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Fiora Build Guide by Potent213

Top [14.6] POTENTS UPDATED s14 FIORA GUIDE | RANK 1 EUW 🏆| ALL MATCHUPS ✔️⚔️🤺 | BEST FIORA WORLD | Coaching Available 📖

Top [14.6] POTENTS UPDATED s14 FIORA GUIDE | RANK 1 EUW 🏆| ALL MATCHUPS ✔️⚔️🤺 | BEST FIORA WORLD | Coaching Available 📖

Updated on March 28, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Potent213 Build Guide By Potent213 1690 63 1,814,172 Views 59 Comments
1690 63 1,814,172 Views 59 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Potent213 Fiora Build Guide By Potent213 Updated on March 28, 2024
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1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Flash + Teleport
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Ability Order MAX Q > 2-3 POINTS E > W > E > R

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Guide Details
x Introduction & Credentials
x Why should I play Fiora?
x Overview of Fiora's Abilities
x Pros / Cons
x Trading in Lane
About Me

I'm Potent, a Challenger Fiora Onetrick from Algeria, I'm currently 21 years old and a full time streamer!!
I first started playing league in season 3 when I was little, and have been a Fiora main since season 7.
Ever since leaving Algeria (better ping + better pc), I've been consistently Challenger, peaking rank 1 of the ladder, and a peak of 1877LP in EUW, I'm regularly around top 10 on EUW as of now.
A lot of people consider me to be one of the best Fiora players in the world, alongside JJKing or 14Fiora.
I have approximately 5,000,000 Points on Fiora on all of my acounts, and I stream on twitch! (@Potent213 on twitch)
Anyways, I really hope you enjoy the guide and let's get to it!






Why should I play Fiora?
Fiora, The Grand Duelist
Fiora is one of the most fun champions in the game with also one of the highest skill ceilings possibly achievable, many players for example Drututt or VeigarV2 has said that Fiora is the hardest toplaner in the game to master, this makes it so satisfying and rewarding to learn.
Fiora is also insanely strong in the meta and overall is just a really fun champion and super strong in 1v1's, definitely a champ you won't regret picking up if you like intense 1v1 situations or even pushing the limits of the champion you play to the max!
P - Duelist's Dance
This is Fiora's bread and butter, mastering the use of her passive and knowing how they will respawn to hit them more effectively is important to becoming a better Fiora player. This ability makes the difference between a good and GREAT Fiora player!

Q - Lunge
Fiora lunges and hits a nearby target based on a list of priority (list mentioned later in guide), it's important to use this ability as a tool for mobility, spacing, damage, and especially proccing vitals effectively! This ability requires a lot of precision and spacing!

W - Riposte
This is probably the hardest spell to use on Fiora, it can either be used to block a game changing cc, or you can whiff it and it does nothing while needing 24 seconds to come back.
Unfortunately ping comes into play a ton, bad ping makes it nearly impossible to get good Riposte's, especially for spells that are hard to react to.(ie... Garen's R Demacian Justice, Darius's R Noxian Guillotine, Cassiopeia's R Petrifying Gaze etc..).
Knowing when to use and when to hold your Riposte is key and will improve your level of play on Fiora.

E - Bladework
Fiora's E is a simple damage buff, nothing much to it, it acts as an auto reset, although you do have slightly higher range (+25) when using it, it can help you reach targets who are JUST SLIGHTLY out of range, using this ability during combos is key to maximizing your speed and damage!

R - Grand Challenge
Fiora's ultimate is your main fighting tool, being able to quickly proc all four vitals is very important, hence why I repeat that practicing is so important on this champion.
If you can proc your ultimate quickly you can maximize your damage and healing, and then be able to hit your next vitals sooner, speed and precision is really important.

+ Insane Duelist
+ One of the Highest Skillcaps
+ Strong Splitpusher
+ Hyper mobile
+ Strong in early/mid/late game
+ Extremely Fun
+ Very Flexible

Fiora is honestly one of the champions with which you can have the most fun, she is hyper mobile, has so much outplay potential in every single situation, literally every single one.

With Fiora there is no limit to how far you can push your skill, there is always a higher level of play you can obtain because of how complicated the champion is fundamentally, the more you know Fiora, the more things you know you don't know about Fiora.

The game is so boring when I play other champions tbh.

- Matchup dependant
- Useless when behind
- No CC/Utility
- Hard in Teamfights
- Very hard to Learn
- Lacks waveclear

The issue with Fiora is that she is extremely matchup dependant, and comp dependant, if the enemy team picks champions that have a lot of range (ie. Jayce, Kindred, Ahri, Karma, Jinx, etc..), it becomes really hard to play the game, not only that but she is really weak when jungler weaksides or picks a scaling jungler and she has terrible waveclear!

So sometimes its hard to decide between splitpush and teamfight.


Conqueror is currently the second best rune page for Fiora (PTA IS SLIGHTLY BETTER ATM)!


