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Vayne Build Guide by -NA- Veng Lmfao

AD Carry Dragonslaying (ADC)

AD Carry Dragonslaying (ADC)

Updated on July 10, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao 54 3 168,903 Views 83 Comments
54 3 168,903 Views 83 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Vayne Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao Updated on July 10, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Vayne


SP space


-My other guides-


-About The Author-

Hey guys! I'm Ryan (or Veng Lmfao), & this is my 5th guide here at Mobafire! I joined League at the Vayne patch, and she was my first ever 6300 champion I bought. She's been my favorite champion ever since. If you just want to learn Vayne QUICKLY, stick to my Cheat Sheet. But if you want to learn every Tip & Trick that I can give to you, then read ahead!

-Why play Vayne?-

Vayne is a very strong, fun & unique champion that is played mainly as an ADC. Her skillset compliments the ADC role, as of the strong poke, true damage, stun / knockback & a movement / attack damage steroid. Her skillset is aimed at having a passive laning phase, but becoming a nightmare for anyone late game. Vayne is an extremely fun champion but requires some time to master.

-What can I expect from this guide?-

You can expect an in-depth guide, delving into the depths of Items, Runes, Masteries, Laning, Teamfighting, Synergies, Opponents & plenty more!
Welcome to Dragonslaying

>>High MS
>>True Dmg
>>High AD
>> Vayne is an extremely versatile ADC due to her passive, Night Hunter, which gives her 30 movement speed for simply facing in the direction of an enemy. She also has true damage from Silver Bolts, which is great for shredding anyone. The combined knockback / stun from Condemn gives her a great escape tool or a great combo tool. She also gets a HUGE burst of attack damage from her ultimate, Final Hour. The AD scales as you level up the skill, and you can also stealth when using Tumble. And to top that all off, you also get bonus movement speed from Night Hunter.

>> Even though Vayne is one of the strongest & best ADC's out there, she is one of the hardest to play well. She's extremely squishy (as are most ADC's), whilst also being a very passive laner. She scales extremely well into late-game. She relies heavily on her items, as these form what type of Vayne you'll be playing. She also has a very high skill cap & you are expected to perform well.
>>Hard to master
>>Very passive
>>Needs items
>>High skill cap
>>High expectations

SPACE >> Pretty standard marks. They give you some solid attack damage, which is helpful for harassing, last hitting & overall just adds that small edge to your game. Gives you 8.5 physical damage.

SPACE >> Again, standard seals for an ADC. Reduces the amount of damage you take from minions early, & reduces how much harass damage you'll be taking from the enemy. Gives you 13 armor.

SPACE >> Extremely good Glyphs. As Vayne is a late-game champion, you'll want to be as strong as you can when you hit the level 18 point. These Glyphs are outstanding, & fulfill exactly what you want to have, some solid magic resist to fend off enemy casters. If you feel you're getting harassed too much by the enemy support ( Zyra, Sona, etc), feel free to switch to Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Gives you 27 magic resist at level 18.

SPACE >> Perfect Quints for Vayne. Combined with your 3 points in Vampirism & your Doran's Blade, you get pretty damn close to a Vampiric Scepter, with the added bonus of 80 health. The health from your Doran's Blade makes up for the health lost from Durability & Veteran's Scars . They give you 6% lifesteal.


SPE >> 4% attack speed from Fury is nothing special, but it's all you can put your points into early. The scaling attack damage from Deadliness is very helpful, as it slowly builds up to your highest point, level 18. Brute Force gives 3 attack damage. Again, nothing special, but still helpful.

>> 8% armor ignore & 5 armor penetration from Weapon Expertise & Sunder provide an extra boost to your damage. Combined with Silver Bolts, you can shred anyone very quickly.

>> 2% increase in damage is barely noticeable, but you have nothing better to put the points into. Lethality gives you a bonus 5% crit strike damage, which stacks nicely with Phantom Dancer, as you'll be dealing critical strikes often.

SPE >> These 3 are all about reducing the cool down of something. Summoner's Insight & Mastermind reduce the cool down of your Flash & Barrier by a large amount, letting you use them much more often. Artificer reduces the cool down of Blade of the Ruined King by 5 or so seconds, which is better than nothing.

