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Galio Build Guide by Ganymed

GALIO - STaTue of Ab!L!ty

GALIO - STaTue of Ab!L!ty

Updated on May 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ganymed Build Guide By Ganymed 5 3 27,458 Views 12 Comments
5 3 27,458 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ganymed Galio Build Guide By Ganymed Updated on May 12, 2013
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Galio
  • LoL Champion: Galio
    FuLL-Tank (armored protector)
  • LoL Champion: Galio
    FuLL-Tank (resistant magician)
  • LoL Champion: Galio


Welcome to my Galio guide, my first guide. It is for the classic gamemode in Summoner's Rift.
Galio is my favorite champion, I like the craeture of a gargoyle, it is amazing.

In League of Legends, especially in Summoner's Rift, he is a very flexible champion. It is possible to play on all three lanes with different roles.
Galio's strategically role is a supporter. That means about the full game: What is the best tactical role within the current team? He could be played as caster, tank or support. A caster for more power and damage, what is about the other teammates, do they make enough damage? Need your team a tank, what champions have the enemy team?
This guide can help you to choose the right role, to make your team stronger and more powerfull.

Addition: The real supporter is not explained here, because I am not really confident about this and I did not found good own options and items for Galio in this role. Instead of the supporter I can present you the cheaper version of my OFF-Tank, he is a very usefull partner for all AD-Carries.

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comming soon:

- hints for playing with galio
- description of skill sequenz
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Hey, I am really sorry, I have no time to complete or to upgrade this guide :/
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General Facts - What should I know about the builds?

GALIO in general:

Galio is a weak hand-to-hand fighter with strong distance abilities and an excellent crowd control. His basic defense is good and his passive ability, Runic Skin, pushes his ability power.

Important are the purchased items, which specify Galio in these possible roles:


The OFF-TANK could also be called "standard-Galio", but it sounds boring. ^^
It has a balanced proportion of ability power, armor and magic resist and a bit more life.
It is a good specialization on botlane, to reinforce the carry with damage and protection.
This build, is a very flexible one. It is possible as supporter on botlane, but otherwise it can be used as a single role on toplane.
Attention: Your are not a full tank, in late game you can't do this job.


As FULL-TANK it is a good idea to play solo on toplane. A defensive tactic and a ganking jungler is the way to rule this lane.
Your target is, to farm enough money, to focus your items on health, health regeneration, armor and magic resist. Your ability power is low, but Galio's passive will increase it.


CASTER-Galio is very powerful with an enormous ability power, look at the stats and don't forget his passive, so you have over 550.
You will need a lot of money, midlane is necessary.
Be careful you have a weak defense, your job is to make damage only.

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Team Work - Which role should I play?

First rule: Talk to your teammates in the champion selection, before you accept your choise.

The following lists are indicators for my three specializations:


your team has:
The complete OFF-Tank is very expensive, he is a good candidate for a solo position on toplane. Also he is possible on midlane, but a caster will be more effective here.
The cheaper version can be played like a supporter on botlane, together with a carry.


your team has
You can choose between two forms of my full tank, one is better protected against physical damage and the other against magical damage. Look at the enemy team and decide well!


your team has:
The caster is an ultimate weapon for midlane, only midlane champions with physical damage could be dangerous.

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In general very important is the purchase order. Try to buy the final item, before you collect for a new one. It is useful, because if you have not enough money, you will have important secondary effects.

Most effective Items for Galio:

It is a very powerful item for Galio, it increases ability power, magic resistance and reduces second one of near enemy champions. If you buy this, start with Blasting Wand it will give you some ability power. Negatron Cloak is a good solution, if money is rare, otherwise upgrade directly to Abyssal Mask. The cherry on top is Runic Skin, this passive pushes your ability power too.
It increases mana regeneration, ability power, magic resistance and reduces cooldown, the perfect item for Galio. Mostly it is useful to buy Chalice of Harmony in early game, because you need mana regeneration. Remember Runic Skin, so you should upgrade it to Athene's Unholy Grail as early as possible, to use all of its properties. If you have the chance to use Fiendish Codex as a step betwenn, do it. Every push of your stats could be an advantage.

Start Items:

-- ---- --

In the beginning you should use Boots to increase your movement speed. Imagine you have to go back to base and if you walk faster, you will be back on your lane earlier. Possibly you have to react on different situations, compensate deficits with Potions. For Galio are one Health Potion and two Mana Potions a good choice. If you play the OFF-tank as a supporter, maybe you wont need a Health Potion, because Bulwark protects your ally and heals you.

Now are the three roles and their alternative items explained:


-- ---- ---- --

Galio needs a lot of mana that means a good choice is, to buy Chalice of Harmony in early game. It consists of Faerie Charm and Null-Magic Mantle to increase your mana regeneration an magic resistance. Mercury's Treads will increase your movement speed and gives you more magic resistance. After that it is time to earn more ability power, buy Blasting Wand.

Do not forget to improve your items and to target your goal. Important is more ability power, health and armor. Abyssal Mask should be your next investment. Health, armor and magic resistance do you get from Aegis of the Legion and it supports your nearest allies. In case of buying it gradually is the best order Emblem of Valor, Ruby Crystal and last but not least Null-Magic Mantle. Try to upgrade Chalice of Harmony to Athene's Unholy Grail, if you can.