There are a few combinations for this rune page, if the enemy team has:

- Demolish is VERY OP, Tier 2 Turrets in top and bot now give 700g, and inhibitor turrets give 350g. ABUSE IT in lower ranks and when you are duoQ with jungle/have a jungle that will camp top)

-Poke: Second Wind over Bone Plating

-CC: Legend: Tenacity

-Short trades/Burst: Bone Plating

- You can also take Revitalize in harder lanes, it's EXTREMELY broken right now, especially with Ravenous Hydra, Eclipse, Death Dance and Maw of Malmortius (all items that have healing and shields).

Press the Attack

Press the Attack is THE BEST RUNE IN THE GAME CURRENTLY! Super strong as they removed armor shards from the game!

STRONG VS SQUISHIES and when you can only do SHORT TRADES

You have tons of burst and damage, you can cheese level 1.

You must play for short trades otherwise you will lose, it's super strong, look to play super aggressive constantly, invading level 1, chessing and just playing to solokill your enemies.

You can legit oneshot people instantly when ahead, it's so strong when u get 2 items.

Just because you are going aggressive doesn't mean you can't go Dshield into poke matchups, like Jayce for instance.

Grasp of the Undying

Grasp of the Undying is pretty weak now with the removal of Divine Sunderer unfortunately.

Though if you do go Grasp of the Undying I recommend not going Flash, you don't need to be flashy with Grasp of the Undying, no pun intended haha, Ignite, Ghost and Exhaust are all very good options!

So now with Grasp of the Undying you will be looking to go Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra into Trinity Force depending on what Hydra you prefer with Grasp of the Undying (personally I still prefer Ravenous Hydra)

I'd recommend going Precision or Sorcery secondary, usually Last Stand in Precision would be the best option in that page with Presence of Mind, or you can go with Sorcery, ( Manaflow Band + Scorch)

Grasp of the Undying is a good option in lanes where you can't damage a lot with vitals or auto's, typically against matchups that have invisibility or that move a lot and can kite your vitals really easily ( Phase Rush matchups for example, Ryze, Quinn, Gragas etc... more info in the matchup section, or champions who just move around a ton and u can only hit them with Lunge.), but otherwise i wouldn't recommend only going Grasp of the Undying because it doesn't teach you as much about Fiora as Conqueror or Press the Attack do.

Many secondary pages are possible with Grasp of the Undying, Sorcery being the most viable.

Fleet Footwork



Ravenous Hydra


Overall the best item on Fiora, offers everything she wants, waveclear, cooldown reduction, AD and lifesteal!

You will most likely be going this item first in every single game, as there aren't really many items that are as good as Ravenous Hydra in the early game!

It also has an insane build path which just makes it even better.

You will typically buy Tiamat last as you usually want to freeze until you get Ravenous Hydra and then play for plates after you get it

But sometimes getting Tiamat early and proxying to avoid some harder lanes is a viable strat!

Works well with Revitalize!



Eclipse is very strong when you are already ahead and don't need resistances, super cheap item costing only 2800, giving a whole 70 AD, while also having a nice shield and decent damage.

Being able to plan out your Eclipse procs is very important, as the shields can make or break a fight and sometimes it all comes down to whether or not you were able to get the Eclipse proc shield to save you from some damage.

You will only build Eclipse second if you do not need resistances, but if you do, for example enemy team has a lot of lethality and magic penetration, consider taking Death's Dance or Maw of Malmortius as Fiora struggles to build Health in the current meta!

Works well with Revitalize!

Death's Dance


I could put this in the armor section, but this item is SO GOOD right now, that it needs it's own section, if the enemy team has a lot of AD Burst, or Lethality Assasssins, you really wanna build Death's Dance, it helps you survive the burst and sustain!

It also has a really good build path with 3 longswords

Not to mention that it has healing on takedowns meaning it also works well with Revitalize!

Maw of Malmortius


Maw of Malmortius is a strong item when enemies have a lot of AP DMG, especially AP BURST as the item doesn't offer the most resistances, but offers really good AD & MR with a big AP shield for a really good price!

So versus AP Assassins like Akali, this is your go-to item!

When the shield procs, you also get bonus lifesteal, so it works well with Revitalize!

Trinity Force


Decent item, unfortunately not as much of a priority as it used to be, but can still be built after the S-tier items or in games where you REALLY want to split-push!

I like to pair it with Hullbreaker as well, that will make you really hard to deal with, even more so if you have the Voidbrugs effect!

The item offers decent AD, decent attack speed, and even HP and a spell-blade, but Fiora doesn't use the stats to the full potential she would want to, hence why I'm not the biggest fan of the item atm.




Hullbreaker is an AMAZING option ATM as now in patch 14.4 Q WORKS ON HULLBREAKER, ESPECIALLY when you are versus champions that struggle to clear the super minion, it allows you to just ram down the turret or dive the enemy really easily if you are ahead

Not to mention the Turret damage and champion damage buff on the 5th hit being really massive it also gives 65 AD.

I really like this item, the build path as well makes it overall a solid Fiora item especially when you wanna splitpush!

Spear of Shojin


In my opinion, a very UNDERRATED item, sure Fiora struggles to stack Spear of Shojin, but because you can stack it on minions and turrets, I think it's a very good option, the cooldown reduction is amazing, the extra damage works on Fiora's passive Duelist's Dance increasing her true DMG!

