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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheCyberReaper

[6.12] Yasuo - Hasagi or Hasaki?!

TheCyberReaper Last updated on June 17, 2016
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Greetings MOBAFire! I'm TheCyberReaper, a casual gamer just like you ^^, I may not be a pro player, a godlike Yasuo player or one of the best 100 players in EUW, but I think that I can give you some tips on how you can become as good or better than me with Yasuo. I can still remember starting to play Yasuo mainly.. Back then I couldn't handle him at all and it took hours and hours to learn playing him effectively... But that problem doesn't happen to you, because you gonna learn how to play Yasuo, with the help of my guide and of other one's here on MOBAFire!

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But why Yasuo?

Yasuo can be a strong and viable pick in the current meta as a mid or top laner, however he is a bit dependent on a team composition which can provide knock-ups for his ultimate. As all champions, Yasuo has his weaknesses and his strengths. Yasuo is a great champion if you want to combo cc the enemy team with his ultimate Last Breath and has a strong early game and can pick up one or two kills when played correctly pre level 6 already. Nevertheless he is a bit item dependent, but he scales really good with them.

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Pro's and Con's


+ Strong Passive Way of the Wanderer with 2 components
+ Double critical strike chance
+ High mobility with Sweeping Blade and nearby enemies and creeps
+ Strong early game
+ Blocks with his Wind Wall enemy projectiles
+ Synergizes well with champions that provide knock-ups
+ Scales good into lategame
+ Benefits strong with items
+ Outplay potential
+ Snowballs hard, if played correctly


- Needs Itemization
- High Skill Cap if you want to become a good Yasuo
- Relies on knock-ups to use his Last Breath
- Very vulnerable when getting cc'd
- Requires knowledge of matchups and must know how to trade
- Needs to know how to team fight

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Summoner Spells

For Yasuo's summoner spells we have some decent options, for mid lane aswell as for top lane.
  • Flash:
    The most useful summoner spell on Yasuo. Why? Because of the great opportunities you get using it, you can reposition yourself for engaging and disengaging, for multi knock-ups and more.
  • Teleport:
    I recommend this spell only when playing Yasuo top lane. But with this spell we have global presence and we can assist other lanes in combat.
  • Exhaust:
    Allways a good option if you are bad against an enemy or feel uncomfortable in a match-up.
  • Ignite:
    Great to pick up a early kill in the first minutes or against champions that heal fast in the late because of the passive effect of ignite.

I usually combine Flash with one of the other spells, because Flash is always useful.

!Note: You can also play for example Exhaust and Ignite or Teleport and so on, which doesn't makes too much sense because of Flash's great utility.

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We have some keystones we can use playing Yasuo. These are:










Warlord's Bloodlust :

A decent keystone if you want to scale safely. You can easily heal yourself up in lane if you get pocked hard in lane and have got more duel potential.

Fervor of Battle :

A good balanced keystone. You gain stacks for a short time if you deal damage to a enemy, which deal bonus physical damage. Strong in early as also in late because this keystone scales with your level.

Thunderlord's Decree :

A keystone which is designed for early damage as a mid laner. Does some huge damage in early game but scales not that strong into the late game.

Grasp of the Undying:

A keystone which is designed to get ahead of the other tanks on the top lane. Scales with your maximum health and really helps in early game to make some decent trades, in late game this keystone wont be that strong anymore but not completely useless.

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Advanced rune setup for:
Yasuo vs AD

Basic rune setup for:

Advanced rune setup for:
Yasuo vs AP

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Core Items

Statikk Shiv
  • Stats:
    +35% Attack Speed
    +30% Critical Strike Chance
    +5% Movement Speed
  • Passive: While moving generate charges. At 100 charges, the next attack uses them up and deals 50-120 magic damage up to 5 near enemies. This effect can also crit if the initial attack was a crit.
  • The Statikk Shiv is a great Item to boost your damage output with the bonus magic damage, your crit chance and your chase and movement speed.

Note: This Item is a must have because of its great stats and the nice passive to deal up to 5 enemies significant damage. I recommend building this if you are strong against a matchup and you don't need the damage reduction of the Phantom Dancer. If you don't want to build Statikk Shiv build a Phantom Dancer.

Phantom Dancer
  • Stats:
    +45% Attack Speed
    +30% Critical Strike Chance
    +5% Movement Speed
  • Passive - Sprectral Waltz: While within 550 units of an enemy you can see, you gain +7% movement speed and the ability to move trough units.
  • Passive - Lament: Last champion hit deals 12% less damage to you (damage reduction ends after 10 seconds of not hitting your target).
  • The Phantom Dancer is a great Item to boost your damage reduction against enemies, your crit chance and your chase and movement speed.

