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Brand Build Guide by RedFire2055

Middle diamond

Brand The Fire God

By RedFire2055 | Updated on July 22, 2020
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Runes: God Brand

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ranked #15 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Building Tricks
Over Gold Build ( End Game )

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Brand The Fire God

By RedFire2055
Hi,I'm RedFire2055 from the EUW server, I have played from the end of Season 4 and I created this account in Season 5.
I started to play Brand because I always choose the element Fire character in videogames. The first game I did with him, I did a double kill so I decided to play him even more, consequently he became my Main.
At the end of Season 6 I was an Otp or "one trick pony" Brand in Plat 3.
In Season 7 I hit Diamond 4 for the first time and later on I deranked for negligence back to Plat 3.
In Season 8 I hit Diamond 4 again so then I decided to create this guide to give other people some tips about Brand.
In S9 i ended Diamond 2 and i can say i became stronger , i will try reach Master/GranMaster/Challenger in S10.
Atm I'm one of the best Brand players in the world.
I start to say that Brand Mid is harder to play then Brand Support atm, so usually all Brand Support players aren't as good as the ones that play Brand Mid of the same elo, in most cases.
If you want see me in action , this is my YT Channel
Introduction Back to Top
Brand is a mage. During the seasons 4-5-6 his main role was midlaner but after the rework his flat dmg got reduced and his percent dmg on maximum life got an exponential increment, so his role how midlaner was nerfed and his duo bottom mage version became meta; however, i didn't surrender to meta so i still play it in his true role: PlayMaker midlaner .
If you want have easy wins with no effort Brand midlane is not the champion that you want play ; try the support version ,it is rly comfortable , you don't need learn last hit minions, you have an allie that compense your lack of sustain and mobility , the enemies are 2 , so your Aoe(Area of Effect) abilities are more efficient; literally Brand is better played also 1vs2 bottom ,like carry bottom or in support position than midlane position.
And now you'll be thinking why i should play Brand mid?
Brand is the best 1v9 mage of the game , from lvl 6 to lvl 18 he can literally do alone enough dmg to kill all 5 enemie champions , but at the same time he is very fragile , so he needs to earn gold faster and safer possible to complete his core items to make that 1v9 thing become true ; the best place to do that is the midlane where you can farm minions safer thanks to the shortlane ,you can control other lanes and jungle doing roaming, and not less important, compared to a duolane you are not reliant on another player , so you can decide the rhythm of the game without being forced to do actions to compensate the mistakes of others, at least during the laning phase 1v1.
Pros / Cons Back to Top

+ High Dmg from Earlygame to Lategame
+ Great teamfight potential
+ Q: Sear can stun for 1.5 s
+ Tank Counter
+ Versatile Itemization

- No sustain
- No mobility
- No Base defense
- Frontline reliant
- Relies on enemies movements
Skills Back to Top
Passive: Blaze-this is the source of Brand's maximum health percentual damage. Every ability that Brand uses becomes much stronger vs enemies under the effect of Blaze.
Tip: you should chain the spells every 3 seconds to maximize Blaze damage.
Q: Sear-this is your main CC or "crowd control" ability that grants the power of Snare+Disarm+Silence an enemy; use it to ablaze the enemies or to block the enemy more dangerous ;To stun an enemy you must ablaze him with another spell before use your Q .
W: Pillar of Flame-it's your main ability;it guarantees the control of waves and teamfights and the possibility of harassing safely and to start combos. When enemies are affected by Blaze , Pillar of Flame does way more damage on them.
E: Conflagration-this is the spell you use to proc Blaze , you should use it to boost up the other abilities or to do unavoidable dmg to enemies . If an enemy is affected by Blaze, using Conflagration on him will spread Conflagration onto surrounding enemies.
R: Pyroclasm-this is one of best ultimates for teamfight of all League of Legends; it s also the insurance to do a kill 1v1. It slow enemies ablazed;
Tip: Pyroclasm will bounce onto minions and champions but it'll prioritize enemy champions first. If you are far from enemies you can use your ultimate on minions or monsters close to them to make sure that it'll jump on the closest enemy champion .
Runes Back to Top
Level of synergy with Brand:
Worthless (0) - Acceptable (*) - Decent (**) - Good (3*) - OverPowered (4*) - Perfect (5*)