Probably best to take against tanks, though it can work in other situations, I also think it's very good when you are playing to sidelane!

Sterak's Gage


Decent item, the main appeal is the FAT SHIELD, and the awesome Tenacity, really nice to run this into comps where you can teamfight and when they have a lot of CC, for example against a Leona, Lissandra, etc...

Besides that I wouldn't recommend the item, as I belive other items are just better than it in the current state of the game!




The new Stridebreaker now has a tiamat effect, very interesting into some ranged matchups where you can rush Tiamat avoid the hard laning and then run them down with the Stridebreaker


Blade of the Ruined King


Blade of the Ruined King is not that good of an item unfortunately, it's very good for cheesing, and has a lot of burst and movespeed

But is very expensive, and considering Fiora doesn't utilize the attack speed that well, nor is the active that good on her, she would much rather build other items.

Overall just lacks a lot of AD, doesn't have good built path, but I can still see it being decent into range matchups or matchups where that extra movespeed can help you stick onto the enemy!

Experimental Hexplate
Experimental Hexplate


I thought Experimental Hexplate had potential for Fiora, but similar to a lot of items in this list, it just has a lot of stats that Fiora doesn't need that much, first it has a lot of attack speed, then when you ult, it gives you MORE attackspeed and MORE movespeed, which Fiora already has enough of.

You'd much rather get useful stats from items, similarly to Blade of the Ruined King you could build it into ranged matchups to help chase, but I still think even then it's not ideal.

Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel is an alright item, it's more of a one-use, the "final" teamfight or most important teamfight type of item.

That one item you might buy before a big Elder Dragon fight, or a Baron Nashor fight

The stats are decent for Fiora especially when you can utilize those extra resistances, but besides that it's really not interesting as Fiora doesn't want to teamfight much.

It can be useful if you have a fed carry and you want to stall for them with your Guardian Angel and frontline a bit, but besides that, don't see much reason to buy Guardian Angel.

Jak'Sho, The Protean
Jak'Sho, The Protean


Jak'Sho, The Protean is an alright item, offers a lot of resistances!

I think it has potential in a Grasp of the Undying build, but with the current meta Press the Attack and a bit of Conqueror builds, I don't think it has a nice spot as Fiora struggles to buy items that have ONLY defensive stats.

AD is too important on her!

Though if you are running Grasp of the Undying with Jak'Sho, The Protean, consider also getting Conditioning, the added resistances are really BIG!



Muramana could potentially be a good item in lower ranks where the games are longer, but I'm really not that convinced, the item just takes too long to scale and lacks resistances.

Sure you could argue it lets you take Triumph but you should be running Presence of Mind anyways, but regardless I feel like there aren't really many slots where you can delay your early game spikes to get a Tear of the Goddess as early game has become too important in the current state of League of Legends.




Offers a LOT of AD (95 at level 18) and a good bit of lifesteal, but the crit is useless for Fiora and it takes a lot of time to scale, so I don't think it's that crazy, but if you feel like you are missing damage on your 5th or 6th item and the enemy team doesn't have heal reduction, you can definitely consider buying Bloodthirster

Sundered Sky
Sundered Sky


A lot of people thought Sundered Sky would be an INSANE item on Fiora, unfortunately it doesn't have enough AD and too much HP to justify buying it

Not to mention it doesn't work on Fiora's Lunge and is also bugged on her Bladework auto attacks

Making it very hard to viably build this item, champions like Darius or Aatrox have auto attack amplifiers that get multiplied with Sundered Sky making it a much more viable item

But unfortunately for Fiora, unless enemy team has 5 tanks, I don't think it's that good!

Black Cleaver


I don't think Black Cleaver is that good on Fiora, but I think there are definitely a few situations where it CAN be built, especially if you are running a full AD team and they have HEAVY armor stackers

In those situations you can get it to help your team deal more damage, especially if you have a fed carry, lowering the enemies armor can increase their DPS by a LOT




Chempunk Chainsword

Good when enemies have a lot of healing, for example versus Warwick, Trundle or Dr. Mundo!

The build path is also not that bad

If you have Ignite it isn't MANDATORY, but it's still not that bad

You don't need to finish the item as Executioner's Sword does give you the anti-healing effect as sometimes you need to invest that gold into resistances or more AD!

Edge of Night

Not bad when you are against champions that have key cc abilities that you can block and negate their entire kit, for example Pantheon or Vayne!

But I wouldn't recommend rushing it, going Edge of Night 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th is probably better!

Serpent's Fang

Good if the enemies have a LOT of shields but your team can't buy Serpent's Fang easily!


These are the defensive items you can go on Fiora, don't rush them as you need atleast a base amount of AD to not be useless.

Thornmail: Terrible item, other options are better, don't get baited.

Randuin's Omen: If enemy team has a lot of critical strike damage

Frozen Heart: If enemy team have a lot of DPS/Attack Speed, it's also very cheap now, so it's not that bad!

