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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ezreal Build Guide by pandominator

AD Carry Ezreal, For a Real EZ Win

AD Carry Ezreal, For a Real EZ Win

Updated on April 26, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author pandominator Build Guide By pandominator 22 2 102,238 Views 59 Comments
22 2 102,238 Views 59 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author pandominator Ezreal Build Guide By pandominator Updated on April 26, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
    Standard ADC
  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
    BotRK and Trinity Force
  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
    Iceborn Gauntlet
  • LoL Champion: Ezreal
    Complete Glass Cannon


LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Ezreal Runes


*NOTE* Hoping to add in AP Ezreal and Jungle Ezreal soon, as less viable builds but still fun nonetheless. NEVERMIND, NO MORE JUNGLE EZREAL. SORRY FOLKS :(

Hello everyone, I'm Pandominator, and I welcome you to my Ezreal guide. This is my first guide so don't be too harsh :P. I usually main AD Carries, so I decided to make a guide on my first and favourite ADC, Ezreal. I worked hard and am still working hard to make this the best guide possible, so any and all feedback is welcome :D.

Be warned, Ezreal is not an easy champion to play. The first time I started League, I saw him in a ranked game and knew that this would be the one champion I want to play. When I first got him, I couldn't win a game. Not a single one. So I stopped playing him. Eventually, I came back to playing him, and I'm very glad I did. At the time, Ezreal just had too high of a skillcap for me. So learning to play Ezreal is not an easy task, but with this guide, i hope you can become an Ezreal master!

Now before you want to downvote my guide based on the cheat sheet, please take your time to read my guide first. That's right, read the guide first. Then after you read it, test it out, and I'm sure you'll do well. If you do downvote it, please give me a reason so it can make the guide even better! You know what? Who am I kidding, if you didn't read the guide and used my cheat sheet, you'd probably win anyway.

Now without further ado, Ezreal, For a Real EZ Win. Thank you for choosing to read my guide out of many! Enjoy :D
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Work in Progress

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LoL Terminology

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Pros and Cons


  • [+] A very mobile AD Carry
  • [+] Self attack speed steroid
  • [+] Team attack speed steroid
  • [+] Strong early, mid and late game
  • [+] Global Ultimate
  • [+] Mystic Shot procs on-hit effects
  • [+] Long range poke


  • [-] All skillshots
  • [-] No CC whatsoever
  • [-] Focused down hard
  • [-] Very squishy
  • [-] Needs farm to be useful
  • [-] Falls off a bit late game
  • [-] Mana problems early game
No matter how much I want to believe it, Ezreal is not the perfect champion. He has both pros and cons, although I do believe that his pros more than outweight his cons.
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My Standard ADC Runes

9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage

9 greater marks of attack damage gives you a total of 9 AD. This is very useful early game to farm, as it allows you to last hit effectively. These become less useful late game however and you can opt to take greater mark of armor penetration instead, which will be useful early and late game. Due to the standard Season 3 start of long sword and 2 pots you will have higher attack damage for last hitting, and the additional armor pen from these marks will give you better trades.
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Given Ezreal is built as a glass cannon, he is very squishy late game and thus a relatively easy target for AP casters. These glyphs, however less effective early game scale into late game very well, giving you a total of 24.3 MR at level 18.
9x Greater Seal of Armor

Being an ADC, generally you will be in bot lane, against another ADC. This helps to trade with other ADC's by reducing their damage output.
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

I usually like taking these quints to add an extra 7 AD to the 9 AD you get from your marks. This allows for even easier last hitting and trading early game. However, taking Greater Quintessence of Life Steal can allow for a Doran's Blade start when you don't have a support with a heal.

Optional Runes

9x greater mark of armor penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Since the standard ADC start in season 3 is long sword and 2 pots, the AD marks aren't as necessary to aid with last hitting. The armor penetration with these runes allow for better trades against the other AD carry as they have very little armor. These runes are more potent late game, as more people build armor, armor pen allows you to shred tanks easier. It will have more of an impact than 9 AD late game.
3x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

If you have a support that lacks heals, than these will allow you to sustain in lane. This also allows you to start doran's blade. This allows you to stay in lane much longer, and it makes it so getting an early vamp scepter is less important, although building a BotRK or BT early isn't bad.
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Ezreal is an AD Carry and so your job is to deal damage in fights, positioning yourself so you won't get killed. This is why 21 points are put into the Offense mastery tree. This adds to his already high damage in game. Fury , Brute Force , Butcher , Deadliness , Havoc and Executioner are used to increase early and late game damage. The extra attack speed and attack damage increase your overall damage by quite a bit. With the exception of Butcher which increases damage dealt to minions, all these masteries scale very well into the late game. Weapon Expertise and Sunder give armor penetration which allows you to shred your enemies armor. This synergies well if you have armor pen marks and this is the only armor pen you have until you get your Last Whisper or Blade of the Ruined King.

