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Jinx Build Guide by IKeepItTaco

ADC [13.23] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jinx guide - Season 13

ADC [13.23] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jinx guide - Season 13

Updated on November 27, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Build Guide By IKeepItTaco 2300 83 3,500,002 Views 24 Comments
2300 83 3,500,002 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IKeepItTaco Jinx Build Guide By IKeepItTaco Updated on November 27, 2023
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Runes: Primary Runes

Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


I'm I Keep It Taco, a Grand Master ADC player
(peaked 450 LP) and streamer.

I'm also known as Jordanian Sniper, Jhindiana Jones, Jhingle Bells, and other names. Fun fact a lot of people don’t know this, but Jinx is my 2nd most played ADC champion because she’s the ADC I played the most before Jhin even came out! Riot has been doing their best to buff Jinx to be more and more playable in all types of ELO ranges so that’s what got me to start playing her more in Season 11 and they recently buffed her a week ago. I hope this Jinx guide will be able to help you get excited! Haha, get it? Yeah….
After the recent conqueror nerfs, Jinx only has 1 optimal rune page and it starts with Lethal Tempo! This may or may not change once the pre-season arrives which will introduce a ton of changes.
Lethal Tempo
This rune is amazing for Jinx because she’s an attack speed steroid champion which means the more attack speed she gets the more she benefits from it across her entire kit! How this rune works is after you damage an enemy champion 1.5 seconds later you gain 40-110% (based on level) bonus attack speed and your attack speed cap is increased for 3 seconds. Attacking a champion while the effect is active extends the duration to 6 seconds. This extra boost of attack speed can help you poke the enemy in lane, push the wave faster, have better kill potential, more dps in teamfights, etc.
Presence Of Mind
Out of the runes in this row Presence Of Mind is the best as you’ll get the most use out of it! When you damage an enemy you increase your mana regen by 1.2-8.8 (based on level) mana per second for 4 seconds and also restore 15% of your maximum mana off champion takedowns. This is very nice for your laning phase because you’ll be using your long range auto attacks as often as possible to trade if the enemy is caught out, but the rockets cost a decent chunk of mana so Presence of Mind helps alleviate this mana issue.
Legend: Bloodline
While Alacrity sounds good for someone like Jinx, at this point she already has more attack speed than she can handle and is lacking survivability so this is where Bloodline comes in. It gives you 9% lifesteal at full stacks and that lifesteal will help keep your health bar full if you ever get poked and patch it up in the middle of teamfights to continue popping off.
Cut Down
Around 95% of all champions in the game will have more max health than Jinx to the point this rune will always be activated. It allows you to deal 5% to 15% increased damage to champions depending on how much more maximum health they have. It scales linearly against enemies with 10% to 100% more maximum health than you. This is perfect for Jinx as she doesn’t buy HP items or take them in runes. This rune is a free damage booster.
Taste Of Blood
Jinx’s weakest point of the game is her laning phase so this rune is here to help her sustain better to make it through the laning phase. Damage an enemy heals you for 18-35 (based on level) (+20% Bonus AD).
Ravenous Hunter
This rune is similar to that of bloodline. It gives you omnivamp which is a form of lifesteal. Omnivamp means you heal from any damage you do whether it’s through auto attacks, abilities, physical, or magical damage, etc… You can get up to 6% at 5 stacks and you get 1 stack for each unique champion you kill! It’s going to help keep your survivability.
It will be mandatory. It is valuable as a tool to make plays, chase down, kite away, escape, ruin a gank, etc.... + Heal: You should be taking heal as it'll be great for 2v2s, movement speed for clutch plays or escaping, as well as being able to save allies..
You’ll be taking heal most of the time as it'll be great for 2v2s, movement speed for clutch plays or escaping, as well as being able to save allies..
This is a valuable tool under the right circumstances. It removes all disables except Suppression or Knockups. It also gives you 65% tenacity for the next 3 seconds. Cleanse is a hard counter for champions like Leona, Cassiopeia, Veigar, etc. People are playing Mages more often in the botlane. Once their CC is removed from the equation then you can proceed to kill them. Only take this if the enemy botlaner's combo relies too much on CC. It can also be used to counter the enemy botlane if you think they’re going to take Exhaust + Ignite and skip their heal since Cleanse removes Exhaust + Ignite if it is applied onto you since they count as “debuffs”.
This will reduce the target’s damage dealt by 40% and movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. If you’re playing against a team full of assassins then this is a great summoner spell to take and use to save yourself when the laning phase is over which is when assassins become more of a problem when the map starts to open up!
Get Excited!
Jinx Passive Ability
Flame Chompers!
Super Mega Death Rocket!
Get Excited!
INNATE: Whenever Jinx scores a takedown against an enemy champion, epic monster, turret, or inhibitor within 3 seconds of damaging them, she gains 175% bonus movement speed which decays over 6 seconds.