Force of Nature
These are the defensive items against AP Damage

Force of Nature: Go Force of Nature if they have a lot of AP DPS and you need to go on their back line or move a lot with the movespeed, not recommended vs burst

Spirit Visage: Good if enemy team doesn't have anti-healing or if you have enchanter supports, Lulu, Karma, Janna etc.. also works very well with Revitalize and the S-tier items as they give a lot of healing and shielding

Maw of Malmortius: Really good into AP BURST because the shield increases based on the amount of AD you currently have, really insane item RN, so cheap as well!

What boots to buy:


There are mainly 3 options for boots.

Plated Steelcaps: Go these boots when enemy team are AA heavy, you can also build them early vs AA heavy toplaners especially if enemy jungle is also AD.

Mercury's Treads: Build these when enemy team has a lot of CCs and AP Damage, very high value versus CC.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: Build these boots when you need neither Plated Steelcaps, Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads, as it has the most value if none of the other ones are viable.

Really OP as it gives decent CDR, and also reduces the cooldown of summoner spells, which is awesome for Fiora in the midgame so you can use Teleport

Boots of Swiftness: Good versus comps with a lot of slows ( Zilean, Ashe, Nasus etc..).
Starter items

Doran's Blade
Doran's Blade

The classic starter versus most melee matchups where you can do a lot of skirmishes and extended fights, provides the most damage and healing but not very good versus poke.

Also quick little tip DO NOT SELL DORANS BLADE EVER, it's never worth it unless you're selling it for your 3rd or 4th, BEFORE THAT DO NOT SELL IT. IT has too much value.

You get 180 gold for selling, when the stats are worth around 800g

Go this when u dont need Doran's Shield for poke matchups

Doran's Shield
Doran's Shield

Best starter item versus champions that have dots or poke you down, for example all ranged matchups, Teemo, Darius, Singed, etc...

It'll help you survive a ton, especially with Second Wind, it's basically essential, and even in some melee matchups where u can go for poke.

Long Sword
Long Sword

With the dorans buffs, you should never go longsword start anymore
Trading Patterns

Trading with Fiora is very unique due to the vitals that no other champion has, so its important to properly understand how to trade with Fiora speficially.

First of all its important to understand how vitals spawn, the simple way of explaining is, if its front next will be back, and vice versa, but realistically the way it works is f it is SOUTH or WEST, then the next one will be NORTH or EAST of the champion and vice versa.

So against a lot of champions when they have a front vital (typically if they are melee) then you want to auto attack the front vital and then Lunge for the back and and as you are running away hit the one that will appear, so Front > Back > Front. We call this a triple vital proc!

If its a back vital you can Lunge it, drop an auto if u want and then AA the vital as you're running away. Back > Front.

But to properly master this, it's important to fundamentally understand that vital spawning has a certain range, meaning if you get a back vital you can get out of the range and reset it so it becomes a front vital, essentially one that is easier to proc for you.

So manipulating vitals in your favor and running back to reset a vital is key IN EVERY GAME you play on Fiora.

With this information, it's important to have proper pathing when hitting vitals, you want to after hitting a vital, to then move to the closest path leading to the vital, either clockwise, or counter clockwise, it's pretty intuitive if you think about it, here is a video showcasing how you do it, see how the vitals always appear in front of me.

For example a tip I could give to a lot of current Fiora players, when you Grand Challenge someone running away, always proc the vitals that are on the side of the direction they are running away to that way when you back off or when they are running you can hit the front ones afterwards, it makes proccing all 4 vitals way easier.

Proccing vitals efficiently:

LEVEL 1: You want to poke with your Lunge and potentially look for all in, but you usually lose the mid trades, either an in and out, or a long trade.

Level 2: Here you typically level up Riposte and want to block an important spell or an auto from the enemy, you can also combine Lunge + Riposte for an engage, in some situations especially with Press the Attack you can level up Bladework for high burst damage and getting a surprise kill, it has surprisingly tons of damage.

Level 3: You usually wanna go for short trades poke and then all in with a hard engage when they are around 60% health, a bit more if you have Ignite.

Level 6: Here it's basically the same thing but with your Grand Challenge, just look for poking them down slowly wittle them down and go for a hard engage with your ult.

Versus ranged champs, you can almost never proc back vitals, but often you can proc front vitals, when they are trying to farm minions.

Now for specifically range matchups but overall as well, Fiora loves playing in bushes, she loves going in bushes and going for a quick Lunge proc and moving back into the bush, also helps removing aggro from minions, but because of the nature of Fiora's spells, she is very good at hitting and running, and bushes just help you do that a lot as you can use vision to your advantage for jukes.

Otherwise you want to use the classic combos I mentioned in the 'Mechanics' section, you can find out how and when to use them in the description of each of the combos.

What wave states favor Fiora?

Fiora loves to fight while having a frozen wave for the most part, on Fiora, either you freeze or you crash to setup a dive, Fiora is exceptionally well at hard engaging versus most champions so you almost always want to freeze or crash to be able to chase them as much as possible!

That's why performing a cheater recall is INSANELY important on Fiora, you crash the 1st 3 waves, if you farm well you get a Long Sword + a Refillable Potion and then come back to a frozen wave, but if their enemy toplaner has a lot of waveclear you might need to TP back to maintain the freeze, for example an Irelia or a Graves.