The next 9 points can be allocated in the defense or utility mastery tree, however I opted to put 5 in defense and 4 in utility. Summoner's Resolve is very useful if you're taking Cleanse or Barrier. Durability gives you a bit more survivability, as you're incredibly squishy building glass cannon. Summoner's Insight reduces the cooldown on flash which makes it so you can make plays or escapes much more often. Ezreal is a very mana hungry champion so taking Meditation gives you extra mana regen to allow you to spam your Mystic Shot's more.
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Summoner Spells

Flash, arguably the best summoner spell in the game. This spell allows you to catch up to a champion, blink over walls, and make the big plays. It is in my opinion the most useful summoner spell in the game and you can use it in a variety of different ways. If you don't have flash yet, use ghost until you do.

Cleanse can get you out of some sticky situations. If the enemy team is locking you down with CC, this can get you out a reduce the duration of other incoming CC. Because you are very squishy, being able to get out of CC is important, or you'll melt. This is why I normally choose to take cleanse and flash for maximum survivability.

Ignite this can be used to get early kills, and to reduce all heals that the enemy may use during a fight. Late game, it does quite a bit of damage as well.

Barrier has many uses and is starting to be taken by many ADC's. It can be used to bait, survive DoT spells such as ignite, or take turret hits.

Heal can keep you alive in many situations. If you think that you'll not use cleanse properly, or barrier in time. Heal can keep you alive in many situations, allow you to turn fights around and even bait opponents to tower dive you.

Exhaust is a very nice summoner spell that reduces the attack speed and movement speed of an enemy champion. If you're chasing down an enemy champion, or having a 1v1, pop exhaust on them and you'll generally win the trade. In a team fight, if a assassin or bruiser is diving you, pop exhaust and kite them to death.


Avoid these: <- See? I made them smaller, because they're not for you! :D
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Starting Items

In season 3, Long Sword and 2 Health Potions are the standard start. This is because it allows ADC's to rush a Vampiric Scepter since it gives AD and lifesteal or a The Brutalizer if you need CDR or as an MF for armor shred.

Choose this start if you decided to take armor pen runes, or if you're going to rush a Vampiric Scepter or a The Brutalizer.

Starting Boots and 3 Health Potions aren't as standard anymore in season 3. But they are a nice way of moving around and sustaining in lane. Movement speed early game isn't as necessary anymore, but it can be useful.

Choose this start if you have to dodge skillshots, or you want more sustain because of a lack of a sustain support.

Starting Doran's Blade in season 3 is a lot more common now. It gives you a boost of hp, AD and 5 hp per hit. This allows stronger trading in lane, however if your support has no heals, you can be forced out of lane due to a lack of potions.

Use this start if you chose to use life steal quints or have a sustain support.

Early Game

In season 3, now that Vampiric Scepter also gives AD, it is usually beneficial to pick it up first back. Life steal is essential to surviving the laning phase. This allows you to come out ahead in trades, in skirmishes and fights. Along with a doran's blade or life steal quints you can expect to be full health most of the time. I recommend building this before your Berserker's Greaves even if you started Boots and 3 Health Potions.

As an ADC, you will need attack speed. It is very essential to dishing out damage, and doing it fast. It is one of the cheapest attack speed items in the game. Tier 2 boots are also very useful as it increases your movement speed even further, allow you to get around the map, and also to get out of trouble. I recommend building these after your Vampiric Scepter as it is not as important. If you find yourself being destroy by CC or AP, opt to take Mercury's Treads although if you get locked down by CC, you'll probably be dead before it wears off.