Note: This Item is a must have because of its great stats and the big duel potential. I recommend this Item if you are not that strong in a matchup or not confident or experienced in a matchup or if you want to duel enemies easier. If you don't want to build Phantom Dancer build a Statikk Shiv.

Infinity Edge
  • Stats:
    +70 Attack Damage
    +20% Critical Strike Chance
  • Passive - Critical Strike bonus damage is increased by 50%.
  • The Infinity Edge provides use with nice attack damage and crit chance, and also boosts the damage of our crits.

Note: This Item is a must have because of its passive and the great base stats, with this item we gain a big damage advantage to boost our crits and damage output highly.

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Skill Order

Ability Skill Order



















Ability Maxing Order














Long Explanation:

We are basically going for a R>>E>>Q>>W max.
Why this max order? Well I think I don't have to explain why max R first. Now you can choose between maxing Sweeping Blade or Steel Tempest first. Steel Tempest provides some nice damage with which you can poke more often as with Sweeping Blade because of its long cooldown on the same target, but Sweeping Blade deals more damage at one time. Here you have to decide between this two options.
You maybe ask what I like to max first. I like the Sweeping Blade max more, but I usually don't max it already at level 9, I put 3 points into my Sweeping Blade and start to spend my next 2 points into Steel Tempest. After that I max Sweeping Blade as usual and afterwards I finish maxing Steel Tempest.
You now ask yourself why do that? Well because you get a nice composition of damage, some magic damage and some physical. And the cooldown on Yasuo's spells is already that low that it is definetaly worth to spend the points equaly. You don't need the 0.1 cooldown on your Sweeping Blade and the cooldown of the Steel Tempest is not affected by cooldown reduction, instead of your attack speed. The Wind Wall is a nice feature, but it works well with only one point in it at level 3 or 4. Because you can dodge most skill shots with the Sweeping Blade and if you have a opponent with a point to click projectile then you can block it, this works only every 20-25 seconds to trade effectively. But why you should even trade more than that? The other useful feature of the Wind Wall is that you can get vision in a small radius next to the wall, so you can wall jump in the jungle without having a ward stored.

Short Explanation:

Start with Steel Tempest, put 3 level into Sweeping Blade to have some nice cooldown on that. Then max equaly Steel Tempest and Sweeping Blade to get nice mixed damage. Level Last Breath always if you can. Max Wind Wall last, because you can counter ranged harass and farm without problems or trade and wait 20-25 seconds that your Wind Wall comes back up, you also gain vision with it to wall jump in the jungle.

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Combos and mechanics

You maybe know how to build Yasuo. But still you maybe don't know all of this combos and mechanics for him. The difficulty is displayed on the right side of a combo so you can align yourself a bit. Hard combos and mechanics have got a video example provided (credit to the authors of the videos).

Basic Combo when using Last Breath


Knock-Up >> ++AA+

This basic combo allows you to deal more damage because of the E+Q on the enemy and the auto attack before using Last Breath.



>> + >> Knock-Up >> AA+

A easy trick to close the gap between you and an enemy.

Wall of Steel


+ >> Knock-Up >> ++AA+

For this trick you need a empowered Q, now you use your windwall and instantly press Q. You will cancel the animation of your empowered Q which is more obvious. After that you can easy engage onto the enemy. You also can use this trick to cancel your unempowered Q animation in a fight.



+ on a minion >> before is released onto the enemy >> releases at enemy's position >> Knock-Up >>

This is not an easy trick to pull of and explain as well. At first you need an empowered Q. Dash onto a minion nearby to flash onto the enemy. If you have this 2 components we can do the Beyblade. Use your E onto a far from you away minion and press Q to cast the usual E+Q combo but before Q animation starts flash onto the enemy. This allows you to knock him up and use Last Breath to turn the fight or get into the back line of the enemy team.

Beyblade video example - full credit goes to the author and creator of the video © ArKaDaTa

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Support me and my guide

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Doing this will not only help me to get this guide in the top guides, its also a response for me that you like my work and appreciate the effort which I put into my guide.

Well that's it for now. Keep checking for updates and upcoming topics.

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Changelog and upcoming changes

Upcoming changes:

  • Visual Changes and Content

  • //Date:17.06.2016 >> Added 'Abilities that Synergise with Last Breath' (Section), Visual Changes
  • //Date:12.06.2016 >> Guide created