Additionally, she gains 25% total attack speed and is allowed to exceed the attack speed cap for the same duration.
MY NOTES: One thing to keep in mind when you’re playing Jinx and kiting the enemy is to always keep this passive in mind so as soon as you get a takedown you know whether to use that extra movement speed and attack speed to continue chasing the next target before they escape OR you’ll have to use that boost to escape yourself and kite away from the enemy. If you don’t think about it in advance then you might be too hesitant to make use of the boost once you get the takedown.
Cost: 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 Mana Per Attack With Fishbones | Static Cooldown: 0.9
TOGGLE: Jinx switches between Pow-Pow, her minigun, and Fishbones, her rocket launcher.
POW-POW: Basic attacks with Pow-Pow grant Jinx a stack of Rev'd up for 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times, with the duration refreshing on subsequent attacks with Pow-Pow. Rev'd up grants bonus attack speed, with the first stack being twice as potent as the others. Stacks decay one at a time as they time-out.
FISHBONES: Basic attacks with Fishbones cost mana on-attack to deal 110% AD modified physical damage to the primary target as well as all secondary targets in an area around them. The damage is affected by critical strike modifiers. While using Fishbones, Jinx gains bonus range but loses 10% of her bonus attack speed.

Attacks with Fishbones will not refresh the stack timer on Rev'd up and only the first attack after switching to it will benefit from Rev'd up's bonus attack speed.
MY NOTES: The key to using this ability is understanding which scenarios you want to use pow-pow (the minigun) and fishbones (the rocket launcher). The easiest way to learn is that the minigun is a very fast auto attacking weapon that focuses on single target damage while the rocket launcher focuses on long range AoE slow auto attacking. If the enemy is far from you then use the rocket launcher even if you’re low on attack speed or if the enemy is grouped up then that’s the perfect situation to sneak in some AoE attacks. Minigun should be used if your target is alone and/or in very close range for you. Through experience with Jinx you’ll pick up on this fast so don’t feel too overwhelmed!

A cool tip to keep attack speed stacks on rocket launcher with minigun is you want to build up your attack speed stacks that the minigun gives you then switch to the rocket launcher so now you have long range AoE fast auto attacking rockets until the stacks expire. You then want to switch back to your minigun right before your stacks expire so you can refresh them then switch back to the rocket launcher and keep that cycle going. This is useful for clearing waves as quickly as possible, farming jungle faster, keeping dps up in skirmishes, and has applications in teamfights.
Cost: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 Mana | Cooldown: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4
ACTIVE: Jinx fires a shock blast in the target direction that deals physical damage to the first enemy it hits and reveals and slows them for 2 seconds.
MY NOTES: The ability shoots pretty slow early so if you want to get the best shot at actually landing it then use it when the enemy is cornered with little room to dodge, slowed, stunned, or you can use it from the fog of war when they’ll least expect it. It also has a faster cast time the more attack speed you have!
Cost: 90 Mana | Cooldown: 24 / 20.5 / 17 / 13.5 / 10
Flame Chompers!
ACTIVE: Jinx tosses out 3 Chompers at the target location that land after 0.4 seconds in a perpendicular line, arming after 0.5 seconds and exploding after 5 seconds, dealing magic damage to all enemies within a small area.

A Chomper prematurely explodes on contact with an enemy champion, knocking them down and rooting them for 1.5 seconds. An enemy champion can only set off and be damaged by one Chomper.
MY NOTES: These traps have an offensive and defensive way to use them as well as utility. The offensive is when you slow people down with your W or if a teammate lands a form of CC you’ll drop down your Flame Chompers! And they’ll get rooted then most likely die. The defensive way is when you’re running away from danger you want to walk into cooridonars or narrow spots so when you drop Flame Chompers! behind you it’ll block the entire entrance forcing them to use flashes or dashes otherwise you get away easy!
Cost: 100 Mana | Cooldown: 75 / 65 / 55
Super Mega Death Rocket!
ACTIVE: Jinx fires a rocket in the target direction, granting brief sight of the area it flies through. The rocket explodes upon colliding with an enemy champion, dealing physical damage to them and all enemies in an area around them and granting sight of the area around them for 2 seconds.

The rocket deals 10% − 100% (based on distance traveled) damage; the bonus damage based on missing health is kept the same.