Picking up a Doran's Blade when you go back is pretty much the same as for the vamp scepter. It gives you lane sustain with the on hit hp return, and attack damage. The thing with a doran's blade is that it also gives you HP. When you trade with the enemy AD carry, the tankier you are, the less damage it seems they are doing. With this, it makes it look like they are losing the trade and may stop harassing and essentially fear a fight with you.

In the next few items sections, I will explain my choices for the four different core builds I have placed in my cheat sheet.

Standard ADC Build

This is a standard ADC build as of Season 3. The Berserker's Greaves give you the needed attack speed and movement speed to deal damage and to get around as explained in the above section. Bloodthirster builds from the Vampiric Scepter that you have. Bloodthirster is a very nice item as it gives you a huge, and I do mean huge, amount of AD and sustain from the lifesteal. It is a very cost-efficient item, and the stacks are very easy to farm up and keep. After buying an AD item, it is nice to buy some sort of attack speed item. Buying an attack speed item will basically double your DPS as you can dish out that extra AD much faster. I recommend buying a Statikk Shiv if you're not fed, and just generally need an attack speed item. Late game, you can sell your Statikk Shiv for a Phantom Dancer if you want. If you're fed, just skip the Statikk Shiv and buy a Phantom Dancer. Around this point, the enemy should be stacking some armor, or at least have more armor than earlier. This is why we purchase a Last Whisper. The armor penetration is very useful for melting tanks, and the AD it gives is nice too. Now around this time, you can choose to purchase a defensive item, or if it is not needed you can move on to your Infinity Edge. An Infinity Edge is essential on every single ADC. It gives a huge amount of AD, crit chance and it has an amazing passive. The passive allows us to do increased damage on our critical hits, which also synergizes well with a Phantom Dancer if you chose to buy it.

BotRK and Trinity Force Build

This second build gives Ezreal the ability to take down tanks with the on hit damage from the BotRK and the trinity force. This allows ezreal to have a strong transition from early to mid game and mid to late game. Berserker's Greaves again are needed to give you the needed attack speed and movement speed to deal damage and to get around as explained in the above section. Blade of the Ruined King is quite powerful, giving you lifesteal, attack speed and a very nice active. Although it is less effective early games as enemies usually have not stacked a lot of health, as it progresses further into late game you can see the difference it makes. The Trinity Force gives ezreal a lot of utility, and because you are spamming mystic shots, the extra mana and sheen proc is very beneficial. Again, around this time enemies should be stacking more armor, and thus a Last Whisper should be purchased for the armor pen. An Infinity Edge is essential on every single ADC. It gives a huge amount of AD, crit chance and it has an amazing passive. The passive allows us to do 250% damage on critical hits instead of 200%.

Iceborn Gauntlet Build

This third build, the "Iceborn Gauntlet" build is more of a build for skillshot Ezreals. By that I mean, those who use skillshots a lot as it does magic damage, and allows for Ezreal to kite with the slow. Berserker's Greaves again are needed to give you the needed attack speed and movement speed to deal damage and to get around as explained in the above section. Bloodthirster is a very nice item as it gives you a huge, and I do mean huge, amount of AD and sustain from the lifesteal. It is a very cost-efficient item, and the stacks are very easy to farm up and keep. After buying an AD item, it is nice to buy some sort of attack speed item. The Frostfire Gauntlet is of course, the main item in this build. It gives Ezreal AP, armor, CDR and mana; all of which are beneficial to Ezreal. This item allows Ezreal to spam his skillshots more, and allows him to kite extremely efficiently. The Last Whisper and Infinity Edge are gotten for the same reason as explained in the two builds above.

Complete Glass Cannon

This fourth build for Ezreal is to play him as a complete glass cannon. That is, to build all damage and have no defensive items whatsoever. Again, Berserker's Greaves give Ezreal the needed attack speed and movement speed needed to do damage and to get around the map. Bloodthirster is a very nice item as it gives you a huge, and I do mean huge, amount of AD and sustain from the lifesteal. It is a very cost-efficient item, and the stacks are very easy to farm up and keep. After buying an AD item, it is nice to buy some sort of attack speed item. Now at this point, we get a Blade of the Ruined King to again increase our DPS with the %health on-hit effect it provides. Also, because it provides attack speed it increases our DPS by a lot, by allowing you to get out more attacks much faster. Then, we purchase an Infinity Edge to increase our AD by a huge amount, while increasing out crit chance and also the amount of damage your crits do. After an infinity edge, the next item bought should be a Phantom Dancer as it synergizes well with the inifity edge's passive. It also gives a very nice attack speed boost, and no minion collision which can save your life many times. The final item bought is a Last Whisper to add to our already high AD and it allows you to melt tanks even faster than you were before.