>> 3 mana regen is pretty helpful for Vayne, as she has the lowest base mana in the game. If you are getting a faster rate of mana back, you will be able to use your skills more often, mainly Tumble for harass. The 3% lifesteal from Vampirism stacks amazingly well with your Doran's Blade & Greater Quintessence of Life Steal. The combination of the 3 allow you to out-sustain your opponent with ease, meaning you can stay in lane longer to farm.

Viable Summoner Spells

SPACE >> An essential skill for most ADC's. Allows you to sneakily get away, or to get into a perfect position to land Condemn. One of the best spells to have around as an ADC. Combined with Mastermind & Summoner's Insight , the cool down is reduced by a huge amount, giving you more uses Flash.

SPACE >> The best secondary Summoner Spell to go alongside Flash. It's better than Heal, because Heal gets countered by Ignite, whilst Barrier doesn't. Heal may give solid health, but Barrier is superior. Barrier is great for surviving skills such as Ignite, Requiem, Death Mark, etc. The shield is pretty big aswell, often absorbing entire skills. Definitely the best spell to go alongside Flash.

SPACE >> A tad outdated, but it's still not a bad spell. Great for shutting down champions such as Tryndamere, Kha'Zix, etc. Can also be used before or after the active of Blade of the Ruined King to slow your target down for 6.5 seconds. That is a huge immobilization period. Can also be used defensively, simply tag your chasing opponent with Exhaust & keep running!

SPACE >> A fantastic spell, but it's very situational. Take it against high-cc dealing champions such as Sejuani, Morgana, Leona, etc. Pretty handy skill to have around, as it removes Ignite & Exhaust. Keep in mind that it does not remove suppress, such as Infinite Duress, Impale, Nether Grasp, etc, knockbacks such as Dragon's Rage, Condemn, Headbutt, etc or knockups such as Three Talon Strike, Unstoppable Force, Wild Growth, etc.

Spacebar wasn't working
ii ii ii ii

Night Hunter (Passive)
Vayne ruthlessly hunts evil-doers. She gains 30 Movement Speed when moving towards an enemy champion.

>> Pretty amazing passive. During the laning phase, you become a huge threat to your opponent, simple because of the high mobility you have. You are able to dodge skillshots & dash behind your minions with ease. Combine Night Hunter with Tumble, & you can dodge any skillshot if played right. Night Hunter also gets tripled when Final Hour is activated, giving you a huge movement speed boost. A fantastic passive that suits a mobile ADC player.

Use of Night Hunter (Credits to LoL Wiki)

||| >> Try to always be facing your opponent. This gives you the movement speed boost all the time.
>> Night Hunter is great for following up with a gank, as you can get to your opponent easily.
>> Upon activation of Final Hour, the movement speed from Night Hunter is tripled. Use this added movement speed to chase with ease.

Tumble (Q)
Vayne tumbles, maneuvering to carefully place her next shot. She rolls toward the cursor and her next attack deals bonus damage.

>> A great skill! Extremely useful for harassing your opponent, for dodging a skillshot or for chasing / fleeing. Tumble is very useful for constantly annoying your opponent due to it's short cool down & low mana cost, making it an ideal tool for zoning.

Use of Tumble (Credits to LoL Wiki)

||| >> Can be used to dodge skillshots, harass, zone, chase or flee.
>> Using Tumble against a solid object will cause your attack timer to reset. Visit Technical Play for an in-depth explanation.
>> After using Tumble, you have to auto-attack or Tumble won't go on cool down. It times out after a few seconds, however.

Silver Bolts (W)
Vayne tips her bolts with a rare metal, toxic to evil things. The third consecutive attack or ability against the same target will deal additional damage plus a percentage of the target's maximum health as bonus true damage. (Max damage vs. monsters is 200)

>> Extremely strong passive. Vayne becomes a huge threat to anyone (including tanks who stack health) because of the true damage. It shreds anyone & everything. Using the Auto-attack -> Tumble-attack -> Auto-attack combo, you deal a huge amount of damage to your opponent. Silver Bolts & Tumble make for a great harass tool in lane.

Use of Silver Bolts (Credits to LoL Wiki)

||| >> Great harass tool.
>> Excels at shredding people who stack health, as the true damage rips through their health.
>> Great for fighting iiiBaron or iiiDragon, as the 200 bonus damage every 3rd hit lets you kill either with tremendous speed.