The good thing is, after a cheater recall you don't need to recall, you can go for a roam, possibly kill the enemy jungler while he is doing a buff, or even roam mid, they always expect a recall so they never see it coming!

Here is a video that explains how to do a cheater recall:

Combos + Mechanics

To no one's surprise Fiora is a very mechanical champion, she is one of the most complexe champions mechanically with so many possibilities, so here is a list of some of the tricks you can do on Fiora.

Though the most important thing: PRACTICE IS KEY, I REPEAT PRACTICE IS KEY!
You need to grind it out hard in PRACTICE TOOL and perfect your mechanics and combos, it's especially important on Fiora because it requires both muscle memory and precision.

Lunge + AA:

This is the classic poke combo in lane.

You go for a Lunge on vital (doesn't have to be on a vital but typically its preferred) and then an AA, the auto following Lunge goes off really quick, so you can look for openings to land this.

Lunge + AA + Ravenous Hydra:

Varient of the Lunge + AA, only works after you have Ravenous Hydra (duh) can work as well with Tiamat for poke, the healing is very nice as well.

Lunge + Riposte:

The classic slideparry, there are so many options to when you can use this.

When your jungler is ganking the enemy, you can use the slideparry to chase the enemy down and land a Riposte especially when the enemy is playing safer.
In general, the benefit of using the slideparry is being able to use parrying during Lunge, so you dont feel the downtime from the Riposte as much.

You can also use it when going through spells that will stun you ( Veigar E Event Horizon, Caitlyn W Yordle Snap Trap, Wukong R Cyclone, any incoming skillshot as well you can slideparry through them, etc..)

*Auto during Lunge + Riposte*:

You can auto during the slideparry, honestly im not exactly sure how this works, even other Fiora players have no clue, it seems like a bug and that even with a macro you can't get it consistently.

Lunge + AA + Bladework(1) + Bladework(2) Riposte + AA:

This is the classic short trade Fiora wants to do, the Riposte is optional based on champ, but typically this has the most damage in shortest amount of time.

AA Flash:

This is a little trick you can use to proc vitals on opposite sides.

You auto attack and Flash as soon as the auto goes off to the side of the vital and it will proc it.
Grand Challenge + AA + Bladework(1) Flash:

This is a little step to master and practice (with practice tool) when trying to learn to proc ultimate vitals really quickly (JJking style).

You auto attack one vital and Bladework into Flash the 2nd vital.

Grand Challenge + AA + Bladework(1) Flash + Lunge + AA/ Tiamat:

This is the full combo and the continuation of the step mentioned before.

It requires you to do the first step (AA + Bladework(1) Flash), and then Lunge the 3rd Vital and Auto or Ravenous Hydra the last vital.

Note you should Lunge on the corner of the 3rd vital so the auto on the fourth one comes out as fast as possible.

Fast version:
Grand Challenge proc without Flash:

This is the classic Grand Challenge combo with no Flash.
Grand Challenge + Riposte > Ult Proc:

This is a trick to proc an easy 1st vital and with the slow from your Riposte you can easily proc the other ones with ease.

Works well if there is nothing to block

Lunge + Grand Challenge + Riposte:

This combo is efficient to proc a vital during ur slideparry (QW) which normally isnt doable, good vs ranged champs usually or if enemies have low mobility, if u manage to AS WELL get the auto off during the slideparry (QW) (which makes it even harder) then u can maximize your dmg output and get TONS of dmg.

How to proc a vital on a wall:

Here is a trick to proc vitals next to a wall, basically, usually when someone is staying close to the wall there is always 1 vital you cannot proc, although with this trick you can proc it.

Essentially what you do is hit all 3 vitals that aren't next to the wall, and then for the fourth one, typically the enemy is attacking you while staying next to the wall, and that exactly is what you want to look to abuse.

So because the enemy is attacking you, it means they are right-clicking you, so if you WALK AWAY, they will FOLLOW YOU, because they are right-clicking so the champion automatically follows.

So you need to abuse that, they will follow you for around half a second until the player reacts and goes back to the wall, leaving a small window for you to either Lunge in, or Flash in for the auto.

Note this only works against melee champs not ranged champions as they don't have to move while staying next to the wall (Although ranged champions usually can't stay melee to a Fiora, or they just lose anyway).

You can't properly explain spacing in a guide, you need to see it, and then be explained it, it's all about movement, moving back and forth, staying at an exact safe distance to perfectly space in Lunge's while being safe, I cannot go over how INSANELY important this is for Fiora.

For example people with good spacing I would say are really high elo challenger players, but especially players like Dzukill or myself, I recommend going on youtube and looking for a matchup between me and Dzukill, Yone vs Fiora, you will understand what I mean by proper spacing, movement, tethering etc...

It is something you need to see to understand and will elevate you to a higher level on Fiora and in the game in general.

Requires very precise clicks, near your character, understanding side-to-side spacing, compared to front-to-back spacing is VERY IMPORTANT!

Will make a chapter on that!