Offensive Items

Blade of the Ruined King, introduced in Season 3, has proven to be a very powerful item that is very useful in countering health stacking. This item gives attack speed, %health on autoattacks, lifesteal and a very nice active. It's effects don't reveal themselves as much early game, due to most champions being squishy early game (especially the ADC's you'll be facing in lane) but late game, it allows you to shred through the tanks in the front line. I recommend getting this item if the enemy team is stacking HP, as it allows you to take those champions out quickly.

The Phantom Dancer is probably one of my favorite items in the game. It provides attack speed, movement speed, crit chance and it allows your champion to ignore unit collision. What more could it give!? This item synergizes very well with the Infinity Edge as I have mentioned previously, due to its crit chance. The attack speed makes it so your DPS increases by a huge amount. The movement speed boost allows you to kite better, which is essential on an AD carry and the ignoring of unit collision also allows you to kite better. I can't even count all the times that passive has saved my life.

Defensive Items

A Frozen Mallet is probably one of the defensive options I would go for. This is because stacking health in Season 3 has proven to be very useful and effective. And the frozen mallet gives a huge amount of hp. But it differs from Warmog's Armor in this sense, it also gives AD. Even if it is a little, it still gives some which is useful. The passive is also incredibly handy, give you a chance to slow on each attack. This makes kiting much easier as they'll have a hard time catching up to you with slows coming at them every few attacks.

A Mercurial Scimitar is basically a QSS or cleanse with attack damage. This is a very expensive item, but can get you out of sticky situations when you are locked down by CC or about to die from ignite. If you chose not to use cleanse or would like a second cleanse, I would really recommend this item as if Ezreal is locked down by CC, he'll die almost instantly.

Randuin's Omen I don't like quite so much on Ezreal, and I hardly ever get it on him. But it gives a nice amount of HP and armor, and it also reduces the attack speed of anyone who attacks you which is nice. The active is useful when you're running or kiting, as you can slow the pursuer with the active.

Warmog's Armor is one item that I personally do not recommend on Ezreal, however others have different preferences and may feel differently. Warmog's armor gives a giant chunk of HP, but it doesn't really give anything else. The passive recovers 1% of your maximum hp every second, but because Ezreal is super squishy it has very little effect. In addition to that, ADC's have lifesteal, where they can go from low health to full health in a matter of seconds.

Guardian Angel is not used much anymore in season 3, however it can still be very nice. It gives a high amount of armor and magic resist, and it also gives you a second life. If you have a team that can keep the enemy off you when you're coming back alive, this can be a great item for you, giving you a second chance to fight.

A Maw of Malmortius is a nice item if you're facing an AP team, or are being bursted by an AP champion on the opposing team. It gives AD, magic resist and adds AD based on the amount of health you are missing. The passive is nice against AP casters because if you take magic damage that would leave you at less than 30% of your health, it creates a shield that protects from magic damage.
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Skill Set

  • Rising Spell Force Hitting a target with any of Ezreal's abilities increases his attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This passive increases Ezreal's attack speed by 10% each time he lands a skill. This stacks up to 5 times. Arcane shift only adds a stack if the homing missile hits an enemy.

    Tips and Tricks

    • This is your attack speed steroid, it allows you to push faster and have a much higher damage in team fights. Use your ult before a teamfight or on minions to gain max stacks very quickly.
    • The passive cooldown refreshes each time you gain a new stack. Continuously using mystic shot and essence flux can allow you to keep up your passive during a teamfight, maximizing damage output.
  • Mystic Shot Ezreal fires a bolt of energy that deals 35 / 55 / 75 / 95 / 115 (+1.0 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage and applies on-hit effects. If it strikes an enemy unit it reduces all of Ezreal's cooldowns by 1 second. This is Ezreal's main damaging skill, and it is a long range skill shot that applies on-hit effects such as life steal and sheen procs.

