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Jinx Build Guide by ButterPone

ADC [14.4] ♡ All Things Jinx ♡

ADC [14.4] ♡ All Things Jinx ♡

Updated on February 23, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ButterPone Build Guide By ButterPone 42 2 90,674 Views 4 Comments
42 2 90,674 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ButterPone Jinx Build Guide By ButterPone Updated on February 23, 2024
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Runes: ♡ Standard ♡

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2 3
♡ Almost Always ♡
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



♡ Starting Items ♡
♡ First Back ♡
Good Early Back (1600 gold or less)
If you're struggling
♡ Main Item Options ♡

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[14.4] ♡ All Things Jinx ♡

By ButterPone
♡ About Jinx ♡

☆ About Jinx ☆

Jinx is in my opinion the champion who can maximize gold income to the fullest in the game. She's the best user of resources on the map.
If you manage to get ahead, you shouldn't really care.. too much.. for your team. You should only care about your own income (XP and gold), so you can easily carry the team fights. You should take the game in your own hands, even as an ADC.

She's a very simple, mechanical champion. That way you can focus on the fundamentals of the role, rather than getting confused by the mechanics of the champion itself.

+Hyper Carry
+Global Ultimate
+Fast Tower Pusher
+Good Team Fighter
+Good Objective Securing
+Strong Area of Effect Damage

-Weak Laning
-Weak Against Burst Champions
-Skillshots Have Cast Times
-Requires Good Positioning

☆ Early Game ☆

Jinx is kind of dependent on a good support early on. Preferably someone who will pressure enemy so we can farm safely, or someone that can keep you healthy and poke for you early on. Play safe and farm up till around 2400 gold where you can comfortably back and get your first early power spike.
Of course this goal can't be reached every game. If you're struggling with staying in lane early, I recommend just backing and buying a Cull to help with farm and to stay healthier.
Setting up a freeze (holding the minions just outside your turret ) or finding chanses to poke the enemy, can ultimately deny them gold and experience.

During laning phase, you generally want to just farm up and be patient. Ideally you want to back with as much gold as possible and with your lane in a favorable state/position, pushing under the enemy turret.

Of course every game will be different, but your main focus is to stay alive and stay around waves where you will soak EXP. It doesn't matter if you miss a few minions as long as you play it safe, don't push past river unless you know for a fact where the enemy jungle is.

(From my experience in "low" elo, gold/plat) usually your opponent will back as soon as they don't see you in lane and they feel like they're sitting on too much gold.
You just sit back or just pretend to back in a bush, catch the wave when they're gone, and push yours into enemy turret as fast as possible. You can easily get a pretty huge EXP lead this way, as well as this opening up windows for you to roam mid or help out your jungler (getting vision, doing drake or invading).

☆ Mid Game ☆

If your support isn't doing a good job with clearing vision, this is your time to grab an Oracle Lens and maybe a Control Ward, so you can help out your jungler. Make sure they can gank you safely, and provide vision around your lane and in enemy jungle so it's easier to know if it's safe to gank, take scuttle or take dragon. Always try to rotate if something is happening in river, and if your wave is pushed up to enemy turret. Seconds matter, the faster you can get there the more likely you are to win this and benefit from it.
Always remember to put your Control Ward in spots the enemy won't easily discover it, like in small bushes behind dragon pit, small bush by red side blue buff, etc.

The biggest rule of thumb, ahead or not: Just split if you know you are able to (you see where enemies are on map and your team is putting pressure elsewhere). If you see enemy respond, just farm some enemy jungle if the area is warded well (you should have Farsight Alteration as soon as you hit lvl 9, so you can safely get vision here youself), wait it out until they smooth brain and go back to where there is action. Repeat.
Obviously help out your team if you are able to do so, and if you're setting up objectives. There's no reason to fight and die if not.

The reason for splitting, is because Jinx has really good wave clear (especially after getting Runaan's Hurricane) and will be able to take turrets really quickly and easily. You will be able to swoop in and out before enemy even manages to respond. This will also give you solo gold and maybe even bounties!

If you have someone else on the team, that is refusing to do anything other than split push, you should try to swap lanes with mid. Mid is generally a safe place as long as you don't push past neutral (past river), even in the later stages of the game. This will also allow you to rotate for your team faster.

☆ Late Game ☆

For the late game, your main objective is to hover around upcoming objectives and staying alive. Dying at this point can completely turn the game around again, so it's best to just look for good picks and fights. Getting Guardian Angel is smart if you have a big bounty, because the enemy team is going to be looking to pick you off.
If your team is doing ARAM in midlane, you go back to your split push strategies.. Simply having pressure on the opposite side of where there is an objective, is going to force at least a person or two on the enemy team to respond. This will help your team take baron or dragon, even by not physically being there, and will in most cases help you finish the game.

☆ Runes ☆

Lethal Tempo

Never pick anything other than Lethal Tempo. The scaling is too insane to give up on. A lot of people pick Fleet Footwork, but you miss out on a lot you wouldn't have otherwise, like the insane range you will have if you manage to fully stack Lethal Tempo. Since Jinx is pretty immobile, you won't even heal much with Fleet Footwork. You could always just go Rapid Firecannon or the like if you REALLY are in need of the range, in order to get autos in.

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is also a MUST. Jinx relies on mana for her rockets , and this will help her both in lane and for later in the game. (Reminder, on Jinx you should always try to pick up both red and blue buff. Having blue buff is insane for her mana. She can just poke and be as annoying as possible without it really costing her anything).