Good macro is key on Fiora, it's hard to explain roam timing in a guide right, but I'll explain some main concepts that are important on Fiora, obviously you need to have decent knowledge of decent wave management, as poor wave management on Fiora can make you lose the game, because of how weak Fiora's waveclear is, she struggles a ton to fix her wave states or crash waves in time.

Same to understanding rotation timings, min maxing taking minions and camps, knowing when to splitpush and when to teamfight, setting up waves before recalling, setting up waves for objectives etc...

Even jungle timings are important as a toplaner, knowing when they finish their clear, what type of jungler they are etc..

There are tier lists that explain what type of junglers like to do what, but it's pretty obvious if u have decent game knowledge.

Making a gameplan, most players have no idea what this even is about, because they go into each game autopiloting without thinking.

So I'm here to help you avoid dying to free ganks, to avoid being lost in the midgame, to have a PLAN going into your games, this is what helped me go from Masters 90 LP to Challenger 1200 LP in 1 season.

Essentially make a plan for the 3 states of the game, Early, Mid and Late.

In your plan the early section is important to put the most into as you have time to think for the midgame and lategame during recall timings, deaths etc..

You need to plan out how you will ward, what you want to do with the 1st 3 waves (if you want to cheater recall, let it crash in etc..), this all depends on whether you are weaksided, if the enemy jungler is a ganking jungler etc.. etc..

I plan on making a video on this to go more indepth, but essentially if you can get a cheater recall off usually thats the best situation as it avoids most ganks, but u need to ward incase enemy jungler skips a camp, but take into account if they have a ganking jungler, maybe you don't want to push, or if you have a jungler who can dive early, set up a dive on wave 3-4?

If you are weaksided and they can dive you, maybe dont use ur parry in trades and play it super slow so you don't lose HP, I see TOO MANY PLAYERS blaming their jungler when they just don't understand how the jungle role works, it's really sad to see.

I recommend ALWAYS asking your jungler to STRONGSIDE you and not only that but to play topside and get you a lead early game, Fiora is a TERRIBLE champion when behind, but AMAZING when ahead, so use that to your advantage.

Mid/Late Game:

Here, you want to focus on having a lot of presence and impact, essentially brining a lot of pressure on yourside to make the game harder for the enemies, and easier for your team!

Essentially you want to think about whether you want to be splitpushing or teamfighting, or even both sometimes, you can alternate, it's important to think of all the details about it though so you don't have to spend time thinking about it during the game and can focus on your gameplay and spontaenous things.

I talk about this more in the next section!

Overall I wanted to add this section as a part I will work on more as I update the guide as it's hard to explain how to make a thorough gameplan, a lot of it comes from experience and intuition.

But in general your gameplan will be:

Minute 1-10: FREEZE

Minute 10-14: PLATES

Do I Teamfight or Splitpush?

This section is very important, Teamfighting with Fiora crazy right?

There is a big misconception with Fiora players in low elo, the amount of times I've heard, don't teamfight, Fiora cannot teamfight just go perma split and win on side, if your team doesnt respect your split GG.
If that happens, that is almost always your fault, you can't change your allies actions that much, but you can change your own.

Essentially, you need to be able to identify what is the best decision, to teamfight or to split?
The questions you need to ask are, can i team or split and which would give me more benefits, obviously with Fiora usually split pushing does a better job than teamfighting, because of the nature of the champion, she is extremely strong in 1v1's and 1v2.

So lets give some example situations to better understand when to decide, essentially you need to evaluate if your team can win a 4v4, or a 4v3 if you can 1v2 right.
So ask yourself these questions, can I splitpush, if so can I take the turret or dive the enemy laner, and then would it be better than teamfighting?

-Situation 1: Teamfight Bad/Splitpush Good

Well let's say their comp has tons of range, meaning its hard to teamfight, but their toplaner is a champion you can poke/dive or take the turret from, for example a Cho'Gath who is behind in the game, well in this case the answer is obvious, you SPLITPUSH.

-Situation 2: Teamfight Good/Splitpush Bad

But now lets say they have a comp that isn't as hard to teamfight against, they have 3 melee champs, you can easily proc ultimate or get on their backline, but their sidelaner is Jayce, who is really hard to dive because he just pokes you down and melts the wave in seconds.
The answer is obvious, you want to teamfight as you won't achieve much on side, unless you are really ahead of the enemy sidelaner

-Situation 3: Good Teamfighting/Good Splitpushing

In this situation, you can both splitpush and teamfight properly, now it's too situational to make a general rule, but usually you would want to splitpush just because Fiora is better at that, but if your team cannot 4v4, or you cannot punish their laner even if ahead, than you want to teamfight, but vice versa, if your team can 4v4 and you can casually 1v2 or dive their top, then you can definitely splitpush, but here you need experience, and logical thinking.

-Situation 4: Bad Teamfight/Bad Splitpush

Similar to situation 3, you need to act based on your own experience and judge the game for what would seem the most logical, if their toplaner is grouping and being a menace because you fed him, maybe you can force him to go side against you and play super safe by splitpushing that way you can limit his impact, like wise if he can dive you, maybe try forcing fights when he isn't there.