    Tips and Tricks

    • This is a long ranged skill shot, which is very useful for checking bushes. It has a low mana cost, so this is a much more effective to check bushes than face checking. When you hit an enemy champion, you can hear a distinct noise, and you can also see a stack on your passive appear.
    • It decreases the CD on all of Ezreal's skills each time you land it. As long as your mana allows it, keep spamming Mystic Shots to reduce your cooldowns to have Arcane Shift and Trueshot Barrage up as fast as possible.
    • Mystic shot is very useful for kiting, as it procs on-hit effects such as a Phage. This allows you to keep running, while constantly slowing the pursuing enemy from a long distance.
    • Mystic shot also gets an incredible amount of lifesteal and procs a Sheen or Trinity Force.
    • If you're being zoned hard in lane, or having a hard time in lane, you can sit back and farm with your Mystic Shot from far back. This allows you to stay safe, and get farm at the same time.
  • Essence Flux Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy at a targeted area. Any enemy champions it passes through take 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+80% of ability power) magic damage, while any allied champions it travels through have their attack speed increased by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % for 5 seconds. This is a skill very similar to mystic shot, but it does less damage and costs more mana. It does however have a very useful attack speed buff when cast on allied champions.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Essence Flux can also be used to check bushes, but because it can go through many champions, it can spot multiple champions in a bush and not just one.
    • Many forget about the attack speed buff to allied champions that this skill provides, after the nerfs it isn't as strong a skill, but the attack speed buff is still very nice when pushing or in team fights.
    • DO NOT SPAM THIS OR USE IT TO HARASS IN LANE!! This skill has high mana costs, and does minimal damage. Whereas mystic shot does high damage, longer range, procs on-hit effects and has lower mana costs. If you spam this skill, you may not have enough mana to arcane shift away when being ganked.
  • Arcane Shift Ezreal teleports to a target nearby location and fires a homing arrow at the nearest enemy unit dealing 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+75% of ability power) magic damage. This is essentially a low CD flash, that does damage to the nearest enemy unit. Very useful for positioning, chasing and running away.

    Tips and Tricks

    • This is a built in flash. It is very useful for blinking over walls to evade pursuing enemies. Try not to be too far away from the wall when jumping over, or you may end up hitting the wall instead.
    • Arcane Shift is a very nice tool for kiting, as it can further the gap between the enemy, but it can also be used agressively, when you've kited long enough to go in for a kill.
    • With CDR and Ezreal's mystic shot, Arcane Shift has a very short cooldown, so when trying to run or initiate, prioritize Arcane Shift before Flash.
  • Trueshot Barrage Ezreal channels for 1 second to fire a powerful barrage of energy missiles, which deal 350 / 500 / 650 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage) (+90% of ability power) magic damage to each enemy unit they pass through. However, it deals 8% less damage for each additional unit it hits (30% minimum damage). This is Ezreal's ultimate. It is a global ultimate, which means it can go through the entire map. It does less damage the more enemies it hits, so try to land it on the enemy champions without it hitting too many minions.

    Tips and Tricks

    • As Trueshot Barrage is a global ultimate, it can be used to snipe low health enemies, steal buffs, and even steal dragon or baron.
    • This skill does a huge amount of AOE damage, so it is best to use it right when a team fight starts, when the enemy champions are all grouped together.
    • Because it is an AOE global ultimate, it can be used to easily gain max stacks on your passive, making it easier to push or increasing your DPS by a lot.
    • Remember, it does less damage each time it passes through an enemy, so using it up front and in their face does max damage.
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Skill Sequence Explanation

> > >


Before I explain the skill sequence, you should know to never take a skill at your spawn pool. Take your first skill in lane, and use CTRL + [Skill Key] to add a point quickly. This way, if you're ganked, or are in trouble, you can get Arcane Shift and get out quickly without having to use flash. Generally speaking, I take one point in Mystic Shot at level one as it does a huge amount of damage, and allows for harassing and trading if needed at level 1. Then I take Arcane Shift at level 2 to use as an escape. You want to max Trueshot Barrage whenever possible, as it does a huge amount of damage, and allows you to gain max stacks on your passive very quickly. It has a low CD and along with your mystic shot, it should be up and ready very quickly after each use. Then we max Mystic Shot second, as it does a huge amount of damage, allowing for brush checking, trading, kiting, and proccing on-hit effects such as lifesteal. We max Arcane Shift third as it gives a very short CD escape and positioning tool. Then Essence Flux last as it provides very little damage and utility.
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Early Game / Laning Phase