Sorcery tree

Brand is a Mage , so the most important tree is the Sorcery.
Here his best keystones are Summon Aery and Arcane Comet;

1-1 Summon Aery is a good substitute to the beloved DeathFireTouch, indeed it grants a lot dps(damage per seconds) on our abilities considering that it synergizes with Blaze; another point in favor is that Summon Aery grants also extra dmg on Auto Attacks (AA) against enemy champions; that's huge in early game but it becomes less strong in lategame.
Rate: 4*

1-2 Arcane Comet is a rune that favors the Poke playstyle. It scale rly good from early to lategame and synergizes with Blaze becouse Blaze's ticks and explosion reduce his cd . His unique weakness is that without a stun/slow on single spell this rune loses a lot of his efficiency and Brand has not one . Then during laning phase this rune is pretty weak on Brand almost like playing without keystone.
Rate: **
To compensate for this lack , to build Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a must.
Rate with Rylai's Crystal Scepter: 3*

1-3 Phase Rush is a situational rune , i don' t use it often . Maybe it can help to engage or to run away from enemy champions and to dodge skillshots, but it doesn't give dmg to Brand, then it lose a lot compared to the others best Brand keystones but a the same time it's the only rune that gives Brand more counterplay to Engagers and Slayers . Easiest way to proc Phase Rush with Brand is AA-E. Blaze tic and explosion count to proc Phase Rush.
Rate: 3*

2-1 Nullifying Orb is a defensive rune that helps a lot vs Ap Assassins and Burst Mages. If you know the enemies do a lot AP dmg than take this to survive them.
Rate: 3*

2-2 Manaflow Band is one of the best rune for Brand. He procs it also with passive and when you have totally stacked it, you won't have Mana Sustain Problems.
Rate: 5*

2-3 Nimbus Cloak grants MS after you have casted a summoner spell,it's a tool to engage/disengage. This rune synergizes with Cosmic Insight and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
Rate: 3*

3-1 Transcendence is a mid to late game rune that Brand doesn't exploit totally becouse he doesn't get over 40%cdr from his core items. This rune is useless earlygame but helps enough after midgame.
Rate: 3*

3-2 Celerity a rune that grants movement speed bonus to Brand synergizing with shoes. Gives the chance to get a better positioning. It synergize with Cloud Drakes ,MS Buffs and with the rune Waterwalking.
Rate: 3*

3-3 Absolute Focus a rune that gives flat Ap while you are above 70% of life. If you are aggressive and you don' t lose life this is the best rune. It synergizes with the runes Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter.
Rate: 3*

4-1 Scorch is a weak version of DFT; it synergizes rly good with Brand Kit and it helps a lot to conclude the kills and to stack Dark Harvest
Rate: 4*

4-2 Waterwalking is a situational rune that helps to roam, to fight in the river and to contest Baron and Drakes . You must remember this rune out of river is useless unless you are in the Ocean Drake map.
Rate: **

4-3 Gathering Storm is a lategame rune. It is useless early , not bad in midgame and good lategame. The true problem of this rune is the fact that Brand Ap Scaling are low so he doesn' t exlpoit this rune very well .
Rate: 3*

Domination tree

The second strongest tree on Brand is Domination;Its best keystones for Brand are Dark Harvest and Electrocute;

1-1 Electrocute is a rune that favors a burst playstyle. It's powerful from early to midgame , and late game is still strong on single target. To buy Sorcerer's Shoes and Oblivion Orb is a must with this rune. Easiest way to proc Electrocute is AA-E. Blaze tic and explosion count to proc Electrocute.
Rate: 3*

1-2 Predator is a rune that gives extra movement speed and some extra dmg ( only on the first enemy hit) after you casted it. This rune can be casted only if you have Boots of Speed or its variants; i don't use it because it doesn't do dmg consistently and during lane phase you have not keystone . It doesn't synergize with Blaze.
Rate: *