Condemn (E)
Vayne draws a heavy crossbow from her back, and fires a huge bolt at her target, dealing physical damage & knocking them back (900 units). If they collide with terrain, they are impaled, dealing bonus damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

>> A fantastic utility spell. Great for initiating a gank, immobilizing an opponent or for fleeing. Due to it's high mana cost & large cool down, it is not a spell you want to spam. Always savor Condemn, because you'll never know when you'll need it most. Sometimes you don't need to stun to guarantee a kill, simply knocking the target back can set them up for your team.

Use of Condemn (Credits to LoL Wiki)

||| >> Can knock-back the target, & if they hit terrain, they become stunned for 1.5 seconds.
>> Amazing for initiating a gank, immobilizing a target or for fleeing.
>> Use it wisely, the high mana cost & large cool down is brutal.
>> Can be used to interrupt channeled skills such as Requiem, Elastic Slingshot, Destiny, etc & can also interrupt some dashes such as Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, Unstoppable Force, Bladesurge, etc.
>> Condemn applies 1 stack of Silver Bolts.

Final Hour (R)
Readying herself for an epic confrontation, Vayne gains increased attack damage, 1 second stealth during Tumble, and triple the bonus movement speed from Night Hunter lasting 8/10/12 seconds.

>> Pretty amazing ult. Functions as a Ghost, which is optimal for chasing. The stealth from Tumble turns you into a tricky devil, as you can often juke, double-back, get into a good position or escape with ease. The huge boost to your attack damage helps immensely in a fight, as you'll be able to chunk down your opponents health a lot quicker. Can also be used during a baron or dragon, but if soloing, do not use Tumble, as the monster will register no-one is there, & it's health will heal back up.

Use of Final Hour (Credits to LoL Wiki)

||| >> Use Final Hour to excel in fights, as you'll have a huge attack damage bonus against your opponent.
>> Using Tumble whilst Final Hour is activated will give you 1 second of stealth. During this stealth, you can get into a good position to fight or to flee
>> The movement speed from Night Hunter is tripled, so you'll be able to catch up to anyone with ease.

Skill Sequence

>> >> >>

Final Hour (R)
6, 11, 16
||| >> As with most ultimates, you'll want to take them whenever you can. Bonus movement speed, damage & a stealth is just too good to deny. Only logical to take your ultimate whenever you can, especially Final Hour provides.

Tumble (Q)
1, 4, 5, 7, 9
||| >> Favored skill to max after Final Hour. Great for last hitting, harassing, dodging skill shots or for maneuvering into position. Such an amazing skill is just too good to deny.

Silver Bolts (W)
3, 8, 10, 12, 13
||| >> 3rd skill to max. Now that you've maxed Tumble & your opponents have some health items, this is when Silver Bolts start to shine. You'll be doing huge damage from Tumble, & Silver Bolts will rip through whatever health items people have bought.

Condemn (W)
2, 14, 15, 17, 18
||| >> Last skill to max. Purely a utility spell, used for stunning, knocking back or for escaping. That's all it's there for, & that's what we'll use it for.

Starting Items

or x2

Doran's Blade
Recommended Start
SPACE >> Best & most consistent start for Vayne. Combined with your Greater Quintessence of Life Steal & 3 points in Vampirism , you'll practicall have a Vampiric Scepter. The health from Doran's Blade makes up for the health lost from Durability & Veteran's Scars .

Long Sword + 2 Potions
Viable, But Not Recommended
SPACE >> Not as good as the Doran's Blade start, but still not a bad start. Useful if you don't have the Greater Quintessence of Life Steal or if you prefer Health Potion over health per hit.

Early Items To Build

-- -- --

Vampiric Scepter
SPACE >> Extremely good item. Great lifesteal, nice attack damage for the low cost of 800g. Builds into Blade of the Ruined King & Bloodthirster. Stacks nicely with your already high sustain.

Berserker's Greaves
SPACE >> Optimal boots for Vayne. Nice attack speed & standard movement speed. Best boot choice by a mile.

Bilgewater Cutlass
SPACE >> Bilgewater Cutlass is the main component for Blade of the Ruined King. Solid attack damage, lifesteal & a handy active all compliment your early game playstyle.