Considering you're an ADC, generally you will be heading bot lane. you can help the jungler "leash" or help with getting the buff or if you're on the blue side, you can take double golems with your support. As ADC's scale in damage with items, the laning phase is all about farming. A good CS goal to go by is:
  • 80-90 CS by 10:00
  • 100-120 CS by 15:00
  • 150-170 CS by 20:00
Depending on when the laning phases ends for your game, you may have more or less CS at the different times. These are just benchmarks. One thing to remember is NEVER STOP FARMING! <- IT'S GREEN, LISTEN TO IT. Continue farming throughout the game whenever you can, just don't be that one guy who farms during fights.
Read the farming section for more detail.

Try not to push the lane when you're farming. Keeping the lane on your side of the river is beneficial, as it is much harder for a jungler to gank you, especially if your support has warded properly. Farming under the tower or close to the tower (freezing the lane there) puts the enemy in a very vulnerable position that can allow your jungler to easily gank them. You don't always have to go for kills. Kills are a luxury in the laning phase, as it puts you far ahead of the enemy ADC, however going to agressive may end up harming you more than just farming.

Mid Game

Mid game is a very strong stage for Ezreal, as you begin to finish some of your items and max out your Mystic Shot. Objectives such as Dragon, or enemy towers become more of a priority now. Try to get your jungler to gank your lane, to push the enemies out. After this, push the wave to the tower to force the enemy to lose CS and go take dragon with the jungler. If possible, have the mid laner help as well. NEVER TAKE DRAGON WITHOUT SMITE OR IT CAN BE STOLEN EASILY!! Attempt to take the enemy turret, so you can help out other lanes after. If you have lost your turret, don't push too far trying to farm if you don't have wards, or you could be easily ganked. Try freezing the lane near your second turret as to keep a constant wave of minions for you to farm, while the enemy ADC is left without any at all. As you progress towards late game, start to stay with your team more and not get caught.

Late Game

This is the stage of the game where you travel as a pack with your team, controlling objective such as dragon and more importantly baron nashor . There are more team fights that should be breaking out now, and your job as an ADC is to deal as much damage as possible without being killed.

Team fighting

When a teamfight starts, use your ultimate Trueshot Barrage to hit almost all of the enemy team, which can do a lot of initial damage and it also gives you max stacks on your passive. Then, use Essence Flux and try to aim for most of your team, and to hit enemies to be most effective.

An ADC is extremely squishy, and once caught out of position, will instantly melt. This is why positioning is crucial to winning team fights. Now, at lower levels, many people have learned to take out the enemy carries as an ADC. This is so wrong, I can't even express it. The carries are usually behind the front line, which is full of tanks and bruisers waiting to jump on you and take you out. If you run into the middle of their team to try to take out their carries, you won't make it far. Your job is to be in the back line and hit anything in sight.

Positioning is very easy with Ezreal, as you have a low CD flash, that gets reduced each time Mystic Shot hits (remember to keep spamming it in fights!). This means if someone is coming for you, you can arcane shift away, positioning yourself to take the onslaught of damage you have prepared for them.

Kiting is another necessary skill you must have. When assassins and bruisers are coming at you, continuously hitting them with auto attacks and Mystic Shots while repositioning with arcane shift, you can easily take out anyone chasing you. Trinity Force, Frostfire Gauntlet and blessing of the lizard elder are very useful when kiting, as it also slows your enemy making it harder for them to catch up to you. Note that these all proc with Mystic Shot, but not with Essence Flux. After winning team fights (which you will with this guide ;) ) this is when you take objectives such as dragon , baron nashor or turrets.

Here is a very nice video that explains ADC Positioning.
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Lane Match ups

Ashe should be a relatively easy lane for you. You can easily out damage her if you land your Mystic Shots and Essence Flux. Continuously poke Ashe with your skill shots, and try to avoid her volley by standing behind minions. If you think Ashe will ult, or you see her ulting you, arcane shift away. This takes away a lot of her damage, and once she wastes this, counter initiate. Be wary, when Ashe uses her ult it may be a signal that the jungler is near.