1-3 Dark Harvest is a rune that favors an aggressive playstyle. It's weak early but if you play aggressive and you get enough stacks, your mid to late game is rly powerful. If you don' t get enough stacks this rune will be weak lategame.
The Blaze ticks and explosion can get the Dark Harvest stacks.
Atm this is the best rune to play Brand.
Rate: 4*

1-4 Hail of Blades isn't good with Brand.
Rate: 0

2-1 Cheap Shot grants bonus dmg when enemies are under effect of CC. This is almost decent on Brand. It become rly good after you bought Rylai's Crystal Scepter .
Rate: 3*

2-2 Taste of Blood is insane on Brand because it grants extra sustain and can be applied by the ticks of Blaze.
Rate: 4*

2-3 Sudden Impact is useless on Brand because he doesn't have jumps, dashes or anything related.

3-1 Zombie Ward gives extra vision on removal of enemie wards and it grants extra ap every time you do that. To take Oracle Lens is a must to use this rune well .
Rate: **

3-2 Ghost Poro gives extra vision on User Ward Expire and it grants extra AP everytime it happens and everytime enemies walk into your poros . To exploit this rune you need to use Warding Totem until you complete the rune quest.
Rate: *

You can ward your lane, where minions walk, to get faster the eyeballs.
Rate with this strategy : **

You should end the rune quest before take Oracle Lens or Farsight Alteration if you have not Spellthief's Edge upgraded in Frostfang or Shard of True Ice.
Rate with Frostfang or Shard of True Ice: 4*

3-3 Eyeball Collection is the more aggressive rune of Domination 3-X tree. More takedowns you take , more AP you get till you complete the rune quest ; after that, this rune is less usefull than others Domination 3-X tree runes if you have a support item.
On Brand this rune is rly good also because he gets easy takedowns thz to Blaze and then this is the best 3-X rune on Brand Mid.
Rate: 4*

4-1 Ravenous Hunter grants spell vamp (the abilty of self-heal doing damage); this is insane because Brand does a lots of dmg then he self-heal of great amount. Rly good vs high dmg enemies.
Rate: 5*

4-2 Ingenious Hunter grants cdr on active skills of items and on trinkets . It's not enough good because Brand doesn't use enough items with active skills.
Rate: **

4-3 Relentless Hunter grants extra movement speed out-combat, doesn't synergize with Blaze. It helps to dodge, to roam and to engage.
Rate: **

4-4 Ultimate Hunter grants extra cdr on your ultimate. This is insane on Brand because he is an Ultimate Based Champion , then to have more often Pyroclasm helps him a lot to do his job.
Rate: 3*

Inspiration tree
This tree is rly strange. Its runes can change the playstyle as well as evolving the mechanics of the game.

1-1 Glacial Augment
Rate: **

1-2 Prototype: Omnistone: A funny keystone truly playable on few champs. Brand is not one of them.
Rate: *

1-3 Unsealed Spellbook: Litterally, you have no keystone but more summoner's spells. Usefull in the right situation but bad overall compared to have a true keystone.
Rate: **

2-1 Hextech Flashtraption: A situational rune that works better on engagers.
Rate: *

2-2 Magical Footwear: A rune that gives Slightly Magical Boots, a buffed version of Boots of Speed free (it's like to gain 300 gold ) but you must wait till you unlock them and before that you can t buy Boots of Speed and its upgrades. Brand without shoes is easy to engage. Take this rune at your own risk.
Rate: 3*

2-3 Perfect Timing gives a Commencing Stopwatch ; it 's a single use item good to bait or to make plays. After use it can be sold for 40 gold if you don't want build Zhonya's Hourglass , contrariwise you get 250 gold discount to buy Zhonya's Hourglass.
Rate: 3*

3-1 Future's Market: This rune allow to buy items before you have all the gold you need to buy that item. It's good on Brand to close faster his core items.
Rate: **

3-2 Minion Dematerializer: This rune allow to have a better waveclear. You can also use it on a minion(at most 3 times) to hit enemies behind that minion with your Q- Sear. It's a good rune for Brand mid because he has a bad waveclear.
Rate: 3*

3-3 Biscuit Delivery: This rune gives a limited Hp and Mana Sustain + Extra Mana pool. It's pretty good.
Rate: 3*

4-1 Cosmic Insight grants extra cdr. It's always good on a spell based champion.
Rate: 3*