Legend: Bloodline

Legend: Bloodline is going to help your sustain, both health and lifesteal. This will be infinitely better than [[Triumph] which relies on you scoring takedowns. It's genuinely safer to go this route since you won't be punished as hard if you're behind.

Cut Down

Cut Down is also really important this meta, since almost everyone you face are most likely always going to have more health than you.


In my opinion having Transcendence is more important than Absolute Focus, since it's going to allow you to utilize your abilities more. Jinx is very vulnerable when she doesn't have her Flame Chompers! up, and having this rune means they'll be up more often! If you're behind it's also going to be harder to stay healthy, meaning you're not going to get as much worth from Absolute Focus, as you are from Transcendence.
If you trust your team to peel for you, you could go Absolute Focus for the late game scaling however..
Celerity is also a very viable rune right now, because it scales really well with Jinx's new passive, and will help give her more mobility overall.

☆ Items ☆


Don't go Cull as a starting item. The other starter items outweigh this one so much. The one case where you should get Cull, is if you're really struggling in lane and you're forced to back often. This will allow you to farm up, and it will help you stay healthier since it gives you health per auto.

Runaan's Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane is underrated; it's so so useful for CSing and pushing waves late game. It's such a huge power spike for this reason.
With the recent Jinx buffs and change to her passive (it stacks now!), this item will help you dish out even more damage.

Berserker's Greaves

I choose to finish Berserker's Greaves before Kraken Slayer because it gives you a huge chunk of attack speed and it's very cheap.

☆ Tips & Tricks ☆
  • Your scales with Range. The max range is at the tip of your , so you can easily check it with the ability indicator. Anything beyond this point will be max damage.

  • Your and have cast times. The most ideal timing to fire these are during CC, since you can easily start casting it and finishing the cast by the time the CC is over (This is called buffering, many people forget to utilize it. It works on a lot of other champions as well). You can also use your Rockets during this time. It's as if the CC never happened in the first place!

  • Since they have cast times, you can also + or + and it's going to confuse the enemy haha.

  • Your Minigun has an auto reset. If you Rocket and switch to Minigun, you get the attack speed bonus from Minigun and can dish out damage quicker when switching. It's very useful for when you need to finish a kill fast.

  • Your are best for chain CC. If your team CCs someone, just put down your and extend the time they're stuck for. It's useful to have an indicator on this ability.
    Your can also stop all dashes incoming, for example Akali or Lee Sin . Just hide behind it.

  • If you're afraid of getting dove under turret, you can just place it under yourself so they fear getting stunned under turret.

  • Last is to block people's pathway with , preferably when you are getting chased. Put it on top of yourself and people will have to spend time walking around it. That or you can keep the enemy team from entering for example river, and prevent them from following up their teammates if they get split up. Don't overextend or get too close to enemy, trying to put it in front of them while they are fleeing!

☆ Hard Matchups ☆

We're all going to have a hard matchup from time to time. Jinx has been a pretty weak ADC as of late, so I'm here to tell you how to have a better chance of surviving lane and coming out on top.


Ashe is one of Jinx's biggest counters because of her slows and her mobility. The best way to counter Ashe is to just play safely behind wave so she can't spam Volley you. You can also bring Cleanse for her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, since the CC duration can cost you your life. Be patient and wait for her to slip up.


When playing against Caitlyn you mainly want to focus on matching her in farm. She's going to look to poke and push wave. Use your Switcheroo! to deal splash damage to her if she walks up close enough to minions, and just focus on not letting her crash waves into your turret. Jinx outscales Caitlyn late game, and her Switcheroo! will eventually outrange her when it's fully leveled.


Kai'Sa is rather weak during laning phase. It's important to take advantage of the range difference, and poke as much as possible before she hits lvl 6. If she walks up to farm just [Switcheroo!] her.
It's important to stay near minions to avoid taking all the damage from her Q, Icathian Rain. Don't try to 1v1 her, stay near your team where you won't get singled out.


Tristana is extremely strong early. She can already all in you and kill you at lvl 2. Since Jinx is a very immobile champion, if Tristana manages to get on top of you, it's going to be hard for you to get away (because of her W reset and burst).

It's best to stay far away, and don't even attempt to run up to poke, just use Switcheroo! on minions and deal splash damage if she walks up.


Draven players are aggressive and can easily snowball. The most important thing when playing against Draven is to just NOT DIE. Avoid pushing for lvl 2 first or trading back early.
Draven can easily speed himself up with his W, Blood Rush, and slow you with his E, Stand Aside which allows his support to follow up and CC you.

If missing CS means you'll stay alive, then do so. You can always go back and buy Cull, in order to farm up and stay in lane for longer because of the sustain it gives you.


I'll be speaking about Yasuo in the botlane. Yasuo is weak until lvl 3, so it's important to play aggressive until then. Take advantage of the range while you can.
After lvl 3 he can just Windwall all your auto attacks and abilities. Be mindful of where your wave is, because Yasuo can just E, Sweeping Blade, through the entire wave and easily get on top of you.
Stay back and farm safely under turret, and only go in if Yasuo has wasted his Windwall and if your team is following up.

☆ Thank You For Reading ☆

I hope you found this guide useful!
This is my first guide ever, so I'm still learning aha..

I'll be regularly updating and improving this guide.

Feel free to ask me anything
Feedback or suggestions are appreciated

Good luck with your games!

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