Enemies surrounding the main target take 80% damage. Bonus damage based on missing health is based on each unit's own missing health, with a maximum bonus damage of 800 against monsters.
MY NOTES: The ultimate does maximum damage after being in the air for 1 second because the description of the ultimate can make it sound as if it only does a lot of damage if you shoot it from far far away. This means it’s perfect as a finisher when people get around 33-15% hp in lane if it’s a 2v2. Also if you want a better chance of this landing when the enemy is running or you think they’ll dodge it then quickly hide in the fog of war and use the rocket to catch them by surprise!
Doran's Blade + Health Potion
Doran's blade is the default starting item for Jinx as it provides a lot of HP for you early at 80 hp, 8 AD, and 2.5% omnivamp. This item will make it harder for people to all-in you too early and give you nice combat stats to play aggressive or just trying to stay alive!
Long Sword + 3x Health Potion
You'll have 10 AD here, but missing out on the 80 hp + 2.5% omnivamp from Doran's blade. The benefit to this build is that you have 2 extra health potions and this will allow you to outsustain the enemy or soak up lots of poke. I generally take this starting build vs botlanes with low all-in and high poke.
You won't be buying this as a starting item exactly, but it fits here as Cull will be an item you buy if you end up recalling fairly early in the laning phase and want to focus on scaling with Jinx and getting your gold up. It also restores health per auto so on top of it being a scaling item it will also give you a tad boost in lane with the healing + AD.
Kraken Slayer
This is the most popular Mythic on Jinx right now and for good reason! Her attack speed has gotten buffed through her Q Switcheroo! and now her passive as well with Get Excited! Her current rune is also, you guessed it! More attack speed with Lethal Tempo! And why am I mentioning all of this? It's because of the way Kraken Slayer's passive works which is every 3 auto attacks you will deal 60 (+45% bonus AD) bonus true damage on-hit. So, Jinx generally ends up shredding people with Kraken Slayer as she procs it a lot in single target focusing or AoE focusing. The downside with Kraken Slayer is that it's a raw damage mythic and gives you no protection or mobility so you have to position smartly!
This is the second and last optimal choice if you feel you need some survivability. You might feel you already have enough damage for the enemy team, but you are too immobile and the enemy has many gap closers to catch you with then Galeforce is the perfect item to save you! The dash will follow your cursor and it does damage after the dash ends which prioritizes the enemy champion with the lowest hp since on top of it being a dash tool it's also a burst tool! It has a decently long cooldown at 90 seconds so don't use it left and right. Save it for protection or finishing off kills to get a reset for Get Excited!
There's quite a few attack speed items to choose from as your 2nd item and each one has a specific goal in mind so I'll be teaching you them and you'll pick the one you want from there!
Phantom Dancer
This is the most used attack speed item currently for Jinx. It gives you AD, Attack speed, Crit, and movement speed! It's passive gives you even more movement speed, attack speed, and grants you ghost which means you will ignore unit collision. The best way to look at this is it is the highest damage attack speed item and it's best for single target shredding. My personal favorite!
Runaan's Hurricane
The Hurricane used to be Jinx's #1 attack speed item but has fallen out of favor over the years especially with the item re-work from last year. However, it's still very good and a core at times. After you auto attack it will fire up to 2 additional enemies in front of you each dealing 40%. You generally want to buy it if the enemy has a lot of melee champions who clump up/group up often so you can utilize the passive.
Rapid Firecannon
This item increases your range by 150 and gives you 120 magic damage on-hit for 1 singular auto attack when fully recharged. When you combine it with your max range rocket Switcheroo! you end up with 875 range and that will allow you to poke a target then you recharge it by walking around and do it again. Not only this, but when you get resets in teamfights you will be able to recharge it extremely fast and if the enemy is grouped together for that long range auto then the splash damage will stack up over-time. This is the least damaging item to choose from so pick this if you really value range, safety, and poking.
Infinity Edge
This is the final part of the 3 item core build. Infinity Edge packs a punch with its 70 AD and 20% Crit chance but also will grant you 35% bonus critical strike damage since once you complete this you will have a total of 60% Crit Chance and you need at least 60% Crit Chance to activate Infinity Edge's passive! Not much more to say other than BIG DAMAGE!
Lord Dominik's Regards
This is the only armor pen item in the game for a Crit ADC so you will almost always buy this at some point in your game. This is usually bought as your 5th or 6th item if the enemy buys armor that late. Sometimes if the enemy is buying lots of armor very early then you can buy the first part of it “Last Whisper” for the simple armor pen then finish it into Lord Dominik's Regards after Infinity Edge is finished!
Mortal Reminder
This item is designed for one thing and one thing alone and that is healing reduction! The combat stats of this item are very underwhelming so the only times you want to actually buy Mortal Reminder is if no one else on your team is buying some form of anti-heal reduction. ADC is the worst role in the game to buy anti-healing reduction on so, again. Only buy this if absolutely no one else on your team will buy anti-healing.
Guardian Angel
This item will bring you back to life with 50% HP and 30% mana after 4 seconds. It gives you 40 AD and 40 Armor. This means it's ideal against AD assassins and teams. This should only be bought if no matter what you do the enemy has too many ways to kill you. This should be bought as a 5th or 6th item. Keep in mind this is a last resort item if you're dying a lot to assassins in-general then that's a positioning error and buying this item will not only not fix the problem, but set you behind even more because now you lack damage. Also be sure to buy an early stopwatch beforehand so you're able to make a play with it.
Mercurial Scimitar
For when you need crit, magic resist, and a way to get yourself out of CC. Also, it gives a nice 50% movement speed buff four 1 second. You won't be able to outplay every CC ability in the game by dodging. Sometimes, it's going to hit you no matter what OR you want to run straight into them and need to remove the CC to kill them fast. Buy Quicksilver Sash first as it'll provide the most utility. You don't have to finish Mercurial Scimitar first if you still need other more important items. You can also keep Quicksilver Sash the way it is and upgrade later.
If you end up needing neither Mercurial Scimitar or Guardian Angel then Bloodthirster is the item you want to fill in the slot. It's a high damage item with a whopping 55 AD, 20% Crit, and 20% lifesteal with an overheal shield absorbing up to 50-350 damage (based on level). Since you get this around the late game when you're hitting hard and super often the lifesteal stacks up quickly to make you unkillable even if they do a lot of damage to you; you'll end up healing a lot of it right back through doing basic damage.
Berserker's Greaves
This is the primary choice of boots for Jinx! It gives you 35% attack speed and 45 movement speed. It's great to get this early because not only does it allow you to kite, dodge, and position better but the attack speed will allow you to do more damage and make a difference in getting some kills or not!
Plated Steelcaps
It provides 20 Armor and reduces damage from auto attacks by 12% making it the perfect item to build if you're playing against a full AD team or a few AD assassins and you feel they might kill you very easily. Defensive option.
Mercury's Treads
It gives 25 Magic Resistance with 30 Tenacity and it has the same goal as Plated Steelcaps except instead of Full AD Comps or assassins this will be towards Full Magic comps or multiple AP assassins! Defensive option.
So the laning phase for Jinx is pretty straightforward because Jinx is a scaling late game hyper carry which means it's not expected of you to do too much in the laning phase. You kinda just want to chill out, farm, and scale so you can start blowing people up and killing everyone! Your general focus for laning should be to in the very least go even in lane and safety scale. You don't need to play overly aggressive and risk getting you or your support killed because if you're playing against a snowballing enemy botlane and they get a small lead then they will make your life hell on earth.