4-2 Approach Velocity: A rune that helps to go near enemies/allies imparied , better on engagers or supportive champions.
Rate: *

4-3 Time Warp Tonic: A rune that buffs the Potions and the rune Biscuit Delivery; to get Extra Mana/HP/Movement Speed instantly can surprise the enemies. This rune becomes weak lategame and it'll be useless reached the full build.
Rate: *

Biscuit Delivery allow 3 extras usages of Time Warp Tonic
Rate with Biscuit Delivery: **

If you take Corrupting Potion this rune becomes usefull and usable multiple times
Rate with Corrupting Potion: 3*

You can also take Biscuit Delivery and Corrupting Potion to bait enemies when you're low hp. When this happens you must always use the Biscuit Delivery before the Corrupting Potion because the biscuits are stronger when you have less Hp/Mana.
Rate with Corrupting Potion and Biscuit Delivery: 3*

Precision tree

1-1 Press the Attack
Rate: *

1-2 Lethal Tempo
Rate: 0

1-3 Fleet Footwork
Rate: **

1-4 Conqueror
Rate: **

2-1 Overheal
Rate: 0

2-2 Triumph
Rate: 3*

2-3 Presence of Mind grants extra manapool and mana when you get a takedown.
Rate: 4*

3-1 Legend: Alacrity
Rate: *

3-2 Legend: Tenacity
Rate: **

3-3 Legend: Bloodline
Rate: 0

4-1 Coup de Grace
Rate: 4*

4-2 Cut Down
Rate: **

4-3 Last Stand
Rate: **

Resolve tree

1-1 Grasp of the Undying
Rate: **

1-2 Aftershock
Rate: 0

1-3 Guardian
Rate: 0
Played in Duolane with a Ranged Champion can be usefull.
Rate in Duolane: *

2-1 Demolish
Rate: **

2-2 Font of Life
If you buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter this rune can be usefull.
Rate with Rylai's Crystal Scepter: *

2-3 Shield Bash
Rate: 0

3-1 Conditioning
Rate: **

3-2 Second Wind
Rate: **

3-3 Bone Plating
Rate: 3*

4-1 Overgrowth
Rate: 3*

4-2 Revitalize
Rate: 0

4-3 Unflinching
Rate: **

Stats Runes

Adaptive Force , Attack Speed , Scaling CDR

Adaptive Force , Armor , Magic Resist

Scaling Health , Armor , Magic Resist

Standard Stats Runes
This is the standard setup for Brand : 2 AF which will be converted into AP and 1 SH that will give HP , the best defensive stat overall.

Farming Stats Runes
These Stats Runes help to Farm Properly. AS helps to lasthit minions , to push the wave and to trade with the enemies. AF is extra dmg. You should take Ar vs an AD midlaner contrariwise MR vs an AP midlaner , in this way you can farm safely.

Work in Progress...
Items Back to Top
Brand is a flat/life percent damage mage so he doesnt't need a great itemization to work, in fact his build is very flexible and it can vary from the defensive to the offensive. There is only one item that Brand wants always purchase: Liandry's Torment; others rly good items are Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Void Staff , Sorcerer's Shoes, Oblivion Orb and Morellonomicon.

