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Garen Build Guide by Loki029

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loki029

Garen/teed to dominate your Game (Season 8)

Loki029 Last updated on November 9, 2017
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Garen Seasons


Team 2

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Garen Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Tenacity
Legend: Tenacity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Overgrowth
LoL Rune: Unflinching

+9% attack speed and +65 health

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Ability Sequence

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Introduction to Myself and this Guide

I´m a passionated Garen Player and will be one till the end.

At least I kind of ONLY play Garen
Consider it a worse kind of OTP

Currently I am unranked because I don´t like too play against and with boosted apes. I rather enjoy the Game and the pure destruction of Garen in Draft Normal, actually i have played Garen on each Lane succesfull ( Garen Support and Garen Jungle were the hardest too win or make any effort out of playing this role), I personally recommend Garen on Top Lane or Mid; only play Garen Mid if the Mid Lane doesn´t have high CC, Poke or Lockdown Skills like Morgana ( Garen in Mid is good VS Akali, Corki, Ezrael, Zed, Orianna and sometimes against Lux)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First you must think about Garens Kit too understand the Level Sequence.

1. Q

so you have an fighting, Escape and early 1 vs 1 ability, try too poke low Hp Targets early!

DON´T VS: Yasuo, Riven (if good), Olaf, Darius, Irelia, Lee Sin, Teemo, Trundle, Tryndamere, Warwick, Xhin Zhao) You can try but too 50% things don´t end well for you.

2. W

With W you can fight better, longer, receive more damage and start stacking sooner, means you get tankier way faster than they will!

3. E

With E you first can try too go Ham if you are sure, still have both Sums, enough HP and poked the enemy beyond 40% Hp. Sure Kill. Q + E (Flash if they Flash, DON´T TOWERDIVE) Cancel E+ AA-cancel+ Ignite => strg+3

Think of your E as a one man ability, try too bait them into an unwarded Bush and give them the enhanced damage like a pro, with the still working Greenfather´s bug (see section Animation Cancel) you deal Tons of mixed % Health Damage early.

4. Q

Q is early your best scaling usefull ability in any circumstance. If you do get 2 Points on Q early: You can outrun, Chase and hard engage/ disengage enemies. (Don´t Forget about Stormraiders proc, wich is insane and easy too do on most enemies => AA-Cancel +Q + AA-Cancel + E Go Ham if your Laner is still below your Level and no creeps are near. But don´t forget the jungler!!! Jungle Needs around 3-5 mins until he ganks a lane and most jungler, especially CC-Jungler, Focus on Top Lane! So Ward before he could Approach you.)

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Spells are your Gap Closer !!!

Remember Garen his Q is the only ability he has too chase and lockdown an enemy for a short period of Time, the ability can be usefull too escape too. But what if i tell you that nearly every Champion in League of Legends can jump, dash or ult too safety right now and escape

So you Need too consider your mobility versus theirs.

I personally recommend Flash instead of Ghost, because sometimes this small Gap in Front of the enemy ADC can turn the Game.

Your second Spell should be fitting too your Playstyle.

Teleport if you are tanky and Teamoriented or Ignite if you are agressive or playing against an healing Champion.

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Build Path

Common Buildpaths and how too start different into any Kind of Matchup

Starter Items

1. Doran's Blade I personally don´t recommend it, because I think not that it is worth the Price and the difference this item does. And there is no aviable Buildpath so you can´t invest anymore too make this item better.
2. Long Sword I personally start with it for varios reasons: 1.You get more AD early with a buildpath too any AD Item you will Need too build, with a low Price of wich you can afford Cookies and a ward. Same goes for a hard Matchups against especially Darius where i recommend using Cloth Armor.

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Team Work

GAREN bows too no man!

Don´t sacrifice yourself if not absolute necesarry.

Try too bait as many Ultimates or important Spells on you before a Teamfight as possible (Just do so if you are Sure you will Survive and have the Time too Regenerate the Damage)

Don´t rush too early, and if they all collapse on you: Kill them all or pray your ADC knows what too do.

Garen is statistically a Tank, but theoretical he is an Allrounder. You can be Tanky for your Team, You can be a Damage dealer, or you can build my stuff and you are both!

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Unique Skills

So you want too know what Garens Unique Skills are?

Garen is the only Champ in LoL who survives 5 man Towerdives.

The only Champ destroying Maokai or any other Tank on Top Lane.