With that being said, it doesn't mean you HAVE to play safe all the time. Your trading pattern in lane will mostly consist of sneaking in long range rocket autos with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. When the enemy walks up to farm you can quickly switch to your rocket and shoot a few autos then go back to farming safely at a distance and just repeat this over and over again as you poke them and eventually get them low enough to engage and kill!
Simple Rocket Poking!
Here's an example of me poking Lucian under tower using the max rocket auto attack range!
When the laning phase ends and the mid game begins you'll need to understand a few things to transition into it properly. First off, the lane you want to farm and be safe is now the middle lane since the side lanes (bot/top) will be very long and isolated so you will most likely get killed for farming them alone. The reason this happens is because in the mid game is when a lot of the towers begin to die so the strong mid and top laners begin to split push leaving mid lane to be the shortest, safest, and most accessible alone as an ADC!

The next thing to keep in mind is to be paying attention to the map and vision because you'll want to start thinking where the enemy can flank you from so you don't get caught since ADCs are the easiest type of people to murder and dive! You're also encouraged to buy pink wards to get vision for yourself and the team. Objectives are fought for alot during the mid game too so be sure you're not too far away from your teammates because action can break out at any given moment and you want to be there to provide backup and assistance!

Generally in teamfights you'll be wanting to maximize the distance between you and the enemy when kiting, but at the same time always being within range to do damage. The clip is a good example of this. Play teamfights front to back as Jinx and be sure to place traps to stop the enemy in their tracks so it's even easier for you to mow them all down.
The important detail to take from this is that I know the enemy tower is at 1 hp and if I kill it I can proc Get Excited and jump on ezreal to kill him. So, I use my W Zap! while the tower is up to make him think that he's safe then I hit the tower and get my passive then I start running him down until he's eventually dead!
More Footage Examples coming soon!