In late game buy definitely Athene's Unholy Grail, the advantages of this item are explained above. A good item for the OFF-tank is Rod of Ages, to gain some more mana, health and ability power. A useful start for the recipe is Sapphire Crystal, because Galio's mana is out quickly. Now you can decide what is better: Do you need more ability power or would you prefer armor and magic resistance first? The both items which are missing are Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Runic Bulwark. The purchase order depends on the situation in game, decide, if you and your teammates need more defense or more power to pushing through.

Costs: 15350

(cheaper alternative)

-- ---- --

For the cheaper version of the OFF-Tank leave out Athene's Unholy Grail and Runic Bulwark. Further use Sorcerer's Shoes, they are cheaper than Mercury's Treads. With this alternative you can support your carry with Sight Wards.

Costs: 12580


-- ---- --

Health, armor and magic resistance are required for a tank. Almost all tanks are using Runic Bulwark, so do it it too. First collect the items for Aegis of the Legion in mid game and upgrade it to increase the effects in late game. Further with Mercury's Treads your magic resistance will grow too. Your tank should not be defenseless, buy Abyssal Mask, it also has magic resistance and the aura compensate the weak ability power of your tank a bit.

These three items should be the core items for Tank-Galio. Look at the enemy team and find out, if they have more physical or magical damage. Judge well and decide your tank specialization. The "Armored Protector" is better against physical damage. A good protection from magical damage offers the "Resistant Magician".

Armored Protector:

-- ---- --

Prepare this build in early game, you need a bit ability power and more health. Buy Blasting Wand and Ruby Crystal and upgrade your shoes to Mercury's Treads, maybe you should buy Null-Magic Mantle before. Be careful, your mana is low, perhaps you need some more Mana Potions.

In mid game your stats should describe an usable tank. Buy Aegis of the Legion and Abyssal Mask to increase your health, armor and magic resist. Further push health and armor with Sunfire Aegis, for recipe start with Chain Vest, because you have not enough armor. Now prepare Galio for late game and buy Cloth Armor and Kindlegem to increase this stats twice.

With Locket of the Iron Solari you will make the first step in late game to push your champion to a well physical tank, but you are not finished yet. A good item for Tank- Galio is Zhonya's Hourglass, look at your money and decide to buy Needlessly Large Rod or Seeker's Armguard first. Last step is the upgrade from Aegis of the Legion to Runic Bulwark.

Costs: 15110

Resistant Magician:

-- ---- --

Use your first money for mana regeneration and magic resist. Buy Faerie Charm and Null-Magic Mantle. Later you can upgrade to Chalice of Harmony and Mercury's Treads. After that create the bases for the tank against spells. Improve a bit ability power health and with Blasting Wand and Giant's Belt.

For this build you need magic resistance in general, buy Negatron Cloak. Health regeneration is a good option and Rejuvenation Bead handle it for you. Now you have the basis for the target items in mid game. Push Galio enormous and buy Warmog's Armor and Abyssal Mask.

Complete your tank in late game with and purchase Aegis of the Legion first; for more health, armor and magic resistance. This is an exception to the item description for the tank in gerenal, because here you will need your money in mid game for the mentioned items. Now invest your money in a bit more armor and buy Chain Vest and upgrade Chalice of Harmony to Athene's Unholy Grail. Next step is Runic Bulwark. Last but not least is Guardian Angel for more magic resistance, armor and its passive reviving your champion.

Costs: 15080


-- ---- ---- --

In early game it is essential to have a high level of ability power, buy Blasting Wand and prepare your purchase for Athene's Unholy Grail with Faerie Charm. Upgrade your Boots to Sorcerer's Shoes to use the magic penetration. Next step is to improve this stats, use Abyssal Mask and Chalice of Harmony.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a very expensive item, use mid game to collect money and buy it step by step. Needlessly Large Rod and Blasting Wand will push your ability power well. Further use the time to improve your mana and be prepared for the powerful items in late game. Buy Sheen and Fiendish Codex.

Now it is time to fulfill your preparations. Buy Athene's Unholy Grail and Lich Bane, second one not only ability power, it has a movement speed multiplier too. To add the finishing touches buy Needlessly Large Rod again and complete your equipment with Deathfire Grasp.

Costs: 16225

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First, there are two main and easy rules:
- The mastery tree can compensate your weeknes
- The mastery tree can reinforce your strentgh

Tank and Caster are typical candidates to reinforce their strentgh. For the OFF-Tank it is your decission, but this "Tank" is more offensive than tank, so i think it is better to master the defense. Try to specialize, do not mix your mastery trees to much.

In the following it is explained in detail:


This variation of Galio is not specialized. The Items for this one increase the offense more than the defense. The OFF-tank is flexible, that means you should compensate your weakness, the defense.


I explained two possibilities for a full tank with Galio. At least they have one common ground: the defense:


As Caster or AP-Carry it is necessary to push your strength and learn to handle the weakness. You have to use ability power as much as possible, otherwise your enemy will pass you. Further a few hit points could be missing in team play, that would be a petty.

Use the mastery tree like this:

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Skill Sequence (comming soon)

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Personal Request

I'm not a native speaker in english.
I know there are certainly some grammar or spelling mistakes. Please tell me, if you find some mistakes, I want to improve my english and my guide ;)

Thank You!
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