Smite for kill. Finish lizards with Hunters Call - the buff lasts for mopping up the remaining wolves if any and resets by the time you reach next point.

3. Wraiths: Hunters Call and auto-attack the big one, Hungering Strike the lesser wraiths on every CD. While this might seem unoptimal, it actually maximizes your clear speed due to the way your passive works. You should end up full health after this camp.

4.Wolves/Golems: If you had help with wolves as you should, they should be up roughly at 2.50. You should be here by then or very soon after. Auto the big one, Hungering Strike the small ones. If you headed for golems, focus the big one fully instead.

5. Elder Lizard: You should be lvl 3 by now, with Smite up or almost up. Time to get your red buff. Focus all your attentions on the Elder and Smite for the kill.

6. Wraiths: Clear Wraiths again. This should let you hit lvl 4, unless something has gone horribly wrong. Time to check for possible ganks and then head to fountain for your first buy.

Note: You should only use Mana Potions in preparation for a gank, if needed. Once your blue buff runs out, only use Hungering Strike to heal up where needed. It's immensely mana hungry this early.

Against aggressive counter-junglers: If you're facing someone you expect to counter-jungle you early, ask your team for a smiteless blue. In essence, all this means is that you ask them to help you dish out a bit of extra damage on Ancient Golem after helping with wolves so you can kill it without smite and head straight to your red buff. This is not the most efficient route. If you want to get any benefit from your red on ganks, you need to gank immeaditely. Warwick is not a great early ganker though, which means you most likely just finish clearing your own jungle instead of wasting time. The main benefit here is that you deny your counterpart access to both reds early on, as well as making them waste time walking to your red.

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General Jungling

After first fountain trip, you generally won't be getting any more blues outside stealing it from enemy or from kills. As such you need to be very conservative with your Hungering Strikes, only using it when counterjungling (quickly in, quickly out-mentality) or when healing up after gank.

Blue buff: Make sure you note the timer on this one and give your mid player a notice before hand that the buff is coming up. You'll want to be there within 30 seconds of the spawn (preferably second or two before spawn) and give it to your mid as fast as possible so you can move on.

Golems: I honestly rarely kill these two more than 2-3 times before end game due constant ganking, so it might be a good idea to inform your laners that they're free to kill them as they please to avoid pushing their lane too much.

Red buff: Get the timer on this one too and get it on CD where possible. Not as big a deal as for many other junglers, but better to have it yourself than letting it be counter-jungled from you. If your ADC is in a position to do so, you might want to give it to them even during laning phase: it can be a huge benefit on the lane.

Wraiths/Wolves: These are your main source of healing. After every gank head to them and Hungering Strike yourself up while your ultimate is on CD, unless there is still potential for a kill even without ultimate.

Conserving mana: Only use Hunters Call when jungling if you're above 50% HP. Madred's should give you more than fast enough jungle clear and you need the mana for ganks. Of course, if you're above 80% mana anyway, you can use Hungering Strike to speed things up. Once you buy Chalice of Harmony, you should be able to go all out majority of the time, since travel time to gank usually gives you enough time to regen.

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A succesful gank

Before getting onto the ganks themselves, it's worthwhile to underline what constitutes a succesful gank, in order of usefulness if...

1. You Get more kills or higher number of assists than the enemy if kills are equal.
2. You force the opposing laner to retreat from the lane, while your laner remains able to farm.
3. You force the use of Summoner Spells.
4. You give your lane the upper hand for a while.

On the other hand a gank has failed, in order of harshness, if...

1. Enemy laner gets more kills than you/your laner or they get more assists if kills are equal.
2. Your lane is forced to retreat after the gank, while the enemy is not.
3. Your team is forced to use more Summoner Spells for no noticable gain.
4. The gank is spotted and you waste time sitting in the warded brush.
5. The gank is spotted and you waste the travel time.

As this is something that I see so many laners not understand, it's imperative to underline that driving the enemy laner (ADC in bot) off the lane is better than trading kill for kill. If the laners kill each other, both get gold and both miss farm. If you drive the enemy off, both miss kill gold, but your laner gets free farm in relative safety, gaining the upper hand. Even if you, the jungler, remains alive, time spent farming the lane is away from ganking and you still need to come back to help the lane. Driving them off is also a lot safer than unpredictable tower dives that can ruin the entire lane.