Aphelios is an immobile scaling ADC with the ability to output some of the highest amounts of damage, but at the cost of being somewhat short ranged and timing dependent!
Aphelios will depend heavily on this gun combos which will determine what he's allowed to do. The guns to look out for in-lane is Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon since he'll use that to catch and snare you as an immobile ADC which can lead to you being engaged on. The other gun to look out for would be Crescendum, the Chakram as it's the gun that gives him the most damage for 1v1s and 2v2s!
Aphelios is very short ranged in-general no matter what gun combo he has so be sure to abuse your rockets with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher as much as possible.
A good way to look at Aphelios is if he has “strong” or “weak” guns combos. When he has a weak gun combo, that is when you want to strike and all-in.
Weak Gun Combos: Severum, the Scythe Pistol + Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle, Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon, Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle + Infernum, the Flamethrower, Crescendum, the Chakram + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon is by far the WORST 2 gun combo for him. If you see him having any of these combinations then you'll be fine to win the all-in as long as he isn't fed.
Strong Gun Combos: Crescendum, the Chakram + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Crescendum, the Chakram + Infernum, the Flamethrower, Infernum, the Flamethrower + Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon, Infernum, the Flamethrower + Severum, the Scythe Pistol, Crescendum, the Chakram + Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle Try to avoid fighting against these combinations.
You both scale very well, but since you have a big range advantage on Aphelios throughout the game all you have to do is abuse the range difference starting in the laning phase till the late game and you should have no problem come out on top whether it's simple trading or winning 2v2s!

Ashe is an early-mid game focused immobile utility ADC who focuses on playing off her team.
Ashe in lane will approach it in a very simple direction where she will just spam her Volley to poke you down to try to get you low enough to burst. You can simply stand behind the minions at the right angles and this will take care of that for the most part!
You want to take Cleanse over here because it counters her ultimate which is Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Her win condition is to use her ultimate to setup picks for her team and turn them into kills. She won't be able to do this with you in the botlane if you take Cleanse which is great for us!
Just sit back and relax. Wait for Ashe to slip up to be caught then you can effortlessly all-in her!
Take Cleanse to counter her ultimate hard. Avoid getting poked for free from her Volley. DPS-wise you outscale her hard and your all-in is way better than hers in 2v2s so you can go for that once you get a few levels and items!

Caitlyn is a lane dominant ADC who focuses on poking you hard, shoving your waves, and trying to take your tower down as quickly as possible.
Caitlyn with use her Q Piltover Peacemaker a lot to shove the waves into your tower so while she does that you should use your AoE from Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to help push the waves back so it equalizes and she doesn't get what she wants!
If Caitlyn is paired up with a CC champion be extremely careful because she can follow up whatever that CC is with her W Yordle Snap Trap and 99% of the time that is certain death for the person caught. If you're risking getting caught by such a combo for a few CS then it's not worth it and you're better off playing safe and staying alive.
After your first recall look forward to trading with your rocket launcher because with enough levels in Switcheroo! you will outrange Caitlyn's own auto attacks!
Caitlyn's DPS falls off hard if she doesn't have a snowbally early game so as long as you make sure to push waves back and stay even in farm then you'll be on your way to winning and outscaling her very hard.

Draven is the ADC with the strongest laning phase in the entire game and is designed to be the most snowbally ADC in the entire game so you'll want to play safe going into this lane
His win condition will be to play super aggressively starting at level 1 and trying to kill you as often and as frequently as possible. Avoid contesting for level 2 or trading back.
Careful with how close you get to him because quite often Draven will speed himself up with Blood Rush then slow you down with Stand Aside and get a lot of damage off with his auto attacks while also making it easier for his support to engage on you because you've been slowed by 20% for 2 seconds.
His ultimate Whirling Death is an all-in ability with lots of damage which recently got buffed to add the amount of admiration stacks as extra damage on top of it! So, when he gets level 6 be very careful if you're ever on low HP around him
Draven players are the most aggressive players on earth often getting banned for how aggressively they type as well so be on your guard for random bush cheeses or potential tower dives!
JUST DONT DIE. DONT DIE. If he gets no kills then the game is over for him and he will tilt off the face of the earth. You will outscale him extremely hard. Even if you lose CS that is fine as long as you don't let him get kills.

Ezreal is a mobile skill shot scaling machine and if he can't land his skillshots then his champion will literally do no damage!
In the laning phase his primary way of trading with you will be through his Q Mystic Shot and W Essence Flux. You can dodge his Q's pretty easily by using the minion wave as a big shield and while his W Essence Flux goes through minions the damage is minimal compared to Mystic Shot
He is very squishy and easy to mow down once he's caught out of position so if you see him use his Arcane Shift improperly then use that as an opportunity to catch him with your Zap! and Flame Chompers! combo then all-in. He's one of those champions once you get your hands on him he's very easy to kill off.
Keep in mind that outside of his poking he can't rly do anything to you so while you're dodging his poke play aggressively and try to sneak in long range rockets from Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher whenever possible!
Avoid his poke from Mystic Shot and trade aggressively. If he oversteps then engage on him and mow him down. Ezreal's laning phase is extremely weak, weaker than yours!

Jhin is a huge lane bully champion with long range utility and assassination. He is one of Jinx's best counters.
He will try his best to poke you down with his Q Dancing Grenade and force short auto attack trades usually ending with his 4th shot passive Whisper. Try to avoid this poke and the short trades at all costs.
The best way to avoid his Q Dancing Grenade is to keep distance away from the minion wave as people usually end up hugging them closely and taking free damage
Don't go out of your way to poke him because most likely it won't do anything to him except give him a chance to auto attack you back then snare you with his W Deadly Flourish which then will most likely result in getting you killed!
Play it safe and scale up. Avoid poke and fighting. Once you get a few items if the Jhin isn't snowballed then he will have an extremely hard time keeping up with your DPS and out DPS'ing you in teamfights!