The Guy surviving the Frotline with ease and recovering within seconds, while dealing tons of Damage.

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Too Farming Comes Lane Harassment

At first you must learn how too think like Garen!

Noone is allowed too stand in your Bush! And with your Bush i mean Summoners Rift.

If a new Creep Wave approaches you, you must always wait in the bush until 2 AA are left on the front creeps. Q W and try too get some damage on your enemy laner while getting your 3 cs. Animation Cancel if you would not get the Farm. May try too get the Q on the Laner. Then start AA the caster so your wave has a Little bit health left, for wich your enemy must come Close too you.

At this Moment you must be sure that no jungler can gank you, if you wanna go ham!

Try too get early ahead with farm, because you are one of the most damage dealing Champions early, you don´t Need too proc your passive yet, because the 8 seconds and the bit health are not worth 2 miniouns (literally).

Always try too deny the enemy as many farm as possible.

If you are ahead and you have a Longsword, just be cocky and stand in the enemy Wave with your E!

He Shall Not Pass!

Still be Aware or your positioning and ganking.

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Tipps & Tricks like Animation Cancel

You May Think Garen Needs no Skill!

1. AA-Cancel with AA start+Q+AA
2. AA-Cancel always after half the Animation, because the Animation is nearly double as Long as the part where the damage Comes off

(Tipp: Try it in Practice Tool First! And just use them in Ranked if you are sure you mastered them.)

1. AA+W+E fast too cancel first 2 Animations
2. AA-start+E too cancel AA-Animation

1. Q+Fast W and E too cancel Dunk Animation
2. W+Q+R too cancel half of the Ult Animation and get Q damage without Animation. (very seldom too accomplish but i already did it twice, consider it that i m not too sure what occurs but it leads too you dealing Insane Tons of Damage within half a second.)

Usefull Bugs and Tricks for Garen:

Greenfather Bug

1. If you are in the bush and greenfather is active, wait for the enemy too aproach you, AA-cancel at the right time with an E-stop (Medium 2.) If you did it correct your greenfather won´t disappear during the time you hit him with your E. (Sometimes it doesn´t do all ticks even when done right, but normally you get around 3-5 3% health Magic damage ticks)


2. Garens Hitbox can be lowered by ca. a forth of the normal for a few seconds of the processing spell. Walk normal in front W+B very fast does the Job most of the time, if not try E+B fast. (try in a Game against your friend or bots, until you are sure you don´t waste an important spell for nothing in ranked)


3. Garen can stand into varios regions in the bush where other Champions are already visible. You should try too find the best working spots for yourself (I recommend first bush at the top Corner half into the wall, Needs some practice if you are not too confident in your commanding skills.)

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How too stay calm on Top

Nothing is more important than not raging. If you don´t feel well or your Day weren´t as good as you thought it would be: Don´t Play League too cheer you up! It can literally be a shot in the Oven and make your Day way worse. Ask your Friends too Train a bit Laning Face with you, a 1 VS 1 or a ARAM can´t really make it worse but still improve your skills in League.


Nothing can be as depressing as playing vs someone who were Diamond or Plat last Season. You don´t feel yourself accordingly placed against such a Player. But too tell you the real Facts: Today isn´t that much difference between a Bronze and a Gold Player sometimes. Atleast mostly not on the laning Phase. The Biggest Difference is your Map Awareness, Prediction Skill and Teamwork. If you don´t know they were/are better than you, then you play like you would normally; maybe even better then him!

This counts for you and your Enemy´s Plays. Always adapt too the Situation! Try new Combinations Fitting your own Playstyle and your aim is it too find out the enemies playstyle first, soo you can better predict if they are (as example) willing too towerdive at various situations and warn your jungler too help you in time.

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How too Push like a Pro and survive

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Advanced Lane Preassure (How too carry the Game from Top Lane only)

''The most effective way to kill an opponent is to puncture the man next to him.'' -- Garen, on front line strategy

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Update too the Guide

Sorry Pals for the Long break, but I stopped League for quite a while; so I could Focus myself more on various other stuff.

02.07.17 Reworked the Guide and my common Grammer mistakes
03.07.17 New Chapters Added, also New Builds and Tactics
04.07.17 Champions VS Garen
05.07.17 More Informations and Editing
06.07.17 Proofreading Grammar and adding New Chapters + Textes + Adding all Lanes for 7.13
09.11.17 Re- adjusting too Season 8, starting LoL again