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Ganking bottom lane

Warwick by his nature is better at ganking solo lanes, since his kit focuses on shutting down single target.


Alistar: Probably the most annoying support for you. Two abilities to break your ultimate on his carry and his Unbreakable Will breaks it on himself, as well ensuring trying to kill him is usually exercise in futility while it's active. However, his Pulverize requires close contact so if he uses Headbutt during the gank and isn't practically on top of his carry, feel free to punish him for negligence and jump on the carry for a kill.

Janna: Unless accompanied by Vayne, your best bet is going for her over the carry, since she has two abilities that can break your ultimate on her carry. Very squishy but also very fast, unless she uses her Zephyr for a slow. Just don't get overconfident in tower diving, the shield can ruin your day.

Lulu: Same as Janna: two skills that can break your ultimate, as well as cone slow and a shield. Very high damage for a support, so be damn sure you can kill her before tower diving.

Taric: Stun on long-ish CD. The stun has slow travel speed, so you can largely ignore him when using Infinite Duress unless he's right next to the carry: your main goal is to ensure your own lane can catch your kill target and nuke them down. A bit troublesome to gank since he brings so much durability to the lane.

Soraka: Her silence can break your ultimate, but is mostly used before hand to prevent you from using it in time. She's slow and squishy, so you should be able to kill her if the carry is too fast. If she's overextended, it's usually best to just kill her since she has zero escape tools. Her heal forces her to stop for a second for the cast animation, usually meaning the heal gets outdamaged, even with the armor buff.

Blitzcrank: Beware of the grab. You don't want to be the guy who overextended his gank, only to be grabbed, kicking and screaming, inside the enemy tower range to feed the enemy carry. He also has three abilities that can interrupt your ultimate, although two of them require very close proximity. Lastly, his shield makes him excellent baiter, so don't bite more than you can chew.

Lux: Lux is all about pre-empting your gank. Slow from E and root from Q can both ruin your gank. If you reach the carry, however, all she can do is throw a mediocre shield at him and hope for the best. Her damage is high-ish for support though, especially since supports can now build damage-orientedly and get away with it. Avoid tower diving against her, roots spell disaster for dives and hers can hit two targets.


Vayne: With perfect timing, both Tumble with Final Hour up and Condemn can break your ultimate on herself, while Condemn can be used to either knock chasers back or break your ulti on her support. Tumble and Condemn also make her hard to tower dive most of the time. Especially watch out for getting Condemned on the tower itself.

Corki: Valkyrie is great escape tool. Do not waste your ultimate on him before he uses it unless you're far enough from the tower to still catch and kill him or you're sure that your laners can finish him off during your ultimate.

Tristana: Even worse than Corki, Rocket Jump can save her from a gank, while Buster Shot can save her support.

Ezreal: The safest carry in the game. Better version of Flash on short-ish cooldown, and he throws and injury to add to its insult at you to boot. That being said, he's on the squishier side of carries so if you can still land your ultimate outside tower range, he's usually good as dead.

Ashe: Enchanted Crystal Arrow can ruin a gank, but usually she's only able to use it from point-blank range on you. As it has no time to charge up, the stun length is neglible and thus least likely interrupt to actually save anyone. Her slow can be a pain, but rarely enough to ruin a gank unless she's aware before hand that it's coming.

Graves: Quick Draw gives him some mobility, but not even close to what some other carries bring. On the other hand, he's one of the tankier carries out there, especially when combined with Taric to form the manliest lane in the game. He's bursty too, so be careful not to underestimate the damage his lane can dish out.

Varus: He has AoE slow, quite high damage and root for ultimate. On the other hand, if he can't land his slow well, he has zero escapes and goes down fast. Tower diving can be disastrous after lvl 6 due to the root ultimate.

Draven: He has a slow, movement buff and very high damage. He's also quite beefy for a carry. On the other hand, if you reach your ultimate range, none of that should matter. Beware though, he's more than capable of chunking you if your gank goes awry and your lane can't finish him off fast enough.

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Ganking top/mid


Top and mid tend to be quite similar in how you do your ganks, since you only have to deal with one set of abilities and they're rarely as gank-breaking as the bot lane tends to be. The common way to gank both lanes consists - again - of giving warning before hand, pinging when you want them to pressure and rushing the enemy laner and jumping on them before they can reach the safety of their tower, tower diving if needed. The ones listed here make exception to this rule.