Overall, it's up to you to communicate with your team what you want to do, when I'm smurfing 90% of the time they will listen to my "get away and play safe pings", and if they don't I will group, so it's also important to identify whether or not your team is listening to your pings, if they do listen and respect your split, continue if they don't then you need to adapt, don't always expect YOUR TEAM to ADAPT TO YOU, it's soloQ you need to be flexible!

Team Fighting

Now we get into how to play teamfights, fights can mainly be broken into 3 sort of situations, either you need to:

1-Kill a high priority target on enemy team.

2-Protect a high prioity target on your team.

3-Get a quick ult proc.

In situation 1, usually that means they have a really fed carry that can carry teamfights, meaning you want to kill him during or before the teamfight, for example a fed adc, a fed midlaner that can hard carry teamfights, if you are even or ahead with Fiora you can definitely do a lot of damage and probably kill them if the situation allows it.

In situation 2 you have a fed Jinx, but now they have someone who is in situation 1, for example a Talon, who wants to kill the Jinx, or a Hecarim who wants to all in on your fed ADC, what you need to do is to avoid that to happen, think about the threats that bother you adc, and how you can do something about it, you can do it by parrying an important ability, killing or putting pressure on that important target.

In situation 3, usually you are playing front to back, or you can kill one of their engage champions, for example, a Xin Zhao, a Rell, or a Rek'Sai after he engages, to ensure a quick ult proc and healing for your team so you can win the fight.

Logically if you can't do one situaton, then look to be able to do one of the others!

But then again, teamfights are very chaotic, you need to be able to make decisions with experience and intuition, sometimes playing for a flank is strong, or staying near your adc.

Knowing enemy summoner spells cooldowns, ultimate cooldowns, are very important.

Try to make a list in your head before hand of things you need to Riposte, and a plan for how to go about playing teamfights, it's typically best to use Riposte defensively in teamfights, unless the fight is already won, then you can use it aggressively.

Split Pushing

Now we get to splitpushing, thankfully if you are splitpushing, it means you should be able to typically 1v1 the enemy sidelaner, possibly even 1v2, whats important is that you need to first decide on which side to splitpush, typically if you have Teleport you want to go to the opposite side of the current objective that is gonna be contested, that way you can bring pressure and Teleport when they need help, making the opposing sidelaner lose XP if they come and they will most likely be late to come or lose turrets if he goes straight to the objective.

So understanding which side to splitpush its definitely key, now you need to understand vision, vision lines are INCREDIBLY important to splitpushing and understanding the concept is very key, there are tons of videos that can explain that, but essentially you need a vision line that covers the points of entrance in the jungle, it can be your support or yourself who places it, typically you want a Farsight Alteration or a Stealth Ward, you can take Sweeping Lens for flanks after crashing waves on side if your support wards for you.

Now when splitpushing you want to maximize your gold, you need to take as much farm as possible, take enemy camps, get turrets, attempt to dive the enemy if possible, flank for teamfights, get pressure for your team so they can do objectives, etc..

What's important is to maximize your gain, WITHOUT DYING, I REPEAT WITHOUT DYING, IF YOU CAN GAIN 25 SECONDS BY DYING ITS NOT WORTH IT, ACTUAL GOOD DEATHS are rare, patience is key when splitpushing, the average death in the midgame removes your pressure from the map for around 60-70 seconds, don't forget that!

Especially now with how snowbally games are in the current meta!

One key aspect about splitpushing to make it even more valuable is TEMPO, having good recalls timings and matching your recall timings with your allies is important, that means being able to match waves when they crash is important so that they cant move inbetween turrets to defend, not only that, but focus the lanes usually that have the least turrets taken, as its usually harder for enemy team to move between t1 turrets, than t2 turrets, and t2 turrets than t3 turrets, etc.. etc.. because of the shape of the map.

Turrets also give a TON of GOLD now, inner turrets giving 700g when taken alone, and inhibitor turrets giving 350g when taken as a team!

Good map awareness and understanding the position of the enemy champions is important to not make mistake, so you cannot autopilot, get good vision!

Warding, one of the most essential things to avoid getting ganked and losing your game, whether you are preparing and objective, teamfighting, or even in lane.

It's important to not just randomly place wards when u have them, or just because you have no vision, placing good vision requires extensive thinking of which lanes are most gankable, if you are weaksided or strongsided, what angles you can get ganked from, where is the jungler on the current side.

Don't ward the bush because u saw him bot 5 seconds ago but now he is gone, obviously he can't just come top in that time, you need to wait a certain amount of time until it is possible for him to gank, or if its pushing in and you can't get dove, don't place a ward as it'll probably be useless, etc.. etc.. so you need to have good thinking when placing wards instead of just lazingly placing a ward, it's INSANELY important

Yellow: Stealth Ward
Red: Control Ward

Here are the wards from blue side in lane:

Here are the wards in redside:

Additonal note:

When you are freezing its important to play a Control Ward in the middle bush of the lane, or just in general honestly, ive seen a lot of pros do it, as it allows you to see if the enemy roams or if they stay after shoving, you can see if they try to cheese, even if the jungler tries to lane gank you and get a cheese kill making you lose tons of minions and plates.
How to read your opponent's mind

The Riposte, probably one of the hardest abilities to use in the game.