Kai'Sa is a scaling duelist who is good at all points in the game except for the laning phase which is perfect for us because we can abuse that!
Kai'Sa can't use her abilities to poke or trade back unless you're isolated and her auto attacks are very weak since they don't have any empowering effects AND she is short ranged at 525 so she's one of the best ADCs to bully by using constant rockets from Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. Whenever she tries to get close to farm just go tap tap tap.
Kai'sa 's Q Icathian Rain is essentially a ranged Kha'Zix Q Taste Their Fear so always make sure you're near minions or a teammate to avoid taking a big chunk of unnecessary damage!
Remember I said she's a scaling duelist? Well, once she gets level 6 she has access to Killer Instinct which allows her to teleport to you if you get marked from any of her damage. She will usually use this to get you when you're isolated so she's able to use all of her abilities now to shred your HP and burst you down. How do you avoid this? Play back and play safe. Stay near your minions, teammate, or tower!
Poke her heavily with rockets in the laning phase and try to win it. Don't 1v1 or fight her post-6 if you're isolated. She's easy to all-in if you have help from your team.

Kalista is an early-mid game power spiking ADC that emphasizes on snowballing in lane and bullying her opponent.
She's short ranged at 525, but makes up for this with her passive Martial Poise which allows her to do short dashes after each auto-attack allowing her to stay on top of her target at all times or be able to kite away from her target at all times. This passive heavily depends on having attack speed so the more she has the better.
Her damage comes from her Rend stacks and she applies one stack per auto attack so be careful with taking extended trades or all-in fights against her because of she builds it up you're as good as dead!
You're going to want to play around your long range rockets with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and use that as the primary way of poking at a distance. Also, if you use Zap! it will slow her down and make her passive slower as well allowing you to have a better chance at engaging and locking her down with Flame Chompers!. If Kalista cannot move then it's really hard for her to use her passive Martial Poise and kite to do damage so locking her down is key.
Kalista's level 6 is very scary due to Fate's Call which allows her to essentially dump her support right on top of you. Keep in mind if the support can be dumped though because if it's a Janna it is extremely unlikely she will ever use her ultimate to engage while if she has a Leona it is almost guaranteed that she will use her ultimate to engage onto you.
Avoid extended trades and all-ing Kalista due to the nature of her Kit. Abuse the range you have on her, but generally focus on farming safely because if she doesn't snowball she tends to be extremely useless mid-late game. You outscale her hard.

Kog'Maw is pretty similar to Jinx as he's a long range hyper scaling ADC that wants to chill so the way you want to interact with him will be fun.
Kog'Maw 's default range is 500, but Bio-Arcane Barrage will increase it to 710 at max rank. Similarly to Jinx who goes from 525 range to 775 range. The biggest difference is JInx can switch whenever she wants while Kog'Maw 's is gated behind his ability that lasts 8 seconds.
After his long range wears off then that's when you want to poke him with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and bully him.
Don't try to trade or 1v1 when he has Bio-Arcane Barrage activated because it'll shred your hp since it does a % of your max HP.
Look to land Zap! into Flame Chompers! combos because Kog'Maw is extremely immobile and you might be able to make things happen!
Abuse Kog'Maw when you find the right moments to. He's very immobile and easy to catch so let your teammates know you're ready to setup ganks with ease using your abilities.

Lucian is a very feast or famine early game ADC, but funny enough Jinx is pretty good against him in lane and you'll learn why!
Lucian will try to jump and combo you constantly whenever you walk up for farm by using Relentless Pursuit in succession with Ardent Blaze and Piercing Light. Anytime he starts to look jumpy just step back and wait a bit.
The reason why Jinx is pretty good against him in lane is because he's very short ranged sitting at 500 range and also very predictable in the way he plays the laning phase out so just keep chugging rockets at him with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and you'll be bullying him in no time.
One very important thing to do is to make sure to poke him with rockets starting at level 1 if possible then secure level 2 and start poking him at level 2 as well. You can look back at the trading clip earlier in the guide because it's the perfect example!
Don't let Lucian snowball. Play aggressively with your range advantage via Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. Keep that distance between you and him and you'll not only find him easy to deal with in lane, but outscale him very fast into the game.