Caitlyn is one of the harder lanes for Ezreal as she has a much longer range than him. Caitlyn can easily poke you down with her Piltover Peacemaker and her auto attacks as they do not get blocked by minions, however your Mystic Shot does. Try to play this lane passively and farm, using your Mystic Shot to farm from afar if needed

Corki in general shouldn't be too hard for Ezreal. He has incredible burst damage early game with his Phosphorus Bomb so try to avoid that. If he misses it, punish him by launching Mystic Shots and auto attacks at him. Try to poke him down with your Q, as it has longer range, while staying out of range of his.

WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE OF DRAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN! This is a very hard lane for Ezreal, as it is very similar to the Caitlyn lane. When you try to last hit, Draven will Q->W->Q you, taking out a huge chunk of your HP. If he does take you low, be careful of his ult as it is global, just like yours. With this lane, try to passively farm with your mystic shot from afar. This will keep you in the game, without feeding Draven.

Graves is another hard lane for Ezreal as he has higher burst damage and an easier to use attack speed steroid. If Graves lands a buckshot at your face, it will hit for a lot more than your mystic shots. His passive True Grit gives him armor, which means you'll do less damage to him. And with graves attack speed buff that he can get in the beginning of a fight, he will out damage Ezreal straight up. If he quickdraws in, try to arcane shift to his side to dodge his buckshot, then shoot a barrage of skills and auto attacks at him.

Once again, a hard lane for Ezreal. Miss fortune has very strong early game damage with her Double Up. She has a attack speed buff, and a healing debuff. She can outdamage you in trades. Try not to stand directly behind a minion when farming, or she can hit you with a Double Up for the bonus damage. Play more passively to try and get ahead in farm, and if you have an agressive support try to all in her making sure you land your ult. When she ults, arcane shift out the side, or walk out the side if it's not up. DO NOT TRY TO WALK BACKWARDS OUT OF IT, WALK TO THE SIDE!

tag team
Quinn isn't too terrible of a lane for Ezreal. Her blind doesn't stop you from spamming mystic shots at you. When farming, if Quinn blinds you, use mystic shot to get the CS you may miss until the blind wears off. Careful when you arcane shift away when Quinn is chasing you, as she may be able to jump off of you from where you end up, leaving her in auto attack range. Try to poke her when she's farming, and be careful of her harrier passive. It does a lot of damage.

Sivir is a nuisance early game for Ezreal, but late game you stomp on her as an ADC. I wasn't sure if I should count Sivir as an ADC, as she is more of a pusher, but you will face her in lane occasionally. Her boomerang does a huge amount of damage early game, so try to dodge these as much as possible. Try not to ult her when her spell shield is up as it will negate all damage and even give her free mana. Late game, you scale better than her in terms of damage.

Given Tristana's buff to her E, it now does more noticable damage. She has crazy burst potential early game, and at level 6 will potentially all in you. Try not to get in range for an E and auto attack, as it does quite a bit of damage. If you can, try to shut her down early as she scales much better into late game. Some would even consider her as "hyper carry" status because of her incredible range.


Twitch is a bit harder to play against as Ezreal because he has a stealth. This means it is harder to hit skill shots on him. If he goes stealth, he'll most likely be coming to auto attack, venom cask and expunge you for very strong poke. When he goes stealth, back off and farm with your Mystic Shot until he reveals himself again. Buy a vision ward to counter his stealth.

Oh man Vayne, she is one scary girl D:. Vayne has a fairly bad laning phase, you should try to apply pressure early on to zone her. She'll have an easy time dodging your skillshots with her low CD Tumble so try to catch her off guard. Beware of standing near walls, or she can condemn you into it and initiate, easily netting her a kill. This is more of a skill dependent match-up, and supports do matter. Having a bit more of an agressive support can help you get a kill early and start snowballing, leaving Vayne behind. Calling in for jungle ganks to shut her down is not a bad idea either.
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Ezreal is a very versatile ADC, so generally any support is good for him, be it agressive supports such as Leona and Taric or more passive supports such as Soraka.

If you are laning with an Alistar, you generally play very agressively. With his Headbutt, Pulverize combo, it can devastate the enemy ADC, and net you kills fast. When Alistar pulls this combo, you can Arcane Shift in (if you're confident of a kill) and use Trueshot Barrage an auto attack, Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. Make sure there are little minions, to minimize the chance of missing your skill shots. Alistar can also sustain you in lane, with his spammable heal, allowing you to come out ahead in trades.