Core Items To Build

-- -- --

Blade of the Ruined King
SPACE >> Wow, this is great item. Great attack speed, great lifesteal, decent damage, % current health per attack & an amazing active all compliment how Vayne is played. The slow & life drain from the active are great for baiting out kills, as you can shut down your opponent very quickly during this time.

Phantom Dancer
SPACE >> Absolute beast of an item. The attack speed stacks amazingly well with Blade of the Ruined King & Silver Bolts, as you'll be getting more health back & applying Silver Bolts much quicker. The crit strike is also very handy, as Tumble can critically strike. The movement speed also stacks nicely with Night Hunter.

Infinity Edge
SPACE >> A great item for Vayne. The attack damage you get is amazing, whilst also having the added attributes of crit strike & crit strike damage boost. Infinity Edge is a great item that boosts your mid-late game gameplay by a large amount, but is a pretty expensive item.

Choose 1 To Build

-- -- --

Last Whisper
SPACE >> Last Whisper is a very strong item on Vayne. Not only will you be dealing true damage, but you'll be penetrating 35% of their armor as well. People who stack armor & health will fear you, as you'll absolutely shred them.

Warmog's Armor
SPACE >> I like Warmog's Armor due to the fact that it gives you a lot of health. You may get bursted down to 1/2 health with Warmog's Armor by the time you use Final Hour & Tumble, but if you didn't have it, you'd be dead.

Frozen Mallet
SPACE >> Solid item for Vayne. Great health, decent attack damage & that all important slow. Slowing your target by 30% every auto-attack is insane, but you combined that with the attack speed of Blade of the Ruined King & Phantom Dancer & they'll never be getting away.

Finish Off With

-- -- --

Guardian Angel
SPACE >> Very strong item for Vayne. Great armor & magic resist & a pretty handy revive. Even if you die, you can still get back into the fight. Combined with Blade of the Ruined King & Bloodthirster, you can heal back very quickly, giving you the upper hand in any fight.

Randuin's Omen
SPACE >> Pretty wicked item for Vayne. The active from Randuin's Omen combined with Blade of the Ruined King can lead to some pretty deadly plays. Can completely immobilize your target, allowing for an easy Condemn into a wall.

Mercurial Scimitar
SPACE >> An item for when AP casters are giving you trouble. Gives you a Cleanse, great magic resist & great attack damage. Buy the Quicksilver Sash for the magic resist.

Other Item Choices

-- -- -- --

Statikk Shiv
SPACE >> Statikk Shiv isn't a bad item for Vayne, but I find Phantom Dancer to be a superior item. More attack speed, more crit strike & unit collision ignore is much more important than the passive of Statikk Shiv in my eyes.

The Bloodthirster
SPACE >> Due to many people questioning the combination of Blade of the Ruined King & Bloodthirster, I've switched it with Infinity Edge.

The Black Cleaver
SPACE >> I personally feel that Last Whisper fulfills the armor penetration role better. Last Whisper also synergises better with Silver Bolts. Not recommended to buy

Banshee's Veil
SPACE >> It's very costly for the stats it provides. I'd rather pay a little more & get a Cleanse + B. F. Sword. Mercurial Scimitar is just a better option all around.

using spaces wasn't working yolo
SPACE >> As with all ADC's, a support that synergises & works well with you is vital. You always want to have a support that mixes well with you. For example, if you're playing an aggressive champion, you'll want a support that fits your play style (such as Graves & Leona). These 2 are a perfect mix, as they are both champions that go all in, which gives great synergy in a lane.
>> My 2 favorite supports are Alistar & Thresh. I enjoy playing with Alistar because of his Headbutt -> Pulverize combination. This combination lets me easily Tumble into position & land a perfect Condemn. I also enjoy playing with Alistar because of his Triumphant Roar, which keeps me nice & healthy in the lane. This is why Alistar & Vayne synergize so well together.

>> I enjoy playing with Thresh because of his versatility. If I am separated from Thresh & I get ganked, I can easily get back to him if he casts Dark Passage. This allows for the strategy of shoving a lane hard, going back to the base, then coming back to a reset lane. I also like how he can manipulate his allies, the enemy & even himself into a situation where I can pick up a kill relatively easy. He also has a great engage tool from Death Sentence, which functions similar to Dredge Line & Zenith Blade combined. Once he has landed Death Sentence, I can Tumble into position to land Condemn with ease. Flay also makes for a great escape tool, as he can turn around & knock them away.