Miss Fortune is very bursty adc and has a strong laning phase, but her gameplay is predictable to play against.
The primary method of Miss Fortune poking you and winning her lane is going to be with her Q Double Up and how it works is that she'll use it on a minion and it'll bounce to the target behind. It doubles the damage if it ends up executing the minion before bouncing! So, you want to consistently be paying attention to her positioning so she doesn't line you up with a minion and destroy your health bar with Double Up.
I honestly wouldn't suggest looking for any kind of trade even long range because that'll give her the opportunity to just jump on you and get a big bursty short trade. Just farm and scale. Stay healthy.
Miss Fortune's ultimate Bullet Time can easily kill you from 100% HP to 0% HP if you're caught in a bad spot so constantly keep your distance, but also be aware that if she ults she cannot move and you can easily use your W Zap! and/or E Flame Chompers! to catch her in the middle of the act.
Don't play aggressively towards Miss Fortune. Stay healthy and scale up. You will outscale her big time once the mid game - late game comes by!

Samira is a hyper mobile assassin-like adc with the shortest range in the role. She's very aggressive and a feast or famine type of gal.
She sits at 500 range and at level 1 does not have the ability to fight anyone back so it is extremely important that you secure level 2 in this lane while also poking her non-stop with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher so by the time she gets level 2 she's too low on HP to fight back or engage onto you
She will look to play off her support using her passive Daredevil Impulse combined with Wild Rush and Blade Whirl. This is her all-in combo to get on top of you and kill you quickly. The easiest way to avoid this is by avoiding getting hit by CC from her support or simply keep your distance from Samira so you can't dash near you.
Once she gets level 6 and is able to get Inferno Trigger it's important to respect her strength and just keep whittling her HP away with your long range.
Play safe and play towards your range. Make sure to take control of the lane with level 1. You outscale her extremely hard so farm up and don't let her snowball.

Sivir is an extremely short ranged hyper scaling ADC sitting at 525 range, but also has a ton of self-peel!
Since Sivir is such a short ranged ADC that means you win the laning phase pretty hard by default. As long as you make sure not to get hit by any random Boomerang Blades then all you have to do is constantly be up in her face with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and bully her with tons of auto poke.
This also extends to teamfights where you'll have no problem outranging her every step of the way and you should be able to zone her out pretty hard or even kill her if she tries to help her teammates!
Sivir's Spell Shield can block your W Zap! and R [[Super Mega Death Rocket!] so keep that in mind when trying to use these abilities on her!
Sivir's ultimate On The Hunt is a big movement buff to all her surrounding allies so be careful about this when you're over-extending alone as she can use it to catch you with her allies and eventually kill you!
Bully her short range in lane as you win the laning phase hard because of that. You outscale her technically because of the fact that in teamfights you'll be zoning or killing her very quickly with your range.

Tristana is an early-mid game ADC with one of the most snowbally and strongest laning phases in the entire game.
Since you're immobile then Tristana can all-in kill or all-in trade with you as early as level 2 or 3 with her W E Q combo which would be to Rocket Jump on top of you then set Explosive Charge on you and lastly increase her attack speed with Rapid Fire so she can auto attack and denote the Explosive Charge at full stacks which will not only do full damage to you, but give her a reset to use her Rocket Jump onto you again.
Now that you're aware of the crazy amount of kill pressure Tristana has you'll need to know you want to farm far away from her and keep jumping distance between you and her because she'll try to jump on you like a rapid animal at any given chance!
For this lane I would actually not recommend trying to poke with rockets unless you're 100% sure she won't jump onto you because like I said she will play full on aggressive to ruin your day.
You outscale Tristana EXTREMELY hard. Tristana's entire gameplan relies on her snowballing in lane. If you don't let her snowball then she's as good as dead!

Twitch is another hyper scaling ADC, but unlike Vayne, his laning phase is actually pretty weak and something that won't be an issue for us. His playstyle revolves around his stealth mechanic.
Take short trades with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and avoid extended trades because Twitch will get stacks on you with his passive Deadly Venom then activated it with his E Contaminate and for extra injury he can apply Venom Cask to add more stacks and a slow so he can sneak in more auto attacks!
Twitch's best way to start extended trades or all-in 2v2 is by using his invisibility ability Ambush. If you see Twitch farming and all of a sudden he goes missing for a few seconds it's safe to assume he used Ambush and is planning something. If you both recalled and you're walking back to lane and you notice he's still not here then it's safe to assume he's using Ambush as he returns to lane to get the jump on you!
If Twitch goes missing for too long than alert your teammates because it is not uncommon for them to gank mid lane using Ambush.
Farm and scale up. Take short long range pokes and look to engage on him if he's caught or CC. He's very easy for you to kill if he's locked down, but if he's invis and on the loose you better watch out!

