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Zac Build Guide by Sammystinky

Jungle Zac Jungle Guide Season 11 [Diamond/Master guide] Top 10 Zac

Jungle Zac Jungle Guide Season 11 [Diamond/Master guide] Top 10 Zac

Updated on February 4, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky Build Guide By Sammystinky 17 3 95,603 Views 1 Comments
17 3 95,603 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky Zac Build Guide By Sammystinky Updated on February 4, 2021
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Runes: My Favorite

1 2 3 4
Font of Life

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

++8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 52%
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Jungle Role Ranked #37 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Zac Jungle Guide Season 11 [Diamond/Master guide] Top 10 Zac

By Sammystinky
Early Game
The name of the game is ganking from unwarded areas, charging E out of vision, and traveling as little as possible to set up the gank.

Start with a full clear, either way, but I prefer starting bot side with the better leash. Once you become 3 I would be looking to gank either nearby lane (mid and top if you started bot, and bot and top otherwise). After the clear, I would check scuttle, if they are on it, they can have it unless your team has great pressure or they are low (Zac isn't good in the early 1 v 1). Then start the first camp you did that wasn't a buff so krugs or grump, and you can play for the scuttle.

The rest of the game you work your way back and forth with camps, while looking for ganks, if you see one close, gank, if you don't see one close, go to the next camp.

Gameplay commentary
Late Game
The name of the game is staying out of vision. If you are out of vision the enemies have to be ready for you to gank at any time, but in reality you could be doing anything and anywhere. You can threaten multiple lanes at one and take camps between the fights, all while threatening the engage. As soon as I E in, either it is a fight or I get out and hide out of vision again.

The following are plays I like to sit while my team pushes 2nd tier mid. The name of the game is being in E range and as close as possible while out of vision.
Tier List
General idea

Zac Likes
  • Champs that can't dash (Jhin, Malz, Xerath)
  • Squishy champs that can be bursted (Elise, Aphe, TF)

Zac Dislikes
  • Champs that can stop his jump (Poppy, Gragas, Janna, Thresh, Ali)
  • Champs that protect others (Ivern, Taric, Lulu)
  • Bruisers that Zac cannot get through but sustain off him (Morde, Olaf, Darius)
Strengths Relative to other junglers
1 to 10 relative to other junglers

Early game:
4- Mobility
4- DPS
4- Burst
4- Clear speed
7- Sustain/health
6- Ganking
3- Difficulty
9- Tankiness
7- 3 v 3
5- 2 v 2
3- 1 v 1
56- Sum

Mid game:
9- Mobility
4- DPS
3- Burst
3- Clear speed
8- Sustain/health
7- Ganking
4- Difficulty
8- Tankiness
8- 3 v 3
6- 2 v 2
3- 1 v 1
63- Sum

Late game:
8- Mobility
4- DPS
3- Burst
2- Clear speed
9- Sustain/health
8- Ganking/catch
5- Difficulty
8- Tankiness
8- 3 v 3
5- 2 v 2
4- 1 v 1
66- Sum
Summoner Spells
The only way you can mess this up is putting flash on f, so just don't

In theory I guess it is possible to maybe take ghost on Zac. You already have a jump and your e and flash don't make a good combo.

The most common used flashes are when I miss an E (which is never), to auto someone after Q, or to simply get more distance to get behind someone and knock them back towards teammates or away from tower.

It would allow you to get around fights easier, pick up blobs faster, and be more of a menace, but the fact that your ult gives you movement speed makes it unnecessary.

Heal- 6: you get spirit visage bigger heal, good 2 v 2 early, movement speed doesn't do much

Barrier- 3: cause you heal like a ***** they might have Mortal Reminder or Morellonomicon so with reduced healing barrier might be better, but just go heal (often you are not the burstable focused target that barrier works well for)

Ignite- 6: lets burn some ****. Shaco runs it since he has escapes and it is good for early gank. This is somewhat true for Zac, but he doesn't want the kill or solo as much as Shaco

Exhaust- 6: this is a pansy summoner, but it isn't bad for early ganks and scales into late by exhausting carries or stopping dive

TP- 2: ever wanna farm so much you are never with your team, go tp, you can even tp to you blobs for op combo (this is a joke, please don't)

Regardless of circumstance (out of 10)

Blue Smite - 8

  • Utility- slow and speed up
  • Easy to use
  • Flat damage

Red Smite - 4

Overall: Zac just isn't a dueler, he almost never 1 v 1s and I don't see this working well for him

  • Dueling power

Spirit Visage - 7

  • Gives cd- super strong on ability oriented tanks
  • Bonus healing combos- super well with passive
  • Health- makes you bigger, gives you survivability (heal more)
  • MR- gives you survivability, kind of hard to build atm, much easier to get armor

  • You don't shield, so it is strictly worse this season
  • Other champs heal more nowadays (Aatrox, Swain), so it is a weaker item nowadays to compensate

Gargoyle Stoneplate - 8

Overall: A great item as Zac often jumps in and becomes a clear focus for the enemies and Gargoyle prevents you from getting bursted after aftershock or if you don't get it so you can get blobs and survive, but the components aren't great and the price is high so I would go it a bit later (3rd or 4th)

  • Incredibly strong active that keeps you alive in team fights

  • Incredibly expensive for mostly just resistances and an active

Thornmail - 7.5

Overall: Everyone heals nowadays (well not everyone, but healing is overdone in League) making this item really good. It hurts people focusing you, increasing your damage. The stats are quite bad however (ex Randuin's Omen has 400 more gold of stat value for the same price)

  • Grievous
  • Damage when focused

  • Low stats

Randuin's Omen - 8

Overall: Randuin's is just a strong item, the fact that Zac likes health works well with the passive. It gives a lot of armor so if that's what you need, it does a good job.

  • Works well with health
  • Good stats
  • Utility

  • CC kind of redundant with Zac's kit but can be used later in rotation

Mejai's Soulstealer - 8.5

Overall: Synergies well with Zac since he dies much less than other champs especially with the passive. The flat ap gives plenty of benefit for Zac. The fact that it is a full item and gets mythic stats for cheap is quite nice and it gets you to 3k health with sunfire and warmogs at 14. Best if you want the game in your hands, unnecessary risk if your team is winning anyway.

  • Full item
  • Decent scalings
  • Let's you carry

  • Late fights you should be the enemies focus and can die playing correctly
  • Can be hit or miss
Mythic Items
Sunfire Aegis- 8

Overall: The AOE damage is really good on Zac as he is usually in the center of the enemy team. It gives him much needed damage and tankiness. The ability haste is pretty nice too as more abilities -> more damage and healing

  • Health- makes you bigger, gives you survivability (heal more)
  • Sunfire burn- spend a lot of time in the middle of enemy team, really speeds up clear
  • Mixed resistances- those little bits of MR and armor are quite nice early

  • Zac doesn't auto much

Frostfire Gaunlet- 7

Overall: The Mythic bonus is quite nice, but the slow is largely stacked and the lose of damage hurts a bit.

  • Adds utility
  • Strong mythic bonus

  • Easy to stack slows
  • Low damage Zac
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky
Sammystinky Zac Guide
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Zac Jungle Guide Season 11 [Diamond/Master guide] Top 10 Zac

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