Liandry's Torment is the Brand best item. It gives the Brand favorites stats: AP and HP.
His buildpath is wonderful: a pure item ( Blasting Wand)+ 2 base items ( Ruby Crystal and Amplifying Tome) that you can combine in a good medium item, the Haunting Guise.
And most important it owns 2 passives that on Brand are rly broken:
Madness that grants an increment of damage (per seconds and over time) and Torment that inflicts others life percent damages on spell. These 2 passives are totally applied by Blaze that lengthens the duration of Madness Buff and procs more times Torment. This item on Brand is virtually insane.
Tip: Liandry's Torment counter HP users.
Cons: Noone.
Curiosity: The first version of Haunting Guise had 15 magic penetration istead the new passive Madness; the Magic Penetration during early game is stronger than Madness but it becomes less strong than Madness from midgame to late game; you can purchase the same stats of the old Haunting Guise taking the Oblivion Orb but you will not be able to use that gold to buy Liandry's Torment.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the best utility item of Brand; it gives AP and HP; it's rly cheap item with good stats and a good buildpath: Blasting Wand+ Ruby Crystal+ Amplifying Tome.
Most important this item owns the passive Icy(so called in the wiki Fandom) that grants to Brand a soft CC(crowd control) on all his spells and especially on every tick of Blaze; this means one Brand spell will slow for 5 seconds an enemie while in a TF(team fight) Brand can virtually perma slow an entire team.
Then Rylai's Crystal Scepter reduce the Brand weaknesses about positioning (No mobility and Enemie movements reliant) .
Tip: Icy boosts the passive Torment of Liandry's Torment and it increase efficiency of Arcane Comet and Cheap Shot.
Cons: 1) Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a semi-final item : an item strong early-mid game that becomes less and less strong with the passing of the game compared to the final items stats.
2) Phase Rush and Boots of Swiftness counter hard Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
Curiosity: The old Rylai's Crystal Scepter was a over powered final item .

Void Staff is a stats inhibitor item.It gives a good amount of AP; it's rly cheap and it has a decent buildpath: Blasting Wand+ Amplifying Tome.
The most important thing of this item is his passive Dissolve that inhibits a percentual of enemies MR only for the Void Staff owner; this means Void Staff is a great item vs enemies with MR but worthless vs enemies without MR.
Why this item is so important for Brand ? Simple, when Brand has Liandry and Void Staff he got all the offensive stats to kill whoever he faces. So after Void Staff he can flex his build on offensive or defensive items.
Tip: When enemies build MR in early game you can build this as second item.
Cons: Useless vs enemies without MR .
Curiosity: Void Staff is one of the cheapest final items of LoL but it is weak in early game and strong in late game.

Sorcerer's Shoes are a rly important item. It belongs to the tree of Boots of Speed so they grant a lot movement speed . We normally choose to take the Sorcerer's Shoes istead others because they grants the MP and then a big increase of the damage.
Tip: You can buy this First Item when you think you are going to win the lane.
Cons: they become less strong lategame.
Curiosity: Celerity works better on Brand when he owns Boots of Speed and their upgrades ;
Boots of Speed with Celerity grant 5 movement speed bonus.
Sorcerer's Shoes with Celerity grant 7 movement speed bonus.

Oblivion Orb is the best burst item for Brand. It's a medium item with the buildpath of Haunting Guise.
It grants MP,AP and HP. Can be upgraded in Morellonomicon.
Tip: to own Oblivion Orb and Sorcerer's Shoes grants the maximum burst dmg to Brand in early game .
Cons: it becomes less strong lategame.
Curiosity: it's the unique medium item with MP flat of the game.

Morellonomicon is a rly good item for Brand.It gives the Brand favorites stats: AP,HP and MP.
His buildpath is rly good: a pure item ( Blasting Wand)+ 2 base items ( Ruby Crystal and Amplifying Tome) that you can combine in a good medium item, the Oblivion Orb.
It owns the passive Cursed Strike that grants Grievous Wounds on magic damage.
Grievous Wounds is very helpful becouse it reduce the enemies hp sustain.
Tip: Morellonomicon is stronger vs high hp sustain based enemies (like Soraka, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, etc ) and vs items and runes that grant hp sustain (like Vampiric Scepter, Hextech Gunblade, Spirit Visage, etc or like Conqueror, Ravenous Hunter, etc).
Cons: it becomes less strong lategame.
Curiosity: it's the unique final item with MP flat of the game.
The previous version of Morellonomicon was the most used item by mages. It granted Cursed Strike, Mana and Cdr.

Work in Progress...
Work in Progress... Back to Top
I'll try to upgrade this guide every new LoL patch release so you'll see the progress gradually.
The new season started so I decided to write about all the matchups i'll meet in Threats.
If you're wondering about anything then tell me what you want in the discussion section.
If you can, lend me a feedback about the guide or if I did some grammatical or distraction errors, then I ask you to inform me in the dicussion section or by PM.

Special thanks to Fruxo for helping me with text adaptation.

League of Legends Build Guide Author RedFire2055
RedFire2055 Brand Guide
Brand The Fire God