Varus is rarely seen currently, but when he is seen he is usually going some type of lethality build so they tend to play for early-mid game. He's a poke and utility ADC atm.
Varus is actually very simple to understand in lane because he'll mostly just be trying to poke you with his Piercing Arrows and occasionally using Hail of Arrows to set up his Q to land better onto you.
His Q Piercing Arrow has an interaction with the active of his W Blighted Quiver which means Q Piercing Arrow will do more damage based on your missing health. So, if you get low expect it to one shot you so watch out and don't underestimate the damage!
Do your best to dodge his abilities and stay healthy. Focus on farming and keeping your HP up!
Take Cleanse as it's the ultimate counter to his ultimate Chain of Corruption which is an engage tool that he will use on you alot starting from the laning phase till the end of the game. If you take Cleanse then you can remove it instantly and continue about your day and perhaps even kill him after!
Stay healthy in lane and focus on scaling. Take Cleanse to counter his ultimate for the rest of the game. Don't give him early leads and he will become useless.

Vayne is a hyper scaling duelist ADC and one of the very few late game ADCs who has a decent laning phase.
Vayne loves taking extended trades in lane with her Tumble and Silver Bolts so you want to avoid giving her what she wants. Instead, focus on farming and avoid fighting her.
Poke with long range rockets if she's not in range to jump on you completely.
If you end up all-ing her whether it's a 1v1 or a 2v2 you need to make sure she's poked down first because if Vayne has full HP and uses her ultimate Final Hour then she'll end up winning it easily.
Play to your strength which is your range. Do not engage until she's poked down. You both are hyper scalers, but Jinx will be able to zone or kill Vayne way easier in a teamfight compared to 1v1 or 2v2's in the laning phase. Avoid duels at all cost.

She's a mid game powerspike ADC with a lot of self-peel and snare tools. Xayah isn't as popular as she used to be, but she's still good at every point of the game.
Playing against Xayah in lane is all about paying attention to her feather mechanics. Don't get too close or she'll instantly snare you with her Double Daggers and Bladecaller combo.
If you keep your distance then you should be able to consistently poke her with your rockets while she struggles to catch you with her feathers!
Xayah's ultimate Featherstorm makes her invulnerable for 1.5 seconds so if you ever get her low and you want to finish her off with Super Mega Death Rocket! then keep in mind she can dodge it very easily!
Use your long range to bully her and beat her in lane. Be constantly aware of the feathers so she doesn't catch you. You win this lane match-up and also outscale her so be confident!

Yasuo is a melee ADC that is made for solo lanes, however, he is more than viable in the botlane
Yasuo is pretty weak at level 1 as he doesn't have his dash Sweeping Blade yet so you want to make sure to play extremely aggressive and poke him down here. You can also continue to play aggressive until he gets level 3 as that's when he will unlock Wind Wall and block your abilities.
Keep track of Wind Wall's cooldowns as that is the most important ability in his entire kit when he's playing vs ranged champions since it will block all of your auto attacks + abilities.

Ziggs would be the #1 most popular botlane mage in the meta and his only goal is to poke and bully you out of lane so he can take all of your towers and win the game.
He will try to poke you with Bouncing Bomb when you walk near the minion wave so be sure to have some space so it becomes very hard for him to hit you. If you hug a minion then he'll just hit the minion and the splash damage will hit you so keep that in mind.
His setup against you since you're immobile will be Satchel Charge into Hexplosive Minefield. He can knock you up in the air for a bit and chooses from which angle this will happen so keep that in mind since Ziggs players love to use Satchel Charge to push you back into his support and kill you!
Do your best to not get poked early. You want to farm up till you can get Noonquiver in your first recall since after that you'll have enough damage to permanently push the waves back into Ziggs and keep him away from taking your tower!!!!

Karthus is the 2nd most popular botlane mage in the current meta and he does a ton of damage while also having one of the best scalings in the game for a mage. He is very strong in the botlane due to ADCs being weak early game and unable to bully him much.
His primary method of farming, trading, and all-ing will be through the use of his Q ability Lay Waste which creates a blast where he clicks and after a short delay it will deal damage and it will double that damage if the target is isolated. It is important to be consistently dodging these if you want to stay healthy in lane and beat him.
When he is farming with Lay Waste or after you've successfully dodged a few of them, that is your opportunity to bring out Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to start poking him since he has no sustain whatever poke you dish out on him will stick.
Be careful not to get too close to him because if he ever gets into melee engage range he will use Defile, Wall of Pain, and Lay Waste to absolutely shred your HP apart and if you end up living all of that with a tiny bit of HP he will then finish you with his ultimate Requiem
lay the lane from a distance. Focus on poking with Fishbones, the rocket launcher and constantly abuse the range difference you have on him. Stay healthy and don't underestimate his all-in.
If you made it this far congrats! I hope this guide was able to help you out! I had always planned on making a Jinx guide for awhile, but it did felt overwhelming and I was super busy with all sorts of things. I'm glad I was finally able to find time to work on this project and I'll do my best to try to keep updating the guide alongside my other ADC guides!

Special thanks to Hopper for banners and coding as always!
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