But you need to be able to understand how your enemy thinks, essentially force your enemy to think in a certain way, but first you need to understand what mindset the person is, is he scared? confident? aggressive? playing calmly? does he panic?

Noticing habits is key as it'll help you identify which mindset the player is in.

For example, Lee Sin players tend use their ultimate Dragon's Rage on you, after you ult them and proc 2-3 vitals as they do not want you to proc all 4!

Same for example if you will kill a target, people tend to use their CC to save their friend instantly, and so you can predict it that way, that's an example of panic.

Some people are super confident so they tend to not make mistakes due to fear, so you can tend to predict that they might use their CC early.

Of course you can still see their habits, in low elo, when im coaching friends, 8/10 times I predict parries because they always do the same thing, Garen's always instantly use Decisive Strike, Darius's always do an auto into Crippling Strike, Pantheon uses Shield Vault instantly etc.. etc...

Another example would be while escaping, people who hold their CC's until you parry, for example if you are gonna reach your turret, right before you reach it, they will use their cc, or possibly if you poked them under turret, they don't want you to leave turret range, so they will use it right before leave turret if they haven't used it yet.

Again for example your ally is low and you know that the enemy Bard might use Cosmic Binding, you can go in front and tank it and possibly stun with your Riposte etc...

So it's important to understand how the enemy is thinking, see their habits, and force them into situations where they need to make a decision or else they will get punished, think how you would feel if you were in his place.

What would you do if you were in the enemies place?

Just be careful, as using this spell poorly, can ruin your lane and possibly the game.

It's hard to give a clear answer when asked what to ban, as it often depends on elo, and each persons individual skill, the issue is that most players are below plat, so they struggle with different matchups, personally I struggle a lot with Karma in the moment, Kennen, and sometimes Akshan, but in lower elos people don't play those champions as well, I know of a lot of people who ban Nasus or Darius, which are some difficult matchups, or even Sett which are winning matchups for me in higher elo.

All in all, it's up to you, find out what champions bother you the most, and use my champion list as a reference to know if you are playing the matchup poorly or if its just not a winnable matchup.
Unique Interactions
Unique interactions

Blast cone interaction:


The stab prioritizes from top to bottom in order:

Enemy champion affected by Grand Challenge.
Vitals facing Fiora.
Champions who would die to the strike.
The nearest champion.
Enemies that would die to the strike.
The closest enemy.

If enemy hits the blast cone while you are on it and you press Riposte, your Riposte becomes a stun .

But, if an ally presses the blast cone it does not become a stun .

This interaction also applies to Bard R Tempered Fate, enemy Bard = a stun on Riposte, ally Bard = no stun.

Using monsters cc's to get a stun on your Riposte:

You can parry Rift Herald bump, Dragon push and Baron Nashor knockup.

You can identify clones based on the vital, if it doesnt change compared to the actual target ( Shaco, LeBlanc, Neeko etc...) then you know who is the real and false champion based on the vitals.

All items that deal damage (not DOT/ damage) can proc vitals, same for summoner spells, Smite and the snowball throw of Mark/Dash.

Also, Ivern's E Triggerseed, his shield, upon explosion counts as damage from Fiora, hence also proccing vitals, I've heard that Lulu Pix damage might work as well, but I have yet to confirm it.

Sundered Sky doesn't work on Lunge, but also doesn't work on Bladework first and second auto (though it will consume the Sundered Sky charge despite not doing the additional damage)

Spear of Shojin's additional damage works on vitals, but isn't stacked with Blade Work or Duelist's Dance making it really hard to stack it.

Titanic Hydra has a bug where if you use it too quickly with Bladework, the crit auto just won't do the bonus damage from Titanic Hydra


- Getting knocked up by Rek'Sai during W
- Stunned during Riposte if you spam Riposte and get stunned exactly as you Teleport.
- Double vital, sometimes even 3 vitals (there is only 1 actual vital)
- No vital sometimes even

If you are interested in getting coaching from me, I charge 60 euros for 1h30-2h of coaching, any role, any elo, then join my discord server and open a ticket in the "coaching" section, or add me and DM me on discord, my discord is: Potent213

You really won't find a better price in the market, 60 euros for around 1h30-2h from a player that has achieved Rank 1 and is considered the BEST FIORA IN THE WORLD by many.

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Final Thoughts

Overall to conclude, it has been quite difficult and fun to make this guide, I originally wanted to make a guide to share the knowledge I have with all my games on Fiora especially considering im Rank 1 EUW on Fiora tons of people have asked me to share some information.

But then I also realized that most Fiora guides in the moment are either severely outdated, just show completely wrong info, or are completely unreliable and biased. (2 years later and its still true LOL)

I genuinely believe there isn't a guide that has as much info and detail on Fiora as this one does, I think the guide turned out pretty well.

So im hoping with this guide I can help all you new, and old Fiora players to improve and reach your goals!

Thank you for reading until the end.
I really do appreciate it.


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