The Yeti Rider

Melee, Fighter, Support

Synergy: High
Chances of a successful gank: Medium
Specialty: Slows, AS Buff, MS Buff
Explanation: Nunu & Willump is a great laning partner for Vayne. Blood Boil synergises really well with Night Hunter & Silver Bolts, allowing you to deal a lot of damage & be very mobile. Nunu & Willump can use Ice Blast to keep you safe & to zone your opponents.

Zeke's herald



The Gem Knight

Melee, Tank, Support

Synergy: High
Chances of a successful gank: Medium
Specialty: Stun, Heal, Armor Aura
Explanation: Taric is another strong support, due to his high sustain & armor aura. Imbue & Shatter keep you safe, whilst Dazzle is able to fend off enemies or to help you land your Condemn.



The Minotaur

Melee, Tank, Support

Synergy: High
Chances of a successful gank: High
Specialty: Knockup, Knockback, Heal
Explanation: My all time favorite support. Alistar requires a lot of communication to work well, as you need to be synced to perform well. His Headbutt -> Pulverize (if done well) can easily set up a perfect Condemn, leading to a kill. His Triumphant Roar is also a very reliably source of sustain.

zeke's herald



The Great Steam Golem

Melee, Fighter, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: High
Specialty: Knockup, Hook, Silence
Explanation: Pretty good support, for you & for your team. Rocket Grab & Power Fist set up some pretty mad plays, leading to an easy condemn & eventually easy kill. Just remember not to play super offensive, as you'll be punished early. Blitzcrank also has no method of sustaining you, so you have to rely on your lifesteal.



Maven of the Strings

Ranged, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: Medium
Specialty: AoE Stun, Slow, Heal
Explanation: Sona is a very nifty support that is preferred because she does a little bit of everything. Crescendo is great for setting up Condemn, & it is also good for stopping enemies in their tracks, allowing you to get away.



The Fae Sorceress

Ranged, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: Medium - High
Specialty: Slow, Knockup, Polymorph
Explanation: Lulu is an exceptional support. She can speed you up with Whimsy, save you with Help, Pix! or Wild Growth & she has some really good harass coming mainly from Glitterlance. Lulu is a great companion to have alongside you.



The Storm's Fury

Ranged, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: Low
Specialty: Slow, Knockup / Knockback, Shield
Explanation: Janna suits your playstyle, as you are both very passive. However, I prefer Lulu over Janna as Lulu is much more useful & contributes more to the team.


deadly bloom


Rise of the Thorns

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: Medium - High
Specialty: Knockup, Snare, Reveal
Explanation: Zyra is another pretty passive support for Vayne. She focuses on playing defensive yet has a great harass kit. Stranglethorns is also an amazing skill that can set up kills with ease.



The Tidecaller

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: Medium - High
Chances of a successful gank: Medium - High
Specialty: Knockup, Stun, Heal
Explanation: Nami is such an underrated support. She's extremely fun to play with, simply because of the huge variety in her skills. She can apply a buff to you where you deal bonus damage, heal you, speed you up, knock up an opponent, stun an opponent & she has her ult, Tidal Wave. Tidal Wave is a huge ult, able to initiate from far away. Nami is also really good at starting a gank, helping you land Condemn with Aqua Prison & for keeping you healthy in the lane.



The Starchild

Ranged, Mage, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: Low
Specialty: Mana restore, Heal, Silence
Explanation: Soraka does not suit Vayne at all. Sure, Soraka is really passive & good at babysitting, but come lategame, she provides no peel for Vayne. Soraka is also very prone to ganks, as she is extremely squishy & has no escape mechanism.



The Radiant Dawn

Melee, Tank, Support

Synergy: Medium
Chances of a successful gank: High
Specialty: Stun, Dash, Slow
Explanation: Leona & Vayne can pull off some wicked combinations. The combination of Leona & her 3 stuns + Vayne & her Condemn lead to a nasty cc pile-up. However, Leona is a very aggressive support whilst Vayne is very passive, so communication is key.