Kennen: This little rat is a pain to gank. Lightning Rush makes it hard to reach ultimate range without using Flash, while usually ensuring that he'll get away even if you do. If he's playing safe using Slicing Maelstrom will break your ultimate if you're foolish enough to use it too early. As such the best - while risky - time to gank him is when he's going in for the kill. If your laner survives the Lightning Rush+ Slicing Maelstrom combo Kennen most likely can't get away afterwards.

Vladimir: This depends entirely on Vlad's use of Sanguine Pool. Early Sanguine Blood can spell death for Vlad, while last-second pool followed by instant Transfusion can save his life. Tower diving pool-less Vlad should be piece of cake most of the time if your laner is at least somewhat equal to the Vlad.

Viktor: A good Viktor can time his Gravity Field to break your ultimate, so it may be a good idea to wait a bit to see if and when he uses it. The last thing you want is to waste your ulti on the field, only to get large chunk of your HP sliced away by Power Transfer+ Death Ray.

Cassiopeia: Watch out for her Petrifying Gaze, especially if you opt to tower dive her. Getting stunned under her tower most likely will get you killed, since she'll have easy time getting poisons up for her lethal Twin Fang spam.

Lux: A good Lux is similar to Morgana below. If she has either used her binding or is out of mana, she's easy kill. If she has both mana and Binding ready, diving her is often suicidal. Ganks in general should be timed right after she wastes Binding, since it tends to give her time to make her escape.

Morgana: Morgana is a pain to gank due to her Black Shield. If she uses it immediately when you get in ultimate range, you might have a chance for a kill though. Diving Morgana depends entirely on her mana/cooldowns: if she has everything ready and mana to spare, tower diving her is potentially suicidal. However, if she uses her abilities on the way to her tower or runs out of mana, she's easy dive: all of her abilities have high CD. Especially pay attention to Dark Binding: if it's on CD she is pretty much helpless.

Olaf: His Ragnarok both breaks your ultimate and gives immunity to it during the duration. Wait out the duration if he's foolish enough to use it before you jump on him, then get the kill. Tower diving Olaf can be risky since his kiting ability via Undertow, passive combined with Vicious Strikes as well as Reckless Swing give him decent last stand.

Anivia: Anivia should never be tower dived unless you're ready for extended tower dive or happy with just getting her Rebirth on CD. Tower diving her alone is even less advisable if she has mana, since between her Flash Frost, Crystallize and Glacial Storm she has plenty of ways to punish you for being overconfident.

Darius: While it's rarely an issue on Warwick, it's worth underlining that you do not gank him post-6 unless you have at least 80% HP left. The amount of damage he can dish out combined with his Noxian Guillotine can easily turn careless gank into double kill in his favor. That being said Darius is one of the worst champions at actually running from a gank.

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Notable allies


Since this is a team game, both allies and enemies affect your game. Here are few notable allied champions when jungling with Warwick.

Swain: Since my usual duo-partner nearly always picks the Master Tactician when able to go mid, I feel it's worthwhile to mention him. Warwick ultimate followed by Nevermove spells death for pretty much any mid champion: it prevents Vladimir from pooling away, Kennen's Lightning Rush not to forget things like Flash and Ghost for the duration. In essence, if Swain has Nevermove ready and you can land Infinite Duress, you should have a kill.

Viktor: Same as Swain: Gravity Field on your ultimate target is almost certain kill. However, he's less reliable due to the fact that the enemy may have a chance to flash from it if it is applied too slowly.

Ryze: Continuing the modus operandi above. However, Ryze's Rune Prison duration scales by rank and is most likely shortest root of the three until end game.

Veigar: More of the same. A skilled Veigar is able to place Event Horizon for the longest CC duration out of the four, as well as having very good burst. Unlike the above, he's also very good for setting up ganks for you with it, turning the setup the other way around: Veigar ensuring that you get your ultimate off.

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Thank you for reading this guide. I hope that you'll enjoy the slightly different mentality this build offers and have fun with it. Any constructive criticism on both the content and the layout is always welcome, as are both positive and negative experiences you may have had with this or similar builds.