Laning with a blitzcrank is less of a super agressive lane, as it is a zoning lane. Blitzcrank can stand in a brush, and zone your opponents giving you an easier time to farm. If blitz can land a pull, then you Arcane Shift in, Trueshot Barrage then auto attack, Mystic Shot and Essence Flux. This lane is a high risk, high reward scenario. If blitz can land a pull, then it is easy kills for you, however if he can't land a pull, then he doesn't have much else to offer.

Leona again is a very agressive support. Her sunlight and her array of CC makes it for easy kills, especially with the super squishy ADC's you'll be facing. When leona lands her E, you can Arcane Shift in and Trueshot Barrage to do full damage to the enemy, then auto attack and land a Q and W for a huge burst of damage. This combo generally will take an enemy ADC from 100-0 especially with Leona's sunlight.

Lulu is a very strong support, as she can zone the enemy ADC easily with her high poke damage. With her slows and polymorph, it can allow for you to easily land Mystic Shots and your ult on the enemy. When Lulu gets her ult, you becoming almost unkillable and are able to tower dive very effectively.

Oh man, Taric and Ezreal 4ever <3. Haha, on a serious note though, Taric and Ezreal bot lane should be played agressively. With Taric's bonus armor and heal, Ezreal can easily sustain through the laning phase. If taric lands a nice stun, follow up with your combo and you can usually get a kill.

Sona is a very nice laning partner with Ezreal as their ults have very nice synergy. With Sona, you play counter agressively, that is you counter their agression with Sona's early game damage heals, and increasing your attack damage, armor and magic resist. You can counter any agressive play your enemies may be trying to make. When Sona ults, you can arcane shift in and ult them in their face. Perfect ult synergy <3.

If you get soraka, it is essentially a farm lane. As Sona as no hard CC, you won't be playing offensive to get kills, but rather if you get harassed, Soraka can just heal you while you continue to farm. If you do trade with the enemy ADC, you usually will come out on top as Soraka can supply you with endless amounts of HP and MP to spam those Mystic Shots.
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As an ADC, farming is very important, as almost all of your damage comes from your items. And how else do you buy items then by getting gold? What you want to learn is not just farming, but last hitting. This is how you can farm minions, or get CS, while keeping your lane from being pushed. To do this, you leave the minions to attack themselves and wait for them to get low, then use an auto attack or a Mystic Shot to kill the minion to get the gold. By last hitting only, you reduce the chances of pushing the lane so you don't get as easily ganked by the jungler. Your CS Goals should be:
  • 80-90 CS by 10:00
  • 100-120 CS by 15:00
  • 150-170 CS by 20:00
Depending on when teamfights start, you may have more or less CS at the benchmark times. Remember to always keep farming, just don't farm when your team is fighting.

Tower farming is another skill that is essential to learn as an ADC. Considering you have some AD runes or started with a long sword, then it shouldn't be too hard to last hit under the tower. For melee minions, let the tower hit them twice, then use an auto attack. For caster minions, auto attack them once, then let the turret hit, then auto attack again. When under the turret, their are two minions that are low, use an auto attack on one, then a skill on another.

Here is a nice video by MMOBomb that demonstrates last hitting.

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Hall of Fame

*Work in Progress* I'll be playing some Ezreal games this week to show you the true power of my Real EZ Ezreal build.
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The official Riot Champion Spotlight. This gives you a good overview of Ezreal, although it's a bit outdated, it's a good introduction!

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Thank you all for taking the time to read my guide! I really, really do appreciate it. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions then please feel free to PM me or comment on the guide. Please don't downvote if you really don't have a good reason, but if you do have a good reason feel free to tell me! I'd love to do anything I can to make this one of the best guides on MOBAfire and I hope to write more guides with time.

I'd really like to thank my friends for supporting me in making this guide, and helping me make it a reality! And I'd also really like to thank JhoiJhoi for teaching me how to make a nice guide with her "Making a guide" guide.

Thanks again everyone!
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Change Log

April 16, 2013, 5:00
I FINALLY GET TO PUBLISH MY GUIDE! :D So yeah, first guide published! I'll be making updates to a few sections over the next few days. If anyone could help me make banners for my guide, I'd really appreciate it! Just PM Me if you can help!

April 17, 2013, 2:08
Someone pointed out that I'm missing Vayne in my lane matchups, so I added it in. Please tell me if I'm missing anything! I'll add it in ASAP!

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