The Chain Warden

Ranged, Tank, Support

Synergy: High
Chances of a successful gank: High
Specialty: Hook, Slow, Shield
Explanation: Thresh & Vayne is an amazing bot lane. Great cc, great mobility & amazing harass lead to a chilled out lane. Because of Dark Passage you are able to harass with ease, without fear of being ganking, as you can just click the Lantern & blink to safety alongside your partner, Thresh. Thresh is one of my favorite supports to have because of his many ways of manipulating himself & his enemies.

using spaces wasn't working yolo
SPACE >>Although Vayne may seem unstoppable, she is relatively weak in the laning phase. This is because she is very item dependent. Vayne needs to sit in the lane & farm, slowly building up to a point where she can start to turn aggressive & take the lane. This is why I like building Blade of the Ruined King early, as it gives a huge variety of stats (although not in huge quantities) such as life steal, attack damage, attack speed, % health dealt, life drain & a slow. This item gives Vayne a variety of ways in how she could play, instead of going full offense with Bloodthirster.
>> The 2 most common ADC's that counter Vayne early are Caitlyn & Draven. Caitlyn counters Vayne because of her extreme poke, auto attack range & her zoning potential. If you go in to take a creep, Caitlyn is going to be waiting for you with a Yordle Snap Trap, Piltover Peacemaker & a charged Headshot. This combination is enough to bully anyone out of a lane, but especially Vayne due to her slow early game.

>> Draven counters Vayne because of his ability to chunk a large amount of your health with ease from Spinning Axe. Draven has very easy harass on you due to Blood Rush & Stand Aside. He can knock you away, slow you then hit you twice with Spinning Axe with ease, which is a devastating harass combo.


SPE >> Graves is pretty annoying to go up against, especially if he's with his favored support, Leona. These 2 make a deadly combination, as they both go hard & both go all in. Try to Tumble away from Buckshot, & try to Tumble backwards, not forwards, as you'll be going closer to his Buckshot. Try to take advantage of when Buckshot is on cool down by using Tumble & Silver Bolts to harass him.


SPE >> Hardest person to lane against. Try to pair up with someone who can sustain you or shield you ( Taric, Lulu, etc), as this will make laning easier. Try to last-hit off the turret, but try to make sure that Caitlyn doesn't free-poke your tower. Not much to say here, will need an incredibly good start to get the upper hand against Caitlyn.


SPE >> Similar to Caitlyn, pick a support that can sustain or shield you & last hit off the tower. Try to be in a position where landing Stand Aside will be difficult, or where he can't follow up with Spinning Axe if he does land it. Again, it is incredibly hard to beat a Draven without a great start.

Miss Fortune

SPE >> Pretty even matchup against Miss Fortune. Try not to stand behind a minion which is vulnerable to Double Up, as this will give her free harass onto you. Use Tumble to interrupt Strut, which disrupts the flow of her laning. If Miss Fortune has channeled Bullet Time & you are in range to use Condemn on her, do it. If you aren't in range, try to Tumble to a safe area, as Bullet Time can destroy you if you spend too much time taking damage.


SPE >> Another even match-up. Use Tumble to avoid Piercing Arrow & Chain of Corruption. Remember that Hail of Arrows reduces how much life you steal, as it reduces healing by 50%. Try to harass him when Living Vengeance is not activated, as he won't be dealing as much DPS as he could be.


SPE >> An easy match-up if you stay behind your minions. He can't hit Mystic Shot if you're camped behind your minions. When Mystic Shot is on cool down, feel free to Tumble harass him, but get back to your minions after you've hit him so he can't hit Mystic Shot on you. Ezreal can be tricky to gank due to his Arcane Shift, which is a Flash. If you don't think you'll get Ezreal because of it, ping to focus the support.


SPE >> Annoying match-up if she is with someone who can keep her sustained (mainly Soraka), as Ashe can just spam Volley & annoy you with Frost Shot. Again, stay behind your minions & pay attention to the angle Ashe is on, this will dictate the cone area from her Volley. Be wary of her mega initiate from Enchanted Crystal Arrow which can immobilize you for a few seconds, letting the jungler clean up with ease. I would recommended Cleanse against Ashe.


SPE >> Even matchup, but if you play correctly things should fall your way. You out poke & out sustain Twitch, just force him to push & freeze the lane, then zone him to get free farm. When ganking Twitch always be wary of his Ambush, as it gives him stealth for a brief period of time. Always be wary of a counter gank from the enemy jungler, as Twitch gets rapid attack speed when Ambush finishes.


SPE >> Generally an easy matchup unless you play super agressive & get ganked early. As Tristana levels up, her attack range increases, never underestimate Tristana when she is a higher level. Be wary of the Rocket Jump -> Buster Shot combination, as an enemy jungle will eat you up with ease. Always remember that Explosive Shot reduces healing, so don't try to life steal up when you've been marked, just wait it out & heal up once the mark has worn off.


SPE >> Again, an even matchup but things should fall your way if you play correctly. Don't go hard early as Icathian Surprise is an absolute nuke early. You can try to to juke Icathian Surprise with Tumble (add Final Hour if you're level 6 or above & need to stealth out) by using the bottom lane bushes. You can avoid Living Artillery with ease with Tumble. Void Ooze is an incredible slow & is great for letting someone land their cc on you, so always try to Tumble off the trail.


SPE >> Pretty annoying matchup. If you get marked by Harrier, you know Quinn will be trying to proc the mark, so be ready to Tumble away if she makes a move. The blind from Blinding Assault makes you vulnerably & prone to harass, as you won't be able to respond. If you are planning on ganking Quinn, try to co-ordinate it so that you gank when Heightened Senses is on cool down, so your jungler won't be revealed. Remember that Quinn is able to join a fight from afar if she uses tag team, as she can get to her destination extremely quickly.


SPE >> Easy match-up early. Corki is very slow, & his only escape method is Valkyrie, which has a high mana cost, so take advantage of this & harass him with Tumble & Silver Bolts. Make him waste Valkyrie, make him run out of mana, make him prone to a gank. All of his spells early don't do much, but late game he is a huge threat due to the armor reduction of Gatling Gun. Try to dodge his Missile Barrage, especially every 3rd one.
Note: Phosphorus Bomb does not reveal stealthed units.

>> Let the Turret hit a melee minion twice before you start to attack it. Let the Turret hit a caster minion once before you attack it.
>> Vayne excels at last hitting under a Turret due to the low cooldown of Tumble & because of Silver Bolts.
>> Condemn can also be used to last hit if you are certain you won't be able to Tumble in time.

>> Use Final Hour & Tumble to maneuver into a good position (to Condemn or to choke enemies off)
>> Always stay on the move, never stand still & auto-attack (refer here).
>> Don't forget to use Barrier or Blade of the Ruined King.

>> Again, use Final Hour & Tumble to get into a good position to land Condemn.
>> Try to hit them slightly backwards into a wall instead of forwards (like I have done above).
>> Condemn is a trial & error skill. You need to play around with it, see where & when the stun locations are. You'll get used to it eventually.

>> As you see above, I wasn't in the best position to do an accurate stun, so I decided to knock him back to secure the kill.

>> Barrier is a great spell, due to the fact you can manipulate your opponent into thinking they've got you, but they haven't.
>> Never use it too early or too late, as you will lose your chance to bait your opponent. Using it too early or too late can result in you not getting a kill or getting yourself killed.
>> You want to make your opponent over extend to kill you, that's where Barrier sets up kills.

>> Just use it against any solid, stationary object for it to work.
>> Primarily based around the dragon & Baron region, but some spots in the jungle work too.
>> This greatly increases how quickly you take out the dragon or baron . Could be the difference between being ready for a teamfight or for being late due to the baron still being alive.

>> Vayne is an exceptional splitpusher, due to the fact that she can dish out a lot of damage & get away very easily with Final Hour, Tumble & Condemn.
>> Make sure you'll be able to secure the tower. No use chunking it to half & getting killed for nothing.

>> Save Condemn. Use it strategically, only when you know it will be useful (such as interrupting Death Lotus, 100% guaranteed stun or for helping to peel).
>> Kill anything close to you, don't go out of your way, as you'll just get caught out. Make people come to you, become a threat.

>>Can't really say much here. Just try to stay alive & use your instincts.
>> Use Tumble to avoid skillshots & Condemn to push away enemies. Final Hour & Tumble make an excellent juking combination.

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-Ending Words-

So yeah, this pretty much concludes my guide. I've tried to explain my knowledge of Vayne, hopefully you've learn something new from my guide.
Hope you've all enjoyed Dragonslaying as much as I did making it! Feel free to leave a comment explaining what can be worked on or what you enjoyed. Hope you all have a wonderful day, & 'til next time, peace.
- Veng <3

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